Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 106~



Bharti:I"m not exactly sure..Maybe around 2 to 3 pm..

Armaan:Ok,i'll see you later..

Bharti:Ok then..See ya!!(hung up)

Armaan:Maa i'll wear the purple shirt for the fashion show..not now!!

Sudha:Main..ek second,kya kaha tumne?

Armaan:Haan,purple shirt pehnoonga..Khush?

Sudha:Bohat zyaada..Mera pyaara sa beta apne patni ko impress karne ki koshish kar raha hai..(clasps her hands together and smiled widely)How amazing!!


Sudha:Ok,ok..Ab mood kharaab matt karna..This is the best morning i've ever had..Waise ek doubt clear karoge?

Armaan:Kaisa doubt?

Sudha:Jiya bata rahi thi ki tum kisi "Pyaar Bhoolna" mission mein involved ho..(Armaan grinned sheepishly)

Armaan:Woh main..

Sudha:Jis tarha yeh sab chal rahi hai..mujhe nahin lagta ke tum usse kabhi bhool paoge..

Armaan:Kyun nahin??Main Bharti ko zaroor bhool jaonga..Mere dil mein uskle liye pyaar nahin bachega..

Sudha:acha bachu?Toh aaj usse impress kyun karna chahthe ho??(Armaan fell short for words)

Armaan:Maa,i'm not trying to impress your bahu..In fact,i'm just going to look amazing..you know..Hot and happening...

Sudha:(looked at him up and down)Hot and happening??

Armaan:Kya bata..some girl may fall for me!!

Sudha:What an idea,sir ji!!

Armaan:Hain na?(smiled,thinknig of his idea)

Sudha:Shart laga thi hoon..No one's going to think of you as hot and happening apart from Bharti...

Armaan:acha..aisi baat hai??Toh theekh hai..Mujhe aapki shart manzoor hai!!

Sudha:If I win,you'll make an aweosme dinner for me and Bharti..Something out of the world...

Armaan:If you lose,you'll accept whatever I tell you to..

Sudha:I'll have to think about that..Hhmm..(looked at Armaan and smiled)sure thing,Armu..But i seriously hope i win!!

Armaan:Even i wish for the same!!

Sudha:What??What did you say?

Armaan:Nothing..nothing at all!!Ok i'm done and i'm off to work..See you later!!(kissed Sudha's cheek and left)

Sudha:Bye..Hhmm..Armu,no matter what you say,you can never forget Bharti neither stop loving her..I know you and have seen you transform so much and become so happy because of her. I just hope that you don't kill your emotions because of your impatience..Yeh pyaar bhi bohat ajeeb hoti hai..Hum log kabhi samajh nahin paate ki yeh kaise apne zindagi mein aate hain aur kabhi kabhi chaale jaate hain,aapni saari khushiyon ko le kar...I just hope everything falls in place!!

~At Men's Universe~

Raj just got out of his cabin after checking on the baby.She had fallen asleep.He closed his cabin door and turned around to see Jiya.He almost jerked back and hit his own head on the glass door.


Raj:Oww..my head..What's with you today showering sympathy on me for??

Jiya:Does it hurt?

Raj:Well yeah,a bit..

Jiya:Aww..i really feel bad for you..(Raj realized the sarcasm in her tone)..Aur zorr se lagna chahiye!!

Raj:Thanks Ms Whatever..Waise kya baat hai??Humare cabin ke baahar?Jiya:Kuch khaas nahin..Hey,you're having dark circles..

Raj:I am??Geez..no way,Jiya!!

Jiya:Here's my compact mirror..Check for yourself!!

Raj:Gawd..this is crazy..

Jiya:What time did you sleep last night?

Raj:That's simply a marvellous question..In fact,I don't even understand the question..

Jiya:Ooo..that bad,huh?It's ok;you'll get used to it..

Raj:How nice of you to not offer help at all..Thanks by the way!!

Jiya:You're welcome,Raj..

Raj:My luck to have a friend like you...

Both of them walked to the reception counter.

Raj:Tum mere peeche peeche kyun aa rahi ho??

Jiya:Bas aise hi..Time pass..

Raj:Hey gorgeous,any parcels for me?

Jenny:No sir..nothing for you today..

Raj:Uff,i thought there'll be someone to cheer me up..(waited for a while,hoping to hear a response from Jenny)

Jenny:Sir,seriously there's nothing today!!

Raj:Arrgghh,I'm growing rusty..(walked to the staff lounge area)

Jiya:What are you blabbering about?

Raj:It's been two weeks plus since I've gone out...You know,dates and stuff...

Jiya:(shook her head)Waise where's the baby?

Raj:She's in my cabin,sleeping..

