Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, July 24, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 101~

Bharti:Oh goodness,i totally forgot about Naina..Chal,talk to you later..Bye,bye,bye!!(hung up)

Armaan:(got amused)Such an absent-minded girl..Bharti!!(shook his head and went off to Jiya's place)

Bharti woke up and refreshed herself.She turned on the radio to listen to Shaz and the lovely dance numbers being aired whilst making lunch with Naina's assistance.

Naina:Mama,what are we making?

Bharti:Naina,we're making Chicken Pulao,your Payal aunty's favourite dish and after this,let's call her up and ask her to come over..


Bharti:Great,the pulao is ready..Thank you,my assistant..

Naina:You're welcome,mama!!

Bharti called Payal up and pretended to be formal with her.


Bharti:Mrs Payal Bhaskar,this is from Casa de Bharti and Naina..Both of us cordially invite you to join us right away for this delicious lunch prepared by both of us.Well if yuo don't wish to come,it is 100% loss on your side aas we shall taste this yummilicious Chicken Pulao on our own..(hung up)

Payal:Huh??Hello..hello??(felt quite confused but left promptly without informing Bhaskar of her whereabouts)

Raj just pulled out his casual wear and headed to meet Shreya next door.Shreya was all smiles to meet Raj and invited him inside.

Raj:Beautiful home..I really thought i would never be able to enter this place..Mrs Tanuja,being the sole reason..

Shreya:Well,here's a glass of juice for you..

Raj:Actually i was hoping that you could take care of the baby for the day..I've got important work to attend to..

Shreya:Hhmm shall I charge you?


Shreya:I'm just kidding Raj..Just chill!!(smiled)

Raj:Thanks a lot Shreya!!!You're such a great help!!Ok i'll get going first..

Shreya:I'm feeling awful that you've come over and there's no food..Erm,if you don't mind, can we have dinner together?Tonight?

Raj:Shreya,you don't have to be so formal..Anyways,are you sure about dinner?

Shreya:Yes Raj..

Raj:I'm cool with it..

Shreya:Waise if you need my help anytime,here's my number..

Raj:You're just next door Shreya..Why would I need your..

Shreya:Interesting but anyways i was hoping to get your number just in case if i need your help..

Raj:Well,in that case,it's cool...Here's my number..

Shreya:So,i hope to meet you for dinner then..

Raj:Sure Shreya,bye..


Raj felt so strange that Shreya was moving forward in asking for his number first and it must be probably the first time that a girl directly asked him first before he could have asked her for this was usually his forte of doing so with girls. He headed off to Jiya's place in his car and reached half an hour later than Armaan.

Raj:Hey dude..Hi Jiya..

Jiya:Thers no food for you..

Raj:Great..thanks a lot Jiya..

Jiya:Go and get it..it's in the kitchen,don't expect me to feed you..

Raj:Main koi bacha nahin hoon,Jiya..

Armaan:Stop it,guys..Raj go and help yourself..

Jiya:Just look at him..He came so late and all of us haven't eaten since someone suggested that we wait..

Raj:Are you serious Armaan??How very nice of you..(sounded sarcastic)I'm indeed touched!!

Armaan:Uffo,please...Let's eat in peace!!


Raj:By the way,the food is really good,Jiya..


Raj:It will be much better if you appreciated what I've just said with a smile...

Jiya:(gave him a fake smile)Happy??

Raj:Ahhh..kya baat hai???Raj bohat khush hua!!

Payal rang the doorbell.Naina opened the door and Bharti stood at the side and brought a spoon with her and a plate filled with Chicken Pulao and and fed her first before Payal could even say anything.

Payal:Kya hua tumhe??

Bharti:How is it??It's my first attempt...

Payal:It's superb..

Bharti:Mujhe kuch nahin hua hai..I'm feeling so refreshed today...And tumhare liye ek khush khabri hain...

Payal:OMG Bharti....We're finally talking!!

Bharti:Uffo tum itni tube-light kyun hoti ho kabhi kabhi....Yes,I'm talking to you...

Payal:Aur koi khush khabar hai kya??

Bharti:Guess karo...

Payal:Naina,do you know about it??(Naina shook her head)

Bharti:Usse kuch nahin bata...

