Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, October 28, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 228~

Raj quickly entered the lift and stood in between Mahi and Mayank.Raj wondered what Mahi could be doing with Mayank and before he thought of anything further,he quickly busied himself with smsing Niharika about Mayank,

xxxHey,I had no idea that we were destined to be together..Jokes apart,i just found myself standing between Mahi on my left and Mayank on my right in the lift in Men's Universe building..Apparently i guess that both Mahi and Mayank had been together,so just get back home asap!!xxx

Raj:Erm Mahi,i assume that you had gone to Nirvana for the final show tonight??

Mayank:Fashion show??

Raj:Yeahh Mayank,apparently all of us had been trying Ms Mahi Talwar's mobile endlessly since 4 pm, to inform her of the last minute changes but i guess she was so busy with you..

Mayank:Actually Raj,you're getting it wrong..I.(looked at Mahi who shook her head,gesturing him not to tell Raj anything as of yet)

Raj:Oh yeah??Mayank,you're a reputable boss and yet you can show such unprofessionalism..Impressive indeed!!And you,Mahi??Have you got any idea how perplexed all of us are??I had tried going wherever i could to find you so as to get you to the fashion show venue to help Armaan and Jiya but now i see you enjoying your time with Mayank??If that was really the case,why were you even mad at Sonali for??Why did you shout at him when you got to know that...

Mahi:Raj,just stop blabbering when you don't even know what the truth is,alright??

Raj:Right,alright Mahi..Do as you please for i'm not going to bother anymore...But at least go and meet Sonali for i don't know if she's still crying for you..She had not even spoken to anyone else after taking the entire blame on herself for forgetting to withdraw your name from Shaadi Plus!!(Mayank was stunned and speechless as Raj left from there)

Mayank:Mahi,you should have..

Mahi:You need not interfere,Mayank...Bye!!

Mayank:B..(Mahi had already left from there in different directions from him)Crap!!Because of me,i had created a misunderstanding between Raj and Mahi..Damn it!!(drove towards home)

~Nirvana Hall~


Armaan:Raj,are you sure??

Raj:I don't know..I was just super pissed and i still am mad at her...I'm sorry that i couldn't reach earlier..I'm going to go off!!Where's Sonu??

Armaan:Pushpak just left with her back home..We told them to head off first..

Raj:Thanks yaar...And Armaan,i'm sorry if i had appeared ruder earlier on...Nitezz guyzz!!


Raj:Kya?(saw Jiya looking at him intently)I'm fine Jiya and don't worry...i'm heading back home,alright??


Raj:Haan yaar pakka!!Good night..

Jiya:Hhmm nitezz..

Raj:Armaan,drop her home,k??

Armaan:Yeahh i will...(Raj left from there)

Jiya:Yeh sab kya ho raha hai yaar??

Armaan:Mahi theekh hain na,so relax!!Don't worry,i'll talk to her,k?

Jiya:Hhmm chale??I'll message Bharti that Mahi's fine..(both of them were the last to leave from Nirvana Hall)

Armaan reached home after dropping Jiya and was surprised to see Sudha still awake and that too with a mug of coffee in her hand.

Armaan:Sorry Maa,forgot to call ya and inform that i could be really late..

Sudha:And i thought that you'll be much later..How did it go??


Sudha:You don't seem optimistic..

Armaan:Maa,i'm just so tired..

Sudha:You want me to give you a head massage??

Armaan:I would seriously love that but aren't you tired too??

Sudha:Oh come on,sit down...(Armaan placed his bag on the dining table and sat in front of Sudha,with his back facing her such that it was easier to massage his head)

Armaan:Maa,i'm already starting to feel good actually...

Sudha:Uff,you really have to take good care of yourself Armu..You seem so tired lately..Is everything ok at work??

Armaan:Yeah Maa,everything's under control..(recalled Bharti having called him and that his mum answered her call)Waise Maa,aapne uss raat Bharti se phone par bat ki thi na??Kya keh rahi thi woh??

Sudha:Kyun??Khud kyun nahin poocha??

Armaan:Maa,main busy hoon na iss liye nahin poocha par aap toh bataao na..

Sudha:Sorry hun,my lips are sealed..Agar itni dilchaspi hain jaanne ki,toh jaa kar ussi s hi directly pooch lena,theekh hai??Good night..(headed to her room after washing her hands)

Armaan:(frowned)Nitezz!!(stood up and went to his room,locking his room door)

After his shower,he dialled Mahi's mobile and hoped that she would pick up his call.

Armaan:Hey,phone matt kaatna Mahi..Armaan bol raha hoon!!

Mahi:Main tumhaare phone kyun kaatungi,Armaan??

Armaan:Maine sunaa hain ki tum aaj bohat gusse mein ho iss liye pehle hi bol diya tha..

Mahi:Kya baat hai??

Armaan:Kuch nahin,bas ainvayi phone kiya tha..

Mahi:Armaan,you wanted to know where i went and how i could be so irresponsible that i didn't bother to attend the fashion show tonight??You too think that i've been roaming around with Mayank and had become a freeloader,hhmm??

Armaan:What?You were with Mayank??What's exactly going on Mahi??

Mahi:Didn't Raj tell you that he saw me and Mayank in the lift in the MU building??

Armaan:What??He did say that he met you and that you were fine but he didn't give any details to me or Jiya..He just told us that you were in Men's Universe when he was about to leave from there..He was super pissed and we thought of asking him later but he left sooner..What exactly were you doing with Mayank??

Mahi:Armaan..(sighed deeply)You had seen me going with Sonu and Raj,right??


Mahi:We went to Shaadi Plus..Actually the three of us had gone to check why Bharti had asked Sonu for the contact number of Shaadi Plus..While trying to figure out that,we realized that Sonu forgot to withdraw my name from that matrimonial agency,which i had told her to do so months back..(Armaan remembered the time when Sonu got caught by Mahi for registering her name without her knowledge)And the receptionist there told me that she even got me a prospective groom for me and how lucky can i be??How lucky can i be to get a prospective groom in the form of Mayank Sharma??


Mahi:That's when i got to know that his name was registered in Shaadi Plus too...But it just didn't make any sense to me!!I got pissed with Sonu and left from there asking her to leave me alone to my matters..

Armaan:(got perturbed by the revelation,shaking his head)Ahh,phir kya hua??Phir tum kahaa the ab tak??

Mahi:Gusse mein overspeeding ke liye pakdi gayi thi..Aur mere naseeb se ek aisa police officer aa gaya tha ki woh mujhe ek ATM machine se paise bh withdraw karne nahin de raha tha...Mere paas uss waqt sirf dus rupees the..Can you believe that??


Mahi:Aur suno,Armaan...Agar tumhe lagta hai ki abhi tak jo hua woh bohat bura hai toh aage suno..Itna bura din mere zindagi mein shayad..

Armaan:Aisa kya ho gaya??

Mahi:Mr Mayank Sharma ho gaya tha..

Armaan:KYA??Woh waha bhi pohanch gaya??

Mahi:Ji haan...In fact,woh toh madat karne aa gaya tha..Aur maine saaf inkaar kiya tha aur usse pehchaane tak nahin thi officer ke saamne par woh maane tab na...Aur officer toh hum dono ko pakad kar thaane lekar gaya..

Armaan:Police station??

Mahi:Hhmm,aur tension mein maine apna mobile gaadi mein rak diya aur iss liye koi phone calls tak uthaa nahin paayi aur yeh bata paayi ki main kahaa phas gayi thi uss waqt...

Armaan:Ab sab theekh hain na??Tum wahaa se kaise nikle??

Mahi:Mayank woh senior officer ko jaanta tha aur usne hazaar rupees ka fine bhar diya tha...

Armaan:Shukr manaao ki woh uss officer ko jaanta hai warna..Par tumhe toh wahaa Nirvana Hall pohanchna chaahiye the na toh phir MU wapas kaise gayi??

Mahi:Acha??Toh phir mujhe kaise bata chalti ki humaare doosre fashion show mein kya gul khila tha??

Armaan:Kya matlab??

Mahi:Mayank ne mujhe bataaya tha ki Trends ki agle hafte ke success bash ke liye uske designer ki special designs leak ho gaya tha aur woh bhi humaare fashion show mein...Tumne hi sab ke saamne responsibility uthaaya tha na jab humaare ek model ki dress last minute mein jal gayi thi,hhmm??Toh tumhe yeh last minute dress kahaa se mil gaya tha??Bolo...(Armaan paused and recalled how he had actually seen Bharti and Raj discussing with Khushi,whom he had seen at his place one night)Mayank ne mujhe dikhaaya tha aur tab mujhe poori tarha se ehsaas ho gayi thi ki woh design chori ho gayi thi aur ab Trends ki ek designer humse kaafi had tak naaraaz hain...Aur bata nahin ki aage kya hoga..Woh log toh humein kahin ka nahin chodenge!!Aur Amarjeet si ko bata chal gaya toh bata nahin kiska kya hoga??Bataao mujhe ki tum kisko bachaa rahe ho??

Armaan:Kya matlab Mahi??Maine hi woh dress..

Mahi:Bakwas band kar,Armaan...Main achi tarha se jaanti hoon ki tum aise kuch kar hi nahin sakte,chaahe kitni buri haalaat kyun na ho..

Armaan:Fine,main Bharti aur Raj ko bachaa raha tha..

Mahi:Kya?Par kyun??Kya unn dono ke waje se dress jal gaya tha??

Armaan:Nahin,actually meri hi galti ke waje se..(narrated everything that happened that night between him and Bharti and how he blasted off at Bharti to get him a new dress in 20 minutes and how he got to know from whom Bharti got the dress from)Par mujhe kahaa se bata hoga ki Khushi ab Trends mein kaam kar rahi hain??They got the dress from her and by the way,she is supposedly well aware of the rivalry between Trends and MU and that she shouldn't do a thing like this on her own..At least,she should have informed Mayank but what are we to do now??What if the designer blames us and puts it entirely on us??Even their firm is at fault as well...

Mahi:OMG!!Do you even realize the severity and seriousness of this situation??Aur...

Armaan:Uff Mahi,what did you want me to do then??Perhaps you didn't realize but the next day,Bharti was going to take full responsibility for the situation but i just couldn't..

Mahi:And you stepped in to help her??To conceal her fault and accept full responsibility??

Armaan:Mahi,it's not as if i'm not the one at fault..I was the reason for the dress to get burnt in the first place since I had pulled Bharti back and she dropped her candle...

Mahi:(got amused and laughed in between)Oh my god,Armaan!!!You're just too cute,seriously!!

Armaan:Now,why are you laughing at me for??

Mahi:I'm not laughing at you yaar..


Mahi:Main bas yeh dekh rahi hoon ki tum Bharti se kitna pyaar karte ho...

Armaan:Mahi,i don't...

Mahi:Don't you dare,Armaan!!

Armaan:Mahi,i'm serious..

Mahi:Oh really??

Armaan:Aha, or else why do you think i made her get that dress in 20 minutes??Why did i blast off at her??Tell me..

Mahi:Fine,Armaan!!If that is the true case,i wanna dare you to do something...


