Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, September 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 182~

~Next day~

Shreya woke up early in the morning and got ready to go to Trends.She took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror,"Oh girl,here I go again..(lowered her head)Ok Shreya,you got to do this..You can do it,yeah?Oh god,who am I kidding?I can so imagine my desk filled with rockets again and those creepy eyes staring at me,as if I've taken the lives of some,who are related to those eyes..Look Shreya,you've got no other choice so just go and do it!!If your job is going to go,let it..But for no,just take the starting step.."

It is usually the first step that makes life so difficult but it is also the first step which leads to a more meaningful journey,directing us to our destination.As Shreya got out of the house and locked the home,she met Raj,and waved to him.

Raj:Hey,what a pleasant surprise..

Shreya:It definitely is to see you up in the morning..

Raj:Thanks for the compliment..Heading to Trends?

Shreya:Yeahh..aren't you getting ready?

Raj:About to,since i just had my morning coffee..

Shreya:I'm running late;i'll meet you later then?

Raj:Yeah sure,do send my Hi to your boss..

Shreya:I'm in no mood to do that..I might delay your Hi till i get the first article on my column done..

Raj:Oo..all the best for that!!


Raj:Hey,listen..Don't try to make your fist article perfect but just good enough to garner attention!!Don't stress yourself so much..

Shreya:Thanks for the tip..


~Men's Universe~

A roar of applause was heard as Mahi entered the foyer.Mahi widened her eyes and looekd to her left and right.The staff were continuously applauding till Amarjeet called out Mahi's name.

Mahi:Yes sir?

Amarjeet:Congratzz Mahi Talwar,please come forward..

Mahi:Ok,sir what's going on?

Amarjeet:(held Mahi's hand and brought her to stand beside him)Welcome our new creative editor of MU newsletter,ms Mahi Talwar!!


Sonali:Yayy!!(applauded with Raj and blew a few whistles)

Amarjeet:It's a splendid honour to have Mahi with us,and now,with added responsibilities,i'm sure the MU newsletter will touch new horizons!!

Raj:Yes Sir!!That we promise..

Amarjeet:Ok,get back to work!!Disperse..

Sonali:Wow,this is awesome!!Just miss Bharti's presence here..

Mahi:I guess she might be tired after completing her project..

Raj:Well,seriously..erm we have a treat for me,a treat for you,mahi,a prmotion and Bharti's project completion..4 super duper celebrations coming up!!

Jiya:Heyy Mahi,congratzz dear..

Mahi:Thanks Jiya..But why do you sound so dull?

Jiya:In the midst of these moments of happiness,i can't stop myself thinking about tomorrow..

Raj:Sorry gurls but just excuse me and Jiya..(went to the member's lounge to get some coffee)

Raj continued glaring at Jiya in irritation while he got 2 cups of coffee for both of them and placed the 2 cups on the table,drawing Jiya's attention.

Jiya:Kya hai?

Raj:Wohi toh main bhi pooch rahi hoon..Kya hai?Kya zaroorat thi tumhe woh kal ki baat kehne ki?Itni khushiyon mein tumhe woh baat kehne ki kya zaroorat thi?

Jiya:Arre..tum mujh par chillaa kyun rahe ho?Mujhe joh laga woh maine keh diya..Is mein kya..Mujhe kya tumhare ijaazat maangne padegi?Kal woh doono bichadne waale hain..

Raj:Dekho,Mahi ko ek bohat badaa promotion milee hai..

Jiya:Toh kya?(Mahi accidentally heard their conversation)Mere liye woh kuch bhi nahin hai..Mere liye Armaan ki problem hi sabse bada dikh raha hai..(Mahi hid from there before Raj or Jiya saw her)

Raj:Dekho,main tumhari yeh aadat se bohat tang aa chuka hoon,alright?Aur jo kuch bhi ho raha hain na,woh kisi aur ki marzi se ho raha hai aur tum kuch bhi nahin karpaoge..Aur agar tumhe apni chehra iss tarha rakhna hai puura din,toh main tumse aaj baat hi nahin karna chahtha hoon..Actually,tum ek kaam kyun nahin karti?Jaa kar Armaan ke paas baitho;tum apne dard share karna aur woh bhi share karega..Aur dono milkar dukh dard baat lena..Aur haan,mujhe koi dilchaspi nahin hai tumhari date ke baarein mein jaanne ki..Good day to you!!(slammed the door)

Before he left from there,he stopped for a while.He thought he saw Mahi and as he turned,he heard Sonali calling for Mahi and bth Raj and Mahi looked at each other.Mahi smiled weakly and left from there while Raj turned to look at Jiya,clenching his fist in irritation,"Damn it!!".

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