Payal:Acha agar tumne mujhe maaf kar diya hai...tumne Armaan ko bhi maaf kiya???

Bharti:What do you think??

Payal:Hhmm tum itni achi mood mein ho...Toh baat definitely pakki...You've forgiven Armaan,haven't you??

Bharti:(winked at her)Yepzz...And you won't believe what happened last night...


Bharti:I can't believe he actually got himself drenched outside for at least 3 to 4 hours in the heavy rains last night....


Bharti:Yeahh...and i had to get him inside and i didn't know when or how..But i just started talking to him and both of us had coffee...

Payal:OMG....Both of you had coffee???OMG...This is such awesome news yaar....I mean,both of you finally had coffee..Together..at night in such a romantic weather...Awww!!!!!

Bharti:Tum phir se shuru ho gayi???

Payal:Ok baba i'm sorry....I won't repeat my mistake ever again,ok??

Bharti:That's so much better!!!Waise,we talked for pretty long and didn't realize how time flew....But both of them made a deal that we'll pretend as if nothing happened between us and shock the rest at MU tomorrow...That'll be real fun!!!

Payal:Haha...totally!!!Hhmm...the lunch is perfect by the way....

Bharti:Thank you to the lovely assistant of mine,Naina....

Payal:Awww,Naina helped you??That's so cute of her....

Bharti:And now for the special surprise for Payal aunty....A make-over session!!!!Get ready...Naina,bring your Payal aunty to our bedroom...


Payal:OMG..what's happening yaar??

Bharti:Well,you often bring me out for makeovers and all...Now,presenting you with a special session with Bharti and Naina....Your hair makeover as well as getting pampered with the special manicure and pedicure sessions..So shall we get started??

Payal:OMG...That's so sweet of you yaar...

Bharti:Baatein kam,kaam zyaada...Shuru kare!!!

A few hours later,Armaan was editing the photographs on Jiya's laptop while Raj and Jiya were looking at the photographs scattered on the table.Jiya joined him from the kitchen.

Jiya:(whispered to Raj)Hi...

Raj:(whispered back)Yes Jiya..

Jiya:Tumne kuch naya notice kiya hai??

Raj:Nah...Actually haan...

Jiya:Tumne bhi notice kiya??

Raj:Haan,in saari photographs mein yeh ajeeb sa banda aise pose kyun kar raha hai??


Raj:Haan,tum khud dekho na...Yeh aat foot ka banda...in saari photographs mein yeh banda bandar ke tarha pose kyun kar raha hai??

Jiya:Uffo Raj...tumhe inn photographs ki padi hai..Main toh Armaan ke baare mein baat kar rahi hoon...

Raj:Armaan??Ek baat batao mujhe..Yeh Armaan hamesha meri aur tumhari beech mein kyun aata rehta hai??

Jiya:Uffo woh sab chodo na..Actually kuch dino pehle yeh banda itna udhas tha...Kaam mein koi interest nahin dikha raha tha aur aaj dekho...

Raj:Well he must have decided to finally concentrate and relieve us of our burden...That's all...

Jiya:Uffo Raj..I'm pretty sure zarror kuch toh baat hai!!

Raj:Oh darlin' Jiya...kyun apna dimaag ko overload dete rehte ho???Just chill,gurl!!

Jiya:Main keh rahi hoon na...kuch toh baat hai...Anyways baby kaha hai??

Raj:Kaunsa baby??

Jiya:Arre idiot..baby!!

Raj:Ohh..woh Shreya ke paas hai..


Raj:Babysitter...Neighbour next door...Shreya...Remember??

Jiya:Waise you haven't introduced me to her...

Raj:Kyun??Itni bekarar ho usse milne ke liye??

Jiya:Nahin toh..woh main...

Raj:Woh main...kya??

Jiya:Kuch nahin...(felt irritated)

Raj:Waise i'm having dinner with her tonight..so i'll be leaving soon..

Jiya:Par..We haven;t even started...

Raj:Uffo Jiya, tum ho na..Anyways,i just came to accompany you,that's all..It's your department,na???You've created the fashion website for Sunny and you've uploaded all the pics and now Armaan's editing the pics and he's there for you as always...So what do you need me here for??

