Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, October 16, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 226~

Armaan locked his cabin door and as he turned, he opened his drawer in which he had secretly placed his and Bharti's photograph taken from the lighthouse months before Bharti went to Goa to attend her friend's brother's engagement.He took out the photograph and as he gazed at the photograph, he had flashes of Vinita's conversation and pondered.

Things have just changed drastically between us,Bharti.Never did I imagine that so much of distance would crop up between us..I wonder if you'd ever recall the times we spent together..What exactly happened between us;i've no idea but i simply crave for you,especially after knowing that you're going to go really far away from me..I don't know if my life will ever be the same after you'd marry Mayank..I'm trying to distance myself from you so that i can get over you but it's just becoming impossible for me..(Just then,Jiya knocked on his cabin door and Armaan quickly placed the photograph back inside the drawer)

Jiya:Arre, tumne cabin door band kyun kiya??(Armaan didn't reply and went to get the file consisting of the photographs of Sunny's designs as she had requested earlier)Heyy,are you ok??

Armaan:(looked at Jiya)Yeah,i've never been better!!

Jiya:(stopped Armaan from leaving)I'm always here to listen,if you want to share...

Armaan:(got amused)Since when have you given me permission to share??

Jiya:Well, that's because nowadays,you tend to distance yourself from me as well..

Armaan:Jiya,you know that's not true..

Jiya:So,tell me about it..What's bothering my dear friend so much??

Armaan:I just hate it when i don't know where my life is going...I hate it that i'm lingering around holding the rarest of hope in my heart..I just hate it Jiya!!

Jiya:If you hate bottling your emotions from within, why don't you tell her about it??

Armaan:You don't expect me to tell Bharti anything when she said Yes to Mayank??I'm not someone who'll ruin someone's happiness just to attain mine..She's just making it difficult for me to move on..

Jiya:So what are you going to do??Sacrifice your desire,Armaan??

Armaan:(his eyes got welled up)I just don't know Jiya but right now i just want to focus on the fashion show tonight,k?(Jiya nodded and both of them went to talk to Sunny and help him with the last minute preparations)

Meanwhile.Raj was on his way back to MU from his photo-shoot when he received a text message from Sonali to meet her and Mahi at Shaadi Plus.He was shocked to the core and changed his driving route to catch up with them.

Bharti had finished her articles and emailed a copy each to Mahi and Sonali for proofreading and editing before she started packing her bag.Just as she was doing so,she took a look at Naina's artwork which she had collected during her lunch break.She couldn't help but smile,feeling proud of her daughter's drawings of herself and Bharti spending time picnicking and decided to call up Sanjana and Alisha.

Bharti:Hey gurlzz..

Alisha:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:It's a conference call;hey Sanju,what's up??

Sanjana:Hey Bharti,aren't you at work??

Bharti:Wrapping up already since i'm done for the day..

Sanjana:So..How was the fashin show yesterday??No probs,right??

Bharti:Not at the moment since no one figued it out..

Alisha:Yeh lo, aur tum khamaa khaa parishaan ho rahi thi..

Bharti:Hhmm i guess so..

Sanjana:When's the internship ending?

Bharti:Next Friday..why??

Sanjana:There's a great news lined up..Tell her,Alisha!!

Alisha:Sanju,it isn't confirmed yaar..

Bharti:What?What?What??Tell me quick..!!

Alisha:Rohan's getting married!!

Bharti:Serious??Itni jaldi?I mean,woh toh uss waqt keh raha tha ki woh itni jaldi shaadi nahin karega and all..Par ab kya hua??

Sanjana:Haha woh toh bas aise hi..Well,tentative date agle Saturday hain..

Bharti:That's super fast aur tum dono mujhe ab bataa rahe ho..Idiots!!

Alisha:Sorry yaar,dimaag se nikal gayi thi par do din pehle hi date somewhat fix kiya tha..Rohan said he'll call you..

Bharti:Hhmm,so where's the wedding??

