Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 176~

Shreya:Mayank sir,I'm...(saw everyone looking at her and she kept quiet,feeling super weird)

Mayank:Ms Shreya Gill,in my cabin right now and as for others,thanks so much for trying but better luck next time!!Shreya,in my cabin...(Shreya smiled and rushed quickly)

Shreya:Yes,Mayank sir??

Mayank:Hi Shreya..Take a seat..Read this document carefully right now and let me know when you're done!!

Shreya:What is this,Sir?

Mayank:This is your contract..Read each line carefully and then decide..

Shreya:Sir,if you don't mind,can I talk to you??

Mayank:Ahem,what are you doing right now?

Shreya:Sir,this is something personal..May I??

Mayank:Erm,only if you're comfortable..But why would you want to share anything with me??Let me tell you something clearly,Ms Shreya..You wouldn't want to share anything with anyone here at office for you never know when someone might just leak out your most personal secrets...

Shreya:I know that you're a good friend of Bharti's and i think i really love her..And i believe if she's friends with you,then you are a trustworthy person as well!!(Mayank was surprised at Shreya's revelation)Sir,i wanted to ask you something...Did you get this column for me only because Mahi intimidated you or do i truly deserve this column?

Mayank:What made you think that i'll be afraid of some girl intimidating me?I'm only giving you this column to build on because you've got potential..Let me tell you something..(went to get a file)Look at this file and look at your's..This is why I wanted to chuck your file aside..

Shreya:But Sir,you can't judge a book by it's cover..

Mayank:Nice try but not with me..For me,the entire package matters!!Your colleague,Rashmi's work is much more attractive than your's from outside but her content is not as good as your's..That's where you score!!Tht's why you get this column and you've got to work really hard for it's going to be a competitive world in which you're about to enter..If you're just a bit late,you're out of the race..

Shreya:Sir,i don't think i belong here..I don't know what I'm doing here..I'm just confused and clueless about my life path..If i'm here,it's only for money..

Mayank:Do you even realize that you're saying all these to me right now?I can't believe you would say this to your boss..Shreya,I'm not here to advise you or to get your problems solved.Your attitude and your transparency is not going to get you anywhere in this industry..

Shreya:I just wanted you to hear me out but i guess i was wrong..(Mayank just looked at her blankly)But i'm going to prove to you that i'm going to make it big in my life and that too with my honesty and transparency,which perhaps you might lack,Sir!!(took the contract papers;read for a few seconds and signed the papers)There yoyu go,i've signed the papers..(turned to go from there)



Mayank:Pretty impressive..First article on your column in 2 days' time..Best of luck!!(Shreya just left from there to sit at her small cabin)

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