Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, November 28, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 233~

Armaan kept pacing up and down,not knowing what to do.He just couldn't take the unsettling matter just stressing him out to the core.For a moment,he just felt like tearing himself apart and throwing every thing across the floor.Armaan looked at himself in the mirror and turned away for he couldn't even face himself for what he had done.He felt as if he had misbehaved with Shreya but he wasn't certain of anything.It just killed him for he realized one thing--That if he had misbehaved with Shreya,not only did he lose his friendship with her but he had just lost respect and trust in himself,for haivng lost control over his temptation.While thinking about the night,he thought about his feelings for Bharti which kept resurfacing,no matter how much he tried to forget her,especally last night.

Just then,his mobile rang.Armaan wiped his tear and checked his mobile.He was shocked to see that it was Shreya who was calling him.He wondered what he ought to even say and kept thinking.Soon,Shreya hung up and called his home.Armaan realized it was Shreya and he just tried to avoid her calls.Shreya wondered whether he was at home or not but nevertheless she left a message for him.

Hey Armaan,i don't know if you're at home or not..I tried your mobile as well but heyy,listen...You were so drunk last night and i had dropped you home last night;i hope your mum didn't chide you or anything for i think it must be your first time,na??But i wanted to actually talk to you about last night..I was thinking if you could meet me for dinner tomorrow..Please don't say No for i really need to sort things out with you asap and i bet you want to,as well..Please do come,hhmm??Now i get it...If you're thinking of avoiding my calls because of last night,then dude seriously chill...In fact,it was really hilarious the way you behaved last night..Well,maybe it was to me for i've never seen this side to you!!Please yaar,aa jaao dinner ke liye,hhmm??Ciao!!(End of Voice-Mail)


Ww..What??That's it??Shreya seemed so normal..So jovial,cheeky and herself!!!If something were to have happened last night,then surely she wouldn't have ounded so cheery...(heaved a deep sigh of relief)That means nothing happened between me and Shreya??Whoa,that's a total relief!!But what was that which i remembered then??Thank God that she called or else i wouldn't know what had actually happened..I'll surely meet her for dinner tomorrow!!


~Next Day~

~Amore Saloon~

Sush:Hey,i'm done for the day..Can help me take over the rest of the customers for the day?

Niharika:Where are you off to,hhmm?

Sush:Nowhere,just shopping...Unlike you!!

Niharika:What did i do yaar??

Sush:Rehne do..Waise bhi,tum toh aaj kal bohat khoyi khoyi se rehti ho..Kahin pyaar ka chakkar toh nahin hain na??

Niharika:Are you nutzz or something,Sush??

Sush:Mujhe kya pata??(just then Raj dropped by and Niharika was shocked but she instantly pretended as though she didn't see him and excused herself)What's with her??

Niharika:(thought to herself)Ab yeh yaha pe kya karne aaya hai??Kal raat na jaane maine kitni baar phone kiya tha par usse toh koi farqh nahin padhtha...Theekh hai,ab main bhi dikhaati hoon ki mujhe bhi koi farqh nahin...No,Nihar,wait!!!Yehi toh chahtha hai woh...Right!!Woh toh bas yeh dekhna chahtha hai ki main kuch aisa react karoo ki usse yeh ehsaas ho jaaye ki mujhe bhi farqh padhtha hai..I'll deal with you in a different way,Mr Raj Malhotra!!(smiled winsomely at her plan and went to talk to Sush before she left)

Sush:Kahaa margayi thi tum??

Niharika:Yaar,actually i needed a favour from you..Ab jab tum shopping ke liye nikal hi rahe ho,toh please mere liye kuch cheezein le aaoge??

Sush:Hhmm alright..(as she turned,she noticed Raj and wondered what he was doing here after quite a long gap;she looked at Niharika who got busy with another customer and went off after giving Raj a glare)

Raj:(shook his head and thought to himself)She's surely ignoring me for what I did the day before yesterday..Nevertheless,i'm going to talk to her at any cost now and no one's gonna interrupt!!!

