Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, February 22, 2010

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 60~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 60~

~ArBi Cute Jungle Moments~
The next day Bharti woke up form the sofa upon the repeated ringing of the doorbell. She rubbed her eyes and looked through the hole at the centre of her door. It was the cops. KK was right. Bharti was trembling with fright and she had no idea what she's supposed to do.She thought of calling Payal but she realized that Payal had gone out of town with Bhaskar and she was pacing up and down. The knockin just got even louder and Bharti knew that she could only do one thing right now..."Yah toh is paar ya phir uss paar.."!! Bharti thought of running upstiars to the terrace. She looked down and realized that she might break some of her bones if she were to jump down but she's got no choice. She jumped down and injured herself and escaped with the police jeep. She had the least clue of where she was heading to but she knew that she was being followed and she decided to get out fo the police jeep and find another vehicle so that she can't be traced by the police. Eventually the police lost track of her and thy left while bharti had escaped to somewhere she had no idea.

Meanwhile Armaan had left Preity in Paris and had reached Mumbai but by the time he reached bharti's place, she had already escaped from there. Bharti had no idea of Armaan's plans od the anticipatory bail or else she would have faced the cops bravely. However, things were getting out of control. Gyaan and Vinita can't believe their luck and they showed Amarjeet the letter with Bharti's signature. Amarjeet slapped Gyaan real hard and Vinita was shocked. Upon asking the reason for the slap, Amarjeet showed Vinita the letter and told her to read out loud. Vinita read that Bharti is the sole witness for Gyaan's and Vinita's act of trying to steal her 8 lakhs from her bank account and frame her for the loss of 7 lakhs from the 15 lakhs which Amarjeet had asked Vinita to keep safely. Vinita hit Gyaan's foot, wondering why he had to spill the beans instantly. Gyaan told her that someone knew their plan earlier and Raj winked at Jiya who smiled at him and gave him a Thumbs Up.

Armaan was happy that Bharti will not land in any trouble but right now she's missing. Even she had the slightest clue of where she was except the fact that she was surrounded by trees. She was in a jungle and in front of her stood a calm and endless river. Bharti sat down, wondering what she's going to do. At least she has left the troublesome world behind her and nobody should come looking for her. She's alone and she loved this solitude..This peaceful,serene atmosphere surrounding her.Life's good!!But she's hungry!!!

On the other hand Armaan is worried sick about bhartim wondering where she had gone to,"Doesn't she get it that her friends are worried for her..that I'm worried for her..Bata nahin kaha hai woh aur kis haal mein hai...Haath par haath rakh kar nahin baith sakta na..Dhoodna hoga mujhe..OMG!!!!Maa..."

Armaan was stunned to see Sudha back.He had least expected her at this point of it when he was worried about Bharti. Sudha was dying to see Bharti and she's calling for her and Armaan's clueless, wondering what he should tell her. Sudha saw Armaan looking at his sides and wondered if there was anything wrong. Armaan pacified her and told her that Bharti had gone out for a while and she'll be back soon. He thought to himself, "Bata nahin kab tak jhooth bolna padega..Bharti ko jald se jald dhoondhna hi hoga par kahaa...."Armaan was about to go but Sudha held his hand and asked him to sit beside her.

Sudha:Kya baat hai?Hhmmm??

Armaan:Kuch bhi toh nahin...

Sudha:Acha..yeh toh batao; yaha pe sab kuch theekh hain na??

Armaan:(thought to himself) "Ab main aapko kya bataoo..Bharti aur meri beech ka jagda; Bharti ghar chod kar chali gayi,hum dono phir achi dost banne lagi hai, Bharti ki aat lakh gayab hona, aur finally Bharti ke peeche police aur ab woh kahi door hai..Uski ata pata ki koi khabar nahin hain mere paas"...Erm Maa sab kuch theekh hai..

Sudha:Mujhe toh kuch ghadbadh lag rahi hai..

Armaan:Uffo aap bhi na Maa..aap bohat thak gaye honge..Jaa kar aaram keejiye aur main bahar ho kar aata oon..

Sudha:Hhmm..theekh hain..Jaldi aa jaana aur saath mein Bharti ko bhi le aana..I want it to be a surprise for her..

Armaan:Sure Maa..take care..I'll be right back!!

Armaan rode off on his bike, having no clue whatsoever of where he's heading to. And he couldn't stop getting irritated at the thought of how he's even going to bring Bharti back with him to meet Sudha.

