Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, October 28, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 227~

Mayank:Arre Mahi,kya kar rahe ho tum yaar??Tumhaare paas paise nahin hai,iss liye toh madat kar raha hoon...


Mayank:Sir,aap kahin nahin jaayenge...

PO:(murmured)Yeh dono mujhe apna hissa hadapne bhi nahin denge..Behthaar isi mein hoga ki main inn dono ko hi thaane lekar chaloo...

Mayank:Sir,kitna fine hoga??

Mahi:Sir,aap bewaja apna time aur mera time bhi waste kyun kar rahe ho???Jaldi kariye..

Mayank:Sir,dekhiye main aapko Mahi ko kahin bhi lekar nahin jaane doonga..(Mahi was shocked and Mayank murmured to himself)What did i just say??(blinked his eyes in disbelief and shook his head and saw Mahi looking at him weirdly)

PO:Main ek kaam karne waala hoon..

Mayank:Sir,main jaanta tha ki aap bohat samajhdaar ho..Humaare desh ko aapke jaise officer hi toh chaahiye..(smiled confidently at Mahi who seemed displeased)

PO:Tum dono thaane chaloge mere saath jeep mein..Chalo!!


Mahi:(broke into a wide smile and folded her hands in front of Mayank)Yeh sahi baat hai Sir..Aap waqay mein itne samajhdaar hai!!Chale Mr Mayank Sharma,hhmm??(Mayank got really irritated with Mahi's victorious smile and he was forced to go with the police officer)

Mayank:(murmured to himself)Damn it!!(Mahi enjoyed seeing Mayank irritated and smiled widely)

~Men's Universe~

Jiya:Armaan,where is Mahi??Didn't you get in contact with her??

Armaan:I tried calling her a few hours back repeatedly but she wasn't picking up her mobile and hence i messaged her..

Jiya:Did she read it??

Armaan:How am i supposed to know,Jiya??But she's aware that she should reach for the fashion show as early as possible..She should be on her way yaar..

Jiya:Let's just hope that you're right,Armaan..I just don't want any more technical glitches in any manner...

Armaan:Lo,Raj aur Sonu bhi aa gaye..Hey guyzz...

Sonali:Armaan,where's Mahi?


Raj:What's wrong with Sonu's question,Armaan??


Jiya:We're about to ask you that dude..Where is she??

Raj:she's not here yet??

Sonali:Raj,where is she yaar??

Raj:Sonu,sshh..Relax!!Jiya,she didn't contact you guyzz??

Jiya:Raj,i'm really in a terrible mood right now..The fashion show's gonna start in an hour's time..Where is she??

Raj:What the hell??(kept thinking hard of where Mahi could possibly be and tried calling her home but no one was picking up)

Armaan:Is everything ok,Raj??Is there any problem??

Sonali:Raj,sab meri hi galti hai..Na main uske naam Shaadi Plus se withdraw karna bhool thi aur na yeh sab kuch hota..

Armaan:Shaadi Plus?

Jiya:Raj,what's going on??

Raj:Sonu,just go and get some fresh air..I'll be right back,k??I'll meet you in your cabin..Go!!(Sonali left)There's a problem!!(told him that he together with Mahi and Sonali had gone to Shaadi Plus but from there they found out about Mahi's name not having been withdrawn and how Mahi got really annoyed with Sonali for forgetting)

Jiya:Mujhe ek baat samajh mein nahin aayi..Tum log achanak Shaadi Plus mein kya kar rahe the??

Raj:Jiya,sirf tum hi aise sawaal kar sakte ho na??Woh main kuch kaam se gaya tha..(Jiya seemed doubtful of Raj's reply)Par filhaal humein Mahi ke baarein mein sochna chahiye..Bata nahin woh kahaa hogi..

Armaan:Shayad uske mobile battery flat ho sakti hain...

Jiya:Hhmm shayad...But she better be here in an hour's time..

Raj:Relax,Jiya..I'll be right back...But if Mahi doesn't appear,do think of a back up!!!Sonu and i will be there for sure, but if you need more assistance,let us know..(Jiya nodded)

Jiya:Hey Raj suno,Bharti kaha hain??

Raj:I think woh jaldi nikal gayi thi..Keh rahi thi ki aaj usse Naina ke saath kuch special karni thi..Itne dino ke baad aisa mauka milaa hai so,she left earlier after getting her work done!!

Jiya:Hhmm,i don't wanna disturb her either..Ok,thanks dude!!(Raj left)Tumhe kya hua hain??

