Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 182~

~Next day~

Shreya woke up early in the morning and got ready to go to Trends.She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror,"Oh girl,here I go again..(lowered her head)Ok Shreya,you got to do this..You can do it,yeah?Oh god,who am I kidding?I can so imagine my desk filled with rockets again and those creepy eyes staring at me,as if I've taken the lives of some,who are related to those eyes..Look Shreya,you've got no other choice so just go and do it!!If your job is going to go,let it..But for no,just take the starting step.."

It is usually the first step that makes life so difficult but it is also the first step which leads to a more meaningful journey,directing us to our destination.As Shreya got out of the house and locked the home,she met Raj,and waved to him.

Raj:Hey,what a pleasant surprise..

Shreya:It definitely is to see you up in the morning..

Raj:Thanks for the compliment..Heading to Trends?

Shreya:Yeahh..aren't you getting ready?

Raj:About to,since i just had my morning coffee..

Shreya:I'm running late;i'll meet you later then?

Raj:Yeah sure,do send my Hi to your boss..

Shreya:I'm in no mood to do that..I might delay your Hi till i get the first article on my column done..

Raj:Oo..all the best for that!!


Raj:Hey,listen..Don't try to make your fist article perfect but just good enough to garner attention!!Don't stress yourself so much..

Shreya:Thanks for the tip..


~Men's Universe~

A roar of applause was heard as Mahi entered the foyer.Mahi widened her eyes and looekd to her left and right.The staff were continuously applauding till Amarjeet called out Mahi's name.

Mahi:Yes sir?

Amarjeet:Congratzz Mahi Talwar,please come forward..

Mahi:Ok,sir what's going on?

Amarjeet:(held Mahi's hand and brought her to stand beside him)Welcome our new creative editor of MU newsletter,ms Mahi Talwar!!


Sonali:Yayy!!(applauded with Raj and blew a few whistles)

Amarjeet:It's a splendid honour to have Mahi with us,and now,with added responsibilities,i'm sure the MU newsletter will touch new horizons!!

Raj:Yes Sir!!That we promise..

Amarjeet:Ok,get back to work!!Disperse..

Sonali:Wow,this is awesome!!Just miss Bharti's presence here..

Mahi:I guess she might be tired after completing her project..

Raj:Well,seriously..erm we have a treat for me,a treat for you,mahi,a prmotion and Bharti's project completion..4 super duper celebrations coming up!!

Jiya:Heyy Mahi,congratzz dear..

Mahi:Thanks Jiya..But why do you sound so dull?

Jiya:In the midst of these moments of happiness,i can't stop myself thinking about tomorrow..

Raj:Sorry gurls but just excuse me and Jiya..(went to the member's lounge to get some coffee)

Raj continued glaring at Jiya in irritation while he got 2 cups of coffee for both of them and placed the 2 cups on the table,drawing Jiya's attention.

Jiya:Kya hai?

Raj:Wohi toh main bhi pooch rahi hoon..Kya hai?Kya zaroorat thi tumhe woh kal ki baat kehne ki?Itni khushiyon mein tumhe woh baat kehne ki kya zaroorat thi?

Jiya:Arre..tum mujh par chillaa kyun rahe ho?Mujhe joh laga woh maine keh diya..Is mein kya..Mujhe kya tumhare ijaazat maangne padegi?Kal woh doono bichadne waale hain..

Raj:Dekho,Mahi ko ek bohat badaa promotion milee hai..

Jiya:Toh kya?(Mahi accidentally heard their conversation)Mere liye woh kuch bhi nahin hai..Mere liye Armaan ki problem hi sabse bada dikh raha hai..(Mahi hid from there before Raj or Jiya saw her)

Raj:Dekho,main tumhari yeh aadat se bohat tang aa chuka hoon,alright?Aur jo kuch bhi ho raha hain na,woh kisi aur ki marzi se ho raha hai aur tum kuch bhi nahin karpaoge..Aur agar tumhe apni chehra iss tarha rakhna hai puura din,toh main tumse aaj baat hi nahin karna chahtha hoon..Actually,tum ek kaam kyun nahin karti?Jaa kar Armaan ke paas baitho;tum apne dard share karna aur woh bhi share karega..Aur dono milkar dukh dard baat lena..Aur haan,mujhe koi dilchaspi nahin hai tumhari date ke baarein mein jaanne ki..Good day to you!!(slammed the door)

Before he left from there,he stopped for a while.He thought he saw Mahi and as he turned,he heard Sonali calling for Mahi and bth Raj and Mahi looked at each other.Mahi smiled weakly and left from there while Raj turned to look at Jiya,clenching his fist in irritation,"Damn it!!".

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 181~

Bharti:hi..you're still awake?

Armaan:Your message woke me up..

Bharti:Oops,i'm so sorry for that..

Armaan:You just got out of MU?

Bharti:Yeahh,am looking for an auto to get me to the university..

Armaan:Can't you submit you work tomorrow?

Bharti:I don't know how much coffee i've drunk to keep me awake till now..And i can't trust myself about me waking up early for the deadline is 9 am in the morning tomorrow..

Armaan:(got up from the bed and sat upright)You want me to pick you up?

Bharti:Nope,i'm already feeling bad that i woke you up..There's no need,armaan..Get back to your sleep,k?Bye!!(hung up)

Bharti continued to walk till she saw an oncoming auto.She got into it and headed to her university and in the very same auto,she got back home despite the unexpected protests that was held at such an hour,The autodriver was feeling quite scared but he sped off instantly.There was apparently some sort of political unrest and while the driver tried to speed off,Bharti got hit at her head.She ordered the autodriver to drive quickly and she managed to reach home.Payal was shocked to see blood oozing from Bharti's head and quickly bandaged her head to stop the blood.Bharti told Payal to relax and both of them slept after some time.

Meanwhile,Raj was out having some drinks all by himself while wathcing the sight around him at 99 Degree.While sipping his drink,he caught sight of Niharika who was there with a girl and he assumed her to be Niharika's friend.He got a drink for Niharika and asked the waiter to pass the special drink to the girl.Niharika turned around to see a drink being offered to her and when she enquired,the waiter told her who sent the drink and Niharika looked at Raj for a while before she turned away.The waiter had come back to him with the same drink together with a small note.Raj asked the waiter to give the drink and place it at her table.Raj read the note and smiled,

"Thanks but I only believe in self-service!!"

Raj watched Niharika occasionally,wondering if she would help herself with the drink he had offered her.Raj went to the dance floor and just danced with a random girl.This time round,he watched her and turned away from her,smiling at his small victory for Niharika had unknowingly drank a bit of the wine that he had bought for her.After some time,he left form there and went back home.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 180~

After some time later,Armaan,together with Raj,Mahi and Sonali went to a gift shop to get a good gift for Shreya.Alongside with that,Armaan thought of getting a card for Bharti to wish her well for her project work and all of them headed to Trends to meet Shreya.The receptionist went to call for Shreya who was just about to leave from there.

Shreya:Heyy..What are you guys doing here?

Mahi:Congratzz on the column..

Shreya:Come,let's go out and talk..

Raj:Armaan told us that you got the column,so this is a gift from all of us..

Shreya:Oh my..You guys are so sweet!!Thank you so much!!(hugged Armaan)And thank you Mahii..

Sonali:Ahem Shreya,i know that Raj and I didn't help you with anything but you could still acknowledge us too,you know...

Shreya:I was coming there,Sonali..(smiled)Thanks all for this lovely gift!!Well,i'm going to head for home..so i'll see you around!!

Armaan:Come,i'll drop you home..Bye guyzz!!

Shreya:Thanks,bye everyone!!


While Armaan was driving,Shreya received a phone call from Bharti.

Shreya:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Heyy..I just called to wish you congratulations on getting the column..

Shreya:Let me guess,Armaan told you?

Bharti:Hehe,yeahh..And he told me about how you feel so out of place..don't mind me telling you,actually give yourself some time to see how working in such an industry is like and if after that,you still feel that way,just talk to your boss about it..I'm pretty sure he'll help you out!!

Shreya:I think i tried that out today..But he just frustrated me..

Bharti:yeh Mayank bhi na..Actually he may appear to be grim,grumpy and stern but he may do this as a boss to geth the best out of you..If you get to know him well enough,he's a real sweet guy..He's a nice person but it's just that it takes him time to open up..

Shreya:Interesting..Thanks bharti!!

Bharti:are you at trends right now?

Shreya:No,i'm on my way home with Armaan..


Shreya:Yeah he's driving me home..Want to talk to him?

Bharti:No,it's ok..Got my project to complete;i'll talk to you later,k?

