Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, October 28, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 228~

Raj quickly entered the lift and stood in between Mahi and Mayank.Raj wondered what Mahi could be doing with Mayank and before he thought of anything further,he quickly busied himself with smsing Niharika about Mayank,

xxxHey,I had no idea that we were destined to be together..Jokes apart,i just found myself standing between Mahi on my left and Mayank on my right in the lift in Men's Universe building..Apparently i guess that both Mahi and Mayank had been together,so just get back home asap!!xxx

Raj:Erm Mahi,i assume that you had gone to Nirvana for the final show tonight??

Mayank:Fashion show??

Raj:Yeahh Mayank,apparently all of us had been trying Ms Mahi Talwar's mobile endlessly since 4 pm, to inform her of the last minute changes but i guess she was so busy with you..

Mayank:Actually Raj,you're getting it wrong..I.(looked at Mahi who shook her head,gesturing him not to tell Raj anything as of yet)

Raj:Oh yeah??Mayank,you're a reputable boss and yet you can show such unprofessionalism..Impressive indeed!!And you,Mahi??Have you got any idea how perplexed all of us are??I had tried going wherever i could to find you so as to get you to the fashion show venue to help Armaan and Jiya but now i see you enjoying your time with Mayank??If that was really the case,why were you even mad at Sonali for??Why did you shout at him when you got to know that...

Mahi:Raj,just stop blabbering when you don't even know what the truth is,alright??

Raj:Right,alright Mahi..Do as you please for i'm not going to bother anymore...But at least go and meet Sonali for i don't know if she's still crying for you..She had not even spoken to anyone else after taking the entire blame on herself for forgetting to withdraw your name from Shaadi Plus!!(Mayank was stunned and speechless as Raj left from there)

Mayank:Mahi,you should have..

Mahi:You need not interfere,Mayank...Bye!!

Mayank:B..(Mahi had already left from there in different directions from him)Crap!!Because of me,i had created a misunderstanding between Raj and Mahi..Damn it!!(drove towards home)

~Nirvana Hall~


Armaan:Raj,are you sure??

Raj:I don't know..I was just super pissed and i still am mad at her...I'm sorry that i couldn't reach earlier..I'm going to go off!!Where's Sonu??

Armaan:Pushpak just left with her back home..We told them to head off first..

Raj:Thanks yaar...And Armaan,i'm sorry if i had appeared ruder earlier on...Nitezz guyzz!!


Raj:Kya?(saw Jiya looking at him intently)I'm fine Jiya and don't worry...i'm heading back home,alright??


Raj:Haan yaar pakka!!Good night..

Jiya:Hhmm nitezz..

Raj:Armaan,drop her home,k??

Armaan:Yeahh i will...(Raj left from there)

Jiya:Yeh sab kya ho raha hai yaar??

Armaan:Mahi theekh hain na,so relax!!Don't worry,i'll talk to her,k?

Jiya:Hhmm chale??I'll message Bharti that Mahi's fine..(both of them were the last to leave from Nirvana Hall)

Armaan reached home after dropping Jiya and was surprised to see Sudha still awake and that too with a mug of coffee in her hand.

Armaan:Sorry Maa,forgot to call ya and inform that i could be really late..

Sudha:And i thought that you'll be much later..How did it go??


Sudha:You don't seem optimistic..

Armaan:Maa,i'm just so tired..

Sudha:You want me to give you a head massage??

Armaan:I would seriously love that but aren't you tired too??

Sudha:Oh come on,sit down...(Armaan placed his bag on the dining table and sat in front of Sudha,with his back facing her such that it was easier to massage his head)

Armaan:Maa,i'm already starting to feel good actually...

Sudha:Uff,you really have to take good care of yourself Armu..You seem so tired lately..Is everything ok at work??

Armaan:Yeah Maa,everything's under control..(recalled Bharti having called him and that his mum answered her call)Waise Maa,aapne uss raat Bharti se phone par bat ki thi na??Kya keh rahi thi woh??

Sudha:Kyun??Khud kyun nahin poocha??

Armaan:Maa,main busy hoon na iss liye nahin poocha par aap toh bataao na..

Sudha:Sorry hun,my lips are sealed..Agar itni dilchaspi hain jaanne ki,toh jaa kar ussi s hi directly pooch lena,theekh hai??Good night..(headed to her room after washing her hands)

Armaan:(frowned)Nitezz!!(stood up and went to his room,locking his room door)

After his shower,he dialled Mahi's mobile and hoped that she would pick up his call.

Armaan:Hey,phone matt kaatna Mahi..Armaan bol raha hoon!!

Mahi:Main tumhaare phone kyun kaatungi,Armaan??

Armaan:Maine sunaa hain ki tum aaj bohat gusse mein ho iss liye pehle hi bol diya tha..

Mahi:Kya baat hai??

Armaan:Kuch nahin,bas ainvayi phone kiya tha..