Armaan:Kuch nahin..Let's get started,Jiya!!


~Payal's place~

Bharti was cooking a special dish for herself,Payal and Naina while both Payal and Naina were watching her cook and doing lil dance movements to the songs being played on the radio.Payal made Bharti wear an apron and a chef's hat since it was a long time since Bharti stepped in to cook,especially when Payal was around.

Bharti:Payal,you know how much of a mess i am so why??

Payal:I'm trying to teach you how to be prim and proper and how to cook without creating such a mess...Be dignified for once,Bharti!!

Bharti:Yeah,yeah whatever!!Oops,Naina could you get mama her mobile??Thanks sweetz...

Payal:Heyy,you promised no distractions while cooking and now what's this??

Bharti:Arre how would i know yaar??I'm definitely not the one who's calling Bharti on her mobile,na??

Payal:Ha ha very funny,Bharti...

Bharti:You're most welcome,Paayu...It's just 8:30 pm..Who's calling??(Naina was about to pass it to Bharti when Payal snatched Bharti's mobile and checked who was calling)Payal!!!

Payal:Raj???Why's he calling you??

Bharti:Lemme guess...If you want the answer,let me get it!!

Payal:There you go..it's on loudspeaker mode..Speak up!!

Bharti:Raj,what's up??

Raj:Bharti,heyy...Are you busy??

Bharti:Well,sort of but what's up??

Payal:Raj,she's super busy so you can talk to her later,k??

Bharti:Uff Payal,just hear him out..Raj,tum bolo...Any probs??How's the fashion show coming along??

Raj:Actually i needed to talk to you about it...

Bharti:Yeah,shoot..I'm listening..

Raj:Ermm...(Bharti heard Raj sighing and she assumed that something was up)

Bharti quickly took off the apron and the chef's cap before simmering the heat.She took her mobile and switched off the loudspeaker mode,heading to the terrace to talk to Raj.

Bharti:Hey, no worries..No one's listening now..What's wrong Raj??

Raj:Bharti,Mahi's missing..


Raj:Actually Mahi,Sonali and i were out and Mahi kinda got a scoop that her name wasn't cancelled off the list of prospective girls in a matrimonial agency which Sonali had placed months ago..Mahi got furious at Sonali and just left without saying anything...That was hours back and since then,Armaan,me,Jiya and Sonu are trying endlessly to get her but to no avail...I'm just on my way to the fashion show venue from Mahi's place but it is locked..I just wanted to know if she contacted you or if you knew where she is right now..

Bharti:Raj,i seriously have no clue whatsoever..I mean i'm only knowing about this from you now!!Don't worry Raj,she'll be okay...Hey,i have another call..will disconnect the call and talk to you,k??

Raj:It's ok Bharti..If you do get any info,just ring me up,k??

Bharti:You too..Update me asap,k??(Raj agreed and hung up)Hello..hello??(as she looked at her mobile to know who called, the call got disconnected and she realized that Mayank had just called her but when she dialled his number again,his mobile was apparently switched off)Ok,what the hell's wrong with Mayank??Why did he call and not answer??

Oh crap,my pasta!!!(ran down and having placed her mobile aside,she got back to cooking her pasta while Naina and Payal waited for her to serve the food)Gurlzz,just give this chef 15 minutes to serve...


Mahi:Sir..Kya main ek phone call kar sakti hoon??Taaki main fine bharke yahaa se nikal sakoo??

PO:Agar aisi hi baat hai,toh pehle hi uss ladke ki madat lene chaahiye thi na aapko??Mujhe apna paisa milta aur aapka waqt bhi zaahir nahin hota..

Mahi:Dekhiye Sir,jab mujhe unki madat..I'm sorry,uski madat leni hi nahin hai,toh main kyun aapko paise doongi??

PO:Jeep se saaf saaf zaahir ho raha tha ki tum dono ek doosre ko jaante ho..Kitna shareef aur tum??

Mahi:Excuse me,Sir??Woh shareef aur woh bhi kis aadhaar par??Aur aap mere baarein mein kya jaante ho ki aap mujhe judge kar rahe ho??(Mayank just realized that his mobile battery had gone flat and he couldn't even contact Bharti but noticed Mahi's tone with the police officer and went towards them)

PO:Oochi awaaz se baat nahin karna..

Mahi:Toh aap aisi harkatein hi kyn karte hain ki mujhe aapse oochi awaaz se baat karni pad rahi hain...

