Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 108~

Jiya was about to go when she saw armaan in his cabin.

Jiya:Hel-lo!!What are you still doing here?

Armaan:Oh hi Jiya..I'm just about to leave..

Jiya:Ok i'll see you at the show then..Waise purple shirt??

Armaan:How is it?

Jiya:(looked at Armaan for a while)It's different and nice too..but you are fond of purple,are you?

Armaan:(shook his head)No I'm not but..

Jiya:Bharti is!!!Yeah,she is!!!Wait,wait..wait!!Are you,by any chance,trying to impress Bharti??

Armaan:I'm not..I'm so not!!Ok??

Jiya:Yeah ok...I get it!!(smiled widely at him)




Jiya:Dekh hi toh rahi hoon..Wah!!Bhale koi kaise itna koshish kar sakta hai kisi aur ko bhoolne ke liye?


Jiya:Kya??Sahi toh bol rahi hoon..Kuch galat toh nahin kaha na??

Armaan:Just forget it...


Jiya:Oh hi Payal,hi Naina...What a pleasant surprise...come in!!

Payal:Hi guys,where's Bharti?

Jiya:She's not here actually..I think she must have left for the show..

Payal:Sorry Naina..We got late..We can meet your mama at the show,k?(Naina nodded)

Jiya:Hayye,so sweet..Ok i'll leave first,k?Sunny's been calling me..

Payal:Ok Armaan we'll make a move too..

Armaan:Let's go together..Just give me about 5 minutes,ok?

Payal:Ok sure..

Armaan:Just take a seat..i'll be right back!!

Payal and Naina sat on the couch,waiting for Armaan.Payal was browsing through a magazine while Naina stood up and saw a photograph of Armaan and Bharti in a photo frame.She brought it to Payal who smiled at her.

Payal:Achi photo hai na?

Naina:Mama bohat achi lag rahi hai..

Payal:Aapki mama hamesha achi lagti hai..(placed her arm around Naina and hugged her)

Naina:Armaan uncle sirf mama ki dost hai na??

Payal:Haan bhi aur nahin bhi..

Naina:Payal aunty..

Armaan:Hi girls..chale?

Payal:Yeah Armaan..let's go..

Armaan:OMG,it's so late..Naina,what is this?

Payal:Actually she saw the photograph of her mama and took a look at it..

Armaan:(smiled at Naina and knelt down)Mama ko bohat miss kar rahi ho?

Naina:Hhmm..mujhe unke paas le chaloge?

Armaan:Haan Naina..Waise ek baat kahu aapse??aapki mama bohat lucky hai..


Armaan:(looked at the photograph)Aapki mama ko yeh ehsaas nahin hai ke..(got lost in his words) Ke kitne log unse sache dil se chahthe hai...

Payal:Chale Armaan?


Along the way,Payal's mobile rang.


Bharti:Hey..where are you?

Payal:Going to reach..where are you?

Bharti:Arre yaar..main toh ghar par hoon..

Payal:Ghar par?Bharti...

Bharti:What Bharti?Hhmm ok,i'll meet you in half an hour's time,k?Naina's with you,na?

Payal:Yes Bharti-ji..Aapki pyaari si beti mere saath hai..Khush??Wait..she wants to talk to you..

Bharti:Haan..phone do!!Hi Naina..

Payal:Ek minute..(turned on the loudspeaker)

Naina:Hi mama..aap kaha ho??

Bharti:Ghar par..Tayyar ho rahi hoon..ok Naina mujhe batao..Mama brown pehnu ya phir red??

Payal:Bharti,you seriously can't decide?

Bharti:Uffo Payal,don't interfere between a mother and a daughter..Naina,bolo..

Payal:Go for red..


Payal:Naina,brown kyun?

Naina:Bohat saare log red pehenkar aayenge na..Mama aapko alag lagna chahiye!!

Payal:Arre wah..beti ho toh aisi!!

Bharti:Hehe..Ahem pehle dekh toh lo kiski beti hai..Hhmm??

Payal:Waise koi aur bhi hai jo alag dikh raha hai..


Payal:Kuch nahin..Tu fataafat aa jaana..We'll wait for you..Bye!!

Bharti:Ok bye..(hung up)

Payal hung up and saw Armaan looking at her in irritation.

Payal:(grinned sheepishly)Hehe kya hua Armaan??

Armaan:Tumhe woh sab kehne ki kya zaroorat hai??

Payal:Maine kya kaha hai Armaan??


Payal:Lo,ab tumhara phone bhaj raha hai..Uthaao...

Armaan:Hello,Armaan here...

Bharti:Haan photowaale,mujhe bata hai...Waise Payal aur Naina waha pohanchne waale hai...So can you please look around for them and give them company for a while..I'm just leaving from home aur mujhe aane mein thodi dher ho sakti hai....

Armaan:Kitni dher??

Bharti:About half an hour...Sorry about that...

Armaan:It's ok Bharti..take your time...

Bharti:Thanks yaar..I'll see you then...Bye!!

Armaan:Ok bye!!(hung up)Chale??

Payal:Chalo....Wow it looks real grand by the way..Bohat saare log bhi hai...Naina,come!!

Armaan:Naina,come..I'll show you around...Come,Payal!!

Payal checked her mobile and just then she saw Naina holding Armaan's hand and walking with him.She smiled instantly,adoring them both from a distance and wishing from the bottom of her heart,"May such beautiful moments be re-enacted and engraved in thier hearts forever...Awww!!!What a perfect family it would be...Bharti-Naina-Armaan..Perfect!!(smiled widely at the lovely thought)"

Armaan:Payal!!(tapped on her shoulder)


Armaan:Come..why are you standing there??Come inside!!


Almost all the staff members of Men's Universe and the Trends are there together with the guests and Amarjeet was conversing with the several fashion icons of the industry and chit-chatting.Meanwhile,Sunny was getting all nervous and tensed while Jiya was helping the models get ready and briefing them on their sequence.

Raj had just arrived and wondered where Bharti was.He dialled her number and waited for her to pick up the call.

Raj:Hey gorgeous...

Bharti:Yes Raj...

Raj:Haha how did you know it's me??

Bharti:Well,that's because apparently the only flirt who is dying to see me right now is you,am i right??

Raj:How dare you flirt back with me,Bharti??

Bharti:Very funny,Raj...Waise i'm getting better,na??Haha..jokes apart..It's only you who can lighten the atmosphere in the most serious atmosphere too...Waise where are you right now??

Raj:I'm at the fashion show yaar..Where are you???

Bharti:I'm on my way..in an auto!!Actually i spilled Pepsi on my dress..Had to go and change my dress and that's why i'm late..

Raj:Ok jaldi karo..The show will start in 5 min's time...

Bharti:ALmost there,k??Reaching....Waise you're there with the baby??

Raj:Nope...Shreya said she'll bring the baby with her and we can sneak out from here quickly....

Bharti:Great idea..ok almost reaching..See you!!

Raj:Bye!!(hung up)

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