Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Special Promo~

~Special Promo~

The fashion show had ended and soon,everyone was leaving.There was still no news of Bharti or Raj and their friends stayed behind to give each other moral support and tried the numbers endlessly.Pushpak and Armaan went separately to search for them nearby.Pushpak tried going to the police stations nearby but then there was no one around to help.Soon,Armaan and Pushpak,on their bikes came across some police officers who appear to have blocked the roads.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 110~

~Meanwhile,at the fashion show venue....~

Vinita:Preity,come let's have something to eat..

Preity:Do you notice something?

Vinita:Bharti's nowhere around here..


Vinita:But a stranger fact is Gyaan's absence...He never misses out on such occasions..Let me call him up..

Preity:What happened?

Vinita:How rude of that idiot..He disconnected my calls..Something definitely strange is going on...

Shreya was very much lost in the crowd,wondering where Armaan could be.She bumped into Amarjeet and thought of asking him,but Amarjeet was pretty much drunk and Shreya felt so uncomfortable.She tried to push herself away from the crowd but ended up having fallen on the ground.She had hurt her leg and tried to stand up and managed to do so with a guy's help.

Shreya:Thanks a lot..I hate mobs..

Armaan:Well you can't avoid them especially at parties...

Armaan:Why do I feel as if I know you??

Shreya:Excuse me...Are you trying to flirt??

Armaan:No..seriously nope!!But..ok,maybe it was just an illusion then..

Jiya:Heyy..I do know you..You had come to MU the other day right?


Jiya:Men's Universe..

Shreya:I think i came there several times...

Jiya:To meet Raj,if I'm not wrong...

Shreya:Yeahh and i assume you're Jiya??Hi..I'm Shreay..

Armaan:Shreya...ermm...Shreya Gill??(with an ounce of surprise in his tone)

Shreya:Yeah i'm Shreya Gill..How do you know my name??

Armaan:The only girl who didn't find the bald guy sitting beside her as abnormal?The girl who made him break his silence and befriended him?

Shreya:Ok seriously you're creeping me out..

Armaan:The guy who helped you out in your studies and who knew you for barely nine months before you had left the college?

Shreya:Armaan Sinha??Armaan!!!

Armaan:Here I am..And you were thinking that I'm flirting with you??

Shreya:OMG!!Armaan,you look so different yaar...

Armaan:5 long yeats,it seems..Can't believe we lost touch for that long..

Shreya:Yeahh..5 long years!!

Armaan:Oops i forgot...This is Jiya,my close friend apart from Raj..And Jiya,this is Shreya,my college buddy..

Jiya:Strange that you didn't mention about her in all these years..

Armaan:Actually I did..Well after the whole ragging incident,Maa had gotten me transferred to Unity College where we net..But apparently after about 9 months..

shreya:My dad got a transfer to LA and so I had to continue my education there and I've come to Mumbai after 5 years,mainly in search of you,Armaan as well as to get a good job as well..Call it luck,that I got selected as an intern in the Trends..

Armaan:What?You work at Trends??Since when?

Shreya:Well,just 3 weeks since i joined but i've yet to prove myself..It's such a competitive world in here..

Jiya:Tell us about it..Every day is taxing especially in the starting days..

Shreya:Raj told me that you guys have been working together for the past 4 years..

Armaan:Yeahh...By the way,how do you know Raj??

Shreya:Well,for a start, I'm his neighbour and babysitter too..(psused for a while and bit her tongue in realization)

Armaan:Babysitter??Since when did Raj require babysitting?

Jiya:Shreya,why don't you help yourself with the desserts??

Shreya:Sorry Jiya..it slipped form my tongue..

Jiya:It's ok dear..it happens!!Go..go and help yourself!!

Shreya:Excuse me..

Armaan:Jiya,what's going on?

Jiya:Actually Armaan,Raj made me promise not to tell anyone but now..Apart from me,Shreya and Raj himself,Bharti knows of it as well..

Armaan:Bharti too?

Jiya:Yeahh and she had helped him several times too..Actually this was about two to three weeks back..(narrated how Raj and Jiya found the baby at his doorstep and how Raj kept the baby with him till now)

Armaan:So you mean to say that the baby was in the hamper all along??(Jiya nodded in agreement)And i didn't know about it till now??

Jiya:Actually we were all so busy and t he promise made to Raj as well...

Armaan:So where's the baby right now?

Shreya:I've taken care of her for a while before coming here..Now the baby's with Raj and Bharti..

Jiya:Raj and Bharti?

Armaan:Both of them are together?Ok,but where are they?

Shreya:No clue but they went off somewhere in Raj's car..

Jiya:Hhmm let me try calling them up..Excuse me;you guys keep chatting..

Jiya was trying Raj's number.Meanwhile,Raj and Bharti were almost dozing off but they got up,upon hearing the baby cry.Jiya tried Raj's and Bharti's alternately but none of them picked up.Jiya was getting worried but smiled when she saw Naina looking at her.Payal wondered where bharti was.She realized that Naina was feeling extremely sleepy but Naina was growing adamant,wanting to se eher mama.

It was almost 1 am.Bharti rocked the baby to sleep while Raj was walking to and fro.Bharti placed the baby in the hamper,and continued waiting.Finally,the officer-in-charge came back and the constable asked both Bharti and Raj to come in.They took a deep breath and entered.Raj felt like venting his frustration and anger on the officer but Bharti held his hand and gestured him to calm down and Raj nodded in agreement,looking at the baby.Raj and Bharti explained the whole situation to the officer.Bharti and Raj smiled weakly at each other,feeling confident that they did the right thing.

Armaan:Jiya,managed to get through?

Jiya:Nope..both of their phones are not reachable..

Armaan:Try their home numbers..Let me try Bharti's while you try Raj's..

Jiya:Ok,this is really getting freaky..

After some time,Jiya and Armaan gave up trying.Armaan was starting to feel very much worried and wondered where Raj and Bharti had gone off to.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 109~

After some time,the fashion show had started.Raj wondered where Bharti was.

Raj:(murmured to himself)Bata nahin yeh Bharti aur kitne dher lage gi...(kept looking at his watch)

Jiya:Heyy...kaha reh gaye the tum??Aur mujhse milne bhi nahi aaya tha??

Raj:Arre tumhe toh roz dekh tha hoon na??Aur waise bhi i decided not to interrupt you while you were getting the moidels ready or else their focus might be diverted to me..Don't you know how charming I am??

Jiya:Uff...Raj,seriously...I don't know what the girls seriously see in you...

Raj:Ladkiyon par matt ja,ok??

Jiya:Nahin jaa rahi hoon..Goodness,ok excuse me!!

Raj:Ok bye...Bharti,where are you yaar???

Meanwhile,Armaan was taking very good care of Nain anad both of them were having a good time together.Naina was being fed by Armaan and Payal was secretly taking their pics together.She just wished that both Bhaskar and Bharti were there to witness the scenes together with her.Meanwhile,she wondered where Bharti was.

Bharti paid the autodriver and came inside,looking for Raj.

Bharti:Lo,here you are...Am I very late??

Raj:Finally,you've arrived...What took you so long yaar??

Bharti:Arre yaar don't ask..Got stuck in some stupid traffic over some stupid probs...So sorry yaar....

Raj:It's ok...Let me check on Shreya..she's supposed to be here any moment....

Bharti:Hhmm ok..I wonder where the rest are...

Just then Bharti spotted Payal.


Payal:Hiii.....kitni dher lagaa di tumne??

Bharti:Sorry yaar...

Payal:Ek second..tum toh brown pehne waali thi??

Bharti:Actually i spilled Pepsi on the brown dress..so i just got the red dress and wore it..Lekin meri kismat toh dekho...Some stupid traffic jam!!

Payal:Ahh..you should have come earlier..Naina is really gelling well with Armaan...

Bharti:Wow,that's great....

Payal:Yeah,duh Bharti!!!That's great,na??

Bharti:Payal,i just agreed with you yaar...Tum itne excited kyun ho rahe ho??

Raj:Bharti,tum yaha ho??Chalo...

Payal:Oye hello..Where are you bringing her???


Armaan:Hi Bharti...(called out to her from a distance)

Bharti was stunned to see Armaan in a purple shirt.She had never seen him in a purple shirt before and she recognized this shirt,the shirt which she and Sudha once bought for him but he refused to wear at any cost and right now,she was just so speechless.Armaan,on the other hand,was surprised for she was supposed to wear a brown dress but she was wearing a red dress instead.Bharti couldn't believe her luck tonight and she smiled in surprise while walking up to him.

Armaan:Hi Bharti..

Naina:Hi mama..

Bharti:Oh hi dear...(knelt down and caressed her cheek)Mama missed her darling so much..How have you been?

Naina:Armaan uncle showed me around..Gave me some food but i only liked the noodles and the chocolate pie..

Bharti:There's chocolate pie?Yummy yum..

Naina:There is a lot..It is very nice but no one is taking more than one..

Bharti:Haha, that's because nobody here wants to become moti..But mama's gonna eat more than 3..

Naina:Mama,you told me not to be greedy..

Bharti:It's ok to be greedy once in a while..(smiled widely)

Naina:Mama,you chose Payal aunty's colour for your dress..(made a cute,sad face)

Bharti:Actually mama's brown dress got Pepsi spilled on it in a rush..So Mama wore the red dress..