Meanwhile Bharti sat, dipping her legs in the river water, while drawing a heart at her side, surrounding the initials, A and B on the sands. After drawing, Bharti just smiled but instantly felt so strange and wondered what the hell she was thinking,"Haan..continue doodling Bharti..This is going to get you food..Crazy girl, Armaan's your friend....You know what..kabhi kabhi yeh sochne lagti hoon ki agar Armaan meri dost nahin hote, toh shayad..Well i might get attracted to him..Woh thoda alag hain,you know..."


Bharti:(smiled) Haan..(pauses) Tum??Tum yaha par bhi pohanch gaye??Ek baat tum mujhe batao...Hawa se travel karte ho kya??

KK:(smiled)Well you can say that..

Bharti:Ab kya bataane aaye ho tum??

KK:For a change main tumhare soch sunna chahtha hoon..iss liye ek dost ki hisaab se yaha aaya hoon...Waise tum Armaan ke baarein mein kuch keh rahi thi..

Bharti:Tumhe kaise bata??Aur ab main tumhe kyun batao??Actually...tum kabse yaha khade ho??

KK:Jo aakhri sawaal tha na, yeh bohati acha sa sawaal hai...Main yaha tabse khada hoon jabse tum woh dil ki tasveer bana rahi thi..

Bharti quickly erased the drawing and the initials promptly with her hand.

KK:Waise I'm good at keeping secrets..Yakeen karke toh dekho..

Bharti:Ab main tumhe kya bataoo..Yeh Payal bhi na..

KK:Payal tumhari bohat achi dost na?

Bharti:Kyun??Tum nahin jaante??

KK:Nahin..Just clarifying..Aage bolo...

Bharti:(narrated the conversation between her and Payal) And now it's all her fault that I'm becoming more insane than I usually am..

KK:Woh kyun??

Bharti:Nowadays I'm just thinking of Armaan..seeing him in my dreams, everywhere..It's just so crazy..I mean Payal ki kehne par aise kuch nahin ho sakta..Now i've left everything and have come to a NobodyLand...And i thought I'm free from all problems but I'm facing a major problem already..

KK:Such as??

Bharti:Arre yaar KK...Firstly I'm super hungry...And secondly I don't know but I keep wondering if anyone really cares for me,deep down..You know I know all my friends care a lot for me but I crave for that special someone who'll truly care for me and take out time for me when I'm distressed..who'll just come attending to me and make me feel secre in his arms and tell me I'll be alright..Aisa koi zindagi mein agar aajaye toh life bohat haseen ho jaayegi mere liye...

KK:Aur tumhe nahin lagta ki waisa hi koi tumhari zindagi mein already exist karta hai??(raises his eyebrows)

Bharti looked at the cool waters,thinking and as she turned to face KK,she closed her eyes in frustration for KK had already vanished. She felt glad that KK came and listened out to her when she needed someone to talk to. But now her stomach was growling excessively and she needed something to eat badly.

Armaan stopped at Pearl's Restaurant and wondered if Bharti had gone there. However he didn't see her anywhere.Armaan decided to get some extra food just in case he got to meet Bharti somewhere. It was getting a little dark as the sun was setting. Armaan had almost given up hope and he shouted out to God for help,"Please God...Meri madat karo please..I've seriously got no idea where Bharti is..You very well know how much she means to me..Without her, my life's totally meaningless and perhaps worthless too..Please help me!!!!".Armaan wondered if God was listening to him in the first place...

KK:Bohat pyaar karte ho Bharti se??

Armaan:Maaf keejiye..Par aap??

KK:Tum Armaan ho right??Bharti ko dhoondh rahe ho na??

Armaan:Aapko yeh sab kaise??

KK:Sab cheezon ke liye uparwaale ko kyun tum log tang karte rehte ho??


KK:Maine uss ladki ko dekha hain uss police jeep se nikalthe huwe..Aur woh thodi aage chali gayi thi..Woh ek jungle aur nadii ke beech baithi huyi hai..Thoda dhoondhoge toh tumhe usse zaroor milega..Good luck!!

Armaan:Thanks boss..aapka naam??

KK:Ek anjaan saathi..Jab tum usse miloge, usse shayad maaloom hogi!!(smiled at him and walked away)

Armaan didn't know if he ought to believe the stranger but when he had mentioned Bharti leaving the police jeep Armaan felt that the guy was making some sense and headed in his directions while pushing his bike. As he walked deeper, Armaan felt the truth in the stranger's words. Finally he saw Bharti almost lying down on the sands. He splashed some water on Bharti's face,waking her up. Bharti blinked her eyes several times before she realized Armaan standing in front of her.

