Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 172~

In the evening,Bharti returned to Men's Universe to finish her work for the day.After some time,Armaan was about to leave from Men's Universe when he saw lights still bieng switched on above and decided to inform Bharti of the good news about Shreya.

Armaan:Hi,can I come in?

Bharti:armaan?You're still here?

Armaan:Yeahh,just finished developing some photographs..Actually i came to let you know about shreya..

Bharti:Oh yes,how did things go with her?

Armaan:it's quite unbelievable but Mahi did it!!She convinced Lizzy to resume amrketing for Trends and also saved Shreya's job too..She kinda blackmailed Mayank to get Shreya her job back or else Trends might lose a crucial marketing agent..

Bharti:What??(got amused)OMG!!That's truly bold of Mahi..That's really great news,Armaan..I'm really happy for Shreya!!But what about the column?

Armaan:The final verdict will be passed tomorrow..

Bharti:Hopefully it's in her favour..(armaan smiled)

Armaan:I hope too...

Both Bharti and Armaan ceased smiling and just looked away from each other,letting the moments of silence prevail between them.

Bharti:Erm,you wanted to say anything else??

Armaan:Nope..i'm just going to go..Bye!!

Bharti:(called out to Armaan who almost disappeared form her cabin)Armaan..Are you in a rush??

Armaan:Not exactly..Why?

Bharti:I know it's kinda awkward but...

Armaan:Bharti,just say what you want to..I'm here to listen!!

Bharti:We just got about like 3 days before we officially part..So i was thinking,maybe one last cup of coffee together??Maybe i'm just stressed out with my project work but hey,you've got all the right to say No if you're..

Armaan:I wouldn't miss a coffee with you,Bharti..(Bharti gazed deeply into Armaan's eyes for a while and ArBi's theme music is being played in the background)

Bharti:Are you serious???(Armaan nodded and Bharti smiled widely)Are you sure,after all that has happened between us?

Armaan:What has happened,Bharti?


Armaan:Gota call to attend,excuse me..

Bharti:Yeah sure..(he left to go out from her cabin and Bharti murmured to herself)"This is really weird,i mean Armaan looks pretty changed but it feels nice that he's being supportive"..

Just then Bharti received a phone call and she was talking on her mobile when he returned to bharti's cabin.She was oblivious to his presence and armaan thought of an idea and got a flask of coffee with 2 mugs and went inside the lift.Bharti hung up and she went outside her cabin to check where armaan was after some time.Bharti decided to wait for some time before she finally called him on his mobile.

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