Jiya:And you're out here..What if she wakes up?

Raj:Don't tell anyone..I've got a secret alarm system..I'll get to know when she wakes up or cries!!It's that simple..

Jiya:Arre wah..You've gotten baby-savvy in just 2 weeks..Amazing!!

Raj:Thanks!!Ok i'll make a move first..

Jiya:Hhmm ok i'll see you at Sunny's fashion how..Now why are you making such a fac...Don't tell me you forgot about it..

Raj:Ermm Jiya i gotta meet someone immediately..Catch you later,bye..

Jiya:Bye?!(wondered where Raj rushed off to)

Raj ran towards Bharti's cabin but it was locked.He met Armaan who walked up to him.

Armaan:Hi Raj..

Raj:Oh hi Armaan..have you met Bharti?

Armaan:She's not here yet..She said that she's gonna come around 2 or 3 pm..

Raj:Oh ok..

Armaan:What happened?Is it anything important?

Raj:Nah it's ok..thanks!!

Armaan:What's that beeping noise??

Raj:Oh shux...Armaan,i'll talk to you later..bye!!

Armaan:What the...isse kya ho gaya achanak?

Raj quickly rushed to his cabin and realized that the baby was awake,and she was crying.Raj was busy booking for the baby pacifier to minimize her crying/Finally,he found the pacifier anf felt totally relieved.The baby stopped crying and he checked for the thermos flask he had kept aside and got the baby bottle filled with milk and fed her. Just then,he heard a knock on his cabin door.He quickly turned around so that no one could see him feeding milk to the baby.

Raj:Come in...

Bharti:Hi Raj..

Raj:Uff,it's you Bharti..

Bharti:Where are you talking from?

Raj:Arre yaar..walk by my table towards my chair..

Bharti:OMG..how cute Raj...She's drinking milk!!

Raj:What are you doing?

Bharti:Taking a video on my mobile..Now do you feel proud to be her dad?

Raj:This three-letter word is heavy,Bharti!!Please..right now I'm only glad that she's quietly drinking the milk..The last 15 minutes was hell for me..i couldn't find the pacifier..and she was crying away;thank god her cries weren't too loud!!

Bharti:All is well,Raj..Now,smile!!


Bharti:Come on Raj..ek pose with the beautiful angel..

Raj:Hhmm ok..(smiled and psoed,raising the baby a lil)

Bharti:Heyy,be careful..She's choking!!


Bharti:Arre rukho..ek minute!!Raj,be gentle yaar..wait,let me carry her..

Bharti carried the baby gently and Raj helped wipe the milk from her cheek.Both Bharti and Raj smiled at each other.

Bharti:She's so cute yaar..

Raj:Bharti,do we really have to?

Bharti:Yes Raj..we have to!!We can't delay any more!!

Raj:Ok,we can go right away..

Bharti:Oh shux..i totally forgot..Carry the baby..I need to go and meet Mahi and Sonali promptly!!

Raj:Ok be back soon,k?

Bharti:Yeah ok but if i'm not back,just buzz me on my mobile,l?


Bharti went to meet Mahi and Sonali who gave Bharti the file of the client whom she was supposed to meet in the evening before going for Sunny's fashion show.Bharti turned to go from there towards her cabin.She realized that it was already 2:45 pm and she felt so crazy as there was so much going on for the whole day.She took a look at the file which Mahi gave her, and she realized that she was supposed to meet a creative head to discuss and attend a short seminar of Algro Fashions.Bharti heard her mobile ringing, upon which she realized that Raj was waiting for her and she quickly kept the files in her bag and took her mobile and locked her cabin.Just as she locked her cabin door,she bumped into Armaan.

Armaan:Hello,we were supposed to meet,remember?

Bharti:We were?How come i...(waved to Raj who seemed irritated)

Armaan:Come,i need to tell you something..

Bharti:Par main..Armaan,i need to go somewhere..

Armaan:Woh sab baad mein jaana..This is really urgent!!(pulled Bharti with him while Bharti turned around and gestured to Raj to call her and Raj nodded)


Armaan:Come,have some coffee and i'll tell you everything..(got both of them a mug of coffee each and both sat down at the MU cafe)

Bharti:(smiled out of confusion)So Armaan,thanks for the coffee..What exactly is the matter?

Armaan:Try and guess!!

Bharti:Arre mujhe kaise bata hoga..One lucky guess is that you seem really,really excited about something..Sunny's show?

Armaan:No yaar..ek aur guess..

Bharti:Uffo Armaan..just say na; yeh ladkiyon ki tarha suspense kyun create kar rahi ho??Jaldi bolo na..

Armaan:Bol doo??

Bharti:(smiled widely)Main jaaoo??(raised her eyebrows)

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