Shreya:Yeah sure,bye..(hung up)

Bharti was trying to focus on her project work but she kept getting distracted by calls and hence she kept her mobile on silent mode.While she was typing away,she saw Payal onle and chatted with her for a while.Payal informed her that Naina had fallen asleep whilst Bhaskar told her some bedtime stories.Bharti informed Payal that it might take her for a long while before she will be done with her project.Payal reassured her to not worry about Naina for she and bhaskar are there and appeared offline after some time.

Armaan dropped Shreya home and he was just driving back home.He wondered if Bharti was still at office and just texted her.Just then,he recalled what Sudha told him about how bharti must be truly feeling form within.He looked at the time,which displayed 10 pm.Bharti hadn't texted him back and he assumed that she must be busy and he decided to continue in the direction towards his home.

~Hours Later~

Bharti finally completed her project report and saved the final copy in her thumbdrive,emailing a copy to Dr Graham,her supervisor.Just then,she realized that she needed to head to her university to submit her project folder containing a hard copy of her work to the uni staff.She looked at the time which struck 2:33 am.She rubbed her eyes repeatedly and decided to head to her university and submit her project folder into the night box, but before that,she emailed Dr Graham about her rpoject submission.She packed her bag and locked her cabin.She realzied that it was pretty dark since there was no one else in Men's Universe and she used her mobile as a light source and headed her way downstairs.She kept her mobile on normal mode and just then,she saw Armaan's message,expressing his concern for her project work and his best wishes for her.Bharti smiled and texted him back that she just finished her project and she's heading to the university to submit her prject in the night box.A few minutes later,Armaan called her on her mobile.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 179~

Armaan:Oops,I'm sorry..I didn't know that you guys were so desperate!!

Raj:Recession ka time hai boss..Kuch karna padh tha hai!!

Armaan:Waise i've got a great news to share,by the way..

Mahi:Waht is it??Ohh..wait!!Ermm...Shreya??She got it??(Armaan nodded)WOW!!

Sonali:shreya got what?

Raj:The column?(Armaan nodded)Wow..She really wanted it badly and now she got it...

Mahi:We should gift her something..what say?

Armaan:Well,Mahi you'll get a treat from me,as I promised!!

Sonali:What??Mahi gets a treat but why??

Mahi:Do you have a problem with that,Sonu??

Raj:ahem,Armaan..Care to explain?(Armaan explained to them of how Mahi had helped Shreya)

Raj and Sonali looked at each other and then at Mahi.

Sonali:Arre wah!!


Raj:Another confrontation with Mayank Sharma..Interesting!!

Mahi:Phir se maar khaane ka iraada hai,Raj?

Raj:Woh khaane ke liye mujhe koi problem nahin hai par seriously Mahi ki..

Sonali:Mahi ki..(Raj and Armaan joined in)Jai Ho!!

Armaan:Waise,where's Bharti?

Mahi:actually,she's doing her project at her cabin since the deadline is tomorrow..

Armaan:Hhmm ok i'm done with my lunch;i'll just inform her of the good news..

Sonali:Yeahh sure..(armaan left form there)

Mahi:Do you think he'll stop caring for her?

Sonali:He can never do that..He really loves her!!

Raj:And he better not stop caring or loving her..

Mahi:Okiezz..we gotta meet Amarjeet,remember?

Sonali:Ok,and after that,let's get something for Shreya,together with Armaan..


Armaan was outside Bharti's cabin.He saw her swirling her pen and putting it down.She was frantically typing away but then,she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Armaan:May i come in?

Bharti:Oh hi armaan..come!!

Armaan:You seem quite frustrated?

Bharti:Yeah,somewhat..it's like i know it in my head but i just can't find the right words to express it..Khayr,you had your lunch?

Armaan:Yeahh..how about you?

Bharti:I'll have my lunch a bit later..

Armaan:actually o came to tell you about shreya..She got the column and she signed her job contract document and she's working for Trends for a year..

Bharti:Wow!!Send her my congratualtions..She must be so excited!!

Armaan:Not exactly!!She kinda feels out of place..As if she's a misfit at tRends..Like she's not being appreciated and perhaps she doesn't want to do this job but she challenged her boss that hrough her transparency and integrity,she'll make it big in life and decided to prove her worth in Trends..

Bharti:Ouchh..that's kinda awful!!She shouldn't have signed;i mean she is right that hse's going to make it big through her integrity but she don't have to,in a place where she doesn't even want to work..

Armaan:I guess it's quite late now..But what if she could prove herself in Trends?Won't that be great>

Bharti:That'll be awesome but will she be truly happy?Let's hope that things work out for her..(smiled)

Armaan:Bharti,do you remember helping Shreya?Maybe taking a break for a while or diverting your attention elsewhere could get rid of the writer's block you're having right now..

Bharti:How did you..Shreya?Thanks Armaan!!

Armaan:Welcome!!I better make a move for now..All the best for your project!!(Bharti nodded and smiled while Armaan left form there)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 178~

~MU Member's Lounge~

Bharti:Hey guyz..Mornnin'!!

Raj:Hello late bloomer..Is Sonali under your influence?

Sonali:Shut up Raj!!All of us came late today,alright?

Mahi:Heyyy,count me out!!Actually we should have a bet on who's going to come the latest..

Raj:Great idea..And the person shall have a forfeit;Mahi,you do come up with great ideas to make work life fun..


Sonali:And Mahi'll never get to forfeit..Talk about forfeits!!

Bharti:(got some coffee from the coffee machine)What's wrong with you,Sonali?

Raj:Apparently she got up a bit late..And she had to clean the house and make breakfast for her saas and Pushpak before leaving for work..And in the midst of that,the bus she alighted was stuck in a traffic jam..All in all,a horrible morning for her..

Sonali:Thanks for the update,Raj!!Gosh,i can't believe that Pushpak has started to demand me for breakfast in the morning,which has never happened when we stayed together..All because of his mum!!

Bharti:Take it easy,girl..Just about 3 weeks?

Sonali:25 days more..(Bharti smiled and turned to face Mahi)

Mahi:Hey guys,did you check out our latest issue?Raj,you should really suggest the foodie blog idea to Amarjeet..Please,please..please!!(shook Raj)

Raj:Ok,ok i will..Don't worry!!Waise,how's your project shaping up?

Bharti:I"m halfway done..Still got to work on the remaining half..I tell you,it's so damn tiring!!

Mahi:Hhmm,just work on your project..I think there's nothnig much to do for today..

Raj:yeahh..just a brainstorm session on next issue..And presenting our ideas to Amarjeet!!

Bharti:I think i'm going to skip that and work on my project since my deadline is tomorrow morning..

Mahi:No worries,Bharti..Go ahead with your project and finish it up!!

Bharti:Ok,i'll catch you guys later..Bye!!(left from there)

Raj:Heyy,are we still having the bet?

Sonali:What bet?

Mahi:Sounds good to me..

Sonali:Just hold on,that won't be fair since this girl will never be late..(looked at Mahi)

Raj:True!!Waise Bharti still owes me a treat..

Sonali:What kinda treat?

Raj:For ruining her cabin..(bit his tongue)Oops!!Just pretend that you didn't hear that!!

Mahi:So you were the one behind that?(Raj took a bow and smiled while Mahi hit his elbow)

Raj:Ouchh!!Mahi,you aggressive girl..Stop your hand!!

Sonali:(got amused)But why??

Raj:She..wanted a new cabin..

Sonali:You've not exactly answered my question..

Raj:Ok,she wanted to get away form Armaan whose cabin is directly opposite her's//

Mahi:Does this have anything with their marraige getting annulled?(Raj kept silent)

Raj:I think i'm running late..Bye!!

Sonali:Not so soon,Raj Malhotra!!(guarded the door of the lounge)Sit down!!

Raj:ALright but don't tell anyone i told you..(Mahi and Sonali nodded while Raj told them everything that he knew from Bharti and Jiya)

Sonali:Interesting..So actually,both of them are nullifying their marriage for the other's sake??

Raj:Some sort..


Raj:Why wow?

Sonali:I mean,who would think of parting for the other's sake?Armaan's being supportive of Bharti's decision,caring for her happiness while Bharti's doing it so that Armaan's future might not be affected by her..Interestingly cute!!

Mahi:And why were they angry with each other again??They're pretty strange,I tell you..(got amused)

Sonali:Gotta agree with you on that..But it's kinda sweet,i mean don't you think they doing this out of love?

Mahi:actually yeahh but bharti doesn't realzie that!!But heyy,we care for their happiness and if they're happy doing this,then we should be supportive too..

Raj:Yeahh..That's my gurls!!(shared a group hug)Ok,that's so much of love for now..Let's get back to work!!

~Lunch Time~

Armaan just got back after the photo-shoot,feeling so exhausted.He went to the MU cafe and saw Sonali,Mahi and Raj engrossed in a discussion for quite some time.