Mahi:Armaan,you wanted to know where i went and how i could be so irresponsible that i didn't bother to attend the fashion show tonight??You too think that i've been roaming around with Mayank and had become a freeloader,hhmm??

Armaan:What?You were with Mayank??What's exactly going on Mahi??

Mahi:Didn't Raj tell you that he saw me and Mayank in the lift in the MU building??

Armaan:What??He did say that he met you and that you were fine but he didn't give any details to me or Jiya..He just told us that you were in Men's Universe when he was about to leave from there..He was super pissed and we thought of asking him later but he left sooner..What exactly were you doing with Mayank??

Mahi:Armaan..(sighed deeply)You had seen me going with Sonu and Raj,right??


Mahi:We went to Shaadi Plus..Actually the three of us had gone to check why Bharti had asked Sonu for the contact number of Shaadi Plus..While trying to figure out that,we realized that Sonu forgot to withdraw my name from that matrimonial agency,which i had told her to do so months back..(Armaan remembered the time when Sonu got caught by Mahi for registering her name without her knowledge)And the receptionist there told me that she even got me a prospective groom for me and how lucky can i be??How lucky can i be to get a prospective groom in the form of Mayank Sharma??


Mahi:That's when i got to know that his name was registered in Shaadi Plus too...But it just didn't make any sense to me!!I got pissed with Sonu and left from there asking her to leave me alone to my matters..

Armaan:(got perturbed by the revelation,shaking his head)Ahh,phir kya hua??Phir tum kahaa the ab tak??

Mahi:Gusse mein overspeeding ke liye pakdi gayi thi..Aur mere naseeb se ek aisa police officer aa gaya tha ki woh mujhe ek ATM machine se paise bh withdraw karne nahin de raha tha...Mere paas uss waqt sirf dus rupees the..Can you believe that??


Mahi:Aur suno,Armaan...Agar tumhe lagta hai ki abhi tak jo hua woh bohat bura hai toh aage suno..Itna bura din mere zindagi mein shayad..

Armaan:Aisa kya ho gaya??

Mahi:Mr Mayank Sharma ho gaya tha..

Armaan:KYA??Woh waha bhi pohanch gaya??

Mahi:Ji haan...In fact,woh toh madat karne aa gaya tha..Aur maine saaf inkaar kiya tha aur usse pehchaane tak nahin thi officer ke saamne par woh maane tab na...Aur officer toh hum dono ko pakad kar thaane lekar gaya..

Armaan:Police station??

Mahi:Hhmm,aur tension mein maine apna mobile gaadi mein rak diya aur iss liye koi phone calls tak uthaa nahin paayi aur yeh bata paayi ki main kahaa phas gayi thi uss waqt...

Armaan:Ab sab theekh hain na??Tum wahaa se kaise nikle??

Mahi:Mayank woh senior officer ko jaanta tha aur usne hazaar rupees ka fine bhar diya tha...

Armaan:Shukr manaao ki woh uss officer ko jaanta hai warna..Par tumhe toh wahaa Nirvana Hall pohanchna chaahiye the na toh phir MU wapas kaise gayi??

Mahi:Acha??Toh phir mujhe kaise bata chalti ki humaare doosre fashion show mein kya gul khila tha??

Armaan:Kya matlab??

Mahi:Mayank ne mujhe bataaya tha ki Trends ki agle hafte ke success bash ke liye uske designer ki special designs leak ho gaya tha aur woh bhi humaare fashion show mein...Tumne hi sab ke saamne responsibility uthaaya tha na jab humaare ek model ki dress last minute mein jal gayi thi,hhmm??Toh tumhe yeh last minute dress kahaa se mil gaya tha??Bolo...(Armaan paused and recalled how he had actually seen Bharti and Raj discussing with Khushi,whom he had seen at his place one night)Mayank ne mujhe dikhaaya tha aur tab mujhe poori tarha se ehsaas ho gayi thi ki woh design chori ho gayi thi aur ab Trends ki ek designer humse kaafi had tak naaraaz hain...Aur bata nahin ki aage kya hoga..Woh log toh humein kahin ka nahin chodenge!!Aur Amarjeet si ko bata chal gaya toh bata nahin kiska kya hoga??Bataao mujhe ki tum kisko bachaa rahe ho??

Armaan:Kya matlab Mahi??Maine hi woh dress..

Mahi:Bakwas band kar,Armaan...Main achi tarha se jaanti hoon ki tum aise kuch kar hi nahin sakte,chaahe kitni buri haalaat kyun na ho..

Armaan:Fine,main Bharti aur Raj ko bachaa raha tha..

Mahi:Kya?Par kyun??Kya unn dono ke waje se dress jal gaya tha??

Armaan:Nahin,actually meri hi galti ke waje se..(narrated everything that happened that night between him and Bharti and how he blasted off at Bharti to get him a new dress in 20 minutes and how he got to know from whom Bharti got the dress from)Par mujhe kahaa se bata hoga ki Khushi ab Trends mein kaam kar rahi hain??They got the dress from her and by the way,she is supposedly well aware of the rivalry between Trends and MU and that she shouldn't do a thing like this on her own..At least,she should have informed Mayank but what are we to do now??What if the designer blames us and puts it entirely on us??Even their firm is at fault as well...

