Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 104~

Bharti got out of the washroom and walked towards the exit.She had accidentally dropped her purse and a waiter had alerted her.As Bharti turned around to thank him,she saw Raj and waved to him but he didn't notice her for he was busy conversing.Bharti noticed that he was with a girl and smiled at him.She assumed that it must be Shreya that he was lunching with.Just then,she realized that Armaan was waiting for her outside and she quickly headed outside.Soon,Armaan drove back to Men's Universe and parked outside the building since the car park was full.

Armaan:So here we are..

Bharti:Yeahh Armaan...

Armaan:What's your plan for the day?

Bharti:Well,i've got some work with Mahi..And then I'll leave off to meet Naina and perhaps bring her out..

Armaan:It's been quite some time since I've met her..

Bharti:Yeah,she misses you at times too..

Armaan:How sweet of her..

Bharti:Hhmm anyways you must be having work to do..

Armaan:Obviously Bharti,since I'm not given flexi hours like you..

Bharti:Now,that's an advantage..

Armaan:Well,i've got to go and check on the models for Sunny's show..I don't wish to hear any complaints from Sunny later on..

Bharti:Arre wah..you seem so concerned for Sunny??Hhmm..Oops,i forgot to give you something..(turned around and opened her bag)


Bharti:White roses to cherish our special friendship(Raj just parked his car and saw Bharti giving the roses to Armaan)Armaan,I want you to know that our friendship has and will always remain special and close to my heart.I may have ltos of friends but you are a special friend of mine for whom I can take out time for,to do anything for you.Hhmm??

Armaan:Thanks bharti

Bharti:Thank you for the lunch..It was simply great..

Armaan:I enjoyed it too..Hope i didn't bore you..

Bharti:Not at all,Armaan and now stop being so formal..Ok you must be getting alte..I'll see ya around!!

Armaan:Bye!!(rode off)

Bharti was about to go but she got stopped by Raj.

Raj:Hello..Kya chal raha hai?

Bharti:Kuch bhi toh nahin..Waise how was your lunch at Hotel Imperial?

Raj:It was great..wait a sec;how did you know that i was there??Were you spying on me?

Bharti:Like i've got nothing better to do..I had lunch there as well,and i tried waving but you were so engrossed in your conversation..Waise who's the girl?

Raj:Uff,i forgot to introduce her to you..Meet Shreya gill,my new friend cum neighbour..And Shreya,this is Bharti..Bharti Sinha..

Shreya:Heard quite a lot about you from Raj..

Bharti:Hope it's good..

Shreya:Definitely..Anyways I better get going..

Raj:She works at Trends..

Bharti:You're seriously not kidding me,are you?

Shreya:Well,i'm an intern right now for about 3 months..

Bharti:Ahh,i'm an intern as well,working for the MU newsletter..

Shreya:And i'm hoping to get to write a column..I've given some drafts to my supervisor..Let's see if she can help me..Ok,i'll see you around..Bye!!

Bharti:All the best!!Bye..Wow Raj,lunch and all seems great,yeah?

Raj:Arre yaar,actually she invited me for dinner last night but i couldn't make it since Jiya needed my help..

Bharti:Jiya needed your help?And this lunch is like a compensation?Interesting..

Raj:And what's with the rose giving session between you and Armaan?

Bharti:Nothing in particular..Just pure friendship!!You don't have to work your brains out for this!!

Raj:I get it,Bharti..

Bharti:Good then..Mahi must be waiting,come..

Raj and Bharti met Mahi and they discussed with Amarjeet about their article and Amarjeet required t he final article to be submitted to him the next day since Raj wanted to take a thorough look at it before the final submission.Mahi gave Bharti a list of pre-school art classes that she has received from her friend who's a pre-school teacher herself.Bharti thanked her and left from there.

A few hours later,Armaan got back after seeing the rehearsals of the models and briefing them to have one last rehearsal the next day.He then went to meet Jiya at the studio.

Jiya:Ahem..(clears her throat)

Armaan:Kya hua tumhe?

Jiya:Roses in your hand?Are those for me?

Armaan:Nope..they are for no one..

Jiya:Toh phir?


Jiya:Someone gave you the roses?

Armaan:Well,yeah..how was your day today?

Jiya:Who gave you the gorgoeus white roses?


Jiya:Arre bataona..Wait..(pauses for a while)..Bharti??(Armaan nodded in agreement and walked to his cabin)Wow..so everything's set between you two??

Armaan:Sort of..

Jiya:Par kabse?

Armaan:Since saturday..

Jiya:Aur tumne mujhe bataya tak nahin?


Jiya:Hhmm..how did she agree to forgive you??Tell me everything!!(Armaan narrqated everything that happened at his and Bharti's place on Saturday night)OMG!!!I don't believe this..Both of you had coffee??Wow..I'm so,so happy for you yaar..So it's back to friendship!!

Armaan:Yes,it is..

Jiya:And no love at all?

Armaan:You're absolutely right..

Jiya:I still can't believe that you're actually going to forget your love for her..

Armaan:Jiya,you ought to be supporting me..

Jiya:Support you in your "Pyaar Bhoolna" mission??I'm so not interested!!

Armaan:Never mind Jiya..Ok i'll make a move first,k?

Jiya:Ok bye..

Meanwhile,Bharti brought Naina to Creative Sparks Pre-school to meet Mahi's friend and discussed about the art classes available for Naina and took some brochures to read up and discuss with Naina later on.At night,she discussed it with Payal and Naina.

Payal:So Naina,are you excited?(Naina nodded in agreement and hugged Payal)

Bharti:Well there are so many classes..even i'm confused which one i should enroll her in..

Payal:Hhmm let her decide..

Bharti:You two have a chat..Let me attend to the call..

Payal:Yeahh ok..


Raj:Heyy how are you?

Bharti:Raj?Is everything ok?


Bharti:No...your call at this hour?

Raj:Bas aise hi..



Bharti:So what's up?

Raj:You sent me a list of names,didn;t you?I was actually thinking..

Bharti:Aha..what about it?

Raj:Of having a simple naming-the-baby ceremony..Just our friends!!

Bharti:Aww that's very sweet yaar..

Raj:Actually Shreya was suggesting it since i told her that i haven't so-called named the baby yet..

Bharti:Ohoho..toh yeh Shreya ki idea hai??She seems to be very fond of kids..


Bharti:Have you reported to the police by the way??


Bharti:Oh come on dude..The baby belongs to some couple who might be frantically and desperately searching for her..

Raj:Or it could be that the baby was abandoned..

Bharti:Whatever it is,you've got to report it yaar..

Raj:Bharti,i don't know..I think that's only going to cause more trouble..

Bharti:But the police can help us locate the baby's biological parents..

Raj:Bharti,for your info..Mumbai ki police ke baarein mein tumhe toh bata hi hoga..Since you were almost caught but you ran away,remember?

Bharti:Well,not all the police..

Raj:Bas karo yaar..

Bharti:Please yaar,give it a thought..I can accompany you if you want!!

Raj:Hhmm ok,you win..I'll give it a thought!!


Raj:So what's going on there?

Bharti:Well,i'm going through some art classes with Payal for Naina to join,,since she loves drawing and painting so much..

Raj:Arre wah..you're going great as a mother..

Bharti:Trying my best..

Raj:Ok i shall not disturb the three of you..I'll see you tomorrow then..Good night..

Bharti:Good night!!Send my love to the angel who'll be keeping you awake..(smiled)Bye!!


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