Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 174~

Both of them fell deep in their thoughts.Bharti felt particularly weird about the entire situation and somehow she couldn't make out what she's exactly feeling.She was beginning to feel anxious about the contract marriage.She recalled the sun set which she had observed some time back and as she looked at the sky,it had changed it's colour from soft pink to a light blue with shades of dark grey.Just as that,she wondered if her life is going to change with the nullification of her contract marriage,and she raised her head from Armaan's shoulder.She looked at Armaan and smiled,for she knew that she made the right decision and that she's doing this only for Armaan.

Bharti:Thanks for the coffee,Armaan..In fact,it feels great to have talked to oyu..

Armaan:I'm always here for you as a friend for you..



Bharti:Always keep smiling,Armaan..Never let tears come into these eyes!!

Armaan:(smiled and nodded)Yeahh..

Bharti:It's quite late already;i better get going..


Armaan helped Bharti and held her hand as she climbbed down the ladder.He dropped bharti home safely and went off from there,back home.Bharti smiled and she went inside.She went to refresh herself and take a long shower.She couldn't help but she kept thinking of how she felt so much better after talking to Armaan.She recalled KK's question of whether she'll be better off without Armaan,and she had no answer to it.She jsut had a small fear that things might change drastically after nullifying her contract marraige and she wodnered if she'll lose Armaan's friendship in the long run.She wiped herself dry and went to get changed.She was browsing through some magazines when Naina came and curled herself near Bharti who kept the magazine aside and hugged Naina while both of them talked to each other.

Meanwhile,Armaan was serving some dinner for himself and Sudha who noticed a smile on her son's face.

Sudha:Kya baat hai??Koi muskuraane lage hai...Chakkar kya hai??

Armaan:Maa,what's up with you?

Sudha:That's exactly what I'm asking...What's the matter??Kal tak toh aap toh bohat udhaas the...Aaj kya hua??

Armaan:A last coffee together with Bharti..


Armaan:That's what you heard..I had a last coffee with her before we officially part form each other..

Sudha:Isn't it quite saddening??I mean,the way you put it..

Armaan:I thought of that initially too but I felt so much better after talking to her..She told me about Mayank and i could see how..(sat down for dinner)..Yuo know something,Maa??You were so right...I could see in her eyes how she felt so bad that both of us fought and got angry with each other..She felt really awful that I felt bad, but for some reason,she was pretty much quiet,though...


Armaan:Yeahh..And,(paused till he chewed the food)and..I don't know,maybe it's just my imagination...That she just wanted to be quiet for some time..She thanked me for being supportive of her!!

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