Niharika:(felt Raj coming near her and she busied herself with the customer)So,would you like a new haircut??Erm,why don't you check some of the latest trends we've researched and tried on some..(was talking to a teenager who was flipping through the magazine and feeding information to her)


Niharika:Ohh hii Raj..(smiled widely,as though nothing had happened)Actually,do you mind waiting just for a while,as i have to attend to my customer,hhmm??(appeared as blank which really confused Raj who expected to react somehow)

Raj:Yeahh sure..(sat on a chair and browsed through some magazines while he waited for Niharika but he didn't realize that he was looking at the magazine upside down)

Niharika simply went about her work. Once in a while,she would glance at Raj and smiled to herself at her lil sweet victory of confusing Raj to the core,and then continued styling the teenager's hair.After an hour or so,she was done and as she went to the cash register to return the remaining cash,Raj heard the teenager praising Niharika for adding the new touch to her hair,which she is ever so proud of and before the teenager left,Niharika gave her a few complimentary vouchers.Upon receiving them,the teenager promised Niharika to bring in more of her friends to her saloon and she left.

Niharika:I had no idea of the hidden talent of your's in reading magazines upside down...Interesting!!

Raj:(just noticed what Niharika said and kept the magazine away)Now,are you free??

Niharika:Actually yeahh...Well,you seem like you just can't wait to talk to me...Just thinking about it makes me feel really on top..(smiled while Raj glared at her and almost rolled his eyes)So,what is it that you wanted to talk to me so badly about??

Raj:Ok,listen i've got no idea of what's running in your mind but i was mad,alright??

Niharika:What for??

Raj:What do you mean by what for??You simply shoved me away..

Niharika:Aha cuz i felt that Bharti needed me more than you for she had least expected whatever that happened on the success party night..And i'm still surprised at Mayank's surprises..But you were mad..Why exactly??

Raj:Look,ok you called at night and i was mad so i didn't pick up your calls...You've got all the right to be mad at me now...

Niharika:What exactly for??I'm not mad at you and who am I to you again??I mean,in what way are you giving me the permission to be mad at you??I'm no one and let me be this way,please!!Hey,let's just make this very clear that neither am i someone to you nor you are to me,yeahh??

Raj:What??What are you saying??

Niharika:Just what i have said to you...You've got anything else,Raj??

Raj:(was about to say something when a call interrupted him and he excused himself)Kya hai Jiya??

Jiya:Oye,iss tarha phone uthaa the ho kya??

Raj:Uffo,kuch zaroori kaam hai kya??

Jiya:Tum itne badakh kyun rahe ho,hhmm??

Raj:(inhaled deeply,so as to calm himself down)Ab theekh hai??

Jiya:Much better...

Raj:Bol kya hai..

Jiya:Hehe,bas aise hi..Bore ho rahi thi toh socha ki tumse kuch baatein shaatein karoo...Kya kar rahe ho??

Raj:Seriously Jiya??

Jiya:What??I'm bored!!Upar se,tum toh jaante ho na ki aaj Sunday hain...Maine socha ki tumhaare ghar aaoo par mujhe bata hai ki tum zaroor Nidhi ko lekar kahin ghoom rahe honge...

Raj:Nidhi so rahi thi aur maine nani ke paas usse chod aaya tha..

Jiya:Toh tum ghar par ya Nani ke ghar par nahin ho??

Raj:Nahin,main baahar hoon..(he didn't realize that Bharti just went inside the saloon to talk to Niharika)Acha,aur kuch??

Jiya:Kuch hua hai kya???I mean,tum itne irritated kyun lag rahe ho??

Raj:Jiya,i'm fine,ok??(as he turned to look at Niharika,he was shocked to see Bharti and wondered when Bharti had come,murmuring to himself)Pehle yeh Jiya aur ab Bharti...Yeh Bharti ab kahaa se aa gayi??