Armaan:Hi,can i join you guys?

Raj:Yeahh sure..

Armaan:What's going on?

Sonali:Nothing much..we were thinking of giving a chance for someone to earn some money..

Armaan:I see..What's the bet on?

Sonali:That's the precise point..Lollz we don't know what to bet on..(armaan bursted out laughing)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 177~

As she sat down,she heard several of the staff whispering and throwing papers at her.Shreya was very well aware of the fact that she was not being favoured in the office and she felt frustrated with their attitude.She looked at her email and printed out the guidelines that Mayank had emailed her from the printer situated away from her cabin.She went back to her cabin,shot down her laptop and took her bag with her.She felt like talking to Armaan and called him on his mobile.

Armaan:Hey Shreya,mornin'..What's up?

Shreya:What are you doing?

Armaan:Well,i'm just about to leave for a photo-shoot..

Shreya:Oh,am I disturbing?I'll talk to you later then..

Armaan:Arre,no way!!It'll take me half an hour so just keep me company..

Shreya:Alright then..

Armaan:Waise,what happened about your column?

Shreya:Erm i got it..

Armaan:Wow,that's terrific news yaar..But how come you sound so depressed?I mean,you should be excited for you got what you wanted..

Shreya:Yeah i should but i'm just not..


Shreya:Armaan,i've told you earlier yaar..I just feel so out-of-place and more than anything,i feel so annoyed with my boss and the colleagues here..

Armaan:What happened?

Shreya:My colleagues here are throwing rockets at me,annoying me to the core..I can understand that i'm a newcomer here with no particular experience and they're angry with me for i got the column instead of them,amongst whom some are given more than a column to write..And Mayank sir is advising me on the fact that my transparency is going to get me nowhere in life and i challenged to prove him wrong and signed the job contract papers which confirmed my job for 12 months..

Armaan:Whoa..that's an awful morning for you..Go and get a break!!

Shreya:That's what I'm talking to you right now..

Armaan:Uffo Shreya,why did you sign instantly?Look,you should never work where you're not being repsected or appreciated,according to my perspective..As far as your colleagues ar econcerned,just ignore them;they're just jealous..Ok,what column have you gotten?What kind of column??

Shreya:Well,you do read the Trends magazine,right?

Armaan:Yeah,when i get the time to do it..

Shreya:Well,it's a new column on the latest trends and the story,as in behind-the-scenes kinda stuff,behind the trends in Mumbai,India and the world..

Armaan:Wow,that's interesting..The thing about Trends mag is its target audience being all sorts of populations,males and females,unlike Men's Universe,applicable to only male audience..

Shreya:But trust me,the other day i saw many girls looking at and purchasing the MU mag and newsletter..Anyways,Trends is a much bigger magazine,and t here's no basis for comparison..

Armaan:Well,you're all set to prove yourself in Trends?

Shreya:I don't know yaar,if i can do it or not..

armaan:Hhmm,i seriously didn't know that the atmosphere is so fierce in Trends..It's quite intimidating!!

Shreya:Filled with hypocrites and backstabbers,i believe..

Armaan:Just be cautious and don't give up hope,k?And i'm always here for you..

Shreya:Thanks yaarr..I'm feeling better!!

Armaan:Heyy,what are friends for?Ok i'll talk to you later,k?

Shreya:Ahh you must be having your photo-shoot..Ok Armaan,i'll talk to you later..Bye!!


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 176~

Shreya:Mayank sir,I'm...(saw everyone looking at her and she kept quiet,feeling super weird)

Mayank:Ms Shreya Gill,in my cabin right now and as for others,thanks so much for trying but better luck next time!!Shreya,in my cabin...(Shreya smiled and rushed quickly)

Shreya:Yes,Mayank sir??

Mayank:Hi Shreya..Take a seat..Read this document carefully right now and let me know when you're done!!

Shreya:What is this,Sir?

Mayank:This is your contract..Read each line carefully and then decide..

Shreya:Sir,if you don't mind,can I talk to you??

Mayank:Ahem,what are you doing right now?

Shreya:Sir,this is something personal..May I??

Mayank:Erm,only if you're comfortable..But why would you want to share anything with me??Let me tell you something clearly,Ms Shreya..You wouldn't want to share anything with anyone here at office for you never know when someone might just leak out your most personal secrets...

Shreya:I know that you're a good friend of Bharti's and i think i really love her..And i believe if she's friends with you,then you are a trustworthy person as well!!(Mayank was surprised at Shreya's revelation)Sir,i wanted to ask you something...Did you get this column for me only because Mahi intimidated you or do i truly deserve this column?

Mayank:What made you think that i'll be afraid of some girl intimidating me?I'm only giving you this column to build on because you've got potential..Let me tell you something..(went to get a file)Look at this file and look at your's..This is why I wanted to chuck your file aside..

Shreya:But Sir,you can't judge a book by it's cover..

Mayank:Nice try but not with me..For me,the entire package matters!!Your colleague,Rashmi's work is much more attractive than your's from outside but her content is not as good as your's..That's where you score!!Tht's why you get this column and you've got to work really hard for it's going to be a competitive world in which you're about to enter..If you're just a bit late,you're out of the race..

Shreya:Sir,i don't think i belong here..I don't know what I'm doing here..I'm just confused and clueless about my life path..If i'm here,it's only for money..

Mayank:Do you even realize that you're saying all these to me right now?I can't believe you would say this to your boss..Shreya,I'm not here to advise you or to get your problems solved.Your attitude and your transparency is not going to get you anywhere in this industry..

Shreya:I just wanted you to hear me out but i guess i was wrong..(Mayank just looked at her blankly)But i'm going to prove to you that i'm going to make it big in my life and that too with my honesty and transparency,which perhaps you might lack,Sir!!(took the contract papers;read for a few seconds and signed the papers)There yoyu go,i've signed the papers..(turned to go from there)



Mayank:Pretty impressive..First article on your column in 2 days' time..Best of luck!!(Shreya just left from there to sit at her small cabin)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 175~

Sudha:Didn't I tell you??Armaan,you know something??She's totally alone!!

Armaan:What??But she has a lot of friends around her...

Sudha:It's not necessary that being surrounded by so many people means that she's the most happiest..Maybe it's a protective mechanism in a way so that she gets rid of the feeling of loneliness which is killing her from within..She's really alone and she helps others to make her feel better!!

Armaan:Even she told something similar today..That even if she doesn't spend time with me that often,that doesn't mean that I am not important to her..The way she said it,it felt quite different though..

Sudha:Armu,she really likes you;it's just that she doesn't really know how to express herself..Remember one thing about her that she doesn't believe in love??If you're with her and if you're supportive,you can make her believe in love..That such a feeling too exists..An inevitable feeling that'll become part of her life and without which,she'll feel incomplete..Hhmm??

Armaan:Maa,i love you!!

Sudha:(smiled widely)Just believe in yourself...and yes,just smile at her and make her believe in you more than herself..Always give her the assurance that no matter what,you're always there and make sure you are always there for her!!!Promise her that..(Armaan smiled)Aaj khaana kuch zyaada acha hai,Armu!!

Armaan:Aap sahi keh rah ho!!(winked at his mum)

~Next Day at Trends~

Shreya is practically growing nervous and she kept looking at the clock,which ticked a bit slower today according to Shreya.She was fixing her eyes on the wall clock and she couldn't concentrate on her work.

"Itni bechaini aaj tak nahi huyi hai..It's just so frustrating aur yeh Mayank sir abhi tak nahin aaya hai..Bata nahin kab aayega!!"

After some time,Mayank finally appeared and he went straight into his cabin.Shreya was rubbing her palms together,waiting if there was going to be any announcement made by Ash,Mayank's assistant but she was still typing away,at her cabin.Shreya sighed deeply and went to get some coffee for herself at the coffee machine situated near Mayank's cabin.She finally decided to not think about the column for she felt quite pessimistic and hopeless of getting the column for she was pretty sure that someone else might get the column before her for all of them were more experienced in writing than her.She began to wonder what the hell she was doing at Trends and she remembered that she was doing this because she was in dire need of money to survive in Mumbai.She wasn't even sure that she can even stick in this office for long and she doesn't even know if she's going to have a permanent job here or not and if she wished,she'd rather work somewhere else than here with such colleagues who only care only about sabotaging and competing with each other.

She sipped her coffee and just then,she heard Ash calling her to meet at the foyer for Mayank has an important announcement to make.Shreya finished her cup of coffee and only after that,she went to the foyer.

Mayank:Thank you Ms Shreya for arriving..

