Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, February 22, 2010

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 59~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 59~

Meanwhile Armaan was packing and getting his camera cleaned. He wasn't feeling sleepy at all, immersing himself in Bharti's thoughts. He couldn't understand how Bharti involuntarily and indirectly managed to make him vulnerable and helpless despite the decision he took last night to be her friend and that's it!!However he kept getting closer to her. He could have stopped himself today but he didn't. He felt weak in front of her and he realized that he could go to any miles to make her happy and seeing her haappy and cheerful made him the most elated and happy guy on the planet. He just knew one thing; even if he were to go away from Bharti, he still loved her madly. He was crazily in love with Bharti and rhere was simply nothing he could do about it.

Tu Hi Khwaabon Mein Aake
Meri Jawan Tanhai Koi Mehka Gaya
Pyaase Armaan Jagake
Jazbaat Ke Ehsaah Ko Behkaa Gaya
Shikayat Hai Shikqa Bhi Hai
Yakkin Hai To Dhoka Bhi Hai
Bada Zalim Iska Junoon
Nahi Milta Ismein Sukun

Aye Dil Pagal Mere Dil
Tujko Pata Hai
Yeh Ishq Kya Hai
Manzil Dhadkan Ki Manzil
Gumsum Sad Hai
Rab Ki Dua Hai

Manzar Nazro Pe Chaya
Har Waqt Hai Mehboob Ke Deedar Ka
Alam Kitna Hasin Tha
Bole Bina Isbaat Ke Izhaar Ka
Khusi Hai To Rangish Bhi Hai
Milan Hai To Bandish Bhi Hai

Aye Dil Pagal Mere Dil
Tujko Pata Hai
Yeh Ishq Kya Hai
Manzil Dhadkan Ki Manzil
Gumsum Sad Hai
Rab Ki Dua Hai

Bharti had practically dragged herself to bed. She didn't have to do that before but she's doing it perhaps for the first time in her life. Sleep was always in her top priority list regardless of whatever problems she was facing but even now sh had to drag herself to bed. Her legs felt heavier as if metal chains were attached to them. Bharti shook her head and tried to sleep. She couldn't understand a single thing that was happening around her. She closed her eyes and her mind drifted to the thoughts of Armaan.

Armaan:Thinking about me?

Bharti:Hhmm..huh..tum yaha kya kar rahe ho??

Armaan:I'm in your dreams Bharti..


Armaan:(smiled and winked at her)

Bharti:Dekho..dekho tum..door raho mujhse..(got up from her bed)

Armaan:Tum doosri ladkiyon ki tarha hi ho..

Bharti:Kya matlab??

Arman:Tum darr thi ho mujhse?

Bharti:Nahin toh..main kyun darr jaaongi tumse??

Armaan:Toh door kyun bhaag rahi ho??You're really confused...Khud kuch chahthi ho par usse hi bhaag rahi ho...Ajeeb ladki!!!

Bharti:Oye hello..Kaun tumse bhaag rahi hai??Tum iss tarha aaoge toh bhaag jaaongi na...

Armaan:Toh kaise aao??

Bharti:Waise tum yaha pe kar kya rahe ho??(bites her nails)

Armaan:Kuch khaas nahin..Socha tha ki tum mujhe jaane se roko ge..Lekin shayad meri kismat hi kharab hai...

Bharti:Main kyu tumhe roku??Tum toh..


Bharti:(lost in her thoughts) Tum toh...Uffo i don't know...You wanted to go so why should I stop you??

Armaan:(leaned closer to her face) Ek baar keh diya hota toh main zaroor ruk jaa tha..


Armaan:(held her hand) Kyunki tum mere liye bohat zyaada khaas ho...Yeh sab tum nahin samjhoge...(winked at her)

Bharti looked away but as she turned Armaan was no longer there. Bharti woke up and saw that she was dreaming. The second dream of Armaan. Bharti rubbed her eyes and felt already crazy and insane,"Ths is not going well...Why am I letting Payal's thoughts overwhelm me..Armaan,well he's a nice guy but he's taken, get it!!Uffo!!!"

Just then her mobile rang. Bharti was surprised to see Armaan calling her and she quickly picked it up.

Bharti:Hey Armaan...

Armaan:OMG am I dreaming??Did Bharti just pick up??She'll always be sleeping like a rock...

Bharti:I can hear you Armaan..(sounded sarcastic)

Armaan:(smiled) Well...i was just trying my luck...It seems like I'm truly lucky today...

Bharti:Good for you..so preparing to go??

