Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 179~

Armaan:Oops,I'm sorry..I didn't know that you guys were so desperate!!

Raj:Recession ka time hai boss..Kuch karna padh tha hai!!

Armaan:Waise i've got a great news to share,by the way..

Mahi:Waht is it??Ohh..wait!!Ermm...Shreya??She got it??(Armaan nodded)WOW!!

Sonali:shreya got what?

Raj:The column?(Armaan nodded)Wow..She really wanted it badly and now she got it...

Mahi:We should gift her something..what say?

Armaan:Well,Mahi you'll get a treat from me,as I promised!!

Sonali:What??Mahi gets a treat but why??

Mahi:Do you have a problem with that,Sonu??

Raj:ahem,Armaan..Care to explain?(Armaan explained to them of how Mahi had helped Shreya)

Raj and Sonali looked at each other and then at Mahi.

Sonali:Arre wah!!


Raj:Another confrontation with Mayank Sharma..Interesting!!

Mahi:Phir se maar khaane ka iraada hai,Raj?

Raj:Woh khaane ke liye mujhe koi problem nahin hai par seriously Mahi ki..

Sonali:Mahi ki..(Raj and Armaan joined in)Jai Ho!!

Armaan:Waise,where's Bharti?

Mahi:actually,she's doing her project at her cabin since the deadline is tomorrow..

Armaan:Hhmm ok i'm done with my lunch;i'll just inform her of the good news..

Sonali:Yeahh sure..(armaan left form there)

Mahi:Do you think he'll stop caring for her?

Sonali:He can never do that..He really loves her!!

Raj:And he better not stop caring or loving her..

Mahi:Okiezz..we gotta meet Amarjeet,remember?

Sonali:Ok,and after that,let's get something for Shreya,together with Armaan..


Armaan was outside Bharti's cabin.He saw her swirling her pen and putting it down.She was frantically typing away but then,she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Armaan:May i come in?

Bharti:Oh hi armaan..come!!

Armaan:You seem quite frustrated?

Bharti:Yeah,somewhat..it's like i know it in my head but i just can't find the right words to express it..Khayr,you had your lunch?

Armaan:Yeahh..how about you?

Bharti:I'll have my lunch a bit later..

Armaan:actually o came to tell you about shreya..She got the column and she signed her job contract document and she's working for Trends for a year..

Bharti:Wow!!Send her my congratualtions..She must be so excited!!

Armaan:Not exactly!!She kinda feels out of place..As if she's a misfit at tRends..Like she's not being appreciated and perhaps she doesn't want to do this job but she challenged her boss that hrough her transparency and integrity,she'll make it big in life and decided to prove her worth in Trends..

Bharti:Ouchh..that's kinda awful!!She shouldn't have signed;i mean she is right that hse's going to make it big through her integrity but she don't have to,in a place where she doesn't even want to work..

Armaan:I guess it's quite late now..But what if she could prove herself in Trends?Won't that be great>

Bharti:That'll be awesome but will she be truly happy?Let's hope that things work out for her..(smiled)

Armaan:Bharti,do you remember helping Shreya?Maybe taking a break for a while or diverting your attention elsewhere could get rid of the writer's block you're having right now..

Bharti:How did you..Shreya?Thanks Armaan!!

Armaan:Welcome!!I better make a move for now..All the best for your project!!(Bharti nodded and smiled while Armaan left form there)

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