Shreya:I'm sorry Sir..I was just..(had a glass of water with her)

Mayank:Don't waste my time any further..Well all of us know what had happened yesterday and I totally don't appreciate it in this office at least..And whoever who's responsible for the scene yesterday--this is my first and last warning!!And now coming to the column which I had thought of introducing after seeing the work from everyone who's interested,I've already made my decision.Quiet,everyone..There's no need to gasp or whisper around for I've only made my decision based on the work which I've seen yesterday..(Shreya almost choked and said Sorry)..And,I realized that i'll have made the wrong decision if i didn't read the work which was submitted to me yesterday..(Shreya was totally shocked but she realized that perhaps some other colleagues could have submitted their work yesterday too)And i've finally decided to give the column to...(Mayank looked at everyone and watched their expressions carefully)

Shreya had closed her eyes and shook her head and Mayank noticed her expression and smiled at her but he kept a blank expression and composed himself.

Mayank:And the column goes to Ms Shreya Gill!!(Everyone gasped in shock and so did Shreya)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 174~

Both of them fell deep in their thoughts.Bharti felt particularly weird about the entire situation and somehow she couldn't make out what she's exactly feeling.She was beginning to feel anxious about the contract marriage.She recalled the sun set which she had observed some time back and as she looked at the sky,it had changed it's colour from soft pink to a light blue with shades of dark grey.Just as that,she wondered if her life is going to change with the nullification of her contract marriage,and she raised her head from Armaan's shoulder.She looked at Armaan and smiled,for she knew that she made the right decision and that she's doing this only for Armaan.

Bharti:Thanks for the coffee,Armaan..In fact,it feels great to have talked to oyu..

Armaan:I'm always here for you as a friend for you..



Bharti:Always keep smiling,Armaan..Never let tears come into these eyes!!

Armaan:(smiled and nodded)Yeahh..

Bharti:It's quite late already;i better get going..


Armaan helped Bharti and held her hand as she climbbed down the ladder.He dropped bharti home safely and went off from there,back home.Bharti smiled and she went inside.She went to refresh herself and take a long shower.She couldn't help but she kept thinking of how she felt so much better after talking to Armaan.She recalled KK's question of whether she'll be better off without Armaan,and she had no answer to it.She jsut had a small fear that things might change drastically after nullifying her contract marraige and she wodnered if she'll lose Armaan's friendship in the long run.She wiped herself dry and went to get changed.She was browsing through some magazines when Naina came and curled herself near Bharti who kept the magazine aside and hugged Naina while both of them talked to each other.

Meanwhile,Armaan was serving some dinner for himself and Sudha who noticed a smile on her son's face.

Sudha:Kya baat hai??Koi muskuraane lage hai...Chakkar kya hai??

Armaan:Maa,what's up with you?

Sudha:That's exactly what I'm asking...What's the matter??Kal tak toh aap toh bohat udhaas the...Aaj kya hua??

Armaan:A last coffee together with Bharti..


Armaan:That's what you heard..I had a last coffee with her before we officially part form each other..

Sudha:Isn't it quite saddening??I mean,the way you put it..

Armaan:I thought of that initially too but I felt so much better after talking to her..She told me about Mayank and i could see how..(sat down for dinner)..Yuo know something,Maa??You were so right...I could see in her eyes how she felt so bad that both of us fought and got angry with each other..She felt really awful that I felt bad, but for some reason,she was pretty much quiet,though...


Armaan:Yeahh..And,(paused till he chewed the food)and..I don't know,maybe it's just my imagination...That she just wanted to be quiet for some time..She thanked me for being supportive of her!!

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 173~

Bharti:Hey,have you left?

Armaan:Come to Level 16..


Armaan:Just come to LEvel 16..

Bharti:Ok..(hung up)What the heaven is he doing up there?

Bharti locked her cabin and brought her tote bag with her while she got into the lift.When she got out,she walked further and called out for Armaan.She reached a dead end and she saw a ladder beside her.

Armaan:Hey Bharti..Come up the ladder..


Armaan:Come..(Bharti looked a bit scared)What happened?

Bharti:I'm..(looked down from the edge and closed her eyes promptly)

Armaan:You're scared of heights?(Bharti looked at Armaan and nodded)Ok just hold on,just hold on to my hand..(Bharti hesitated)Don't worry bharti..Just hold on to my hand and come up..

Bharti reluctantly placed her hand on Armaan's hand and climbed up the ladder one step at a time.She almost lost balance because fo her heels but Armaan had pulled her closer just in the nick oftime.Both of them gazed into each other's eyes for some time before Bharti realized that Armaan had placed his arm around her waist.She looked in the direction of his arm and looked up into his eyes and Armaan noticed her discomfort,withdrawing his arm instantly.

Armaan:Come,take a seat..

Bharti:What's all these?And i thought you had a call to attend to..

Armaan:I was done with that and then i saw you were busy talking on your phone..

Bharti saw that Armaan had spead a small mat which had a coffee flask and two mugs,waiting eagerly to be filled with the readymade coffee.Not only that,he had bought some chocolates for company.

Bharti:We were just going to have some coffee..

Armaan:Since it's a last coffee before Saturday,i tohught of making it a special one for both of us..A special memory just between you and me..


Armaan:You love them,don't you?(Bharti nodded)

Bharti:Thanks..I'll keep some for Naina too..

Armaan:Here's coffee for you..

Bharti:You seem quite different,Armaan..

Armaan:What do you mean?

Bharti:I actually didn't expect you to talk to me and furthermore,have this coffee with me..After what has happened last week..

Armaan:I'm really sorry..I just didn't understand why i got so angry all of a sudden..Let's just forget it na?

Bharti kept silent and both of them watched the sun setting progressively and the rays of the sun rapidly spreading its colours to the sky.

Bharti:Armaan,why did we even get angry with each other?(looked at Armaan)hat had gone into us?

Armaan:i've got no idea..I..

Bharti:(crossed her legs and turned to Armaan)You really think I don't care about you?I mean,Armaan..(sighed deeply)You're my very special friend and you mean a lot to me..I've been busy with my life and in the midst of all these,several unexpected situations and events have popped up in my life..I didn't find the time to spend it with you..Armaan,Mayank is just a very good friend of mine and Radhika's,whom I had lost touch with,like for 2 years..I'm..(Armaan placed his finger on her lips)

Armaan:You don''t have to say anything,Bharti..I'm so sorry that i acted like such a jerk..It's my fault!!(withdrew his finger)

Bharti:Armaan,I'm sorry that i couldn't clarify anything with you earlier..For me,you've always been a special friend..You know,i may not have spent so much time with you but the times which i did spend with you are so worth cherishing..The memories which I've only had with you,just makes it so special to me..i've not said anything as such to you before but that doesn't mean you are unimportant to me..(looked away from Armaan while sipping her coffee)

Armaan looked in the direction of Bharti and gently touched Bharti's left hand which she had placed on the mat.He touched her fingers mildly and Bharti looked at Armaan instantly.Bharti watched his hand which had a sole intention of assurance and she saw Armaan whispering Sorry to her.Bharti smiled weakly and laid her head on his shoulder,surprising Armaan who watched her and tilted his head to touch her's.

Jaane yeh kya hua
Jaane yeh kya hua
Ab har pal anjana hai
Dekho hona hai
Aur kya

Jaane kyun lagta hai
Dheere se haule se
Geet koi dil hai ga raha

Jane kyun lagta hai
Ab jaise har lamha har pal hai
Muskura raha

Tumhein hai pata
maine pehli baar jo dekha tumhein
Mujhe yeh laga
Chahun bhi to kaise pa sakunga tumhein
Sapna tha ek din to
Main hoon tum ho
Tum dheere se bolo
Tumko apna mana hai
Dekho hona hai
Aur kya

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 172~

In the evening,Bharti returned to Men's Universe to finish her work for the day.After some time,Armaan was about to leave from Men's Universe when he saw lights still bieng switched on above and decided to inform Bharti of the good news about Shreya.

Armaan:Hi,can I come in?

Bharti:armaan?You're still here?

Armaan:Yeahh,just finished developing some photographs..Actually i came to let you know about shreya..

Bharti:Oh yes,how did things go with her?

Armaan:it's quite unbelievable but Mahi did it!!She convinced Lizzy to resume amrketing for Trends and also saved Shreya's job too..She kinda blackmailed Mayank to get Shreya her job back or else Trends might lose a crucial marketing agent..

Bharti:What??(got amused)OMG!!That's truly bold of Mahi..That's really great news,Armaan..I'm really happy for Shreya!!But what about the column?

Armaan:The final verdict will be passed tomorrow..

Bharti:Hopefully it's in her favour..(armaan smiled)

Armaan:I hope too...

Both Bharti and Armaan ceased smiling and just looked away from each other,letting the moments of silence prevail between them.

Bharti:Erm,you wanted to say anything else??

Armaan:Nope..i'm just going to go..Bye!!

