Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, February 22, 2010

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 60~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 60~

~ArBi Cute Jungle Moments~
The next day Bharti woke up form the sofa upon the repeated ringing of the doorbell. She rubbed her eyes and looked through the hole at the centre of her door. It was the cops. KK was right. Bharti was trembling with fright and she had no idea what she's supposed to do.She thought of calling Payal but she realized that Payal had gone out of town with Bhaskar and she was pacing up and down. The knockin just got even louder and Bharti knew that she could only do one thing right now..."Yah toh is paar ya phir uss paar.."!! Bharti thought of running upstiars to the terrace. She looked down and realized that she might break some of her bones if she were to jump down but she's got no choice. She jumped down and injured herself and escaped with the police jeep. She had the least clue of where she was heading to but she knew that she was being followed and she decided to get out fo the police jeep and find another vehicle so that she can't be traced by the police. Eventually the police lost track of her and thy left while bharti had escaped to somewhere she had no idea.

Meanwhile Armaan had left Preity in Paris and had reached Mumbai but by the time he reached bharti's place, she had already escaped from there. Bharti had no idea of Armaan's plans od the anticipatory bail or else she would have faced the cops bravely. However, things were getting out of control. Gyaan and Vinita can't believe their luck and they showed Amarjeet the letter with Bharti's signature. Amarjeet slapped Gyaan real hard and Vinita was shocked. Upon asking the reason for the slap, Amarjeet showed Vinita the letter and told her to read out loud. Vinita read that Bharti is the sole witness for Gyaan's and Vinita's act of trying to steal her 8 lakhs from her bank account and frame her for the loss of 7 lakhs from the 15 lakhs which Amarjeet had asked Vinita to keep safely. Vinita hit Gyaan's foot, wondering why he had to spill the beans instantly. Gyaan told her that someone knew their plan earlier and Raj winked at Jiya who smiled at him and gave him a Thumbs Up.

Armaan was happy that Bharti will not land in any trouble but right now she's missing. Even she had the slightest clue of where she was except the fact that she was surrounded by trees. She was in a jungle and in front of her stood a calm and endless river. Bharti sat down, wondering what she's going to do. At least she has left the troublesome world behind her and nobody should come looking for her. She's alone and she loved this solitude..This peaceful,serene atmosphere surrounding her.Life's good!!But she's hungry!!!

On the other hand Armaan is worried sick about bhartim wondering where she had gone to,"Doesn't she get it that her friends are worried for her..that I'm worried for her..Bata nahin kaha hai woh aur kis haal mein hai...Haath par haath rakh kar nahin baith sakta na..Dhoodna hoga mujhe..OMG!!!!Maa..."

Armaan was stunned to see Sudha back.He had least expected her at this point of it when he was worried about Bharti. Sudha was dying to see Bharti and she's calling for her and Armaan's clueless, wondering what he should tell her. Sudha saw Armaan looking at his sides and wondered if there was anything wrong. Armaan pacified her and told her that Bharti had gone out for a while and she'll be back soon. He thought to himself, "Bata nahin kab tak jhooth bolna padega..Bharti ko jald se jald dhoondhna hi hoga par kahaa...."Armaan was about to go but Sudha held his hand and asked him to sit beside her.

Sudha:Kya baat hai?Hhmmm??

Armaan:Kuch bhi toh nahin...

Sudha:Acha..yeh toh batao; yaha pe sab kuch theekh hain na??

Armaan:(thought to himself) "Ab main aapko kya bataoo..Bharti aur meri beech ka jagda; Bharti ghar chod kar chali gayi,hum dono phir achi dost banne lagi hai, Bharti ki aat lakh gayab hona, aur finally Bharti ke peeche police aur ab woh kahi door hai..Uski ata pata ki koi khabar nahin hain mere paas"...Erm Maa sab kuch theekh hai..

Sudha:Mujhe toh kuch ghadbadh lag rahi hai..

Armaan:Uffo aap bhi na Maa..aap bohat thak gaye honge..Jaa kar aaram keejiye aur main bahar ho kar aata oon..

Sudha:Hhmm..theekh hain..Jaldi aa jaana aur saath mein Bharti ko bhi le aana..I want it to be a surprise for her..

Armaan:Sure Maa..take care..I'll be right back!!

Armaan rode off on his bike, having no clue whatsoever of where he's heading to. And he couldn't stop getting irritated at the thought of how he's even going to bring Bharti back with him to meet Sudha.

Meanwhile Bharti sat, dipping her legs in the river water, while drawing a heart at her side, surrounding the initials, A and B on the sands. After drawing, Bharti just smiled but instantly felt so strange and wondered what the hell she was thinking,"Haan..continue doodling Bharti..This is going to get you food..Crazy girl, Armaan's your friend....You know what..kabhi kabhi yeh sochne lagti hoon ki agar Armaan meri dost nahin hote, toh shayad..Well i might get attracted to him..Woh thoda alag hain,you know..."


Bharti:(smiled) Haan..(pauses) Tum??Tum yaha par bhi pohanch gaye??Ek baat tum mujhe batao...Hawa se travel karte ho kya??

KK:(smiled)Well you can say that..

Bharti:Ab kya bataane aaye ho tum??

KK:For a change main tumhare soch sunna chahtha hoon..iss liye ek dost ki hisaab se yaha aaya hoon...Waise tum Armaan ke baarein mein kuch keh rahi thi..

Bharti:Tumhe kaise bata??Aur ab main tumhe kyun batao??Actually...tum kabse yaha khade ho??

KK:Jo aakhri sawaal tha na, yeh bohati acha sa sawaal hai...Main yaha tabse khada hoon jabse tum woh dil ki tasveer bana rahi thi..

Bharti quickly erased the drawing and the initials promptly with her hand.

KK:Waise I'm good at keeping secrets..Yakeen karke toh dekho..

Bharti:Ab main tumhe kya bataoo..Yeh Payal bhi na..

KK:Payal tumhari bohat achi dost na?

Bharti:Kyun??Tum nahin jaante??

KK:Nahin..Just clarifying..Aage bolo...

Bharti:(narrated the conversation between her and Payal) And now it's all her fault that I'm becoming more insane than I usually am..

KK:Woh kyun??

Bharti:Nowadays I'm just thinking of Armaan..seeing him in my dreams, everywhere..It's just so crazy..I mean Payal ki kehne par aise kuch nahin ho sakta..Now i've left everything and have come to a NobodyLand...And i thought I'm free from all problems but I'm facing a major problem already..

KK:Such as??

Bharti:Arre yaar KK...Firstly I'm super hungry...And secondly I don't know but I keep wondering if anyone really cares for me,deep down..You know I know all my friends care a lot for me but I crave for that special someone who'll truly care for me and take out time for me when I'm distressed..who'll just come attending to me and make me feel secre in his arms and tell me I'll be alright..Aisa koi zindagi mein agar aajaye toh life bohat haseen ho jaayegi mere liye...

KK:Aur tumhe nahin lagta ki waisa hi koi tumhari zindagi mein already exist karta hai??(raises his eyebrows)

Bharti looked at the cool waters,thinking and as she turned to face KK,she closed her eyes in frustration for KK had already vanished. She felt glad that KK came and listened out to her when she needed someone to talk to. But now her stomach was growling excessively and she needed something to eat badly.

Armaan stopped at Pearl's Restaurant and wondered if Bharti had gone there. However he didn't see her anywhere.Armaan decided to get some extra food just in case he got to meet Bharti somewhere. It was getting a little dark as the sun was setting. Armaan had almost given up hope and he shouted out to God for help,"Please God...Meri madat karo please..I've seriously got no idea where Bharti is..You very well know how much she means to me..Without her, my life's totally meaningless and perhaps worthless too..Please help me!!!!".Armaan wondered if God was listening to him in the first place...

KK:Bohat pyaar karte ho Bharti se??

Armaan:Maaf keejiye..Par aap??

KK:Tum Armaan ho right??Bharti ko dhoondh rahe ho na??

Armaan:Aapko yeh sab kaise??

KK:Sab cheezon ke liye uparwaale ko kyun tum log tang karte rehte ho??


KK:Maine uss ladki ko dekha hain uss police jeep se nikalthe huwe..Aur woh thodi aage chali gayi thi..Woh ek jungle aur nadii ke beech baithi huyi hai..Thoda dhoondhoge toh tumhe usse zaroor milega..Good luck!!

Armaan:Thanks boss..aapka naam??

KK:Ek anjaan saathi..Jab tum usse miloge, usse shayad maaloom hogi!!(smiled at him and walked away)

Armaan didn't know if he ought to believe the stranger but when he had mentioned Bharti leaving the police jeep Armaan felt that the guy was making some sense and headed in his directions while pushing his bike. As he walked deeper, Armaan felt the truth in the stranger's words. Finally he saw Bharti almost lying down on the sands. He splashed some water on Bharti's face,waking her up. Bharti blinked her eyes several times before she realized Armaan standing in front of her.

Bharti:(yawned a bit)Tum...(shook her head) Tum yaha pe??Kaise??

Armaan:Tumhe dhoondhte yaha tak pohanch gaya hoon..

Bharti:(still continued yawning while placing a hand on her head) Ouch...I'm feeling dizzy!!

Armaan:Got you some food..Will you want some??

Bharti:Pehle nahin bata sakte the??I'm dying of hunger..

Armaan:Ohh i thought you would have adjusted with the leaves and fruits of the jungle...

Bharti:Very funny Armaan..

Armaan:Well thoda mujhe bhi chahiye..

Bharti:Armaan please...maine subah se kuch nahin khaaya hain..Let me get rid of my hunger first..Uske baad agar kuch bacha gain toh le lena..

Armaan:Waise you're welcome..

Bharti:Erm sorry..thank you for the food Armaan..(was thanking Armaan with food in her mouth)

Armaan smiled at her, watching her practically gobble down the food.He watched her eat and told her to eat slowly or else she might choke but she didn't listen to him.

Jaaniye heeriye

jaaniye heeriye

mere mann ye bata de tu

kis or chala hai tu

kya paya nahi tune

kya dhundh raha hai tu

jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

mitwa kahe dhadkan hai tujhse pyar

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa

mere mann ye bata de tu

kis or chala hai tu

kya paya nahi tune

kya dhundh raha hai tu

jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

mitwa kahe dhadkan hain tujhse pyar

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa

Just then Bharti had hiccups.Armaan told her to wait as he went to his bike and got some water for Bharti. Bharti kept hiccuping as Armaan made her drink the water slowly. Bharti gazed at Armaan who took the bottle of water away as Bharti's hiccups gradually vanished.

Teri baahon mein raahat hai
teri zulfon mein jannat hai
meri itni si hasrat hai
gale lag jaa na jaa

sulge sulge badan hain
uljhe uljhe se mann hain
badhti jaati hai tan ki pyaas

behki behki hai raaten
mehki mehki hai saanse
rehna rehna tu dil ke paas

teri baahon mein raahat hai
teri zulfon mein jannat hai
meri itni si hasrat hai
gale lag jaa na jaa

Bharti:smiled) Thanks Armaan...

Armaan:Aur jaldi mein khaao...Aise khaa rahi thi jaise main tumse tumhari khaana cheenne waala tha...Tum bhi na Bharti...

Bharti:Acha baba sorry(held her ears)..Ek minute tum toh Paris mein the na??And you were supposed to return tomorrow..Par tum aaj Mumbai mein..Photo-shoot jaldi khatam ho gayi??

Armaan:Nahin woh tumhe dhoondhne ke liye jaldi aa gaya tha...

Bharti:What??Aur Preity bhi aayi thi saath mein??

Armaan:Kaun Preity??

Bharti:Oh hello Preity Sabbharwal,your girlfriend...

Armaan:(grinned sheepishly)Woh main...

Bharti:OMG Armaan don't tell me ki tumne ek ladki ko ek anjaan shehar chod aaye..You left her all alone on her own??Does she even know that you're here??

Armaan:Uffo Bharti..woh choti bachi thodi na hai..And anyways I've told her that I'm off to Mumbai and I left without letting her say anything..

Bharti:Oh my goodness..How can you treat your girlfriend as such Armaan??

Armaan:She's not my girlfriend...

Bharti:Aur main yeh baat maan lo??How very funny Armaan..Bhool gaye kaise tum dono ne apna pyaar ka izhaar kiya tha??Ab jab pyaar ka izhaar kar hi liya hain toh pyaar bhi nibhaao...

