Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 173~

Bharti:Hey,have you left?

Armaan:Come to Level 16..


Armaan:Just come to LEvel 16..

Bharti:Ok..(hung up)What the heaven is he doing up there?

Bharti locked her cabin and brought her tote bag with her while she got into the lift.When she got out,she walked further and called out for Armaan.She reached a dead end and she saw a ladder beside her.

Armaan:Hey Bharti..Come up the ladder..


Armaan:Come..(Bharti looked a bit scared)What happened?

Bharti:I'm..(looked down from the edge and closed her eyes promptly)

Armaan:You're scared of heights?(Bharti looked at Armaan and nodded)Ok just hold on,just hold on to my hand..(Bharti hesitated)Don't worry bharti..Just hold on to my hand and come up..

Bharti reluctantly placed her hand on Armaan's hand and climbed up the ladder one step at a time.She almost lost balance because fo her heels but Armaan had pulled her closer just in the nick oftime.Both of them gazed into each other's eyes for some time before Bharti realized that Armaan had placed his arm around her waist.She looked in the direction of his arm and looked up into his eyes and Armaan noticed her discomfort,withdrawing his arm instantly.

Armaan:Come,take a seat..

Bharti:What's all these?And i thought you had a call to attend to..

Armaan:I was done with that and then i saw you were busy talking on your phone..

Bharti saw that Armaan had spead a small mat which had a coffee flask and two mugs,waiting eagerly to be filled with the readymade coffee.Not only that,he had bought some chocolates for company.

Bharti:We were just going to have some coffee..

Armaan:Since it's a last coffee before Saturday,i tohught of making it a special one for both of us..A special memory just between you and me..


Armaan:You love them,don't you?(Bharti nodded)

Bharti:Thanks..I'll keep some for Naina too..

Armaan:Here's coffee for you..

Bharti:You seem quite different,Armaan..

Armaan:What do you mean?

Bharti:I actually didn't expect you to talk to me and furthermore,have this coffee with me..After what has happened last week..

Armaan:I'm really sorry..I just didn't understand why i got so angry all of a sudden..Let's just forget it na?

Bharti kept silent and both of them watched the sun setting progressively and the rays of the sun rapidly spreading its colours to the sky.

Bharti:Armaan,why did we even get angry with each other?(looked at Armaan)hat had gone into us?

Armaan:i've got no idea..I..

Bharti:(crossed her legs and turned to Armaan)You really think I don't care about you?I mean,Armaan..(sighed deeply)You're my very special friend and you mean a lot to me..I've been busy with my life and in the midst of all these,several unexpected situations and events have popped up in my life..I didn't find the time to spend it with you..Armaan,Mayank is just a very good friend of mine and Radhika's,whom I had lost touch with,like for 2 years..I'm..(Armaan placed his finger on her lips)

Armaan:You don''t have to say anything,Bharti..I'm so sorry that i acted like such a jerk..It's my fault!!(withdrew his finger)

Bharti:Armaan,I'm sorry that i couldn't clarify anything with you earlier..For me,you've always been a special friend..You know,i may not have spent so much time with you but the times which i did spend with you are so worth cherishing..The memories which I've only had with you,just makes it so special to me..i've not said anything as such to you before but that doesn't mean you are unimportant to me..(looked away from Armaan while sipping her coffee)

Armaan looked in the direction of Bharti and gently touched Bharti's left hand which she had placed on the mat.He touched her fingers mildly and Bharti looked at Armaan instantly.Bharti watched his hand which had a sole intention of assurance and she saw Armaan whispering Sorry to her.Bharti smiled weakly and laid her head on his shoulder,surprising Armaan who watched her and tilted his head to touch her's.

Jaane yeh kya hua
Jaane yeh kya hua
Ab har pal anjana hai
Dekho hona hai
Aur kya

Jaane kyun lagta hai
Dheere se haule se
Geet koi dil hai ga raha

Jane kyun lagta hai
Ab jaise har lamha har pal hai
Muskura raha

Tumhein hai pata
maine pehli baar jo dekha tumhein
Mujhe yeh laga
Chahun bhi to kaise pa sakunga tumhein
Sapna tha ek din to
Main hoon tum ho
Tum dheere se bolo
Tumko apna mana hai
Dekho hona hai
Aur kya

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