Bharti:(called out to Armaan who almost disappeared form her cabin)Armaan..Are you in a rush??

Armaan:Not exactly..Why?

Bharti:I know it's kinda awkward but...

Armaan:Bharti,just say what you want to..I'm here to listen!!

Bharti:We just got about like 3 days before we officially part..So i was thinking,maybe one last cup of coffee together??Maybe i'm just stressed out with my project work but hey,you've got all the right to say No if you're..

Armaan:I wouldn't miss a coffee with you,Bharti..(Bharti gazed deeply into Armaan's eyes for a while and ArBi's theme music is being played in the background)

Bharti:Are you serious???(Armaan nodded and Bharti smiled widely)Are you sure,after all that has happened between us?

Armaan:What has happened,Bharti?


Armaan:Gota call to attend,excuse me..

Bharti:Yeah sure..(he left to go out from her cabin and Bharti murmured to herself)"This is really weird,i mean Armaan looks pretty changed but it feels nice that he's being supportive"..

Just then Bharti received a phone call and she was talking on her mobile when he returned to bharti's cabin.She was oblivious to his presence and armaan thought of an idea and got a flask of coffee with 2 mugs and went inside the lift.Bharti hung up and she went outside her cabin to check where armaan was after some time.Bharti decided to wait for some time before she finally called him on his mobile.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 171~


Mahi:You're welcome by the way..

Mayank:Look,I've no idea what ou had in you head while saying those things about me but Thank you!!

Mahi:Aaj kal achaai ka zamaana toh nahin raha hai..Anywyas,i said all fo that just for Shreya..To save her job!!And for her to get the column she truly deserves..And if it's not granted,i can always call Lizzy to think twice before she markets Trends..The ultimate choice is your's!!(Mahi flashed a smile at Shreya and waved to her and left form there)

Mayank:shreya,in my cabin right now!!

Shreya:(went inside Mayank's cabin)Mayank sir,i'm really sorry that i ruined your meeting with Ms Ray..I was really frustrated for i wanted tohe column badly and i heard that you had given the cloumn to Tia..

Mayank:What?Who told you that?

Shreya:Ash,Natasha,Jo and some others too..

Mayank:I have not decided anything yet..Look into my eyes when I'm talking to you!!Shreya,i thought of chucking your work aside for i had decided a range of people to give it to but..I've decided to give you a chance..

Shreya:are you serious?(gasped in disbelief)

Mayank:Yes and i'll give my verdict tomorrow itself..And if you do get the column,you've got to thank someone..

Shreya:Mayank sir,i cna do anything to get this column..Thank you so much,sir..

Mayank:If i'm giving you another chance,it's becuase of your saviour,Ms Mahi Talwar..

Shreya:thank you so much sir..

Mayank:And before you leave,I want you to be clear of one thing about me..I don't mix my personal life with my professional life..Do you get that?


Mayank:That's better..You can go right now..

Shreya left Mayank's cabin and went to Men's Universe to meet Armaan.Shreya shouted for Armaan and hugged him instantly.

Shreya:armaan,i'm so happy yaar..

Armaan:Kya hua?

Shreya:Mayank sir agreed to read my work and he'll give his verdict tomorrow!!

Armaan:OMG!!It's aweosme news yaar..(held her face and smiled widely)I'm so happy for you!!

Shreya:Oops;everyone's looking..

Armaan:It's ok..Let's tell Mahi about it..

Mahi:So,how did it go?

Shreya:Mahi,you really rock!!

Mahi:I do?

Shreya:Mayank sir decided to give me another chance becuase fo you..Thanks a tonne,Mahi!!

Mahi:Aww i'm only glad that i could be of help..

Armaan:This is a small treat from both of us to you..

Mahi:What a cheapskate you are,Armaan..Brownies se kaam nahin chalega!!

Armaan:Let's wait for the final verdict tomorrow and then i'll give you a bigger treat..

Mahi:Awesome!!Ok,i'm goinng out with Sonu,catch you guys later..Bye!!(waved to Armaan and Shreya)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 170~

Bharti:Yes??(turned around)Shreya??Hi Armaan..

Shreya:i need your help urgently!!(held Bharti's hand)

Bharti:(looked surprised at Shreya and then looked at Armaan)Are you ok Shreya?You look really worried and tensed..Just hold on,here have this glass fo water..Now,relax and tell me what the problem is..

Shreya explained the entire situation to Bharti.

Bharti:Lizzy Ray?She's the marketing agent for our MU newsletter,if i'm not wrong..Let me just check with Mahi..(dialled Mahi's number)Hi Mahi..

Mahi:yeah Bharti..

Bharti:You tihnk you can come up to my cabin right now?

Mahi:ok,i'll be right there in a minute's time..(hung up)

Bharti:Mahi'll surely know about it..

Mahi:Hi Armaan,Bharti and Shreya..

Bharti:Hi..Do you,by any chance,know Lizzy Ray?

Mahi:Arre Bharti,she's the marketing agent for our MU newsletter..

Bharti:Ok so i was right..Mahi,we might need your help urgently to save Shreya's job..

Mahi:what's wrong,shreya?

Shreya:everytihng..(explained everything to Mahi)

Mahi:what a group of colleagues you've got up there..Let me just call up Lizzy..Hey Bharti,aren't you getting late for your seminar??Get going..

Bharti:Oh yes,almost forgot the fact that i'm running late..Mahi,you'll manage na?

Mahi:Don't worry,i'll take care of it..

Bharti:Bye..Erm Armaan..


Bharti:Erm,sorry if i did hurt yuo in any way;i'm realy sorry!!But i just want to thank you for coming to me for help and also for supporting my decision..Thanks!!

Armaan:Anytime..(both Bharit and Armaan smiled weakly before she left form there)

Mahi:Oh hi Lizzy, Mahi here form Men's universe..Can we meet right now?Ohh,you'r ejust outside the MU building?Erm i'll come downstairs to meet you??Oh ok,that'll be great..Sure,i'll wait for you!!(hung up)She's coming to MU right now..Come,Shreya..Armaan,excuse us,k?

Armaan:yeah sure;Shreya,i'll be waiting for you..(Shreya nodded and left with Mahi to the lift lobby)

Armaan saw Mahi convincing Lizzy and Shreya pleading before Lizzy who stopped her from doing so and the three of them went up to Trends.


Lizzy knocked on Mayank's cabin.

Mayank:Come in..

Lizzy:Hi,Mr Sharma..

Mayank:Lizzy,listen..(was surprised to see Mahi)Hi,what are you doing here?

Mahi:Lizzy,just forgive both of them for their short temper,especially Shreya,who's new here..She has lots of potential in her..And Mr Mayank is a real professionla and you have been marketing Trends ever since it's been launched in Mumbai..(Mayank was surprised by Mahi's pleasant gesture)

Lizzy:Well,if you're saying so,i'll forgive them this time round,or else i wouldn't even consider marketing for them again in the future..Ms Shreya,this shouldn't happen again!!

Shreya:I'm terribly sorry and i assure you that nothing of the sort will ever happen again..

Lizzy:Ok Mahi i'll make a move first..

Lizzy left form there.Mahi and Shreya left Mayank's cabin and Mahi was talking to Shreya and just then,Mayank called out to both of them.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 169~

KK:And i believe that message is already heard by God..

Bharti:Ahh KK...Good to see you after a long gap...

KK:(smiled widely)Wow,you do remember me..

Bharti:And that wide grin on your face..I missed that badly!!Now i know, nothing's changed!!

KK:Well i've definitely not changed!!But your life has started to experience some drastic changes..Got a new cabin,a new husband,you took care of Preity and now your marriage is going to be nullified..Pretty amazing!!


KK:You're looking forward to Saturday too..After which,you'll get the life you've dreamed of..London,journalism programme,career,studies and Naina..A totally separate life from that of Armaan's..And you'll be truly happy!!Without Armaan..

Bharti:Are you serious i'll get all that?

KK:Well,why not?Don't you trust me?

Bharti:Wow!!I trust you,KK...It's just that i'm not used to hearing good things from you..London..OMG!!OMG!!(smiled widely)This is such huge news for me..An awesome life awaits me!!It's so cool..For the first time,i'll admit that i'm only glad to have met you..You're indeed my well-wisher..Wow!!This is awesome!!

KK:Do you seriously you're better off without armaan?

Bharti:I don't know about that but he's definitely better off and happier without me..That's for sure!!

KK:That's not the answer to my question..Think about it and let me know!!

Bharti:I've got no time to think about it for i'm working on my project right now..The project that will lead me to London..(swirled her chair around but by then,KK had vanished)

During lunch hour,Armaan went to check on Shreya at Trends.When he reached Trends,he was about to ask the receptionist for Shreya but he saw her biting her nails and murmuring to herself and he called out to her.Shreya was surprised to see Armaan there and pulled his hand to go out of the Trends office and stood near the lift lobby.