Mayank:What's going on,officer??

Mahi:Ab tumhe kisne kaha beech mein tang adaane ki??

Mayank:What the...Ab galti meri hai??I don't believe you Mahi!!

Mahi:Then don't...Just leave me alone,for God's sake, will you??

Mayank:What's wrongg???(felt concerned for Mahi)

Mahi:Of all people,you've got to show me concern??Or are you feigning it to take me into confidence,hhmm??(Mahi just walked away and sat on the bench as instructed by the police officer to wait till the senior officer comes and Mayank just stood beside her)

Mayank:Did you really think that i am someone who would feign concern??How could you Mahi??How in the world did i appear as that to you??First,you broke my rear headlights and when i chased to find out who did that,i got to know it was you and i tried to help you out but..But you just thought that i am feigning concern??(Mahi looked at him in dismay)

Mahi:I broke your headlights??And i didn't stop??(closed her eyes and brushed her fingers through her hair)Shux,what am i doing with myself???(covered her face with her hands,which only elevated the tension mounting in Mayank's mind and he knelt down before her)

Mayank:Mahi..Mahi!!!Is everything alright??(Mahi gradually separated her fingers and looked at Mahi while lowering her palms)

Mahi:Nothing..I'm fine..

Mayank:Really,Mahi??Iss liye tum pehchaane se inkar kar rahi ho??Iss liye tum meri madat nahin lena chahthi??Agar aisi hi baat thi,toh tumhe Avni aur Riteish ki engagement party mein bhi madat nahin lena chahiye tha,kyun??(Mahi looked at him intently as she recalled what had happened further during Avni's engagement)


After Mahi had dressed into her salwaar, Sonali had invited her to dance with her and Avni together with Riteish to join them in the festive celebrations.While Mahi was dancing,Sonali was asking her about her saree and Mahi simply told her that she wasn't feeling combortable at all wearing the saree and hence she had changed into her salwaar and continued dancing.Just as she turned, she noticed Mayank talking on his mobile and simultaneously watching her dance.She had ceased to dance for a while,moving subtly to a corner as she noticed him watching her.She looked elsewhere but involuntarily looked back in the direction where Mayank was standing but he was no longer there.She was confused and her eyes searched for Mayank but he wasn't standing there anymore. Instead,he had excused himself to the drinks table and was sipping a glass of juice and Mahi had mustered courage to walk up to him.

Mayank:Mahi's alright..That's all i needed to know..

Mahi:Yeah i'm alright,Mr Mayank..(Mayank quickly turned behind from his seated position)


Mahi:I was looking for you..

Mayank:Me??What for??

Mahi:I'm not rude outrightly just to forget the favour you just did..


Mahi:My handbag..Thanks!!

Mayank:It's nothing at all,Mahi..I'm just glad that you accepted my help..In fact, i really thought that you wouldn't accept it at all..

Mahi:And why exactly would you think that i wouldn't accept your help??

Mayank:Given the circumstances under which we met, you would most prolly not even bother to let me help you..You don't have a good impression of me and you would rather stay from a person who's dead anti-social freak who's not had a life and someone who's cruel..

Mahi:Okay,what's wrong with you??Why would i think of you as cruel in any way??I can't thank you enough for helping me out..And..(Mayank turned away in embarassment for he just realized that he had further degraded himself in front of Mahi and as he turned,he no longer saw Mahi anywhere)

~End of Flashback~

Mayank tapped on her knee and asked her if she was alright.Mahi ignored his question,which only annoyed Mayank.

Mayank:Look,i don't know what's really wrong with you but i just don't care anymore,alright?I'm going to pay your fine and this is no favour..It's because of you that i'm here and now i'm getting myself outta here and at the same time,so you bloody well listen to me,alright??(Mayank finished what he wanted to say and as he stood adjacent to her,he noticed her eyes being welled up)

Mayank just gazed at her disheveled hair and Mahi noticed him watching her and she brought her fringe to the back of her ear.

Mahi:Why are you shouting at me for Mayank??

Mayank:What do you expect me to do when you're not even listening to me??

Mahi:Why should i when i don't want anyone's help??Why don't you understand that i hate to accept favours from anyone,be it anyone..It's not you,Mayank!!Be it anyone,i hate it!!I have slowly painstakingly learnt to be independent after my divorce and I..(Mahi stopped as she realized what she just blurted to Mayank and as she looked at him,she noticed how stunned and appalled he was at this sudden revelation)

Mayank was about to ask her if she was married but by then, the police officer who had brought them to the station had asked them to go inside the cabin to meet a senior inspector.