Armaan:(murmured to himself) Kaash main woh din bhool paata..Meri hi galti tha jo maine..

Bharti:Kuch kaha?

Armaan:Haan yehin ki woh meri girlfriend..

Bharti:Hhmm..you know one problem of having a girlfriend??She expects to be the most special girl in a guy's life and if she doesn't become one, she starts feeling insecure and jealousy comes in the way..Maybe one day I might feel that way too if I were to have a boyfriend..

Armaan:You'll feel that way too??

Bharti:I guess so..I don't know..but maybe I won't..Aahhh i don't know yaar...Anyways I do feel that at times you do so much for me that Preity's feeling insecure..As if main kabab main haddi ban rahi hoon tum dono ke beech..

Armaan:Kabab mein haddi?Aur woh bhi tum??No chance Bharti!!

Bharti:Aisa hi hai Armaan..In fact mujhe bilkul hi achi nahin lagi yeh sunn kar ke tumne Preity ko akele Paris mein chod kar aagaye the..It's not nice at all yaar...Why do you have this partiality??

Armaan:Bohat bura lag raha hai??

Bharti:Haan..(nodded in agreement)

Armaan:I don't care Bharti..Woh jaanti hain ki main yaha tumhe dhoondhne ke liye aaya hoon..Woh khud aa jaayegi..She was irritating me to the core..


Armaan:Arre yeh kya..Tumhare haathon mein khoon??Goodness, you've injured yourself, just look at your elbows and knees...

Bharti:Tumhe kya padhi hai??

Armaan:Chup..Bilkul chup!!(takes his handkerchief and wets it and helps clean Bharti's wounds) Hamesha bak bak karte rehte ho tum..Tum aur Payal ek jaise ho...Tum apna zara sa bhi khayal nahin rak sakte kya??Acha baba ab chup matt raho..Kuch bol!!Yeh chot kaise..

Bharti:Woh subah subah police aayi thi ghar par..(narrated how she quickly ran up to the terrace and jumped from there, falling flat on the ground, injuring herself)

Armaan:Uffo Bharti tum Raj ya Jiya ko phone kar sakthi thi na..We actually got you an anticipatory bail from my friend who's an advocate..And there's no worry about your money for Vinita and Gyaan's planning got all wrong.They were trying to frame you for stealing Amarjeet's 15 lakhs but Raj and Mahi planned it well and he saved you in the nick of time..And before I left MU today morning, Amarjeet promised to return your 8 lakhs..Come on Bharti kab tak bhaagoge apne problems se??Kuch bhala hua hai bhaag ne se??Nahin na..Tum bhi na..Do you ever realize why your problems never end??That's because you keep running away from them and look...Just look at yourself!!

Bharti:Tum mujhe is tarha kyun daat rahe ho??Pyaar se bhi samjhaa sakte ho na??Tumhari problem yeh hai ki tum apne gusse ko control nahin kar sakte..Bade aaye parwa karne ke liye...

Armaan:(heaved a deep sigh) Ok fine I'm sorry..(held his ears) Achaa please ab yeh rona dhona bandh karo( held her face and wiped her tears) Ab kya karne ka iraada hai??


Armaan:Matlab raat bohat ho chuki hai..Ghar chale??

Bharti:Tumhe raaste bata hai??

Armaan:Thodi bohat..Kyun??

Bharti:Maine faisla kar liya hain...Aaj in hawaaon mein raat bitaana chahthi hoon..

Armaan:Hawaaon mein??Interesting...Toh tumhe yaha akeli darr nahin lagti??

Bharti:Darr ne ki kya baat hai??

Armaan:Maine suna hai ki jungle ki sherraat ki bara baje ko jaagta hai..Waise raat bohat ho chuki hain..(Armaan kept walking closer towards Bharti while she walked backwards, her back facing the river)..Theekh hain main nikaltha hoon..Bye..

Bharti:Arre..Kaha jaa rahe ho??

Armaan:Tumhe toh darr nahin lagta na??

Bharti:Theekh hai..jao jao...

Just then Bharti tripped over a stone and let out a scream. Armaan turned around and quickly came to her rescue only to fall on top of Bharti. Bharti's face was partially immersed in water and her clothes had gotten wet. Armaan's face almost touched her face, feeling her breath and her racing heart.For a moment he just wanted the time to stay still but he got up and held Bharti's face,aiding her in standing upright. Bharti knew just how awkward she felt for she too felt Armaan's face really close to her's for the first time.

Armaan:Are you ok??

Bharti:Pretty awkward..

Armaan:Indeed it was...Anyways you still wish to stay here for tonight??

Bharti:Yeahh..nothing can be worse than what I've faced for the day...

Just then it started to drizzle.

Bharti:Ohh just perfect!!Jab bhi kuch aisa soch thi hoon toh hamesha uski ulti hi hoti hain..



Armaan:Bheegh ne ka mann kar rahi hai??

Bharti:Already bheegh chuki hoon..Lagta hain ki ab ghar jaana hi hoga...Koi shelter nazar nahin aa rahi hain...

Armaan:Ek minute..Chalo mere saath...


Armaan:Bas chalo na...

Armaan held Bharti's wrist and asked her to wait while he grabbed some leaves big enough to cover both of their heads. Bharti smiled at him while he offered Bharti a lift back home. Bharti held the leaves on top of her's and Armaan's heads along the journey back home. Both of them were chatting non-stop and Bharti was almost getting tired by holding the leaves but the rains weren't stopping. Armaan stopped his bike at his home and Bharti was surprised.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 59~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 59~

Meanwhile Armaan was packing and getting his camera cleaned. He wasn't feeling sleepy at all, immersing himself in Bharti's thoughts. He couldn't understand how Bharti involuntarily and indirectly managed to make him vulnerable and helpless despite the decision he took last night to be her friend and that's it!!However he kept getting closer to her. He could have stopped himself today but he didn't. He felt weak in front of her and he realized that he could go to any miles to make her happy and seeing her haappy and cheerful made him the most elated and happy guy on the planet. He just knew one thing; even if he were to go away from Bharti, he still loved her madly. He was crazily in love with Bharti and rhere was simply nothing he could do about it.

Tu Hi Khwaabon Mein Aake
Meri Jawan Tanhai Koi Mehka Gaya
Pyaase Armaan Jagake
Jazbaat Ke Ehsaah Ko Behkaa Gaya
Shikayat Hai Shikqa Bhi Hai
Yakkin Hai To Dhoka Bhi Hai
Bada Zalim Iska Junoon
Nahi Milta Ismein Sukun

Aye Dil Pagal Mere Dil
Tujko Pata Hai
Yeh Ishq Kya Hai
Manzil Dhadkan Ki Manzil
Gumsum Sad Hai
Rab Ki Dua Hai

Manzar Nazro Pe Chaya
Har Waqt Hai Mehboob Ke Deedar Ka
Alam Kitna Hasin Tha
Bole Bina Isbaat Ke Izhaar Ka
Khusi Hai To Rangish Bhi Hai
Milan Hai To Bandish Bhi Hai

Aye Dil Pagal Mere Dil
Tujko Pata Hai
Yeh Ishq Kya Hai
Manzil Dhadkan Ki Manzil
Gumsum Sad Hai
Rab Ki Dua Hai

Bharti had practically dragged herself to bed. She didn't have to do that before but she's doing it perhaps for the first time in her life. Sleep was always in her top priority list regardless of whatever problems she was facing but even now sh had to drag herself to bed. Her legs felt heavier as if metal chains were attached to them. Bharti shook her head and tried to sleep. She couldn't understand a single thing that was happening around her. She closed her eyes and her mind drifted to the thoughts of Armaan.

Armaan:Thinking about me?

Bharti:Hhmm..huh..tum yaha kya kar rahe ho??

Armaan:I'm in your dreams Bharti..


Armaan:(smiled and winked at her)

Bharti:Dekho..dekho tum..door raho mujhse..(got up from her bed)

Armaan:Tum doosri ladkiyon ki tarha hi ho..

Bharti:Kya matlab??

Arman:Tum darr thi ho mujhse?

Bharti:Nahin toh..main kyun darr jaaongi tumse??

Armaan:Toh door kyun bhaag rahi ho??You're really confused...Khud kuch chahthi ho par usse hi bhaag rahi ho...Ajeeb ladki!!!

Bharti:Oye hello..Kaun tumse bhaag rahi hai??Tum iss tarha aaoge toh bhaag jaaongi na...

Armaan:Toh kaise aao??

Bharti:Waise tum yaha pe kar kya rahe ho??(bites her nails)

Armaan:Kuch khaas nahin..Socha tha ki tum mujhe jaane se roko ge..Lekin shayad meri kismat hi kharab hai...

Bharti:Main kyu tumhe roku??Tum toh..


Bharti:(lost in her thoughts) Tum toh...Uffo i don't know...You wanted to go so why should I stop you??

Armaan:(leaned closer to her face) Ek baar keh diya hota toh main zaroor ruk jaa tha..


Armaan:(held her hand) Kyunki tum mere liye bohat zyaada khaas ho...Yeh sab tum nahin samjhoge...(winked at her)

Bharti looked away but as she turned Armaan was no longer there. Bharti woke up and saw that she was dreaming. The second dream of Armaan. Bharti rubbed her eyes and felt already crazy and insane,"Ths is not going well...Why am I letting Payal's thoughts overwhelm me..Armaan,well he's a nice guy but he's taken, get it!!Uffo!!!"

Just then her mobile rang. Bharti was surprised to see Armaan calling her and she quickly picked it up.

Bharti:Hey Armaan...

Armaan:OMG am I dreaming??Did Bharti just pick up??She'll always be sleeping like a rock...

Bharti:I can hear you Armaan..(sounded sarcastic)

Armaan:(smiled) Well...i was just trying my luck...It seems like I'm truly lucky today...

Bharti:Good for you..so preparing to go??

Armaan:Yeah flight's in 2 hours'time..Heading towards the airport..(Bharti glanced at her alarm clock which showed 6:30 am)..Do you think you can come??

Bharti:Oh come on Armaan...it's so early in the morning..(yawns loudly)

Armaan:Yeah i forgot..Sleep is one of yuor bestest friends too...

Bharti:Indeed it is...So i'll see you 3 days later??

Armaan:Guess so...ok then enjoy your sleep..

Bharti:That i sure will..But you enjoy your photo-shoot yeah??

Armaan:Will try to..Bye!!

Bharti:Bye!!(got up from bed and went to refresh herself)

Bharti quickly brushed her hair and opened her wardrobe, looking for the purple shawl Armaan had gifted her and left home just like that. She was lucky enough to get an auto quickly and headed for the airport.

It was almost time for Armaan to depart. He still hoped hoped that Bharti would come. He knew he was nutzz to even think that Bharti would make it but deep down he strongly felt that there's nothing wrong in hoping. When Bharti reached the airport, she found it strange that people were staring at her. She wondered if there was any problem and looked at herself. She was actually wearing her pink night dress and the purple shawl that Armaan gifted her. She felt so embarassed and to top it all, one of her heels just broke. Bharti quickly took off her heels and ignored all of them and looked for Armaan. She saw Armaan who was about to go towards the Departure Gate, and shouted his name. Armaan wondered who was calling him and he looked around. Finally he saw Bharti waving to hi. He was shocked to see her in her night dress and he tried to suppress his laughter. He smiled at her and walked towards her.

Bharti:Agar tumhe sab ki tarha hass na hai toh tum hass sakte ho..

Armaan:(bursted out laughing) Bharti??Ms Bharti...apni night dress mein??

Bharti:Itna bhi hasne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai ok??Only after reaching the airport did I realize about my night dress and when people were staring at me..

Armaan:Apne best friend ko chod kar mujhe send off karne aa gaye tum???How very sweet Bharti..Waise kaafi sexy lag rahi ho...

Bharti:Excuse me!!

Armaan:Don't mind me saying that...But anyways I'm really happy you came..(smiled at her)..Let me guess...Heels toot gayi,hai na??

Bharti:(grinned sheepishly and nodded her head) Jaldi jaldi mein yeh toot gayi...

Armaan:(couldn't s top smiling) I don't believe you..Waise the shawl looks really nice on you...

Bharti:You really think so??

Armaan:Yeah Bharti..

Bharti:(smiled and blushed a lil) Thanks Armaan..

