Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, February 22, 2010

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 55~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 55~

They took some solo,duo and trio photographs at the dining hall, outside the guesthouse and even the terrace upstairs. By then everyone from MU came and all of them were welcomed by Bhaskar and Payal while Bharti went to change her top for Bhaskar had accidentally spilled some chilli sauce on her. Bharti came and thanked all for coming and invited them for the foods and refreshments.

Bharti hugged Mahi and she was talking with her and Sonali. Just then she saw Armaan and excused herself. She smiled and asked him to come inside.

Bharti:There's no need for the gift Armaan..

Armaan:I'm sorry Bharti..

Bharti:It's ok I forgive you..

Armaan:You've forgiven me??That...that means we're friends now??

Bharti:About that...(paused for quite some time)

Armaan:What happened Bharti??Did I say something wrong??

Bharti:armaan we meet at office everyday..We share a professional relation now and we are friends..But I can't and will not expect our friendship to be the same as before..Things have changed so much for both of us,yeah??I hope you get it...

Armaan:(his smile faded and eyes somewhat welled up) Yeah I understand...(thought to himself)"I don't really, Bharti.."..Well I'll sign the contract papers and get them to you??

Bharti:Yeah you just pass them to me and Bhaskar and I will handle the rest,yeah??

Armaan:Ok..thanks for inviting me...

Bharti:Sure, food and refreshments are there..Help yourself!!

Bharti excused herself to talk to others while Jiya approached Armaan and he told her everything that happened just now.

Jiya:Thank God...see didn't I tell you that she'll forgive you??Great..now you two are friends again...

Armaan:We may be friends but it's not like what you think...

Jiya:What do you mean by that??

Armaan:She just accepts me as a friend sharing a professional relation..nothing mroe, nothing less!!You know something Jiya?? She's deeply hurt by me..but she didn't show it in any way..Things are slowly drifting apart and the gap between us is widening..Meri yeh galti ke kaaran maine apni zindagi tabah kardi..

Jiya:Armaan please, things will not always remain that way...It might just be a matter od a few days and Bharti might just change her decision...

Armaan:You've not understood her Jiya...She sticks by her decision..I've decided..


Armaan:Just like how Bharti respected my decision then, I'll respect this decision of her's!! I'm very happy that she involved me in her celebrations!!Excuse me, yeah??

Jiya:Yeah sure..(thought to herself) " Oh God just what do you think you're doing??You're separating them again and again,aren't you??"

Raj:Oye kya bad badhaa rahe ho tum??

Jiya:Uparwaale se shikaayat kar rahi hoon..Tumse matlab??

Raj:(shook his head) Uparwaale ko kyun baar baar tang kar rahi ho tum??Main hoon na yaha pe..Mujhe batao..

Jiya:Tumhe kyun bataoo??

Raj:Hhmm...tumhari marzi..Theekh hai..yeh toh batao ki kya chal rahi hai??

Jiya:Armaan's forgiven and has become a colleague for Bharti and friends in that aspect..

Raj:And you're not at all happy for that??

Jiya:What do you think??

Raj:Apparently it's a Yes but what if I tell you that both of us can create circumstances for them to be closer??


Raj:Kyun...tum toh yehi chahthe the na??

Jiya:Quite unpredictable from you..

Raj:So it looks like I'll have to go on without you??

Jiya:Who told you so??

Raj:So we're in this together??

Jiya:Oh Raj...I'm so happy yaar..Thanks a tonne!!(hugs Raj who simply smiled at her and patted her head)

It was late evening and everyone was gradually leaving with a happy face and Bharti thanked all of them for coming. Armaan was about to leave with Jiya and Raj but Bharti called for Armaan and he stopped.

Bharti:Actually I just want to thank you for coming and also for the gift..

Armaan:Thanks for inviting...The house is really nice...

Bharti:Thanks!!!Erm..has Mom come??

Armaan:She called yesterday and told me that she'll be coming in a week or two as she's missing both of us already...I haven't told her anything as of yet...

Bharti:Do send her lots of my love and tell her that I really love her and miss her dearly...Armaan will you allow me to drop by to meet Mom?

Armaan:Bharti, just drop by as often as you wish..I'll inform you when she's back..I'll get the document mailed to you within two day's time//Ok I'll make a move...

Bharti:Bye Armaan...


Soon everyone left and Bharti cleaned up the mess and went to take a cool,refreshing shower. As she got out of her shower after getting dressed, she went to the refrigerator to get herself a bottle of water and just then she saw Armaan's wrapped gift. She went to unwrap the gift on the dining table. Armaan had gifted her a beautiful cotton shawl, purple in colour and Bharti was all smiles. She really loved the gift and practically wanted to cal him up to thank him but she decided not to and went to bed for she was really exhausted.

At home, Payal was thinking of the change she saw. Both Bharti and Armaan were smiling and on talking terms. She didn't expect this change to be so quick. Bhaskar just got out fo the shower and shook his wet hair near PAyal,distracting her.

Payal:Bhaskar kitni baar kahai hai tumse??Aise kyun kiya??

Bhaskar:To get your attention..Kya hua??