Mahi:Prove to me that you've forgotten about her by turning her in...By confessing that Bharti got the dress instead,if the designer comes and sues us..What say??

Armaan:Yeh...sab kis liye Mahi??Bewaja hi...

Mahi:Kyun??Kya hua??Darr gaye,Armaan??

Armaan:Aisa nahin hai Mahi...We're not exactly sure that the designer will come and sue us,na??

Mahi:And what if the designer decides to do so??

Armaan:In that case,we'll think then,ok??

Mahi:(rolled her eyes)Armaan,you can seriously admit it to me that you can't turn her in because you can't bear to see her in trouble and you'd rather take all the blame on yourself than cause hurt to her..Right??

Armaan:(hesitated as he pondered over Mahi's words)Na..Nahin..Aisa kuch nahin hain Mahi...Aur tum meri baat kaan khol kar sunn lo,Sonu ko maaf kar dena yaar...Bechari ro ro kar apna bura haal kiya tha poori raat fashion show ke waqt..Pushpak ko bhi kuch nahin bataa rahi thi aur maine un dono ghar bhi jaldi bhej diya tha..Woh toh uss waqt bhi bas Aunty ke waje se yeh sab kiya tha..

Mahi:I know Armaan par mujhe thoda waqt chahiye tha akele bitaane ke liye...I just don't understand ki main Maa ko kaise sambhaloo..Woh toh yeh soch thi hain ki main akeli khush nahin reh sakti...Aur unke baaton ke waje se hi main yaha Mumbai mein shift ho gayi thi apne ghar khareed ne ke baad..Tumse baat karke mera mann bohat halka ho gayi hain..Thanks yaar Armaan!!


Mahi:Par inn sab mein ek achi baat ho paayi hain!!Shayad Bharti Mayank se shaadi nahin karne waali hain...Aur tumhe aur hum sab ko galat fehmi ho gayi thi usse lekar...


Mahi:Mayank ka naam Shaadi Plus mein registered hain...Koi apne hone waale pati ke naam kyun matrimonial agency mein dega??Just think of the logic,yaar!!!Do you get what i mean??Mujhe aisa lagta hain ki Bharti ne khud Mayank ka naam register karwaa diya tha...Par kyun,yeh kuch hazam nahin hua hain..

Armaan:Hum sab ko Mayank ke invite kiya tha kal ke party ke liye...Kuch surprise party hain..Main seriously nahin jaanna chahtha hoon..

Mahi:Kyun nahin jaaoge tum??Tum zaroor jaaoge Armaan..And you know what??I think we can turn the whole situation around..

Armaan:Come again..What exactly??

Mahi:Tomorrow we stand a great chance to meet all the employees of Trends,including the designer..Trust me,i've got a plan..And even if the designer were to plan something against us, he or she won't be able to do it based on what i have thought..So you better come tomorrow,clear??

Armaan:Jiya made me promise her that i'll come..I did promise her and now i'll definitely come for you as well...

Mahi:Great..I'm eagerly looking forward to tomorrow!!

Armaan:So am i..Nitezz!!

Mahi:(was surprised by Armaan's reply but decided not to tease him further)Nitezz!!(hung up)Armaan,you are really passionate about Bharti..(sighed deeply)Kaash usse bhi bata chalti ki tum usse kitna pyaar karte ho par woh na jaane kahaa se musibaton ko apne kareeb aane deti hain...(shook her head)Jab tak Armaan uske saath hai,usse koi choo bhi nahin sakta..Kaash har kisi ko apna pyaar mil paata....

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 227~

Mayank:Arre Mahi,kya kar rahe ho tum yaar??Tumhaare paas paise nahin hai,iss liye toh madat kar raha hoon...


Mayank:Sir,aap kahin nahin jaayenge...

PO:(murmured)Yeh dono mujhe apna hissa hadapne bhi nahin denge..Behthaar isi mein hoga ki main inn dono ko hi thaane lekar chaloo...

Mayank:Sir,kitna fine hoga??

Mahi:Sir,aap bewaja apna time aur mera time bhi waste kyun kar rahe ho???Jaldi kariye..

Mayank:Sir,dekhiye main aapko Mahi ko kahin bhi lekar nahin jaane doonga..(Mahi was shocked and Mayank murmured to himself)What did i just say??(blinked his eyes in disbelief and shook his head and saw Mahi looking at him weirdly)

PO:Main ek kaam karne waala hoon..

Mayank:Sir,main jaanta tha ki aap bohat samajhdaar ho..Humaare desh ko aapke jaise officer hi toh chaahiye..(smiled confidently at Mahi who seemed displeased)

PO:Tum dono thaane chaloge mere saath jeep mein..Chalo!!


Mahi:(broke into a wide smile and folded her hands in front of Mayank)Yeh sahi baat hai Sir..Aap waqay mein itne samajhdaar hai!!Chale Mr Mayank Sharma,hhmm??(Mayank got really irritated with Mahi's victorious smile and he was forced to go with the police officer)

Mayank:(murmured to himself)Damn it!!(Mahi enjoyed seeing Mayank irritated and smiled widely)

~Men's Universe~

Jiya:Armaan,where is Mahi??Didn't you get in contact with her??

Armaan:I tried calling her a few hours back repeatedly but she wasn't picking up her mobile and hence i messaged her..

Jiya:Did she read it??

Armaan:How am i supposed to know,Jiya??But she's aware that she should reach for the fashion show as early as possible..She should be on her way yaar..

Jiya:Let's just hope that you're right,Armaan..I just don't want any more technical glitches in any manner...

Armaan:Lo,Raj aur Sonu bhi aa gaye..Hey guyzz...

Sonali:Armaan,where's Mahi?


Raj:What's wrong with Sonu's question,Armaan??


Jiya:We're about to ask you that dude..Where is she??

Raj:she's not here yet??

Sonali:Raj,where is she yaar??

Raj:Sonu,sshh..Relax!!Jiya,she didn't contact you guyzz??

Jiya:Raj,i'm really in a terrible mood right now..The fashion show's gonna start in an hour's time..Where is she??

Raj:What the hell??(kept thinking hard of where Mahi could possibly be and tried calling her home but no one was picking up)

Armaan:Is everything ok,Raj??Is there any problem??

Sonali:Raj,sab meri hi galti hai..Na main uske naam Shaadi Plus se withdraw karna bhool thi aur na yeh sab kuch hota..

Armaan:Shaadi Plus?

Jiya:Raj,what's going on??

Raj:Sonu,just go and get some fresh air..I'll be right back,k??I'll meet you in your cabin..Go!!(Sonali left)There's a problem!!(told him that he together with Mahi and Sonali had gone to Shaadi Plus but from there they found out about Mahi's name not having been withdrawn and how Mahi got really annoyed with Sonali for forgetting)

Jiya:Mujhe ek baat samajh mein nahin aayi..Tum log achanak Shaadi Plus mein kya kar rahe the??

Raj:Jiya,sirf tum hi aise sawaal kar sakte ho na??Woh main kuch kaam se gaya tha..(Jiya seemed doubtful of Raj's reply)Par filhaal humein Mahi ke baarein mein sochna chahiye..Bata nahin woh kahaa hogi..

Armaan:Shayad uske mobile battery flat ho sakti hain...

Jiya:Hhmm shayad...But she better be here in an hour's time..

Raj:Relax,Jiya..I'll be right back...But if Mahi doesn't appear,do think of a back up!!!Sonu and i will be there for sure, but if you need more assistance,let us know..(Jiya nodded)

Jiya:Hey Raj suno,Bharti kaha hain??

Raj:I think woh jaldi nikal gayi thi..Keh rahi thi ki aaj usse Naina ke saath kuch special karni thi..Itne dino ke baad aisa mauka milaa hai so,she left earlier after getting her work done!!

Jiya:Hhmm,i don't wanna disturb her either..Ok,thanks dude!!(Raj left)Tumhe kya hua hain??

Armaan:Kuch nahin..Let's get started,Jiya!!


~Payal's place~

Bharti was cooking a special dish for herself,Payal and Naina while both Payal and Naina were watching her cook and doing lil dance movements to the songs being played on the radio.Payal made Bharti wear an apron and a chef's hat since it was a long time since Bharti stepped in to cook,especially when Payal was around.

Bharti:Payal,you know how much of a mess i am so why??

Payal:I'm trying to teach you how to be prim and proper and how to cook without creating such a mess...Be dignified for once,Bharti!!

Bharti:Yeah,yeah whatever!!Oops,Naina could you get mama her mobile??Thanks sweetz...

Payal:Heyy,you promised no distractions while cooking and now what's this??

Bharti:Arre how would i know yaar??I'm definitely not the one who's calling Bharti on her mobile,na??

Payal:Ha ha very funny,Bharti...

Bharti:You're most welcome,Paayu...It's just 8:30 pm..Who's calling??(Naina was about to pass it to Bharti when Payal snatched Bharti's mobile and checked who was calling)Payal!!!

Payal:Raj???Why's he calling you??

Bharti:Lemme guess...If you want the answer,let me get it!!

Payal:There you go..it's on loudspeaker mode..Speak up!!

Bharti:Raj,what's up??

Raj:Bharti,heyy...Are you busy??

Bharti:Well,sort of but what's up??

Payal:Raj,she's super busy so you can talk to her later,k??

Bharti:Uff Payal,just hear him out..Raj,tum bolo...Any probs??How's the fashion show coming along??

Raj:Actually i needed to talk to you about it...

Bharti:Yeah,shoot..I'm listening..

Raj:Ermm...(Bharti heard Raj sighing and she assumed that something was up)

Bharti quickly took off the apron and the chef's cap before simmering the heat.She took her mobile and switched off the loudspeaker mode,heading to the terrace to talk to Raj.

Bharti:Hey, no worries..No one's listening now..What's wrong Raj??

Raj:Bharti,Mahi's missing..


Raj:Actually Mahi,Sonali and i were out and Mahi kinda got a scoop that her name wasn't cancelled off the list of prospective girls in a matrimonial agency which Sonali had placed months ago..Mahi got furious at Sonali and just left without saying anything...That was hours back and since then,Armaan,me,Jiya and Sonu are trying endlessly to get her but to no avail...I'm just on my way to the fashion show venue from Mahi's place but it is locked..I just wanted to know if she contacted you or if you knew where she is right now..

Bharti:Raj,i seriously have no clue whatsoever..I mean i'm only knowing about this from you now!!Don't worry Raj,she'll be okay...Hey,i have another call..will disconnect the call and talk to you,k??

Raj:It's ok Bharti..If you do get any info,just ring me up,k??

Bharti:You too..Update me asap,k??(Raj agreed and hung up)Hello..hello??(as she looked at her mobile to know who called, the call got disconnected and she realized that Mayank had just called her but when she dialled his number again,his mobile was apparently switched off)Ok,what the hell's wrong with Mayank??Why did he call and not answer??

Oh crap,my pasta!!!(ran down and having placed her mobile aside,she got back to cooking her pasta while Naina and Payal waited for her to serve the food)Gurlzz,just give this chef 15 minutes to serve...


