Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 181~

Bharti:hi..you're still awake?

Armaan:Your message woke me up..

Bharti:Oops,i'm so sorry for that..

Armaan:You just got out of MU?

Bharti:Yeahh,am looking for an auto to get me to the university..

Armaan:Can't you submit you work tomorrow?

Bharti:I don't know how much coffee i've drunk to keep me awake till now..And i can't trust myself about me waking up early for the deadline is 9 am in the morning tomorrow..

Armaan:(got up from the bed and sat upright)You want me to pick you up?

Bharti:Nope,i'm already feeling bad that i woke you up..There's no need,armaan..Get back to your sleep,k?Bye!!(hung up)

Bharti continued to walk till she saw an oncoming auto.She got into it and headed to her university and in the very same auto,she got back home despite the unexpected protests that was held at such an hour,The autodriver was feeling quite scared but he sped off instantly.There was apparently some sort of political unrest and while the driver tried to speed off,Bharti got hit at her head.She ordered the autodriver to drive quickly and she managed to reach home.Payal was shocked to see blood oozing from Bharti's head and quickly bandaged her head to stop the blood.Bharti told Payal to relax and both of them slept after some time.

Meanwhile,Raj was out having some drinks all by himself while wathcing the sight around him at 99 Degree.While sipping his drink,he caught sight of Niharika who was there with a girl and he assumed her to be Niharika's friend.He got a drink for Niharika and asked the waiter to pass the special drink to the girl.Niharika turned around to see a drink being offered to her and when she enquired,the waiter told her who sent the drink and Niharika looked at Raj for a while before she turned away.The waiter had come back to him with the same drink together with a small note.Raj asked the waiter to give the drink and place it at her table.Raj read the note and smiled,

"Thanks but I only believe in self-service!!"

Raj watched Niharika occasionally,wondering if she would help herself with the drink he had offered her.Raj went to the dance floor and just danced with a random girl.This time round,he watched her and turned away from her,smiling at his small victory for Niharika had unknowingly drank a bit of the wine that he had bought for her.After some time,he left form there and went back home.

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