Armaan:What's wrong with you?

Shreya:armaan,what are you doing here?

Armaan:it's lunch time and here I am..

Shreya:It's already lunch time?

Armaan:Seriously,what's wring??And sotp biting your nails!!

Shreya:(looked tensed)My job is in danger and it's all because of my absurdity..

Armaan:how exactly?

Shreya:Don't you know how much i wanted the column,right?My colleagues had told me that Mayank sir had given the column to Toa,one of my colleagues..I was so shocked,for she..

Armaan:How come you got to know of the column?You said you'll only get to know about it next week..

Shreya:that's what I thought too..But how am I suppsoed to know that all of them were involved in pranking me to believe that Tia got the column..Beforeknowing that,i felt so crap for Tia already had a column to write..I couldn't believe that she got another column and just barged into Mayanks ir's cabin..I didn't even know that he was having an improtant meeting with Ms Lizzy Ray,a crucial marketing agent of Trends and just vented out my frustration and only after i was done did i see Lizzy..

Armaan:(eyes widened in shock)And then?

Shreya:I spoke rudely to Lizzy too..Actually she tried to interfere while i was venting my temper on Mayank sir's decision..Apparently i had no idea who she was..Only after everything did I get to know who she was from Mayank sir..Now,i've lost all hopes of getting a column..And i wonder who's the lucky one who's going to get the column..

Armaan:I'm so sorry,dear..

Shreya:I've lost my appetite too..

Armaan:Just calm down adn think..Maybe we could..

Shreya:Bharti!!Armaan,she told me that she could help me out!!Please,please,please talk to her..Bring me to her cabin..

Armaan:but i don't know if she's around right now..Ok come,let's give it a shot..

Bharti was saving her project work on her thumb drive and shutting down her laptop.She was about to pack her bag to go to her university for an important seminar but jsut then,she heard several knocks on her cabin door.

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 168~

~Men's Universe~

Bharti was typing her article when she heard a knock on her cabin door.It was Mahi and Raj.

Raj:Hello..i received your email last night..I've just added a few points and gotten some pics for you to add on..Just finalize everything and send to Sonali..Possible within an hour?

Bharti:Sure,no probs..Anything else?

Raj:Nothing else from me..

Mahi:Actually i just accompanied him and you know,i just love visiting this cabin..

Bharti:Hehe..is your work right now so i was thinking,why not just chat with ya..

Raj:Alright girls,i'm gonna go off..I've got some pending work..

Mahi:Sure,get going..Bye!!So,how's working in the new cabin going on?

Bharti:Mahi,it's pretty exciting...And more than anything,it's quite cool to have a bit more privacy here since this is the only cabin at Level 4,apart form the conference room and other storage rooms..

Mahi:Isn't it creepy at night?

Bharti:Yeah,it's kinda creepy at night,especially if everyone has left from office..


Armaan:(knocked on the door)Hi,can I come in?

Mahi:Heyy Armaan,come in..(Bharti looked at Mahi and then at Armaan)

Armaan:I'm sorry if I'm disturbing..Can i have 2 minutes with you,Bharti?

Mahi:I'll make a move then,Bharti..Take your time,Armaan..

Bharti:Mahi,you don't have to go anywhere..


Bharti:I'm done with the articles..I'll pass it to you right away so just sit down..(Mahi glanced at Armaan)

Armaan:Bharti,i'm sorry that i shouted at you outside the hospital.This is the legal notice to appear in court on Saturday for the nullification.I'm feeling awful for letting my anger dominate our conversation..I know nothing can be done now but i just want you to know that i'm still here and always be there by your side to support your decisions..This i promise you!!I'm truly sorry..(left from there after a long while)

Bharti:Mahi,here are the articles..

Mahi:Bharti,what was that?

Bharti:What?(read the legal notice and folded it)

Mahi:You twoa re nullifying the marriage?But why??

Sonali:Hey Mahi,where the hell were you?We've got a seminar to attend,remember?

Mahi:(looked at Bharti)No,i totally forgot about it..

Sonali:We're already late yaar..Jaldi karo!!


Sonali:Bharti,we'll get the newsletter published along the way too..Chalo na,Mahi..

~In the lift~

Mahi:Tu kuch dher ke baad nahin aa sakthi thi?

Sonali:Ab kya hua?Waise bhi bohat dher ho chuki hai..

Mahi:Haan..bohat dher ho chuki hai,waaqay mein..

sonali:Kya tum meri baat phir se dohraa rahe ho?

Mahi:Sonali,Armaan and Bharti are getting their contract marriage nullified..This Saturday,that's 3 days later..

Sonali:What?But why?

Mahi:Apparently i was trying to find out but you came in the nick of time to get me going with you for the seminar..

Sonali:Ok i'm sorry..We'll find out about it once we're done with the seminar,k?

Mahi:Hhmm ok..

Bharti looked at the legal notice and smiled weakly,thinking to herself,"It's really strange that things are going the way i've expected them to go..Usually something would interrupt the entire process..Of course,maybe God must be thinking of some other games to entertain me..It is usually said that when things sound too good to be true,they're usually not to be believed..So,i'm still skeptical about changing my opinion about God!!"

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 167~

Armaan:Are you serious about this??

Sudha:Of course..It's really lucky to have someone to love and having that,you should make every breath of your's count..Live it for her!!Well, I'm only allowing that for i totally love her too...Bharti's my daughter too,you know!!(Armaan smiled)Yeahh i'll only be angry wtih you if you didn't do so...

Armaan:Wow,you're so poetic and romantic today...

Sudha:Just missing your Dad a little too much..It's usually him who always says such lines...Anyways,wash up,k??

Armaan:Wash up?

Sudha:Your punishment for shouting at Bharti...get started!!Bubbye...


Sudha:Kya hain??

Armaan:I love you..Bohat dino se kuch nahin kaha tha...

Sudha:I love you too and I'm sorry that i didn't talk to you for some days..

Armaan:I can see how Bharti's casting magic on you..Anyways you go and get rest..I'll talk to you tomorrow,then...

Sudha:Good night!!


Bharti:OMG...Payal,you did this??

Payal:Yeah you've got my mouth watery after you mentioned about the pasta..I've tried to make it as good as possible...

Bharti:It's quite good yaar....Waise Bhaskar,have you talked to Amarjeet?

Bhaskar:Yes I did and we're going!!!!


Naina:Mama,where are we going?

Bharti:That's a surprise from me to you....You've got to wait!!

Payal:Wow,by the way even i've also got no idea where we're heading to...

Bharti:You've got to wait too!!Bhaskar and I shall decide!!Kyun??

Bhaskar:Of course..So just pack for a week of vacation...

Payal:Awesome..Can't wait!!

The next day,Shreya prayed hard before leaving from home.Along the way,she met Raj who had been watching her for quite some time and got amused.

Shreya:Good morning...

Raj:Morning..What was that all about?

Shreya:Ohh you mean the prayers??

Raj:Yeah exactly...

Shreya:Actually today i'll get to know if i'll get the column or not...

Raj:Column??Oh the one which you were working hard on the other night??

Shreya:You're quite observant,aren't you??

Raj:Well, i'm a photographer so i tend to be pretty meticulous about my surroundings...

Shreya:I heard about Niyati..How is she doing?

Raj:well,she's recovered and i've so called hired her to take care of my grandmum..And she had taken Nidhi with her;i'm so glad that Nidhi's mum is alive..

Shreya:Don't you feel bad about parting from her?

Raj:I seriously do..I've never thought i'd be so emotionally attached to Nidhi,a small baby like her..Never did I think that i'll miss her smile and her tears!!But i'm helpless,she needs her mum at this point of her life but Niyati lets me meet her and i have a modelling contract with Nidhi for a few more months so i'll get to see her every now and then..When i enter my home nowadays,i tend to hear the echo of her giggles and tears too but i'm glad that i'm no longer scared of carrying and taking care of a baby..(Shreya smiled)

Shreya:Wow,that's really nice,Raj..Anyways i better get going..I'll not want to miss out on who's getting the column..

Raj:All the best!!Bye..


~Jab Lurve Hua Part 166~

sudha:Armu,we don't usually know what the right thing is,at times...We make mistakes and learn fromt here..Until we learn the lesson,we keep making the same mistake.It's really ok Armu..Not all the time do we know what to do..We do it,then we learn from it--experiences only make us stronger!!But can I tell you something right now?If you truly love her,support her decision!!Actually i didn't tell you something-I met her on Monday..


Sudha:Bharti and Payal came to my clinic..And she came to make me understand and after hearing everything from her,I just don't understand why you feel as if she doesn't understand you...