Naina:You look very pretty,mama..

Bharti:Aww thank you hunni..But you know something?You look much more prettier than your mama..

Naina:Thank you mama!!

Armaan:Ahem..(coughs a lil)

Bharti:Oh hi..(smiled at him)

Naina:Armaan uncle,you are so cute..Mama,i'll go with Payal aunty to eat..

Bharti:Ok..but stay with your Payal aunty,k??Don't go anywhere else..

Armaan:How cute can you two be?I really envy you,Bharti..

Bharti:Why so?

Armaan:Well,Naina is such a gorgeous angel..And time just flies with her..

Bharti:Well, i definitely have to agree with you on that..

Armaan:How do I look today?

Bharti:About that..erm,what would you like to hear?The truth or something else?

Armaan:The truth..apparently!!

Bharti:Are you sure Armaan?

Armaan:Yes Bharti..

Bharti:(looked intently into his eyes,gently diverting her attention to his purple shirt and thought to herself)"This is such a great opportunity to irritate Armaan..He's obviously expecting me to say something nice but i'm going to say the otherwise..This is so much fun.."

Armaan:Bharti,I'm waiting..Just tell me honestly..

Bharti:Ok..what made you even think of wearing purple in the first place?


Bharti:What do you mean by why,Armaan?It so doesn't suit you at all,yaar..

Armaan:(his smile automatically faded)But the others were saying that i looked nice..Different!!

Bharti:They might just have said it to not offend your dressing sense..I mean,it doesn't..Well, you don't look nice at all..Waise,i assume you've not worn pirple before or did you?

Armaan:No, I didn't..

Bharti:Then how come you wore it today?

Armaan:I knew it that i wouldn't look nice in purple..Maa told me..

Bharti:Mom told you to wear purple?

Armaan:Acutally,no..This was the only colour that i didn't wear and i wanted to look different..

Bharti:Well, you definitely look different..

Raj:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Talk to you later,Armaan..Come,Raj..(walked off from there,leaving gloomy Armaan behind)

Armaan thought to himself,"What a stupid bet that I've striked with Maa.. and she was so confident that her bahu will be the only one who'll find me hot and happening..And i raised the bar of my expectations,getting convinced by her words..I'm feeling so crap right now..I so need something to cheer me up!!"

Meanwhile Bharti was talking to Raj and simulatenously watching Armaan.She had a wide smile on her face for she had succeeded in irritating Armaan.

Raj:Oh hello..Why are you smiling to yourself?

Bharti:Well,i've given a whole deal of irritation to someone we both know..

Raj:Ermm..who's that?


Raj:I thought i was supposed to be doing that..But how exactly so??(Bharti narrated to Raj and he bursted out laughing)Ok,now that was a lil mean,don't you think?

Bharti:It's not mean..It's just pure fun yaar..So much for how he tried to irritate me with the coffee offer..

Raj:Goodness Bharti..You aren't over that yet?

Bharti:I'm over it already but i just did this for fun..Well i'll manaofy him later..

Raj:Manaofy?Sometimes, your words can be as interesting as you..

Bharti:Thanks..Where's Shreya by the way?

Raj:She just messaged me that she's on her way and once she's near the entance,she said that she'll message me again..

Bharti:Cool,let's get a drink..

Raj:And how about food?You want any?

Bharti:Naina told me that the chocolate pie is yummy..Grab about 4 or 5..I'm craving for desserts..

Raj:Lollz ok..I'll be right back!!

Bharti was mingling with quite a lot of people.Vinita and Preity were watching her subtly and they thought of joining Amarjeet who was walking over to talk to Bharti.

Bharti:Sir,the fashion show is great..Sunny is so talented!!

Amarjeet:I have to agree...He's overflowing with talent and today,he's the star of our Men's Universe..

Vinita:Definitely Sir...He's just brilliant today..Bharti,you came alone today?

Bharti:No,my daughter is here too..Thanks for the concern..

Vinita:You're welcome,darlin'..(nudged Preity)

Preity:Waise don't mind me asking you..Where's your husband by the way?

Bharti:My hubby?

Preity:Yeahh..you haven't introduced him to any of us before..

Amarjeet:Preity has a point..Where is your hubby??What does he do??

Bharti:Woh actually..Kya hain na Sir..Woh..

Raj:Hi Sir,girls and Bharti..what's going on?

Amarjeet:Nothing actually,Raj..We were jsut asking Bharti about her hubby and where he is nowadays..

Raj:(looked at bharti)Yeah Bharti..Where is he??

Bharti:(glanced at Raj and whispered to him)"Dude,you're supposed to help me out..What kind of a friend are you??"

Raj:(whispered back)"Yeahh...Right!!"..Well,Sir,her hubby's a..(paused for some time)..

Vinita:Yeah Raj??

Raj:Creative head..


Raj and Bharti said the two professions at the same time,not only confusing Amarjeet,Vinita and Preity but also each other,giving each other an irritated yet confused look.

Raj:We meant that he's a creative head aur kabhi kabhi woh photography ka shok bhi rakte hain..Especially international assignments and he travels a lot too..

Bharti:(smiled widely)Raj is absolutely right,Sir..

Vinita:It's so strange na,Sir?


Vinita:How come Raj knows quite a lot about Bharti's hubby?

Bharti:Vinita darlin', i often talk about my hubby with Raj and that's how he knows..What's so strange??

Raj:Excuse us,Sir..

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 108~

Jiya was about to go when she saw armaan in his cabin.

Jiya:Hel-lo!!What are you still doing here?

Armaan:Oh hi Jiya..I'm just about to leave..

Jiya:Ok i'll see you at the show then..Waise purple shirt??

Armaan:How is it?

Jiya:(looked at Armaan for a while)It's different and nice too..but you are fond of purple,are you?

Armaan:(shook his head)No I'm not but..

Jiya:Bharti is!!!Yeah,she is!!!Wait,wait..wait!!Are you,by any chance,trying to impress Bharti??

Armaan:I'm not..I'm so not!!Ok??

Jiya:Yeah ok...I get it!!(smiled widely at him)




Jiya:Dekh hi toh rahi hoon..Wah!!Bhale koi kaise itna koshish kar sakta hai kisi aur ko bhoolne ke liye?


Jiya:Kya??Sahi toh bol rahi hoon..Kuch galat toh nahin kaha na??

Armaan:Just forget it...


Jiya:Oh hi Payal,hi Naina...What a pleasant surprise...come in!!

Payal:Hi guys,where's Bharti?

Jiya:She's not here actually..I think she must have left for the show..

Payal:Sorry Naina..We got late..We can meet your mama at the show,k?(Naina nodded)

Jiya:Hayye,so sweet..Ok i'll leave first,k?Sunny's been calling me..

Payal:Ok Armaan we'll make a move too..

Armaan:Let's go together..Just give me about 5 minutes,ok?

Payal:Ok sure..

Armaan:Just take a seat..i'll be right back!!

Payal and Naina sat on the couch,waiting for Armaan.Payal was browsing through a magazine while Naina stood up and saw a photograph of Armaan and Bharti in a photo frame.She brought it to Payal who smiled at her.

Payal:Achi photo hai na?

Naina:Mama bohat achi lag rahi hai..

Payal:Aapki mama hamesha achi lagti hai..(placed her arm around Naina and hugged her)

Naina:Armaan uncle sirf mama ki dost hai na??

Payal:Haan bhi aur nahin bhi..

Naina:Payal aunty..

Armaan:Hi girls..chale?

Payal:Yeah Armaan..let's go..

Armaan:OMG,it's so late..Naina,what is this?

Payal:Actually she saw the photograph of her mama and took a look at it..

Armaan:(smiled at Naina and knelt down)Mama ko bohat miss kar rahi ho?

Naina:Hhmm..mujhe unke paas le chaloge?

Armaan:Haan Naina..Waise ek baat kahu aapse??aapki mama bohat lucky hai..


Armaan:(looked at the photograph)Aapki mama ko yeh ehsaas nahin hai ke..(got lost in his words) Ke kitne log unse sache dil se chahthe hai...

Payal:Chale Armaan?


Along the way,Payal's mobile rang.


Bharti:Hey..where are you?

Payal:Going to reach..where are you?

Bharti:Arre yaar..main toh ghar par hoon..

Payal:Ghar par?Bharti...

Bharti:What Bharti?Hhmm ok,i'll meet you in half an hour's time,k?Naina's with you,na?

Payal:Yes Bharti-ji..Aapki pyaari si beti mere saath hai..Khush??Wait..she wants to talk to you..

Bharti:Haan..phone do!!Hi Naina..

Payal:Ek minute..(turned on the loudspeaker)

Naina:Hi mama..aap kaha ho??

Bharti:Ghar par..Tayyar ho rahi hoon..ok Naina mujhe batao..Mama brown pehnu ya phir red??

Payal:Bharti,you seriously can't decide?

Bharti:Uffo Payal,don't interfere between a mother and a daughter..Naina,bolo..

Payal:Go for red..


Payal:Naina,brown kyun?

Naina:Bohat saare log red pehenkar aayenge na..Mama aapko alag lagna chahiye!!

Payal:Arre wah..beti ho toh aisi!!

Bharti:Hehe..Ahem pehle dekh toh lo kiski beti hai..Hhmm??

