Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 109~

After some time,the fashion show had started.Raj wondered where Bharti was.

Raj:(murmured to himself)Bata nahin yeh Bharti aur kitne dher lage gi...(kept looking at his watch)

Jiya:Heyy...kaha reh gaye the tum??Aur mujhse milne bhi nahi aaya tha??

Raj:Arre tumhe toh roz dekh tha hoon na??Aur waise bhi i decided not to interrupt you while you were getting the moidels ready or else their focus might be diverted to me..Don't you know how charming I am??

Jiya:Uff...Raj,seriously...I don't know what the girls seriously see in you...

Raj:Ladkiyon par matt ja,ok??

Jiya:Nahin jaa rahi hoon..Goodness,ok excuse me!!

Raj:Ok bye...Bharti,where are you yaar???

Meanwhile,Armaan was taking very good care of Nain anad both of them were having a good time together.Naina was being fed by Armaan and Payal was secretly taking their pics together.She just wished that both Bhaskar and Bharti were there to witness the scenes together with her.Meanwhile,she wondered where Bharti was.

Bharti paid the autodriver and came inside,looking for Raj.

Bharti:Lo,here you are...Am I very late??

Raj:Finally,you've arrived...What took you so long yaar??

Bharti:Arre yaar don't ask..Got stuck in some stupid traffic over some stupid probs...So sorry yaar....

Raj:It's ok...Let me check on Shreya..she's supposed to be here any moment....

Bharti:Hhmm ok..I wonder where the rest are...

Just then Bharti spotted Payal.


Payal:Hiii.....kitni dher lagaa di tumne??

Bharti:Sorry yaar...

Payal:Ek second..tum toh brown pehne waali thi??

Bharti:Actually i spilled Pepsi on the brown dress..so i just got the red dress and wore it..Lekin meri kismat toh dekho...Some stupid traffic jam!!

Payal:Ahh..you should have come earlier..Naina is really gelling well with Armaan...

Bharti:Wow,that's great....

Payal:Yeah,duh Bharti!!!That's great,na??

Bharti:Payal,i just agreed with you yaar...Tum itne excited kyun ho rahe ho??

Raj:Bharti,tum yaha ho??Chalo...

Payal:Oye hello..Where are you bringing her???


Armaan:Hi Bharti...(called out to her from a distance)

Bharti was stunned to see Armaan in a purple shirt.She had never seen him in a purple shirt before and she recognized this shirt,the shirt which she and Sudha once bought for him but he refused to wear at any cost and right now,she was just so speechless.Armaan,on the other hand,was surprised for she was supposed to wear a brown dress but she was wearing a red dress instead.Bharti couldn't believe her luck tonight and she smiled in surprise while walking up to him.

Armaan:Hi Bharti..

Naina:Hi mama..

Bharti:Oh hi dear...(knelt down and caressed her cheek)Mama missed her darling so much..How have you been?

Naina:Armaan uncle showed me around..Gave me some food but i only liked the noodles and the chocolate pie..

Bharti:There's chocolate pie?Yummy yum..

Naina:There is a lot..It is very nice but no one is taking more than one..

Bharti:Haha, that's because nobody here wants to become moti..But mama's gonna eat more than 3..

Naina:Mama,you told me not to be greedy..

Bharti:It's ok to be greedy once in a while..(smiled widely)

Naina:Mama,you chose Payal aunty's colour for your dress..(made a cute,sad face)

Bharti:Actually mama's brown dress got Pepsi spilled on it in a rush..So Mama wore the red dress..

Naina:You look very pretty,mama..

Bharti:Aww thank you hunni..But you know something?You look much more prettier than your mama..

Naina:Thank you mama!!

Armaan:Ahem..(coughs a lil)

Bharti:Oh hi..(smiled at him)

Naina:Armaan uncle,you are so cute..Mama,i'll go with Payal aunty to eat..

Bharti:Ok..but stay with your Payal aunty,k??Don't go anywhere else..

Armaan:How cute can you two be?I really envy you,Bharti..

Bharti:Why so?

Armaan:Well,Naina is such a gorgeous angel..And time just flies with her..

Bharti:Well, i definitely have to agree with you on that..

Armaan:How do I look today?

Bharti:About that..erm,what would you like to hear?The truth or something else?

Armaan:The truth..apparently!!

Bharti:Are you sure Armaan?

Armaan:Yes Bharti..

