Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, July 24, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 99~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 96~

Bharti just got out after her bath and she went to the balcony to just enjoy some fresh air and the same time, to dry her hair as well.She smiled,seeing the beautiful stars in the sky.Just then, there was a strong wind blowing and Bharti's hair came in the way.She was placing her hair behind her.Just then,she saw Armaan standing downstairs.She shook her head and thought that she must be having an illusion.She pinched herself and she did saw Armaan standing downstairs.Bharti turned away and wondered what the heavens Armaan was actually doing there.Just then,it began to rain heavily and Bharti went inside,hoping that Armaan would have gone from there.After a few hours,Bharti realized that the rains were getting even heavier.She opened the door of her home and saw that Armaan was still standing there,getting drenched in the rains.She was totally shocked to see that Armaan hasn't left despite the heavy rains.Much as she felt like closing the door and ignoring Armaan,she couldn't do so for an unknown reason.She gradually walked closer to Armaan in the open air,filled with rapid splattering of the rain drops.She went closer to Armaan and looked at him intently,not knowing what she should do with him.

Tere jazbaaton mein mehki si saason mein
Yeh jo mehek sandali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein bikhri si aahon mein
Sone ki khwasish jagi si hai
Chehre se chehra chupao
Seene ki dhadkan sunaao
Dekhlo khud ko tum
Ankhon mein meri
Ankhon mein meri
Ankhon mein meri
Ankhon mein

Bharti:What are you doing here??

Armaan:Bharti,I'm really sorry...

Bharti turned to go but Armaan stopped her.

Armaan:Bharti,please mujhse baat karo...I just can't stand the distance growing between us..It's really killing me every minute..Tumse doori seh nahi jaata Bharti..Main jaanta hoon ki maine galti ki hai par tum mujhe maaf kardo na please...Jab tumse baat nahin karta hoon toh aisa lagta hai jaise maine kuch..(held her hand and made her turn towards him)Maine kuch..keemthi cheez khoya ho hamesha,hamesha ke liye..Maine galat kiya hai..Tumhe jo naaraaz kiya tha..Par har ek pal main marr raha hoon,Bharti..Please Bharti...Mujhse baat karo warna bata nahin ki kisi aur se baat kar paonga ya bhi nahin...Bharti,you're very special in my life..I don't wish to lose you at any cost,Bharti!!Mujhe darr lag raha hai Bharti...Tumhe khona ka darr hamesha dil mein rehta hai...

Bharti:Armaan,tum yeh...

Armaan:Sshh..(placed a finger on her lips)Aaj mujhe bolne do...Tumhe poora haqq hain mujhse naaraz hone ki par..

Bharti:Armaan,andhar chaloge...Chalo mere saath....

Bharti brought Armaan inside and wiped his hair with her towel.Just then she realized that she was standing too close to him and she handed the towel to Armaan to wipe for himself but her chain got stuck to the button on his shirt.Bharti took her chain from the button and turned to go but Armaan still held her hand.

Bharti:Arrgghh Armaan tum jaante ho ki tum kitna paagal ho???Dekho kaise bheeg chuke ho tum....

Just then,Armaan sneezed.

Bharti:Lo,shuru ho gayi...Kya zaroorat hai tumhe yeh sab karne ki??

Armaan:Agar tum pehle hi mujhse baat karti hoti,toh shayad yeh naubat hi nahin aata...

Bharti shook her head and went to the kitchen to boil some water to make some coffee for both of them.Armaan slowly walked to the kitchen to see her murmuring to herself and adding the coffee powder.He gently went behind Bharti and while Bharti was stirring the coffee rapidly,Armaan went closer to her ears and whispered to her,"Itne gusse kyun kar rahe ho,hhmm??".Bharti jerked for a second and turned to face him.


Armaan:Tumhari baal ab bhi geele hai...Towel ke liye thanks!!

Bharti:You're welcome...

Armaan:I'll do the stirring...

Bharti:It's ok Armaan...

Armaan:Bharti,pehle jaa kar baitho...I'll come with the mugs..

Bharti went to her room to hang her towel to dry and when she came out,she saw Armaan waiting for her with her coffee mug in his hand.

Armaan:Here you go..


Armaan:Waise tumne ek baat notice ki??

Bharti:We're having coffee together...

Armaan:And you're talking to me...Just perfect!!!

Bharti smiled and shook her head.

Bharti:Armaan,look i'm..

Armaan:Bharti,I'm sorry for everything..For ruining our friendship and making a mess of everything..

Bharti:What had happened between us Armaan??Why did things change so much???

