Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 171~


Mahi:You're welcome by the way..

Mayank:Look,I've no idea what ou had in you head while saying those things about me but Thank you!!

Mahi:Aaj kal achaai ka zamaana toh nahin raha hai..Anywyas,i said all fo that just for Shreya..To save her job!!And for her to get the column she truly deserves..And if it's not granted,i can always call Lizzy to think twice before she markets Trends..The ultimate choice is your's!!(Mahi flashed a smile at Shreya and waved to her and left form there)

Mayank:shreya,in my cabin right now!!

Shreya:(went inside Mayank's cabin)Mayank sir,i'm really sorry that i ruined your meeting with Ms Ray..I was really frustrated for i wanted tohe column badly and i heard that you had given the cloumn to Tia..

Mayank:What?Who told you that?

Shreya:Ash,Natasha,Jo and some others too..

Mayank:I have not decided anything yet..Look into my eyes when I'm talking to you!!Shreya,i thought of chucking your work aside for i had decided a range of people to give it to but..I've decided to give you a chance..

Shreya:are you serious?(gasped in disbelief)

Mayank:Yes and i'll give my verdict tomorrow itself..And if you do get the column,you've got to thank someone..

Shreya:Mayank sir,i cna do anything to get this column..Thank you so much,sir..

Mayank:If i'm giving you another chance,it's becuase of your saviour,Ms Mahi Talwar..

Shreya:thank you so much sir..

Mayank:And before you leave,I want you to be clear of one thing about me..I don't mix my personal life with my professional life..Do you get that?


Mayank:That's better..You can go right now..

Shreya left Mayank's cabin and went to Men's Universe to meet Armaan.Shreya shouted for Armaan and hugged him instantly.

Shreya:armaan,i'm so happy yaar..

Armaan:Kya hua?

Shreya:Mayank sir agreed to read my work and he'll give his verdict tomorrow!!

Armaan:OMG!!It's aweosme news yaar..(held her face and smiled widely)I'm so happy for you!!

Shreya:Oops;everyone's looking..

Armaan:It's ok..Let's tell Mahi about it..

Mahi:So,how did it go?

Shreya:Mahi,you really rock!!

Mahi:I do?

Shreya:Mayank sir decided to give me another chance becuase fo you..Thanks a tonne,Mahi!!

Mahi:Aww i'm only glad that i could be of help..

Armaan:This is a small treat from both of us to you..

Mahi:What a cheapskate you are,Armaan..Brownies se kaam nahin chalega!!

Armaan:Let's wait for the final verdict tomorrow and then i'll give you a bigger treat..

Mahi:Awesome!!Ok,i'm goinng out with Sonu,catch you guys later..Bye!!(waved to Armaan and Shreya)

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