Meanwhile, Raj was wondering where Mahi could have gone.For a moment, he felt like meeting Niharika and asking her if she knew anything but then he looked at the time and wondered if he should call for Mayank might most probably be at home and he didn't want to make it any difficult for Niharika at the moment.However,he decided to embrace the risk and drove to her place.

Bharti tried calling Raj but he didn't pick her calls for he was trying Sonali's number and as he tried to make out of what she was trying to say,he knew that Sonali was deeply remorseful for her absent-minded nature at times due to being preoccupied with a lot of tasks on her mind.Raj somehow managed to console Sonali and even talked to Pushpak who was beside Sonali at that point,asking of him to assist Jiya as much as possible with the fashion show and Raj soon hung up.

Raj rang the doorbell,standing outside Niharika's door.Niharika promptly sprang towards the door and opened the door,voicing out for Mayank.Just then,she saw Raj and froze.It seemed as if time just stood still,and so did her tear which formed at the brim of her fine eyelash.Raj just gazed at Niharika who couldn't stop herself any longer and she ran into his arms before he could move forward to wipe her tear.

He couldn't think straight for Niharika didn't stop crying.She cried endlessly in fear for she confided in him about Mayank not having picked up her calls,which only occured when he was out of town, and she's just too petrified of the reasons her brother isn't responding to her calls or endless messages.Raj closed his eyes and held her closer in his arms,pacifying her and gently requesting to stop crying.Niharika withdrew from her hug and Raj cupped her face with his palms,gently wiping her tears away with his thumb.Niharika invited him inside and Raj entered inside.

Niharika:I'm sorry about your shirt..I'm..(Raj turned to face her and she pointed to his shoulder,where traces of her tears were seen)

Raj:It's ok Nihar..Go and freshen up,i'll wait...

Niharika:I'm fine Raj and i'm sorry that i just took you by surprise when i hugged you..It was by mistake,i didn't mean to..

Raj:I get it Nihar..I'm sure you didn't have any such intentions in mind..(Niharika smiled weakly)Waise,agar Mayank hota na,toh zyaada mazaa aata..(Niharika grew slightly irritated)Kyun??

Niharika:Tum yeh kya keh rahe ho??

Raj:Arre,kam se kam Mayank ko pata chalta ki uski behen ke dil mein aakhir kya chal rahi hain,kyun??

Niharika:Tum..(Raj silently observed and enjoyed watching the irritated Niharika)Tum mere taang keech rahe ho??

Raj:Main??Main aisa kyun karunga,Nihar??

Niharika:Main fresh ho kar aati hoon...(Raj realized that she felt quite annoyed by his flirtish nature and stopped her from leaving)

Raj:Acha,i'm sorry..Don't worry,Mayank will be back soon!!Ohh my,i hven't told you why i'm here,right??(Niharika looked at him)Have you,by any chance,talked to Mahi today??

Niharika:Not at all,Raj..Why??

Raj:Usne yaha bhi call nahin kiya??Toh phir kahaa jaa sakti hai yeh ladki??

Niharika:What's wrong,Raj??

Raj:Huh??Erm,nothing...I think i'll leave...Bye!!

Niharika:(held his wrist)Not so soon...Baat kya hai??(Raj took Niharika's hand and held it close to his face)Ab main tumhe kya bataao,Nihar??(told her everything about Shaadi Plus and what had happened,including his,Sonali's and Mahi's plan to find out why Bharti is intending to marry Mayank and how the plan backfired on them to a certain extent because of Sonali's absent-mindedness)WHAT??(she took her hand off from Raj)Mahi's registered in Shaadi Plus as well??(now she realized what the call from Shaadi Plus a few hours back was all about)I'll be right back!!(tried to go but Raj stopped her)

Raj:And where exactly do you think you are going??Answer me right now Nihar...What were you and Bharti exactly thinking??What was the point of this whole drama if Bharti or Mayank weren't exactly marrying each other??Now,don't bother denying anything for i'm no stupid fool..

Niharika:Raj,i'm not telling you anything...

Raj:You can't leave till you tell me everything,Nihar..You've done all these so obviously you must have a logical explanation,yeah??

Niharika:Look,this is between me and Bharti and Mayank,so you don't have to..