Armaan:What did she say?

Sudha:She signed the contract papers in front of me because she doesn't want to be a hindrance in your life...Initially i had thought that she wanted to fulfill her ambition and that's why she wanted to nullify her contrac tmarraige as soon as possible..But i was wrong too...She feared if one day,you were to fall in love with another girl,she didn't want herself to be responsible for not letting it work in your life..She doesn't want you to suffer in the future;she doesn't want another episode of Preity to happen in your life.and she's only happy that you lashed out at her for in a way,you've shown her a way to get her life back in track!!She felt as if a lot of unexpected things has happened to her life and she totally forgot what she really wanted to do--To get selected for the training programme in London to further pursue her career in journalism..She understands you Armaan,and that's why she signed the contract papers instantly...

Armaan:And i thought she was trying to..

Sudha:Armaan,i know you love her but sometimes you've got to understand what she's going through..For her,this marriage is just another bond..She 's so happy with this marraige because of you and me...And the fact that she gets the freedom to say what's in her heart..She's not unhappy with this marriage but perhaps she's just sad that it got to end this way...And all I want of you to do right now is to do the right thing!!

Armaan:Maa,what is the right thing??

Sudha:(smiled widely)Of course you know what it is...

Armaan:Let this nullification to take place and support her decision to move on in life...(Sudha nodded and smiled at him)

Sudha:That's my Armu!!Armaan,tum dekhna..Woh tumse pyaar karne lagegi..Zaroor karegi..Assure her that she's free to do anything that she feels right to do and that you'll always be by her side.Let her do mistakes,let her fall...But just assure her that you'll always be there to support her in what she does and you'll always be there to hear out and help her!!Let her experience everything in life that will only make her stronger and beautiful as a person...Never let go of the wonderful memories you've had with her as a secret friend and as a husband..Never let go of the sweetest memories you've shared along this journey and keep them close to your heart for this will beautify your life and inspire you to fulfill your dreams too...In fact,that'll be what Bharti would want..She'll love to see you accomplish your dreams and be someone famous too...If you want to live for someone,live for the girl you love--Live for Bharti!!!

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 165~

Jiya:Yeahh armaan..Use her to make Bharti feel jealous..

Armaan:You've seriously lost it,Jiya..I'm not going to use anyone so that Bharti will find me important..No way!!

Jiya:Dude,it's your life..Why are you wasitng such opportunities?

Armaan:i'm not interested..(left form there)

Jiya:Arre Armu,sunn..(followed him)

Bharti was still working at night.She was busy typing her article to send to Raj via email and she thought of getting started on her project.She promised naina that she will be at home by 9:30pm and she had an hour left and typed quickly.Meanwhile,Bhaskar reached home to see Payal making some food in the kitchen.He quickly rushed to the washroom to refresh himself without Payal's knowledge.After getting changed,he embraced Payal from behind,gently kisisng her hair.

Payal:Bhaskar!!When did you come back?

Bhaskar:About 20 minutes ago..The aroma makes my mouth water..

Payal:Spicy,fusilli pasta..Been craving for it ever since Bharti mentioned about it last night..

Bhaskar:Can't wait to tadte it..

Payal:Here,taste it and let me know..(took the pasta from the wooden handle and let Bhaskar taste it)

Bhaskar:Mm,it's quite hot..

Payal:I've made some soup too..If it's too hot for Naina,we can give her the soup..

Bhaskar:Where is she?

Payal:In her room,waiting for her mama..Bharti promised her to be back by 9:30 pm..She should be on her way!!(turned off the stove)

Bhaskar:Come,let's have a look..(Payal nodded)

Payal and bhaskar saw Naina caressing the photo frame of Bharti and Naina in which they were making sandcastles and shaping them.It was taken last weekend and Naina was so happy then.

Payal:Kya hua,naina?

Naina:Mama ke saath achi lagti hai..Mama ki yaad aa rahi hain..Payal aunty,is it 9:30 pm?

Payal:Not yet,bacha..It's only 9:15 now..15 minutes more!!(Payal smiled at her)Bas thoda aur intezaar,hhmm?

Bharti:kyun karegi intezaar jab Naina ki mama hai yaha pe?(smiled widely)

Naina:Mama!!(hugged Bharti)

Bharti carried her and brought her to her bed.Naina smiled and giggled as Bharti tickled her endlessly.Seeing Naina's smile always did the magic for Bharti just forgot about the troubles going on in her life.Payal was calling them to have dinner.Bharti asked naina to go and sit for dinner first and Bharti will join her after a quick shower.

Armaan was having dinner with Sudha as well.

Sudha:This is your favourite dish..

Armaan:And dad's too..Kashmiri pulao..Maa,aapko Dad ki bohat yaad aate honge,na?

Sudha:He's always in my heart and with me..But if you were to ask me,it was seriously difficult to move on in life,thinking that he was gone..The first few months were really hard on me..But the thought of you struck myh ead..You are his token of love for me..And thinking as such made my life more easier and complete!!I began to feel as if he was just here beside me,guiding me in life to be strong..Though he may not be around in physical form,i can feel his love through the memories he left for me..(Armaan smiled and ate quietly)Armu,I know that you're feeling really guilty about sending out the contract paper and the fact that Bharti had already signed it is making things worse..Look,..

Armaan:Maa,it's all because of me that i'm losing bharti..

Sudha:Do you really think so?Oh Armu,just because your marraige is getting nullidfied,that doesn't mean that you're losing her..Look at my life;just before your dad's no more,that doesn't mean that he doesn't love me or i stop loving him.Just like how he's in my heart,Bharti is also there with you..In your memories,with you,by your side always!!Sometimes,a little separation helps to realize each other's worth and love..Why do you always doubt the strength of your love,Armu?

Armaan:Maa I love her,i really do..I can't seem to forget her at all and i'm just so scared of what's in store for me..

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 164~

Shreya:Waise,they've got pasta here?Sounds cool...

Armaan:They're not as tasty s what you can get at the hotels..

Shreya:Hhmm..so how's things going on with you?

Armaan:Pretty ok and you?

Shreya:Finally sent my work to Mr Mayank and by this weekend,i'll get the verdictt if i'll get the column or not..Bharti kinda helped me out..


Shreya:Yeahh..Yesterday,I met her at Trends,talking to Mr Mayank..And she tried to help me to get rid of my creative block..And at night,i met her online and she helped me edit my work a lil..

Armaan:Nice to know..

Shreya:You wouldn't bleieve it..Actually i didn't see Mr Mayank smile before..I mean he's this grumpy,stern types you know..Bharti seems to be a good friend of his..

Armaan:shall we order something to eat?

Shreya:Yeah sure..

After lunch,Armaan went to his cabin and pondered over what his mum had really said.He wondere dif there was an inch of truth in Sudha's words.He thought deeply about what had happened and when Jiya came to tlak to him,Armaan told her of the conversation he had with Sudha.This had brought an instant smile and she thought of teasing armaan a lil.

Jiya:Arre wah,Sudha aunty ne toh kamaal kar diya hain..Kya tez dimaag hai!!Ji baat hum log nahin socha thga,woh toh Aunty ne itni aasaani se pakad liya...

Armaan:Tumhe bhi yehi lagta hai?

Jiya:Kyun?Yeh sab toh sach hain na?

Armaan:Nahin toh..

Jiya:Acha?Let me tell you something..if Mayank hadn't come here at MU on Thrusday,you would have cleared your misunderstanding and would have gone to meet PReity together with Bharti..Am i not right?(Armaan kept quiet)But apparently that didn't happen,and you vented your frustration you had with Mayank on Bharti instead and therefore,you created a big fuss about it..And now if that's not enough,you can't stand the sight of Bharti spending time with Mayank because apparently you're jealous!!That's exactly what you are feeling right now,Armaan!!And why the hell are you trying to deny it?You're simply wasting your energy doing that..

Armaan:Oh crap!!This can't be happening..

Jiya:Sorry dude but your mission has failed!!You still love her dude,that's for sure..Well,don't mind me saying..You're kinda cute when you're green with envy..And your expressions,my goodness..

Armaan:Jiya,it's not funny alright?

Jiya:Ok ok..(suppressed her laughter)Anyways,it's high time that you do something about this..Instead of pitying yourself or brooding over it,you should do something.Instead of you getting jealous,make her feel the jealousy..

Armaan:What are you trying to imply?

Jiya:You want her to feel as if she's lost someone precious,not someone who's mourning over his loss..Go out with other girls more often..Actually,there's a perfect girl for this..

Armaan:who are you talking about?



~Jab Lurve Hua Part 163~

Armaan:What do you mean?

Sudha:I can see that this entire problem started with the arrival of Mayank,isn't it?

Armaan:No Maa,that's not true..

