Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, December 24, 2011

~Mini Article:Bharti & Jiya ho gayi talli~

Hey all,today we appear at the sets of Jab Lurve Hua to find a totally tricky situation amongst our favourite cast..And here we catch up with the two talli gurlzz...

Bharti:Haha,nice start by the way....

Q:So,what's up with you two??How did you two land up getting so drunk,especially Jiya??

Jiya:Well you can give Bharti all the credit...Since it was her idea to hit Rheo Pub,her favourite spot to chill...Apparently,Bharti's not in the mood to forgive Armaan and Payal had been,of late,pressurizing her so much..Yahaa tak ke Payal ne MU mein aakar apna frustration nikaal diya hain Bharti ke upar aur yeh bhi keh diya hain ke woh ab Bharti se tab tak baat nahin karegi jab tak Bharti Armaan ko maaf na kare...

Bharti:Aur aapko toh zyaada hairangi honi chaahiye Jiya ko iss tarha dekh ke..For usually you see her as the meditator,someone who solves Armaan's probs lekin filhaal woh ek bohat bade problem..(looked at Jiya)Problem,na??(Jiya got amused)Problem plus confusion...Aur uske aas paas koi bhi nahin hain usse sunne ke liye...And she kinda bumped into me at MU before she left and i suggested to her to join me to chill...

Jiya:Par kamaal ki baat yeh hain ke naa mujhe yeh bata hain ke Payal aur uske beech kya hua tha aur naahin Bharti ko khabar hain ke mere problem kya hai...Only that i've been accused by someone of having an affair with a married guy,which i reveal to her while i was getting drunk with her...

Q:So,you guyzz drove to Bharti's place??

Bharti:Well yeah,itz pretty near to my place...So no worries!!But apparently we don't encourage or support drunk driving!!!Lollzz...

Q:So,what's the next scene like??

Jiya:Bharti actually invites me over to sleep at her place since i have to drive for quite a while before i reach home...But little do we realize that both Armaan and Payal are at home!!!Well initially that was the plan until she gets a call from Raj to meet him instantly at Hotel Rhine..Bharti calls up Mahi who agrees to send Jiya to Armaan's place where Sudha aunty will take care of her while Mahi stays overnight to take care of Naina..

Bharti:Bharti's mad at Armaan for coming in between her friendship with Payal and Jiya are completely mad at each other,of which Bharti isn't aware of..

Jiya:But we can both assure you that it's going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions for right now,there's quite a whole deal of problems..To start off,we have the misunderstanding between me and Payal,the relation of Mayank and Mahi,Armaan and Shreya, and the dangerous situation that Khushi may get involved in,trying to figure where her best friend has gone to and so on...

So to all JLH lurvers,keep reading and staying in tune to the upcoming twists and turns in the beautiful journey of friendship,love and office work politics!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 238~