Payal:Ntohing really..Just thinking of the sudden change in Bharti to forgive Armaan so quickly...

Bhaskar:I don't think it is as simple as it looks...


Bhaskar:She told me that things are no longer the same between her and Armaan,even if they became friends or not...Now i wonder if I've erred by even proposing the idea of contract marriage..We should have just let her come here instead...

Payal:Bhaskar it's not your fault cuz the three of us agreed to this and by the way we actually had renovations going on here as well...

Bhaskar:I just hope everything will be fine..Bharti got about 3 more weeks left for her internship to be completed at MU...

Payal:I just pray that she faces no more problems at MU..

Bhaskar:Don't worry jaan..she'll be fine!!!

Along the way back home. Jiya was glancing at Raj.

Raj:Yes Jiya is there any funny sign on my face that you're looking at and laughing??

Jiya:I'm still in shock raj...Do you even remember your earlier discussion on privacy and butting in and all....

Raj:Yeah yeah i know...

Jiya:But how are we going to do this??

Raj:We very well know that Armaan loves Bharti but not the other way..So we've got to target more of our plans at Bharti instead of Armaan...Now they've fought and made up..But things are no longer the same..That's a good start...We've got to show Bharti how Armaan is a very special person in her life...

Jiya:Raj..how are we even going to start..We-the unprofessional cupids..

Raj:Uffo don't degrade yourself...Even i know that this is going to be difficult but...hey wait...We can make her remember the special moments of friendship that she must have shared with Armaan...Yuo should know na???

Jiya:Great idea Raj but ek problem aabhi bhi hai...


Jiya:Kya nahin..balke kaun...Preity!!!She might be a problem...

Raj:Jab woh problem shuru karne ki koshish karti hain toh usse raaste se hattaa diyaa jaayega...


Raj:Uske liye kuch sochenge na..Not to worry..So deal??

Jiya:Deal!!!(smiled at the prospect of having so much fun)

Raj:But of course we won't butt in so much..Intruding their privacy levels..we'll just work at the surface level and it should work out...

The enxt day Armaan was staring at the contract papers, which bound him and Bharti together as a married couple for a year. It's only the start of the fifth month. He took his pen to sign but he hesitated to do so. He recalled how he had sat with Bharti, conducting the rituals od the wedding ceremony. Now everything was going to end. For the good of both of them. Armaan eventually signed the contract papers and placed it in his folder and left for Men's Universe.

Bharti met Jiya outside Men's Universe building and they walked inside together. Jiya went to her cabin and she was extremely surprised to see Raj up so early, something which Jiya expected to be a miracle.

Jiya:Did Sun rise from the west today??You're here so early..

Raj:Good morning Jiya..

Jiya:Good morning...You haven't answered my question..And what are you doing in my cabin??

Raj:Ok now don't freak out..My toilet's under repair and maintenance and since your cabin had a mini-shower fit in(got amused), I had my bath here as well...

Jiya:What??RAJJ!!!You're really annoying..Anyways you get back to work...

Raj:Hehe do you by any chance have a plumber's number??

Jiya:You mean you haven't called a plumber yet??Fine I'll call the plumber and give him your address...

Raj:Thanks babe..You're the best!!See ya..


Armaan went to Bharti's cabin and saw Gyaan standing around.

Armaan:Erm Gyaan what are you doing here??

Gyaan:Oh hi Armaan...nothing actually Bharti asked me to wait for her here while she'll be right back...But i guess i'll be leaving since I've been waiting for the past 20 minutes...

Armaan:Yeah ok..bye!!

Armaan found gyann's behaviour totally strange but he kept the big sealed envelope on Bharti's desk and left from there. He wanted to wait and personally hand it over to Bharti but he had an urgent photo-shoot with Sunny and Jiya waiting for him and he left from there promptly.

Gyaan and Vinita were jsut roaming around while getting their work done at the same time. Just then both of them saw Bharti being worked up and frantically searching for something under her desk, rummaging through her files and bharti just left all her belongings there and went to the washroom. Vinita just went in Bharti's cabin while Gyaan helped her look out if Bharti was returning. Vinita saw her passbook, various documents and a private and confidential envelope for bHarti, She wondered who it was from. Before Bharti returned, Vinita took Bharti's passbook and left from there with gyaan.

It was lunch time and Bharti called up the bank she had gone the morning but she didn't get any clue of where her passbook had gone. She was simply going crazy. Just then Jiya knocked on her door and invited her for lunch. Bharti didn't have the slightest clue that it was already lunch time and declined her offer, giving pending work as an excuse but Jiya didn't hear a thing and brought her along to have lunch with Jiya, Mahi and Armaan. Bharti saw armaan and both of them smiled weakly at each other and faced away, feeling slightly awkward. Bharti took a seat and was lost in her own world, thinking about her savings over her life so far which she had in her account. Bharti clasped her fists together, feeling really worried. Jiya and the rest stopped talking.

P.S: Sorry guyzz couldn't write more...Happy valentine's Day to all readers..I'm gonna catch My name is Khan today...Hope everyone enjoy thier Valentine's Day...Cheers!!!!

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