Armaan:Yeah flight's in 2 hours'time..Heading towards the airport..(Bharti glanced at her alarm clock which showed 6:30 am)..Do you think you can come??

Bharti:Oh come on Armaan...it's so early in the morning..(yawns loudly)

Armaan:Yeah i forgot..Sleep is one of yuor bestest friends too...

Bharti:Indeed it is...So i'll see you 3 days later??

Armaan:Guess so...ok then enjoy your sleep..

Bharti:That i sure will..But you enjoy your photo-shoot yeah??

Armaan:Will try to..Bye!!

Bharti:Bye!!(got up from bed and went to refresh herself)

Bharti quickly brushed her hair and opened her wardrobe, looking for the purple shawl Armaan had gifted her and left home just like that. She was lucky enough to get an auto quickly and headed for the airport.

It was almost time for Armaan to depart. He still hoped hoped that Bharti would come. He knew he was nutzz to even think that Bharti would make it but deep down he strongly felt that there's nothing wrong in hoping. When Bharti reached the airport, she found it strange that people were staring at her. She wondered if there was any problem and looked at herself. She was actually wearing her pink night dress and the purple shawl that Armaan gifted her. She felt so embarassed and to top it all, one of her heels just broke. Bharti quickly took off her heels and ignored all of them and looked for Armaan. She saw Armaan who was about to go towards the Departure Gate, and shouted his name. Armaan wondered who was calling him and he looked around. Finally he saw Bharti waving to hi. He was shocked to see her in her night dress and he tried to suppress his laughter. He smiled at her and walked towards her.

Bharti:Agar tumhe sab ki tarha hass na hai toh tum hass sakte ho..

Armaan:(bursted out laughing) Bharti??Ms Bharti...apni night dress mein??

Bharti:Itna bhi hasne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai ok??Only after reaching the airport did I realize about my night dress and when people were staring at me..

Armaan:Apne best friend ko chod kar mujhe send off karne aa gaye tum???How very sweet Bharti..Waise kaafi sexy lag rahi ho...

Bharti:Excuse me!!

Armaan:Don't mind me saying that...But anyways I'm really happy you came..(smiled at her)..Let me guess...Heels toot gayi,hai na??

Bharti:(grinned sheepishly and nodded her head) Jaldi jaldi mein yeh toot gayi...

Armaan:(couldn't s top smiling) I don't believe you..Waise the shawl looks really nice on you...

Bharti:You really think so??

Armaan:Yeah Bharti..

Bharti:(smiled and blushed a lil) Thanks Armaan..

Armaan:(thought to himself) "Ok that was strange and surprising at the same time..Did Bharti just blush or something??It can only be my illusion.."!!Anyways I'll make a move first..

Bharti:Ok take care..(extends her hand for a handshake)

Armaan smiled and shook his hand with Bharti and gradually let go of his hand. He saw how Bharti's smile gradually faded as he let go of his hand. He didn't know if he was right in thinking that Bharti didn't want him to leave. He smiled at her and smiled back naturally at him, waving to him. Bharti turned to go and Armaan hit his head for wondering and having the thought that Bharti didn't want him to go. He knew that Bharti wouldn't have thought such for if she did, she would have at least told him or left some hints but she didn't. Instead she just left happily but Armaan was so glad that Bharti made it to the airport to send him off, making him feel really special. He was quite sure that Bharti wouldn't have left her sleep to send anyone else off and that he too is special for her. He did notice a change in Bharti but he didn't manage to fathom it.

Meanwhile Bharti was on her way back home, thinking of Armaan. She felt so weird but she couldn't grasp the reason behind it. Armaan had just gone for 3 days and why was she feeling so weird about it..And when he did let go of their handshake, she felt as though he was going from her for a longer period of time. Bharti felt so crap, thinking that all these weird thoughts are due to a lack of sleep and that she should go back and get some sleep. But Bharti felt surpriingly happy from within when Armaan complimented her, just like some tingling sensation bringing her lots of joy and happiness, making her feel lighter. Bharti went to sleep, adorning a beautiful smile on her face.

at Men's Universe, Jiya and Raj were eagerly awaiting Mahi's and Bharti's arrival. They were beaming with pride and lots of happiness for the MU newsletter had broken the record of the previous month and it was getitng fabulous repsonses. Bharti had come in the afternoon and everyone congratulated the newsletter team especially Mahi and Bharti for their funny,whacky articles and Amarjeet decided to celelbrate on this occasion by throwing a grand party for the newsletter team. Bharti was all smiles for being part of the newsletter team. Jiya just wished that Armaan was here as well. Amarjeet decided to throw the party the next day itself.