Jiya:Tumne kuch kahaa Raj??

Raj:Kuch nahin meri Jiya..Phone rakh,main tumhe baad mein call karunga!!Bye!!(hung up)

Jiya:Arre!!!(got irritated and hung up)

Niharika:Haan mere kaam toh ho chuki hain..In fact...(saw Raj standing before her)Ohh hi Raj,tum ab tak yehi pe ho??

Bharti:Oh hi Raj..(smiled)

Raj:Nihar,i'm not done with you!!

Niharika:But i thought we were and that was before you attended your call,remember??

Raj:I'm not done with you as of yet!!

Niharika:I'm really sorry Raj for i'm in a rush..Got a few appointments to go to..

Raj:With Bharti??

Niharika:Yeahh,with Bharti!!

Raj:Wow,amazing!!Bharti,you are still not done with your urgent talk since the Trends success bash,hhmm??

Bharti:Raj,woh main...(hesitated and looked at Niharika and wondered what was going on)

Raj:You know what??Just forget it!!!(left from there)

Bharti:Ohh-kay!!What's going on??

Niharika:We'll talk along the way..Come!!!Right now,let's quickly head to Shaadi Plus,we're already running late...

Bharti:Hhmm chalo!!

~Grand Hyatt Hotel~

Sonali:Whoa Mahi,a luch treat is surely amazing yaar..Par..

Mahi:Just as an icing after our patch up!!

Sonali:In that case,i'm cool with it...(smiled)

Mahi:Waise,where's Jiya by the way??She's supposed to join us!!

Jiya:Talk of me,the angel and i'm here!!!Awesome restaurant choice,hun!!

Mahi:Thanks and it's my treat,alright??So order whatever you want!!

Jiya:You seem pretty excited,Mahi..Everything's cool??

Mahi:(smiled widely)Actually Jiya i wanted to discuss something with you guyzz...

Jiya:Spill it..

Mahi:Bharti's internship is gonna end this coming Friday...That's just 5 days!!

Jiya:Oh crap!!Yeahh...

Sonali:Talk about Bharti yaar and i can only recall Armaan's face...


Sonali:Weren't you there at the Trends bash,Jiya??Ahh,you arrived a lil later na...


Sonali:Your best friend was totally smitten by Bharti that night,just admiring her from a distance and when i just "excited" him a lil by asking him to admit how he felt,he was outrightly complimenting her,of how sexy she looked...I mean seriously,he was really trying hard to hide his emotions in every possible way but lil did he realize that his strong felt emotions were written all over his face!!(the three of them just smiled widely)

Jiya:Sonu par kya kare??She's in love with Mayank now..(Sonali looked at Mahi and gestured her to tell Jiya but Mahi was in a dilemma)Yeh kya ishaara baazi chal rahi hai tum dono ke beech mein??

Mahi:Jiya,our lunch...Let's get started first!!!(heaved a sigh of relief)

~Shaadi Plus~

Bharti:Seriously i really think we should pull out Mayank's name from this..

Niharika:Actually,i'm contemplating the same..Just look at their choices Bharti...When both of us are not even liking them,how can we expect Mayank to even consider the choices??I mean,we are no one to judge these girls but at least we need to consider Mayank's tastes as well...

Bharti:Nihi,we can't rush into these things...

Niharika:I am just beginning to realize it Bharti..(placed her right palm on her chin with her fingers pointing downwards)

Bharti:(rubbed Niharika's shoulder)Hunn,i'm here na??I take responsibility for marrying off your brother,i promise you...Filhaal,humein doctor ke paas bhi toh jaana hain na??Don't worry so much yaar,please???(Niharika smiled weakly and nodded)

Niharika:Hold on..Let me just withdraw Mayank's name in that case...We'll find a girl for Mayank in our ways instead of paying people to find her..