Armaan:(thought to himself) "Ok that was strange and surprising at the same time..Did Bharti just blush or something??It can only be my illusion.."!!Anyways I'll make a move first..

Bharti:Ok take care..(extends her hand for a handshake)

Armaan smiled and shook his hand with Bharti and gradually let go of his hand. He saw how Bharti's smile gradually faded as he let go of his hand. He didn't know if he was right in thinking that Bharti didn't want him to leave. He smiled at her and smiled back naturally at him, waving to him. Bharti turned to go and Armaan hit his head for wondering and having the thought that Bharti didn't want him to go. He knew that Bharti wouldn't have thought such for if she did, she would have at least told him or left some hints but she didn't. Instead she just left happily but Armaan was so glad that Bharti made it to the airport to send him off, making him feel really special. He was quite sure that Bharti wouldn't have left her sleep to send anyone else off and that he too is special for her. He did notice a change in Bharti but he didn't manage to fathom it.

Meanwhile Bharti was on her way back home, thinking of Armaan. She felt so weird but she couldn't grasp the reason behind it. Armaan had just gone for 3 days and why was she feeling so weird about it..And when he did let go of their handshake, she felt as though he was going from her for a longer period of time. Bharti felt so crap, thinking that all these weird thoughts are due to a lack of sleep and that she should go back and get some sleep. But Bharti felt surpriingly happy from within when Armaan complimented her, just like some tingling sensation bringing her lots of joy and happiness, making her feel lighter. Bharti went to sleep, adorning a beautiful smile on her face.

at Men's Universe, Jiya and Raj were eagerly awaiting Mahi's and Bharti's arrival. They were beaming with pride and lots of happiness for the MU newsletter had broken the record of the previous month and it was getitng fabulous repsonses. Bharti had come in the afternoon and everyone congratulated the newsletter team especially Mahi and Bharti for their funny,whacky articles and Amarjeet decided to celelbrate on this occasion by throwing a grand party for the newsletter team. Bharti was all smiles for being part of the newsletter team. Jiya just wished that Armaan was here as well. Amarjeet decided to throw the party the next day itself.

The next day, the aprty was being held for the success fo the MU newsletter. Much as bharti wanted to be happy for her team, she wasn't really happy. She was always fond of parties but perhaps she felt alone despite being surrounded by so many people. Or perhhaps she was missing some of her close friends in her life, including Armaan. Just then Gyaan offered her a drink. Bharti smiled and accepted the drink since it was a happy occasion. After some time she was feeling quite dizzy and she kept drinking more. Mahi had seen Gyaan offering Bharti more drinks and watched him from afar. He had made Bharti sign on a paper and mahi quickly asked Raj and Jiya to bring Bharti home while Sonali and herseld decided to keep a watcho n Gyaan and Vinita repsectively. Mahi followed Gyaan's car. She realized that Gyaan had headed to the police station to lodge a complaint against Bharti. Mahi had hid from Gyaan's sight at the police station and after he had left, Mahi tried calling Armaan on his mobile but to no avail. After some time Armaan called Mahi back and she told him everything. Armaan was actually surprised that things were going according to their plan and informed Mahi to prepare an anticipatory bail for Bharti by calling his friend who's an advocate and he'll leave at the earliest possible flight.

Mahi left from the police station and made the necessary arrangements. She had reached home, feeling exhausted. She looked at the fax she ahd seen from Vinita's cabin. The copy of Bharti's passbook and wondered about Gyaan's and Vinita's planning. Mahi felt that they;ve got to get some solid evidence to trap them before Bharti lands in trouble.

Jiya and Raj made Bharti lie down on her bed and they were glad that she didn't drink too much. Raj thought of sneaking into Gyaan's house to get the paper on which Bharti signed. Jiya found it risky but supported his idea and Raj dropped her home while he went to check on Gyaan. Raj knew that Gyaan wouldn't buy his words so quickly so he brought with him some sleeping pills to mix in Gyaan's drink. Furtunately Gyaan had offered a drink and Raj managed to mix the pills in the nick of time. Gyaan ahd become unconscious after some time and Raj began to search for the paper with Bharti's signature. He wondered if the paper was with Vinita but he searched nonetheless, and much to his luck, he found the paper and he felt like shouting, wishing that Jiya was with him. Just then, an idea struck him. Raj had an evil smile on his face.

Raj had typed out on the blank paper with Bharti's signature, and kept it where he had found the paper, folding the paper. Meanwhile Bharti was feeling a lil conscious and she realized that she was at home. She screamed out loud and hit KK real hard.


KK:(smiled widely at him) Haan main...Kyun??Kisi aur ko expect kar rahi thi??Jaise ki Armaan??

Bharti:Oh just shut up KK..

KK:Waise ek khabar dene ke liye aayaa hoon is baar..Sunna chaahoge??

Bharti:Sunaaye na..(rolled her eyes)

KK:Tumhari raat..I mean..You're gonna get into deep trouble tomorrow morning..Someone had lodged a complaint against you..


KK:Exactly..Tumhari solid vaat lagne waali hain..So be prepared!!

Bharti:Oh hello lekin maine kya kiya hai??Woh bhi toh batao..

KK:Money matters!!

Bharti:Money matters??Arre haan meri aat lakh ka kya??

KK:Usse bhi badi problem hain...Bach sakoge toh achi baat hai..warna...

Bharti:Warna kya??

KK:Salaakhen..Jail...Police..(smiled at her)

Bharti was trembling. She didn't want to get caught and thrown into the jail. But she didn't even do anything and she's getting punished for no reason, "Arre jab maine kuch kiya hi nahin hain toh darr kis baat ki??Jo hoga dekha jaayega!!Baadh mein jaaye meri kismat..Aur kitni kharaab ho sakti hain??"

KK:(thought to himself) Aage tumhari marzi Bharti..Kal ke baad tumhari zinfagi ulti hone waali hain..Aur mujhe toh bohat mazaa aane waala hain..It's just gonna get better..Trust me sweetheart..(smiled widely at her and vanished)

The next day Bharti woke up form the sofa upon the repeated ringing of the doorbell. She rubbed her eyes and looked through the hole at the centre of her door. It was the cops. KK was right. Bharti was trembling with fright and she had no idea what she's supposed to do.She thought of calling Payal but she realized that Payal had gone out of town with Bhaskar and she was pacing up and down. The knockin just got even louder and Bharti knew that she could only do one thing right now..."Yah toh is paar ya phir uss paar.."!!

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 58~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 58~

Meanwhile Payal brought Bharti to Pearl's Restaurant in the early evening after Payal and Bharti shopped for some shoes and handbags respectively. Both of them were quite exhausted. While enjoying the hot, chocolatey brownies, both of them were chatting with each other.

Payal:Mm..hold on there's some chocolate at the edge of your lips..

Bharti:Don't bother wiping...I'll lick it..Yummy yum..(smiled at Payal)

Payal:Gonna miss this beautiful smile...

Bharti:You're talking as if you're going for a long vacation...

Payal:Hehe..waise bhi i'm not going to be in your thoughts..

Bharti:Aha apparently since you're going off with your guy...

Payal:Well woh toh hain...Par tumhare waale kab aayega??Ya phir aa chuka hai??Hhmm??

Bharti:What crap Payal...Bata nahin kiske baarein tum baat kar rahe ho...

Payal:acha??Hhmm..I guess I'm talking about your soulmate described by you and KK...


Payal:What what??Don't you realize something Ms Bharti??


Payal:tHere's a guy whom both of us know...He cares a lot for you, gets anxious over you, respects you a lot, helps you out in your problems without expecting anything in return, erm..loves bugging you..


Payal:Oh come on Bharti I've given you so many clues yaar...

Bharti:Wohoho..Don't get started with the Armaan nonsense again..Stop it will you??

Payal:Kyun??Isn't it true??

Bharti:No it isn't and it will not be...

Payal:Why not??I like Armaan...He's a nice guy...

Bharti:You like him??

Payal:(nods in agreement)Yeah...

Bharti:Then I'll do one thing...I'll recommend his name to Bhaskar...He'll do the necessary...

Payal:Duffer kahi ki,,,What's wrong with Armaan??

Bharti:There's nothing wrong with him...

Payal:Toh phir problem kya hai??

Bharti:Problem...problem erm...


Bharti:Problem mujh mein hain...Happy??He'll never like a girl like me,,and we're often bugging each other and more than anything he's happily attached to Preity...

Payal:Oh come on give me a break..He likes you..

Bharti:As a friend, that's it!!

Payal:Ok tell me something..Would you ever date a guy like Armaan??

Bharti:What??Why would I??

Payal:Armaan mein kya kharaabi hai??Batao mujhe...

Bharti:I don't know yaar..I haven't looked at him that way and i don't intend to...

Payal:Then try looking at him that way...You never know what you're mssing out on...

Bharti:What??Zindagi mein already itni problems chal rahi hai aur tum ho ke...Ek aur problem ko main nyota doo kya??Pyaar naam ka musibat??

Payal:Pyaar ek musibat nahin hoti hain...It is the essence of life...Please ek baar meri baat maan ker dekho...

Bharti:Payal you're crazier than me...

Payal:Ok if Armaan wasn't attached, would you have fallen for him??

Bharti:Look you've gone crazy with your callers who's in love...And you're going nutzz with your show Pyaar Ka Ehsaas...

Payal:Heyy no one talks ill of my fans or my show..

Bharti:Ok sorry meri maa...Well if Armaan was single I don't know...I've never thought of him that way..

Payal:Then give it a thought...(winked at her)..Maybe KK was talking about Armaan after all...That's how I truly feel...

Bharti:Crazy woman...Enjoy your trip...I'm off to home...

Payal:Chal bye...but do think about what I've said!!(smiled at Bharti)

Payal drove hime, listening to some romantic songs. She knew that Bharti's happier only because of Armaan. He had the power of making Bharti smile without herself realizing it. Bharti may not have nitced it herself but whenever both Bharti and Armaan fought with each other, both of them felt hurtful for inflicting pain on the other. Payal felt bad that she couldn't see this earlier but now that she has seen it clearly today when she had learnt of Armaan's eagerness to cheer Bharti up, she couldn't help but smile at Armaan's love for Bharti. Since Payal only wished for Bharti's happiness, she's only happier to know that it is only through Armaan that Bharti's happiness is eternal, and now she had no worries for Bharti's future, and jsut prayed for Armaan's love to be everlasting and for Bharti to realize his love for her and accept it promptly.

Bharti on the other side, felt pretty strange hearing Payal's words. She kept the shopping bags by the bedside and after having a shower, she changed her clothes and thought of making coffee for herself. While she kept the water to boil, she thought of Payal's questions.

"Seriously if Armaan were to be single,would I date him??I mean would I??Now how am I supposed to know that...He's not even single!!!But if he were single, would I even think about it??Arre why would I...He's my friend na??Toh??What's so wrong if I were to date him??Chee...why am I even thinking such??It's disgusting Bharti..He belongs to Preity now...I can't and I shouldn't think like this...What's wrong with me??OMG...What did I just add??Coffee powder or tea powder??Oh shux!!!Uffo Bharti, please stop thinking..You're getting distracted!!!Whatever I've jsut added, I'll drink it...Add sugar and taste it...Phew it's coffee..(shook her head)"

Bharti had black coffee and sat on the sofa. She thought of how Armaan had come in that day while she was typing her personal blog entry on Microsoft word document and how she had trembled. In addition to that she thought of how Armaan had handled her and comforted her when she had felt that no one was with her and she had no idea what to do then. Armaan had always helped her so much whenever she had least expected his help and Payal was right that he cared a lot for her. Bharti couldn;t help but smile, sipping her coffee.

Just then the doorbell rang. Bharti was surprised to see Armaan at her doorstep. Bharti pinched him real hard and he let out a scream.



Armaan:Is this how you greet someone??

Bharti:I'm sorry..I thought you were an illusion cuz I was just thinking about you..

Armaan:Andar aa sakta hoon??

Bharti:Come in..sorry about it!!

Armaan:Hhmm..so someone's thinking about me..Hope yuo weren't cursing me...

Bharti:No i wasn't..Waise will you like something to eat or drink??If so, just help yourself..

Armaan:I so knew it...I was wondering how could you be so merciful to me after all....Just kidding!!

Bharti:Waise what brings you here??All of a sudden??

Armaan:Kyun??Aise hi nahin aa sakta kya??

Bharti:Oh ok..suit yourself...

