Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 110~

~Meanwhile,at the fashion show venue....~

Vinita:Preity,come let's have something to eat..

Preity:Do you notice something?

Vinita:Bharti's nowhere around here..


Vinita:But a stranger fact is Gyaan's absence...He never misses out on such occasions..Let me call him up..

Preity:What happened?

Vinita:How rude of that idiot..He disconnected my calls..Something definitely strange is going on...

Shreya was very much lost in the crowd,wondering where Armaan could be.She bumped into Amarjeet and thought of asking him,but Amarjeet was pretty much drunk and Shreya felt so uncomfortable.She tried to push herself away from the crowd but ended up having fallen on the ground.She had hurt her leg and tried to stand up and managed to do so with a guy's help.

Shreya:Thanks a lot..I hate mobs..

Armaan:Well you can't avoid them especially at parties...

Armaan:Why do I feel as if I know you??

Shreya:Excuse me...Are you trying to flirt??

Armaan:No..seriously nope!!But..ok,maybe it was just an illusion then..

Jiya:Heyy..I do know you..You had come to MU the other day right?


Jiya:Men's Universe..

Shreya:I think i came there several times...

Jiya:To meet Raj,if I'm not wrong...

Shreya:Yeahh and i assume you're Jiya??Hi..I'm Shreay..

Armaan:Shreya...ermm...Shreya Gill??(with an ounce of surprise in his tone)

Shreya:Yeah i'm Shreya Gill..How do you know my name??

Armaan:The only girl who didn't find the bald guy sitting beside her as abnormal?The girl who made him break his silence and befriended him?

Shreya:Ok seriously you're creeping me out..

Armaan:The guy who helped you out in your studies and who knew you for barely nine months before you had left the college?

Shreya:Armaan Sinha??Armaan!!!

Armaan:Here I am..And you were thinking that I'm flirting with you??

Shreya:OMG!!Armaan,you look so different yaar...

Armaan:5 long yeats,it seems..Can't believe we lost touch for that long..

Shreya:Yeahh..5 long years!!

Armaan:Oops i forgot...This is Jiya,my close friend apart from Raj..And Jiya,this is Shreya,my college buddy..

Jiya:Strange that you didn't mention about her in all these years..

Armaan:Actually I did..Well after the whole ragging incident,Maa had gotten me transferred to Unity College where we net..But apparently after about 9 months..

shreya:My dad got a transfer to LA and so I had to continue my education there and I've come to Mumbai after 5 years,mainly in search of you,Armaan as well as to get a good job as well..Call it luck,that I got selected as an intern in the Trends..

Armaan:What?You work at Trends??Since when?

Shreya:Well,just 3 weeks since i joined but i've yet to prove myself..It's such a competitive world in here..

Jiya:Tell us about it..Every day is taxing especially in the starting days..

Shreya:Raj told me that you guys have been working together for the past 4 years..

Armaan:Yeahh...By the way,how do you know Raj??

Shreya:Well,for a start, I'm his neighbour and babysitter too..(psused for a while and bit her tongue in realization)

Armaan:Babysitter??Since when did Raj require babysitting?

Jiya:Shreya,why don't you help yourself with the desserts??

Shreya:Sorry Jiya..it slipped form my tongue..

Jiya:It's ok dear..it happens!!Go..go and help yourself!!

Shreya:Excuse me..

Armaan:Jiya,what's going on?

Jiya:Actually Armaan,Raj made me promise not to tell anyone but now..Apart from me,Shreya and Raj himself,Bharti knows of it as well..

Armaan:Bharti too?

Jiya:Yeahh and she had helped him several times too..Actually this was about two to three weeks back..(narrated how Raj and Jiya found the baby at his doorstep and how Raj kept the baby with him till now)

Armaan:So you mean to say that the baby was in the hamper all along??(Jiya nodded in agreement)And i didn't know about it till now??

Jiya:Actually we were all so busy and t he promise made to Raj as well...

Armaan:So where's the baby right now?

Shreya:I've taken care of her for a while before coming here..Now the baby's with Raj and Bharti..

Jiya:Raj and Bharti?

Armaan:Both of them are together?Ok,but where are they?

Shreya:No clue but they went off somewhere in Raj's car..

Jiya:Hhmm let me try calling them up..Excuse me;you guys keep chatting..

Jiya was trying Raj's number.Meanwhile,Raj and Bharti were almost dozing off but they got up,upon hearing the baby cry.Jiya tried Raj's and Bharti's alternately but none of them picked up.Jiya was getting worried but smiled when she saw Naina looking at her.Payal wondered where bharti was.She realized that Naina was feeling extremely sleepy but Naina was growing adamant,wanting to se eher mama.

It was almost 1 am.Bharti rocked the baby to sleep while Raj was walking to and fro.Bharti placed the baby in the hamper,and continued waiting.Finally,the officer-in-charge came back and the constable asked both Bharti and Raj to come in.They took a deep breath and entered.Raj felt like venting his frustration and anger on the officer but Bharti held his hand and gestured him to calm down and Raj nodded in agreement,looking at the baby.Raj and Bharti explained the whole situation to the officer.Bharti and Raj smiled weakly at each other,feeling confident that they did the right thing.

Armaan:Jiya,managed to get through?

Jiya:Nope..both of their phones are not reachable..

Armaan:Try their home numbers..Let me try Bharti's while you try Raj's..

Jiya:Ok,this is really getting freaky..

After some time,Jiya and Armaan gave up trying.Armaan was starting to feel very much worried and wondered where Raj and Bharti had gone off to.

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