Mahi:Sir..Kya main ek phone call kar sakti hoon??Taaki main fine bharke yahaa se nikal sakoo??

PO:Agar aisi hi baat hai,toh pehle hi uss ladke ki madat lene chaahiye thi na aapko??Mujhe apna paisa milta aur aapka waqt bhi zaahir nahin hota..

Mahi:Dekhiye Sir,jab mujhe unki madat..I'm sorry,uski madat leni hi nahin hai,toh main kyun aapko paise doongi??

PO:Jeep se saaf saaf zaahir ho raha tha ki tum dono ek doosre ko jaante ho..Kitna shareef aur tum??

Mahi:Excuse me,Sir??Woh shareef aur woh bhi kis aadhaar par??Aur aap mere baarein mein kya jaante ho ki aap mujhe judge kar rahe ho??(Mayank just realized that his mobile battery had gone flat and he couldn't even contact Bharti but noticed Mahi's tone with the police officer and went towards them)

PO:Oochi awaaz se baat nahin karna..

Mahi:Toh aap aisi harkatein hi kyn karte hain ki mujhe aapse oochi awaaz se baat karni pad rahi hain...

Mayank:What's going on,officer??

Mahi:Ab tumhe kisne kaha beech mein tang adaane ki??

Mayank:What the...Ab galti meri hai??I don't believe you Mahi!!

Mahi:Then don't...Just leave me alone,for God's sake, will you??

Mayank:What's wrongg???(felt concerned for Mahi)

Mahi:Of all people,you've got to show me concern??Or are you feigning it to take me into confidence,hhmm??(Mahi just walked away and sat on the bench as instructed by the police officer to wait till the senior officer comes and Mayank just stood beside her)

Mayank:Did you really think that i am someone who would feign concern??How could you Mahi??How in the world did i appear as that to you??First,you broke my rear headlights and when i chased to find out who did that,i got to know it was you and i tried to help you out but..But you just thought that i am feigning concern??(Mahi looked at him in dismay)

Mahi:I broke your headlights??And i didn't stop??(closed her eyes and brushed her fingers through her hair)Shux,what am i doing with myself???(covered her face with her hands,which only elevated the tension mounting in Mayank's mind and he knelt down before her)

Mayank:Mahi..Mahi!!!Is everything alright??(Mahi gradually separated her fingers and looked at Mahi while lowering her palms)

Mahi:Nothing..I'm fine..

Mayank:Really,Mahi??Iss liye tum pehchaane se inkar kar rahi ho??Iss liye tum meri madat nahin lena chahthi??Agar aisi hi baat thi,toh tumhe Avni aur Riteish ki engagement party mein bhi madat nahin lena chahiye tha,kyun??(Mahi looked at him intently as she recalled what had happened further during Avni's engagement)


After Mahi had dressed into her salwaar, Sonali had invited her to dance with her and Avni together with Riteish to join them in the festive celebrations.While Mahi was dancing,Sonali was asking her about her saree and Mahi simply told her that she wasn't feeling combortable at all wearing the saree and hence she had changed into her salwaar and continued dancing.Just as she turned, she noticed Mayank talking on his mobile and simultaneously watching her dance.She had ceased to dance for a while,moving subtly to a corner as she noticed him watching her.She looked elsewhere but involuntarily looked back in the direction where Mayank was standing but he was no longer there.She was confused and her eyes searched for Mayank but he wasn't standing there anymore. Instead,he had excused himself to the drinks table and was sipping a glass of juice and Mahi had mustered courage to walk up to him.

Mayank:Mahi's alright..That's all i needed to know..

Mahi:Yeah i'm alright,Mr Mayank..(Mayank quickly turned behind from his seated position)


Mahi:I was looking for you..

Mayank:Me??What for??

Mahi:I'm not rude outrightly just to forget the favour you just did..


Mahi:My handbag..Thanks!!

Mayank:It's nothing at all,Mahi..I'm just glad that you accepted my help..In fact, i really thought that you wouldn't accept it at all..

Mahi:And why exactly would you think that i wouldn't accept your help??

Mayank:Given the circumstances under which we met, you would most prolly not even bother to let me help you..You don't have a good impression of me and you would rather stay from a person who's dead anti-social freak who's not had a life and someone who's cruel..

Mahi:Okay,what's wrong with you??Why would i think of you as cruel in any way??I can't thank you enough for helping me out..And..(Mayank turned away in embarassment for he just realized that he had further degraded himself in front of Mahi and as he turned,he no longer saw Mahi anywhere)

~End of Flashback~

Mayank tapped on her knee and asked her if she was alright.Mahi ignored his question,which only annoyed Mayank.

Mayank:Look,i don't know what's really wrong with you but i just don't care anymore,alright?I'm going to pay your fine and this is no favour..It's because of you that i'm here and now i'm getting myself outta here and at the same time,so you bloody well listen to me,alright??(Mayank finished what he wanted to say and as he stood adjacent to her,he noticed her eyes being welled up)

Mayank just gazed at her disheveled hair and Mahi noticed him watching her and she brought her fringe to the back of her ear.

Mahi:Why are you shouting at me for Mayank??

Mayank:What do you expect me to do when you're not even listening to me??

Mahi:Why should i when i don't want anyone's help??Why don't you understand that i hate to accept favours from anyone,be it anyone..It's not you,Mayank!!Be it anyone,i hate it!!I have slowly painstakingly learnt to be independent after my divorce and I..(Mahi stopped as she realized what she just blurted to Mayank and as she looked at him,she noticed how stunned and appalled he was at this sudden revelation)

Mayank was about to ask her if she was married but by then, the police officer who had brought them to the station had asked them to go inside the cabin to meet a senior inspector.

Meanwhile, Raj was wondering where Mahi could have gone.For a moment, he felt like meeting Niharika and asking her if she knew anything but then he looked at the time and wondered if he should call for Mayank might most probably be at home and he didn't want to make it any difficult for Niharika at the moment.However,he decided to embrace the risk and drove to her place.

Bharti tried calling Raj but he didn't pick her calls for he was trying Sonali's number and as he tried to make out of what she was trying to say,he knew that Sonali was deeply remorseful for her absent-minded nature at times due to being preoccupied with a lot of tasks on her mind.Raj somehow managed to console Sonali and even talked to Pushpak who was beside Sonali at that point,asking of him to assist Jiya as much as possible with the fashion show and Raj soon hung up.

Raj rang the doorbell,standing outside Niharika's door.Niharika promptly sprang towards the door and opened the door,voicing out for Mayank.Just then,she saw Raj and froze.It seemed as if time just stood still,and so did her tear which formed at the brim of her fine eyelash.Raj just gazed at Niharika who couldn't stop herself any longer and she ran into his arms before he could move forward to wipe her tear.

He couldn't think straight for Niharika didn't stop crying.She cried endlessly in fear for she confided in him about Mayank not having picked up her calls,which only occured when he was out of town, and she's just too petrified of the reasons her brother isn't responding to her calls or endless messages.Raj closed his eyes and held her closer in his arms,pacifying her and gently requesting to stop crying.Niharika withdrew from her hug and Raj cupped her face with his palms,gently wiping her tears away with his thumb.Niharika invited him inside and Raj entered inside.

Niharika:I'm sorry about your shirt..I'm..(Raj turned to face her and she pointed to his shoulder,where traces of her tears were seen)

Raj:It's ok Nihar..Go and freshen up,i'll wait...

Niharika:I'm fine Raj and i'm sorry that i just took you by surprise when i hugged you..It was by mistake,i didn't mean to..

Raj:I get it Nihar..I'm sure you didn't have any such intentions in mind..(Niharika smiled weakly)Waise,agar Mayank hota na,toh zyaada mazaa aata..(Niharika grew slightly irritated)Kyun??

Niharika:Tum yeh kya keh rahe ho??

Raj:Arre,kam se kam Mayank ko pata chalta ki uski behen ke dil mein aakhir kya chal rahi hain,kyun??

Niharika:Tum..(Raj silently observed and enjoyed watching the irritated Niharika)Tum mere taang keech rahe ho??

Raj:Main??Main aisa kyun karunga,Nihar??

Niharika:Main fresh ho kar aati hoon...(Raj realized that she felt quite annoyed by his flirtish nature and stopped her from leaving)

Raj:Acha,i'm sorry..Don't worry,Mayank will be back soon!!Ohh my,i hven't told you why i'm here,right??(Niharika looked at him)Have you,by any chance,talked to Mahi today??

Niharika:Not at all,Raj..Why??

Raj:Usne yaha bhi call nahin kiya??Toh phir kahaa jaa sakti hai yeh ladki??

Niharika:What's wrong,Raj??

Raj:Huh??Erm,nothing...I think i'll leave...Bye!!

Niharika:(held his wrist)Not so soon...Baat kya hai??(Raj took Niharika's hand and held it close to his face)Ab main tumhe kya bataao,Nihar??(told her everything about Shaadi Plus and what had happened,including his,Sonali's and Mahi's plan to find out why Bharti is intending to marry Mayank and how the plan backfired on them to a certain extent because of Sonali's absent-mindedness)WHAT??(she took her hand off from Raj)Mahi's registered in Shaadi Plus as well??(now she realized what the call from Shaadi Plus a few hours back was all about)I'll be right back!!(tried to go but Raj stopped her)

Raj:And where exactly do you think you are going??Answer me right now Nihar...What were you and Bharti exactly thinking??What was the point of this whole drama if Bharti or Mayank weren't exactly marrying each other??Now,don't bother denying anything for i'm no stupid fool..

Niharika:Raj,i'm not telling you anything...

Raj:You can't leave till you tell me everything,Nihar..You've done all these so obviously you must have a logical explanation,yeah??

Niharika:Look,this is between me and Bharti and Mayank,so you don't have to..

Raj:I've got to,at least now,i need to know for Mahi is missing...And it's definitely my plan to interfere now for if Bharti hadn't called Sonali to ask about Shaadi Plus's contact number,you two wouldn't have registered Mayank's name in the first place and neither will Mahi go missing..Do you understand,Nihar??(pulled her towards him)

Niharika:There is nothing going on between Mayank and Bharti;they're just best friends!!In fact,no one would have guessed that Mayank would have proposed to Bharti in the first place..And now i think all of this is because of me!!

Raj:(let go of Nihar's wrist)What do you mean??

Niharika:Raj,there was this rumour going on in Trends,you must be aware of by now,that Mayank has a mysterious girlfriend and i have been pestering him to get married and also to introduce his mysterious girl to me..Perhaps it was because of the pressure that he proposed....And in addition to that,when i heard from Bharti that Mayank was trying to solve his problem as well as Bharti's problem together with his idea of contract marriage..

Raj:Wait...What???Contract marriage??Bharti's problem?

Niharika:That some people at work are trying to find out about her marital past..(Raj realized that Gyaan and Vinita were behind this and they hadn't backed off)That's why without Mayank knowing,Bharti and I registered Mayank's name in Shaadi Plus!!

Raj:What the heavens!!So Mayank doesn't have any clue that he's been registered in Shaadi Plus and he believes that he's going to so-called contract marry Bharti??