Bharti:(yawned a bit)Tum...(shook her head) Tum yaha pe??Kaise??

Armaan:Tumhe dhoondhte yaha tak pohanch gaya hoon..

Bharti:(still continued yawning while placing a hand on her head) Ouch...I'm feeling dizzy!!

Armaan:Got you some food..Will you want some??

Bharti:Pehle nahin bata sakte the??I'm dying of hunger..

Armaan:Ohh i thought you would have adjusted with the leaves and fruits of the jungle...

Bharti:Very funny Armaan..

Armaan:Well thoda mujhe bhi chahiye..

Bharti:Armaan please...maine subah se kuch nahin khaaya hain..Let me get rid of my hunger first..Uske baad agar kuch bacha gain toh le lena..

Armaan:Waise you're welcome..

Bharti:Erm sorry..thank you for the food Armaan..(was thanking Armaan with food in her mouth)

Armaan smiled at her, watching her practically gobble down the food.He watched her eat and told her to eat slowly or else she might choke but she didn't listen to him.

Jaaniye heeriye

jaaniye heeriye

mere mann ye bata de tu

kis or chala hai tu

kya paya nahi tune

kya dhundh raha hai tu

jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

mitwa kahe dhadkan hai tujhse pyar

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa

mere mann ye bata de tu

kis or chala hai tu

kya paya nahi tune

kya dhundh raha hai tu

jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

mitwa kahe dhadkan hain tujhse pyar

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa

Just then Bharti had hiccups.Armaan told her to wait as he went to his bike and got some water for Bharti. Bharti kept hiccuping as Armaan made her drink the water slowly. Bharti gazed at Armaan who took the bottle of water away as Bharti's hiccups gradually vanished.

Teri baahon mein raahat hai
teri zulfon mein jannat hai
meri itni si hasrat hai
gale lag jaa na jaa

sulge sulge badan hain
uljhe uljhe se mann hain
badhti jaati hai tan ki pyaas

behki behki hai raaten
mehki mehki hai saanse
rehna rehna tu dil ke paas

teri baahon mein raahat hai
teri zulfon mein jannat hai
meri itni si hasrat hai
gale lag jaa na jaa

Bharti:smiled) Thanks Armaan...

Armaan:Aur jaldi mein khaao...Aise khaa rahi thi jaise main tumse tumhari khaana cheenne waala tha...Tum bhi na Bharti...

Bharti:Acha baba sorry(held her ears)..Ek minute tum toh Paris mein the na??And you were supposed to return tomorrow..Par tum aaj Mumbai mein..Photo-shoot jaldi khatam ho gayi??

Armaan:Nahin woh tumhe dhoondhne ke liye jaldi aa gaya tha...

Bharti:What??Aur Preity bhi aayi thi saath mein??

Armaan:Kaun Preity??

Bharti:Oh hello Preity Sabbharwal,your girlfriend...

Armaan:(grinned sheepishly)Woh main...

Bharti:OMG Armaan don't tell me ki tumne ek ladki ko ek anjaan shehar chod aaye..You left her all alone on her own??Does she even know that you're here??

Armaan:Uffo Bharti..woh choti bachi thodi na hai..And anyways I've told her that I'm off to Mumbai and I left without letting her say anything..

Bharti:Oh my goodness..How can you treat your girlfriend as such Armaan??

Armaan:She's not my girlfriend...

Bharti:Aur main yeh baat maan lo??How very funny Armaan..Bhool gaye kaise tum dono ne apna pyaar ka izhaar kiya tha??Ab jab pyaar ka izhaar kar hi liya hain toh pyaar bhi nibhaao...

Armaan:(murmured to himself) Kaash main woh din bhool paata..Meri hi galti tha jo maine..

Bharti:Kuch kaha?

Armaan:Haan yehin ki woh meri girlfriend..

Bharti:Hhmm..you know one problem of having a girlfriend??She expects to be the most special girl in a guy's life and if she doesn't become one, she starts feeling insecure and jealousy comes in the way..Maybe one day I might feel that way too if I were to have a boyfriend..

Armaan:You'll feel that way too??

Bharti:I guess so..I don't know..but maybe I won't..Aahhh i don't know yaar...Anyways I do feel that at times you do so much for me that Preity's feeling insecure..As if main kabab main haddi ban rahi hoon tum dono ke beech..

Armaan:Kabab mein haddi?Aur woh bhi tum??No chance Bharti!!

Bharti:Aisa hi hai Armaan..In fact mujhe bilkul hi achi nahin lagi yeh sunn kar ke tumne Preity ko akele Paris mein chod kar aagaye the..It's not nice at all yaar...Why do you have this partiality??