Armaan:(closed his eyes and a tear instantly fell on Payal's arm)Just stop it,Payal...Just STOP!!!!(Payal almost froze as she watched him gradually open his eyes filled with immense pain)I've had enough!!(took Payal's palms and cupped them with his palm)I've really had enough of waiting and hoping that somehow Bharti would recognize my love for her..Payal,she's never going to see it!!If she had not seen till now,how do you assume that she would,in the future??Every night when i reach home,i tend to fake a smile on my face and feign happiness in front of my Maa,whom i would never think of concealing anything from..Now,i've to hide my tears from her for i can't let her see me in this state..(turned away after releasing his palm from Payal's)Today,she vented her frustration on me,Payal..(looked at Payal)She doesn't need or want anyone in her life!!(Payal was shocked)She said that she had been alone since childhood and se staunchly believes that she's perfect just the way she is;carefree,independent and needs no one in her life..(turned away but Payal stopped him,placing her hand on his shoulder and pressing firmly)She'll never understand my emotions,Payal..You know something?I muster courage to face her everyday but whatever that happened at Nirvana today...
Payal:It's all beause of me.(Armaan turned around and saw Payal's eyes getting welled up)She never wanted to get married and i shouldn't have agreed and given consent to the idea of contract marriage and ruin your life..I should have just brought her away from home..And now i've even given you false hopes about rekindling your emotions..But i swear Armaan..Whatever i've written in the letter is what i've felt when i see Bharti nowadays,especially when i quiz her about you..I just feel so..
Armaan:Sshh!!Why are you taunting yourself,Payal??(wiped her tear away)This is neither Bhaskar's nor your fault..Do you understand??
Payal:(nodded as she looked at him)Please forgive me Armaan!!I really thought of helping you,inspiring you not to give up,like how i did to attain my love...
Armaan:Stop saying sorry,Payal..Your case is pretty rare as far as one-sided love is concerned but you know what i want right now?I want you to support and pray for me that i'll be able to lead a life of my own,with someone who loves me for who I am..I want to do this for my Maa,who's just worried for me although she doesn't speak about it since she knows how much it irritates me..Right now,i only have her in my life..
Payal:(sighed)Though i hate to say it,i'll respect your decision!!But grant me a permission to say this..
Armaan:Go on..
Payal:Your words just reminded me of Bharti..That right now,she's more concerned about Naina than anyone else in her life..
Armaan:You're forgetting a crucial person in her life right now..Her best friend and boyfriend,Mayank..
Payal:(thought to herself)Bharti,i'm so gonna kill you for putting you under your oath..
Armaan:Heyy,you ok?
Payal:Haan..(hugged Armaan)Main chalti hoon,bohat raat bhi ho chuki hain,hain na??(withdrew from their hug)
Jiya:Armaan,woh..(stopped as she noticed Payal withdrawing from her hug)Hi Payal..
Payal:Armaan,main chalti hoon..Bye!!
Armaan:(held Payal's wrist)Payal,wait..I'll drop you home as it's pretty late..
Jiya:Payal,i tried calling you several times in the early evening..
Payal:Oh really??(Jiya could sense an inch of sarcasm in her tone)Sorry,my mobile batt got flat..
Jiya:It's..it's ok!!Armaan,you called for me?
Armaan:Yeahh i did..(just then Payal's mobile rang)
Payal:Hi Bharti,kahaa ho tum yaar??I'm in MU and so is Naina..You're at Niharika's place??(gestured to Armaanto excuse her and Armaan nodded)What time can I expect you?
Bharti:1 to 2 hour's time...Everything alright?
Payal:Yeahh,i'll talk..talk to you later..Bye!!(hung up)Armaan,i'll be at the studio to pick Naina up..She should be there with Raj!!(Armaan nodded and Jiya waved to Payal but got ignored by Payal as she left from there)
Armaan:Acha Jiya sunn..Jiya??(saw that Jiya was lost elsewhere and snapped at her)Kahaa kho gayi thi tum?
Jiya:Huh??Kahin nahin,tum bolo..
Armaan:Uss folder mein kuch photographs hain,woh Raj ko zaroor de dena..Aur agar Deepak ko kahin dekha hain toh usse keh dena ki woh kal jaldi aa jaaye..Bohat saara kaam padha hain,hhmm??(Jiya nodded half-heartedly)Jiya,bohat thak gaya hoon aaj aur main nikal raha hoon,hhmm?(Jiya once again nodded her head and Armaan started packing)By the way,is something wrong between you and Payal?
Jiya:Huh??Not that i know of..
Raj:Aur iss liye woh rajkumar ko ab tak koi ladki nahin milpaaya hai..(Payal heard Naina's giggles as Raj had narrated a story to Naina)
Payal:Ahem,kya chal raha hain?
Naina:Payal aunty..Woh Raj uncle mujhe kahaani sunaa raha tha ph..ph..photo ke baad..
Payal:Photo ke baad?(looked at Raj as she tried to decipher what Naina meant to say)
Raj:Photo-shoot,a mini one..
Payal:Raj!!Tumne isse bhi nhin choda..
Raj:Payal,both of us were bored aur iss liye thoda time pass ke liye..
Payal:(shook her head)Naina,kaafi raat ho gaya hai..Mama must be waiting!!
Raj:Uff,yeah..Your mama must be waiting...
Payal:Bye Raj..
Raj:Ek minute..How about if i drop you both gorgeous girls at home?
Payal:No thanks for i've gotten myself a sexy,dashing chauffeur..
Raj:Really??And it can't be Bhaskar of course..So who is it?
Armaan:Me of course,Raj..
Raj:Ahhh,of course..Waise Payal,Bhaskar's gonna be back by Thursday!!Isn't that great?
Payal:Armaan,chale?Come Naina..(Payal started walking off)
Raj:Ok,was it me or did she just seem so disinterested?
Armaan:It's not just you..Something's surely wrong an you talk to Jiya as well..She seemed a bit off track today..Kk main nikal tha hoon..Bye!!
Raj:Haan ok,bye!!(Armaan left from there)
~Mayank's place~
Mayank parked his car and took his suitcase with him.Just then,he thought about whatever that had happened between him and Mahi.He knew that he shouldn't have dragged the entire scene but Mahi had left no choice and he just couldn't let her dominate him every time and hence things turned out as such.He did feel a bit regretful for whatever he had said.
"Ok Mayank it's not right but you don't have to worry about anything...I'm pretty sure Mahi or Sonali won't even utter a word to anyone and Bharti surely wouldn't say anything at all..I know her too well and i also know that Bharti will never fall in love with a guy like Armaan..He's just not her type!!Wonder what rubbish Mahi was thinking.."(unlocked the door)
Mayank:Nihu,i'm home!!!
Niharika:I'm in the kitchen...
Mayank:(placed his suitcase in his room and went to the kitchen)Kya kar..(stopped as he noticed Bharti)Bh..Bharti??Tum yahaa??
Bharti:Kyun?Koi problem hai kya??
Mayank:Nahin yaar,bas aise hi pooch raha tha..
Bharti:Aise hi??
Bharti:(looked at him skeptically)Kuch nahin..Anyways Nihi,main nikal thi hoon..Payal aur Naina bhi ghar pohanch hi gayi hongi..Bye!!
Mayank:(thought to himself)Yeh Bharti mujhe aise kyun dekh rahi thi??Kahin isne...(widened his eyes in suspicion)Nihu,i'll be right back..Just serve the dinner,k?
Mayank:Bharti!!!(went to talk to Bharti who was standing at the gate,waiting for an auto)
Bharti:Uff,yeh lo..Your ring!!
Mayank:Bharti,tumhe yeh lautaane ki koi zaroorat bhi nahin hain...This was actually a gift from me to you..It's not like i got engaged to you or something...
Bharti:Really Mayank?At the Trends success party,what were you doing then??Weren't you trying to make Mahi feel insecure??What were you even thinking??And by the way,when did this all start???
Mayank:(murmured)Today itself...
Mayank:Bharti,it's really not like what you're thinking...In fact,you..
Bharti:Mayank,you know what the staff at MU are talking??That you and I are a couple..You're the boss of Trends and i'm just a silly intern at MU..And then the whole grand success bash..And now i get to know about you and Mahi..I mean,seriously why the hell did you make things so complicated for yourself??Look,you keep this ring to yourself,hhmm??Do what you want with it..Ok,i didn't mean to offend our friendship in any way as you did..
Mayank:What did i do??
Bharti:You apparently hid this matter from me..Duh!!
Bharti:I obviously felt bad then..But you know what??I'm only earnestly happy for you,Mayank and even Radhika is!!I know this and i'm saying this from the bottom of my heart that she'll be so thrilled that her love has finally learnt how to move on in his life and find love in someone so special..Whatever we were doing,that is,trying to conceal from Nihi, was wrong and i just want you to open up to your dearest Nihu..Please do this for me!!!
Mayank:Bharti,there is no rush,alright??Right now i just...You know,Mahi and I just...
Bharti:Got started to know each other's feelings??(Mayank glared at Bharti and reluctantly nodded his head)I don't care Mayu,you've got to open this up tonight itself!!!
Mayank:No wayzz Bharti..Not tonight!!
Bharti:If you don't,then I will!!!And you know me,don't you??Once i decided to do something,i'll do it for sure!!
Mayank:How would i not know that,being your friend??
Bharti:Come on,promise me!!
Mayank:But you've got to keep this ring;it's a gift yaar...
Mayank:I promise you that i'll talk to Nihu,ok??Now,take this ring!!
Bharti:I'm not taking this ring,Mayu for now this right of your's belongs to Mahi..I'm not going to snatch this right from her so you better listen to me..(got into an auto)
Mayank:Bharti,can i ask you something??
Mayank:(thought of not asking at the moment)Never mind,i'll ask you some other time..Get going since Naina must be waiting for you!!(Bharti nodded and left in the auto)
Bharti sms-ed Niharika about the promise Mayank has made to her and wished all the best of luck in convincing Mayank to get married to Mahi as soon as possible.
Bharti's smile faded as she thought about what she had lashed out at Armaan today.She just got irritated by Payal's words and when Armaan had come in front of her today,she just vented out her frustration.She knew that she didn't do the right thing and she ought to be thankful to Armaan for having brought her home safely but somehow it seemed as though she couldn't see that part any longer.She just felt that tearing the entire night out of her life and make it disappear,just like how KK used to disappear after giving her an inch of her future days.
Bharti got down and paid the autodriver.As she closed the gate after having entered inside,she noticed Payal talking to someone.She kept walking inside until she realized that it was none other than Armaan,who was preparing to leave.Bharti looked intently at Armaan but just then,her mobile rang.Armaan watched her disconnect her call and Bharti simply went inside,mentioning to Payal that she doesn't want dinner and that she's off to bed.Armaan turned to look at Payal,gesturing her to smile and bid goodbye to her.
As soon as Armaan had left,Payal locked the door and decided to talk to Bharti for good but Bharti had already lied down beside Naina to sleep.
~Mayank's place~
Niharika:Mayu,dinner is served..Where are you??
Mayank:I'm right here..
Mayank sat quietly across Niharika who busied herself,placing some chicken pieces on her plate while occasionally noticed Mayank watching her.
Niharika:What is it Mayu??
Mayank:Don't you wanna ask me anything??I assume that Bharti must have spilled everything to you by now..
Niharika:What are you even talking about Mayu??If you want to tell me something,just say so outrightly..You don't have to go and blame Bharti for that..
Mayank:You expect me to buy that Nihu??That Bharti didn't even tell you anything??
Niharika:Will you let me have my dinner in peace,Mayu??And if Bharti were to confide in me anything about you,i would have asked you by now...And since she didn't so-called tell me anything that you are saying she did,how am i supposed to question you about it??
Mayank:(thought to himself)Ok,what the..She's really confusing me now!!(just then Mayank's mobile rang and it was none other than Bharti and excused himself)What is it Bharti??
Bharti:(whispered while sitting upright on her bed so as to not wake Naina up)So,have you told Nihi??
Mayank:You know,if you hadn't interrupted me during my dinner right now,i would have told her...
Bharti:(grinned)Hehe..How am i supposed to know??In fact,i felt a lil suspicious about you that you might have easily forgotten about your promise and hence,this phone call!!
Mayank:So,may I??
Bharti:Sure,waise i don't mind eavesdropping on your conversation with Nihi...
Mayank:Bharti,good night!!(hung up)
Bharti:Arre!!(smiled and hung up)At least,now i know that he'll speak to Nihi about this!!
~Next Day~
Bharti had woke up much more earlier than Payal and got Naina ready for her play school.This just surprised Payal,who simply watched her from afar as if nothing had changed.What really amazed Payal was the fact that Bharti had even prepared breakfast after her morning run,which she had herself nagged Bharti to regularize often but Bharti just wouldn't listen to her and now all of a sudden,everything just changed.
Bharti barely spoke to Payal before leaving and Payal was about to ask her but Naina was getting late as well and hence she decided to postpone her questioning.
Meanwhile,Jiya was up,lying on her bed with her eyes open.She was still in deep thoughts,wondering what exactly was Payal's problem with her.She couldn't forget Payal's sarcasm last night and the way Payal kept rejecting her calls,increasing her assumption that Payal was definitely mad at her for some unknown reason.
Jiya tossed around in her bed and unlocked the keypad of her mobile to check if she's had any missed calls.And she was pleased that there were at least some missed calls but unfortunately there was none from Payal.It was from Sonali,Raj and Armaan.She sighed deeply and got up from her bed,heading to the washroom to have a quick shower.
~Lunch Hour~
Payal thought of going to Men's Universe to meet and talk to Bharti outrightly and get to know what exactly is going on with Bharti.
~Men's Universe~
Bharti had been waiting for her lunch hour so as to catch up with Mayank at Trends.As soon as she heard the clock tick 12,she halted her work and excused herself from her discussion with Sonali and headed to the lift lobby.Sonali shook her head and smiled as she met Mahi.
Sonali:Hi gorgeous,kahaa thi ab tak??
Mahi:Matt pooch yaar...Let's just call it a rough day at work!!My meetings are getting cancelled and as for the meeting i just had,i seriously had enough of negotiating with the fashion designer of Prairez...Arrgghh!!I so need a break!!(did some neck exercises)Waise,where's Bharti??
Sonali:Off to meet someone..
Mahi:Even if i don't ask any further,you're gonna tell me,hhmm?
Sonali:She's off to meet your boyfriend!!
Mahi:Oh God,will you shut it??It's just so...Bleurrgghh!!Yikezz..
Sonali:(bursted out laughing)Hahaha,i never thought that a girl could say anything or even think as such of her boyfriend...
Mahi:He's not my boyfriend,alright??
Sonali:Kya kare darlin'?He's your boyfriend for now and you just can't do anything about it right now...
Mahi:Oh sure i can and i've decided...I'm going to tell Bharti everything today itself!!
Mahi:Yeahh,like duh,Sonu!!!You don't expect me to keep it to myself and just go on assuming that i'm Mr Sadoo's girlfriend...Of all people,that sadoo!!
Sonali:Mahi,i'm not stopping you right away but look at it this way yaar;we were trying to break Bharti and Mayank up and it did work..Why??
Mahi:Cuz Bharti thinks that both me and ..are in love...
Sonali:Gosh,i had no idea that you hate him to the extent where you don't even want to utter his name...Hhmm,we should find a code name for him which only both of us will recognize...Anyways,if that were to not happen last evening,we couldn't have broken them up...Isn't that what we wanted??To get rid of the hindrance in Armaan's love life??
Sonali:If you were to reveal all these right now to Bharti,then all our efforts would be in ruin...And Armaan would never be able to believe in love ever again,trust me!!We observe him every day na??We just want him to be happy and himself all over again..I might not have done this for anyone else yaar...I'm just requesting you to just keep it to yourself for now,if not for anyone,for Armaan's sake!!(Mahi looked at her blankly,letting out a deep,reluctant sigh as she opened Sonali's wrapped lunchbox)I know yaar,it's really hard but please,Armaan ke liye!!
Mahi:Ok,OK!!Fine...!!Ab yaha tum khud hi dekho..Yeh Raj bhi na,yahaa pe apna mobile chod kar chala gaya..Seriously he's so like Bharti at times!!Bata nahin woh kaise react karega jab usse bata chalega..