Raj:I've got to,at least now,i need to know for Mahi is missing...And it's definitely my plan to interfere now for if Bharti hadn't called Sonali to ask about Shaadi Plus's contact number,you two wouldn't have registered Mayank's name in the first place and neither will Mahi go missing..Do you understand,Nihar??(pulled her towards him)

Niharika:There is nothing going on between Mayank and Bharti;they're just best friends!!In fact,no one would have guessed that Mayank would have proposed to Bharti in the first place..And now i think all of this is because of me!!

Raj:(let go of Nihar's wrist)What do you mean??

Niharika:Raj,there was this rumour going on in Trends,you must be aware of by now,that Mayank has a mysterious girlfriend and i have been pestering him to get married and also to introduce his mysterious girl to me..Perhaps it was because of the pressure that he proposed....And in addition to that,when i heard from Bharti that Mayank was trying to solve his problem as well as Bharti's problem together with his idea of contract marriage..

Raj:Wait...What???Contract marriage??Bharti's problem?

Niharika:That some people at work are trying to find out about her marital past..(Raj realized that Gyaan and Vinita were behind this and they hadn't backed off)That's why without Mayank knowing,Bharti and I registered Mayank's name in Shaadi Plus!!

Raj:What the heavens!!So Mayank doesn't have any clue that he's been registered in Shaadi Plus and he believes that he's going to so-called contract marry Bharti??

Niharika:He's not going to marry Bharti for both of us had already planned something else..

Raj:And what might that be??

Niharika:Why should i tell you??

Raj:Uff come on Nihar..Itna bol diya toh yeh bhi bol do na..

Niharika:Main tum par kaise barosa kar sakti hoon,hhmm??

Raj:Kyun??Jab meri baahon aa gayi thi,tab toh tumhe koi parishaani nahin thi na??(raised his eyebrows as he leaned closer towards her)Toh ab kis baat se problem hai tumhe??

Niharika:Dekho,woh toh bas aise hi..ho gayi thi!!

Raj:Haan haan,kyun nahin...Toh aise hi bol do..(smiled subtly)

Niharika:Woh..Maine aur Bharti ne socha ki ek break up plan kare...Mayank ko kuch bhi nahin pata chalega ki hum dono iske peeche hain..

Raj:Mujhe ek baat bilkul bhi samajh nahin aa rahi hain..Jab Bharti khud Mayank se pyaar nahin karti,toh usse saaf saaf manaa kar deni chahiye na??I mean,why beat around the bush??Ok,ab tumhe bata chal gayi hain ki Bharti Mayank ki girlfriend nahin hain toh tum kyun sab kuch clear nahin karti??

Niharika:(pushed Raj's chest away from her with her index finger)Ab main tumhe aur kuch nahin bataa sakti kyunki maine already tumhe bohat kuch bataa diya hain..Aur nahin!!

Raj:Arre par kyun??

Niharika:Kyunki mujhe Mayank ko dhoondhna hain aur tumhe Mahi ko..So,niklo yahaa se...

Raj:Tum mujhe,ek athithi ko,apne hi ghar se baahar nikalva rahe ho??Chee,chee..

Niharika:Sharafat se bol rahi hoon warna main tumhe abhi dhakka de kar nikalvaaongi!!

Raj:Hayye Nihar..(placed his hand and supported his chin)

Niharika:(her irritation was replaced by a weak smile as she gently blushed)Get lost,Raj!!

Raj:Waise,i can actually give you an idea for Bharti's and Mayank's break up,if you want...Just ring me if you need any help!!

Niharika:Which i don't need at this point of time...

Raj:But at some point of time,you'll surely need my help..Trust me!!(winked at her and drove off from there)

~Payal's place~

Payal:Heyy,what are you doing at the terrace,yaar??

Bharti:Nothing Paayu,i'm just so worried for Mahi..She's been missing for hours and that too after a fight with Sonali..(told Payal about Raj's phone call)

Payal:Hhmm,don't worry yaar...Sab theekh hoga!!Have you tried calling Armaan??

Bharti:Payal,i'm not talking to him for the time being..

Payal:Whyever not??

Bharti:He owes me an apology big time and until he doesn't do so,i'm not going to do the talking...Uh-uh,don't even try the coaxing talk with me for i've already made up my mind...I'm going to call Raj and Sonali so excuse me...

~Police Station~

Mayank went inside the cabin only to realize that it was Shashank,an acquaintance of Mayank's partner in London and that he had met him on several occasions.Mayank explained of the situation that occured and the inspector looked at Mahi. Mahi glanced at Mayank who had paid the inspector the fine of Rs 1000/- and was about to say something but Mayank quickly asked about their cars which were abruptly halted then,when a police official had brought them both.Shashank had told them to wait outside for their motor vehicles and Mayank left with Mahi.