~Amarjeet's cabin~

Amarjeet:Jiya,Armaan..Fashion show ki tayyaariyaan ho gaya ke nahin?

Jiya:All done,Sir..Stay assured!!

Amarjeet:Jiya,Raj kaha hai?

Jiya:Actually Sir,woh ek outdoor photo shoot ke liye do ghante pehle nikal gaya tha..Kyun,Sir??

Amarjeet:Bharti toh agle Friday apna internship khatam karke chali jaayegi aur Mahi aur Sonali ke paas teen candidates hain assistant creatives ke post ke liye..So,i just need him to finalize and shortlist them further; tell him to come and see me later,k?(Jiya nodded)Armaan,i've got

Armaan:Kya baat hai Sir?

Amarjeet:Tum aur Jiya humaare exclusive project ke liye Netherlands jaane waale the na?

Jiya:Haan..In fact,we're working with Mr Farhan and we're slated to go next Friday..

Amarjeet:His assistant contacted me earlier today to let both of you know that the venue is changed..

Armaan:What??Sir,par aise kaise??

Amarjeet:I'm sorry Armaan but..

Jiya:Sir,this is the second time Mr Farhan's changing venues..

Amarjeet:Well if i could do anything,i would have done something Jiya..

Jiya:Humaare bhi convenience dekhni chaahiye ke nahin,Sir??PEhle date badal gayi hain aur ab venue..

Amarjeet:Jiya,this is not the first time,it happens often..

Armaan:Jiya..(gestured her to keep quiet)Sir,where is the confirmed venue??


Armaan:Alright Sir,we'll both go there..Thanks for informing us!!(left from there)

~Shaadi Plus~

Raj:(murmured to himself)Yeh dono hai kahaa pe??(saw sonali waving at him and he went towards her)Tum dono yahaa pe kya kar rahe ho??

Sonali:Tumhe kya lagta hai ki hum dono yahaa pe kya kar rahe hain??Hum dono ne socha ki hum Mayank ke raaz ke baarein mein jald se jald bata lagaayenge..

Raj:Woh sab toh theekh hai..Kisi se baat ho gayi ke nahin??

Sonali:Humne ek lady se baat ki thi par woh hain ke hum se keh rahe the ki intezaar kare..

Raj:Tum dono na...Hhmm,kaha hai woh??

Sonali:Wahaa reception par..

Raj:Now,watch me go..

~Men's Universe~

Bharti:Wow,this is such great news..Goa,awesome!!Acha,wahaa pe toh renovations ka saara kaam khatam ho gaya,hhmm??

Alisha:Believe it or not,Rohan toh sab workers ko itne zor lagaa raha tha..

Bharti:Aur nahin toh kya..Arre,uska bada din hai aur kaam toh jaldi khatam karna hain ke nahin??Warna bata chalega ki uski shaadi ke raat ko bhi kaam abhi adhoora hain..Lolxx..

Sanjana:Ditto yaar..Well,he's really excited,by the way!!

Bharti:Hhmm main Payal aur Bhaskar se bhi pooch thi hoon,theekh hai??Uske baad main un dono ke resence ki confirmation doongi tum dono ko..(pressed the lift button just before the door closed and went inside)Haan par main aur Naina zaroor aayenge,k??Ok,main lift mein hoon aur main baad mein baat karti hoon..(hung up)

Just then,she realized that both Jiya and Armaan were in the lift with her.

Jiya:Hi Bharti..What a surprise!!

Bharti:Hi Jiya,kaise ho tum??

Jiya:I'm great..(smiled)uh-uh,yeh lift toh upar jaa rahi hain..Armaan,tumne 9th floor kyun dabaaya tha??

Armaan:Sorry Jiya,dekha nahin tha..