Jiya:Uffo Raj..

Raj:Do you really need me here??


Raj:Ok fine..Main ruk tha hoon,happy??

Jiya:Yes of course!!!Thanks yaar...

Raj:Excuse me..got a call...Oh it's Shreya...

Jiya felt a little irritated upon hearing Shreya's name but she was more concerned about Armaan's change of mood and behaviour which she found as strange.She went to talk to him.

Raj:Hi Shreya...

Shreya:Hey Raj..am I disturbing you??

Raj:Not exactly...but i was about to call you to actually cancel the dinner plan...


Raj:I'm extremely sorry for my friend needs me here with her..I'm so sorry that i'm backing out at the last minute..You must have made dinner and I'm..

Shreya:It's ok Raj...Actually i just called to ask if you've taken the baby to the doctor yet??

Raj:What for??

Shreya:I guess that you've not brought her yet..I don't know but i believe that this baby might need to get some sort of vaccinations too,if I'm not wrong???

Raj:Oh my...I didn't think about that...Uffo I've got no knowledge about it Shreya..

Shreya:Hhmm i don't know much either but i'll find it out for you,k??And no worries about the dinner for i've made excess but i'll have it anyways..We can have dinner some other time...k??

Raj:Thanks Shreya...Actually where are you right now??


Raj:I gave you my house keys,didn't I??You can just bring the baby to sleep at my place..and..

Shreya:Raj,I'm actually at your place since she has fallen asleep..

Raj:Wow...Thanks Shreya..I hope to be back soon!!

Shreya:Take your time..bye!!

Meanwhile,Jiya was trying to get to know what was going on in Armaan's mind.

Armaan:Jiya,how is this photo for Sunny's show??We can actually promote his show using this photograph..I think..Jiya,what's wrong??

Jiya:Kuch toh ghadbad hai..

Armaan:Iss tasveer mein??

Jiya:Tumhe ho kya gaya hai Armu??Kya hua hai??

Armaan:What's wrong with me??Mujhe kuch bhi toh nahin hua hai...

Jiya:Nahin..are you hiding something from me???

Armaan:Arre...main tumse kuch kyun chupaonga??

Jiya:Par...lo,tumhara mobile bhi baj raha hai...Uthaao...

Armaan:Haan..(wondered what happened to Jiya all of a sudden but excused himself to answer his call)hello??


Armaan:Kya baat hai???

Bharti:Tumhe kya hua hai...Kaafi irritated ho??

Armaan:Actually woh kuch nahin hai...But you sound super happy by the way...

Bharti:(turned on the loudspeaker mode)Well,apparently you're missing out a lot here...All the fun and masti moments that I'm having with Naina and Payal....

Armaan:You've patched up with Payal??OMG...That's awesome,yaar...

Bharti:Hain na???Lo,usse baat karo...

Payal:Hi Armaan...You won't believe what this girl and her assistant did to me..Her assistant,being Naina..Both of them prepared chicken pulao for me and after that,they provided me with an awesome royal treatment..

Armaan:Royal treatment??

Payal:Yeahh...Usually I will drag Bharti to accompany me to go for spa treatments and all...You won't believe it,lollz i actually got a free treatment of hair makeover plus pedicure and manicure..Now just how awesome is that when it's your friends doing it just for you free of charge...

Armaan:Wow...you are really happy!!I'm happy for you both...I just hope nothing comes in the way of your friendship ever again...

Payal:Nothing will and nothing shall!!Armaan,(turned off the loudspeaker)actually i'm sorry for ruining your friendship..Meri waje se..

Armaan:Payal,it's not your fault...In fact,it was me and only me...I've decided to forget her actually for i realized that it was the one that's coming in the way of my friendship with her...And i won't want to bring this up in front of her ever again...

Payal:Armaan,you know that this is wrong...I know you're doing this to make sure that your friendship remains intact but...

Armaan:No buts,Payal...i don't wish to lose her..I'm really afraid to do so...

Payal: But Armaan..Ok,ok i won't stop you but can I ask you something??


Payal:Will you really forget your love entirely??

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