Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 107~

Armaan:Hello,we were supposed to meet,remember?

Bharti:We were?How come i...(waved to Raj who seemed irritated)

Armaan:Come,i need to tell you something..

Bharti:Par main..Armaan,i need to go somewhere..

Armaan:Woh sab baad mein jaana..This is really urgent!!(pulled Bharti with him while Bharti turned around and gestured to Raj to call her and raj nodded)


Armaan:Come,have some coffee and i'll tell you everything..(got both of them a mug of coffee each and both sat down at the MU cafe)

Bharti:(smiled out of confusion)So Armaan,thanks for the coffee..What exactly is the matter?

Armaan:Try and guess!!

Bharti:Arre mujhe kaise bata hoga..One lucky guess is that you seem really,really excited about something..Sunny's show?

Armaan:No yaar..ek aur guess..

Bharti:Uffo Armaan..just say na; yeh ladkiyon ki tarha suspense kyun create kar rahi ho??Jaldi bolo na..

Armaan:Bol doo??

Bharti:(smiled widely)Main jaaoo??(raised her eyebrows)

Armaan:Nahin,nahin rukho...mai bol deta hoon..

Bharti:Oops,sorry Armaan..it's a call,let me attend to it,k??Hello..

Raj:Hey,you're still with Armaan??

Bharti:Yeah,at MU cafe..

Raj:Hhmm..so are we going?

Bharti:I think he wants to discuss something important,so not now..We'll go at night before Sunny's show..I don't want to miss it..

Raj:Ok i tell you what..We'll meet at the venue of Sunny's show..we can't stay for long,maybe 15 to 20 minutes and then we'll rush off without anyone's knowledge..Look Bharti,nobody else apart from me,you,Jiya and Shreya knows about this baby..And i'm trusting your word to report to the police,ok??So please,let this be private and confidential..

Bharti:Uffo,you can trust me yaar..I promise you that nothing will be ruined..I'll meet you later,k??Bye..

Raj:Thanks yaar..Ok i'll hang up,bye!!(hung up)

Armaan:Who was it?

Bharti:Just a friend of mine..Anyways you were saying..

Armaan:Yes,actually i got an international project offer..

Bharti:You mean to say that you've got an overseas photo-shoot?

Armaan:Some sort of..

Bharti:Ok..so?I mean you do that often,na?What's so exciting about it?

Armaan:Bharti,actually i'm not selected as of yet..It's an offer open to photogrpahers for the next 2 months based on a theme and the selected photographers actually get to showcase their talent in a reality-based show..Can you believe that?

Bharti:Ok,just a second...You mean to say that if you do get selected,you can actually get to be famous??

Armaan:Now you get it!!

Bharti:You mean,those beauty pageants and all,that kind??

Armaan:Yeah..in a way..

Bharti:You're pulling my leg,aren't you?I've not heard of such shows in India before..

Armaan:Me neither..But this is an international-based show and Amarjeet called to confirm and you wouldn't believe it!!

Bharti:(looked totally shocked)Aaahhh!!!!OMG!!!(shouted in joy for a prolonged period of time)

Armaan:Bharti..(looked to his right and left)Everyone's watching us!!

Bharti:SO what?Yaar..this is awesome..OMG!!!I'm actually feeling so giddy with happiness..

Armaan:But i'm not selected yet..

Bharti:Toh kya hua??I know and am certain that you'll definitely be selected and you'll rock!!(winked at him)Seriously tongiht calls for double celebration yaar..

Armaan:Indeed..Sunny's just so excited..Do you know something?


Armaan:This Sunny has helped several people in setting up and organizing fashion shows but this is his first ever grand individual fashion show;today everyone will know him as Sunny,not someone having merged his designs with other famous designers..You should have seen him this morning,biting his nails in anxiety..

Bharti:Are you..serious??(Armaan nodded in agreement)This is so amazing yaar..Today i'm hearing positive things from everywhere..(murmured to herself)Looks like the mystery will be solved soon..