Bharti:(looked intently into his eyes,gently diverting her attention to his purple shirt and thought to herself)"This is such a great opportunity to irritate Armaan..He's obviously expecting me to say something nice but i'm going to say the otherwise..This is so much fun.."

Armaan:Bharti,I'm waiting..Just tell me honestly..

Bharti:Ok..what made you even think of wearing purple in the first place?


Bharti:What do you mean by why,Armaan?It so doesn't suit you at all,yaar..

Armaan:(his smile automatically faded)But the others were saying that i looked nice..Different!!

Bharti:They might just have said it to not offend your dressing sense..I mean,it doesn't..Well, you don't look nice at all..Waise,i assume you've not worn pirple before or did you?

Armaan:No, I didn't..

Bharti:Then how come you wore it today?

Armaan:I knew it that i wouldn't look nice in purple..Maa told me..

Bharti:Mom told you to wear purple?

Armaan:Acutally,no..This was the only colour that i didn't wear and i wanted to look different..

Bharti:Well, you definitely look different..

Raj:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Talk to you later,Armaan..Come,Raj..(walked off from there,leaving gloomy Armaan behind)

Armaan thought to himself,"What a stupid bet that I've striked with Maa.. and she was so confident that her bahu will be the only one who'll find me hot and happening..And i raised the bar of my expectations,getting convinced by her words..I'm feeling so crap right now..I so need something to cheer me up!!"

Meanwhile Bharti was talking to Raj and simulatenously watching Armaan.She had a wide smile on her face for she had succeeded in irritating Armaan.

Raj:Oh hello..Why are you smiling to yourself?

Bharti:Well,i've given a whole deal of irritation to someone we both know..

Raj:Ermm..who's that?


Raj:I thought i was supposed to be doing that..But how exactly so??(Bharti narrated to Raj and he bursted out laughing)Ok,now that was a lil mean,don't you think?

Bharti:It's not mean..It's just pure fun yaar..So much for how he tried to irritate me with the coffee offer..

Raj:Goodness Bharti..You aren't over that yet?

Bharti:I'm over it already but i just did this for fun..Well i'll manaofy him later..

Raj:Manaofy?Sometimes, your words can be as interesting as you..

Bharti:Thanks..Where's Shreya by the way?

Raj:She just messaged me that she's on her way and once she's near the entance,she said that she'll message me again..

Bharti:Cool,let's get a drink..

Raj:And how about food?You want any?

Bharti:Naina told me that the chocolate pie is yummy..Grab about 4 or 5..I'm craving for desserts..

Raj:Lollz ok..I'll be right back!!

Bharti was mingling with quite a lot of people.Vinita and Preity were watching her subtly and they thought of joining Amarjeet who was walking over to talk to Bharti.

Bharti:Sir,the fashion show is great..Sunny is so talented!!

Amarjeet:I have to agree...He's overflowing with talent and today,he's the star of our Men's Universe..

Vinita:Definitely Sir...He's just brilliant today..Bharti,you came alone today?

Bharti:No,my daughter is here too..Thanks for the concern..

Vinita:You're welcome,darlin'..(nudged Preity)

Preity:Waise don't mind me asking you..Where's your husband by the way?

Bharti:My hubby?

Preity:Yeahh..you haven't introduced him to any of us before..

Amarjeet:Preity has a point..Where is your hubby??What does he do??

Bharti:Woh actually..Kya hain na Sir..Woh..

Raj:Hi Sir,girls and Bharti..what's going on?

Amarjeet:Nothing actually,Raj..We were jsut asking Bharti about her hubby and where he is nowadays..

Raj:(looked at bharti)Yeah Bharti..Where is he??

Bharti:(glanced at Raj and whispered to him)"Dude,you're supposed to help me out..What kind of a friend are you??"

Raj:(whispered back)"Yeahh...Right!!"..Well,Sir,her hubby's a..(paused for some time)..

Vinita:Yeah Raj??

Raj:Creative head..


Raj and Bharti said the two professions at the same time,not only confusing Amarjeet,Vinita and Preity but also each other,giving each other an irritated yet confused look.

Raj:We meant that he's a creative head aur kabhi kabhi woh photography ka shok bhi rakte hain..Especially international assignments and he travels a lot too..

Bharti:(smiled widely)Raj is absolutely right,Sir..

Vinita:It's so strange na,Sir?


Vinita:How come Raj knows quite a lot about Bharti's hubby?

Bharti:Vinita darlin', i often talk about my hubby with Raj and that's how he knows..What's so strange??

Raj:Excuse us,Sir..

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