Armaan:I know Bharti..I just feel so ashamed..

Bharti:It's not your fault,Armaan..

Armaan:It is,Bharti..I got so carried away that for a second,I didn't turn back to see how you must have felt..I'm really sorry!!!(held her hand)

Bharti:(took her hand from his grip gently)Armaan,it's ok...Maybe everything happens at a time and look,your wish is finally fulfilled..We're having coffee...

Armaan:Yeah,and I believe that this is the perfect moment for both of us..In fact,this was what I've been wanting to have when we're having coffee...The fact that there's no one to disturb us,our friendship..But..

Bharti:What??But Raj told me that..

Armaan:Raj??(felt a little irritated)

Bharti:Ahhh nothing Armaan...he told me that guys will only ask girls for coffee only if they're interested..And that's why I..

Armaan:That's why you didn't want to have coffee with me??Come on Bharti...


Armaan:Bharti,I miss our friendship days...That's what i love about you..The friendship that we've had had vanished all of a sudden..And i just wanted to revive those moments..That's all!!

Bharti:Let's start afresh..what say??

Armaan and Bharti finished their coffee and both of them sat on the sofa beside each other.

Armaan:Yea you're right...We should start afresh!!

Bharti:Well,hi...I'm Bharti Sinha..

Armaan:And I'm Armaan Sinha..

Bharti:Oh wow..We've got the same names at the end..Hain na??

Armaan and Bharti bursted out laughing.

Bharti:I"m so glad that we're finally talking...

Armaan:Yesh I'm glad of it as well!!!And i seriously don't want anything to break our friendship apart..Anymore,Bharti..It's seriously annoying!!!

Bharti:Tell me about it yaar...I just hate it too!!Everytime we're having an awesome time together,something is bound to happen and it really..(pauses for a while)But hey,we're back together..And that's what that's important??(smiled)

Armaan:I really missed us...You,in fact!!Your beautiful smile..It really makes your face glow!!


Armaan:Nope,it's a natural compliment from me to you...

Bharti:Thanks a lot!!

Armaan:All of our friends were affected too,na??

Bharti:Tell me about it, Armaan...Especially Raj!!


Bharti:Yeah he told me to forgive me quite a lot..but you know me..

Armaan:Yes of course,the adamant girl,Bharti...

Bharti:Payal and Bhaskar know me really well...And they just hate it whenever i'm adamant...

Armaan:But there's a good thing about it...

Bharti:There is??

Armaan:You're not fickle-minded in that aspect..You know the kind to keep changing her decisions...and that makes you trustworthy!!And it also shows how determined you become in the worst of circumstances,standing by your decision at any cost!!

Bharti:Wow,that was profound,Mr Armaan Sinha....you're very reflective and i didn't think that it oculd have come from a very talented photographer like yourself...

Armaan:Ahhh thanks a lot!!!It's very hard to actually get compliments from you....So i truly cherish and appreciate it Bharti...

Bharti:How sweet of you...Waise,i just want to tell you something Armaan..

Armaan:Haan bolo....

Bharti:I have lots of friends..

Armaan:Aha yeahh i know that..

Bharti:Who think that I'm this party freak...This social elite who just loves meeting people..

Armaan:Oh-kay..(not quite sure of what Bharti is about to say)

Bharti:But there's a whole lot of difference between that Bharti and the Bharti who is in origin..


Bharti:That Bharti is only a virtual image,the image which I wanted to convey to the world..But ultimately i'm not her at all....No one cares about the Bharti who's alone,weird,clumpsy and totally strange...The girl who's totally alone despite being surrounded by so many people..Sometimes it's just so strange...I've met some of the really sweet people in Men's Universe and only they know me but perhaps not as well as how Payal and Bhaskar know me...I'm just glad that I've met them but more than anything,I'm so glad that I've met you...Someone whom I can always bug and fight with...

Armaan:Bharti!!!!You see me as that??How mean is that but anyways I'm touched by your gesture...

Bharti:You better be,haha!!

Armaan:And you're totally different from what you want the world to perceive you to be...

Bharti:Pretty much...

Armaan:Why do you do this Bharti??So that no one will be able to get close to you??

Bharti:I don't know Armaan..Maybe i'm just used to being alone in life and i didn't want to create a moment in my life where i depend on anyone and let them come close to me and only to get my life shattered if anything were to happen....

Armaan:Hhmm...and how come i'm getting to know all these??

Bharti:Well,if you don't want to listen to me bugging you all night with my crap,then you can shut your ears...

Armaan:I wouldn't want to do that...For i love spending time with you and listening to you..


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