Bharti:That's like my angel,Nihi!!(hugged Niharika,placing her arm around Niharika's shoulder)

~Grand Hyatt Hotel~

Jiya:So what's going on?



Sonali:Jiya,actually woh...What the...


Mahi:What,Sonu??(looked in the direction to which Sonu pointed)What the..(turned to face Sonu and Jiya)Arrgghh!!!


Mahi:What the hell yaar...Why is it that everywhere i go,he has to be there as well??

Jiya:Mahi,it's just sheer coincidence and it just keeps happening with you..Anyways,just forget him na...We were talking about something,remember??

Mahi:You know what Jiya??Mayank and Bharti..They're...(Sonali shook her head,gesturing Mahi not to utter anything as of yet)

Jiya:Yeahh,what about them??What do you think about them??Sorry to interrupt Mahi but i seriously find it really suspicious...More than Mayank and Bharti,i really wonder what's truly going on between Armaan and Shreya...

Sonali:Oh yeahh,what the hell was the kiss all about??

Mahi:He might have been too drunk??

Jiya:And i wonder how Sudha aunty must be taking it...Armaan's never been drunk!!

Sonali:Oh gosh!!That does sound bad for Armaan!!But didn't you guyzz realize that both Armaan and Bharti are still not on talking terms??

~Fortis Hospital~

Bharti:Nihi,tum jaa kar baitho,main bas yeh form bhr ke registration complete karti hoon,hhmm??(Niharika nodded)Haan Payal..(answered her mobile while filling up the form)Naina ko kya ho gaya??

Payal:Arre,kuch khaas nahin..Actually woh toh zidd pakad kar baith gayi thi ki usse park jaana tha bicycle ride karne ke liye..


Payal:Seekh bhi gayi..

Bharti:Arre wah!!Aur tum ho ke mujhe darraa rahe ho?

Payal:Actually woh ghir gayi thi kahin baar..

Bharti:Kya?Kab?Kaise??Tumhe dekhna chaahiye tha na Payal..Meri phool si bachi,kahaa hai woh??

Payal:So rahi hain..Tumhari princess agar nahin ghiregi toh phir kaise seekhegi yaar??(heard no response)Dekh,chinta matt kar..Zyaada chot nahin aayi hain,hhmm?Aur main hoon na yahaa pe..Acha sunn,kab tak lautoge??

Bharti:Bata nahin..I'll let you know,hhmm?Chal,i'll talk to you later,bye!!(both of them hung up and Bharti and Niharika were both instructed to head to the cardiology department and asked to wait)

~Grand Hyatt Hotel~

Jiya:Don't mind me asking you guyzz..You know how i had been away and basically...


Jiya:Is everything ok with Raj?I called him an hour back but he just sounded so irritated..I had not been in touch with him for days because of my London trip..

Mahi:Raj is..He's alright,Jiya!!Lately he's been mad at me; i've been mad at him,Sonu and even myself...On top of that,the fashion shows had been so hectic,taking a toll on our energy levels...Seriously,that could be it!!In fact,you should be excited yaar..


Sonali:Cuz finally we think that he's quite serious about Niharika..Hadn't it been a long while since he's been serious??

Jiya:(smiled)Yeahh..I just wish that one girl would just turn his world upside down and love him,never letting him go..Maybe Niharika's the one!!

Sonali:Sadly,that guy over there could be an obstacle in their love sotry!!(Mahi turned bck after noticing the designer,whom Raj had blackmailed,talking to Mayank)What is it,Mahi?

Mahi:The designer!!Raj had blackmailed him..

Jiya:What for?

Mahi:He was gonna sue us for the second fashion show ,where Armaan had taken responsibility for burning the dress...Remember??

Jiya:You mean Armaan got the dress from Trends?(Sonali shook her head and elaborated everything to Jiya)

Mahi:Can you believe that Vinita was involved in several fashion scandals,that we were not even aware of??

