Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 180~

After some time later,Armaan,together with Raj,Mahi and Sonali went to a gift shop to get a good gift for Shreya.Alongside with that,Armaan thought of getting a card for Bharti to wish her well for her project work and all of them headed to Trends to meet Shreya.The receptionist went to call for Shreya who was just about to leave from there.

Shreya:Heyy..What are you guys doing here?

Mahi:Congratzz on the column..

Shreya:Come,let's go out and talk..

Raj:Armaan told us that you got the column,so this is a gift from all of us..

Shreya:Oh my..You guys are so sweet!!Thank you so much!!(hugged Armaan)And thank you Mahii..

Sonali:Ahem Shreya,i know that Raj and I didn't help you with anything but you could still acknowledge us too,you know...

Shreya:I was coming there,Sonali..(smiled)Thanks all for this lovely gift!!Well,i'm going to head for home..so i'll see you around!!

Armaan:Come,i'll drop you home..Bye guyzz!!

Shreya:Thanks,bye everyone!!


While Armaan was driving,Shreya received a phone call from Bharti.

Shreya:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Heyy..I just called to wish you congratulations on getting the column..

Shreya:Let me guess,Armaan told you?

Bharti:Hehe,yeahh..And he told me about how you feel so out of place..don't mind me telling you,actually give yourself some time to see how working in such an industry is like and if after that,you still feel that way,just talk to your boss about it..I'm pretty sure he'll help you out!!

Shreya:I think i tried that out today..But he just frustrated me..

Bharti:yeh Mayank bhi na..Actually he may appear to be grim,grumpy and stern but he may do this as a boss to geth the best out of you..If you get to know him well enough,he's a real sweet guy..He's a nice person but it's just that it takes him time to open up..

Shreya:Interesting..Thanks bharti!!

Bharti:are you at trends right now?

Shreya:No,i'm on my way home with Armaan..


Shreya:Yeah he's driving me home..Want to talk to him?

Bharti:No,it's ok..Got my project to complete;i'll talk to you later,k?

Shreya:Yeah sure,bye..(hung up)

Bharti was trying to focus on her project work but she kept getting distracted by calls and hence she kept her mobile on silent mode.While she was typing away,she saw Payal onle and chatted with her for a while.Payal informed her that Naina had fallen asleep whilst Bhaskar told her some bedtime stories.Bharti informed Payal that it might take her for a long while before she will be done with her project.Payal reassured her to not worry about Naina for she and bhaskar are there and appeared offline after some time.

Armaan dropped Shreya home and he was just driving back home.He wondered if Bharti was still at office and just texted her.Just then,he recalled what Sudha told him about how bharti must be truly feeling form within.He looked at the time,which displayed 10 pm.Bharti hadn't texted him back and he assumed that she must be busy and he decided to continue in the direction towards his home.

~Hours Later~

Bharti finally completed her project report and saved the final copy in her thumbdrive,emailing a copy to Dr Graham,her supervisor.Just then,she realized that she needed to head to her university to submit her project folder containing a hard copy of her work to the uni staff.She looked at the time which struck 2:33 am.She rubbed her eyes repeatedly and decided to head to her university and submit her project folder into the night box, but before that,she emailed Dr Graham about her rpoject submission.She packed her bag and locked her cabin.She realzied that it was pretty dark since there was no one else in Men's Universe and she used her mobile as a light source and headed her way downstairs.She kept her mobile on normal mode and just then,she saw Armaan's message,expressing his concern for her project work and his best wishes for her.Bharti smiled and texted him back that she just finished her project and she's heading to the university to submit her prject in the night box.A few minutes later,Armaan called her on her mobile.

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