While waiting outside,Mahi looked at Mayank.

Mahi:Tumhe yeh sab karne ki koi zaroorat nahin the..

Mayank:Toh main aur kya karta??Tumhe jail jaane deta??Bata nahin yeh sarkar kitne paise aur khaayenge hum sab se..Pehle toh speeding penalty ke liye sirf Rs 300 ya Rs 400 hua karta tha par ab ek hazaar ho gaya hain aur agar nahin diya toh chey mahine salaakhen ke peeche...Can you believe that,Mahi??

Mahi:Meri waje se bohat takleef uthaani padi hain na??

Mayank:Kuch zyaada hi takleef uthaana pada mujhe..Agar tum mujhe pehle hi maamla liptaane deti,toh kam se kam itna toh nahin dena padhtha na,Mahi??Khayr,ab gaadi aane ki dher hain..Tumhe kuch chaahiye??I mean,peene ke liye..

Mahi:Nahin..Woh main..

Mayank:Tum yehi rukho,main abhi aata hoon..(Mayank brought two cups of coffee for both of them)Coffee??


Mayank:Tum theekh ho??


Mayank:Kuch hua tha aaj??

Mahi:Nahin..Kuch nahin..

Mayank:(realized that Mahi didn't wish to say anything)Mahi i'm not going to ask,so don't worry..Sirf tumhaari din nahin,bhal ke mere din bhi bohat zyaada kharaab tha Trends mein..Pehle humaare naye design ka leak ho gaya tha aur woh bhi tumhaari Men's Universe ke doosre fashion show mein..(Mahi almost choked)

Mahi:What??Men's Universe ke waje se??Kya bak rahe ho tum Mayank??

Mayank:Mujhe pehle se shak ho raha tha par jab mere hi designer ne woh designs dikhaaya tha toh mujhe yakeen ho gaya tha..

Mahi:Par aise kaise ho sakta hai jab Armaan ne..(paused and wondered if Armaan had a hand in this but she shook the thoughts away,knowing Armaan well enough)


Mahi:No,nothing..You must be mistaken!!

Mayank:In that case,why don't you follow me to Trends and i'll show you personally..How about that??

Mahi:Fine,we'll do that right away once our cars are here..I won't let you put some accusation on MU just like that..

Mayank:Fine,suit yourself!!

Meanwhile, Armaan and Jiya were occupying themselves with the ongoing fashion show while looking at their respective mobiles.Armaan tapped on Jiya's shoulder.

Armaan:You ok??

Jiya:Yeah,i guess...Any luck,Armaan??


Jiya:None either...Wonder where Raj has gone as well..He should have been here by now;he's gone for hours and he hasn't even called yet..

Armaan:And the fashion show is almost over..Let's just hope for the best,k?

Jiya:Hhmm yeahh..I'm glad that Pushpak and Sonu are here to help..

Armaan:Yeahh,they've been of great help especially Sonu..Perhaps that's how she diverts her attention from problems..

Jiya:Armaan,hold on..It's Bharti calling..(picked up)Hello??

Bharti:Jiya,can you hear me??Bharti here..

Jiya:Hi Bharti..

Bharti:Is everything ok there??Has Raj called you regarding Mahi??Is she there with you guys??

Jiya:How did you know about Mahi??

Bharti:Actually Raj called me an hour back,wondering if Mahi had contacted me but after that,i haven't heard from him so i was wondering if Mahi's at the fashion show venue by now..

Jiya:No Bharti..In fact,Armaan and I were just almost done with the fashion show but Mahi hasn't reached yet nor has Raj called any of us..

Bharti:Uff..Jiya,just relax,k??She'll be there with you soon,k??If she has reached,just give me a call or message me,k??

Jiya:Yeah sure..Thanks Bharti!!Good night..

Bharti:Nitezz!!(hung up)

~Men's Universe~

Raj locked his cabin door after wrapping up for the day and had come back 15 minutes back just to make sure that Mahi didn't leave him any message.However,he was not in much luck as there was no such note on his desk. He tried dialling Mahi's number again while waiting for the lift.Just as the lift door opened,he was appalled to see Mahi right before his eyes and that too with Mayank in the lift.Mahi was equally shocked when she saw Raj at Men's Universe,wondering what she could tell him if he were to ask anything.

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