Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 105~

~Next Day At MU~

Mahi and Bharti arrived at MU together.They saw Sonali and Pushpak at the staff lounge area near the coffee machine and wlaked over towards the staff lounge.Bharti said Hi to both of them but Sonali just left from there.Mahi felt amused to see the reaction on Pushpak's face.

Bharti:(hit Mahi's shoulder)Mahi,stop giggling!!

Mahi:Pk yaar,sorry!!

Bharti:What's wrong,Pushpak?

Mahi:Has the big storm landed?

Pushpak:Mahi,tum bhi na..

Mahi:Seriously,what happened this time round?

Pushpak:She must have told you two of my silly mistake and how..

Mahi:Your mom got to know of your live-in status with Sonali..Aha,so?

Pushpak:Initially Maa thought of asking her to go over and meet her..

Mahi:Don't tell me that Sonu agreed..

Pushpak:You know her well that she won't agree..


Pushpak:I told Maa to come over to my place to see Sonali..


Bharti:When exactly?

Pushpak:this weekend!!

Bharti:But I heard that Amarjeet sir is having a launch party for all MU staff this weekend itself..


Pushpak:Don't even mention it..I feel so busted right now from all directions!!

Bharti and Mahi got their coffee from the coffee machine and went on with their work,leaving Pushpak all alone.Bharti called up Payal to inform her to bring Naina to the pre-school to enroll Naina for the art class package that the three of them had confirmed on,last nightmafter Payal's radio show.

Bharti had retuurned the keys at the locker are where all keys were returned before leaving the Men's Universe office.She was at the reception counter and was about to go off but she stopped upon seeing some flyers of Sunny's fashion show posted on the walls of MU.She smiled as she was eagerly awaiting the show which is going to be held the next day.She almost bumped into Armaan and Raj.

Bharti:Oops..sorry guys..

Armaan:It's ok..Already leaving?

Bharti:Yeahh..since my work is done for the day..How about you guys?

Armaan:In that case,could you do me a favour?


Armaan:Could you help me distribute these flyers to the Trends office?

Bharti:Ye..yeah but why don't you ask Raj?

Raj:Yeahh Armaan,why didn't you say so earlier?

Armaan:You said you were busy..

Raj:No,I didn't..

Armaan:Yes,you did when i asked you to distribute these flyers..

Raj:Well you didn't state the Trends office..

Bharti:(shook her heas as Raj left)Guys will remain guys after all..Anything else you need me to help with?

Armaan:Not really..

Bharti:For a change,you look real tired!!

armaan:Well i returned home last night with Jiya,getting these flyers done and today,there is this final rehearsal for the models..It's totally tiring..

Bharti:Aww,go and get yourself something to drink..You'll feel better!!

Armaan:Hhmm yeah hopefully that works!!

Bharti:Okiezz i'm off..See ya..

Armaan:(smiled weakly)Bye..

Raj went up to the Trends office and flirted with the recepotionist for a while before Shreya turned up.

Shreya:Hi..i think we met a few hours back for lunch..

Raj:Yes,we did Shreya..

Shreya:So how can I help you??

Raj:Well i've got some flyers for tomorrow's fashion show.Sunny is our important fashion designer and the entire team of Men's Universe will lurve it if the staff from the Trends office could join us as well..So just pass these to your colleagues as well as your boss too..

Shreya:Thanks a lot but my supervisor is not around right now..I'll pass it to him later..

Raj:Well,this place really looks like the office of glamour..

Shreya:Indeed it is Raj..What were you thinking?

Raj:Is it just me or is the whole atmosphere just so stiff?

Shreya:Actually the head of our media department has gotten a transfer elsewhere and now everyone's wondering who'll get his place..And obviously,

Raj:Aur sab maska maar rahe hain???So that they can be recommended??


Raj:Hhmm so i'll be leaving for now...I expect you to be there tomorrow,yeah?

Shreya:No probs,Raj..Actually i wanted to tell you something..The other day,I had asked for yuor number,na??Don't get me wrong for that..I only did so for right now,I only know you as a contact and i can only turn to you for help and that's why i had asked..I hope you didn't think otherwise...

Raj:(got amused)Not at all,Shreya but thanks for definitely clearing the air...Anyways,let me give you a tip..Try and get your supervisor promoted and maybe he'll get you a good column for you to write..

Shreya:Great idea!!

Raj:Hain na??(raised his eyebrows)

Shreya:It's brilliant..Thanks,Raj!!(smiled widely and winked at him)

Raj:Tell me if it worked for you..See ya around..Bye!!


Raj was about to leave Men's Universe with the baby,packing his bag while incessantly chatting with her.Armaan had returned after the final rehearsal with Jiya when he realized that Raj was chatting on his own.Jiya tried to sotp Armaan but he didn't.

Armaan:Hi Raj,who are you talking to?

Raj:Haan Armaan,woh main..(paused upon realizing what he was about to say)..kuch nahin..


Raj:Nothing exactly...I was talking to myself..You know,murmuring and all..

Armaan:Waise have you distributed those flyers?

Raj:Yes,i've already done that..Ok main chalta hoon,i'm already running late..

Armaan:No,you are not..It's only 8:30 pm..

Raj:Armaan,i'm going to meet someone,so excuse me!!And yes,don't call me for anything and this is applicable to both of you..Bye!!(left to go)


Raj:What did I just say,Armaan?

Armaan:Your mobile phone..You can't possibly function without this,can you?


Armaan:(felt amused)Bye..Jiya,I wonder what he carries in that hamper every single day..

Jiya:It's his thing so why bother??Let's go..(hurried armaan)

~Next Day:Fashion Show~

Bharti was pretty excited for the day and she was dancing around,listening to the songs on the radio which Payal switched ona nd tuned.Payal and Naina went to her room to see Bharti dancing around and both of them giggled,upon which Bharti stopped and turned around.

Bharti:Ahem..what's going on??

Payal:Our exact question to you...You seem very excited!!

Bharti:That i definitely am..Cuz today is Sunny's fashion show..I've been eagerly waiting for this day but he has been working really hard on the designs this time round instead of BBC-ing around as he always does..And it's tonight!!You should bring Naina at night,k?

Payal:You'll be coming home,na?

Bharti:Actually i'm going to the university first..Finish all the work there first and then head to MU in the afternoon..I'll meet you two directly at the fashion show itself..The venue is stated on the flyer itself,it's at my desk,k?It's sad that Bhaskar isn't here but hey,don't forget to bring the digital cam along..Take lots of pics..Meanwhile,(takes the towel and wraps around her shoulder)I'm off to bathe...

Payal:Your mama is such a chatty girl..(Naina smiled and went to eat her breakfast with Payal)


Armaan:Maa,mera brown shirt kaha hai?

Sudha:Uffo,ek minute..aa rahi hoon..Kya hai?

Armaan:Mera brown shirt..

Sudha:Armu,tum hamesha brown kyun pehenthe ho?

Armaan:Maa,that's not true...

Sudha:Acha?Toh kal kya pehna tha?

Armaan:(looked to his right and back at Sudha)Brown..(tried to avoid Sudha's eyes)

Sudha:Maine kya kaha tha?

Armaan:Par brown toh mera favourite colour hai..Ab bataona kaha hai..

Sudha:Why don't you try this??


Sudha:Kyun?Is mein kya kharaabi hai?

Armaan:Kuch nahin..It's just not my fav..

Sudha:You know Armu..This is Bharti's favourite colour..Jab ek ladki ek ladke se pyaar karti hai,woh pehle usse impress karne ki koshish karti hain..You know,dressing up for him..Maybe you should do so too..


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