Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, February 22, 2010

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 57~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 57~

The next day at Men's Universe, Bharti came to MU and was greeted by Mahi and Jiya. Bharti smiled weakly and went to her cabin. Mahi and Jiya requested Narain to get Bharti to get Bharti some cookies,brownies and her favourite hot chocolate to get her morning started. Bharti was surprised that Narain had brought her favourite delicacies and tipped him Rs50 and he was all smiles and asked bharti to have such requests frequently and she couldn't help but smile. Bharti just realized that she had to call the bank. She was on the phone when Mahi knocked on her cabin door. Bharti gestured to Mahi to take a seat first. Bharti hung up and Mahi was worried for Bharti looked very much lost and anxious at the same time.

Mahi:Bharti is everything ok??

Bharti:Yesterday this lady,Simi, told me that I had 15 lakhs in my account...Today she's telling me that there's not even a single rupee in my account...I mean just how is this possible...Did the moeny got eaten up or something??

Mahi:Calm down Bharti...Did you ask her what happened??Chal hum bank chalthe hai...

Bharti:She was kind enough to tell me..After I left the bank yesterday, it was 8 lakhs but after a few hours later someone had actually transferred almost 7 lakhs amounting to 15 lakhs..Today, all the money had been transferred to the account from which the additional money came from.

Mahi:(whispered) This is getting super complicated..So did she tell you any details of the person,something...

Bharti:Account number..I need you to do something for me..Do you think you can gain access to the bank account info of the MU staff and check whose account this belongs to??

Mahi:Bharti I've got no clue about this yaar...Risky hai par main koshish karti hoon,ok??

Bharti:Thanks a lot yaar..Get back to me asap,k??I've taken half-day leave so I'll be waiting for your return before I leave...

Mahi:Okie..I'll inform you asap...Don't worry!!!

Mahi left from there. She had no idea who to consult. She was practically turning around, biting her nails. Just then someone tapped on her shoulders.


Raj:Haan main..Mahi,what's wrong with you??

Mahi:Raj, need your help...Actually do you know where Pushpak is??

Raj:Mujhe chod kar tumhe Pushpak kaise yaad aagayi??

Mahi:Raj be serious!!

Raj:Ok ok chill yaar...He had gone to get some coffee...

Mahi:Ok thanks bye...

Raj:Hhmm i wonder what work she has with Pushpak...

Mahi explained about how she needed to have access to the bank accounts of the MU staff to Pushpak and initially Pushpak wasn't convinced but when Mahi promised him to help him in whatever way he wanted her to, he instantly agreed. Mahi checked everyone's account numbers especially Vinita's and Gyaan's but it didn't correspond to the account number which Bharti gave her. Mahi thanked Pushpak for his help and went to Bharti with the bad news and both of them felt totally disappointed. Mahi didn't know what to do to bring Bharti's smile back and Bharti told her not to worry for her and go about her work. Bharti told Mahi not to tell anyone at this point of time and Mahi agreed to do so and she left from there.

Mahi didn't feel like leaving but Bharti smiled and told her to go. After Mahi left, Bharti couldn't control her tears as she interlocked her fingers together within both hands, sobbing continuously. She didn't know that she would even face such a day in her life when her hard-earned savings will just vanish into thin air. Bharti had even slept on an empty stomach for several days during her childhood days while saving up. She couldn't believe all these are happening to her. She looked up and wiped her tears after closing her eyes. Armaan was watching from outside, unable to understand the reason for her tears.His heart ached for her and he felt tempted to go towards her. He didn't stop himself this time round and knocked on Bharti's cabin door.

Armaan:Hi..may I come in??

Bharti:(opened her eyes and smiled) Oh hi Armaan..come in..

Armaan:Bharti is everything ok??

Bharti:Yeah..everything's fine Armaan..What could possibly go wrong??(turns away from Armaan and stood up from her seat)

Armaan:So everything's fine and that's why you're crying??

Bharti:Armaan I'm fine...So why would I cry??

Armaan:(wlaked towards Bharti and stood behind her) I saw you from outside Bharti..Why are you lying to me Bharti??

Bharti:(turns to face Armaan) Armaan..I...I lost everything yaar!!!All my money's gone..My hard-earned savings..(tears gushed down her cheeks)..You know when my dad used to give me Rs 5 a week, I used to save it and not spend it..Several days in my childhood, I had slept on an empty stomach..For me it was really hard to save so much till now..And now it just vanished into thin air,just like that!!How yaar..Why is it always...Always happening to me??Why me???

Armaan:(held Bharti's face with his palms) Sshh...aisa nahin kehte Bharti..(wipes her tears instantly)Sab theekh hoga Bharti!!

Bharti:(held on to Armaan's hands) Kuch bhi theekh nahin hoga...Nothing's gonna be right with me...

Armaan:Bharti...Bharti listen to me!!!Everything will be fine..Trust me..Trust me!!!!

Bharti gazed into Armaan's eyes intently and hugged him intimately. She was weeping endlessly and armaan held her close to his heart and caressed her hair, telling her to relax and he's there for her always and they'll get everything back. Bharti and Armaan just got lost in each other's arms for a wile. After some time Bharti opened her eyes and broke off from the hug, feeling awkward. She faced to the side, away from Armaan and looked at him and smiled weakly.