Payal:Waise koi aur bhi hai jo alag dikh raha hai..


Payal:Kuch nahin..Tu fataafat aa jaana..We'll wait for you..Bye!!

Bharti:Ok bye..(hung up)

Payal hung up and saw Armaan looking at her in irritation.

Payal:(grinned sheepishly)Hehe kya hua Armaan??

Armaan:Tumhe woh sab kehne ki kya zaroorat hai??

Payal:Maine kya kaha hai Armaan??


Payal:Lo,ab tumhara phone bhaj raha hai..Uthaao...

Armaan:Hello,Armaan here...

Bharti:Haan photowaale,mujhe bata hai...Waise Payal aur Naina waha pohanchne waale hai...So can you please look around for them and give them company for a while..I'm just leaving from home aur mujhe aane mein thodi dher ho sakti hai....

Armaan:Kitni dher??

Bharti:About half an hour...Sorry about that...

Armaan:It's ok Bharti..take your time...

Bharti:Thanks yaar..I'll see you then...Bye!!

Armaan:Ok bye!!(hung up)Chale??

Payal:Chalo....Wow it looks real grand by the way..Bohat saare log bhi hai...Naina,come!!

Armaan:Naina,come..I'll show you around...Come,Payal!!

Payal checked her mobile and just then she saw Naina holding Armaan's hand and walking with him.She smiled instantly,adoring them both from a distance and wishing from the bottom of her heart,"May such beautiful moments be re-enacted and engraved in thier hearts forever...Awww!!!What a perfect family it would be...Bharti-Naina-Armaan..Perfect!!(smiled widely at the lovely thought)"

Armaan:Payal!!(tapped on her shoulder)


Armaan:Come..why are you standing there??Come inside!!


Almost all the staff members of Men's Universe and the Trends are there together with the guests and Amarjeet was conversing with the several fashion icons of the industry and chit-chatting.Meanwhile,Sunny was getting all nervous and tensed while Jiya was helping the models get ready and briefing them on their sequence.

Raj had just arrived and wondered where Bharti was.He dialled her number and waited for her to pick up the call.

Raj:Hey gorgeous...

Bharti:Yes Raj...

Raj:Haha how did you know it's me??

Bharti:Well,that's because apparently the only flirt who is dying to see me right now is you,am i right??

Raj:How dare you flirt back with me,Bharti??

Bharti:Very funny,Raj...Waise i'm getting better,na??Haha..jokes apart..It's only you who can lighten the atmosphere in the most serious atmosphere too...Waise where are you right now??

Raj:I'm at the fashion show yaar..Where are you???

Bharti:I'm on my way..in an auto!!Actually i spilled Pepsi on my dress..Had to go and change my dress and that's why i'm late..

Raj:Ok jaldi karo..The show will start in 5 min's time...

Bharti:ALmost there,k??Reaching....Waise you're there with the baby??

Raj:Nope...Shreya said she'll bring the baby with her and we can sneak out from here quickly....

Bharti:Great idea..ok almost reaching..See you!!

Raj:Bye!!(hung up)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 107~

Armaan:Hello,we were supposed to meet,remember?

Bharti:We were?How come i...(waved to Raj who seemed irritated)

Armaan:Come,i need to tell you something..

Bharti:Par main..Armaan,i need to go somewhere..

Armaan:Woh sab baad mein jaana..This is really urgent!!(pulled Bharti with him while Bharti turned around and gestured to Raj to call her and raj nodded)


Armaan:Come,have some coffee and i'll tell you everything..(got both of them a mug of coffee each and both sat down at the MU cafe)

Bharti:(smiled out of confusion)So Armaan,thanks for the coffee..What exactly is the matter?

Armaan:Try and guess!!

Bharti:Arre mujhe kaise bata hoga..One lucky guess is that you seem really,really excited about something..Sunny's show?

Armaan:No yaar..ek aur guess..

Bharti:Uffo Armaan..just say na; yeh ladkiyon ki tarha suspense kyun create kar rahi ho??Jaldi bolo na..

Armaan:Bol doo??

Bharti:(smiled widely)Main jaaoo??(raised her eyebrows)

Armaan:Nahin,nahin rukho...mai bol deta hoon..

Bharti:Oops,sorry Armaan..it's a call,let me attend to it,k??Hello..

Raj:Hey,you're still with Armaan??

Bharti:Yeah,at MU cafe..

Raj:Hhmm..so are we going?

Bharti:I think he wants to discuss something important,so not now..We'll go at night before Sunny's show..I don't want to miss it..

Raj:Ok i tell you what..We'll meet at the venue of Sunny's show..we can't stay for long,maybe 15 to 20 minutes and then we'll rush off without anyone's knowledge..Look Bharti,nobody else apart from me,you,Jiya and Shreya knows about this baby..And i'm trusting your word to report to the police,ok??So please,let this be private and confidential..

Bharti:Uffo,you can trust me yaar..I promise you that nothing will be ruined..I'll meet you later,k??Bye..

Raj:Thanks yaar..Ok i'll hang up,bye!!(hung up)

Armaan:Who was it?

Bharti:Just a friend of mine..Anyways you were saying..

Armaan:Yes,actually i got an international project offer..

Bharti:You mean to say that you've got an overseas photo-shoot?

Armaan:Some sort of..

Bharti:Ok..so?I mean you do that often,na?What's so exciting about it?

Armaan:Bharti,actually i'm not selected as of yet..It's an offer open to photogrpahers for the next 2 months based on a theme and the selected photographers actually get to showcase their talent in a reality-based show..Can you believe that?

Bharti:Ok,just a second...You mean to say that if you do get selected,you can actually get to be famous??

Armaan:Now you get it!!

Bharti:You mean,those beauty pageants and all,that kind??

Armaan:Yeah..in a way..

Bharti:You're pulling my leg,aren't you?I've not heard of such shows in India before..

Armaan:Me neither..But this is an international-based show and Amarjeet called to confirm and you wouldn't believe it!!

Bharti:(looked totally shocked)Aaahhh!!!!OMG!!!(shouted in joy for a prolonged period of time)

Armaan:Bharti..(looked to his right and left)Everyone's watching us!!

Bharti:SO what?Yaar..this is awesome..OMG!!!I'm actually feeling so giddy with happiness..

Armaan:But i'm not selected yet..

Bharti:Toh kya hua??I know and am certain that you'll definitely be selected and you'll rock!!(winked at him)Seriously tongiht calls for double celebration yaar..

Armaan:Indeed..Sunny's just so excited..Do you know something?


Armaan:This Sunny has helped several people in setting up and organizing fashion shows but this is his first ever grand individual fashion show;today everyone will know him as Sunny,not someone having merged his designs with other famous designers..You should have seen him this morning,biting his nails in anxiety..

Bharti:Are you..serious??(Armaan nodded in agreement)This is so amazing yaar..Today i'm hearing positive things from everywhere..(murmured to herself)Looks like the mystery will be solved soon..



Armaan:Did you say anything about mystery?

Bharti:No,I didn't..(thought to herself)"God,this dude has sharp ears too!!"

Armaan:Waise you didn't tell me who called..

Bharti:Just a friend,Armaan..

Armaan:And i suppose that you're going out with this friend of your's later??

Bharti:Yes Armaan,kyun?You're not intending to spy on me,are you?

Armaan:And why would I do that,Bharti?

Bharti:How am I supposed to know??The way of you interrogating me with your questions makes me think so..

Armaan:Uffo,that's because you're keeping it as a mystery from me..

Bharti:Very funny,Armaan..

Armaan:So, tell me..


Armaan:Aren't you ocming for Sunny's show?

Bharti:Yeahh i'll be definitely coming..Not to worry about that..

Armaan:Ok..what time will you be there??

Bharti:Uffo Armaan..your interrogation is not over,yet?(took armaan's hand to look at his watch)Oh shux!!

Armaan:What happened?

Bharti:I"m so late..(took out the file which Mahi gave her and stood up)

Armaan:Now where are you going?

Bharti:Seminar plus meeting with Algro Fashions creative head..Gotta run;see you later..

Armaan:Hhmm ok..See you!!

~6:30 pm~

Jiya had come back to Men's Universe to check on Raj and the baby.When she walked inside Raj's cabin,she jsut smiled,adoring the sight which was in front of her.She watched Raj having slept,embracing the baby and both of them lookeed just so eprfect with each other,She thought to herself,"Just look at how innocent both of them look..Looks can be so deceptive!!(shook her head);Just don't feel like waking them up at all!!"

Just then Raj shifted himself and opened his eyes to check the time.As he turned to look at his mobile,he jerked and almost shouted.

Raj:Jiya,you've started to appear in my dreams too??Yaha par toh mujhe chod do..

Jiya:Ahaha..I'm so desperate that I'm following you everywhere...Oh just shut up,Raj and wake up...I can't believ that you're sleeping at this hour..

Raj:Why?Haven't you seen me sleeping in MU before?

Jiya:Only when you've had the worst hangover the night before...

Raj:Oh bhoothni..Waise,you were supposed to be at Sunny's fashion show na??What are you doing here?

Jiya:Well i forgot to get some some things from the studio..

Raj:Now that's a lie...You came to look for me,didn't you?

Jiya:Fat hope!!

Raj:Oh really?

Jiya:Yes, and you better make a move and come for the show..Amarjeet's been asking..