Jiya noticed Armaan looking away from Bharti and as she turned to look at Bharti,she was busy looking elsewhere as well and wondered,

Great!!Main yahaa inn dono ke beech mein phas gayi hoon..Yeh Armaan kuch na kuch karna padega warna yeh issi tarha kahi kho jaayegi aur ghadbad kar daalega!!(Just then,the lift door had opened to Trends and Mayank entered the lift)What a fantastic timing,God!!I could ask for nothing more now!!(sulked)

Mayank:Hi Bharti..(Bharti smiled)Hi Jiya..Hi Armaan!!(Armaan acknowledged his presence)

Jiya:Hi Mayank..

Mayank:Jiya,the fashion show was amazing last night..

Jiya:Thanks!!There's one tonight as well..

Mayank:Yeahh i heard but i don't think i'll be able to make it..

Jiya:We're actually heading towards there right now..

Mayank:I see..Bharti as well??
Bharti:No Mayu..I'm heading off to get some stuff and then spend time with my darlin' Naina..(saw Mayank looking at her)And i'll go alone,you don't have to drop me!!

Mayank:Bharti,i almost forgot to tell you..Tomorrow,you've got to come to Trends;we're marking the 7 years of success of Trends in Mumbai..And..(paused for a while)There's a surprise for you tomorrow!!


Mayank:It's a surprise!!(hit her head mildly)Jiya,i've told your boss, you gys are absolutely welcome!!(the lift door opened and Bharti got out after Armaan went out)

Bharti:Ok Mayu,i'll leave first,k??Bye..

Mayank:Bye..(Bharti left from there)Armaan!!


Mayank:You'll come tomorrow,right??

Armaan:Why?Will your surprise bear no fruit if i'm not there??

Mayank:Well,it will be really special if you will be there..(Armaan got doubtful)

Jiya:No worries Mayank,i'll bring him there with me..

Mayank:Great!!Bye..(left from there)

Armaan:What's his problem??

Jiya:God knows!!But something is definitely swirling in his mind,that's for sure..Chod na,let's get going!!

~Shaadi Plus~

Raj was chatting with the receptionist and both Mahi and Sonali were stunned to see the receptionist flirting back with Raj.


Sonali:Haan,dekh toh rahi hoon...

Mahi:Yeh Raj kisi ko bhi nahin chodega..

Sonali:Arre,Raj ko kyun dosh de rahe ho??In fact,woh ladki bhi toh Raj ke saath flirt kar rahi hain na??

Mahi:Yeh aaj kal ke ladkiyaan bhi na...

Sonali:Hhmm..Hey,Raj's waving to us..Come,let's go!!

Mahi:(murmured)What the hell,Raj??

Raj:What?(the receptionist gestured to Raj that she'll be right back)

Sonali:She just told you that she'll be right back??Baat ban gayi??

Raj:Obviously,meri Sonu ji..(pinched her nose)That's the charm of Raj Malhotra,so never underestimate it!!

Mahi:Whatever..(shook her head)

Sonali:I'm seriously stunned!!So,what now?

Raj:Let me do all the questioning,alright??Sonu,just help me fill a form..


Mahi:What?You're going to register yourself to Shaadi Plus??(got amused)

Sonali:You're thinking of getting married,Raj??

Raj:Ha-ha-ha!!Very funny,both of you..I'm just taking her into confidence and by the way,u'm registering under Mahi's name..

Mahi:What??What for??

Raj:Just for the fun of it,so chill..(The receptionist came back with a few forms)So Rashmi, how long have you been working here??(Sonali shook her head as she filled up the forms and Mahi just grew irritated with Raj)

Sonali:Here you go,Ms Rashmi..

Rashmi:Mahi Talwar??Toh aap Ms Talwar ho??

Sonali:Yeah she is but why are you so shocked?

Rashmi:Ms Mahi,i've contacted you before regarding marriage proposals from Shaadi Plus..

Mahi:Yeahh but that was months back and i've already withdrawn my name from Shaadi Plus..

Rashmi:I don't think so, for i had been assisting Ms Eva, who had been handling your portfolio..In fact,i was about to call you..