Niharika:He's not going to marry Bharti for both of us had already planned something else..

Raj:And what might that be??

Niharika:Why should i tell you??

Raj:Uff come on Nihar..Itna bol diya toh yeh bhi bol do na..

Niharika:Main tum par kaise barosa kar sakti hoon,hhmm??

Raj:Kyun??Jab meri baahon aa gayi thi,tab toh tumhe koi parishaani nahin thi na??(raised his eyebrows as he leaned closer towards her)Toh ab kis baat se problem hai tumhe??

Niharika:Dekho,woh toh bas aise hi..ho gayi thi!!

Raj:Haan haan,kyun nahin...Toh aise hi bol do..(smiled subtly)

Niharika:Woh..Maine aur Bharti ne socha ki ek break up plan kare...Mayank ko kuch bhi nahin pata chalega ki hum dono iske peeche hain..

Raj:Mujhe ek baat bilkul bhi samajh nahin aa rahi hain..Jab Bharti khud Mayank se pyaar nahin karti,toh usse saaf saaf manaa kar deni chahiye na??I mean,why beat around the bush??Ok,ab tumhe bata chal gayi hain ki Bharti Mayank ki girlfriend nahin hain toh tum kyun sab kuch clear nahin karti??

Niharika:(pushed Raj's chest away from her with her index finger)Ab main tumhe aur kuch nahin bataa sakti kyunki maine already tumhe bohat kuch bataa diya hain..Aur nahin!!

Raj:Arre par kyun??

Niharika:Kyunki mujhe Mayank ko dhoondhna hain aur tumhe Mahi ko..So,niklo yahaa se...

Raj:Tum mujhe,ek athithi ko,apne hi ghar se baahar nikalva rahe ho??Chee,chee..

Niharika:Sharafat se bol rahi hoon warna main tumhe abhi dhakka de kar nikalvaaongi!!

Raj:Hayye Nihar..(placed his hand and supported his chin)

Niharika:(her irritation was replaced by a weak smile as she gently blushed)Get lost,Raj!!

Raj:Waise,i can actually give you an idea for Bharti's and Mayank's break up,if you want...Just ring me if you need any help!!

Niharika:Which i don't need at this point of time...

Raj:But at some point of time,you'll surely need my help..Trust me!!(winked at her and drove off from there)

~Payal's place~

Payal:Heyy,what are you doing at the terrace,yaar??

Bharti:Nothing Paayu,i'm just so worried for Mahi..She's been missing for hours and that too after a fight with Sonali..(told Payal about Raj's phone call)

Payal:Hhmm,don't worry yaar...Sab theekh hoga!!Have you tried calling Armaan??

Bharti:Payal,i'm not talking to him for the time being..

Payal:Whyever not??

Bharti:He owes me an apology big time and until he doesn't do so,i'm not going to do the talking...Uh-uh,don't even try the coaxing talk with me for i've already made up my mind...I'm going to call Raj and Sonali so excuse me...

~Police Station~

Mayank went inside the cabin only to realize that it was Shashank,an acquaintance of Mayank's partner in London and that he had met him on several occasions.Mayank explained of the situation that occured and the inspector looked at Mahi. Mahi glanced at Mayank who had paid the inspector the fine of Rs 1000/- and was about to say something but Mayank quickly asked about their cars which were abruptly halted then,when a police official had brought them both.Shashank had told them to wait outside for their motor vehicles and Mayank left with Mahi.

While waiting outside,Mahi looked at Mayank.

Mahi:Tumhe yeh sab karne ki koi zaroorat nahin the..

Mayank:Toh main aur kya karta??Tumhe jail jaane deta??Bata nahin yeh sarkar kitne paise aur khaayenge hum sab se..Pehle toh speeding penalty ke liye sirf Rs 300 ya Rs 400 hua karta tha par ab ek hazaar ho gaya hain aur agar nahin diya toh chey mahine salaakhen ke peeche...Can you believe that,Mahi??

Mahi:Meri waje se bohat takleef uthaani padi hain na??

Mayank:Kuch zyaada hi takleef uthaana pada mujhe..Agar tum mujhe pehle hi maamla liptaane deti,toh kam se kam itna toh nahin dena padhtha na,Mahi??Khayr,ab gaadi aane ki dher hain..Tumhe kuch chaahiye??I mean,peene ke liye..

Mahi:Nahin..Woh main..

Mayank:Tum yehi rukho,main abhi aata hoon..(Mayank brought two cups of coffee for both of them)Coffee??


Mayank:Tum theekh ho??


Mayank:Kuch hua tha aaj??

Mahi:Nahin..Kuch nahin..

Mayank:(realized that Mahi didn't wish to say anything)Mahi i'm not going to ask,so don't worry..Sirf tumhaari din nahin,bhal ke mere din bhi bohat zyaada kharaab tha Trends mein..Pehle humaare naye design ka leak ho gaya tha aur woh bhi tumhaari Men's Universe ke doosre fashion show mein..(Mahi almost choked)

Mahi:What??Men's Universe ke waje se??Kya bak rahe ho tum Mayank??

Mayank:Mujhe pehle se shak ho raha tha par jab mere hi designer ne woh designs dikhaaya tha toh mujhe yakeen ho gaya tha..

Mahi:Par aise kaise ho sakta hai jab Armaan ne..(paused and wondered if Armaan had a hand in this but she shook the thoughts away,knowing Armaan well enough)


Mahi:No,nothing..You must be mistaken!!

Mayank:In that case,why don't you follow me to Trends and i'll show you personally..How about that??

Mahi:Fine,we'll do that right away once our cars are here..I won't let you put some accusation on MU just like that..

Mayank:Fine,suit yourself!!

Meanwhile, Armaan and Jiya were occupying themselves with the ongoing fashion show while looking at their respective mobiles.Armaan tapped on Jiya's shoulder.

Armaan:You ok??

Jiya:Yeah,i guess...Any luck,Armaan??


Jiya:None either...Wonder where Raj has gone as well..He should have been here by now;he's gone for hours and he hasn't even called yet..

Armaan:And the fashion show is almost over..Let's just hope for the best,k?

Jiya:Hhmm yeahh..I'm glad that Pushpak and Sonu are here to help..

Armaan:Yeahh,they've been of great help especially Sonu..Perhaps that's how she diverts her attention from problems..

Jiya:Armaan,hold on..It's Bharti calling..(picked up)Hello??

Bharti:Jiya,can you hear me??Bharti here..

Jiya:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Is everything ok there??Has Raj called you regarding Mahi??Is she there with you guys??

Jiya:How did you know about Mahi??

Bharti:Actually Raj called me an hour back,wondering if Mahi had contacted me but after that,i haven't heard from him so i was wondering if Mahi's at the fashion show venue by now..

Jiya:No Bharti..In fact,Armaan and I were just almost done with the fashion show but Mahi hasn't reached yet nor has Raj called any of us..

Bharti:Uff..Jiya,just relax,k??She'll be there with you soon,k??If she has reached,just give me a call or message me,k??

Jiya:Yeah sure..Thanks Bharti!!Good night..

Bharti:Nitezz!!(hung up)

~Men's Universe~

Raj locked his cabin door after wrapping up for the day and had come back 15 minutes back just to make sure that Mahi didn't leave him any message.However,he was not in much luck as there was no such note on his desk. He tried dialling Mahi's number again while waiting for the lift.Just as the lift door opened,he was appalled to see Mahi right before his eyes and that too with Mayank in the lift.Mahi was equally shocked when she saw Raj at Men's Universe,wondering what she could tell him if he were to ask anything.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 226~

Armaan locked his cabin door and as he turned, he opened his drawer in which he had secretly placed his and Bharti's photograph taken from the lighthouse months before Bharti went to Goa to attend her friend's brother's engagement.He took out the photograph and as he gazed at the photograph, he had flashes of Vinita's conversation and pondered.

Things have just changed drastically between us,Bharti.Never did I imagine that so much of distance would crop up between us..I wonder if you'd ever recall the times we spent together..What exactly happened between us;i've no idea but i simply crave for you,especially after knowing that you're going to go really far away from me..I don't know if my life will ever be the same after you'd marry Mayank..I'm trying to distance myself from you so that i can get over you but it's just becoming impossible for me..(Just then,Jiya knocked on his cabin door and Armaan quickly placed the photograph back inside the drawer)

Jiya:Arre, tumne cabin door band kyun kiya??(Armaan didn't reply and went to get the file consisting of the photographs of Sunny's designs as she had requested earlier)Heyy,are you ok??

Armaan:(looked at Jiya)Yeah,i've never been better!!

Jiya:(stopped Armaan from leaving)I'm always here to listen,if you want to share...

Armaan:(got amused)Since when have you given me permission to share??

Jiya:Well, that's because nowadays,you tend to distance yourself from me as well..

Armaan:Jiya,you know that's not true..

Jiya:So,tell me about it..What's bothering my dear friend so much??

Armaan:I just hate it when i don't know where my life is going...I hate it that i'm lingering around holding the rarest of hope in my heart..I just hate it Jiya!!

Jiya:If you hate bottling your emotions from within, why don't you tell her about it??

Armaan:You don't expect me to tell Bharti anything when she said Yes to Mayank??I'm not someone who'll ruin someone's happiness just to attain mine..She's just making it difficult for me to move on..

Jiya:So what are you going to do??Sacrifice your desire,Armaan??

Armaan:(his eyes got welled up)I just don't know Jiya but right now i just want to focus on the fashion show tonight,k?(Jiya nodded and both of them went to talk to Sunny and help him with the last minute preparations)

Meanwhile.Raj was on his way back to MU from his photo-shoot when he received a text message from Sonali to meet her and Mahi at Shaadi Plus.He was shocked to the core and changed his driving route to catch up with them.

Bharti had finished her articles and emailed a copy each to Mahi and Sonali for proofreading and editing before she started packing her bag.Just as she was doing so,she took a look at Naina's artwork which she had collected during her lunch break.She couldn't help but smile,feeling proud of her daughter's drawings of herself and Bharti spending time picnicking and decided to call up Sanjana and Alisha.

Bharti:Hey gurlzz..

Alisha:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:It's a conference call;hey Sanju,what's up??

Sanjana:Hey Bharti,aren't you at work??

Bharti:Wrapping up already since i'm done for the day..

Sanjana:So..How was the fashin show yesterday??No probs,right??

Bharti:Not at the moment since no one figued it out..

Alisha:Yeh lo, aur tum khamaa khaa parishaan ho rahi thi..

Bharti:Hhmm i guess so..

Sanjana:When's the internship ending?

Bharti:Next Friday..why??

Sanjana:There's a great news lined up..Tell her,Alisha!!

Alisha:Sanju,it isn't confirmed yaar..

Bharti:What?What?What??Tell me quick..!!

Alisha:Rohan's getting married!!

Bharti:Serious??Itni jaldi?I mean,woh toh uss waqt keh raha tha ki woh itni jaldi shaadi nahin karega and all..Par ab kya hua??

Sanjana:Haha woh toh bas aise hi..Well,tentative date agle Saturday hain..