Raj:(placed the baby in the hamper)Hhmm I wonder what's taking her so long...



Jiya:I'll be right back,k?


After some time...

Jiya:Where are you off to?Sunny's show?

Raj:Not now,Jiya...I need to head home to refresh myself and get changed..

Jiya:Okiezz...Hey where's the baby?

Raj:Shreya had come and she's helping me take care of the baby for some time..

Jiya:Oh icic..By the way,you've not introduced me to her yet..

Raj:Oh actually she will be coming for Sunny's fashion show...I'll see you later,k?

Jiya:I'll come with you??(her mobile rang)Oh..it's sunny..

Raj:Go and help him out,Jiya..He needs you tonight for his big day!!I'll see you later,bye!!

Jiya:(smiled)Ok..Jaldi aa jaana..Bye!!

Jiya was about to go when she saw armaan in his cabin.

Jiya:Hel-lo!!What are you still doing here?

Armaan:Oh hi Jiya..I'm just about to leave..

Jiya:Ok i'll see you at the show then..Waise purple shirt??

Armaan:How is it?

Jiya:(looked at Armaan for a while)It's different and nice too..but you are fond of purple,are you?

Armaan:(shook his head)No I'm not but..

Jiya:Bharti is!!!Yeah,she is!!!Wait,wait..wait!!Are you,by any chance,trying to impress Bharti??

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 106~



Bharti:I"m not exactly sure..Maybe around 2 to 3 pm..

Armaan:Ok,i'll see you later..

Bharti:Ok then..See ya!!(hung up)

Armaan:Maa i'll wear the purple shirt for the fashion show..not now!!

Sudha:Main..ek second,kya kaha tumne?

Armaan:Haan,purple shirt pehnoonga..Khush?

Sudha:Bohat zyaada..Mera pyaara sa beta apne patni ko impress karne ki koshish kar raha hai..(clasps her hands together and smiled widely)How amazing!!


Sudha:Ok,ok..Ab mood kharaab matt karna..This is the best morning i've ever had..Waise ek doubt clear karoge?

Armaan:Kaisa doubt?

Sudha:Jiya bata rahi thi ki tum kisi "Pyaar Bhoolna" mission mein involved ho..(Armaan grinned sheepishly)

Armaan:Woh main..

Sudha:Jis tarha yeh sab chal rahi hai..mujhe nahin lagta ke tum usse kabhi bhool paoge..

Armaan:Kyun nahin??Main Bharti ko zaroor bhool jaonga..Mere dil mein uskle liye pyaar nahin bachega..

Sudha:acha bachu?Toh aaj usse impress kyun karna chahthe ho??(Armaan fell short for words)

Armaan:Maa,i'm not trying to impress your bahu..In fact,i'm just going to look amazing..you know..Hot and happening...

Sudha:(looked at him up and down)Hot and happening??

Armaan:Kya bata..some girl may fall for me!!

Sudha:What an idea,sir ji!!

Armaan:Hain na?(smiled,thinknig of his idea)

Sudha:Shart laga thi hoon..No one's going to think of you as hot and happening apart from Bharti...

Armaan:acha..aisi baat hai??Toh theekh hai..Mujhe aapki shart manzoor hai!!

Sudha:If I win,you'll make an aweosme dinner for me and Bharti..Something out of the world...

Armaan:If you lose,you'll accept whatever I tell you to..

Sudha:I'll have to think about that..Hhmm..(looked at Armaan and smiled)sure thing,Armu..But i seriously hope i win!!

Armaan:Even i wish for the same!!

Sudha:What??What did you say?

Armaan:Nothing..nothing at all!!Ok i'm done and i'm off to work..See you later!!(kissed Sudha's cheek and left)

Sudha:Bye..Hhmm..Armu,no matter what you say,you can never forget Bharti neither stop loving her..I know you and have seen you transform so much and become so happy because of her. I just hope that you don't kill your emotions because of your impatience..Yeh pyaar bhi bohat ajeeb hoti hai..Hum log kabhi samajh nahin paate ki yeh kaise apne zindagi mein aate hain aur kabhi kabhi chaale jaate hain,aapni saari khushiyon ko le kar...I just hope everything falls in place!!

~At Men's Universe~

Raj just got out of his cabin after checking on the baby.She had fallen asleep.He closed his cabin door and turned around to see Jiya.He almost jerked back and hit his own head on the glass door.


Raj:Oww..my head..What's with you today showering sympathy on me for??

Jiya:Does it hurt?

Raj:Well yeah,a bit..

Jiya:Aww..i really feel bad for you..(Raj realized the sarcasm in her tone)..Aur zorr se lagna chahiye!!

Raj:Thanks Ms Whatever..Waise kya baat hai??Humare cabin ke baahar?Jiya:Kuch khaas nahin..Hey,you're having dark circles..

Raj:I am??Geez..no way,Jiya!!

Jiya:Here's my compact mirror..Check for yourself!!

Raj:Gawd..this is crazy..

Jiya:What time did you sleep last night?

Raj:That's simply a marvellous question..In fact,I don't even understand the question..

Jiya:Ooo..that bad,huh?It's ok;you'll get used to it..

Raj:How nice of you to not offer help at all..Thanks by the way!!

Jiya:You're welcome,Raj..

Raj:My luck to have a friend like you...

Both of them walked to the reception counter.

Raj:Tum mere peeche peeche kyun aa rahi ho??

Jiya:Bas aise hi..Time pass..

Raj:Hey gorgeous,any parcels for me?

Jenny:No sir..nothing for you today..

Raj:Uff,i thought there'll be someone to cheer me up..(waited for a while,hoping to hear a response from Jenny)

Jenny:Sir,seriously there's nothing today!!

Raj:Arrgghh,I'm growing rusty..(walked to the staff lounge area)

Jiya:What are you blabbering about?

Raj:It's been two weeks plus since I've gone out...You know,dates and stuff...

Jiya:(shook her head)Waise where's the baby?

Raj:She's in my cabin,sleeping..

Jiya:And you're out here..What if she wakes up?

Raj:Don't tell anyone..I've got a secret alarm system..I'll get to know when she wakes up or cries!!It's that simple..

Jiya:Arre wah..You've gotten baby-savvy in just 2 weeks..Amazing!!

Raj:Thanks!!Ok i'll make a move first..

Jiya:Hhmm ok i'll see you at Sunny's fashion how..Now why are you making such a fac...Don't tell me you forgot about it..

Raj:Ermm Jiya i gotta meet someone immediately..Catch you later,bye..

Jiya:Bye?!(wondered where Raj rushed off to)

Raj ran towards Bharti's cabin but it was locked.He met Armaan who walked up to him.

Armaan:Hi Raj..

Raj:Oh hi Armaan..have you met Bharti?

Armaan:She's not here yet..She said that she's gonna come around 2 or 3 pm..

Raj:Oh ok..

Armaan:What happened?Is it anything important?

Raj:Nah it's ok..thanks!!

Armaan:What's that beeping noise??

Raj:Oh shux...Armaan,i'll talk to you later..bye!!

Armaan:What the...isse kya ho gaya achanak?

Raj quickly rushed to his cabin and realized that the baby was awake,and she was crying.Raj was busy booking for the baby pacifier to minimize her crying/Finally,he found the pacifier anf felt totally relieved.The baby stopped crying and he checked for the thermos flask he had kept aside and got the baby bottle filled with milk and fed her. Just then,he heard a knock on his cabin door.He quickly turned around so that no one could see him feeding milk to the baby.

Raj:Come in...

Bharti:Hi Raj..

Raj:Uff,it's you Bharti..

Bharti:Where are you talking from?

Raj:Arre yaar..walk by my table towards my chair..

Bharti:OMG..how cute Raj...She's drinking milk!!

Raj:What are you doing?

Bharti:Taking a video on my mobile..Now do you feel proud to be her dad?

Raj:This three-letter word is heavy,Bharti!!Please..right now I'm only glad that she's quietly drinking the milk..The last 15 minutes was hell for me..i couldn't find the pacifier..and she was crying away;thank god her cries weren't too loud!!

Bharti:All is well,Raj..Now,smile!!


Bharti:Come on Raj..ek pose with the beautiful angel..

Raj:Hhmm ok..(smiled and psoed,raising the baby a lil)

Bharti:Heyy,be careful..She's choking!!


Bharti:Arre rukho..ek minute!!Raj,be gentle yaar..wait,let me carry her..

Bharti carried the baby gently and Raj helped wipe the milk from her cheek.Both Bharti and Raj smiled at each other.

Bharti:She's so cute yaar..

Raj:Bharti,do we really have to?

Bharti:Yes Raj..we have to!!We can't delay any more!!

Raj:Ok,we can go right away..

Bharti:Oh shux..i totally forgot..Carry the baby..I need to go and meet Mahi and Sonali promptly!!

Raj:Ok be back soon,k?

Bharti:Yeah ok but if i'm not back,just buzz me on my mobile,l?


Bharti went to meet Mahi and Sonali who gave Bharti the file of the client whom she was supposed to meet in the evening before going for Sunny's fashion show.Bharti turned to go from there towards her cabin.She realized that it was already 2:45 pm and she felt so crazy as there was so much going on for the whole day.She took a look at the file which Mahi gave her, and she realized that she was supposed to meet a creative head to discuss and attend a short seminar of Algro Fashions.Bharti heard her mobile ringing, upon which she realized that Raj was waiting for her and she quickly kept the files in her bag and took her mobile and locked her cabin.Just as she locked her cabin door,she bumped into Armaan.