Sonali:Aww,his girlfriend has ditched him for a serious,anti-social element..Haha!!Ok,not really an anti-social element but a less frivolous,less jovial guy,hhmm??
Mahi:And someone who has a deep penchant for salads...Ew!!(Sonali just got amused by Mahi's expressions)Ab khadi khadi meri mu hi dekhoge kya??Aa jaao!!(Sonali joined to eat lunch with Mahi)
Payal reached and just then,Raj walked past her,only to realize that he had hit her slightly.He stopped himelf to apologize and just then,he simply smiled.
Payal:Hi Raj..
Raj:What a pleasure,Payal..I had no idea that i would get a chance so quick to flirt with you..
Payal:Nice try,Raj..
Raj:What a surprise indeed actually...Bhaskar's not back yet,Payal!!Are you missing him so much that you're coming back here as often as you can??
Payal:Raj,you're getting it all wrong...I don't always come here and that too for Bhaskar!!In fact,i'm here to meet Bharti...
Jiya:Heyy Payal..(smiled)Bharti's not around at the moment..She...
Payal:It's ok..(cut off Jiya and Raj too noticed the sudden change in Payal's tone)
Raj:Erm Payal,she should be back soon,after finishing her lunch...Why don't you take a seat in Bharti's cabin??
Payal:That's a nice idea..Thanks Raj!!You carry on...
Raj:Yeah sure..(Payal headed towards Bharti's cabin while he held Jiya by her elbow,heding towards his cabin where both Mahi and Sonali were having lunch)
Mahi:(gestured to Sonali to keep mum)Hey Raj,you left your mobile here..
Raj:Thanks Mahi!!(locked his cabin door)
Sonali:What's going on guyzz??
Sonali:Do you two need me and Mahi to leave??
Raj:Nope..Jiya,tell me what's going on...
Jiya:What,Raj?There is nothing going on,ok??(turned to go but Raj stopped her)
Mahi:Koi humein bhi bataayega ki kya hua hai??
Raj:Apparently there is something going on between Jiya and Payal..Been noticing it since last night and i wonder what's wrong..Jiya,why don't you shed some light on this??
Sonali:Jiya,you didn't say there was a prob...What..
Jiya:You guyzz recall that i was trying to call Payal several times at Nirvana Hall and then when you guyzz asked,i told you two that perhaps she might be busy or something??
Mahi:Yeahh,you did..
Jiya:Well,it appeared that i met her at MU last night too but she was...a bit sarcastic,God knows why...I tried calling her when i reached home too but there was simply no replies.She just kept disconnecting my calls and today..Well,she just blatantly ignored me..
Sonali:As far as we do know of Payal,she's not like that...
Raj:Did something happen Jiya??That you can't recall??
Jiya:Why wouldn't i recall,Raj??It's not as if they're girls for you..That you forgot whom you had slept with or something??
Jiya:I'm sorry Raj..I'm just so pissed!!(Mahi gestured to Raj to let it be and calm down)
Just then,Raj's mobile rang.
Raj:Isse bhi abhi bajna tha..Hello??Who's this??What??Khabar pakka hai??Hhmm ok main bas abhi aata hoon...(hung up)
Mahi:Who is it??
Raj:Much as i will love to admire your possessiveness over me right now,I really have to go babe..
Mahi:(faked a grin)Funny...
Jiya:Raj,ek minute..Excuse us guyzz...(followed Raj ouside)Is that Khushi??
Raj:Hhmm yep..I got a clue and i'm going to meet her at Hotel Rhine..She just headed off there after her work at Trends for the day....
Jiya:(looked around to see if anyone was hearing her and Raj and spoke secretively)All the best,hhmm??(Raj smiled and hugged her)Kya hua tumhe??
Raj:I promise you i'll be back asap and get everything sorted out between you and Payal,hhmm??
Raj:Mera mobile..
Jiya:Yeh lo...
Raj:You really know me so well,na??
Jiya:(smiled)And you know just how to make me smile!!Ab jaa...And please keep me updated and call me or Bharti if you need any help,k??
Raj:Will do..gotta rush babe!!See ya later!!(rushed from there)
~Some time later~
Bharti had returned to her cabin only to see her best friend having waited for her.Bharti smiled and hugged her.
Bharti:Had your lunch already??
Payal:Thought of having it with you but then since Raj told me that you had gone outside,i thought of having a quickie at MU Cafe itself while waiting for you...So where were you???
Bharti:Well,just nearby..So how did your day go??
Payal:It's pretty alright,Bharti but why the heck are you being so formal with me??
Bharti:What??Where am i being formal now??
Payal:Bharti,i know you since forever,alright??And i can really sense it in your tone...Since morning,i've been watching you..You went for a morning run and on top of that,you even prepared breakfast!!
Bharti:What's wrong with that??And by the way,weren't you the one who's always nagged me to wake up early and give you a break..And when i'm doing as so,why are you so aggravated??
Payal:Cuz it only gives me the one conclusion from your actions and that is,something has really happened to you!!What happened that you decided to act on what i say??
Bharti:Nothing's wrong Payal..
Payal:Seedhi seedhi tarha bataaoge ya phir main..
Bharti:Nothing's wrong!!
Payal:Really??In that case,you'll come with me right away and talk to Armaan!!
Bharti:Excuse me??
Bharti:What's wrong with you??Don't you know that i'm not..
Payal:That you're not done getting angry with Armaan??For your kind info Bharti,i'm fed up with you testing not only his patience but mine as well...Who the hell do you think you are Bharti???That Armaan's waiting for you to forgive him??(Bharti looked away)Why are you stealing your glance away from me for??You very well know that what you did last evening with Armaan at Nirvana Hall was not at all right...(BHarti was shocked and looked at Payal blankly)
Bharti:How did you...
Payal:I don't find it necessary to tell you how i got to know or my source...But just listen to me..You're going to apologize to Armaan right away and settle things once and for all!!(Payal held Bharti's wrist but Bharti pulled her hand away from Payal and turned away)What the...(stormed in front of her)
Armaan had just returned from his photoshoot when he noticed Payal talking to Bharti.He observed how both Payal and Bharti looked so frustrated with each other from the way Bharti had shoved Payal's hands away from her shoulders and wondered what was going on.He headed near Bharti's cabin and had eavesdropped on their conversation.
Payal:What the hell is wrong with you Bharti??Why did you shout at Armaan for,last evening??(Bharti kept mum)Who gave you the rights to tell him off;to tell him that you don't need him or in fact,anyone else in your life??
Bharti:Payal,whatever i said,was exactly what i meant to say to the truest sense..I don't need anyone in my life..What's so worng about what i said and why are you making this such a big deal??
Payal:Cuz it is,Bharti!!!I know you very well and just how much it is getting harder every single day for you to manage...And now this is your farewell week from Men's Universe,for God's sake..
Bharti:Why are you repeating yourself Payal??
Payal:Cuz it never gets stuck in your head the first time...How many times,Bharti??Just how many times do i have to tell you that Armaan loves you??
Bharti:He doesn't love me alright??
Payal:How do you know that..That he doesn't love you??
Bharti:Cuz i know,alright??And FYI,he was the one who always and mind you,who always takes decisions in a rash manner...He just wants to shout at me,break my friendship and then act as though nothing had happened at all...
Payal:And so now you're doing it to him??
Bharti:No,Payal...I'm not doing anything to him..You know why??Cuz it never had mattered to him in any way..He didn't care about my friendship with him and that's why he took it for granted..And now,i'm just ending everything so that he'll never get the chnce to ever hurt me again...Cuz when there's no friendship remaining,how can he hurt me in any way???
Payal:Bharti,don't you dare hide anything from me,alright??I am 100% sure that there's some other matter which you're hiding from me..Kuch hua tha kya??Aisi kya baat hai jo tum mujhse share nahin kar rahe ho??Bharti,tujhe humaari dosti ki kasam hain!!
Bharti:Payal,for the last time...
Payal:Bharti...Your tears tell me that there's something else!!!(wiped Bharti's tear)
Bharti:You're wrong Payal..Armaan has never cared!!He vented his frustration and it's done from his part..He never truly bothered to care if i was hurt...And to prove your illogical theory wrong,let me inform you that he's in love with Shreya and not me,get it??
Payal:Shreya??Ab Shreya kahaa se beech mein aa gayi??
Bharti:Beech mein nahin..Shayad main,mera matlab hain,meri dosti beech mein thi..
Payal:WHAT??(Armaan was shocked)Kya bakte jaa rahe ho tum??
Bharti:Kyun??Sachaayi bardaasht nahin ho rahi hai kya??
Payal:You're lying to me!!(turned away from Bharti)
Bharti:(went in front of Payal and placed her hand on Payal's head)I promise you Payal..I wouldn't lie to you!!He hid such a big matter from me cuz i'm no longer part of his life...I'm no longer his friend neither am i important to him!!There you go...
Payal:Wait a sec,Bharti...You're not talking to him because he hid this matter from you or because you're...
Payal:(let out a transient laugh)OMG!!Bharti,you're jealous??That's exactly what this is about,isn't it??
Bharti:What the...
Payal:You're jealous,aren't you??
Bharti:(turned away)Are you out of your mind or something???I'm Bharti,alright??And i'm not jealous of anyone and there's no need for me to be jealous of anyone...Alright??(stopped as she saw Payal smiling winsomely at her)What??Just stop..Payal,i said stop!!
Payal:Someone's so jealous of Shreya..I don't believe this!!
Bharti:Give me one logical explanation,Payal as to why i should get jealous of Shreya who's in love with...With practically a boring guy like Armaan..
Payal:I didn't know that you could deny your feelings by interpreting a dashing fashion photographer as boring...
Bharti:Firstly,i've got no illogical,irritable feelings for Armaan,alright??And he's in love with Shreya,that's the second point...Lastly,i care a heck about him or whatever crap that happens in his personal or professional life,whether he moves on,progresses,achieves big whatsoever...Get it??And i hate him,you hear me Payal??I hate him!!
Payal:You don't hate him...In fact,do you know what your problem is??You're surrounded by negativity all your life and you've brooded over it and sunk yourself in it that you don't even want to give your life a chance to believe in...Why are you doing this,Bharti??
Bharti:Payal,just leave me alone,will you??Just like how Mr and Mrs Kapoor left me stranded throughout my life and got divorced after seeing me married,just leave me..No one can ever stay with me long enough for i'm born only to be hated for!!I'll be like this forever..So just leave me alone!!
Payal:Great..Fine,Bharti..If that's what you want,so be it but don't expect to see or even hear from me anymore since you want to be left alone...I won't come or even communicate with you through any means until you come and search for me!!And that will only happen after you talk to Armaan,get that!!This time,i'm really very serious;don't think that Payal's kidding and she'll come back home by the time you reach home..That's not gonna happen this time round!!(left from there without realizing that Armaan had been nearby hearing them all these while)
Armaan:(murmured to himself)Oh God,yeh sab kya ho raha hai??
Bharti:You know what,Payal?I don't need you either cuz i really hate Armaan...I hate Armaan..I HATE HIM!!!Yes Bharti,you hate him...i..do..hate him,na??Now,i surely do for he has come between me and Payal!!!Damn him..(Armaan felt extremely remorseful and went towards the lift lobby to catch Payal before it's too late)
Payal got out of the lift and met Jiya who looked intently at her.Payal ignored her and started to walk away but Jiya stopped her at a corner.
Jiya:Ok seriously this is not going to work Payal..What the hell did I do to you that you've got to treat me like dirt?(Payal just glared at her)Payal,i'm...
Payal:You're what,Jiya??Remorseful that you tried to...(Jiya was waiting for her to complete what she wanted to say)You know what??Just question your conscience and think about what you did in London,behind my back,with Bhaskar,hhmm??
Jiya:(was really confused)WhAt????Payal,what the heck did I do??
Payal:WoW Jiya,just incredible...You and Bhaskar are just brilliant in keeping secrets...Well,it's no longe a secret since i got to know what the hell's cooking between you two in London..So try this tactic with someone else,not me,hhmm??(stormed off from there before Jiya could really understand what was going on in Payal's head)
Jiya:What the...What did I doo????God,what the hell did i do??And that too with Bhaskar??Great..(looked up)Even You don't have an answer,do you??Great!!!
Armaan:Jiya!!(Jiya heard him pant)Ok,did you see Payal anywhere??
Jiya:(got agitated)She just left...(shook her head)
Jiya:What do you want,Armaan??
Armaan:What's wong with you??Why do you look so tensed??
Jiya:Nothing..Nothing is wrong,ok??
Armaan:Ok,chill Jiya!!I need to know where Payal has gone to...
Jiya:Why do you care about Payal so much now??
Armaan:Cuz i;ve come in between a deep friendship and i'm scared that the threads of the friendship between Payal and Bharti may rupture because of me!!!I really need to go;i'll talk to you later..Bye!!(rushed from there)
Jiya:What??Arre!!Great,even he's gone and so is Raj!!Talking about him,where the hell is he???(dialled Raj's number but he disconnected her calls)Damn you all!!!Well, don't need anyone either..Argghh!!(headed back to Men's Universe and came across Bharti)Heyy,you're stil around??
Bharti:Just about to go,Jiya..You're here too...
Jiya:Shall i drop you home??
Bharti:Actually Jiya,i'm not heading back home at the moment...I'm just having one of my mood swings...Because of some people!!
Jiya:Tell me about it!!I just got accused of having..I can't believe it yaar that of all people,someone would accuse me of having an affair with a married guy!!
Bharti:Oooo,that bad,huh??I know i dun ask you but...Wanna go for a drink to chill for a while??
Jiya:But what about Naina??
Bharti:Not to worry Jiya,Payal's headed home and she'll be there...And if there's any emergency,she'll give me a call!!
Jiya:Okie sure..If a drink can lighen me up,i'll surely come!!Let's go...
Bharti:I'll meet you at the carpark..Let me just pack my stuff,hhmm??(Jiya nodded and headed to her cabin as well while Bharti thought to herself)"Nah..Payal was just kidding,i'm sure...She can't leave me and Naina alone just like that!!Both of us know each other too well....She's always got my back and this time too she'll be there for me!!!"
~After some time~
Payal had packed her suitcase,thinking it to be Bharti.Payal had decided to show her suitcase and from that,Bharti would understand the gravity of their conversation at MU.However,much to her bewilderment,it was Armaan.His eyes focussed on her suitcase and back at Payal who grew anxious.Meanwhile,Bharti and Jiya were just getting started on their drink at Rheo Pub.
Payal welcomed Armaan inside while she locked the door.
Payal:(cleared her throat)Hmm,i'll get you something to drink..
Armaan:Payal,where are you going??
Payal:To get you a drink,Armaan...Would you like coffee??
Armaan:Payal!!You know what i'm talking about,don't you??What are you thinking??
Payal:Armaan,it's..You don't have to worry about any of this...It's between me and Bharti;you don't have to meddle in this..
Armaan:Of course i do...You are her bestest friend and now,you're ditching her??
Armaan:I overheard your conversation with Bharti at MU...What were you thinking??And you said you respected my decision of moving on...
Payal:Armaan,i totally didn't expect this from you!!
Armaan:Well,you can't blame me for i felt as if you two were fighting or venting out your anger on each other...Payal,Bharti loves Mayank..How could you forget that??
Payal:Armaan,for God's sake...She said she doesn't need anyone in her life...So how can she love Mayank??
Armaan:Payal,she was mad at me..And she's been like..
Payal:What?That she's been like this all the while...
Armaan:Payal,you yourself told me that she doesn't believe in love and it takes time for her...Perhaps she's just getting herself accustomed to her feelings for Mayank...
Payal:Armaan,she's got no excuse for not talking to you...Ok i understand that you were mad at her for she didn't inform you about Mayank proposing to her...But...
Armaan:You heard it right Payal..Bharti actually heard Shreya confessing her feelings for me and that's why i was telling you about supporting me in my decision to move on...
Payal:To bury your feelings for Bharti and to move on with Shreya??(Armaan kept mum but Payal looked intently into his eyes)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 237~