Bharti:(wiped her tears) Thanks Armaan...

Armaan:(smiled at her) No worries...Go and get some fresh air first..We can think of something definitely, yeah??

Bharti:I'm really sorry Armaan...for bothering you and involving you in my problems...

Armaan:Not at all Bharti..I'm only glad that you don't count me as a stranger...

Bharti:I'm terrible at this..Being so formal and all the pretense..Can we just start over??


Bharti:PRetty please..sorry!!!Let's just forget everything na??


Bharti:Muchh...If I continue this even longer, I'll really go mad which I already am with all the problems...

Armaan:(smiled) You're really crazy...

Bharti:(smiled widely) Yea i know...And I'm glad I am cuz I gotta survive too...So friends??

Armaan nodded in agreement and Bharti looked at the envelope which Armaan gave her yesterday which had the contract paper. Bharti took them out and tore them apart and Armaan helped her as well and they threw it in Bharti's small dustbin. Armaan and Bharti hugged each other, feeling so comfortable and at ease. Bharti felt as if all her worries flew away and her problem just got simpler with Armaan by her side and smiled at him. Just then Payal knocked on the door.

Payal:Am I disturbing the two secret friends??

Armaan:Nope you're definitely not...You guys carry on..I'll see you later..

Bharti:Bye Armaan...

Payal:Kya ho raha hai??Someone's looking so,so happy!!

Bharti:I am??That's strange...You won't believe that you're talking to the girl who was crying endlessly just now...

Payal:And who made my best friend cry??

Bharti:I've got no clue...(narrated the whole incident)..

Payal:OMG..I'm so sorry to hear that hunni...Serioulsy, the culprits better get caught asap...Waise I must really thank Armaan for cheering you up...


Payal:Yeah duffer...He must be the reason for the sudden transformation in your mood and I'm going to be a catalyst..For we'll go shopping, have your delicious brownies and some fresh air..I'll make your day a great one before I leave...

Bharti:Can't wait..chalo chalo!!!(smiled widely, took her bag and left from there with Payal)

Armaan saw them leaving as he was about to leave for lunch. He began to wonder how Bharti's money could just disappear like that. Just then Amarjeet had called for him,Jiya,Raj and the media team. He informed them that Preity and Armaan will have to go for an overseas photo-shoot for 3 days at Paris, accompanied by the media team. Armaan sulked at that thought and decided to protest but Preity held his hand firmly, whispering to him not to utter a single word. Armaan took her hand away from his and glared at her. Amarjeet and everyone else dispersed except for Armaan, Jiya and Preity. Armaan warned Preity to stay in her limits or else history could be repeated, and left with Jiya.

Armaan was having lunch with Jiya,Mahi and Raj.

Jiya:Toh ab??

Mahi:I tried tracing the account number that Bharti had given but it didn't match with any of the MU staff...

Raj:Where's Bharti by the way??

Armaan:She went out with Payal...

Mahi:She had taken half-day leave...

Armaan:Amarjeet had to send me for that photo-shoot tomorrow itself..How annoying!!!

Mahi:Woh sab chodo!!!Pehle Bharti ke baarein mein sochna hoga..Kya kare??

Jiya:Anything can happen...but we've got to find out the purpose of first the additional money...And then total removal..15 lakhs is a lot!!!

Raj:Wait a second...What did you just say??

Jiya:!5 lakhs..Kyun??

Raj:Bharti's screwed up!!

Mahi:We all know that..but how did the 15 lakhs just ring a bell??

Raj:Arre I had seen Amarjeet asking Vinita to keep 15 lakhs in the bank so as to give some of our sponsors..And for some strange reason she and Gyaan are after Bharti...Maybe it is their means of trapping Bharti in some fraud case...


Armaan:Raj is absolutely right..And Bharti already had 8 lakhs of her savings in her account..And both of them must have placed the 7 lakhs from the 15 lakhs in Bharti's account to sum up to 15 lakhs..And then they got the entire 15 lakhs from Bharti's account transferred to another account, which is apparently the account number that Bharti had given to Mahi to check..All in all, a perfect trap fro Bharti!!!

Jiya:Goodness...now what do we do??

Armaan:I won't be around but you guys please keep a close watch on Gyaan and Vinita...If I'm not wrong they might lodge a complaint against Bharti for stealing money..If that were to happen...we could arrange for an anticipatory bail for Bharti,what say??

Jiya:Aur woh hawa mein thodi na milti hai??

Armaan:Arre one of my friends is an advocate and we had met up recently...I've give you his number..take it down..

Raj:Just make sure that no one else knows about this...

Jiya:Yeah...ok let's get back to work!!

Meanwhile Payal brought Bharti to Pearl's Restaurant in the early evening after Payal and Bharti shopped for some shoes and handbags respectively. Both of them were quite exhausted. While enjoying the hot, chocolatey brownies, both of them were chatting with each other.

P.S: MNIK was simply awesome..It simply made me fall in love with SRK more and more....His extent of love for his wife overcoming all odds just to fulfill the words of his wife..to prove to his wife that he is worthy of her love..It was simply amazing..One of the best movies of SRK till date...To have great sparkles of SRK-Kajol magic..watch it!!!!Lurved the entire cast of MNIK..Lurve KJo for making such a beautiful movie!!!!!

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