Armaan:Hello,we were supposed to meet,remember?

Bharti:We were?How come i...(waved to Raj who seemed irritated)

Armaan:Come,i need to tell you something..

Bharti:Par main..Armaan,i need to go somewhere..

Armaan:Woh sab baad mein jaana..This is really urgent!!(pulled Bharti with him while Bharti turned around and gestured to Raj to call her and Raj nodded)


Armaan:Come,have some coffee and i'll tell you everything..(got both of them a mug of coffee each and both sat down at the MU cafe)

Bharti:(smiled out of confusion)So Armaan,thanks for the coffee..What exactly is the matter?

Armaan:Try and guess!!

Bharti:Arre mujhe kaise bata hoga..One lucky guess is that you seem really,really excited about something..Sunny's show?

Armaan:No yaar..ek aur guess..

Bharti:Uffo Armaan..just say na; yeh ladkiyon ki tarha suspense kyun create kar rahi ho??Jaldi bolo na..

Armaan:Bol doo??

Bharti:(smiled widely)Main jaaoo??(raised her eyebrows)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 105~

~Next Day At MU~

Mahi and Bharti arrived at MU together.They saw Sonali and Pushpak at the staff lounge area near the coffee machine and wlaked over towards the staff lounge.Bharti said Hi to both of them but Sonali just left from there.Mahi felt amused to see the reaction on Pushpak's face.

Bharti:(hit Mahi's shoulder)Mahi,stop giggling!!

Mahi:Pk yaar,sorry!!

Bharti:What's wrong,Pushpak?

Mahi:Has the big storm landed?

Pushpak:Mahi,tum bhi na..

Mahi:Seriously,what happened this time round?

Pushpak:She must have told you two of my silly mistake and how..

Mahi:Your mom got to know of your live-in status with Sonali..Aha,so?

Pushpak:Initially Maa thought of asking her to go over and meet her..

Mahi:Don't tell me that Sonu agreed..

Pushpak:You know her well that she won't agree..


Pushpak:I told Maa to come over to my place to see Sonali..


Bharti:When exactly?

Pushpak:this weekend!!

Bharti:But I heard that Amarjeet sir is having a launch party for all MU staff this weekend itself..


Pushpak:Don't even mention it..I feel so busted right now from all directions!!

Bharti and Mahi got their coffee from the coffee machine and went on with their work,leaving Pushpak all alone.Bharti called up Payal to inform her to bring Naina to the pre-school to enroll Naina for the art class package that the three of them had confirmed on,last nightmafter Payal's radio show.

Bharti had retuurned the keys at the locker are where all keys were returned before leaving the Men's Universe office.She was at the reception counter and was about to go off but she stopped upon seeing some flyers of Sunny's fashion show posted on the walls of MU.She smiled as she was eagerly awaiting the show which is going to be held the next day.She almost bumped into Armaan and Raj.

Bharti:Oops..sorry guys..

Armaan:It's ok..Already leaving?

Bharti:Yeahh..since my work is done for the day..How about you guys?

Armaan:In that case,could you do me a favour?


Armaan:Could you help me distribute these flyers to the Trends office?

Bharti:Ye..yeah but why don't you ask Raj?

Raj:Yeahh Armaan,why didn't you say so earlier?

Armaan:You said you were busy..

Raj:No,I didn't..

Armaan:Yes,you did when i asked you to distribute these flyers..

Raj:Well you didn't state the Trends office..

Bharti:(shook her heas as Raj left)Guys will remain guys after all..Anything else you need me to help with?

Armaan:Not really..

Bharti:For a change,you look real tired!!

armaan:Well i returned home last night with Jiya,getting these flyers done and today,there is this final rehearsal for the models..It's totally tiring..

Bharti:Aww,go and get yourself something to drink..You'll feel better!!

Armaan:Hhmm yeah hopefully that works!!

Bharti:Okiezz i'm off..See ya..

Armaan:(smiled weakly)Bye..

Raj went up to the Trends office and flirted with the recepotionist for a while before Shreya turned up.

Shreya:Hi..i think we met a few hours back for lunch..

Raj:Yes,we did Shreya..

Shreya:So how can I help you??

Raj:Well i've got some flyers for tomorrow's fashion show.Sunny is our important fashion designer and the entire team of Men's Universe will lurve it if the staff from the Trends office could join us as well..So just pass these to your colleagues as well as your boss too..

Shreya:Thanks a lot but my supervisor is not around right now..I'll pass it to him later..

Raj:Well,this place really looks like the office of glamour..

Shreya:Indeed it is Raj..What were you thinking?

Raj:Is it just me or is the whole atmosphere just so stiff?

Shreya:Actually the head of our media department has gotten a transfer elsewhere and now everyone's wondering who'll get his place..And obviously,

Raj:Aur sab maska maar rahe hain???So that they can be recommended??


Raj:Hhmm so i'll be leaving for now...I expect you to be there tomorrow,yeah?

Shreya:No probs,Raj..Actually i wanted to tell you something..The other day,I had asked for yuor number,na??Don't get me wrong for that..I only did so for right now,I only know you as a contact and i can only turn to you for help and that's why i had asked..I hope you didn't think otherwise...

Raj:(got amused)Not at all,Shreya but thanks for definitely clearing the air...Anyways,let me give you a tip..Try and get your supervisor promoted and maybe he'll get you a good column for you to write..

Shreya:Great idea!!

Raj:Hain na??(raised his eyebrows)

Shreya:It's brilliant..Thanks,Raj!!(smiled widely and winked at him)

Raj:Tell me if it worked for you..See ya around..Bye!!


Raj was about to leave Men's Universe with the baby,packing his bag while incessantly chatting with her.Armaan had returned after the final rehearsal with Jiya when he realized that Raj was chatting on his own.Jiya tried to sotp Armaan but he didn't.

Armaan:Hi Raj,who are you talking to?

Raj:Haan Armaan,woh main..(paused upon realizing what he was about to say)..kuch nahin..


Raj:Nothing exactly...I was talking to myself..You know,murmuring and all..

Armaan:Waise have you distributed those flyers?

Raj:Yes,i've already done that..Ok main chalta hoon,i'm already running late..

Armaan:No,you are not..It's only 8:30 pm..

Raj:Armaan,i'm going to meet someone,so excuse me!!And yes,don't call me for anything and this is applicable to both of you..Bye!!(left to go)


Raj:What did I just say,Armaan?

Armaan:Your mobile phone..You can't possibly function without this,can you?


Armaan:(felt amused)Bye..Jiya,I wonder what he carries in that hamper every single day..

Jiya:It's his thing so why bother??Let's go..(hurried armaan)

~Next Day:Fashion Show~

Bharti was pretty excited for the day and she was dancing around,listening to the songs on the radio which Payal switched ona nd tuned.Payal and Naina went to her room to see Bharti dancing around and both of them giggled,upon which Bharti stopped and turned around.

Bharti:Ahem..what's going on??

Payal:Our exact question to you...You seem very excited!!

Bharti:That i definitely am..Cuz today is Sunny's fashion show..I've been eagerly waiting for this day but he has been working really hard on the designs this time round instead of BBC-ing around as he always does..And it's tonight!!You should bring Naina at night,k?

Payal:You'll be coming home,na?

Bharti:Actually i'm going to the university first..Finish all the work there first and then head to MU in the afternoon..I'll meet you two directly at the fashion show itself..The venue is stated on the flyer itself,it's at my desk,k?It's sad that Bhaskar isn't here but hey,don't forget to bring the digital cam along..Take lots of pics..Meanwhile,(takes the towel and wraps around her shoulder)I'm off to bathe...

Payal:Your mama is such a chatty girl..(Naina smiled and went to eat her breakfast with Payal)


Armaan:Maa,mera brown shirt kaha hai?

Sudha:Uffo,ek minute..aa rahi hoon..Kya hai?

Armaan:Mera brown shirt..

Sudha:Armu,tum hamesha brown kyun pehenthe ho?

Armaan:Maa,that's not true...

Sudha:Acha?Toh kal kya pehna tha?

Armaan:(looked to his right and back at Sudha)Brown..(tried to avoid Sudha's eyes)

Sudha:Maine kya kaha tha?

Armaan:Par brown toh mera favourite colour hai..Ab bataona kaha hai..

Sudha:Why don't you try this??


Sudha:Kyun?Is mein kya kharaabi hai?

Armaan:Kuch nahin..It's just not my fav..

Sudha:You know Armu..This is Bharti's favourite colour..Jab ek ladki ek ladke se pyaar karti hai,woh pehle usse impress karne ki koshish karti hain..You know,dressing up for him..Maybe you should do so too..


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 104~

Bharti got out of the washroom and walked towards the exit.She had accidentally dropped her purse and a waiter had alerted her.As Bharti turned around to thank him,she saw Raj and waved to him but he didn't notice her for he was busy conversing.Bharti noticed that he was with a girl and smiled at him.She assumed that it must be Shreya that he was lunching with.Just then,she realized that Armaan was waiting for her outside and she quickly headed outside.Soon,Armaan drove back to Men's Universe and parked outside the building since the car park was full.