Jiya:Actually it's kinda typical of Gyaan and Vinita,don't you two think so??

Mahi:It now seems that the situation is under control but i'm just worried!!

Jiya:(thought to herself)That basically means that Armaan took responsibility just to ensure that Bharti's name isn't tarnished in any way..That is fathomable but what the heck is going on between him and Shreya???

Sonali:What are you thinking about,Jiya??

Jiya:Nothing,just about Bharti's internship!!5 more days and she'll n longer be part of Men's Universe!!We've got to make these 5 days memorable for her,hhmm??

Sonali:And we'll get to meet her after that,na??(Mahi and Jiya looked at Sonali blankly)What,guyzz??She's just been around us so much;we can't just let her fade in or memories...Just the thought of her leaving saddens me...

Mahi:We've got to have gatherings and catch up with her..I've never thought that i would have grown so attached to her too..

Jiya:Yeahh,so we're gonna come up with plans and we'll work them out!!But before her internship gets over,we need to resolve the differences between Armaan and Bharti....Deal???(Mahi and Sonali nodded eagerly in agreement)

~Fortis Hospital~

Bharti:Uffo Nihi,bohat intezaar kar diya hai..Kab aayenge tumhaari yeh doctor??

Niharika:Rounds par gayi hogi Bharti..

Bharti:Kya tumhe hamesha itni dher tak intezaar karna padhthi hai??

Niharika:Kabhi kabhi but she's a damn good doc;she explains everything well...

Bharti:How long have you been seeing her??

Niharika:For the past six months..

Bharti:And Mayank's not aware of anything??(Niharika shook her head)Don't worry dear,sab theekh hogi,hhmm??

Niharika:I'm not worried Bharti..I'm just..

Bharti:Did i come at the wrong time today at your saloon??I mean,Raj wanted to talk to you the other day too and i just...

Niharika:Actually you came at the right time..

Bharti:What do you mean??

Niharika:(turned to look at Bharti with her welled up eyes)I've not been scared till now Bharti..I just feel that sometimes i just couldn't stop myself,like the night when Mayank was missing and Raj had come over to my place..I just lost it and hugged him without even thinking about anything!!And today,i told him that he meant nothing to me!!

Bharti:(gasped in shock)Wh..what??Nihi...!!!

Niharika: I'm feeling really scared right now and am trying to distant myself from him in every possible way..(Bharti widened her eyes in disbelief)I feel that he's in love with me but i don't know for sure...But no matter what,i want to eradicate even an inch of probability of love sprouting in his mind..

Bharti:(wiped Niharika's tears and hugged her)Ok,bas karo..I had no idea,Nihi that you really..(withdrew from the hug and Niharika wiped her tears entirely and smiled weakly)Now Raj will be thinking that i'm coming in between you and him;no wonder he was pissed with me today!!

Niharika:Promise me that you wouldn't say a word to him or anyone about this!!(Bharti nodded and promised her)

Just then,a clinical nurse called for Niharika.Bharti was told to sit outside while Niharika get her tests done inside.Bharti gestured to Niharika not to worry and Niharika went inside while Bharti just pondered about Raj and Niharika.Upon feeling her mobile vibrating,she picked it up,without looking at the caller.

Bharti:Haan Payal..

Shreya:Heyy,it's me Shreya..

Bharti:Oops.heyy!!(adjusted her seating position)I didn't see who it was and i thought it was Payal..Anywayzz how are you??

Shreya:(smiled)I'm good Bharti...In fact,i wanted to meet you..


Shreya:It's been some time since we've met na??I mean,apart from the Trends success bash and even then,i couldn't talk to you much..So,is it ok if you could meet up for dinner,hhmm??

Bharti:Shreya,it's real nice of you to invite me but i'm not sure...I will need to be back to my Naina quickly...

Shreya:It won't take long,Bharti...In fact,tonight i'm about to make a very important decision in my life and i will want you to be there..