Mahi was in her thoughts.Just then,it sparked her and before Mayank even reacted,Mahi interrupted his chain of thoughts.
Mahi:Dekha Bharti??Tum nahin jaante Bharti,pehle Mayank mujhe propose kiya tha???
Mahi:Haan..Uss waqt main toh sach much,bilkul tumhaari tarha chauk gayi thi aur foran naa keh diya tha...Par mujhe yeh nahin pata tha ki Mayank gusse mein aakar tumhe propose kardega aur woh bhi MU ke staff ke saamne..Aur ab main samjhi kyun Mayank mujh par gussa kar raha tha jab maine ek seedhi si sawaal poocha tha usse...
Bharti:Tum Mahi se pyaar karte ho aur yeh baat tumne mujhe bataaya tak nahin Mayu??In fact,Nihi ko doubt ho rahi thi ki tum dono ke beech kuch hain aur woh yeh tak soch rahi thi ki tumhaari mysterious girlfrend aur koi nahin hain bhal ke Mahi hain par tabhi tumne mujhe propose kiya tha!!!(held her forehead,trying to digest whatever she just got to learn and turned away from Mahi and Mayank)
Mahi smiled winsomely at Mayank and raised her eyebrows at him.Upon seeing Bharti turning,she stopped smiling.
Bharti:Mayank,this is utterly disappointing indeed!!!But you know what??I just..I'm leaving!!!
Mahi:Bharti,ek minute!!!I'm really...
Mayank:(made up his mind that he'll not let go of Mahi so easily)In fact,i'm sorry Bharti that i let my anger come in the way of my love...I just had to tell you earlier at least that i'm very much in love with Mahi!!!(Mahi was flabbergasted at this sudden twist and looked at Mayank)In fact,Mahi had the slightest idea about how i might have taken her rejection at that time..I was rash then and i wanted to get even..And i had proposed to you!!
Mahi:Mayankkk!!!!!(at this point,she just wished she could strangle right there in front of Bharti but she had to stop herself;Mayank's subtle smile literally killed the calmness in her)
Bharti:You two just literally used me in your love story??I just can't believe this!!!
Mayank:Bharti,please...Yeh baat sirf humaare beech honi chaahiye aur kisi aur ko bata nahin chalna chaahiye,please!!!
Bharti:Mayank,you know what??I just need to be alone right now and as far as your ring is concerned,i'll return it to you tomorrow itself since i don't have it with me right now!!(left from there)
Mahi:Bhh...Bharti!!!Damn it!!!(looked at Mayank who was smiling victoriously)You...Idiot!!!Sab tumhaare kaaran ho rahaa hai!!!(grabbed his collar)Tum..Tumne yeh sab kyun kiya??
Mayank:Oh really??Kya yeh sab maine shuru kiya tha,hhmm??(shoved her hand aside and adjusted his shirt collar)Tumne shuru kiya tha aur maine thoda spices daal diya tha...Aur kuch nahin!!!
Sonali:Heyylo Mahi...How's things??(Mahi closed her lips grimly and glared at Sonali)What??
Mahi:Sonu..Kahaa margayi thi tum??
Sonali:Ok,what did i miss??
Mayank:Quite a drama,kyun Mahi??
Mahi:You just shut up,alright??Tumhe beech mein bolne ki koi zaroorat nahin hain....
Sonali:Arre kya hua tha??
Mahi:Bharti yahaa pe aa gayi thi aur usne kuch aur hi matlab nikaal diya hai sab iske bak bak ke kaaran...
Sonali:Kya samajh gayi thi??
Mahi:Ki main aur Mayank..
Sonali:(kept waiting for Mahi to finish her sentence)Ki kya,Mahi??
Mayank:Mujhse poocho..Main bataa tha hoon..Zyaada sharmaao matt,Mahi!!
Mahi:I swear i'm so gonna kill you!!
Mayank:Ki main aur Mahi ek doosre bohat pyaar karte hain..
Sonali:(coughed out)Ky..Kya???(Mahi told her everything in complete detail)Oh teri!!!Ab??(turned to Mayank)Arre tum kuch aur excuse nahin soch sakte the??
Mayank:Arre??Ab saari galti mera hai??Ek se badkhar ek ho tum dono..
Sonali:Dekho Mayank,tumne badh badhaaya tha..(imitated Mayank)Main,Mahi,pyaar...What do you expect Bharti to think??Arre,tum yeh soch sakte the na ki tum ek workaholic ho aur tum Bharti se break up karne waale the...
Mahi:Sonu,yeh thodi na Bharti se break up karne waala tha...
Sonali:Toh phir??
Mahi:Woh break up toh nahin karne waala tha...Aur jab Bharti ne mujhe ek raasta dikhaaye uski galti assumtion ke kaaran,main thodi ghumaaya tha lekin iss sadoo ne..Arre,isne sab kuch bighaad diya tha...Aur baat bata nahin kahaa pohanch gayi..
Sonali:Arre par ab toh inn dono ke break up ho gaya hain na??
Mayank:Oh hello...!!!
Sonali:Kya hain??Waise bhi,tum Armaan aur Bharti ke beech aa rahe the aur yehi behthar hoga agar tum door hi raho...
Mayank:Bharti Armaan se pyaar nahin karti...Aur naa woh kabhi karegi!!
Mahi:Dekho,tum apna hadd matt paar karna,samjhe??Aur jahaa tak main aur Sonu...Arre main aur Sonu toh kya,Jiya bhi hain aur hum teeno milkar Bharti aur Armaan ko milaa kar hi rahenge!!Aur tum kuch bhi nahin karpaaoge!!
Mayank:I really admire your confidence par zyaada udhne ki koshish matt karna..Kya paa,ki sab tumhe neeche giraa hi de..
Mahi:Sonu,main isse jaan se maardungi!!!(looked at Mayank)Agar maine tumse nahin badla nahin liya,toh meri naam yaad rakhna!!
Sonali:Arre,kya kar rahe ho Mahi??(parted Mahi from Mayank and brought her away;Mahi turned and looked at Mayank one last time before leaving from there angrily)
Mahi:Arrgghh!!!Can you believe him??Arre,mujhe ab yehi doubt hain ki kahin iss sadoo ke waje se ab tak Bharti aur Armaan ek doosre se baat nahin kar rahe hain...
Sonali:Gosh,mujhe tumhe yahaa bejni hi nahin chaahiye tha..Crap!!!
Mahi:Par kam se kam Bharti aur Mayank ka break up toh ho gaya!!Par..Armaan aur Bharti??
Sonali:Jiya ke paas chalte hain...Woh abhi bhi Nirvana Hall mein hi hogi!!Chal....
~Nirvana Hall~
Mahi tapped on Jiya's shoulder and as Jiya turned,she hung up the call.
Mahi:Everything ok,Jiya??
Jiya:I've been dialling Payal's number but i guess she's busy...How's things with Mayank and yourself??
Sonali:Let's just say things didn't exactly turn out the way we could wish for...
Sonali:Keep it to yourself until it's official..(Sonali told Jiya everything,shocking her to the core)What about here??Where's Armaan??Bharti's here as well,right??
Jiya:Nope,she just stormed away from here after having an awful conversation with Armaan,something which i'd rather wish i wasn't here to listen to...
Mahi:That bad??
Jiya:(nodded)There's definitely something going on between Armaan and Shreya for sure...Bharti didn't give Armaan a chance to explain and she just wants to be left alone and she made it clear to him that she doesn't need anyone in her life!!Arghh,this is really annoying yaar...
Sonali:Relax Jiya,we'll think of something..Meanwhile,let's check with Veera if everything is done for the day...(Mahi and Jiya nodded and followed suit)
~Men's Universe~
Armaan simply slammed his cabin door as he recalled what Bharti had lashed out at him.It just seemed to him that according to what Bharti had said,he had neglected Bharti instead and that he had forgotten about her.It just came to his realization that Bharti was angry with him because of last night.Armaan sat on his chair,recollecting the confession of Shreya's feelings for him and how Bharti heard it all and pretended as though it didn't affect her at all.
On one hand,Bharti wants me to stay away from her life for she doesn't want anyone in her life...And on the other hand,Payal's letter almost gave me a ray of hope,no matter how small it may be,that i ought to give my feelings another chance...Now,why should i even bother when all Bharti feels for me is hatred and only hatred???She can never possibly love me..She hadn't said it to me but i could really feel that she was extremely mad because of me...She doesn't care an inch about what happens in my life but why is it that i can't say the same about her??I can't stay away from her cuz I still....LOVE her!!Why does love hurt so much???Why,God???
Just then,he heard a knock on his cabin door.As he turned,he realized it was Raj and stood up,rubbing his eyes as though nothing had happened.
Armaan:Come in Raj...
Raj:Heyy,how did it go today??At Nirvana??
Armaan:Yeah,it was good..
Raj:Did i come at the wrong time or something??
Armaan:No,not really...
Raj:Dude,i know i had been busy that i couldn't catch up with you or Jiya much..Is everything ok between you and ..(Armaan interrupted him and didn't let him finish)
Armaan:Do you mean me and Bharti??Well,everyone's literally asking so why don't you do your part too,Raj??(got frustrated)Everything's just awesome!!We're not talking to each other...She's mad at me for some reason which i myself am unaware of and she's not ready to forgive me at all!!What else do you want to know??Do you also want to know that Shreya confessed her feelings for me??She confessed last night when i went for dinner with her..What else do you want to know,Raj??If things don't get any worse,let me tell you that Bharti vented out her anger on me today at Nirvana Hall,that she doesn't need anyone in her life..Yeahh,she doesn't need anyone!!(paused for a while as Raj noticed him clench his fist and bang it on the table)What do you want,Deepak???
Deepak:Sir,woh photographs...
Armaan:(took a look at them)Tumhe dang se ek kaam nahin karna aata,Deepak??What the hell is this???Yeh photographs hain,huh??Jiya se kaha tha maine ki main uske saath nahin aa sakta lekin nahin..Usse toh apni manmaani karni hai..Ab khade khade mere mu kya dekh rahe ho??
Raj:Deepak,just go..Now!!(Deepak left from there)Dude,relax!!Har insan se galti ho jaata hai,dude...Don't worry,i'll edit these photographs for you!!
Armaan:Let it be,Raj!!I'll manage them...
Raj:Yaar,tum itne hyper kyun ho rahe ho??
Armaan:I'm not being hyper,Raj!!
Raj:Yes you are,dude!!You are affected by Bharti,aren't you??(Armaan looked at Raj and promptly looked down,almost wanting to break down but he held himself strongly)
Armaan:Does it matter,in any way Raj??Does it matter at all??You know what,just like what she has said,let it be...Let..it..Be!!
Raj:So what have you said to Shreya??
Armaan:I haven't said anything but i will have to,sooner or later..Bharti's attached to Mayank and i don't know..I just don't want to think about anything right now..
Raj:Dude,i'll just leave you alone,k??
Armaan:Dude,just one thing...Please don't tell Jiya or anyone anything about what i've just told you...
Raj:No worries!!I won't open my mouth on this matter,k??Take care...(Armaan nodded and Raj left)Gosh,i just feel so bad for him literally!!From what Jiya had told me,Bharti should have forgiven him by now!!God knows what else is wrong this time round!!(headed to the reception to meet Jenny and just then he saw Payal)Mrs Bhaskar...(Payal turned around)
Payal:Hi Raj..And it's Payal,hhmm??
Raj:I know,i just tried to be different!!Mrs Bhaskar surely sounds...
Raj:Oh-kay...What's wrong with whoever i meet today??Waise,what brings you here??
Payal:Actually i just wanted to know where Bharti is..She forgot her mobile and i just came to give it to her just in case she might be late in returning home tonight...
Raj:Well,as far as i'm concerned,she's actually done for the day and she's already left after the conference from Nirvana Hall...She's not here,Payal..
Payal:Where could she have gone to,then???
Raj:Wait,let me just try Mahi's number..Surely she'll know!!(dialled Mahi's number and waited for her to pick up)Heyy Mahi,Raj bol raha hoon..Bharti hai kya wahaa pe??
Mahi:Bharti toh nahin hai..Woh Mu mein hogi na??
Raj:Yaar,main MU mein hi hoon...Payal yahaa aa gayi thi Bharti ki mobile dene ke liye par Bharti toh yahaa pe hain hi nahin...
Mahi:Raj,woh yahaa se kabse jaa chuki hain yaar..Mujhe,Sonu aur Jiya ko yeh lagi thi ki woh MU mein hain..
Raj:Acha,chill..I'll talk to you later..Bye!!(hung up)Sorry Payal,she has no idea neither does Sonali or Jiya..
Payal:Never mind...Thanks anyways!!Ermm,Armaan ghar chalaa gaya hai kya??
Raj:Nahin,woh apne cabin mein hain..Par..
Payal:Main usse milkar chali jaaongi..Thanks Raj!!(left to meet Armaan)
Raj:Anytime..I just hope ke Armaan Payal par naa chillaaye!!