Armaan:Well what made you remember me??

Bharti:Nothing in particular actually...The help you've done for me without me compelling you to and all..The moral support you've always provided for me just made me smile...

Armaan:Oh my...looks like you're going to curse me now..

Bharti:why would I do that Armaan??

Armaan:Because Amarjeet sir has assigned me and Preity to go for an overseas photo-shoot at Paris tomorrow itself for a period of 3 days..It was his sudden decision..

Bharti's smile promptly faded. She looked at him, feeling a lil sad that Armaan's leaving tomorrow itself. For a reason unknown to her, she couldn't face him and looked away. She sighed and looked at Armaan and smiled weakly at him, biting her tongue slightly. Armaan,meanwhile was trying his best to study her expressions but it only confused him more.

Armaan:Bharti,you ok?

Bharti:Yeah..yeah..so when are you leaving??

Armaan:Tomorrow morning..Just 3 days..but soemhow I'm not really looking forward to an overseas shoot this time round..

Bharti:That's your job, isn't it Armaan??You love your job so why aren't you looking forward to 3 days in Paris??

Armaan:I don't know..Just wish something could stop me from going..(looks intently into Bharti's eyes) Maybe someone could stop me..


Armaan:Haizz...Anyways just be careful of Gyaan and Vinita..When I come back, we can think of something about your money..We'll definitely get it back, I promise you!!

Bharti:tHanks Armaan..enjoy your trip with your girlfriend!!

Armaan:(rolled his eyes) Bharti I'm not going there to enjoy but to get my work done..

Bharti:When you enjoy what you do, it's no longer called work..You always say this to me and now what??

Armaan:Ok Bharti...I'll enjoy yourself..You take care..I'll miss you..I'll make a move first!!

Bharti:Ok take care..Bye!!


Armaan lingered outside for a while and turned to see if Bharti was still there. She smiled at him and waved to him. Both of them, especially Bharti wished that Armaan didn't have to leave for Paris the next day. After Armaan left, Bharti locked the door and leaned against it and thought to herself,

"Why did I feel so different in front of Armaan today and that too after Armaan told me of his sudden trip to Paris..I've never felt this way before..But why did I want to stop him..It's his job..He often has to travel but what's so different??Would I have felt this way if he was accompanied by Jiya or Raj??No I wouldn't..so is this about Preity??But why...

Preity is Armaan's love interest..I should be happy for him..I am happy for him..Yeah right Bharti!!Ok fine I'm not as happy as I ought to be..I wish..no!!!I don't wish that!!No..No!!!Payal,seriously what have you done to me now???I was so happy when I was shopping..Your questions and thoughts just broke my chain of thoughts..I'm so freakin'dead!!!Am I attracted to Armaan??(paused for a while) N-A-H!!!How can that be??No....Just because Payal said so, I can't assume that I'm attracted to Armaan..nah!!!"

KK:So..you're not fond of Armaan??

Bharti:Oh hi KK...Was so expecting your presence...

KK:How unexpected indeed...Answer my question..

Bharti:I'm fond of him..He's a nice guy...

KK:So you like him??

Bharti:He's a great friend..

KK:He's not just a friend..

Bharti:Yeahh..err no!!



KK:Hhmm...someone's in a big dilemma about her close friend becoming more than just a close friend..She's attracted to her clsoe friend..How interesting!!

Bharti:Stop crapping KK..It is nothing as such...

KK:Oh really??


KK:I don't think so..You know what I think??Over the next few days you'll see him everywhere..you'll go crazy..You'll think about hima nd his thoughts will occupy your mind..And soon he'll dominate your life in such a way that you'll become reliant on him...

Bharti:Yeah right KK..As if that's gonna happen..

KK:(smiled widely at her) Trust me..it will and Armaan will transform your life for the best..(winked at her)

KK disappeared before Bharti could catch hold of him. Bharti didn't want to believe a single thing which KK had just mentioned but she's worried for KK's predictions had not failed so far and perhaps this was going to be true!!

Meanwhile Armaan was packing and getting his camera cleaned. He wasn't feeling sleepy at all, immersing himself in Bharti's thoughts. He couldn't understand how Bharti involuntarily and indirectly managed to make him vulnerable and helpless despite the decision he took last night to be her friend and that's it!!However he kept getting closer to her. He could have stopped himself today but he didn't. He felt weak in front of her and he realized that he could go to any miles to make her happy and seeing her haappy and cheerful made him the most elated and happy guy on the planet. He just knew one thing; even if he were to go away from Bharti, he still loved her madly. He was crazily in love with Bharti and rhere was simply nothing he could do about it.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 57~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 57~

The next day at Men's Universe, Bharti came to MU and was greeted by Mahi and Jiya. Bharti smiled weakly and went to her cabin. Mahi and Jiya requested Narain to get Bharti to get Bharti some cookies,brownies and her favourite hot chocolate to get her morning started. Bharti was surprised that Narain had brought her favourite delicacies and tipped him Rs50 and he was all smiles and asked bharti to have such requests frequently and she couldn't help but smile. Bharti just realized that she had to call the bank. She was on the phone when Mahi knocked on her cabin door. Bharti gestured to Mahi to take a seat first. Bharti hung up and Mahi was worried for Bharti looked very much lost and anxious at the same time.

Mahi:Bharti is everything ok??

Bharti:Yesterday this lady,Simi, told me that I had 15 lakhs in my account...Today she's telling me that there's not even a single rupee in my account...I mean just how is this possible...Did the moeny got eaten up or something??

Mahi:Calm down Bharti...Did you ask her what happened??Chal hum bank chalthe hai...

Bharti:She was kind enough to tell me..After I left the bank yesterday, it was 8 lakhs but after a few hours later someone had actually transferred almost 7 lakhs amounting to 15 lakhs..Today, all the money had been transferred to the account from which the additional money came from.

Mahi:(whispered) This is getting super complicated..So did she tell you any details of the person,something...

Bharti:Account number..I need you to do something for me..Do you think you can gain access to the bank account info of the MU staff and check whose account this belongs to??

Mahi:Bharti I've got no clue about this yaar...Risky hai par main koshish karti hoon,ok??

Bharti:Thanks a lot yaar..Get back to me asap,k??I've taken half-day leave so I'll be waiting for your return before I leave...

Mahi:Okie..I'll inform you asap...Don't worry!!!

Mahi left from there. She had no idea who to consult. She was practically turning around, biting her nails. Just then someone tapped on her shoulders.


Raj:Haan main..Mahi,what's wrong with you??

Mahi:Raj, need your help...Actually do you know where Pushpak is??

Raj:Mujhe chod kar tumhe Pushpak kaise yaad aagayi??

Mahi:Raj be serious!!

Raj:Ok ok chill yaar...He had gone to get some coffee...

Mahi:Ok thanks bye...

Raj:Hhmm i wonder what work she has with Pushpak...

Mahi explained about how she needed to have access to the bank accounts of the MU staff to Pushpak and initially Pushpak wasn't convinced but when Mahi promised him to help him in whatever way he wanted her to, he instantly agreed. Mahi checked everyone's account numbers especially Vinita's and Gyaan's but it didn't correspond to the account number which Bharti gave her. Mahi thanked Pushpak for his help and went to Bharti with the bad news and both of them felt totally disappointed. Mahi didn't know what to do to bring Bharti's smile back and Bharti told her not to worry for her and go about her work. Bharti told Mahi not to tell anyone at this point of time and Mahi agreed to do so and she left from there.

Mahi didn't feel like leaving but Bharti smiled and told her to go. After Mahi left, Bharti couldn't control her tears as she interlocked her fingers together within both hands, sobbing continuously. She didn't know that she would even face such a day in her life when her hard-earned savings will just vanish into thin air. Bharti had even slept on an empty stomach for several days during her childhood days while saving up. She couldn't believe all these are happening to her. She looked up and wiped her tears after closing her eyes. Armaan was watching from outside, unable to understand the reason for her tears.His heart ached for her and he felt tempted to go towards her. He didn't stop himself this time round and knocked on Bharti's cabin door.

Armaan:Hi..may I come in??

Bharti:(opened her eyes and smiled) Oh hi Armaan..come in..

Armaan:Bharti is everything ok??

Bharti:Yeah..everything's fine Armaan..What could possibly go wrong??(turns away from Armaan and stood up from her seat)

Armaan:So everything's fine and that's why you're crying??

Bharti:Armaan I'm fine...So why would I cry??

Armaan:(wlaked towards Bharti and stood behind her) I saw you from outside Bharti..Why are you lying to me Bharti??

Bharti:(turns to face Armaan) Armaan..I...I lost everything yaar!!!All my money's gone..My hard-earned savings..(tears gushed down her cheeks)..You know when my dad used to give me Rs 5 a week, I used to save it and not spend it..Several days in my childhood, I had slept on an empty stomach..For me it was really hard to save so much till now..And now it just vanished into thin air,just like that!!How yaar..Why is it always...Always happening to me??Why me???

Armaan:(held Bharti's face with his palms) Sshh...aisa nahin kehte Bharti..(wipes her tears instantly)Sab theekh hoga Bharti!!

Bharti:(held on to Armaan's hands) Kuch bhi theekh nahin hoga...Nothing's gonna be right with me...

Armaan:Bharti...Bharti listen to me!!!Everything will be fine..Trust me..Trust me!!!!

Bharti gazed into Armaan's eyes intently and hugged him intimately. She was weeping endlessly and armaan held her close to his heart and caressed her hair, telling her to relax and he's there for her always and they'll get everything back. Bharti and Armaan just got lost in each other's arms for a wile. After some time Bharti opened her eyes and broke off from the hug, feeling awkward. She faced to the side, away from Armaan and looked at him and smiled weakly.

Bharti:(wiped her tears) Thanks Armaan...

Armaan:(smiled at her) No worries...Go and get some fresh air first..We can think of something definitely, yeah??

Bharti:I'm really sorry Armaan...for bothering you and involving you in my problems...

Armaan:Not at all Bharti..I'm only glad that you don't count me as a stranger...

Bharti:I'm terrible at this..Being so formal and all the pretense..Can we just start over??


Bharti:PRetty please..sorry!!!Let's just forget everything na??


Bharti:Muchh...If I continue this even longer, I'll really go mad which I already am with all the problems...

Armaan:(smiled) You're really crazy...

Bharti:(smiled widely) Yea i know...And I'm glad I am cuz I gotta survive too...So friends??

Armaan nodded in agreement and Bharti looked at the envelope which Armaan gave her yesterday which had the contract paper. Bharti took them out and tore them apart and Armaan helped her as well and they threw it in Bharti's small dustbin. Armaan and Bharti hugged each other, feeling so comfortable and at ease. Bharti felt as if all her worries flew away and her problem just got simpler with Armaan by her side and smiled at him. Just then Payal knocked on the door.

Payal:Am I disturbing the two secret friends??

Armaan:Nope you're definitely not...You guys carry on..I'll see you later..

Bharti:Bye Armaan...

Payal:Kya ho raha hai??Someone's looking so,so happy!!

Bharti:I am??That's strange...You won't believe that you're talking to the girl who was crying endlessly just now...

Payal:And who made my best friend cry??

Bharti:I've got no clue...(narrated the whole incident)..

Payal:OMG..I'm so sorry to hear that hunni...Serioulsy, the culprits better get caught asap...Waise I must really thank Armaan for cheering you up...


Payal:Yeah duffer...He must be the reason for the sudden transformation in your mood and I'm going to be a catalyst..For we'll go shopping, have your delicious brownies and some fresh air..I'll make your day a great one before I leave...

Bharti:Can't wait..chalo chalo!!!(smiled widely, took her bag and left from there with Payal)

Armaan saw them leaving as he was about to leave for lunch. He began to wonder how Bharti's money could just disappear like that. Just then Amarjeet had called for him,Jiya,Raj and the media team. He informed them that Preity and Armaan will have to go for an overseas photo-shoot for 3 days at Paris, accompanied by the media team. Armaan sulked at that thought and decided to protest but Preity held his hand firmly, whispering to him not to utter a single word. Armaan took her hand away from his and glared at her. Amarjeet and everyone else dispersed except for Armaan, Jiya and Preity. Armaan warned Preity to stay in her limits or else history could be repeated, and left with Jiya.

Armaan was having lunch with Jiya,Mahi and Raj.

Jiya:Toh ab??

