Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 175~

Sudha:Didn't I tell you??Armaan,you know something??She's totally alone!!

Armaan:What??But she has a lot of friends around her...

Sudha:It's not necessary that being surrounded by so many people means that she's the most happiest..Maybe it's a protective mechanism in a way so that she gets rid of the feeling of loneliness which is killing her from within..She's really alone and she helps others to make her feel better!!

Armaan:Even she told something similar today..That even if she doesn't spend time with me that often,that doesn't mean that I am not important to her..The way she said it,it felt quite different though..

Sudha:Armu,she really likes you;it's just that she doesn't really know how to express herself..Remember one thing about her that she doesn't believe in love??If you're with her and if you're supportive,you can make her believe in love..That such a feeling too exists..An inevitable feeling that'll become part of her life and without which,she'll feel incomplete..Hhmm??

Armaan:Maa,i love you!!

Sudha:(smiled widely)Just believe in yourself...and yes,just smile at her and make her believe in you more than herself..Always give her the assurance that no matter what,you're always there and make sure you are always there for her!!!Promise her that..(Armaan smiled)Aaj khaana kuch zyaada acha hai,Armu!!

Armaan:Aap sahi keh rah ho!!(winked at his mum)

~Next Day at Trends~

Shreya is practically growing nervous and she kept looking at the clock,which ticked a bit slower today according to Shreya.She was fixing her eyes on the wall clock and she couldn't concentrate on her work.

"Itni bechaini aaj tak nahi huyi hai..It's just so frustrating aur yeh Mayank sir abhi tak nahin aaya hai..Bata nahin kab aayega!!"

After some time,Mayank finally appeared and he went straight into his cabin.Shreya was rubbing her palms together,waiting if there was going to be any announcement made by Ash,Mayank's assistant but she was still typing away,at her cabin.Shreya sighed deeply and went to get some coffee for herself at the coffee machine situated near Mayank's cabin.She finally decided to not think about the column for she felt quite pessimistic and hopeless of getting the column for she was pretty sure that someone else might get the column before her for all of them were more experienced in writing than her.She began to wonder what the hell she was doing at Trends and she remembered that she was doing this because she was in dire need of money to survive in Mumbai.She wasn't even sure that she can even stick in this office for long and she doesn't even know if she's going to have a permanent job here or not and if she wished,she'd rather work somewhere else than here with such colleagues who only care only about sabotaging and competing with each other.

She sipped her coffee and just then,she heard Ash calling her to meet at the foyer for Mayank has an important announcement to make.Shreya finished her cup of coffee and only after that,she went to the foyer.

Mayank:Thank you Ms Shreya for arriving..

Shreya:I'm sorry Sir..I was just..(had a glass of water with her)

Mayank:Don't waste my time any further..Well all of us know what had happened yesterday and I totally don't appreciate it in this office at least..And whoever who's responsible for the scene yesterday--this is my first and last warning!!And now coming to the column which I had thought of introducing after seeing the work from everyone who's interested,I've already made my decision.Quiet,everyone..There's no need to gasp or whisper around for I've only made my decision based on the work which I've seen yesterday..(Shreya almost choked and said Sorry)..And,I realized that i'll have made the wrong decision if i didn't read the work which was submitted to me yesterday..(Shreya was totally shocked but she realized that perhaps some other colleagues could have submitted their work yesterday too)And i've finally decided to give the column to...(Mayank looked at everyone and watched their expressions carefully)

Shreya had closed her eyes and shook her head and Mayank noticed her expression and smiled at her but he kept a blank expression and composed himself.

Mayank:And the column goes to Ms Shreya Gill!!(Everyone gasped in shock and so did Shreya)

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