~Mayank's home~
Niharika:WHAT??Nahiinn..Aisa har ghiz nahin ho sakta!!!
Bharti:Kyun nahin,Nihi??
Niharika:Arre,aise kaise??I mean,jab bhi main marriage ke baat ko ched thi hoon,tab toh hamesha Mayu taal deta hain aur woh toh obvious reason deta hain,ki woh ab tak Radhika se pyaar karta hain...Nahin nahin!!
Bharti:Uffo,main keh rahi hoon na Nihi!!Tumhe mujh par barosa nahin hai kya??In fact,agar aaj maine unn dono ko agar nahin dekha na,toh mujhe pata hi nahin chalti ki waqay mein Mayank aur Mahi ek doosre se...
Niharika:Are you serious???I just can't digest it at all!!!
Bharti:Arre,main keh rahi hoon na..So,now you don't have to worry at all but...Wait,are you ok with Mayank's love??
Niharika:Bharti,i'm just more than happy to see him settled in his life...I'm always supportive of him..(smiled winsomely at Bharti and hugged her for giving her this great news)
Bharti:Now,let's wait till Mayank gets back...He'll surely be surprised!!!(Niharika nodded)
~Men's Universe:Armaan's cabin~
Payal had let Naina go and play with Raj in the studio while she headed to Armaan's cabin.Upon reaching there,she noticed a melancholy transcending on his face as his eyes simply glared into the spaces while his right hand kept simultaneously shuffling the photographs repeatedly.Payal knocked on his cabin door,bringing him back to his senses.Armaan noticed Payal and instantly turned away,wiping his tear away subtly,oblivious to the fact that Payal was watching him.He invited Payal inside and kept the photographs aside in a folder.
Armaan:Payal,hii..(Payal just watched him for some time before responding to him)It's a pleasant surprise to see..
Payal:Are you sure that you're surprised to see me here?
Armaan:Yeahh i am..(both of them looked intently at each other)You came alone?Where's Naina?
Payal:With Raj in the studio..So,have you read my letter?
Armaan:Yeahh i did,last night..
Payal:What have you decided?Have you thought about what i've written in the letter??(Armaan thought about Payal's letter and what Bharti had told him today;Payal was perplexed upon noticing the random changes in his facial expressions,arching her eyebrows)Ok,what the heck are you trying to tell me,hhmm??
Armaan:Just a doubt Payal...Does Bhaskar even know that you've written a letter to me??
Payal:Ohh ok...If you think you're gonna attain success by diverting the topic,then you're so wrong!!And don't utter Bhaskar's name in front of me,alright?
Armaan:Is everything ok,Payal?Wait...Are you annoyed at him for not having called you these days,hhmm??
Payal:I'm not annoyed at anyone at the moment..But you're surely on the verge of doing so,when all i'm here for is to talk about you and Bharti..What have you decided?
Armaan:Forget it Payal..
Payal:Forget what?
Armaan:I know and i truly appreciate the fact that you're trying so hard for me and Bharti to sorta get back together but it's just not gonna work Payal..Not after today!!
Payal:Whyever so,Armaan?You love Bharti and she just have to realize it,that's all..
Armaan:That's not all Payal!!We have gone and chosen our separate paths..Bharti loves Mayank and i've..(got interrupted)
Payal:(held Armaan's elbows)No,you've not!!Why don't you just get it Armaan??Why don't you get the fact that your love for Bharti is veritable and genuine??I know your depth of love for her,that you would even lay down your life for hr,so why at this crucial pase are you giving up on your love??Why are you bent on complicating your life???
Armaan:(closed his eyes and a tear instantly fell on Payal's arm)Just stop it,Payal...Just STOP!!!!(Payal almost froze as she watched him gradually open his eyes filled with immense pain)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 236~