Bharti:That's super fast aur tum dono mujhe ab bataa rahe ho..Idiots!!

Alisha:Sorry yaar,dimaag se nikal gayi thi par do din pehle hi date somewhat fix kiya tha..Rohan said he'll call you..

Bharti:Hhmm,so where's the wedding??

~Amarjeet's cabin~

Amarjeet:Jiya,Armaan..Fashion show ki tayyaariyaan ho gaya ke nahin?

Jiya:All done,Sir..Stay assured!!

Amarjeet:Jiya,Raj kaha hai?

Jiya:Actually Sir,woh ek outdoor photo shoot ke liye do ghante pehle nikal gaya tha..Kyun,Sir??

Amarjeet:Bharti toh agle Friday apna internship khatam karke chali jaayegi aur Mahi aur Sonali ke paas teen candidates hain assistant creatives ke post ke liye..So,i just need him to finalize and shortlist them further; tell him to come and see me later,k?(Jiya nodded)Armaan,i've got

Armaan:Kya baat hai Sir?

Amarjeet:Tum aur Jiya humaare exclusive project ke liye Netherlands jaane waale the na?

Jiya:Haan..In fact,we're working with Mr Farhan and we're slated to go next Friday..

Amarjeet:His assistant contacted me earlier today to let both of you know that the venue is changed..

Armaan:What??Sir,par aise kaise??

Amarjeet:I'm sorry Armaan but..

Jiya:Sir,this is the second time Mr Farhan's changing venues..

Amarjeet:Well if i could do anything,i would have done something Jiya..

Jiya:Humaare bhi convenience dekhni chaahiye ke nahin,Sir??PEhle date badal gayi hain aur ab venue..

Amarjeet:Jiya,this is not the first time,it happens often..

Armaan:Jiya..(gestured her to keep quiet)Sir,where is the confirmed venue??


Armaan:Alright Sir,we'll both go there..Thanks for informing us!!(left from there)

~Shaadi Plus~

Raj:(murmured to himself)Yeh dono hai kahaa pe??(saw sonali waving at him and he went towards her)Tum dono yahaa pe kya kar rahe ho??

Sonali:Tumhe kya lagta hai ki hum dono yahaa pe kya kar rahe hain??Hum dono ne socha ki hum Mayank ke raaz ke baarein mein jald se jald bata lagaayenge..

Raj:Woh sab toh theekh hai..Kisi se baat ho gayi ke nahin??

Sonali:Humne ek lady se baat ki thi par woh hain ke hum se keh rahe the ki intezaar kare..

Raj:Tum dono na...Hhmm,kaha hai woh??

Sonali:Wahaa reception par..

Raj:Now,watch me go..

~Men's Universe~

Bharti:Wow,this is such great news..Goa,awesome!!Acha,wahaa pe toh renovations ka saara kaam khatam ho gaya,hhmm??

Alisha:Believe it or not,Rohan toh sab workers ko itne zor lagaa raha tha..

Bharti:Aur nahin toh kya..Arre,uska bada din hai aur kaam toh jaldi khatam karna hain ke nahin??Warna bata chalega ki uski shaadi ke raat ko bhi kaam abhi adhoora hain..Lolxx..

Sanjana:Ditto yaar..Well,he's really excited,by the way!!

Bharti:Hhmm main Payal aur Bhaskar se bhi pooch thi hoon,theekh hai??Uske baad main un dono ke resence ki confirmation doongi tum dono ko..(pressed the lift button just before the door closed and went inside)Haan par main aur Naina zaroor aayenge,k??Ok,main lift mein hoon aur main baad mein baat karti hoon..(hung up)

Just then,she realized that both Jiya and Armaan were in the lift with her.

Jiya:Hi Bharti..What a surprise!!

Bharti:Hi Jiya,kaise ho tum??

Jiya:I'm great..(smiled)uh-uh,yeh lift toh upar jaa rahi hain..Armaan,tumne 9th floor kyun dabaaya tha??

Armaan:Sorry Jiya,dekha nahin tha..

Jiya noticed Armaan looking away from Bharti and as she turned to look at Bharti,she was busy looking elsewhere as well and wondered,

Great!!Main yahaa inn dono ke beech mein phas gayi hoon..Yeh Armaan kuch na kuch karna padega warna yeh issi tarha kahi kho jaayegi aur ghadbad kar daalega!!(Just then,the lift door had opened to Trends and Mayank entered the lift)What a fantastic timing,God!!I could ask for nothing more now!!(sulked)

Mayank:Hi Bharti..(Bharti smiled)Hi Jiya..Hi Armaan!!(Armaan acknowledged his presence)

Jiya:Hi Mayank..

Mayank:Jiya,the fashion show was amazing last night..

Jiya:Thanks!!There's one tonight as well..

Mayank:Yeahh i heard but i don't think i'll be able to make it..

Jiya:We're actually heading towards there right now..

Mayank:I see..Bharti as well??
Bharti:No Mayu..I'm heading off to get some stuff and then spend time with my darlin' Naina..(saw Mayank looking at her)And i'll go alone,you don't have to drop me!!

Mayank:Bharti,i almost forgot to tell you..Tomorrow,you've got to come to Trends;we're marking the 7 years of success of Trends in Mumbai..And..(paused for a while)There's a surprise for you tomorrow!!


Mayank:It's a surprise!!(hit her head mildly)Jiya,i've told your boss, you gys are absolutely welcome!!(the lift door opened and Bharti got out after Armaan went out)

Bharti:Ok Mayu,i'll leave first,k??Bye..

Mayank:Bye..(Bharti left from there)Armaan!!


Mayank:You'll come tomorrow,right??

Armaan:Why?Will your surprise bear no fruit if i'm not there??

Mayank:Well,it will be really special if you will be there..(Armaan got doubtful)

Jiya:No worries Mayank,i'll bring him there with me..

Mayank:Great!!Bye..(left from there)

Armaan:What's his problem??

Jiya:God knows!!But something is definitely swirling in his mind,that's for sure..Chod na,let's get going!!

~Shaadi Plus~

Raj was chatting with the receptionist and both Mahi and Sonali were stunned to see the receptionist flirting back with Raj.


Sonali:Haan,dekh toh rahi hoon...

Mahi:Yeh Raj kisi ko bhi nahin chodega..

Sonali:Arre,Raj ko kyun dosh de rahe ho??In fact,woh ladki bhi toh Raj ke saath flirt kar rahi hain na??

Mahi:Yeh aaj kal ke ladkiyaan bhi na...

Sonali:Hhmm..Hey,Raj's waving to us..Come,let's go!!

Mahi:(murmured)What the hell,Raj??

Raj:What?(the receptionist gestured to Raj that she'll be right back)

Sonali:She just told you that she'll be right back??Baat ban gayi??

Raj:Obviously,meri Sonu ji..(pinched her nose)That's the charm of Raj Malhotra,so never underestimate it!!

Mahi:Whatever..(shook her head)

Sonali:I'm seriously stunned!!So,what now?

Raj:Let me do all the questioning,alright??Sonu,just help me fill a form..


Mahi:What?You're going to register yourself to Shaadi Plus??(got amused)

Sonali:You're thinking of getting married,Raj??

Raj:Ha-ha-ha!!Very funny,both of you..I'm just taking her into confidence and by the way,u'm registering under Mahi's name..

Mahi:What??What for??

Raj:Just for the fun of it,so chill..(The receptionist came back with a few forms)So Rashmi, how long have you been working here??(Sonali shook her head as she filled up the forms and Mahi just grew irritated with Raj)

Sonali:Here you go,Ms Rashmi..

Rashmi:Mahi Talwar??Toh aap Ms Talwar ho??

Sonali:Yeah she is but why are you so shocked?

Rashmi:Ms Mahi,i've contacted you before regarding marriage proposals from Shaadi Plus..

Mahi:Yeahh but that was months back and i've already withdrawn my name from Shaadi Plus..

Rashmi:I don't think so, for i had been assisting Ms Eva, who had been handling your portfolio..In fact,i was about to call you..

Mahi:Ok,i seriously have no clue of what you're saying..It must be some other girl with the same name as me..

Raj:(whispered to Sonali)What the heck's happening Sonu??

Sonali:I'm clueless yaar..I thought i had withdrawn Mahi's name,didn't I??Raj:Sonu,didn't you

Sonali:Yaar,aise matt dekho muhe;actually mujhe yaad nahin aa rahi hai..

Raj:Lagta hai ki aaj tumhaari khayr nahin..

Mahi:(looked at her portfolio which Rashmi brought)How is this even possible??

Rashmi:We've actually got you a prospective guy and i was about to call you to inform you about his details and background but you came already...Well,if you're interested,you can meet him..

Raj:Rashmi,may we know if anyone named Bharti Kapoor recently registered her name for Shaadi Plus?This is just a few days to a week ago..

Rashmi:Let me just check for you..(checked her database but unfortunately shook her head)Nope!!

Raj:How about Niharika Sharma or Mayank Sharma??

Rashmi:Raj,it is our policy not to disclose any personal particulars about our clients...Wait,what did you just say??

Raj:Niharika Sharma,Mayank Sharma..(silently prayed)Please don't let it be Niharika..

Rashmi:Mahi,the prospective guy is none other than Mr Mayank Sharma!!

Raj:(echoed with Sonali)WHAT??(widened his eyes in shock and slowly shifted his face to look at Sonali)

Sonali:(cringed her face entirely,gulping down her breath with no courage to face Mahi)Sonu,aaj tu toh gayi kaam se..(eventually brought herself to face Mahi who was smiling at her,which just made her even more confused)Mahi...

Mahi:Rashmi,just excuse us for a few moments!!Chale Sonu??(went outside Shaadi Plus)What the hell,Sonu??Didn't I tell you to withdraw my name from Shaadi Plus,for God's sake??

Sonali:Mahi,Mahi...Mahi,im very sorry yaar..Main bhi na ek number ki bulakkad hoon..Mujhe sach much laga tha ki maine tumhaari naam withdraw kiya tha..

Mahi:I just don't believe this!!Aur agar hum yahaa aaj nahin aate, toh mujhe ab tak kitne call aa chuki hoti..Upar se,inn logon ko koi aur nahin woh mila tha sivaayi Mr Mayank Sharma ki..Uski toh main...

Sonali:Mahi,i'm terribly sorry!!

Mahi:(looked at Sonali angrily)Just stay away from me,alright??(felt really pissed at Sonali's irresponsible nature)Just leave me alone and don't meddle in my personal matters!!(left from there)

Sonali:Mahi...Mahi!!!(felt really guilty)

Raj:Sonu,where's Mahi??I've got news!!

Sonali:She's mad at me and she's gone...

Raj:Uff Sonu,tu bhi na...Kaise bhool gaye tum??Uss waqt bhi maine tumhe warne kiya tha..

Sonali:Haan Raj mujhe bata hai par ab yeh kehne se kya hoga??Tum kuch kehne waale the??

Raj:Bharti aur Nihar ne mil kar Mayank ka naam register karwaaya tha..