Bharti:But why do you need me,Shreya??

Shreya:Because you've been there for me whenever i'm in a dilemma..Please Bharti,don't turn me down!!

Bharti:Ok,ok fine..Where do you wanna meet up??

Shreya:Oasis Restaurant,heard of the place??

Bharti:Yeah i think so..Yeah,the poolside restaurant,right??

Shreya:Yeah but since it's quite booked for the night,i've managed to get reservations inside,so there will be no poolside view for us..

Bharti:That doesn't matter Shreya...I'll try to be there by 8 pm,is that alright??

Shreya:Sure,it'll be perfect..So i'll see you later,hhmm??Bye!!

Bharti:Bye!!(hung up)I just hope everything's going alright for Nihi...(interlocked her fingers in a praying position and closed her eyes while she waited for the nurse to come out)

~After a few hours~

Raj went to his grandmum's place to fetch Nidhi.He was surprised to see Jiya playing with and cuddling Nidhi while chatting with his grandmum.

Raj:Nani,yeh kaun aa gayi hai aapko parishaan karne ke liye??

Jiya:Nani,aapke pote se kehde na ki Nidhi ro rahi thi aur agar main yahaa par nahin hoti,toh bata nahin ki kya ho jaata..

Raj:Nani,main aa raha tha na toh aapne isse kyun takleef di??

Nani:Uffo,bas karo tum dono...Raj,Jiya bas abhi abhi aayi hai..

Jiya:Nani!!Aap bhi na...

Nani:Baitho Raj..Main bas khaana lagaa thi hoon...

Raj:Nahin Nani,maine khaa liya hain..Aap mere liye kuch peene ke liye kuch peene ke liye le aayiye..(caressed Nidhi's hair and kissed her forehead and settled on the sofa,laying his head on the sofa)

Jiya:Tum theekh ho Raj??

Raj:Haan Jiya,main theekh hoon..Aur kitne baar poochoge tum??

Jiya:Yaar..(paused as Raj's Nani had come with the juices for both of them)

Nani:Raj,kal jab tum aaoge toh please meri yeh medicines lekar aana,hhmm??

Raj:Haan Nani,zaroor lekar aaonga..Aap bas mujhe aapke prescriptions dena..Ab koi problem nahin hain na??

Nani:Nahin Raj..Ab zyaada behthar hain!!(smiled)

Jiya:Waise Nani,aapko nahin lagta ki aapko Raj ke saath rehna chaahiye??

Nani:Nahin Jiya..Raj ko aksar bohat raat tak kaam karna padhtha hain na,iss liye maine bhi socha hai ke behthar hain ke main yahaa pe rahoo..Aur waise bhi,yahaa bohat saare yaadein juda hain iss ghar se..

Jiya:(smiled)Hhmm yeh bhi sahi hain,Nani!!

Raj:Acha Nani,aap so jaayiye,main Jiya ko drop karke ghar jaaonga,hhmm??Main bas washroom ho kar aata hoon...(went to the washroom)

Nani:Jiya beta,sunn..Meri ek kaam karoge??

Jiya:Boliye Nani..

Nani:Zara mere Raj ka khayal rakhna..Bata nahin mera jee bohat ghabraa raha hain..

Jiya:Kyun Nani??

Nani:Raj mujhe kuch bataa tha nahin par uske chehre se bohat zyaada thakaan aur tension main mehsoos kar sakti hoon..Zara uss par dhyaan dena,hhmm??Main zyaada sawaal bhi nahin karna chahtha kyunki usse bura lagta hai..

Jiya:Main jaanti hoon Nani..Aap befikr rahiye,hhmm??(hugged Nani and Raj carried Nidhi;soon both Raj and Jiya left)

~Fortis Hospital~

Bharti:Is everything ok??

Niharika:Bas Dr Anjali aa jaaye aur reports dikhaade..Uske baad hum jaa sakte hain,hhmm??