The next day, the aprty was being held for the success fo the MU newsletter. Much as bharti wanted to be happy for her team, she wasn't really happy. She was always fond of parties but perhaps she felt alone despite being surrounded by so many people. Or perhhaps she was missing some of her close friends in her life, including Armaan. Just then Gyaan offered her a drink. Bharti smiled and accepted the drink since it was a happy occasion. After some time she was feeling quite dizzy and she kept drinking more. Mahi had seen Gyaan offering Bharti more drinks and watched him from afar. He had made Bharti sign on a paper and mahi quickly asked Raj and Jiya to bring Bharti home while Sonali and herseld decided to keep a watcho n Gyaan and Vinita repsectively. Mahi followed Gyaan's car. She realized that Gyaan had headed to the police station to lodge a complaint against Bharti. Mahi had hid from Gyaan's sight at the police station and after he had left, Mahi tried calling Armaan on his mobile but to no avail. After some time Armaan called Mahi back and she told him everything. Armaan was actually surprised that things were going according to their plan and informed Mahi to prepare an anticipatory bail for Bharti by calling his friend who's an advocate and he'll leave at the earliest possible flight.

Mahi left from the police station and made the necessary arrangements. She had reached home, feeling exhausted. She looked at the fax she ahd seen from Vinita's cabin. The copy of Bharti's passbook and wondered about Gyaan's and Vinita's planning. Mahi felt that they;ve got to get some solid evidence to trap them before Bharti lands in trouble.

Jiya and Raj made Bharti lie down on her bed and they were glad that she didn't drink too much. Raj thought of sneaking into Gyaan's house to get the paper on which Bharti signed. Jiya found it risky but supported his idea and Raj dropped her home while he went to check on Gyaan. Raj knew that Gyaan wouldn't buy his words so quickly so he brought with him some sleeping pills to mix in Gyaan's drink. Furtunately Gyaan had offered a drink and Raj managed to mix the pills in the nick of time. Gyaan ahd become unconscious after some time and Raj began to search for the paper with Bharti's signature. He wondered if the paper was with Vinita but he searched nonetheless, and much to his luck, he found the paper and he felt like shouting, wishing that Jiya was with him. Just then, an idea struck him. Raj had an evil smile on his face.

Raj had typed out on the blank paper with Bharti's signature, and kept it where he had found the paper, folding the paper. Meanwhile Bharti was feeling a lil conscious and she realized that she was at home. She screamed out loud and hit KK real hard.


KK:(smiled widely at him) Haan main...Kyun??Kisi aur ko expect kar rahi thi??Jaise ki Armaan??

Bharti:Oh just shut up KK..

KK:Waise ek khabar dene ke liye aayaa hoon is baar..Sunna chaahoge??

Bharti:Sunaaye na..(rolled her eyes)

KK:Tumhari raat..I mean..You're gonna get into deep trouble tomorrow morning..Someone had lodged a complaint against you..


KK:Exactly..Tumhari solid vaat lagne waali hain..So be prepared!!

Bharti:Oh hello lekin maine kya kiya hai??Woh bhi toh batao..

KK:Money matters!!

Bharti:Money matters??Arre haan meri aat lakh ka kya??

KK:Usse bhi badi problem hain...Bach sakoge toh achi baat hai..warna...

Bharti:Warna kya??

KK:Salaakhen..Jail...Police..(smiled at her)

Bharti was trembling. She didn't want to get caught and thrown into the jail. But she didn't even do anything and she's getting punished for no reason, "Arre jab maine kuch kiya hi nahin hain toh darr kis baat ki??Jo hoga dekha jaayega!!Baadh mein jaaye meri kismat..Aur kitni kharaab ho sakti hain??"

KK:(thought to himself) Aage tumhari marzi Bharti..Kal ke baad tumhari zinfagi ulti hone waali hain..Aur mujhe toh bohat mazaa aane waala hain..It's just gonna get better..Trust me sweetheart..(smiled widely at her and vanished)

The next day Bharti woke up form the sofa upon the repeated ringing of the doorbell. She rubbed her eyes and looked through the hole at the centre of her door. It was the cops. KK was right. Bharti was trembling with fright and she had no idea what she's supposed to do.She thought of calling Payal but she realized that Payal had gone out of town with Bhaskar and she was pacing up and down. The knockin just got even louder and Bharti knew that she could only do one thing right now..."Yah toh is paar ya phir uss paar.."!!

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