Payal wondered where Bharti's mobile was,as it was ringing repeatedly.Eventually,she found Bharti's mobile lying down beneath a pile of papers,which must have fallen while Bharti was asleep.
Payal:Hello hello..
Mahi:Bharti,it's me Mahi..Where are you yaar?
Payal:Mahi hi,it's Payal..Long story cut short,Bharti's still sleeping..Anything important?
Mahi:WHAT??Oh God,yeh ladki mujhe marwaayegi!!Payal,i'm supposed to go for a presentation and seminar with her today..
Mahi:In an hour's time!!
Payal:Oh crap!!Thank God you called..I'll make sure she's there in an hour's time,hhmm??KK,gonna wake her up,talk to you later..Bye!!(hung up)
Mahi:(hung up and called Sonu)Sonu,you wouldn't believe it but Payal bought it..(told Sonali everything)
Sonali:Tu bhi na Mahi..So what's the plan?
Mahi:Tu MU pohanch,main tumhe pohanch kar bata thi hoon..
Sonali:Just imagine if Payal were to figure out that you weren't in MU in the first place..(Mahi got amused)
Mahi:Waise yeh sab kuch na tumhaari dosti ki asar hai aur kuch nahin..
Sonali:Haan haan,meri dosti ko hi badnaam karna!!Kk,i'm driving..Will talk to you in MU!!
Mahi:Byezz..(hung up)Bharti ko aaj kuch khaas kaam bhi nahin hai,iss liye woh mere saath zaroor aayegi..Aur Jiya Armaanko bhi lekar aayegi..I hope she's in MU by now!!
Raj was cozily sleeping on the sofa while Jiya had made some breakfast for Nidhi and was feeding her.Upon hearing her cry,Jiya quickly went to get the bottle of milk,waking Raj up.He rubbed his eyes and saw that Jiya had placed Nidhi near him,provoking her to wake him up.
Raj:Jiya,tumhe jalan ho rahi hain kya?
Jiya:Kis baat se?
Raj:Mere neend se aur kisse?
Jiya:Oh helloo...Main jaa rahi hoon,alright?Dus bajne waale hain aur tum ho ke abhi tak so rahi ho..
Raj:Kuch khaaya ke nahin?
Jiya:Haan haan kyun nahin..Ek luxurious breakfast tayyaar jo kiya hain tumne jo main khaaongi..
Raj:(smiled at Jiya's early morning sarcasm)Really??
Jiya:Dahi mila tha tumhaare fridge se,woh bhi bohat hai..(shook her head)Gosh,i'm worried about Nidhi!!
Raj:Heyy,Nidhi is in safe hands,alright??I take great care of her and so does...
Jiya:Anywayzz,maine khaa liya hain..Tum uth jaao aur jaldi MU chalo..And one more thing!!
Raj:Jee kahiye,Ms Jiya Mishra..
Jiya:You'll talk to Armaan,right?
Raj:What about?
Jiya:Raj,i'm so gonna kill you now..Remember last night!!We talked about Armaan,figuring out what's cooking between him and Shreya,hhmm?
Raj:(sounded irritated)Yes Jiya,i remember..
Jiya:Now get up from that cozy sofa of your's...(left from there)
Raj:Crap!!(looked at Nidhi)Now i've got to talk to Armaan about this..I gave Jiya the idea and now she wants me to implement it..Brilliant!!
Payal rushed to Bharti's room after sending Naina off in her school van,only to see Bharti still sleeping like a rock.
Payal:I don't believe this!!(went to Bharti's washroom and brought a small bucket filled with water to half its volume,pouring it on Bharti)Hahh!!(finally saw Bharti having sat upright instantly opening her eyes,glaring at Payal)
Bharti:What the hell,Payal!!Ouchh..(felt her head throbbing with pain)
Payal:How long have i been calling you yaar?Finally this did the trick..Get up cuz Mahi called for you're supposed to go for a presentation and seminar with her...in 30 minutes!!(Payal turned to go)
Bharti:My head is spinning,yaar..Just don't feel like going to MU today!!(Payal stopped and turned around,smiling subtly)What..are you exactly smiling for??
Payal:You don't want to go to MU because of last night,right?
Bharti:What...What about last night??(chucked her blanket aside)
Payal:Bharti,Armaan told me whatever that happened last night;how he tried to clear the misunderstanding but you were simply unapologetic and the journey via the lorry as well as Armaan's bike ride to your bedroom..
Bharti:WHAT???(looked at her clothes and stared at Payal in disbelief)WHAT???He...he sent me back home??
Payal:(nodded in agreement)Surprisingly,he knew your bedroom without me having to direct it to him..He even asked me to change your clothes as you might fall ill..Why don't you forgive him,Bharti?It's your farewell week,for God's sake yaar!!Do you want things to be like this between you two forever?
Bharti:Payal,just shut up ok?(got up from her bed and opened her wardrobe to choose her office wear)
Payal:Why are you venting your frustration on me for?
Bharti:Just leave me alone alright??(took a dress and shut her wardrobe closed)
Payal:Do you know what your problem is??(held Bharti by her elbow and made her turn around)He didn't care when you were apologizing profusely,hence now when he's sincerely asking for forgiveness,you're pretending not to care when the truth is somethg else...
Bharti:Oh wow Payal..You're some psychic,trying to read my mind or something?No matter what you say,i'll not forgive him!!
Payal:Something's changed,Bharti...You're angry with Armaan for some other reason instead of this..Are you hiding something,Bharti?
Bharti:Are you out of your mind?Why would i hide anything??(heard the telephone ring and she rushed inside the washroom while Payal attended the phone call)
Mahi:Payal,has Bharti left??
Payal:Yeah Mahi,she's left like half an hour ago..Hasn't she reached??
Mahi:Ohh i'm out of MU at the moment..Thanks!!(Payal hung up,heaving a deep sigh of relief and quickly made some breakfast for Bharti)Aisi kya baat hai jo Bharti mujhse chupaa rahi hai?