Bharti:Main zara washroom ho kar aati hoon,hhmm??(Niharika nodded)

Just as she opened the door and got out,she was stunned to see Mom while looking for the directions to the washroom.She instantly went back to Dr Anjali's room where Niharika was waiting for her and quckly shut the door.

Niharika:Kya hua??Tum itni jaldi washroom ho kar aa gayi??

Bharti:Arre Nihi,woh sab chod...Mom,i mean Armaan ki mom yahaa pe hai...

Niharika:Kya baat kar rahe ho??

Bharti:Mom yahaa kaise..(got lost in her thoughts)

Just then,Bharti got startled as she saw Mom and stood up instantly.

Niharika:Hi Dr Anjali...(looked at Bharti who stood up and nudged Bharti to sit down,murmuring to her)What,Bharti??

Bharti:(whispered back)Armaan's mom standing next to your Dr Anjali..(looked at Sudha)Hi Mom..Aap yahaa??

Sudha:Wohi main tumse bhi poocha chahthi hoon,Bharti...What a pleasant surprise!!This is..

Bharti:Niharika,Mayank's sister..

Sudha:Ohh hi Niharika..Nice to meet you dear..Anjali,who were you actually talking about??

Anjali:Niharika,she is my senior's colleague..She was interested to know more about your case and hence i had invited her..Do you have any objections if i were to share your case history with her??(Niharika hesitated as she looked at Bharti who was equally shocked)

Niharika:Erm,actually Dr Anjali..

Anjali:Look,i totally understand the extreme level of privacy you've wanted and i just wish to discuss this with Dr Sudha before thinking of the treatment options,that's all...

Niharika:Hi Dr Sudha..I've not told a single detail of my health complications to my brother or anyone in that matter except for Bharti,who only came to know about it a few weeks back..

Sudha:Don't worry hun;this will just be between us,that's it!!But if you still have doubts,i would not want your doctor to disclose anything,hhmm??

Niharika:I've got no objections,Dr Sudha..If i can be treated,i'll be the most happiest girl..(hugged Bharti who smiled and looked at Sudha who was browsing through the case history of Niharika's cardio reports)


Jiya:Raj,you know how much i hate to ask??

Raj:Excuse me??You--you hate to ask,hhmm??

Jiya:Ok fine yaar...I'm fed up of asking you so many times,yaar..Ab bol bhi do...

Raj:Tum kabhi bhi poochthe poochthe thak nahin jaate ho??Ek number ki zidd khor ho tum!!

Jiya:Kuch bhi ho,ab bol..

Raj:I'm fine Jiya...I will be fine!!

Jiya:Hah--got you!!You wil b fine,which basically means that you are not..What's the matter??

Raj:(murmured to himself)Aise hi phas the ho tum Raj!!



Jiya:What's the matter with you since afternoon??

Raj:Jiya yaar,i'm just..

Jiya:Niharika ne kuch??

Raj:I tried talking to her but..

Jiya:You seem so forlorn..Why??According to Mahi and Sonu,you two seem to be progressing...

Raj:There's no progression of any sort...How can there be any if you or Bharti keep interfering??

Jiya:What??What the hell did I do??

Raj:First it was Bharti on the night of the success bash of Trends..Then it was your call today and after i hung up,it was Bharti again..All in all,i just couldn't talk out to Niharika but..Nihar just all of a sudden told me that i meant nothing to her..

Jiya:What??(got amused)For the first time indeed,a girl said that you meant nothing to her,hhmm??

Raj:Laugh for all you want,Jiya!!

Jiya:Ohh,so this was why you were so friggin' irritated..I'm sorry dude,but how am I supposed to know??But why all of a sudden??

Raj:You know during our second fashion show when Mahi was missing,Mayank was missing as well,right??I had gone to Mayank's place and that's when i got to know that he was missing as well and Niharika just instantly hugged me,making me feel important for her...As if she couldn't do without me and now she's telling me that i'm no one for her and mean nothing!!I just couldn't understand her..I feel so used!!!