Sudha:Of course it is..It started from there and it really agitates you to hear about Mayank..In fact,if Mayank wasn't in MU that day,so much wouldn't have happened..

Armaan:Maa,that's really not true..

Sudha:Oh really?You're really possessive about Bharti,aren't you?You're simply jealous,that's it!!You can't bear to see Bharti linked up with anyone else..And you vented your frsutration on Bharti!!(raised her eyebrows as armaan looked at her)

Armaan:Maa,i'm running late..(rushed to the washroom)

Sudha:That has to be it!!He's just jealous..Just like you!!(looked at her husband's pic)

~Men's Universe~

It was early afternoon when Armaan arrived at MU.

Jenny:Good afternoon,,How come you're so late,Armaan sir?

Armaan:Overslept..Any messages for me?

Jenny:Jiya was looking for you but she had left for an urgent meeting..

Armaan:Had your lunch?

Jenny:About to..Oh yes,there is a small gift for you..

Armaan:Ahh ok..Who is it from?

Jenny:No idea..

Armaan:Thanks Jenny..(Just as he turned around,he saw Bharit and Mayank walking down the stairs)

Jenny:Sir,don't they look so compatible?

Armaan:(had a blank expression on his face,pretending to sound happy)Yayy!!Go and have your lunch..(shook his head)

Shreya:hi Armaan..

Armaan:(turned around)Oh hi Shreya,what a pleasant surprise to see you here..

Shreya:I was kinda bored,hearing those weird gossips around office..And i thought why not come down to meet you..

Armaan:I'm jsut gonig to have lunch..Would you like to join me?

Shreya:sure,why not?

Armaan:(thought to himself)Kam se kam apne dost ke saath waqt bithaa paaonga..I rather do that than..(looked at Mayank and Bharti going to the lift lobby)

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 162~

Raj got out of Jiya's home and before leaving,he told Jiya to cheer up.

Raj:Jiya,maybe a little separation might make them realize each other's worth..And perhaps bring them closer again..


Raj:Well i can't guarantee you that..Anyways,i just said that to bring a smile on your face,that's all..Now you can forget what I just told ya..Good night!!(Jiya's smile vanished and she glared at him in irritation)I think i should go..Bubbye!!(drove off form there)

~Next day-Late Morning~

Sudha knocked hard on Armaan's door and after some time,he got up,unlocked the door and went to lie on the bed again.Sudha missed talking to him and she knew that her son needed her right now and she smiled and sat on his bed,beside him.

Armaan:Maa,leave me alone..

sudha:I think i did that since Friday night till today morning..But it isn't doing any good to me or you..And at least don't tell me to leave yuo alone,for I know the pain of loneliness!!

Armaan:I'm sorry,Maa..(leaned on Sudha's shoulder)I'm to be blamed for everything!!

Sudha:Your anger's justified..Bharti should have clarified everything with you..She should have told you about Mayank,her's and Radhika's good friend,whom she had lost touch for 2 years..She should have told you that when Mayank appeared to have hugged there,everyone there assumed him to be her hubby and both Mayank and herself,were put in a tight spot and they couldn't say anything in front of Amarjeet,your boss..She didn't tell you anything then for she was mad at you then for opposing her in going to meet Preity..It's bharti's fault,Armaan but yuor anger is justified..

Armaan:Maa,it's my mistake that I shouted at her.It's just that i got fed up of being taken for granted by her..As if I'm no one in her life..I just feel awful when she treats me as if I don't exist..But when I saw her today poutside the lift,she was happy chatting with Mayank..Shhe just greeted Jiya and i didn't exist for her..

Sudha:She's quite fast and practical..Firt his trivial issue,you shouted at her?Armaan,it's not that she's treating you as if you're non-existent..She thinks that you're still mad with her and perhaps that's why she thinks it's best for her to not talk to you..But i do think i know what your problem is..


Sudha:You're just like your dad..

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 161~

Raj:Bharti told me and Mayank in her drunken state on Friday evening and Saturday..

Jiya:And you did nothing about it?

Raj:Excuse me?What were you expecting me to do?



Jiya:I don't know..

Raj:For your kind info,Bharti knew about the contract papers on Sat and she told me then..And i seriously wasn't going to do anything about it!!Your friend screwed up the whole situation..

Jiya:I've got nothing to say..I just got to know about it today from Armaan and i saw Bharti having a great time chatting with Mayank when Armaan and I got out of the lift..Actually Armaan felt Bharti wasn't giving him much importance and taking him for granted..And he just wanted to make her realize that he's a human too,with emotions..

Raj:Why are you telling me all these for?(sipped his coffee)

Jiya:Raj,can't we do anything?

Raj:Jiya,why are you bent on ruining the whole balance of nature?


Raj:Ok,even I didn't even understand that but listen,this is not our problem..So, don't interfere..

Jiya:You mean to say that we should jsut be spectators and just watch what's happening?

Raj:Precisely..Bharti's very happy about nullifying her contract marraige..

Jiya:Raj,i just fail to understand what's going on in her mind!!Armaan is so freakin'right about the fact that she really doesn't care about the marriage after all..

Raj:i fail to agree with you on that..If the marriage meant nothing to her,then she could have told Armaan and Sudha aunty about it much earlier but she didn't..She wasn't under any obligation;she could have nullified the marraige months earlier but why didn't she?Tell me,Jiya!!

Jiya:I don't know..

Raj:Think about it and you'll know..

Jiya:Do you know?

Raj:Yeahh i do but i can't tell you for i've promised her..

Jiya:Rajj!!I really don't know..

Raj:Jiya,no matter what,you're not going to stop anytihng from happening..Is that clear?

Jiya:But Raj,this isn't right..

Raj:Who told you so?This is probably for the best for both of them..

Jiya:What do you mean by that?

Raj:We've seen them fight over and over again..Do you want to see it all over again?Look Jiya,i'm terrible at explaining things but everything happens for a reason and for the best!!


Raj:Just shut it,Jiya!!It's their lives..Why do you care so much?They've decided..that's it!!The most we could possibly do is just be there by their sides for moral support..In this situation,I'm siding Bharti,in fact,for she's proved to be practical and thought of moving on in life..Anyways,i better get going!!

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 160~

Raj started the engine and browsed through the Cds he had bought last weekend and inserted one of the new CDs he bought,He cllosed the car door and saw Jiya getting out of her car.He drove and stopped in front of Jiya's car and scrolled down the glass window nearer to Jiya.

Raj:What happened?

Jiya:No petrol..

Raj:Didn't you check before coming today?(Jiya shook her head)Come,i'll drop you home..

Jiya:Do you always have to drop me home?

Raj:Fine then..suit yourself!!(drove off to the outside of MU building and back home)

Jiya:I can literally strangle myself for my absurd temper..I'm pissed with Armaan and am showing it at Raj..(walked outside to hail a cab back home)

When she reached home,she found the fare too expensive and she argued with the taxi driver but ended up paying the fare.She was taunting herself for having wated her money,"I should have just taken Raj's offer of letting him drop me at home,i'm such an idiot when i'm super exhausted!!". Just as she clsoed the gate,she saw Raj's car and was far more surprised to see raj waiting outside.Jiya got amused and shook him for he had dozed off while waiting.

Raj:you're finally home?

Jiya:What are you doing here?

Raj:I demand an explanation for your rude behaviour towards me,you absurd girl..

Jiya:Oye,mere hi ghar mein aa ke mujhe hi gaaliyaan de rahe ho?

Raj:ahem,do I get to get in?

Jiya:No,you're not getting in..

Raj:Shukr manao ke maine abhi tak tumhare ghar mein gusaa nahin hoon..

Jiya:Uski mujhe koi tension nahin hain..Tumhe darr lag raha tha na ke kahin Sergeant tumhe range haath na pakde,kyun??

Raj:Nahin toh..(laughed it off)

Jiya:Chalo andar..


Jiya:Ghar ke andar..Chalo!!(shook her head)

Meanwhile,Armaan just reached home to see the same envelope having placed on the dining table.The food was kept closed and he looked for Sudha who was already asleep.He found that unusual for his mum usually waited for him,no matter how late he might return.She hasn't really talked to him since Friday night after Payal and Bhaskar had left.He opened the envelope and saw Bharti's signature on the contract papers and kept the papers back in the envelope,bringing it to his room and locked him in his room.

He had messaged Jiya about seeing Bharti's signature on the contract papers and switched off his mobile.

Raj:Jiya,your phone just rang..

Jiya:Coming,just hold on..(checks her phone)OMG!!

Raj:What?Anything serious?

Jiya:Bharti had signed the contract papers!!

Raj:You mean the one which Armaan sent her via Bhaskar?

Jiya:Aha but how do you know?(Raj simply smiled)