Mahi:OMG!!Do you even realize the severity and seriousness of this situation??Aur...

Armaan:Uff Mahi,what did you want me to do then??Perhaps you didn't realize but the next day,Bharti was going to take full responsibility for the situation but i just couldn't..

Mahi:And you stepped in to help her??To conceal her fault and accept full responsibility??

Armaan:Mahi,it's not as if i'm not the one at fault..I was the reason for the dress to get burnt in the first place since I had pulled Bharti back and she dropped her candle...

Mahi:(got amused and laughed in between)Oh my god,Armaan!!!You're just too cute,seriously!!

Armaan:Now,why are you laughing at me for??

Mahi:I'm not laughing at you yaar..


Mahi:Main bas yeh dekh rahi hoon ki tum Bharti se kitna pyaar karte ho...

Armaan:Mahi,i don't...

Mahi:Don't you dare,Armaan!!

Armaan:Mahi,i'm serious..

Mahi:Oh really??

Armaan:Aha, or else why do you think i made her get that dress in 20 minutes??Why did i blast off at her??Tell me..

Mahi:Fine,Armaan!!If that is the true case,i wanna dare you to do something...


Mahi:Prove to me that you've forgotten about her by turning her in...By confessing that Bharti got the dress instead,if the designer comes and sues us..What say??

Armaan:Yeh...sab kis liye Mahi??Bewaja hi...

Mahi:Kyun??Kya hua??Darr gaye,Armaan??

Armaan:Aisa nahin hai Mahi...We're not exactly sure that the designer will come and sue us,na??

Mahi:And what if the designer decides to do so??

Armaan:In that case,we'll think then,ok??

Mahi:(rolled her eyes)Armaan,you can seriously admit it to me that you can't turn her in because you can't bear to see her in trouble and you'd rather take all the blame on yourself than cause hurt to her..Right??

Armaan:(hesitated as he pondered over Mahi's words)Na..Nahin..Aisa kuch nahin hain Mahi...Aur tum meri baat kaan khol kar sunn lo,Sonu ko maaf kar dena yaar...Bechari ro ro kar apna bura haal kiya tha poori raat fashion show ke waqt..Pushpak ko bhi kuch nahin bataa rahi thi aur maine un dono ghar bhi jaldi bhej diya tha..Woh toh uss waqt bhi bas Aunty ke waje se yeh sab kiya tha..

Mahi:I know Armaan par mujhe thoda waqt chahiye tha akele bitaane ke liye...I just don't understand ki main Maa ko kaise sambhaloo..Woh toh yeh soch thi hain ki main akeli khush nahin reh sakti...Aur unke baaton ke waje se hi main yaha Mumbai mein shift ho gayi thi apne ghar khareed ne ke baad..Tumse baat karke mera mann bohat halka ho gayi hain..Thanks yaar Armaan!!


Mahi:Par inn sab mein ek achi baat ho paayi hain!!Shayad Bharti Mayank se shaadi nahin karne waali hain...Aur tumhe aur hum sab ko galat fehmi ho gayi thi usse lekar...


Mahi:Mayank ka naam Shaadi Plus mein registered hain...Koi apne hone waale pati ke naam kyun matrimonial agency mein dega??Just think of the logic,yaar!!!Do you get what i mean??Mujhe aisa lagta hain ki Bharti ne khud Mayank ka naam register karwaa diya tha...Par kyun,yeh kuch hazam nahin hua hain..

Armaan:Hum sab ko Mayank ke invite kiya tha kal ke party ke liye...Kuch surprise party hain..Main seriously nahin jaanna chahtha hoon..

Mahi:Kyun nahin jaaoge tum??Tum zaroor jaaoge Armaan..And you know what??I think we can turn the whole situation around..

Armaan:Come again..What exactly??

Mahi:Tomorrow we stand a great chance to meet all the employees of Trends,including the designer..Trust me,i've got a plan..And even if the designer were to plan something against us, he or she won't be able to do it based on what i have thought..So you better come tomorrow,clear??

Armaan:Jiya made me promise her that i'll come..I did promise her and now i'll definitely come for you as well...

Mahi:Great..I'm eagerly looking forward to tomorrow!!

Armaan:So am i..Nitezz!!

Mahi:(was surprised by Armaan's reply but decided not to tease him further)Nitezz!!(hung up)Armaan,you are really passionate about Bharti..(sighed deeply)Kaash usse bhi bata chalti ki tum usse kitna pyaar karte ho par woh na jaane kahaa se musibaton ko apne kareeb aane deti hain...(shook her head)Jab tak Armaan uske saath hai,usse koi choo bhi nahin sakta..Kaash har kisi ko apna pyaar mil paata....

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