Armaan:So here we are..

Bharti:Yeahh Armaan...

Armaan:What's your plan for the day?

Bharti:Well,i've got some work with Mahi..And then I'll leave off to meet Naina and perhaps bring her out..

Armaan:It's been quite some time since I've met her..

Bharti:Yeah,she misses you at times too..

Armaan:How sweet of her..

Bharti:Hhmm anyways you must be having work to do..

Armaan:Obviously Bharti,since I'm not given flexi hours like you..

Bharti:Now,that's an advantage..

Armaan:Well,i've got to go and check on the models for Sunny's show..I don't wish to hear any complaints from Sunny later on..

Bharti:Arre wah..you seem so concerned for Sunny??Hhmm..Oops,i forgot to give you something..(turned around and opened her bag)


Bharti:White roses to cherish our special friendship(Raj just parked his car and saw Bharti giving the roses to Armaan)Armaan,I want you to know that our friendship has and will always remain special and close to my heart.I may have ltos of friends but you are a special friend of mine for whom I can take out time for,to do anything for you.Hhmm??

Armaan:Thanks bharti

Bharti:Thank you for the lunch..It was simply great..

Armaan:I enjoyed it too..Hope i didn't bore you..

Bharti:Not at all,Armaan and now stop being so formal..Ok you must be getting alte..I'll see ya around!!

Armaan:Bye!!(rode off)

Bharti was about to go but she got stopped by Raj.

Raj:Hello..Kya chal raha hai?

Bharti:Kuch bhi toh nahin..Waise how was your lunch at Hotel Imperial?

Raj:It was great..wait a sec;how did you know that i was there??Were you spying on me?

Bharti:Like i've got nothing better to do..I had lunch there as well,and i tried waving but you were so engrossed in your conversation..Waise who's the girl?

Raj:Uff,i forgot to introduce her to you..Meet Shreya gill,my new friend cum neighbour..And Shreya,this is Bharti..Bharti Sinha..

Shreya:Heard quite a lot about you from Raj..

Bharti:Hope it's good..

Shreya:Definitely..Anyways I better get going..

Raj:She works at Trends..

Bharti:You're seriously not kidding me,are you?

Shreya:Well,i'm an intern right now for about 3 months..

Bharti:Ahh,i'm an intern as well,working for the MU newsletter..

Shreya:And i'm hoping to get to write a column..I've given some drafts to my supervisor..Let's see if she can help me..Ok,i'll see you around..Bye!!

Bharti:All the best!!Bye..Wow Raj,lunch and all seems great,yeah?

Raj:Arre yaar,actually she invited me for dinner last night but i couldn't make it since Jiya needed my help..

Bharti:Jiya needed your help?And this lunch is like a compensation?Interesting..

Raj:And what's with the rose giving session between you and Armaan?

Bharti:Nothing in particular..Just pure friendship!!You don't have to work your brains out for this!!

Raj:I get it,Bharti..

Bharti:Good then..Mahi must be waiting,come..

Raj and Bharti met Mahi and they discussed with Amarjeet about their article and Amarjeet required t he final article to be submitted to him the next day since Raj wanted to take a thorough look at it before the final submission.Mahi gave Bharti a list of pre-school art classes that she has received from her friend who's a pre-school teacher herself.Bharti thanked her and left from there.

A few hours later,Armaan got back after seeing the rehearsals of the models and briefing them to have one last rehearsal the next day.He then went to meet Jiya at the studio.

Jiya:Ahem..(clears her throat)

Armaan:Kya hua tumhe?

Jiya:Roses in your hand?Are those for me?

Armaan:Nope..they are for no one..

Jiya:Toh phir?


Jiya:Someone gave you the roses?

Armaan:Well,yeah..how was your day today?

Jiya:Who gave you the gorgoeus white roses?


Jiya:Arre bataona..Wait..(pauses for a while)..Bharti??(Armaan nodded in agreement and walked to his cabin)Wow..so everything's set between you two??

Armaan:Sort of..

Jiya:Par kabse?

Armaan:Since saturday..

Jiya:Aur tumne mujhe bataya tak nahin?


Jiya:Hhmm..how did she agree to forgive you??Tell me everything!!(Armaan narrqated everything that happened at his and Bharti's place on Saturday night)OMG!!!I don't believe this..Both of you had coffee??Wow..I'm so,so happy for you yaar..So it's back to friendship!!

Armaan:Yes,it is..

Jiya:And no love at all?

Armaan:You're absolutely right..

Jiya:I still can't believe that you're actually going to forget your love for her..

Armaan:Jiya,you ought to be supporting me..

Jiya:Support you in your "Pyaar Bhoolna" mission??I'm so not interested!!

Armaan:Never mind Jiya..Ok i'll make a move first,k?

Jiya:Ok bye..

Meanwhile,Bharti brought Naina to Creative Sparks Pre-school to meet Mahi's friend and discussed about the art classes available for Naina and took some brochures to read up and discuss with Naina later on.At night,she discussed it with Payal and Naina.

Payal:So Naina,are you excited?(Naina nodded in agreement and hugged Payal)

Bharti:Well there are so many classes..even i'm confused which one i should enroll her in..

Payal:Hhmm let her decide..

Bharti:You two have a chat..Let me attend to the call..

Payal:Yeahh ok..


Raj:Heyy how are you?

Bharti:Raj?Is everything ok?


Bharti:No...your call at this hour?

Raj:Bas aise hi..



Bharti:So what's up?

Raj:You sent me a list of names,didn;t you?I was actually thinking..

Bharti:Aha..what about it?

Raj:Of having a simple naming-the-baby ceremony..Just our friends!!

Bharti:Aww that's very sweet yaar..

Raj:Actually Shreya was suggesting it since i told her that i haven't so-called named the baby yet..

Bharti:Ohoho..toh yeh Shreya ki idea hai??She seems to be very fond of kids..


Bharti:Have you reported to the police by the way??


Bharti:Oh come on dude..The baby belongs to some couple who might be frantically and desperately searching for her..

Raj:Or it could be that the baby was abandoned..

Bharti:Whatever it is,you've got to report it yaar..

Raj:Bharti,i don't know..I think that's only going to cause more trouble..

Bharti:But the police can help us locate the baby's biological parents..

Raj:Bharti,for your info..Mumbai ki police ke baarein mein tumhe toh bata hi hoga..Since you were almost caught but you ran away,remember?

Bharti:Well,not all the police..

Raj:Bas karo yaar..

Bharti:Please yaar,give it a thought..I can accompany you if you want!!

Raj:Hhmm ok,you win..I'll give it a thought!!


Raj:So what's going on there?

Bharti:Well,i'm going through some art classes with Payal for Naina to join,,since she loves drawing and painting so much..

Raj:Arre wah..you're going great as a mother..

Bharti:Trying my best..

Raj:Ok i shall not disturb the three of you..I'll see you tomorrow then..Good night..

Bharti:Good night!!Send my love to the angel who'll be keeping you awake..(smiled)Bye!!


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 103~

~ArBi-ShRa Lunch Date~

Armaan excused himself and secretly smiled to himself,knowing that he has very well confused Sonali.Sonali went to meet Mahi in her cabin and told her of what Armaan told her.Mahi smiled,knowing very well that Armaan and Bharti have indeed patched up and there is nothing to be worried about,asking Sonali to carry about her work.

After some time,it was Jiya's turn to start interrogating Armaan about what was happening but he just avoided her questions and went for his fashion shoot.Jiya was pretty much irritated but she ensured herself that she's going to find it out on her own in due time.After Armaan's fashion shoot,he was heading towards Men's Universe. Along the way,he called up Bharti.


Armaan:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Yes photowaale...what do you want??

Armaan:What's wrong??

Bharti:Kuch nahin yaar...Any important matter to discuss??

Armaan:Nah..Actually i just called to ask if you were free to lunch with me??

Bharti:Ahh...well i was about to go for lunch..

Armaan:Well I'm on my way back to Men's universe from the fashion shoot..Would you like to join me??

Bharti:Arre Armaan actually i was thinking of going to Hotel Imperial..Mahi said the food there is pretty good...Well,i thought of having lunch there instead of always having the food from MU...

Armaan:Hhmm saath chalte hai??

Bharti:Okie..that's cool with me..

Armaan:Waise did anyone ask you anything about us patching up??

Bharti:Noo...Did anyone ask you??

Armaan:Well Sonali and Jiya did but i got them both quite confused..Lollz Bharti yuo should have seen their faces...

Bharti:Ok i didn't know that you love to see people so confused...That you love to bug them as equally as me...Haha...

Armaan:Of course,tumhari asar hai..

Bharti:Now i'm the one with the guilty charges..

Armaan:Of course,Bharti..Ok i'll be there in 10 min's time..I'll wait for you downstairs..How about that??

Bharti:Ok photowaale...I'll be down in 10 min's time!!Bye..

Armaan:Bye!!(hung up)

Just then,there was an announcement for Bharti to come to the reception counter.Bharti rushed quickly and met Jenny who told her that she had ordered a gift.Bharti agreed and she quickly signed and took the parcel with her and thanked Jenny.

Bharti opened the gift and saw the beautiful snow globe that she specially ordered for Armaan as well a small bouquet of white roses.She smiled upon seeing the beauty of the gifts and kept it back into the two boxes before anyone saw it.Bharti looked at her mobile and realized that it was already 10 minutes and she went downstairs.When she reached,she saw Armaan waiting for her and smiled at him.