Armaan:Did you say anything about mystery?

Bharti:No,I didn't..(thought to herself)"God,this dude has sharp ears too!!"

Armaan:Waise you didn't tell me who called..

Bharti:Just a friend,Armaan..

Armaan:And i suppose that you're going out with this friend of your's later??

Bharti:Yes Armaan,kyun?You're not intending to spy on me,are you?

Armaan:And why would I do that,Bharti?

Bharti:How am I supposed to know??The way of you interrogating me with your questions makes me think so..

Armaan:Uffo,that's because you're keeping it as a mystery from me..

Bharti:Very funny,Armaan..

Armaan:So, tell me..


Armaan:Aren't you ocming for Sunny's show?

Bharti:Yeahh i'll be definitely coming..Not to worry about that..

Armaan:Ok..what time will you be there??

Bharti:Uffo Armaan..your interrogation is not over,yet?(took armaan's hand to look at his watch)Oh shux!!

Armaan:What happened?

Bharti:I"m so late..(took out the file which Mahi gave her and stood up)

Armaan:Now where are you going?

Bharti:Seminar plus meeting with Algro Fashions creative head..Gotta run;see you later..

Armaan:Hhmm ok..See you!!

~6:30 pm~

Jiya had come back to Men's Universe to check on Raj and the baby.When she walked inside Raj's cabin,she jsut smiled,adoring the sight which was in front of her.She watched Raj having slept,embracing the baby and both of them lookeed just so eprfect with each other,She thought to herself,"Just look at how innocent both of them look..Looks can be so deceptive!!(shook her head);Just don't feel like waking them up at all!!"

Just then Raj shifted himself and opened his eyes to check the time.As he turned to look at his mobile,he jerked and almost shouted.

Raj:Jiya,you've started to appear in my dreams too??Yaha par toh mujhe chod do..

Jiya:Ahaha..I'm so desperate that I'm following you everywhere...Oh just shut up,Raj and wake up...I can't believ that you're sleeping at this hour..

Raj:Why?Haven't you seen me sleeping in MU before?

Jiya:Only when you've had the worst hangover the night before...

Raj:Oh bhoothni..Waise,you were supposed to be at Sunny's fashion show na??What are you doing here?

Jiya:Well i forgot to get some some things from the studio..

Raj:Now that's a lie...You came to look for me,didn't you?

Jiya:Fat hope!!

Raj:Oh really?

Jiya:Yes, and you better make a move and come for the show..Amarjeet's been asking..

Raj:(placed the baby in the hamper)Hhmm I wonder what's taking her so long...



Jiya:I'll be right back,k?


After some time...

Jiya:Where are you off to?Sunny's show?

Raj:Not now,Jiya...I need to head home to refresh myself and get changed..

Jiya:Okiezz...Hey where's the baby?

Raj:Shreya had come and she's helping me take care of the baby for some time..

Jiya:Oh icic..By the way,you've not introduced me to her yet..

Raj:Oh actually she will be coming for Sunny's fashion show...I'll see you later,k?

Jiya:I'll come with you??(her mobile rang)Oh..it's sunny..

Raj:Go and help him out,Jiya..He needs you tonight for his big day!!I'll see you later,bye!!

Jiya:(smiled)Ok..Jaldi aa jaana..Bye!!

Jiya was about to go when she saw armaan in his cabin.

Jiya:Hel-lo!!What are you still doing here?

Armaan:Oh hi Jiya..I'm just about to leave..

Jiya:Ok i'll see you at the show then..Waise purple shirt??

Armaan:How is it?

Jiya:(looked at Armaan for a while)It's different and nice too..but you are fond of purple,are you?

Armaan:(shook his head)No I'm not but..

Jiya:Bharti is!!!Yeah,she is!!!Wait,wait..wait!!Are you,by any chance,trying to impress Bharti??

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