Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 177~

As she sat down,she heard several of the staff whispering and throwing papers at her.Shreya was very well aware of the fact that she was not being favoured in the office and she felt frustrated with their attitude.She looked at her email and printed out the guidelines that Mayank had emailed her from the printer situated away from her cabin.She went back to her cabin,shot down her laptop and took her bag with her.She felt like talking to Armaan and called him on his mobile.

Armaan:Hey Shreya,mornin'..What's up?

Shreya:What are you doing?

Armaan:Well,i'm just about to leave for a photo-shoot..

Shreya:Oh,am I disturbing?I'll talk to you later then..

Armaan:Arre,no way!!It'll take me half an hour so just keep me company..

Shreya:Alright then..

Armaan:Waise,what happened about your column?

Shreya:Erm i got it..

Armaan:Wow,that's terrific news yaar..But how come you sound so depressed?I mean,you should be excited for you got what you wanted..

Shreya:Yeah i should but i'm just not..


Shreya:Armaan,i've told you earlier yaar..I just feel so out-of-place and more than anything,i feel so annoyed with my boss and the colleagues here..

Armaan:What happened?

Shreya:My colleagues here are throwing rockets at me,annoying me to the core..I can understand that i'm a newcomer here with no particular experience and they're angry with me for i got the column instead of them,amongst whom some are given more than a column to write..And Mayank sir is advising me on the fact that my transparency is going to get me nowhere in life and i challenged to prove him wrong and signed the job contract papers which confirmed my job for 12 months..

Armaan:Whoa..that's an awful morning for you..Go and get a break!!

Shreya:That's what I'm talking to you right now..

Armaan:Uffo Shreya,why did you sign instantly?Look,you should never work where you're not being repsected or appreciated,according to my perspective..As far as your colleagues ar econcerned,just ignore them;they're just jealous..Ok,what column have you gotten?What kind of column??

Shreya:Well,you do read the Trends magazine,right?

Armaan:Yeah,when i get the time to do it..

Shreya:Well,it's a new column on the latest trends and the story,as in behind-the-scenes kinda stuff,behind the trends in Mumbai,India and the world..

Armaan:Wow,that's interesting..The thing about Trends mag is its target audience being all sorts of populations,males and females,unlike Men's Universe,applicable to only male audience..

Shreya:But trust me,the other day i saw many girls looking at and purchasing the MU mag and newsletter..Anyways,Trends is a much bigger magazine,and t here's no basis for comparison..

Armaan:Well,you're all set to prove yourself in Trends?

Shreya:I don't know yaar,if i can do it or not..

armaan:Hhmm,i seriously didn't know that the atmosphere is so fierce in Trends..It's quite intimidating!!

Shreya:Filled with hypocrites and backstabbers,i believe..

Armaan:Just be cautious and don't give up hope,k?And i'm always here for you..

Shreya:Thanks yaarr..I'm feeling better!!

Armaan:Heyy,what are friends for?Ok i'll talk to you later,k?

Shreya:Ahh you must be having your photo-shoot..Ok Armaan,i'll talk to you later..Bye!!


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