Bharti:Seriously Armaan,can i ask you something??


Bharti:You prefer the bike to a car??

Armaan:Actually yeah...But occasionally a car will do good too....

Bharti:Hehe icic...Well chale??

Armaan:Ok come...(Bharti was thankful that the two small boxes fit in her large tote bag)You seem very excited today...

Bharti:Well I've got two reasons to celebrate....First,you know of the documentary that Sanjana,me and Alisha are working on,right??Actually my supervisor is thinking of sending it over to London and if it does get selected,it's a miracle.

Armaan:Wow,congratzz Bharti and what about the second reason???

Bharti:Now that you will have to wait....For i'll tell yuo during or after lunch...

Armaan:Uffo Bharti..the suspense-creator....

Bharti:Haha...Armaan go a bit faster..I'm really starved!!


Meanwhile,Raj went up to the Trends office to meet Shreya.

Shreya:Oh hi..

Raj:Hi,have you already had your lunch??

Shreya:Yeah i did...

Raj:Ohh i thought maybe we could go to Hotel Imperial for lunch...

Shreya:I'm just kidding Raj..I haven't had my lunch as of yet but since it's such a great offer,I don't mind accepting it after all...Waise the baby is..

Raj:Not to worry...Jiya's taking good care of her for me...

Shreya:In your office??


Shreya:She's a very good friend of your's??

Raj:The best that anyone could ever get...But there's another girl who's getting herself there...Bharti..

Shreya:Wow,you're really lucky indeed!!

Raj:Well that's Raj...Whoever is surrounded is Raj is also bound to be lucky...

Shreya:In that case,let me be around you more often...I need more lady luck nowadays!!

Raj:So shall we??


~Hotel Imperial~

Armaan and bharti had already ordered what they've wanted.Meanwhile,Shreya and Raj arrived a bit later,and got themselves seated a bit further form where armaan and Bharti were seated.Both Shreya and Raj were oblivious to the presence of Armaan and Bharti,spearated by a translucent glass pane set in the centre and around the corners of the restaurant.

Shreya:Uff i'm starved..Well since it's yuor treat, you've got to tell me what's worth eating here...


Shreya:This place looks relatively new..

Raj:For your info,Hotel Imperial opened 4 to 5 months back..

Shreya:You came here several times?

Raj:Yes,that too with Jiya..

Shreya:She's yuor best friend,right?

Raj:Well,she's my best friend but I'm not her ebst friend..

Shreya:O...K!!Well this is my first time here so you've got to recommend me some dishes..

Raj:Sure,let's order something..

Bharti:What??You mean to say that Sunny has actually??

Armaan:Well that's the story I've learnt from several others...I was really unaware of that till maybe about last year..

Bharti:I don't believe this Armaan...You've been working at MU for about 4 to 5 years and you've only gotten to know that Sunny actually..kinda..

Armaan:Believe that,Bharti..He had feelings for me...Ewww...(had a sudden shudder)

Bharti:(bursted out laughing)I'm sorry dude,just couldn't control my laughter..I was just imagining the emotional atyachaar he must have gone through for the past 3 years at least...Tauba tera jalwa,tauba tera pyaar,tera emotional atyachaar..Lollz!!!

Armaan:Ok you better stop,Bharti..

Bharti:The 3 long years of not being able to express his true emotions..Lollz..Bechara Sunny..uska dil toh bikhar gaya hoga na??

Armaan:I don't care Bharti..

Bharti:Ooo..someone's getting irritated..

Armaan:And apparently you seem to be enjoying it..

Bharti:Obvioulsy Armaan..When you can enjoy irritating me,why can't I have some fun too??(smiled and raised her eyebrows)

Armaan:Well,i don't mind at all..as long as i can get back at you..haha!!

Bharti:You meanie!!

Armaan:Don't get me started,bharti..

Bharti:Ok,ok relax!!

Armaan:By the way,aren't you forgetting something?


Armaan:Your second reason of celebration?

Bharti:Ahh that's a very special reason,which I'll tell you after our lunch..


Bharti:Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai yaar..Continue eating!!(smiled at him)

Raj:By the way,how long has it been since you've come to Mumbai?

Shreya:Actually I studied here in college like 5 years back..But my dad got transferred in LA in the first year of my college and I had to shift there with him,losing contact with my college buddy!!In LA,I furthered my education in journalism and worked there for 2 years..And now I'm here in search for a job and also hoping to meet my college buddy and getting in touch with him..He was such a great friend to me for 9 months..

Raj:Wow...I wish you all the best!!

Shreya:Thanks Raj..can I assume you're a good guy?

Raj:Well,if you really wanna know for a fact,you'd rather not have met me..

Shreya:Why do you say so?

Raj:Well,that's because you can't trust me as a guy..

Shreya:Finally,I hear the truth about guys form a guy himself..

Raj:I can't say that for all..Since there are some rare guys out there for whom you can sacrifice your life for..

Shreya:And what will I do after sacrificing my life for a guy?

Raj:Why are you asking me?That's for you to figure out..

Shreya:Gosh..you seem like a mystery to me...

Raj:It's better to remain as a mystery than be known by all at times..But only one girl knows and tolerates me extremely well..



Shreya:How long have you known her for?

Raj:4 years,ever since I joined Men's universe..

Shreya:Wow,that's cool..


Armaan:Bharti,I've been sitting here for some time already after our lunch..

Bharti:Well,i've got you something..(unzipped her bag and took out a small box,handing it to Armaan)

Armaan:What is this?

Bharti:Open and look for yourself..

Armaan:You don't mind,do you?

Bharti:Not at all...Hope you'll love it..

Armaan opened the box and saw a beautiful snow globe in which a cute boy and a girl were seated on a swing with a book with them and laughing.Armaan shook the globe gently and snow flakes got scattered all over the guy and the girl.Armaan widely smiled as he read the words written below,"To a precious friend I'll truly cherish my entire life,I love the time we spend together".

Armaan:Wow,it's just gorgeous Bharti..

Bharti:You liked it?

Armaan:I loved it..Thanks!!

Bharti:Uffo,no thanks,remember??

Armaan:Ok..let me pay and we can go..

Bharti:No Armaan,i'll pay..

Armaan:Bharti,just turn around..Do you see what I'm seeing?(quickly paid the waiter)

Bharti:(turned around)What?Where??

Armaan:Ohh it's nothing..Come,let's go..

Bharti:Armaan!!I'll let you go this time round but next time,I'll definitely pay...

Armaan:Sure,if I let you..(smiled at her)Heyy,your mobile's ringing..

Bharti:You wait for me outside..I need to go to the loo as well..

Armaan:Ok sure..

Bharti excused herself while Armaan got up form the table.Just then,Shreya,who was looking around while munching on her food,saw him. For a reason,she felt as if she knew him but she just couldn't remember.Just then,Raj looked at her,wondering who she was looking at and snapped at her.

Raj:Hello..Where were you lost?

Shreya:Oops sorry..I felt as if I saw someone whom I knew..

Raj:Hhmm you must be thinking of your friend then..

Shreya:Well it's been 5 years almost..You know,he was this nerd-type at class and he has helped me a lot in classes and has been such a great friend to have known..But i wonder where he is right now..

Raj:Oh i've been hearing good things about him but..

Shreya:But what?

Raj:You haven't told me his name..

Shreya:Raj,let me meet him first and after that,I'll definitely introduce him to you..

Raj:Hhmm ok..

Bharti got out of the washroom and walked towards the exit.She had accidentally dropped her purse and a waiter had alerted her.As Bharti turned around to thank him,she saw Raj and waved to him but he didn't notice her for he was busy conversing.Bharti noticed that he was with a girl and smiled at him.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 102~

Armaan:Wow...you are really happy!!I'm happy for you both...I just hope nothing comes in the way of your friendship ever again...

Payal:Nothing will and nothing shall!!Armaan,(turned off the loudspeaker)actually i'm sorry for ruining your friendship..Meri waje se..

Armaan:Payal,it's not your fault...In fact,it was me and only me...I've decided to forget her actually for i realized that it was the one that's coming in the way of my friendship with her...And i won't want to bring this up in front of her ever again...

Payal:Armaan,you know that this is wrong...I know you're doing this to make sure that your friendship remains intact but...

Armaan:No buts,Payal...i don't wish to lose her..I'm really afraid to do so...

Payal: But Armaan..Ok,ok i won't stop you but can I ask you something??


Payal:Will you really forget your love entirely??

Armaan:Maybe,if that's what she truly desires...

Payal:Uff;she's not even aware of any of this..She doesn't even understand what she's missing in life...

Armaan:And you won't force her to think of it in any way...

Payal:You're so adamant,aren't you??

Armaan:Yes,hopefully i'll be as adamant as her...

Payal:But Armaan,you can never forget your first love...

Armaan:That is also what Jiya tells me..But you know what..I'm willing to do it at the expense of saving my friendship with Bharti...

Payal:You really love her so much,don't you??

Armaan:(heaved a deep sigh of relief)I don't know Payal...

Payal:She can probably not get a better guy than you yaar...Don't do this,na..It's not right...

Armaan:I wish it wasn't but filhaal,this is the right thing to do...You won't utter any of this to anyone,is that clear??This is just between you and me!!