~1 Hour Later:Trends~
Mayank:Come in..
Shreya:Good morning Sir..You called for me?
Mayank:Yeahh come in,i've just heard from the Khurana's,who had seen your articles in the Fashion & Media section of our magazine..I'll need you to lock in additional hours from next month onwards as a temporary editorial assistant,accompanied by my supervision will be requiring you to report to him or her,who will work with the Khurana's,for our exclusive additional features,starting from next month..
Shreya:Sure Sir,i'd lurve to..
Mayank:Good,i always want this high spirit to be alive in you at all times..You can go!!
Shreya:Ok Sir..
Mayank:One minute Shreya..A personal question..
Shreya:Yeahh Sir..
Mayank:I've been hearing some rumours..About you and Armaan..Are they in any way true??
Shreya:Sir,ermm woh..
Mayank:Look,you don't have to answer if you feel uncomfortable..I basically hate the spread of rumours,be it true or false, so whatever it is,put an end to it asap...Understood?
Shreya:Yes Sir..(murmured to herself)Aur mujhe yeh laga tha ki Mayank sir thoda jovial banne ki koshish kar rahe the..
Mayank:What are you waiting for??Get back to work!!
Shreya:Yes Sir!!(left from there)
Mayank:Bata nahin ki Bharti aaj milegi yaa bhi nahin..Aaj khulke baat karna hoga Bharti se..(tried dialling Bharti's number but Payal picked it up and told him that Bharti forgot to bring her mobile with her to MU)Thanks Payal!!(hung up and wondered if he ought to go to MU right away but thought about going some time later since he had to go for an important conference)
~Nirvana Hall~
Mahi was thrilled as she had coaxed Bharti into accompanying her to Nirvana Hall for the conference which was initially arranged in a way that only Sonali needed to join Mahi but Sonali decided to catch up with Mahi later on,as part of the plan discussed by Jiya,herself and Mahi last evening.
Meanwhile,Armaan was quite busy with his photo-shoot when Jiya just barged in and asked him to join her to Nirvana Hall to assist Mahi and Sonali.
Armaan:Jiya,can't you see that i'm busy developing these photographs??
Jiya:Uff Armaan,you can handle these later or better,ask Deepak to develop the stills for ya...Please yaar,join me!!
Armaan:Uff!!Jiya,i'm really sorry i can't..
Jiya:Of course you can Armaan!!!
Armaan:Raj kahaa hai??Tum uske saath chali jaao na,please!!
Jiya:Armaann!!Raj yahaa nahin hain and i wonder where he is...Subah toh maine usse kahaa tha jaldi uthne ke liye..Bata nahin ki uthaa ki nahin;waise bhi usse toh apne Nidhi se zyaada apna neend pyaara hai and i left his place just like that...
Jiya:What what??
Armaan:You slept at his place last night??
Jiya:Yeahh..so???You make it sound as though i've not slept at his place before...
Armaan:Never mind...(shook his head)
Jiya:Armaan,chalo na..Please!!!!I beg of you...
 Armaan:Ok fine!!Let me just direct Deepak first...(Jiya dragged him to Deepak and once Armaan had instructed him,Jiya brought him with her promptly)Yeh ladki bhi na!!!
Bharti was mingling with the fashion consultants whom Mahi had introduced her to.Just then Bharti realized that she had forgotten her mobile and left it at home in a rush to get away from Payal's "illogical theory" which had driven her mad this morning.Mahi excused herself to get some refreshments for herself and Bharti.Eventually,Bharti was standing by herself as the consultant had to rush for an important meeting elsewhere.
Mahi:(on her mobile)Heyy,kahaa ho tum??
Jiya:On my way...(whispered)Armaan's with me..Will meet you there directly!!
Mahi:(almost shrieked)Awesome!!Chal,bye bye!!(hung up and smiled widely,thanking God from within)
Just as she got the refreshments in her hand,she turned around and paused.She was literally stunned to see whom Bharti was talking to.She widened her eyes and saw none other than the last person she would want to meet in any day of her life--Mayank Sharma!!
"Iss sadoo ko toh main..Bata nahin kahaa se tapak padhtha hai...Jahaa kahin bhi jaao,bas peeche hi aa jaata hai kahin se...Arrgghh!!Damn it...Agar yeh iss tarha Bharti se baat karta rahega,toh plan toh pakka choppat ho jaayegi...Kuch toh sochna padega,filhaal main Bharti ke taraf chalti hoon..Damn it!!Damn it!!"
Mayank was surprised to see Mahi but concealed his surprise and allowed Bharti to tell her.
Bharti:Heyy Mahi,guess who i had bumped into??
Mahi:Oh really??Indeed,what a coincidence..Or is it really??
Mahi:Uffo Bharti..(looked at Mayank as she spoke sarcastically)Mayank aur yahaa,woh bhi ittefaq se??Mujhe toh aisa nahin lagta..In fact,mujhe toh yeh lag raha hai jaise woh tumhe khud dekhne aaya hain..Zaroor isne Men's Universe se bataa karliya hoga..Warna yeh kambakht ittefaq baar baar aise kaise ho jaata hai..Kyun Mayank??(Mayank was slightly annoyed at Mahi's sarcasm)
Mayank:Actually Bharti..(placed his arm around Bharti's shoulder,which instantly irked Mahi)Maine MU se bataa kar liya tha aur Payal se bhi baat hua tha kyunki main tumhaari mobile try kar rahaa tha kyunki hum dono milne waale the na??
Mahi:Ohhh i see...Anyways,Bharti,here's your refreshment..(saw Sonali waving to her)I'll...be right back,hhmm??(Bharti nodded and Mahi went to talk to Sonali)Yaar,kahaa reh gayi thi??
Sonali:I just came..Sorry yaar,stupid emergency popped up..Waise,how's the progress??
Mahi:No progress at all..In fact,if there's a word as degress,so be it!!Of all people,Mayank had to come here..!!
Mahi:Aur woh apna haqq jhataana shuru kar diya hai Bharti ke upar..Seriously he's friggin' annoying!!
Sonali:Tumhe itni problem kyun ho rahi hai,Mahi??Ahhh,i see...Your prospective groom's flirting with Bharti,huh??
Mahi:(got confused as she shook her head and looked at her)Wh..What?
Sonali:Prospective groom from Shaadi Plus...Hhmm??
Mahi:Just shut up,alright??Listen,Jiya Armaan ke saath aa rahi hogi...Aur agar Armaan ne Mayank ko dekh bhi liya,toh musibat aur badh sakti hain..
Sonali:Right!!Aur hum toh yahaa inn dono ke faasle mithaane ki koshish kar rahe hain..
Sonali:Ohh wait i've got an idea but only you can do it and i wonder if you would...
Mahi:Why are you hesitating??What's the BIG idea??
Sonali:Woh...Tumhe Mayank ko kisi bhi tarha yahaa se hathaana hogi..
Mahi:Main??Tu paagal ho gayi hain kya??
Sonali:Waise bhi tum dono ki kaafi history reh chuki hain na??(got amused to see Mahi annoyed)
Mahi:Sonu,i'm so gonna strangle you!!!
Sonali:Now's definitely not the time as Jiya and Armaan will be here any moment!!
Mahi:Crap!!But what do i say??
Sonali:Ok,you can try finding out his real intention behind proposing to Bharti,since we do want to figure it out anyways...
Mahi:Right!!!(murmured to herself)And i also need to find out about Riteish and Sid as well...
Mahi:Nothing...Don't worry;i'll get that done!!Anyways,i'll bring him out but you update me on any progress!!K??
Sonali:Agreed!!!Ab tum jaldi jaao!!!
Mahi:Haan haan,jaa rahi hoon...(interrupted Bharti and Mayank's conversation)Oops,sorry if i was disturbing in any way...
Mayank:Surely,you were...(Bharti hit Mayank's elbow)..What??She was interrupting us...
Mahi:Actually Bharti,Sonu's waiting for you...She needed you urgently!!!
Mahi:No idea...
Bharti:Excuse me Mayank...
Mayank:Sure..(looked suspiciously at Mahi)Why did you send her away??
Mahi:Now,what do you mean by that??
Mayank:You've got something to talk to me about??
Mahi:Well,i hate to admit it but yes,i do!!2 matters,which i can't exactly speak about here..
Mayank:Whyever not??
Mahi:Because apparently i prefer a quieter place so let's go out,hhmm??
Mayank:Whoa,excuse me!!
Mayank:Are you asking me out??
Mahi:Whoa..Whoa...!!Don't get too excited,alright??
Mayank:I'm not excited in any way,get it??
Mahi:Whatever...I'm just saying that we could talk somewhere else which is much quieter..
Mayank:Ok fine,let me just inform Bharti..
Mahi:No,you don't have to..
Mayank:Excuse me??
Mahi:Look,mere paas zyaada waqt nahin hai tum par barbaad karne ki,so if you please don't mind...
Mayank:Par aisi kya..
Mahi:God,tum aise nahin maanoge...(Mahi held his wrist and brought him out while Sonali smiled winsomely at Mahi while conversing with Bharti)
Sonali:Oh wow..hi Jiya!!
Jiya:Hii Sonu,tu yahaa??(winked subtly at Sonali)
Sonali:Yeahh,part of my work..In fact,Bharti's assisting me in it!!You alone??
Jiya:I was supposed to come with Raj but apparently i got a quick replacement indeed..In the form of Armaan,of course!!(both of them noticed Bharti looking away,pretending to be disinterested)Where's Mahi by the way??
Bharti:She was here just now...And by the way,where is Mayu??(looked around for him while Jiya's confused and Sonali whispered to Jiya that Mayank was here a few seconds back before Bharti turned back to face them)
Jiya:Arre Armaan,aao na...(stood next to Jiya in a way that he was standing before Bharti who was still annoyed with him)Waise Sonu,humaare consultant hai kahaa??
Sonali:She had an urgent conference to attend to,but no worries since she had passed the itinery cum details with me...I'll be here throughout..(Jiya interrupted her)
Jiya:How could you have forgotten Sonali??
Jiya:You forgot about the meeting with Mr Farhan??
Sonali:Oh crap...Both of us,right??Damn!!Ok,Bharti and Armaan,listen up...Jiya and I will go and meet Mr Farhan while you two handle the details and get started right away,ok??
Bharti:Arre par Sonuuu....
Jiya:Armaan,remember the trip??I've just to win his confidence somehow and make things work for both of us...I'll be back soon na??(whispered in his ear)And you're welcome by the way...
Armaan:What for??
Jiya:You'll figure it out on your own,trust me!!!(winked at him before she left with Sonali)
Armaan:Arre!!!(turned back to face Bharti who was looking elsewhere when she realized that Armaan was watching her)Bharti..(Bharti was about to walk away but she got stopped by the fashion consultant she had mingled with earlier on)
Mayank:Oh hello...(gestured to Mahi to let go of his hand which she did instantly)
Mayank:Where are we going??
Mahi:Will you shut your mouth for some moments,please??
Mayank:What the...
Mahi:Chalo...(crossed the road to the other side and Mayank simply wondered what the heavens was running in Mahi's head at the moment)
Mayank:Wait...What's going on??
Mahi:We're going to have lunch together,hhmm??
Mayank:Lunch aur woh bhi tumhaare saath??
Mahi:Kyun??Koi problem hai??
Mayank:I've...I've already had my lunch..
Mayank:I had..erm salad and i'm pretty much full!!
Mahi:What nonsense??
Mayank:Excuse me??
Mahi:How can you be full with one salad??I mean..Come on!!
Mayank:What is so unbelievable about what just went inside my tummy??
Mahi:Look,God has made so much of diverse foods available for us and you're just sticking to one stupid salad??
Mayank:Look,you can eat for all you want and i'm not stopping you...Why are you hell bent on making me eat??
Mahi:What??(shook her head)Anywayzz,just follow me,alright??(Mayank simply shook his head and followed her inside Lake View Cafe)
~Nirvana Hall~
Bharti was looking at the itinery all by herself before she realized that Armaan was just standing there,making her feel all so uncomfortable all over again.She recalled how Payal had almost ruined her morning elaborating on whatever that happened last night and how Armaan had laid her on her bed,all drenched.On one hand,Bharti is feeling awful for not being in her conscious state and on the other hand,her anger just seemed to be elevated,much to Armaan's confusion as to the hidden reason behind Bharti's anger which somewhat prolonged to a greater extent than how it has always been.
Armaan realized that it is simply up to no good if he was to stand before Bharti without even discussing about the itinery.He was about to move forward and talk to Bharti but she stopped him.
Bharti:Don't even open your mouth to say anything..I want to hear nothing from you!!
Armaan:Bharti,what the hell are you doing??(Bharti pretended not to listen to him and continued reading and he was about to make her face him but just then the consultant appeared)
Veera:Hii,i'm so sorry i had to leave just now...It's been really hectic here starting from morning itself...Anywayzz,you guys are from Men's Universe,right??(Bharti and Armaan nodded)Heard a lot about your organization..Well i think i was supposed to meet Mahi and Jiya..
Armaan:Actually,they had to leave urgently elsewhere so we are just helping them out..This is Bharti and me myself,Armaan Sinha...
Veera:Armaan Sinha,photographer right??
Armaan:Ye..yeahh!!(looked surprisingly at Bharti who was equally surprised)But how did you figure??
Veera:Well,Jiya and Mahi had shown me some of your work and i have personally seen you work as well,so yeahh...
Armaan:Thanks!!Well,do you mind telling me about the International Fashion Week models whom we are meeting next week??But of course,before that..What are we supposed to do today??
Veera:Well,according to the itinery,today we are simply preparing for next week since there's a lot of work left to be done..More of technical stuff,you know...Bharti,you can join me at the backstage whilst Armaan,you can just get mingle with the photographers from the various other magazines who will be joining you as well next week..Waise,how do you know each other??Do you work together??
Armaan:She's an intern at Men's Universe..And we are frie(looked at Bharti and paused)
Bharti:We are colleagues..That's all!!
Veera:I know i shouldn't say but from an angle,you two would make a real sweet couple..(Armaan gazed at Bharti who was flabbergasted and glared at Armaan and instantly looked to Veera to reply)
Bharti:Actually we're not and FYI,he's very much in love with someone..
Veera:Ohh i'm terribly sorry...(Armaan was about to say something but paused)Excuse me...Come with me Bharti!!
Armaan:What the..What??Why did she even say that??What's going on with her??Arrgghh!!!
~Lake View Cafe~
Mayank was stunned to see Mahi having ordered at least five to six plates of various dishes,almost covering the possible spaces on the table where both of them were seated.
Mahi:What are you looking at??
Mayank:You're going to eat all of these??
Mahi:Apparently since you've already eaten your lunch,pretty much satiated by a stupid salad..
Mayank:And i bet you've never had salads in your entire life??
Mahi:I would never touch salads,alright??But if you want,i can order another salad for you..
Mayank:No thank you,i'm pretty much full by the foods i'm seeing on this table..
Mahi:You're not a vegan,are you??
Mahi:Crap!!Or else i would have gotten another nickname for you besides khadoos or sadoo..(Mayank widened his eyes in shock)Why are you so shocked??Khayr,you should be glad that i do not get the chance to call ghas-pus..
Mayank:Can we get to what you wanted to talk about??
Mahi:Of course...Tell me something..Of all people,i mean girls...Why Bharti??
Mahi:Ok,let me make it clearer...Why Bharti??Why did you propose to her??
Mayank:What is the matter with you?Whether i propose to Bharti or not,that's pretty much none of your business so why do you even bother??
Mahi:Whoa,don't even get this thought in your head that i'm intervening in your personal affairs,which i really have no interest in at all...If i'm asking,i'm asking for a god damn good reason,alright??So just spill it!!
Mayank:(watched her eyes intently)Why do you care so much??Does it bother you that i proposed to Bharti??
Mahi:Look,i want to know what's the real intention behind you proposing to her...For i very well know that you're not in love with Bharti at all and neither is she in love with you...
Mayank:Oh really???What makes you think so Mahi??Are you a mind reader or something??
Mahi:I know that you're not in love with Bharti..(felt a lil uncomfortable when Mayank was smiling subtly at her)I know that you're still in love with Bharti's closest friend,Radhika..(Mayank's smile faded)You can't deny that,and that's how i know that you're not in love with Bharti!!So,without any further delay,tell me..
Mayank:Why should i even tell you anything??It's not as if you're my friend or anything...
Mahi:I agree that you're neither my friend but i'm not going to let you go without you answering my simple question,alright??You're not my friend and you'll never be but you're...You're coming in between Bharti and...
Mayank:Bharti and...??(Mahi didn't speak any further)
Mahi:Look,i don't care but you've got to break up with Bharti asap!!
Mayank:WHAT??Just shut up,alright??You're no one either to interfere in my life or to even try and dominate me,telling me what to do and what not to do...I can't believe that i'm even listening to you!!(stood up but Mahi stopped him by holding on to his wrist and picked up her mobile)
Mahi:Sonu,main Lake View mein hoon yaar..Just cross the road and you'll see the cafe...Acha theekh hain,jaldi aa jaa...(looked at Mayank and hung up)You're not going anywhere for i'm not done with you!!
Mayank:Ab aur kya baaki reh gaya hai baat karne ki Mahi??
Mahi:Dekho,tumhe kisi bhi tarha...
Mayank:Pehle mujhe yeh bataao ki tum yeh sab kis liye aur kiske liye kar rahe ho???
Mahi:Theekh hai,agar main tumhe yeh bataao ki main yeh sab kiske liye kar rahi hoon,toh kya tum waada karoge ki tum Bharti se break up karoge???Bolo..
Mayank:Pehle mujhe bataao ki kaun hai..
Mahi:Tum usse jaante ho...
Mahi:(licked her fingers and smiled widely)Excuse me...
Mahi:I'll be back!!
~Nirvana Hall~
Armaan was discussing with other photographers and busy networking with them while Bharti was helping Veera together with the technicians and wherever she was needed.When she was done,Veera and Bharti went to talk to Armaan.Bharti just kept to a side while Veera kept chatting away and after some time,Veera excused herself.
Bharti was about to leave but just then,Armaan held her wrist.Bharti slowly looked at her wrist and looked in front.
Bharti:Mere haath chod do,Armaan...
Armaan:Bharti,aisa kya gussa hain jo tum maaf hi nahin karna chahthe ho??Tum woh puraani Bharti nahin rahi ho,jahaa tum mujhe bohat jald maaf kar dete ho...
Bharti:Nahin hoon main woh Bharti..Aur naahi tum woh Armaan ho jo main jaanti thi..(Armaan was shocked to hear what Bharti just said)Iss liye...(Armaan withdrew his hand)
Armaan:Yeh tum kya keh rahe ho Bharti??
Bharti:Kyun??Kuch galat keh diya maine??(turned to face Armaan)Maana ke pehle tumhe gussa aata tha aur maine bhi tumhe maaf kar deti thi..Lekin iss baar main aisa kuch bhi karungi kyunki tumne meri dosti ko ek second mein thod di thi bina kuch soche...Aur ab toh meri dosti ki koi keemat hi nahin hain tumhaare pyaar ke aage,hain na??
Bharti:Oops,i forgot to congratulate you..Tumhe apna pyaar mubarak ho,Mr Armaan Sinha...Yeh zaroori nahin hai ki tum mujhe kuch bhi bataao kyunki ab toh humaare beech kuch hain bhi nahin..(turned away)
Armaan:Aur kya main tumhe yeh pooch sakta hoon ki uss baat ka kya??Mayank ne tumhe propose kiya tha aur tumne bhi mujhe kuch bhi nahin bataaya...
Bharti:Wow,amazing!!Toh tumhe bhi yehi lagta hai ki mere aur Mayank ke beech..You know what??I don't care...I really don't care!!!(Armaan stopped her once again;he held her wrist firmly and made her turn towards him)
Armaan:What do you not care,Bharti??(looked intently into her eyes)
Bharti:Mujhe kisi ko bhi safaayi dene ki koi zaroorat nahin hain...Jisse main apni dost samajh thi thi woh toh mere baarein mein aisa sochtha hi nahin...Leave me alone!!
Armaan:Bharti,tum yeh kya bole jaa rahe ho??
Bharti:Let me be,Armaan!!!Don't you get it???Just let me be!!!I've never needed  anyone in my life neither do i need anyone right now...I'm perfect jus the way i am and i don't need anyone in my life!!!And for your info,i care a heck about you or your love life in any way!!!Get that straight to your head!!!!(Armaan let go of her hand and noticed her eyes getting welled up and seeing that,he turned away for he couldn't let her see his tear forming)
Bharti just stormed away from there,much to Jiya's bewilderment.She was appalled by the entire confrontation between Armaan and Bharti.She had not followed Sonali to Lake View Cafe and as a result,she was troubled by the latest development in her best friend's life.
~Lake View Cafe~
Mayank:Armaan??Woh..Bharti se pyaar??
Mahi:Kyun??Armaan ko kya problem hai??
Mayank:Woh pyaar nahin,jagad tha hai Bharti se aur kuch nahin...
Mahi:Tumhe kaise pata??Tum koi antaryaami ho??
Mayank:Mahi,main iske liye manzoori bilkul bhi nahin doonga...
Mahi:Koi tumhaari manzoori ke liye intezaar nahin kar raha hain...Just break up with Bharti asap and things will be smooth for you...Warna...
Mayank:Warna kya,huh??
Mahi:Warna anjaam bohat bura ho sakta hai tumhaare liye aur Trends ke liye bhi...Soch lo!!!
Mayank:Tum samajh the kya ho apne aap ko,hhmm??Tum mujhe blackmail karoge aur main chup chaap sunoonga??Mujhe tumhaari bakwaas baatein sunne ki koi shauk nahin hain,so just get lost,alright??(was about to leave but Mahi held his wrist and pulled him towards her)
Mahi:Dekho,agar tumne koi bhi gadh badh ki toh..