Mahi:I tried tracing the account number that Bharti had given but it didn't match with any of the MU staff...

Raj:Where's Bharti by the way??

Armaan:She went out with Payal...

Mahi:She had taken half-day leave...

Armaan:Amarjeet had to send me for that photo-shoot tomorrow itself..How annoying!!!

Mahi:Woh sab chodo!!!Pehle Bharti ke baarein mein sochna hoga..Kya kare??

Jiya:Anything can happen...but we've got to find out the purpose of first the additional money...And then total removal..15 lakhs is a lot!!!

Raj:Wait a second...What did you just say??

Jiya:!5 lakhs..Kyun??

Raj:Bharti's screwed up!!

Mahi:We all know that..but how did the 15 lakhs just ring a bell??

Raj:Arre I had seen Amarjeet asking Vinita to keep 15 lakhs in the bank so as to give some of our sponsors..And for some strange reason she and Gyaan are after Bharti...Maybe it is their means of trapping Bharti in some fraud case...


Armaan:Raj is absolutely right..And Bharti already had 8 lakhs of her savings in her account..And both of them must have placed the 7 lakhs from the 15 lakhs in Bharti's account to sum up to 15 lakhs..And then they got the entire 15 lakhs from Bharti's account transferred to another account, which is apparently the account number that Bharti had given to Mahi to check..All in all, a perfect trap fro Bharti!!!

Jiya:Goodness...now what do we do??

Armaan:I won't be around but you guys please keep a close watch on Gyaan and Vinita...If I'm not wrong they might lodge a complaint against Bharti for stealing money..If that were to happen...we could arrange for an anticipatory bail for Bharti,what say??

Jiya:Aur woh hawa mein thodi na milti hai??

Armaan:Arre one of my friends is an advocate and we had met up recently...I've give you his number..take it down..

Raj:Just make sure that no one else knows about this...

Jiya:Yeah...ok let's get back to work!!

Meanwhile Payal brought Bharti to Pearl's Restaurant in the early evening after Payal and Bharti shopped for some shoes and handbags respectively. Both of them were quite exhausted. While enjoying the hot, chocolatey brownies, both of them were chatting with each other.

P.S: MNIK was simply awesome..It simply made me fall in love with SRK more and more....His extent of love for his wife overcoming all odds just to fulfill the words of his wife..to prove to his wife that he is worthy of her love..It was simply amazing..One of the best movies of SRK till date...To have great sparkles of SRK-Kajol magic..watch it!!!!Lurved the entire cast of MNIK..Lurve KJo for making such a beautiful movie!!!!!

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 56~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 56~

It was lunch time and Bharti called up the bank she had gone the morning but she didn't get any clue of where her passbook had gone. She was simply going crazy. Just then Jiya knocked on her door and invited her for lunch. Bharti didn't have the slightest clue that it was already lunch time and declined her offer, giving pending work as an excuse but Jiya didn't hear a thing and brought her along to have lunch with Jiya, Mahi and Armaan. Bharti saw armaan and both of them smiled weakly at each other and faced away, feeling slightly awkward. Bharti took a seat and was lost in her own world, thinking about her savings over her life so far which she had in her account. Bharti clasped her fists together, feeling really worried. Jiya and the rest stopped talking.

Mahi:Bharti what happened??Yuo seem distressed!!

Bharti:guyzz...I can't find my passbook...Subah MU aane se pehle bank gayi thi...To update my passbook and deposit some cash..But I can't find my passbook anywhere now..I've taken out everything from my bag,checked everywhere but I just can't find it anywhere...

Armaan:Did you have a lot of money in your account??

Bharti:About 8 lakhs...

Jiya:That's a lot of money dear..Anything can happen...You've got to find it quick!!

Mahi:Yeah anyone can misuse your account..anytime!!

Bharti:I'm so sorry for bothering you guyzz..carry on with your lunch; I've got no appetite and I think I need some time off on my own...

Jiya:Bharti, don't worry,k??You'll find it soon!!

Bharti:(smiled weakly) Thanks!!(left from there)

Armaan just pushed his plate of noodles away.

Jiya:Kya hua??

Armaan:Bhookh nahin hai..

Mahi:Abhi abhi toh keh rahe the ke tumhe kuch zyaada hi bhookh lage hai...

Armaan:No Mahi..just don't feel like eating...

Jiya and Mahi looked at each other and each one of them pinched one of Armaan's cheek.

Armaan:Ouch!!What's that for??

Mahi:How romantic Armaan...

Jiya:Sadly Bharti's not here to see it..Actually Armaan...

Armaan:OMG!!Could it be Gyaan's doing??He was there when I had gone to give Bharti the contract papers..He told me that Bharti asked him to wait for her..which was really strange..He then left and then I kept the contract papers and left as well..

Jiya:You did what??Contract papers in MU?Inviting trouble, Mr Armaan Sinha??

Armaan:It was for terminating our contract marriage according to what I've said..PAr main muddhe par aao...We've got to get the passbook before anything happens ro Bharti's savings...

Mahi:Haan woh toh hai..We'll have to keep a lookout on Gyaan and Vinita..But I don't get why they are aiming at Bharti..

Jiya:Simple si baat hai Mahi...Actually Bharti had never agreed to their plans or suggestions and rhese two simply want to get their position in MU back..Apparently it's the feeling of inferiority and jealousy that Bharti is doing pretty well in just 1.5 months..Can you believe there's only 2 more weeks for Bharti's internship to end..Time just flies at sonic speed!!

Armaan:Time flies so fast and with time relations too are gradually drifting apart..After 2 weeks I don't even know if I'll ever get to meet Bharti..Anyways let's get to finding Bharti's passbook first,k??

Mahi:Sure Armaan..don't worry!!Hey we don't have much time left...

Jiya:Just hope that her money is untouched..God please help us!!Ok chalo...

Armaan had to go and meet Amarjeet while Jiya and Mahi kept a close watch on Vinita and Gyaan respectively. After a few hours, Vinita and Gyaan had left MU. Both Jiya and Mahi went to check in Gyaan's and Vinita's cabin and searched thoroughly for some evidence. Much to their luck, they found what they needed, and quickly headed to Armaan's cabin.

Armaan:Tum dono??Kuch mila kya??

Jiya:Passbook in Gyaan's cabin and...

Mahi:A xerox copy of Bharti's bank balance on Vinita's fax machine..wonder what that's for..

Armaan:We've quickly got to give this to Bharti..Let's keep the xerox copy for our reference first...

Armaan quickly rushed to Bharti's cabin. Bharti was locking her cabin and heading for home.Just as she turned around, she saw Armaan standing behind her.

Bharti:Hey you haven't left yet??

Armaan:Got to give you something before leaving..Your passbook...

Bharti:Pass..(saw it in Armaan's hand and took it from him promptly) OMG Armaan where did you get it??

Armaan:Actually jiya and Mahi searched for it and they found it in Gyaan's cabin..

Bharti:gyaan??But i didn't even meet him today..

Armaan:(thought to himself) "I so knew it...He definitely had something in his mind"..Anyways bharti just call up the bank and check on your balance yeah??And be careful of Gyaan and Vinita's doings...

Bharti:Heyy Jiya and Mahi..thanks a lot for your help!!

Jiya:Our pleasure yaar...(saw bharti dialling a number)

Bharti had called up the bank and a lady had picked it up and bHarti enquired about her account and the balance. Bharti was pretty shocked and asked the lady to confirm again and bharti hung up.

Mahi:Kya hua Bharti??

Bharti:I've seriously got no idea..How the total balance in my account can be 15 lakhs..When I had checked in the morning it was 8.25 lakhs..Where did that rest of the money come from...

Jiya:Isn't that good news??At least you got almost double of your money..

Bharti:But the rest isn't my moeny and why would anyone like Gyaan give me more moeny??It's something strange...Zaroor kuch ghadbadh hai...You know how I feel??As if it is the calm atmosphere before the arrival of a storm...

Armaan:actually Bharti is right..We've got to get to the bottom of this..Something is definitely going on...

Bharti:Anyways it's quite late already...I'll be going off first..Thank you guyzz for helping me out..

Mahi:Come Bharti, I'll drop you home!!

Bharti:Thanks Mahi..Bye Jiya,bye Armaan!!

Armaan:Bye..Jiya you know something...That xerox copy has something to do with this, I'm pretty sure!!

Jiya:Even I'm thinking about it too..Jo hoga dekha jaayega ok??Don't worry yaar..sab theek hoga!!

Armaan:Come I'll drop you home..

Along the way back home, Mahiw as telling Bharti of how Armaan got so worried for Bharti and he even left his lunch for her and rhe three of them were waiting for Gyaan and Vinita to get out of MU. Bharti was touched by their gesture and thanked them once again. Mahi smiled and told her not to worry, and to go and rest well. Bharti bid goodbye to Mahi and went inside.

Bharti kept her bag inside her wardrobe, taking out her handphone and placing it on the dining table while she went to take a shower. After getting changed, she got out and heard her mobile ringing and sat on the sofa, answering it.

Bharti:Hi Payal...

Payal:Hello...tumhari battery down kyun hai??

Bharti:Bas thodi tired hoon...just got back home from work...

Payal:actually i called to inform of the fact that Bhaskar and I are going on a short trip...

Bharti:Bhaskar's going with you??Kaha??

Payal:Dehradun...Just for a week since he has a conference there...

Bharti:Not bad...That just means more work for shaz,yeah??

Payal:Yeah...but it's no problem for her for she recently had gone for a holiday trip for a week....

Bharti:Interesting..when are you leaving???

Payal:Day after tomorrow..so can I meet you tomorrow??

Bharti:Definitely..during lunch??I'll take a half-day leave tomorrow and we can spend time doing our things togehter, yeah?

Payal:Awesome...so I'll see you at MU tomorrow...Good night!!

Bharti:Nitezz..(hung up)

Bharti switched off the lights in the hall and went to her room and practically threw herself on the bed. She had no idea what was going on in her life. She was tossing around in bed and swirling her finger around a tuft of her hair and thought about the 15 lakhs but she could only scream at herself, "Koi mujhe bachaao!!Please..."

She recollected how Mahi told her about Armaan getting worried about her. Bharti felt like calling Armaan instantly and sat upright on her bed with her knees bent and she looked at her mobile, which showed the pic of her and armaan that a lady took while she went to get Armaan the brown contact lense. She missed him so much; bugging him, cracking jokes at him and their fun-filled moments and conversations. If it were before, she would have told him what she was really going through but now things have changed so much between them. Too much of formalities and no closeness. Bharti wanted to dial Armaan's number but she just switched off her mobile and kept it aside. She thought to herself,

"Armaan you know something...I just wish that nothing had changed between us...Neither the kiss, nor the huge fight...Yaar i miss you..I miss us!!!Very much!!You know, whenever I see you now, I just feel so awkward..I just don't know yaar...You know I hate changes especially big ones..It's damn hard to live with changes and embrace them especially when I've gotten accustomed to us, our friendship!!Kya ho gaya tha yaar..nahin hona chahiye tha!!Nahin hona tha!!!" and continued tossing in bed.

If this was what Bharti was going through, she had simply no idea what an ordeal Armaan was going through. He had just reached home and was about to call for Bharti. Just then he hit his head real hard,"Dude, how many times do I have to keep reminding you that Bharti doesn't live here anymore,all thanks to you and your anger!!". He kept his bag aisde and went to shower. In the shower, Armaan kept the water flowing on his body while he was in the thoughts of Bharti. He felt extremely horrible for Bharti and wondered why sadistic people exist in the world in the first placce. He just hoped that nothing happens to her and prayed that Gyaan's and Vinita's plans don't succeed at all. He felt so disgusted to even know such people.

When he got out of the shower after getting changed, he kept thinking of calling bharti and checking on her but he stopped himself from doing so. He had seen Bharti talking to him so formally, something whhich he had never thought would happen to them. They are friends now but it seemed so formal and much less jovial, somewhat like a forced one. He saw how Bharti was forcing herself to be formal and stopping herself. Both of them had been feeling so awkward. Today he felt really worried for Bharti. He can't be possibly doing this all the time and he ought to control his emotions from now on. He's the root cause of Bharti's tears and he didn't want to cause her any more troubles. By the way, he had chosen to attach himself with Preity on his own will and Bharti too knows this. From now on, Bharti's only his friend and he'll treat her as such and will not let her come close to him.