Mahi:Ok,i seriously have no clue of what you're saying..It must be some other girl with the same name as me..

Raj:(whispered to Sonali)What the heck's happening Sonu??

Sonali:I'm clueless yaar..I thought i had withdrawn Mahi's name,didn't I??Raj:Sonu,didn't you

Sonali:Yaar,aise matt dekho muhe;actually mujhe yaad nahin aa rahi hai..

Raj:Lagta hai ki aaj tumhaari khayr nahin..

Mahi:(looked at her portfolio which Rashmi brought)How is this even possible??

Rashmi:We've actually got you a prospective guy and i was about to call you to inform you about his details and background but you came already...Well,if you're interested,you can meet him..

Raj:Rashmi,may we know if anyone named Bharti Kapoor recently registered her name for Shaadi Plus?This is just a few days to a week ago..

Rashmi:Let me just check for you..(checked her database but unfortunately shook her head)Nope!!

Raj:How about Niharika Sharma or Mayank Sharma??

Rashmi:Raj,it is our policy not to disclose any personal particulars about our clients...Wait,what did you just say??

Raj:Niharika Sharma,Mayank Sharma..(silently prayed)Please don't let it be Niharika..

Rashmi:Mahi,the prospective guy is none other than Mr Mayank Sharma!!

Raj:(echoed with Sonali)WHAT??(widened his eyes in shock and slowly shifted his face to look at Sonali)

Sonali:(cringed her face entirely,gulping down her breath with no courage to face Mahi)Sonu,aaj tu toh gayi kaam se..(eventually brought herself to face Mahi who was smiling at her,which just made her even more confused)Mahi...

Mahi:Rashmi,just excuse us for a few moments!!Chale Sonu??(went outside Shaadi Plus)What the hell,Sonu??Didn't I tell you to withdraw my name from Shaadi Plus,for God's sake??

Sonali:Mahi,Mahi...Mahi,im very sorry yaar..Main bhi na ek number ki bulakkad hoon..Mujhe sach much laga tha ki maine tumhaari naam withdraw kiya tha..

Mahi:I just don't believe this!!Aur agar hum yahaa aaj nahin aate, toh mujhe ab tak kitne call aa chuki hoti..Upar se,inn logon ko koi aur nahin woh mila tha sivaayi Mr Mayank Sharma ki..Uski toh main...

Sonali:Mahi,i'm terribly sorry!!

Mahi:(looked at Sonali angrily)Just stay away from me,alright??(felt really pissed at Sonali's irresponsible nature)Just leave me alone and don't meddle in my personal matters!!(left from there)

Sonali:Mahi...Mahi!!!(felt really guilty)

Raj:Sonu,where's Mahi??I've got news!!

Sonali:She's mad at me and she's gone...

Raj:Uff Sonu,tu bhi na...Kaise bhool gaye tum??Uss waqt bhi maine tumhe warne kiya tha..

Sonali:Haan Raj mujhe bata hai par ab yeh kehne se kya hoga??Tum kuch kehne waale the??

Raj:Bharti aur Nihar ne mil kar Mayank ka naam register karwaaya tha..

Sonali:Kya??Niharika aise karegi yeh baat toh phir bhi samajh aati hain par Bharti??Woh toh..

Raj:Mujhe pehle si doubt tha Sonu...In fact,main toh Bharti ke faisle se haath se haath iss liye milaa rahaa tha taaki main thoda aur jaan sakta hoon ki Bharti ke mann mein kya chal rahi hain..Aur waise bhi,humein toh bata hain na ki Mayank toh Radhika se pyaar karta hain aur Bharti toh har ghiz shaadi nahin karne waali hain...Par yeh sab naatak kis liye??

Sonali:Chal yaar,hum yahaa se jaate hain!!

Raj:(started his car and drove to MU)Why don't you try calling Mahi up??

Sonali:What do you think i'm doing,Raj??(closed her eyes and opened them)Sorry yaar,i just feel so frustrated at myself..How could i have forgotten??