Armaan:Bohat bura lag raha hai??

Bharti:Haan..(nodded in agreement)

Armaan:I don't care Bharti..Woh jaanti hain ki main yaha tumhe dhoondhne ke liye aaya hoon..Woh khud aa jaayegi..She was irritating me to the core..


Armaan:Arre yeh kya..Tumhare haathon mein khoon??Goodness, you've injured yourself, just look at your elbows and knees...

Bharti:Tumhe kya padhi hai??

Armaan:Chup..Bilkul chup!!(takes his handkerchief and wets it and helps clean Bharti's wounds) Hamesha bak bak karte rehte ho tum..Tum aur Payal ek jaise ho...Tum apna zara sa bhi khayal nahin rak sakte kya??Acha baba ab chup matt raho..Kuch bol!!Yeh chot kaise..

Bharti:Woh subah subah police aayi thi ghar par..(narrated how she quickly ran up to the terrace and jumped from there, falling flat on the ground, injuring herself)

Armaan:Uffo Bharti tum Raj ya Jiya ko phone kar sakthi thi na..We actually got you an anticipatory bail from my friend who's an advocate..And there's no worry about your money for Vinita and Gyaan's planning got all wrong.They were trying to frame you for stealing Amarjeet's 15 lakhs but Raj and Mahi planned it well and he saved you in the nick of time..And before I left MU today morning, Amarjeet promised to return your 8 lakhs..Come on Bharti kab tak bhaagoge apne problems se??Kuch bhala hua hai bhaag ne se??Nahin na..Tum bhi na..Do you ever realize why your problems never end??That's because you keep running away from them and look...Just look at yourself!!

Bharti:Tum mujhe is tarha kyun daat rahe ho??Pyaar se bhi samjhaa sakte ho na??Tumhari problem yeh hai ki tum apne gusse ko control nahin kar sakte..Bade aaye parwa karne ke liye...

Armaan:(heaved a deep sigh) Ok fine I'm sorry..(held his ears) Achaa please ab yeh rona dhona bandh karo( held her face and wiped her tears) Ab kya karne ka iraada hai??


Armaan:Matlab raat bohat ho chuki hai..Ghar chale??

Bharti:Tumhe raaste bata hai??

Armaan:Thodi bohat..Kyun??

Bharti:Maine faisla kar liya hain...Aaj in hawaaon mein raat bitaana chahthi hoon..

Armaan:Hawaaon mein??Interesting...Toh tumhe yaha akeli darr nahin lagti??

Bharti:Darr ne ki kya baat hai??

Armaan:Maine suna hai ki jungle ki sherraat ki bara baje ko jaagta hai..Waise raat bohat ho chuki hain..(Armaan kept walking closer towards Bharti while she walked backwards, her back facing the river)..Theekh hain main nikaltha hoon..Bye..

Bharti:Arre..Kaha jaa rahe ho??

Armaan:Tumhe toh darr nahin lagta na??

Bharti:Theekh hai..jao jao...

Just then Bharti tripped over a stone and let out a scream. Armaan turned around and quickly came to her rescue only to fall on top of Bharti. Bharti's face was partially immersed in water and her clothes had gotten wet. Armaan's face almost touched her face, feeling her breath and her racing heart.For a moment he just wanted the time to stay still but he got up and held Bharti's face,aiding her in standing upright. Bharti knew just how awkward she felt for she too felt Armaan's face really close to her's for the first time.

Armaan:Are you ok??

Bharti:Pretty awkward..

Armaan:Indeed it was...Anyways you still wish to stay here for tonight??

Bharti:Yeahh..nothing can be worse than what I've faced for the day...

Just then it started to drizzle.

Bharti:Ohh just perfect!!Jab bhi kuch aisa soch thi hoon toh hamesha uski ulti hi hoti hain..



Armaan:Bheegh ne ka mann kar rahi hai??

Bharti:Already bheegh chuki hoon..Lagta hain ki ab ghar jaana hi hoga...Koi shelter nazar nahin aa rahi hain...

Armaan:Ek minute..Chalo mere saath...


Armaan:Bas chalo na...

Armaan held Bharti's wrist and asked her to wait while he grabbed some leaves big enough to cover both of their heads. Bharti smiled at him while he offered Bharti a lift back home. Bharti held the leaves on top of her's and Armaan's heads along the journey back home. Both of them were chatting non-stop and Bharti was almost getting tired by holding the leaves but the rains weren't stopping. Armaan stopped his bike at his home and Bharti was surprised.

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