He decided to write an email to Sudha tomorrow for he felt like talking to his mom and telling her the entire truth, which he had been hiding from her whenever she called him.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 55~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 55~

They took some solo,duo and trio photographs at the dining hall, outside the guesthouse and even the terrace upstairs. By then everyone from MU came and all of them were welcomed by Bhaskar and Payal while Bharti went to change her top for Bhaskar had accidentally spilled some chilli sauce on her. Bharti came and thanked all for coming and invited them for the foods and refreshments.

Bharti hugged Mahi and she was talking with her and Sonali. Just then she saw Armaan and excused herself. She smiled and asked him to come inside.

Bharti:There's no need for the gift Armaan..

Armaan:I'm sorry Bharti..

Bharti:It's ok I forgive you..

Armaan:You've forgiven me??That...that means we're friends now??

Bharti:About that...(paused for quite some time)

Armaan:What happened Bharti??Did I say something wrong??

Bharti:armaan we meet at office everyday..We share a professional relation now and we are friends..But I can't and will not expect our friendship to be the same as before..Things have changed so much for both of us,yeah??I hope you get it...

Armaan:(his smile faded and eyes somewhat welled up) Yeah I understand...(thought to himself)"I don't really, Bharti.."..Well I'll sign the contract papers and get them to you??

Bharti:Yeah you just pass them to me and Bhaskar and I will handle the rest,yeah??

Armaan:Ok..thanks for inviting me...

Bharti:Sure, food and refreshments are there..Help yourself!!

Bharti excused herself to talk to others while Jiya approached Armaan and he told her everything that happened just now.

Jiya:Thank God...see didn't I tell you that she'll forgive you??Great..now you two are friends again...

Armaan:We may be friends but it's not like what you think...

Jiya:What do you mean by that??

Armaan:She just accepts me as a friend sharing a professional relation..nothing mroe, nothing less!!You know something Jiya?? She's deeply hurt by me..but she didn't show it in any way..Things are slowly drifting apart and the gap between us is widening..Meri yeh galti ke kaaran maine apni zindagi tabah kardi..

Jiya:Armaan please, things will not always remain that way...It might just be a matter od a few days and Bharti might just change her decision...

Armaan:You've not understood her Jiya...She sticks by her decision..I've decided..


Armaan:Just like how Bharti respected my decision then, I'll respect this decision of her's!! I'm very happy that she involved me in her celebrations!!Excuse me, yeah??

Jiya:Yeah sure..(thought to herself) " Oh God just what do you think you're doing??You're separating them again and again,aren't you??"

Raj:Oye kya bad badhaa rahe ho tum??

Jiya:Uparwaale se shikaayat kar rahi hoon..Tumse matlab??

Raj:(shook his head) Uparwaale ko kyun baar baar tang kar rahi ho tum??Main hoon na yaha pe..Mujhe batao..

Jiya:Tumhe kyun bataoo??

Raj:Hhmm...tumhari marzi..Theekh hai..yeh toh batao ki kya chal rahi hai??

Jiya:Armaan's forgiven and has become a colleague for Bharti and friends in that aspect..

Raj:And you're not at all happy for that??

Jiya:What do you think??

Raj:Apparently it's a Yes but what if I tell you that both of us can create circumstances for them to be closer??


Raj:Kyun...tum toh yehi chahthe the na??

Jiya:Quite unpredictable from you..

Raj:So it looks like I'll have to go on without you??

Jiya:Who told you so??

Raj:So we're in this together??

Jiya:Oh Raj...I'm so happy yaar..Thanks a tonne!!(hugs Raj who simply smiled at her and patted her head)

It was late evening and everyone was gradually leaving with a happy face and Bharti thanked all of them for coming. Armaan was about to leave with Jiya and Raj but Bharti called for Armaan and he stopped.

Bharti:Actually I just want to thank you for coming and also for the gift..

Armaan:Thanks for inviting...The house is really nice...

Bharti:Thanks!!!Erm..has Mom come??

Armaan:She called yesterday and told me that she'll be coming in a week or two as she's missing both of us already...I haven't told her anything as of yet...

Bharti:Do send her lots of my love and tell her that I really love her and miss her dearly...Armaan will you allow me to drop by to meet Mom?

Armaan:Bharti, just drop by as often as you wish..I'll inform you when she's back..I'll get the document mailed to you within two day's time//Ok I'll make a move...

Bharti:Bye Armaan...


Soon everyone left and Bharti cleaned up the mess and went to take a cool,refreshing shower. As she got out of her shower after getting dressed, she went to the refrigerator to get herself a bottle of water and just then she saw Armaan's wrapped gift. She went to unwrap the gift on the dining table. Armaan had gifted her a beautiful cotton shawl, purple in colour and Bharti was all smiles. She really loved the gift and practically wanted to cal him up to thank him but she decided not to and went to bed for she was really exhausted.

At home, Payal was thinking of the change she saw. Both Bharti and Armaan were smiling and on talking terms. She didn't expect this change to be so quick. Bhaskar just got out fo the shower and shook his wet hair near PAyal,distracting her.

Payal:Bhaskar kitni baar kahai hai tumse??Aise kyun kiya??

Bhaskar:To get your attention..Kya hua??

Payal:Ntohing really..Just thinking of the sudden change in Bharti to forgive Armaan so quickly...

Bhaskar:I don't think it is as simple as it looks...


Bhaskar:She told me that things are no longer the same between her and Armaan,even if they became friends or not...Now i wonder if I've erred by even proposing the idea of contract marriage..We should have just let her come here instead...

Payal:Bhaskar it's not your fault cuz the three of us agreed to this and by the way we actually had renovations going on here as well...

Bhaskar:I just hope everything will be fine..Bharti got about 3 more weeks left for her internship to be completed at MU...

Payal:I just pray that she faces no more problems at MU..

Bhaskar:Don't worry jaan..she'll be fine!!!

Along the way back home. Jiya was glancing at Raj.

Raj:Yes Jiya is there any funny sign on my face that you're looking at and laughing??

Jiya:I'm still in shock raj...Do you even remember your earlier discussion on privacy and butting in and all....

Raj:Yeah yeah i know...

Jiya:But how are we going to do this??

Raj:We very well know that Armaan loves Bharti but not the other way..So we've got to target more of our plans at Bharti instead of Armaan...Now they've fought and made up..But things are no longer the same..That's a good start...We've got to show Bharti how Armaan is a very special person in her life...

Jiya:Raj..how are we even going to start..We-the unprofessional cupids..

Raj:Uffo don't degrade yourself...Even i know that this is going to be difficult but...hey wait...We can make her remember the special moments of friendship that she must have shared with Armaan...Yuo should know na???

Jiya:Great idea Raj but ek problem aabhi bhi hai...


Jiya:Kya nahin..balke kaun...Preity!!!She might be a problem...

Raj:Jab woh problem shuru karne ki koshish karti hain toh usse raaste se hattaa diyaa jaayega...


Raj:Uske liye kuch sochenge na..Not to worry..So deal??

Jiya:Deal!!!(smiled at the prospect of having so much fun)

Raj:But of course we won't butt in so much..Intruding their privacy levels..we'll just work at the surface level and it should work out...

The enxt day Armaan was staring at the contract papers, which bound him and Bharti together as a married couple for a year. It's only the start of the fifth month. He took his pen to sign but he hesitated to do so. He recalled how he had sat with Bharti, conducting the rituals od the wedding ceremony. Now everything was going to end. For the good of both of them. Armaan eventually signed the contract papers and placed it in his folder and left for Men's Universe.

Bharti met Jiya outside Men's Universe building and they walked inside together. Jiya went to her cabin and she was extremely surprised to see Raj up so early, something which Jiya expected to be a miracle.

Jiya:Did Sun rise from the west today??You're here so early..

Raj:Good morning Jiya..

Jiya:Good morning...You haven't answered my question..And what are you doing in my cabin??

Raj:Ok now don't freak out..My toilet's under repair and maintenance and since your cabin had a mini-shower fit in(got amused), I had my bath here as well...

Jiya:What??RAJJ!!!You're really annoying..Anyways you get back to work...

Raj:Hehe do you by any chance have a plumber's number??

Jiya:You mean you haven't called a plumber yet??Fine I'll call the plumber and give him your address...

Raj:Thanks babe..You're the best!!See ya..


Armaan went to Bharti's cabin and saw Gyaan standing around.

Armaan:Erm Gyaan what are you doing here??

Gyaan:Oh hi Armaan...nothing actually Bharti asked me to wait for her here while she'll be right back...But i guess i'll be leaving since I've been waiting for the past 20 minutes...

Armaan:Yeah ok..bye!!

Armaan found gyann's behaviour totally strange but he kept the big sealed envelope on Bharti's desk and left from there. He wanted to wait and personally hand it over to Bharti but he had an urgent photo-shoot with Sunny and Jiya waiting for him and he left from there promptly.

Gyaan and Vinita were jsut roaming around while getting their work done at the same time. Just then both of them saw Bharti being worked up and frantically searching for something under her desk, rummaging through her files and bharti just left all her belongings there and went to the washroom. Vinita just went in Bharti's cabin while Gyaan helped her look out if Bharti was returning. Vinita saw her passbook, various documents and a private and confidential envelope for bHarti, She wondered who it was from. Before Bharti returned, Vinita took Bharti's passbook and left from there with gyaan.

It was lunch time and Bharti called up the bank she had gone the morning but she didn't get any clue of where her passbook had gone. She was simply going crazy. Just then Jiya knocked on her door and invited her for lunch. Bharti didn't have the slightest clue that it was already lunch time and declined her offer, giving pending work as an excuse but Jiya didn't hear a thing and brought her along to have lunch with Jiya, Mahi and Armaan. Bharti saw armaan and both of them smiled weakly at each other and faced away, feeling slightly awkward. Bharti took a seat and was lost in her own world, thinking about her savings over her life so far which she had in her account. Bharti clasped her fists together, feeling really worried. Jiya and the rest stopped talking.

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~Jab Lurve Hua Part 54~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 54~

Bhaskar:Ek baat poocho tumse??

Payal:Haan poocho na...

Bhaskar:Will you mind if ever some day Armaan and Bharti unites??

Payal:(raised her head from Bhaskar's shoulder) What??

Bhaskar:Look both of us very well know that Armaan definitely has feelings for Bharti...


Bhaskar:Are you against it??

PAyal:I'm not against Armaan but I just want to see Bharti happy...

Bhaskar:Maybe her happiness lies in being with Armaan...

Payal:she said that to you??

Bhaskar:No but I've been noticing her for 2 days..You know how she is,right???How she appears all so strong from outside but from within, she's this troubled girl and I've been seeing her getting lost in her own world during certain meetings..

Payal:Dekho Bhaskar tum yeh...

Bhaskar:Now why are you being so overprotective??

Payal:I'm not...

Bhaskar:Yes you are..Don't deny that fact, will you??

Payal:Fine, fine!!

Bhaskar:It's her life na??Let her decide for herself..We'll always be there for her just as she's always been there for us..Hhmm??

Payal:(smiled at Bhaskar) You're so right Bhasku..(hugs him)

Bhaskar:(surprised at Payal's sudden gesture and smiled at her) Aww..thanks jaan..now come let's get this place spick and span for Bharti...

Meanwhile Bharti just reached home with Mahi, feeling so exhausted. Mahi and Bharti went to have a quick shower before having dinner.Mahi and Bharti sat down to watch TV for a while. Bharti was still trying to figure out why Armaan had even bothered to defend for her in front of everyone. Mshi realized that Bharti was lost somewhere and pinched her.


Mahi:Sorry about that..Are you ok??

Bharti:Mahi, tumse ek baat poocho??

Mahi:Poocho poocho..

Bharti:Kya tum ek ajnabee ke liye kuch bhi karoge??Kisi bhi hadh tak jaaoge??

Mahi:Main aisa kyun karungi Bharti??Aur woh bhi ek ajnabee ke liye??

Bharti:Wohi toh main soch rahi hoon...Woh aisa kyun kar raha hai??

Mahi:Kaun kya kar raha hai??

Bharti:Arre woh..(pauses for a while)..Kuch nahin...

Mahi:Mujhe nahin bataoge??

Bharti:Aisa kuch khaas nahin hain...

Mahi:So this has got nothing to do with what happened at MU today??

Bharti:Kya matlab??

Mahi:Armaan,despite breaking your friendhsip, had fought for you first before Jiya and Bhaskar too went in your favour..And you're wondering why Armaan's doing all these??