Sonali:Kya??Niharika aise karegi yeh baat toh phir bhi samajh aati hain par Bharti??Woh toh..

Raj:Mujhe pehle si doubt tha Sonu...In fact,main toh Bharti ke faisle se haath se haath iss liye milaa rahaa tha taaki main thoda aur jaan sakta hoon ki Bharti ke mann mein kya chal rahi hain..Aur waise bhi,humein toh bata hain na ki Mayank toh Radhika se pyaar karta hain aur Bharti toh har ghiz shaadi nahin karne waali hain...Par yeh sab naatak kis liye??

Sonali:Chal yaar,hum yahaa se jaate hain!!

Raj:(started his car and drove to MU)Why don't you try calling Mahi up??

Sonali:What do you think i'm doing,Raj??(closed her eyes and opened them)Sorry yaar,i just feel so frustrated at myself..How could i have forgotten??

Raj:Yaar,woh sab chod..

Sonali:(kept dialling Mahi's number)Woh toh phone bhi nahin uthaa rahi hain yaar..

Raj:Try karte raho..Kya pata,woh MU mein ho,hhmm??

Sonali:Hhmm..I just hope she'll talk to me..

Meanwhile,Mahi was ignoring her mobile as she drove swiftly.She couldn't imagine that Sonali would turn out to deceive her in this manner;at least, she wasn't anticipating such a twist from the idea of investigating the reason behind Bharti asking Sonali for the contact number of Shaadi Plus.She continually exerted more force on the accelerator pedal,venting out her anger and going way beyond the speed limit.Her head revolved around the shocking revelation of her being set up with someone like Mayank, the last person she would even think of settling with. She shook her head and looked elsewhere. Much to her oblivion, she sped all her way and almost hit someone's car and just continued driving as though nothing had happened.

Mayank stepped on his brake pedal and parked towards the left side of the highway and got out of his car to check if his car was badly damaged or not.

Mayank:Damn it!!(banged his fist on the car trunk for his headlights were smashed and there was a slight scratch made)I don't care but i'm going to chase the car right away!!(just prayed that he would get the car in time and sped a lil)That freaking Maroon Lexus!!!(just then, he noticed the same Lexus being parked towards the side and a police officer(PO) was charging towards the car)Great!!Abhi iss Lexus owner ka khabar leta hoon...(got out and walked but stopped as soon as he saw Mahi)Mahi??Oh crap!!Yeh maroon Lexus toh Mahi ki gaadi hain..Par Mahi ne mere gaadi to takkar de kar aise kaise chali gayi??It surely doesn't seem like her..Par police isse sawaal kyun kar raha hain??(walked further to find out)

Mahi:Sir,i'm sorry ki maine kanoon thoda hai..Meri galti hai par ab main kya karoo??Aap khud hi mere wallet dekhiye,mere paas filhaal bas 10 rupees hain..

PO:Madam,aap zara thaane chalenge ya phir main aapko zabardasti lekar chaloo??

Mahi:Sir,please meri baat toh suniye...Actually mujhe ek bohat bada fashion show par pohanchna bhi hain..Please aap mere situation ko samajh leejiye na please...

PO:Dekho,main ab tak aapse sharaafat se baat kar raha tha..Mere sabr ka intihaan matt lo..Chalo!!

Mahi:Acha,acha suniye officer ji...Aap ke thaane ke aas paas koi ATM hai??Main paise withdraw karke aapko de sakti hoon...

PO:(shook his head)Chal!!!

Mayank:Ji namaste Sir..Main kuch madat kar sakta hoon??

PO:Kaun ho tum aur tumhe inn sab se kya matlab hain??Apna kaam se kaam rakho aur tum..(looked at Mahi)Kya hai??Ab mujhe tumhe nyota dena padega ki thaane chaliye??

Mayank:Sir,main inhe jaanti hoon iss liye pooch raha tha...Kya hua tha??

PO:Overspeeding aur upar se gaadi bhi nahi ruk rahi thi..Ab yeh ladki keh rahi thi ki uske paas sirf dus rupee hain..Ab bolo,iss mehangaayi ke zamaane mein kisi ke paas sirf dus rupiyo se kya ho jaayega??

Mayank:Sir,main aapko deta hoon...Fine kitna hua hai,main bhar deta hoon..Aap please inhe jaane deejiye..(Mahi glared at Mayank who was confused at her behaviour)

Mahi:Ji nahin Sir,aap mujhe le chaliye...Main thaane jaaongi par iss khadoos se madat bilkul bhi nahin loongi..Chale Sir??

PO:Tum isse jaante ho??

Mahi:Ji nahin Sir...Main isse nahin jaanti..Ab chale??(PO looked at both Mahi and Mayank and was in a dilemma)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 225~

Initially, he felt as if he was dreaming of her and continued unpacking the clothes but the light didn't flicker nor did it fade away; that's when it struck him that Bharti was really there. Bharti went to stand before Armaan and interrupted him as she took count of the quantity of the new collections whilst Armaan wondered what she was doing, without bothering to help.

Just as she was about to go, she thought that Armaan was holding on to her shawl,which irked her.

Bharti:Will you let go of my shawl?


Bharti:(turned around and realized that he wasn't holding on to her shawl but it got stuck to a hook on the shelf, adding to her awkwardness)Damn the shawl...(continued murmuring)Aaj subah na jaane kya nahin ho raha hai..(tried to het her shawl off the hook and when Armaan decided to hlp her, she tried to leave in haste)

As a result, not only did her shawl got torn but she tripped onto another box. In an attempt to save Bharti from falling, Armaan pulled her back such that she fell safely in his arms. Bharti, who was initially annoyed by Armaan's rashness, involuntarily gazed at Armaan's deep set eyes and forgot her irritation and temper in split seconds. Similarly, Armaan hadn't understood what he just did or why he had pulled Bharti back. As he searched for answers in Bharti's eyes, he recollected Mayank's proposal, Payal's question and his encounter with Bharti at the mandir, letting go of her instantly and causing Bharti on the floor with a mild thud.

Bharti immediately stood up and glared angrily at him.Just as she continued to taunt herself for bothering to help Jiya,she smelt something burning. As she turned almost immediately, she let out a shriek and gasped in shock. That was when she had realized that her candle hd fallen on top of one of the dresses of the models.Bharti instantly went towards the dress and continuously tapped the dress repeatedly with her bare hands and then with her shawl until the fire died down.Armaan had saved the other dresses and kept them aside.He noticed Bharti's palms having charred a little and went to attend to her.He took her hand to take a look but Bharti got up and took her hand away from him.

Bharti:Tumhe kya farqh padhtha Armaan,hhmm?Mere saath chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, tumhe toh koi farqh nahin padhtha na..(Armaan sensed her sarcasm and got annoyed)

Armaan:You're right!!Mujhe zara sa bhi farqh nahin padhta..Aur iss liye ab tumhi mere model ke dress laaoge,samjhi??

Bharti:Ex--cuse me???

Armaan:Exactly Bharti kyunki tumhaare kaaran yeh dress jal gaya hain!!

Bharti:Oh hello!!Meri waje se nahi,tumhaare waje se..In fact,na tum mujhe peeche keechthe, na main ghir thi aur naahi yeh sab kuch hota..Don't you dare blame me for this!!Ek toh main Jiya ko madat karne ki koshish kar rahi thi aur upar se yeh sab..

Armaan:I don't care Bharti..Tumhi mere model ke dress lekar aaoge aur woh bhi bees minute mein..

Bharti:Bees minute??(gritted her teeth madly)

Armaan:Tum yeh sab kaise karoge,yeh mujhe nahin pata par mujhe har haal mein woh dress chaahiye..Fashion show aadhe gante mein shuru hone waala hain,so get going!!(Bharti gave Armaan a final glare before she blasted off from there)

Bharti:Ab main kya karoo?Kahaa se lekar aao woh dress??Ab agar time hota toh main uss Armaan ko dikhaati ki Bharti kya cheez hain!!Par..Uff..Damn it!!!Koi toh raasta hoga...(got startled upon hearing her mobile ring)Hello??

Khushi:Hey,Bharti right??I'm Khushi..


Khushi:Actually Mayank told me about the fashion show held at MU,so here i am but where are you??

Bharti:Khushi,where are you exactly??

Khushi:Just at the reception area..Listen,i need to talk to you urgently,something personal..

Bharti:Just stay there,i'm coming..(hung up and met Khushi,bringing her to the lift lobby outside)You've got to help me for i'm totally screwed up and my brain's not working at the moment..

Khushi:First tell me what's wrong..(Bharti quickly told her of her fall and how the candle she was holding on to burnt a model's dress for the fashion show)OMG!!

Bharti:And i've got only about 15 minutes or so..And there's no spare clothes..I wonder where i can go and get the dress now..

Khushi:Gosh Bharti, this is definitely not the time to go shopping!!Ok,just stay here and i'll be back in 5 minutes..Trust me!!(smiled and took the lift to go up)

Bharti saw several guests coming and she welcomed them, concealing the tension and frown on her face, which only kept increasing as she looked at the wall clock repeatedly and diverted her attention to the opening lift doors, aticipating the arrival of Khushi. Eventually, Khushi had come with a sealed plastic bag.

Khushi:Just go and give it to Armaan..This is a dress, newly designed but not released as of yet..

Bharti:What??But where did you..(got interrupted by Raj)

Raj:Hey Bharti, Armaan and Jiya's asking for a model's..

Khushi:Dress..There,she was just about to come,Raj..(gave the cover to Raj)

Bharti:Raj,just go and give it to Jiya..I'll be joining you soon..

Raj:Ok,sure..(looked doubtfully at Bharti before leaving)

Bharti:Are you out of your mind?Khushi,it's your new job that's at stake..What if anyone from Trends figures??

Khushi:Don't worry Bharti..We've got extra stock and i'll manage somehow..Now,come with me to the fashion show..Come on!!!

~Nirvana Hall~

Khushi was accompanied by Bharti,who was still nervous.

Khushi:Uff Bharti,stop it now!!Everything's going to be alright..No one will figure!!

Raj:What's going on??(Khushi and Bharti gestured to him to be quiet)What??

Bharti:The cover which you gave Jiya..is actually from Trends!!

Raj:(gasped in shock and whispered)So,where's the model's dress?

Bharti:Got accidentally burnt,all thanks to Mr Armaan Sinha,who's blamed me for it!!

Raj:So whose dress is that then?(Khushi informed him that it's a newly designed piece from Trends that hasn't been launched yet)Phew!!

Bharti:Phew?You've got any idea what might happen if anyone from Trends were to figure it all,Raj??

Raj:Bharti,just relax..Nothing will happen yaar...

Khushi:See,Bharti..Even Raj's confident!!Ok,Gyaan's coming..I'll make a move before he suspects anything..Once the show's over, just get me the dress back in its original condition..


Khushi:Bharti,smile..Come on!!(Bharti smiled weakly)See you later..

~Late Night Hours~

Bharti:Phew,kuch bhi galat nahin hua tha..Par Raj,don't you think someone from Trends would have figured out by now??