Raj:Yaar,woh sab chod..

Sonali:(kept dialling Mahi's number)Woh toh phone bhi nahin uthaa rahi hain yaar..

Raj:Try karte raho..Kya pata,woh MU mein ho,hhmm??

Sonali:Hhmm..I just hope she'll talk to me..

Meanwhile,Mahi was ignoring her mobile as she drove swiftly.She couldn't imagine that Sonali would turn out to deceive her in this manner;at least, she wasn't anticipating such a twist from the idea of investigating the reason behind Bharti asking Sonali for the contact number of Shaadi Plus.She continually exerted more force on the accelerator pedal,venting out her anger and going way beyond the speed limit.Her head revolved around the shocking revelation of her being set up with someone like Mayank, the last person she would even think of settling with. She shook her head and looked elsewhere. Much to her oblivion, she sped all her way and almost hit someone's car and just continued driving as though nothing had happened.

Mayank stepped on his brake pedal and parked towards the left side of the highway and got out of his car to check if his car was badly damaged or not.

Mayank:Damn it!!(banged his fist on the car trunk for his headlights were smashed and there was a slight scratch made)I don't care but i'm going to chase the car right away!!(just prayed that he would get the car in time and sped a lil)That freaking Maroon Lexus!!!(just then, he noticed the same Lexus being parked towards the side and a police officer(PO) was charging towards the car)Great!!Abhi iss Lexus owner ka khabar leta hoon...(got out and walked but stopped as soon as he saw Mahi)Mahi??Oh crap!!Yeh maroon Lexus toh Mahi ki gaadi hain..Par Mahi ne mere gaadi to takkar de kar aise kaise chali gayi??It surely doesn't seem like her..Par police isse sawaal kyun kar raha hain??(walked further to find out)

Mahi:Sir,i'm sorry ki maine kanoon thoda hai..Meri galti hai par ab main kya karoo??Aap khud hi mere wallet dekhiye,mere paas filhaal bas 10 rupees hain..

PO:Madam,aap zara thaane chalenge ya phir main aapko zabardasti lekar chaloo??

Mahi:Sir,please meri baat toh suniye...Actually mujhe ek bohat bada fashion show par pohanchna bhi hain..Please aap mere situation ko samajh leejiye na please...

PO:Dekho,main ab tak aapse sharaafat se baat kar raha tha..Mere sabr ka intihaan matt lo..Chalo!!

Mahi:Acha,acha suniye officer ji...Aap ke thaane ke aas paas koi ATM hai??Main paise withdraw karke aapko de sakti hoon...

PO:(shook his head)Chal!!!

Mayank:Ji namaste Sir..Main kuch madat kar sakta hoon??

PO:Kaun ho tum aur tumhe inn sab se kya matlab hain??Apna kaam se kaam rakho aur tum..(looked at Mahi)Kya hai??Ab mujhe tumhe nyota dena padega ki thaane chaliye??

Mayank:Sir,main inhe jaanti hoon iss liye pooch raha tha...Kya hua tha??

PO:Overspeeding aur upar se gaadi bhi nahi ruk rahi thi..Ab yeh ladki keh rahi thi ki uske paas sirf dus rupee hain..Ab bolo,iss mehangaayi ke zamaane mein kisi ke paas sirf dus rupiyo se kya ho jaayega??

Mayank:Sir,main aapko deta hoon...Fine kitna hua hai,main bhar deta hoon..Aap please inhe jaane deejiye..(Mahi glared at Mayank who was confused at her behaviour)

Mahi:Ji nahin Sir,aap mujhe le chaliye...Main thaane jaaongi par iss khadoos se madat bilkul bhi nahin loongi..Chale Sir??

PO:Tum isse jaante ho??

Mahi:Ji nahin Sir...Main isse nahin jaanti..Ab chale??(PO looked at both Mahi and Mayank and was in a dilemma)

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