Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 178~

~MU Member's Lounge~

Bharti:Hey guyz..Mornnin'!!

Raj:Hello late bloomer..Is Sonali under your influence?

Sonali:Shut up Raj!!All of us came late today,alright?

Mahi:Heyyy,count me out!!Actually we should have a bet on who's going to come the latest..

Raj:Great idea..And the person shall have a forfeit;Mahi,you do come up with great ideas to make work life fun..


Sonali:And Mahi'll never get to forfeit..Talk about forfeits!!

Bharti:(got some coffee from the coffee machine)What's wrong with you,Sonali?

Raj:Apparently she got up a bit late..And she had to clean the house and make breakfast for her saas and Pushpak before leaving for work..And in the midst of that,the bus she alighted was stuck in a traffic jam..All in all,a horrible morning for her..

Sonali:Thanks for the update,Raj!!Gosh,i can't believe that Pushpak has started to demand me for breakfast in the morning,which has never happened when we stayed together..All because of his mum!!

Bharti:Take it easy,girl..Just about 3 weeks?

Sonali:25 days more..(Bharti smiled and turned to face Mahi)

Mahi:Hey guys,did you check out our latest issue?Raj,you should really suggest the foodie blog idea to Amarjeet..Please,please..please!!(shook Raj)

Raj:Ok,ok i will..Don't worry!!Waise,how's your project shaping up?

Bharti:I"m halfway done..Still got to work on the remaining half..I tell you,it's so damn tiring!!

Mahi:Hhmm,just work on your project..I think there's nothnig much to do for today..

Raj:yeahh..just a brainstorm session on next issue..And presenting our ideas to Amarjeet!!

Bharti:I think i'm going to skip that and work on my project since my deadline is tomorrow morning..

Mahi:No worries,Bharti..Go ahead with your project and finish it up!!

Bharti:Ok,i'll catch you guys later..Bye!!(left from there)

Raj:Heyy,are we still having the bet?

Sonali:What bet?

Mahi:Sounds good to me..

Sonali:Just hold on,that won't be fair since this girl will never be late..(looked at Mahi)

Raj:True!!Waise Bharti still owes me a treat..

Sonali:What kinda treat?

Raj:For ruining her cabin..(bit his tongue)Oops!!Just pretend that you didn't hear that!!

Mahi:So you were the one behind that?(Raj took a bow and smiled while Mahi hit his elbow)

Raj:Ouchh!!Mahi,you aggressive girl..Stop your hand!!

Sonali:(got amused)But why??

Raj:She..wanted a new cabin..

Sonali:You've not exactly answered my question..

Raj:Ok,she wanted to get away form Armaan whose cabin is directly opposite her's//

Mahi:Does this have anything with their marraige getting annulled?(Raj kept silent)

Raj:I think i'm running late..Bye!!

Sonali:Not so soon,Raj Malhotra!!(guarded the door of the lounge)Sit down!!

Raj:ALright but don't tell anyone i told you..(Mahi and Sonali nodded while Raj told them everything that he knew from Bharti and Jiya)

Sonali:Interesting..So actually,both of them are nullifying their marriage for the other's sake??

Raj:Some sort..


Raj:Why wow?

Sonali:I mean,who would think of parting for the other's sake?Armaan's being supportive of Bharti's decision,caring for her happiness while Bharti's doing it so that Armaan's future might not be affected by her..Interestingly cute!!

Mahi:And why were they angry with each other again??They're pretty strange,I tell you..(got amused)

Sonali:Gotta agree with you on that..But it's kinda sweet,i mean don't you think they doing this out of love?

Mahi:actually yeahh but bharti doesn't realzie that!!But heyy,we care for their happiness and if they're happy doing this,then we should be supportive too..

Raj:Yeahh..That's my gurls!!(shared a group hug)Ok,that's so much of love for now..Let's get back to work!!

~Lunch Time~

Armaan just got back after the photo-shoot,feeling so exhausted.He went to the MU cafe and saw Sonali,Mahi and Raj engrossed in a discussion for quite some time.

Armaan:Hi,can i join you guys?

Raj:Yeahh sure..

Armaan:What's going on?

Sonali:Nothing much..we were thinking of giving a chance for someone to earn some money..

Armaan:I see..What's the bet on?

Sonali:That's the precise point..Lollz we don't know what to bet on..(armaan bursted out laughing)

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