Raj:Uff Bharti,bas bhi kar na...We are in no trouble yaar..Chill,lo Khushi bhi aa gayi...(Raj gave Khushi the dress just the way Khushi had given to them)

Khushi:Let me guess;Bharti,you're still worried??

Raj:Don't even ask about that...

Khushi:Okie,i'll be right back and then we can go..

Bharti:Actually Khushi,i'm running a lil late so do you mind if we don't have dinner??

Raj:Desserts are fine..

Khushi:Sure thing..I'll be right back and we can go together!!

~Riverside Cafe~

Raj:Bharti,chill yaar..Acha tum mujhe bataao ki tum collections room mein kya kar rahe the..

Bharti:Jiya ne mujhe bheja tha aur maine uski madat karne ke liye wahaa par gayi thi par mujhe kya bata hoga ki saara din main uss Armaan ko dekhungi..

Raj:Saara din??Main kuch samjha nahin..

Bharti:Aaj bata nahin kahaa se yeh Payal ko mandir jaane ki zidd ki aur mandir mein Armaan ko mila tha..Main toh Naina ke liye gayi thi par..Arrgghh!!!Soch thi ho gussa khud pa khud aa jaati hain...Can you believe that idiot Armaan just blamed me for the entire incident??

Raj:(smiled from within)How very interesting..Aur??

Bharti:Raj,kya main ek bohat zyaada entertaining kissa sunaa rahi hoon??

Raj:Hehe,sorry about that..Sach kahoo toh woh khud kaafi tensed hoga aur iss liye..

Bharti:Raj,tum bhi??Usne galti ki hain aur aise kasie yaar??I mean..Fine,mujhse bhi galti huyi hain lekin main apni galti maan rahi hoon na par woh??Woh toh saaf sutra hain na,nanhi si bacha hain na jo koi galat kaam nahin karta..The perfect guy ever,na??Jab gussa karta hai aur chillaa tha hai toh bhi woh galat nahin hai..Kyunki woh galat ho hi nahin sakta,kyun??

Raj:Bharti,mere kehne ka matlab woh nahin tha yaar...

Bharti:Uff,i know yaar par main kya karoo??I'm just so freaking pissed!!

Raj:Ok,relax...Let's have the cheesecake,Khushi's here...

Khushi:Bharti,i hope this will help you calm yourself down..

Raj:Actually Khushi, she's just annoyed by Armaan's last minute notice,that's all...Don't worry,you'll get used to her habits..

Khushi:Anywayzz,i've got news about Gyaan...

Bharti:Itni jaldi??

Khushi:Well, let's just say that i kinda eavesdropped on his conversation with...erm..


Khushi:If i'm not wrong,it has got to be Vini..Vit..Vinita..Did i get that name right..Does it ring any bells??

Bharti:Yeah,she's our colleague and a partner-in-crime with Gyaan..

Khushi:Well, he was asking of her to change the hideout of Niyati,so basically we caught the right guy!!Now,Vinita surely knows everything so

Raj,there is a great deal of pressure on you..

Raj:But why change the hideout??Did he specify any place??

Bharti:But Raj,why would he when he's discussing it with Vini,who practically knows everything related to his plans..??

Raj:True..But if this goes on,we will barely have a clue of Niyati's whereabouts...

Khushi:Truly said,Raj..In fact,Bharti, i don't think we can work our plans in such a short span of time...I mean to find where Niyati is as well as to get even with Gyaan...

Bharti:Let's get to finding Niyati first,for that's the most important thing right now!!

Khushi:And what about getting even??

Bharti:(thinks in her head)I'll surely get even with him..He won't be able to escape so easily!!

Khushi:Actually i've got to ask...Is there anyone else whom you guys think,know about Niyati??I mean,are we overlooking any aspects or anyone in particular??

Raj:Raichura??Yes!!IN fact,it was because of his influence and power that Gyaan actually got released easily and it was also because of him that Bharti was asked to withdraw her complaint too..Bharti??What's wrong??

Are you hiding something??

Bharti:Didn't you realize how he was glaring at me at the fashion show??

Raj:What??What for??

Bharti:I'm feelin real scared,Raj..I mean,he indirectly..

Raj:What,Bharti??Did he do anything??

Bharti:He had been..Maybe it's just my illusion yaar..That he was kinda watching my moves..He was obviously looking for me but i had been keeping myself busy and away from his sight whenever possible..Now i fear that he might have known that Khushi had helped me..

Raj:That's nearly impossible Bharti..You've had too much tonight yaar..Stop worrying too much..Trust me!!I'm there for you so you don't have to worry...(Even Raj got a lil tensed at what Bharti said but he didn't show it in front of Bharti)

Khushi:Yeah Bharti,no worries,k??(Bharti smiled and nodded)

Bharti:Just hold guyzz..(answered her mobile)Haan Payal,main bas bees minute mein pohanchungi,k??Naina's asleep??

Payal:Yeahh..Hey,how did the fashion show go??

Bharti:As alwayzz..will talk to you later,k??(hung up)

Payal:(hung up)What's wrong with her??Hhmm...

Bharti:Hhmm,so the current plan is to pataofy Raichura??

Raj:That's only tentative for i'm working on getting things out of Vinita..I'm sure she has something and Khushi's working on Gyaan..So if that doesn't work,then we might have to work the Raichura way...

Bharti:Ewww!!!Eurghh...I just hate this!!Anywayzz,ghar chale??

Raj:Come,i'll be the perfect guy to drop you girls back home...

Khushi:Nah,that's fine for i've got my car with me..

Raj:Uff,and i was thinking that i'll be dropping a gorgeous girl like you back home..

Bharti:(stared at Raj but turned to look at Khushi and smiled at herDon't mind him Khushi..He can be crappy and mad at times,in fact,all the time..

Khushi:Not at all,i love the attention by the way...(smiled)Bharti,i'll meet you soon,k??Gotta go,bye..(Bharti and Raj waved to Khushi and Raj decided to give Bharti a lift back home)

~On the way home~

Bharti:Are you playing with Nihar??

Raj:Excuse me?

Bharti:You were openly flirting with Khushi..I mean,aren't you serious with Nihar??If you aren't i'm really going to smash your head...

Raj:Don't you know me Bharti??I've already told you na that Nihar's different but i just don't know what i have in my heart for her...I just can't bring myself to commit to her or any one girl,you know...

Bharti:Zindagi bhar aise rahoge??

Raj:Shayad..Kyun??Tum bhi toh aise ho..

Bharti:Kya matlab??Main tumhaare tarha..

Raj:Kya hua??Ruk kyun gayi??

Bharti:Actually...Main bhi toh..kisi ke saath..

Raj:Par tum ab Mayank se shaadi bhi karne waali ho..

Bharti:Arre,woh toh main..


Bharti:Haan,main usse shaadi kar rahi hoon..(felt relieved that nothing slipped from her mouth)

Raj:I'm not using Nihar or playing with her emotions...It's just that neither do i know what's running in my mind nor do i know what's in her mind..

Bharti:What if she has something in her mind??

Raj:I don't know...In fact,i don't think that she'll ever fall in love with me or any guy as far as Mayank's around..Lollx..

Bharti:You are absolutely mad Raj..That's for sure...!!

Raj:But sometimes,i just feel the urge to actually go and..


Raj:Tell her that i would really love to sneak in her room..Haha,especially when Mayank's around..That would surely be a delight to watch!!(Bharti hit Raj's shoulder)

Bharti:Thanks for dropping me home Raj..

Raj:Heyy,i do know that you're tensed..In fact,you might lose by risking so much for me...

Bharti:Niyati's safety is important at any cost before we plan anything against Gyaan..No worries,i'm totally cool about it..Thanks for keeping my mind off certain things which i so don't want to remember at this point in time!!

Raj:Anytime,Bharti...Chill and i'll see you tomorrow!!Nitez..

Bharti:Nitez...(went inside and Raj drove off)

Raj:(thought to himself)Bharti,i'll do anything to see you happy..Everything's going to be alright!!

Bharti was extremely exhausted as she locked the door after she entered home,leaning against the door.She closed her eyes for a while and had flashes of Armaan pulling her towards him and how he had blamed her for burning his model's dress.Promptly,she opened her eyes and went to her room,still annoyed with Armaan.

She was glad that Naina had slept with Payal in Payal's room.Bharti locked her room door and hung her bag on the hook at the back of her door.She went to take a warm shower and she did so,she recollected whaever that had happened to her the whole day.The more she thought about it,the more she got pissed at Armaan's attitude towards her,which she really hated for Armaan had never been like this with her before.

As she laid down and switched off the lights to sleep,she kept thinking of Armaan and his accusation at her and she sat upright.

Bharti:This is it..This is it Bharti!!How can you let someone go so easily after he had accused you for no valid reason??Hhmm,aaj toh mujhe neend tab tak nahin aayegi jab tak main usse dhaath naa loo..Samajh tha kya hai apne aapko??Usse bolne bhi nahin doongi aur apna saara gussa uthaar doongi!!!(dialled Armaan's mobile number)

Meanwhile,Armaan was having his shower after having just gotten back from the fashion show. Sudha heard his mobile ringing and realized that Armaan was having his shower.She checked who was calling him at this late hour and she was pretty much surprised to see Bharti's name as the caller and smiled while attending the call.However,before she could say anything,she was appalled to hear Bharti's angry tone at the other end.

Bharti:Tum hote kaun ho Mr Armaan Sinha??Khud ko bohat superior samajh the ho ki tum jo bhi chahoge woh karoge??Aur kya kaha tha tumne??That you don't care..How dare you??Just how dare you Armaan??How dare you accuse me of ruining your model's dress when the entire fault is your's??I was doing my work of helping Jiya when you pulled me towards you..(Sudha was shocked)..You pulled me and brought upon yourself your own loss!!You know what,Armaan??Agar main chahoo toh main woh nayi dress bhi nahin le aati,tumhe sabhak sikhaane ke liye lekin woh loss toh aakhir Men's Universe ki loss bhi hain iss liye...Sirf iss liye maine woh dress bijwa diya tha..Lekin tumhe toh ab bhi koi parwa nahin hoga na...What was i expecting??A Thanks,at least but no...Dikhaao,au attitude dikhaao mujhe..Waise,kahaa se seekha hain tumne yeh sab??Pehle toh kabhi nahin dekha tha..Par kya kare??Aaj kal toh mujhe tumhaare kitne saare roop dekhne ko mil raahi hain...Bolti kyun bandh ho gaye??Kuch gante pehle toh kya kuch nahin bol rahe the tum??Tumhaare kaaran aaj mera saara din kharab ho gaya,all thanks to you...Pehle mandir mein,uske baad office mein..Main toh shukr guzaar hoon ke mere internship bas paanch che din khatam ho jaayegi aur uske baad toh mujhe tumhaari shakal dekhne nahin padegi!!!

Sudha:Kya mere Armaan ka chehra itna bura hai Bharti??

Bharti almost dropped her mobile but caught it in the nick of time.She was totally taken aback as she heard her mom's voice instead of Armaan's, covering her face in embarassment.Right now,she had felt like disconnecting the call but Sudha voiced out to her and Bharti cleared her throat to resume her conversation.