Payal:Armaan,having an incomplete love story is the worst experience yaar...

Armaan:Payal,life is a journey and so is love..It's never incomplete..Come on,promise me...

Payal:Ok Mr Philosopher...i promise you that i won't utter about this to anyone....Bharti's coming..I'll give the phone over to her...

Bharti:Ho gaya??Ab khush??

Armaan:Marwaoge kya??I'm at Jiya's place..remember our plan???I'll talk to you later,k??

Bharti:Haha..oops I forgot about that..kk,enjoy yourself!!Bye..


Armaan and Raj hung up the phone and attended to Jiya.

Jiya:Arre wah..kya baat hai..You guys got the call at almost the same time and hung up at almost the same time too...

Raj:That was only a sheer coincidence..

Armaan:Exactly!!Chalo,let's continue further....

Bhaskar had called up Bharti.

Bhaskar:Bharti,Payal's missing..

Bharti:Payal's missing???(gestures Payal to keep mum)Have you checked everywhere??

Bhaskar:Yeah she's been very tensed ever since you two have stopped talking..

Bharti:Hhmm Bhaskar why don't you come here??We can search for her together,ok??

Bhaskar:Ok i'll come over there asap...(hung up)

Bharti:Tumhara yeh pati bhi na...Mujhe ullu banane ki koshish kar raha hai...

Payal:(smiled but hit her head in an instant)Arre..I totally forgot to inform him that i'm headed here...

Bharti:Rehne do...He's coming here,anyways!!

After some time,Bharti heard the doorbell ring.She went to open the door after asking Payal and Naina to hide.Bharti opened the door and looked at him in anxiety.

Bhaskar:Toh come,let's go..

Bharti:Arre ruko toh sahi...Pehle kuch pee te hain..


Bharti:Waise when did you last meet her??


Bharti:Your beloved wife??

Bhaskar:In the morning but she left without informing me...

Bharti:Didn't you try to call her??

Bhaskar:I did but she didn't pick up her phone...

Bharti:How strange...!!


Bharti:Yeh lo peeyo..

Bhaskar:Thanks for the coffee..(started to drink but almost spat out the coffee)Why is there salt instead of sugar???

Bharti:Kyun..Kya hua??

Bhaskar:Bharti,tumne yeh coffee banayi thi??

Bharti:Maine??Nahin toh....

Bhaskar:Toh phir??

Bharti:Khud hi dekhlo...

Payal:Ahem ahem...(Both Bharti and Naina started laughing)..

Bharti:Bhaskar,you're such a cute idiot!!

Bhaskar:Bharti!!!!You really scared the hell out of me....Ruk..Ruk ja...

Bharti:Oh shux..Bhaago!!!

Bhaskar was chasing Bharti around the sofa and both were picking the sofa cushions and throwing at each other.Bharti ran around the house and Bhaskar stopped,panting for breath.

Bhaskar:Ok..ab bas bhi karo...


Bhaskar:So..both..of ..you..Cool??


Bhaskar smiled at Bharti who smiled at him back and both of them hugged each other.Soon,Naina and Payal joined them to have a group hug.

Bharti:Cool,we're good together...

Payal:Waise i've got a suggestion..

Bhaskar:Aapki har ek khwaish hum poora karenge...

Bharti:Uffo phir se shuru ho gaya...


Bharti:Ok ok...

Payal:Bharti,I was thinking of shifting here for the month since Bhaskar's gonna be out of town every now and then for the next month..He told me that he'll be extremely busy for the next month...

Bharti:Uffo Payal,i just hate it whenever you're formal with me...Yeh tumhari ghar hai,for God's sake...


Bharti:You are always,always welcome here sweetie..Agar tum nahin bhi bata the aur tumne ek din yaha aa bhi gayi rehne ke liye..I've got you welcomed with open arms...

Payal:So Bhaskar,you've..

Bhaskar:Well i will only allow you to stay here for the next month...And i'll not allow you,Bharti,to snatch my pyaari si wife(embraced Payal from behind) from me after that...

Bharti:Hhmm Mr Bhaskar..you're such a cutie pie in front of her..(raised her eyebrows)

Bhaskar:So toh hoon...For she's the best!!Hhmm,ok i better get going with her since it's already very late...

Bharti:Yeah..ok,i'll see you at office tomorrow..

Bhaskar:Sure..chale Payal??

Payal:Ok come...Goodnight,my sweete lil pari!!

Naina:Goodnight Payal aunty,Bhaskar mamu..

Bhaskar:Goodnight sweetie..See you soon...

~Next Day~

The next day at Men's Universe,everyone were practically scurrying around.For a second,anyone entering Men's Universe would feel as if an earthquake of a major magnitude had struck them.However,it was just any typical day for the staff members but with a slight difference being Sunny.He was practically worried because Jiya has not arrived with any news of his show venues and details as of yet and he was throwing his airs off at the models who were turned off by his amazing list of complaints.

After some time,Jiya arrived and quickly she hurried to Sunny and confirmed all his doubts and answered all his questions.Both of them ended jumping in excitement for finally Sunny's fashion show is going to get launched in a grand way and that too by his favourite colleague,Jiya who's only more excited than ever for Sunny's fashion show is being launched after so much of hassle and delays.

After some time,Bharti reached Men's Universe and got into the lift. Bharti was messaging Alisha to send their documentary videos to their supervisor.In the midst of that,Armaan had entered the lift but Bharti was absent-minded.Armaan realized that she hadn't noticed him and he snapped at her.

Bharti:Oh hi..Wait,where did you come from??

Armaan:Ermm from Level 2..

Bharti:Acha??How come i didn't notice you?

Armaan:I guess that's because you were busy messaging...

Bharti:(grinned sheepishly)Hehe..well...I guess so..So here we are...

Armaan:Yes,here we are...Have a great day...

Bharti:You too..Bye..(smiled widely and got out of the lift,in opposite directions)

Bharti headed to her cabin to get her work started.Mahi and Sonali who just got back from the cafe after getting their coffee saw Armaan smiling at Bharti who was unaware of that.

Mahi:Arre isse achanak kya ho gaya??

Sonali:Bata nahin...I'm sure something's wrong..

Mahi:I totally agree...Friday tak toh yeh dono ek doosre se baat bhi nahin kar rahe the aur aaj toh dekho...

Sonali:It's pretty strange...Why don't we ask Bharti herself??

Mahi:You know her,don't you???She's the type who won't tell us anything..

Sonali:Hhmm ek idea hai...tum Bharti se baat karo...main zara abhi aati hoon...


Sonali excused herself while Mahi went to see Bharti.

Mahi:Hi Bharti...

Bharti:(smiled widely)Hii Mahi...A very good morning to you!!

Mahi:Wow you seem really excited...

Bharti:Yes, indeed I am...

Mahi:And may I know if this has got to do anything with Armaan??

Bharti:Why do you always have to link everything with Armaan??

Mahi:So it's not Armaan??

Bharti:Nope..actually na, I just got a call from Sanjana,my uni friend who told me that my group,including me,Alisha and Sanjana, documentary video have been sent to my supervisor who's actually thinking of sending them over to London for a view and if the video gets selected,it will be really good for our university..

Mahi:Wow..what's your documentary about??

Bharti:Actually we were covering the Mumbai bomb blast which took place recently and through which I met Naina..Naina's in the documentary too together with several other victims and the documentary is composed of their lives post the bomb blast...

Mahi:That's terrific news yaar..I wish you all the best!!

Bharti:Thanks yaar..How's things going on here???

Mahi:Well,it's all about Sunny this week.In fact,his fashion show is preponed to three days later and Amarjeet is thinking of having a launch party for him this weekend..

Bharti:Wow,uski toh nikal padi....

Mahi:He deserves all the attention for the immense talent he has in him...

Bharti:I'm totally looking forward to this week...Ok,I've got to meet Amarjeet sir..(turned to go but stopped)Arre haan main toh bhool hi gayi..


Bharti:Have we sent our article to Amarjeet sir???For the contest??

Mahi:Yeah,Sonali has sent it to Amarjeet sir..

Bharti:Ok,i'll talk to him about it as well...See you later..Bye..


Meanwhile,Sonali was hesitant on whether she should or should not knock on Armaan's cabin door,seeing how Armaan was busy.Armaan saw Sonali and wondered why she didn't come in and why she was standing outside.

Armaan:Hi...is there any problem bothering you from coming inside??

Sonali:Oh hi Armaan...No problems..(smiled)

Armaan:Toh??Andar aa jao!!

Sonali:Tumse ek baat poochni thi..

Armaan:Haan poocho...

Sonali:Don't mind me asking....You and Bharti have patched up??

Armaan:(thought for a while before answering her)Erm woh toh...

Sonali:Woh toh??

Armaan:What do you mean by patch up??We've always been talking to each other...

Sonali:No,you were not!!!

Armaan:Yes Sonali..we were...if you are doubtful of that,you can ask Bharti....Anyways mujhe kuch kaam hai,so i'll talk to you later..

Armaan excused himself and secretly smiled to himself,knowing that he has very well confused Sonali.Sonali went to meet Mahi in her cabin and told her of what Armaan told her.Mahi smiled,knowing very well that Armaan and Bharti have indeed patched up and there is nothing to be worried about,asking Sonali to carry about her work.