Bharti:Ok wow...You just read my ming...The exact thoughts being spelt out right in front of me...

Mahi:Sonali calls me a psychic..Anyways the answer's pretty simple!!


Mahi:He can't see injustice being done to you..He still considers you his own...But why have you not forgiven him yet??

Bharti:why should I even forgive such a person who didn't think twice breaking my friendship??

Mahi:Well I really think he's really regretful..and very apologetic...And you should never delay in forgiving someone..Someone like Armaan for he's a great friend..You can have my word for him..I may just know him for maybe 1 year but I've not seen a close to perfect gentleman like him and someone who makes mistakes too but at the same time admits his faults and rectifies them instantly..Sonali and I are very much fond of him..I know you're really hurt by him but try to understand what went wrong between you two and reconcile..Trust me, it'll only brighten up your life for the best...Just give him a chance, yaar...Think about it yeah??I'm quite tired...Good night!!

Bharti:Good night!!

Bharti wondered about what Mahi had said. She didn't know what to do. Just then Mahi peeped from her bedroom and saw Bharti in her thoughts.

Mahi:Hey Bharti..

Bharti:You haven't slept yet??I thought yuo were dead tired..



Mahi:What have you decided??

Bharti:About??(pretended to not understand Mahi's question)


Bharti:I don't know Mahi...

Mahi:Bharti!!!You shouldn't delay..What if you become too late in forgiving Armaan??Bharti:What??

Mahi:What if something happens to him, will you be able to forgive yourself??Bharti..I know how that feels...For I had failed to forgive my friend earlier due to a big misunderstanding and by the time i realized the truth I lost her due to God's call...That should never happen to you Bharti...

Bharti:Now this is different..

Mahi:I admit it is and it is indeed Armaan's fault..Agreed!!But you too are just behaving like him..

Bharti:What??How so??

Mahi:Look Bharti..Anger was Armaan's fault here and he said all of that out of anger...But you too...Just letting your friendship break!!What's wrong in forgiving him and starting all over??

Bharti:I don't know Mahi...

Mahi:Just think about it yaar...I can't compel you or anything but I just want you two to be friends..Anyways I'll go and sleep first..Good night!!

Bharti:Good night!!

Bharti continued watching TV. Just then there was a powercut and Bharti was sitting on the sofa in total darkness. She wondered what she was going to do,"Mahi is right..Even I'm just letting my friendship break..How could I do that..Armaan is my secret friend..We had so much of fun together but somehow I'm not feeling that way now..Things feel strangely different now..But why??"

KK:May I tell you??

Bharti:Kaun hai??(got scared fro she saw no onr in the pitch darkness)

Just then the electric power got restored and the tV was switched on as well. Just then she turned and almost leapt from the sofa.

Bharti:Tum yaha bhi pohanch gaye??Maine tumhara kya bigaadha tha dude??

KK:I'm just your well-wisher Bharti..

Bharti:Meri well-wisher..Ab kyun aaye ho??Mahi's inside..

KK:She's sound asleep...

Bharti:Sab ki khabar rakte ho...How interesting!!

KK:You seem to be in a problem..

Bharti:How come you're not sure if I have a problem or not??

KK:Thought of giving you a chance of telling me..

Bharti:KK please...

KK:Waise Armaan's anger was for a reason..Don't you know??

Bharti:He has no right to just vent his anger on me...Actually i didn't even mind that..But he shouldn't have said what he did...He just kiiled the friendship..

KK:He still considers you as his friend..

Bharti:Yea right..

KK:Or else why would he defend for you to save you from getting fired??

Bharti:How am I supposed to know??

KK:You'll be surprised to know that he still cares for you and perhaps he's truly apologetic...Or else he could have just gone away without even saying anything in your defense...But he spoke for you....

Bharti:OHh I would have rather loved the latter option...

KK:Are you even sure that you wanted to lose your job??Are you not even thankful that Armaan had literally saved your job??

Bharti:(stood up from the sofa) No not at all...I'm not even thankful to him..Bata nahin sab log uski taraf daari kyun kar raha hain...Aur tum bhi shuru ho gaye..Dekho KK,..KK???Arrggghhh...Yeh kaha se aata hai??Ek din bata karna hi padega!!!

The next day Bharti and Mahi were walking towards the MU lift. The lift opened and Armaan was inside; Bharti thought of going away but mahi pulled her in. Mahi was standing in the middle with Armaan on her left and bharti on her right. Mahi wished Armaan Good Morning.

Armaan:Good morning to you too Mahi..You seem much happier nowadays..

Mahi:Well it's thanks to a special girl who has taught me how to smile..(smiled at Bharti)..Waise tumhe toh aaj kal MU mein zyaada toh nahin dikhaayi deti hain...

Armaan:Lots of work plus photo-shoots...Mostly outdoors...

Mahi:Hhmm..very busy well Bharti and I are getting busier too..Workload is getting heavier plus presentations, meetings...Ok then I'll see you around...

Mahi and Bharti walked out of the lift. Just then Armaan called for Mahi who asked Bharti to go off first.

Mahi:Yes Armaan...

Armaan:Erm woh kya hian na Mahi...

Mahi:Idhar aao..(goes to his cabin) Ab bolo..


Mahi:Uffo Armaan...Bharti ke baarein mein poochna tha??

Armaan grinned sheepishly and nodded in agreement.

Mahi:She's staying with me at my place..

Armaan:Really??I thought she was staying at some hotel...I mean I really had no idea where she was...

Mahi:Uffo Armaan just relax yeah...But..mujhe ek baat batao..Why didn't you inform us of the wedding??

Armaan:What wedding??

Mahi:Bharti told me everything..And I've promised her that I won't tell anyone about it...Ab mujhe batao!!

Armaan:I didn't want any unnecessary rumours to be spread...

Mahi:Anyways I had the slightest clue that you would ever get so angry...

Armaan:I know, i know, I'm such an idiot!!

Mahi:Oh God..Ok now don't feel so bad,k??I've tried my best to convince her to forgive you but I've no idea if it has rubbed in or not..Waise...

Just then there was a knock on the door.

Mahi:Oh your gf's here..I'll talk to you later...

Armaan:Hey wait if things do work out I'll treat you for lunch,yeah??

Mahi:My pleasure to join you..Thanks!!(winked at him)

Mahi went to meet Bharti to ask for the files she had asked to keep with Bharti.

Bharti:what was he asking???

Mahi:Who Bharti??

Bharti:tHe guy in the lift...

Mahi:Guy in the lift??Ohhh Armaan...nothing really...Oh hi Bhaskar...

Bhaskar:Hi Mahi..Bharti, we've got to go...

Mahi:Hhmm..anyways Bharti can i get those files I told you to keep yesterday??

Bharti:Hey you go...

Mahi:Thanks you guys carry on....

Mahi left form there to meet Sonali while Bharti went with Bhaskar to the guestohuse during lunch hour. Bhaskar drove to his guesthouse. Bharti just loved it at first sight. It was a beautiful two-storey house with large glass windows everywhere which madr the surroundings so bright and Bharti loved the scenic view of the nearby beach.Bharti hugged Bhaskar and thanked him for letting her stay and Bhaskar told her that Payal and himself will really love to have Bharti staying here and for as long as she wished to. Bharti thanked him and told him that she'll shift in a week's time and Bhaskar smiled at her. Bhaskar was driving back to MU. Lunch hour wasn't over yet. Juust as Bharti and Jiya were about to eat, Raj called her up.


Raj:Hi Bharti...

Bharti:Hi...How come you're not at MU yet??

Raj:I already am...Will be there in a minute..Do you see me??

Bharti:Oh yeah...(waved to him and hung up) Wonder why even called..

Jiya:Lollz he does that all the time...


Raj:What is this girl telling you about me??

Jiya:Mr Raj Malhotra..I'm just telling her that you lust love spending your money away for no particular reason....

Raj:Thanks for the flatter..Got me any food??

Jiya:Lazy bump...go and get it yourself!!

Bharti:Lollz Raj..we've waited in a long queue and finally sat down to eat...Now you go and buy your food..Wait a sec..You haven't eaten anything from home??

Jiya:Bharti, don't you know that this eligible bachelor's home will only have wine and maybe instant noodles...Wonder how and why he's even thriving on such food...

Raj:Ahem Jiya that's enough for today, yeah??

Jiya:Oh is it??(had a Hi-5 moment with Bharti and both of them laughed and soon Raj joined them)

After Raj brought food and joined them Bharti informed them that she'll be shifting somewhere else in a week's time.

Raj:Par kaha??

Jiya:Naya ghar..interesting...

Bharti:It's actually Bhaskar's and Payal's guesthouse which has been vacant for some time..And yeah I'll be shifting there..

Jiya:Glad to know Bharti..Do invite us there some day..

Bharti:I was thinking of having a small housewarming party after my shift there...

Raj:Awesome..I'll be looking forward..

Jiya:Me too,me too...Cool,can't wait...

Bharti:(looks at her watch) Oh my, I'm running late..I'll catch you guys later..Bye...


Jiya:Bye..so how's Malaika??

Raj:Good..in fact great, you know something??She was asking who was the one who picked up her call that night...

Jiya:And what did you say??

Raj:That you're my sis..

Jiya:WHAT???Raj..I'm so gonna kill you!!!Oh I could have just died if I were ever your sis...You crapbag!!

Raj:Lollz main mazak kar raha tha yaar...I told her that you're Jiya,my best buddy...

Jiya:That's nice to hear...In that case, I'll grab some of your noodles...

Raj:Heyy I'm hungry..

Jiya:It's ok...Just be happy that I only took a bit and not the entire noodles...

Raj:Gosh Jiya...No more..Had enough of your nonsense for today..

Jiya:Don't even get me started..

Raj:What??Uffo chup..LEt me eat in peace..

Jiya:Fine!!Hey do you think that Bharti'll call Armaan for the housewarming party??

Raj:Mujhse kyun pooch rahe ho tum??Go and ask her yourself..I'll leave for now..Need to meet Amarjeet and Gyaan..

Jiya:Enjoy yourslef..Bye..

Raj:(smiled) Bye...

Over the next few days, Bharti had sent invite cards to the staff of Men's Universe. She asked Sonali to give Armaan the invite card and she went to pass the invite card to Mahi.

Mahi:What is this Bharti??

Bharti:Open it and see...

Mahi:Housewarming party...And you're telling me now??

Bharti:Sorry yaar..Had been tied up with work and you remember that day when Bhaskar came to talk to me during lunch hour when you asked me for some files??


Bharti:That day Bhaskar took me there and I just loved it at first sight..I'm sure you'll love it too..

Mahi:Hhmm...so you got bored at my place??

Bharti:Oh come on Mahi, you know it's nothing liike that...

Mahi:Arre yaar..only kidding...I'm just happy for you..

Bharti:Ok I'll catch ya later...Gotta go first and finish up my wotk for today...

Mahi:Ok just inform me when you're done..We'll go back together..

Bharti:Okiezz..(went from there)

Bharti walked to her cabin, and resumed her work. Mahi was done with her work and decided to go and sit in Bharti's cabin. Meanwhile Armaan and Jiya had walked back home.


Armaan:Yeah the street is so quiet..

Jiya:Do I even care if the street's quiet??I'm talking about you..Kya hua hai??

Armaan:I feel so bad that Bharti didn't invite me personally...She asked Sonali to pass it to me instead..

Jiya:Busy hogi shayad...

Armaan:Sonali herself told me and she was asking if both of us had a tiff or something...

Jiya:Invite card toh mil gaya na...Yehi badi baat hai...


Jiya:Now don't get me started Armaan...

Armaan:I was expecting some encouragement..

Jiya:Just relax dude...Isn't this a good sign??She's involving you in her celebrations...

Armaan:Yeah you're right..Jiya..

Jiya:As always Armaan..Ok i'll go from here..See ya tomorrow at Bharti's housewarming party..

Armaan:Ok see ya too...

Alisha just hung up after talking to Bharti. She was still stuck at work with Sanjana.

Sanjana:What was Bharti saying??

Alisha:She had a huge tiff with Armaan..(narrated everything)

Sanjana:Yeh Armaan bhi na...Hamesha aise hi hain..

Alisha:Sanju sab tumhari galti hai..Naahi tum utni zyaada wine peeye hote, naahi tum apna mu kholte ke Armaan pehle kisi aur se pyaar..