Bharti:(grinned sheepishly)Mom,aap??

Sudha:Didn't expect me,did you??

Bharti:Actually Mom,woh..

Sudha:Relax Bharti...Kam se kam iss bahaane se mujhe yeh toh pata chal gayi hain ki aaj ki fashion show mein kya hua tha...

Bharti:Mom,woh main...

Sudha:Kuch aur bacha hai Armaan ko dhaatneke liye??Apna saara gussa uthar diya ke nahin??

Bharti:Mom,aisa kuch bhi..

Sudha:Kya main apni beti ko nahin jaanti??Kahin baar dekha hai tumhe gussa nikaal the huwe aur jab tak apne gussa nahin nikaal the ho,tab tak tumhe neend bhi nahin aati hain..Kyun??No worries Bharti...I'm cool with it..Par ek shikaayat hain..

Bharti:Kya Mom??

Sudha:Kaash main ye saari conversation record kar paati...Especially jo gaaliyan tumne shuru mein kahaa tha..(Bharti bit her tongue)Waise,Armaan itna bhi bura nahin dikhtha...

Bharti:Mom,maine aisa kab kaha tha ki Armaan bura dikhtha hai??(Sudha smiled subtly and shook her head)Main bas gussa thi..

Sudha:Hhmm..Waise,maine suna hai ki tum shaadi kar rahi ho..Aur maine abhi tak Mayank se nahin milaa hoon..Iss liye, tumhe bohat jald ghar aani hogi..(Armaan got out of the washroom,after getting changed)Aur woh bhi Mayank ke saath,k??

Bharti:Mom,woh..Acha,theekh hai..Pakka aaongi aur dher saare baat bhi karenge!!

Sudha:Yeh huyi na baat...Inform me when you can make it..Filhaal,main rak thi hoon..Apna khayal rakhna..Nitez!!

Bharti:Aap bhi..Nitez!!(hung up)

Armaan:Kaun tha,Maa??

Sudha:Tha nahin, thi..

Armaan:Jiya ya Shreya ka phone thi??

Sudha:Nahin..Good night!!(left from there)

Armaan:Yeh Maa bhi na..(checked his mobile and stared at the last received call,who was none other than Bharti)Bharti??Bharti ne phone kyun kiya tha??Maa se kya baat kar rahi thi??(recalled how the fashion show was successful without any sort of technical glitches and he recalled how one of the model's dress got burnt in the collections room)Mujhe aisa bolna nahin chahiye tha Bharti se..Maine Bharti ko keecha tha aur iss liye toh..Par main sirf usse ghirne se bachaana chahtha tha aur kuch nahin..Bas aise hi waqt par,woh dress jal bhi gaya aur main tensed bhi ho gaya tha..

~Next Day: Men's Universe~

Everyone had gathered around the foyer at MU as Amarjeet wanted to make a very important annoucement. It was quite apparent that he wanted to talk about the fashion shows that have been held for the week so far before talking about the last fashion show of the week. If, right now, there was anyone who was deeply tensed, it was none other than Sunny,whose designs were getting launched in the fashion shows.Just as Bharti arrived,Amarjeet had started on his announcement.

Bharti:(murmured to Sonali)Heyy,what's the matter??

Sonali:No worries yaar..He just started,surely it must be about the two fashion shows..He looked ecstatic just now..


Sonali:His word of the day..(both Sonali and Bharti smiled and listened)

Amarjeet:We are starting to get rave reviews of your designs, Sunny so you can seriously take a deep breath for now...I believe thaere was a slight change in the show stopper of last night,Armaan and Jiya??

Armaan:Actually Amarjeet sir,there was a slight..

Bharti:Sir,i need to say something..(tried to interrupt Armaan but Armaan interrupted her)

Armaan:Sir,actually because of the technical glitch last night..As in,the power overload,i had ruined a model's dress,kinda burnt it...(Bharti's shocked)


Armaan:I'm deeply sorry,Sunny...

Sunny:How could you??I've been working really hard on these designs..It's so easy for you to say Sorry..Don't you know how painstakingly i had come up with the perfect designs and all you have is a Sorry??


Armaan:I'll make it up to you,Sunny but please understand that i didn't do it intentionally yaar...(looked at Jiya to console him somehow and turned to face Bharti who was increasingly confused by Armaan's attitude)

Raj:Look on the bright side,Sunny..Things are looking great on your side...Your design is getting noticed...

Sunny:For your info Raj,the show stopper's dress isn't my design...

Raj:What are you saying Sunny???(Bharti looked irritatedly at Raj and rolled her eyes)

Armaan:Sir,actually i asked a favour from someone and she helped me out..

Amarjeet:Who did you ask??

Armaan:Sir,she asked me to keep it a matter to me on the basis of confidentiality and she helped me out in the nick of time..(Bharti grew even more confused and wondered if Armaan knew that Khushi had helped her)

Amarjeet:Armaan,it is crucial for me to know whoever who had helped you here..

Armaan:I'm sorry Sir but i can't let that happen for she might lose her job..(Bharti widened her eyes in shock and so was Raj but he didn't outrightly express it)

Amarjeet:Alright,but i want no such defaults in tonight's show..Is that clear??

Armaan:Yes Sir..(Everyone else dispersed except for Bharti and Raj)

Bharti:Raj!!!What did i tell you??

Raj:Okay but he didn't reveal anything na so just chill babe..

Bharti:How in the world can you expect me to be??It just seemed to me that he knew everything..And just look at how he just changed his mind in an instant!!Till yesterday,he blamed me entirely for the burnt dress and just look at him today!!!

Raj:Tumhaari baat toh sahi hai Bharti..Kuch toh ghadbad hai...

Bharti:Hain na??Raj,agar Armaan ko bata hai...Toh kya kisi aur ko bhi bata chal gaya toh nahin??

Raj:Uffo Bharti,just chill!!Alright??

Bharti:Agar kisi aur ko yeh khabar mil gayi ki humne woh dress Trends se liya tha,toh hum kahin ka nahin rahenge..

Raj:Sshh,dheere bol...

Bharti:Ab kya kare??

Raj:Filhaal mere saath chal cabin mein..

~After some time~

Raj had gone out for an important shoot with Mahi and Jiya. Bharti couldn't concentrate on her article as she kept thinking of the sudden change in Armaan today morning and kept fidgeting to herself.She kept her laptop to standby mode and decided to talk to Armaan about it, regardless of whether he's going to listen or not.Meanwhile,Armaan was thinking about Bharti and wondered what she had talked to his mum about.He tried dialling his mum's number but she just wasn't picking up his calls. He then decided to give it a try to talk to Bharti about it and got out of his cabin.

Bharti was just about to go and talk to Armaan but she stopped herself,

Why are you even bothering,Bharti??In fact, he doens't even want to talk to you so why should you bother??No,why should i care if he doesn't want to talk to me or not;i need to talk to him..NO Bharti,you don't need to talk to him for he's not even your secret friend anymore..He's no one and by the way,you don't need his friendship at all nor do you have to depend on him in any way..He's no one!!You'll only talk to him if he'll come over and talk and that too only after he's asked for forgiveness!!Right,i don't need anyone and i don't care about him!!He's so weird and soo confusing lately..Haizz!!(shook her head and went for lunch with Mayank)

Raj got back shortly after Bharti had left,only to see Armaan wending his way towards his cabin.

Raj:Hi..What's up??

Armaan:Hey..Is she around??


Armaan:(looked elsewhere and back at Raj) The one whom you're sharing your cabin with..

Raj:Ohhh you mean Bharti??

Armaan:Yeah,but what are you looking at me like that for??

Raj:Nothing...She's apparently not around and i've got no idea where..(saw a Post-it note written by Bharti and crushed it in front of Armaan,pretending it was some trash note)where she is..

Armaan:Thanks!!(turned to go)

Raj:Any important matter??You want me to give her a message??(saw Armaan thinking about it)Armaan??

Armaan:Nah..Just don't inform her that i've come..

Raj:Armaan,how did you know where Bharti got the dress from??

Armaan:Let's just say that i knew that she got it from Trends!!I'll talk to you later..

Armaan:(got out of Raj's cabin;he thought to himself as he walked)Where is she??(had the slightest clue that Vinita had overheard his conversation with Raj and went to talk to Gyaan about it)

Armaan was walking towards the reception when he had bumped into Bharti,having dropped her files,right at the reception where Jenny and the other colleagues were watching both of them.Bharti looked at Armaan in staunch irritation and took a deep breath, kneeling down to gather some of the papers which had flown around her when Armaan had bumped into her.Armaan knelt down to help her and involuntarily gazed at her before her eyes forced her to look up to watch his eyes.In the process, both of them didn't realize that Bharti's fingers gently touched Armaan's and in turn,Armaan too had held on to her fingers.Just then,Bharti's mobile rang and she snapped out of a trance she fell into, and abruptly took the papers and rushed to her cabin without even looking back and closed the cabin door,not knowing what just happened to her.She disconnected the call and placed her mobile aside.

Bharti,what's wrong with you??What the world just happened??Just..just forget it;just concentrate on your work,alright??We've only got a couple of days left..Come on!!(tied up her hair,which she normally didn't do)Ok,what did i just do??Arrgghh!!!Leave it...Just leave your hair alone and get back to work!!

Armaan stood upright from where Bharti had left him.He noticed Naina's artwork and smiled,bringing it with him inside.Just then,Vinita stopped him at the staircase.

Vinita:Hi Armaan..

Armaan:Hi..Excuse me..

Vinita:How cute was that,Armaan??

Armaan:Excuse me??

Vinita:Uff,do you really think no one saw you and Bharti gazing at each other longingly??(Armaan looked at her)

Armaan:That's nothing,Vini..It's just an accident,that's all...

Vinita:Seriously Armaan??Well, from what i saw, it surely didn't look like that at all..The way Bharti was rushing into her cabin without even stopping to look at you..She's attracted to you,Armaan!!

Armaan:(cleared his throat)Vini,just mind your own business,alright??And..For God's sake, there is nothing like that between me and Bharti..

Vinita:What..?Next,you're goinna tell me that both of you are "just friends"??

Armaan:We're not that either..We are simply professional colleagues and that's it!!

Vinita:It surely didn't seem that way 5 minutes ago..

Armaan:Vini,don't create a scene..She's in love with Mayank,alright??You were there when he had proposed to her,right??(Armaan was climbing the stairs when Vinita stopped him)

Vinita:(looked into his eyes)Just hold on Armaan..You've never felt anything for her Armaan??Didn't you feel jealous when Mayank had proposed to Bharti??I mean..Didn't you ever feel like sweeping her off her feet or even bringing her with you somewhere far from everyone else and keeping her with you??Didn't you ever feel like making her your's forever,feeling the warmth in her touch and caressing her soft lips??(Armaan looked elsewhere and just walked away from there while Vinita just smiled at the success of her plan)Kaam ho gaya hai,Vinita..Now,i know exactly what i can do to Bharti to break her,Mr Mayank Sharma and Armaan apart!!(smiled evilly)