Mahi and Mayank were both stunned to see Bharti right there at that moment.Mahi let go of Mayank and stepped back and so did Mayank;both of them looked away from each other.
Bharti:Mahi,kya hua??Mayank ne kuch kaha hai kya??
Mahi:(calmed herself as she realized that Bharti had heard nothing and turned to look at Bharti)Tum khud Mayank se kyun nahin pooch leti ho??
Bharti:(turned to Mayank)Mayank,abtumne kya kahaa hai Mahi se??Tum hamesha aise kyun karte ho??Tumne mujhse vaada kiya tha ke nahin ki tum Mahi se pyaar se baat karoge??(Mahi smirked at Mayank who got really pissed off)
Mayank:Ab main kya boloo??(gave Mahi a cold stare)
Mahi:Bharti,maine sirf yeh poocha tha Mayank se ki usne tumhe kyun propose kiya tha??Jab ki woh...
Mahi:Itni simple si question thi Bharti...Aur mujhe iss baat se gussa hai ki Mayank ne mujhe..
Bharti:Mayank,seriously what is going on??
Mahi:Bolo bolo...
Mayank:Bharti woh...(looked at Mahi and recalled her blackmailing him about him and Trends and eventually saw her looking at him)Woh Mahi..main..pyaar...(Mahi was equally confused at what Mayank was blabbering)Bharti actually baat...
Bharti:Wait...Tum,Mahi aur pyaar??Tum Mahi se pyaar karte ho??Tum dono ek doosre se pyaar karte ho???(Mayank and Mahi stared at each other in disbelief and looked away instantly)Toh tumne mujhe propose kyun kiya tha Mayank???
Mayank was left,thinking of how to react while Mahi was frozen with shock!!