Sanjana:Heyy i didn't do it on purpose..

Alisha:I know yaar..Sorry!!


Alisha:Bharti ki housewarming party ke liye hum dono ko bhulaya hai...It's tomorrow in the late afternoon onwards..I wonder if she has invited Armaan or not...

Sanjana:You done with today's work??

Alisha:Yes done...You can drop me home..Yay!!

~Housewarming Party~

Payal and bharti were decorating the place with balloons while Bhaskar helped get the foodies ready and get the sorbet ready as well for all the guests. Just then he called for Payal and she rushed to the kitchen. Meanwhile Bharti was getting the scented candles and lighting them up. She wondered what's taking Payal so long and went to the kitchen,"Bhaskar, I'm coming..."

Bharti:Ahem...kya chal raha hai??

Bhaskar:Kuch khaas nahin...Actually I wanted PAyal to taste the special sorbet I've made..

Bharti:You could have called me as well..


Bharti:Well if you're trying to cook up an excuse don't even bother..Anyways everyone should be coming by now..Got everything ready??

Bhaskar:Yes ma'm!!

Payal:Hehe...yeah everything's perfect!!

Bharti:Now come here you two...Let's get some quick photographs of the three of us...

Payal:Awesome chalo chalo...

They took some solo,duo and trio photographs at the dining hall, outside the guesthouse and even the terrace upstairs. By then everyone from MU came and all of them were welcomed by Bhaskar and Payal while Bharti went to change her top for Bhaskar had accidentally spilled some chilli sauce on her. Bharti came and thanked all for coming and invited them for the foods and refreshments.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 53~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 53~

"I was pretty excited that I'll leave this job and get away from Armaan...but no!!In fact despite breaking my friendship, today he's defending me and for what, God knows....Khod ko samajh tha kya hai??If he's thinking that he'll earn my forgiveness by this, then he's so wrong....Why is he being so nice now..Defending me and all..Caring for me...As if I mean a lot to him..Yea right!! I'm no longer his friend..I'm just a stranger to him..Bas ek ajnabee..(felt so confused)..Par kya koi ajnabee ke liye itna karega???

Just then Bharti's mobile rang. It was Payal.

Payal:Hello...do din se tumhari phone try kar rahi thi...Kaha margayi thi??

Bharti:Been caught up with work!!

Payal:Are you free for an hour??

Bharti:You mean for lunch..Yea sure...

Payal:Ok I'll wait for you at the radio station,k??

Bharti:Okiezz I'll be there..(hung up)

Bharti was about to leave to meet Payal but just then Bhaskar came to her and asked her to accompany him for lunch without even asking if she had other plans. Bhaskar drove her to Hotel Maroon and Bharti made a phone call, informing Payal that she can't make it for lunch as she's with Bhaskar. Payal got slightly irritated but she ensured that she and Bharti will catch up very soon.

Bharti:It's your wifey..I was supposed to have lunch with her...

Bhaskar:Lollz she must be pretty irritated for she hates it whenever her plans get foiled and that too at the last minute...

Bharti:Waise what's so special today??Lunching with me??(raises her eyebrows)

Bhaskar:I didn't even get a chance to lunch with you ever since you've started to work at MU...so yeah...

Bharti:Hhmm so what's up??

Bhaskar:Precisely...What's up??


Bhaskar:What do you mean by what??What's with you and Armaan??

Bharti:Nothing..nothing in particular!!

Bhaskar:Oh really??Then what was the whole glaring scene all about??

Bharti:Ntohing really Bhaskar...

Bhaskar:Oh come on Bharti..I know you pretty well...Why are you even trying to lie to me??Come on..shoot it out!!

Bharti:You won't leave without knowing, would you??

Bhaskar:Indeed you know me as well as how I know you..So get started...

Bharti:Well it was 3 to 4 days back..We had a quarrel and I went to the pub with Alisha and Sanjana after work...And i didn't exactly remember how I even got back home..Was really drunk and the next day both of us had a big fight at MU..All of a sudden he just told me he wants to break off all ties with me and never wish to see me again..I had no idea and he was clinging to the fact that I forgot whatever that happened the night before...

Bhaskar:So you've got no clue of what happened that night??

Bharti:Actually now I do...An invisible well-wisher of mine showed me the most unexpected thing of all...

Bhaskar:Invisible well-wisher??

Bharti:I can't exactly say invisible...He's only visible to me and that too for a few seconds...And then he just vanishes..His name is KK...

Bhaskar:So what did happen that night??

Bharti:Erm about that...

Bhaskar:Oh come on, I hate suspenses...

Bharti:We kissed..

Bhaskar:(almost choked on his food) Erm...WHAT???But...(felt a lil disgusted)

Bharti:I've had the same expression on my face when I got to know...I mean how did things even get that far??

Bhaskar:And you're still staying at his place??

Bharti:Nope I left from there...for a while I'm staying at Mahi's place...

Bhaskar:Ohh Mahi..She's a real sweet girl..

Bharti:Actually I'm looking for a good home.,..If you've got any ideas of a conducive place for me, just let me know,yeah??

Bhaskar:Ok cool..no probs..Wait a seocnd...I have a guesthouse which Payal and I bought 3 years back and no one stays there as of now and it'll be just perfect!!!But of course I'll show you the place first and then you let me know...


Meanwhile Payal just ended her morning show wiuth Shaz with a nostalgic song. Shaz has left for a quick brunch while Payal was in the radio station. Just then she saw Armaan and waved to him and asked him to come inside.

Payal:What a pleasant surprise..I'm meeting you after so long...How are you by the way??Erm, what would you like to have??Coffee???I'll get us 2 mugs of coffee...Just give me 2 mins, yeah??Meanwhile just make sure you don't touch anything or else my boss will kill me...Excuse me....

Armaan:(thought to herself) There's no doubt that Payal is Bharti's close friend...Kitni bolti hai...

Payal Here you go...Armaan:Thanks..

Payal:No probs..waise I was supposed to meet Bharti today but anyways what brings you here??

Armaan:Payal..I'm..I don't know how to actually say this..

Payal:I'm not going to bite..Just tell me..

Armaan:It's about me and Bharti..We had a huge fight a few days back..(narrated the whole incident and how Bharti left home for good)

Payal:WHAT??(couldn't hide her disgusted expressions) Armaan how could you even..You just lashed at her and broke your friendhsip with her??What went into you??Had you gone out of your mind or something??

Armaan:i guess so..I wonder what went into me that late afternoon...I just lost my temper and now she's not even at home..I don't know where she's staying and now she's neglecting me too..

Payal:Ohh and you're feeling bad??You wanted this, didn't you??And now when you've gotten it why are you pretending to me unhappy??Your temper has always hurt Bharti regardless of whether she says it outright or not..

Armaan:i know..And I'm truly regretting for my actions and I wish to make it up to her...

Payal:Look you better leave right now...I'm not in the mood to talk after what you've told me..Sorry if I'm sounding rude..I'll talk to you some other time...

Armaan left; Payal still couldn't believe that both Armaan and bharti had kissed. Just then she received a phone call from Bhaskar asking her to meet him at Pearl's in half an hour's time and Payal left Shaz a message of her going to meet Bhaskar.

~At Pearl's Restaurant~

Bhaskar:How come you're so late?

Payal:Bhaskar please...Already dimaag ulta pulta ho rahi hain aur tumhara yeh sawaal...

Bhaskar:Ooo..Someone's pretty angry..Look I know I stole your date..Sorry about that!!!(gives her a cheeky smile)

Payal:Will you please tell me why you called for me all of a sudden?

Bhaskar:What's wrong if I just want to spend some time with my jaanemann??Hhmm??

Payal:As if!!!Sach sach batao mujhe aakhir chakkar kya hai??

Bhaskar:Ok ok...Just to make it up to you for I know you must be pretty cross with me but before that...Why were you so worked up for??

Payal:Woh..Armaan aaya tha radio station par mujhse milne ke liye..

Bhaskar:Woh tumse milne ke liye kyun???

Payal:Mere saath flirt karne ke liye..Kyun??Tumhe koi problem hai??


Payal: Oh shut up Bhaskar...Don't interrupt me, let me speak...Armaan aur Bharti ke beech bohat bada jagda ho gaya tha kuch teen chaar din pehle...Apparently I don't understand what's wrong with this idiot..He didn't talk to her 2 weeks back and then he finally talked to her and things went like this...

Bhaskar:Let me guess...He told Bharti that he wanted to go out with her but he ditched her at the last minute..And Bharti went off feeling irritated and she went to drink with Alisha and Sanjana...


Bhaskar:And after that something so unexpected took place and the next day the big fight between Armaan and Bharti...Armaan got furious and broke his friendship with Bharti...

Payal:Oh ok wow Bhaskar but I know you aren't a psychic...How do you know all these???

Bhaskar:Not only that...Bharti's well-wisher revealed to her that she and Armaan had kissed and she's totally disgusted by the whole revelation...

Payal:She is??

Bhaskar:But strangely, another thing happened as well...Bharti was about to lose her job for she saved Mahi's reputation at the expense of losing a crucial MU investor but Armaan came in first to defend her and soon Jiya and I defended her as well...Eventually Amarjeet agreed to give her another chance...

Payal:Bharti told you this??

Bhaskar:Yep during lunch...

Payal:I just felt so mad at Armaan for he always hurts Bharti first and then says sorry...But I'm even madder at Bharti for she never hides anything from us..

Bhaskar:Uffo Payal just chill yaar...She just wishes to forget whatever that had happened..Think from her side too yaar...

Payal:I wonder where she's staying right now..

Bhaskar:Paayu...just relax; she said she's staying at Mahi's place currently but she's on the lookout for a new home..I suggested our vacant uesthouse which we bought 3 years back..What say??

Payal:That'll be great..We can remove our things from there and stock it up in the attic or somewhere...And tidy the place and give it to her, yeah??

Bhaskar:Awesome; that'll bee great..Let's head to MU; I'll get my files and the car keys and we can head there...


Payal was chatting with Jenny at her desk at the reception while waiting for Bhaskar. Just then Gyaan came and saw Payal, and smiled at her. Payal too smiled back at him, thinking to herself, "I wonder how many times he must have received slaps from several girls including me...Wonder what this guy's up to!!". Payal flipped through some magazines and brochures she found on Jenny's desk and Gyaan went to stand beside PAyal.

Gyaan:Hey gorgeous...Have any plans for dinner??

Jenny:Gyaan sir...yeh aap...

Gyaan:Tumse kaun poooch raha hain??Main toh inse pooch raha hoon...So???

Payal:Tumhe sharam naam ki koi cheez nahin hai kya??Ek hi sawaal karte rehte ho??Waise meri jawaab hamesha se hi ek haan...

Bhaskar:Gyaan what are you doing with Payal??



Payal:Ab chalo...bohat dher ho gayi hain..Jaldi chalo!!

~In the MU lift~

Payal couldn't stop feeling amused and Bhaskar noticed it too.

Bhaskar:What's wrong with you??Pagalon ki tarha hass rahi ho??

Payal:Bhaskar you just can't tolerate the fact that someone's trying to flirt with your girlfriend...


Payal:Nothing which I should clearly spell out...You know what, Mr Bhaskar??I just love to see your jealous face..Bechara Gyaan!!


Payal:Yeahh...He was trying to flirt with me and I was about to flirt with him back but you came...

Bhaskar:Oh icic...Next time inform me about it and I'll create the perfect circumstance...

Payal:Awww...boyfriend ho to aisi...

Bhaskar:Sure...I'll bring Vinita right there...

Payal:Well i won't be having any problems since I'm not the one who's going to get slapped...haha!!

Bhaskar:Ab chalo...(goes to his car and drives to his guesthouse)

Bhaskar and Payal reached their guesthouse after some time. Bhaskar and Payal switched on the lights and saw their portrait photographs on the wall of love, as Bhaskar called it. Bhaskar and Payal had been saving money in their joint account and they bought this guesthouse. Bhaskar had placed his hand around Payal's shoulders as Payal laid her head on his shoulder and both of them gazed at their wedding photograph with Bharti by their side. Both of them couldn't help but think about Bharti.

Bhaskar:Ek baat poocho tumse??

Payal:Haan poocho na...

Bhaskar:Will you mind if ever some day Armaan and Bharti unites??

Payal:(raised her head from Bhaskar's shoulder) What??