Jiya:(bursted out laughing)I know i shouldn't say it right now but i just can't resist myself...No hard feelings but weren't you like her??I mean,you used to fancy girls too and flirt with them till you lose the thrill??Now,when you're on the receiving end,you're feeling crap??But yeahh,you've got a point as to why all of a sudden Niharika is behaving weirdly...You want me to talk to her for ya??

Raj:No wayzz Jiya..That will only worsen things!!I'll sort it out on my own..I guess!!

Jiya:Waise i had a lavish lunch at Grand Hyatt with Mahi and Sonu..And we were planning on giving a memorable farewell week for Bharti since her internship ends this Friday!!Kya hua??Don't tell me you're mad at Bharti for not letting you talk to Niharika,hhmm??

Raj:It's not that yaar...

Jiya:Look Raj,now she's in love with Mayank and Niharika deserves to spend more time with her..

Raj:(thought to himself)Now how do i tell Jiya that there's nothing going on between Bharti and Mayank??That both of them are doing this for some other reason instead of love..Right now,i just don't wish to tell Jiya anything at all for she'll just intervene and complicate stuff!!

Jiya:Kahaa khoye ho??

Raj:Kahin nahin..!!You're right,Jiya..Bharti surely has the right to spend more time with Niharika..I'll surely meet her some other time since i've got all the time of my life..

Jiya:Finally,someone's in love,kyun??

Raj:She's different!!

Jiya:Ahhh,surely she is but what are you going to do about the major obstacle??


Jiya:Mr Mayank Sharma??

Raj:Raaste se hathaaa dete hain,kyun??


Raj:Mazak kar raha hoon yaar..Woh bhi kuch soche lenge!!(dropped Jiya home and went back home,thinking of what Jiya had said and tried to console his heart to accept Jiya's advice)

~Fortis Hospital~

Niharika had to rush home since Mayank was going to be home soon.She rushed home with her reports and medications to be continued while Sudha drove Bharti to Oasis Restaurant.

Sudha:Bharti,tum mujhe ek baat sach sach bataaoge??

Bharti:Haan Mom poochiye..

Sudha:Tum Mayank se pyaar karte ho??

Bharti:Ha---haan Mom..Yeh kaunsi sawaal hai??

Sudha:Shaadi karne ki iraada hai??

Bharti:Mom,maine kuch socha nahin hai iske baarein mein..

Sudha:Hhmm,i see..

Bharti:Mom,aapse ek request hain..Please aap Niharika ke baarein mein kisi se bhi kuch matt kehna..

Sudha:It's part of my professional and medical ethics,Bharti..Don't worry!!Here you go..Have a great dinner!!

Bharti:Why don't you join me,Mom??

Sudha:I'd love to but i've got some guests coming so i gotta rush back home..But you drop by with Mayank soon,hhmm??By then,i'll surely let you know about Niharika but don't you worry..We'll come up with something,hhmm??

Bharti:Sure,pakka!!Thanks Mom!!

Sudha:Lurve you..Bye!!

Bharti:Bye!!(waved at Sudha and went inside the restaurant while murmuring to herself)Uff,i am super late..Jab bhi kuch dher pehle aane ki koshish karti hoon,kuch na kuch aahi jaati hain...(looked around for Shreya and saw a waving hand,heading towards Shreya)Heyy,i'm really sorry for coming late...

Shreya:Hhmm sorry but i kinda ordered for you already...

Bharti:Oh you did??Great then...!!(smiled widely)Waise bhi mujhe zorro se bhookh lag rahi hain..Waise tum mujhe kuch bataane waali thi..

Shreya:Yeahh,woh..(heard her mobile ring)I'm sorry,just give me a moment..Good evening Mayank sir..(Bharti shook her head,knowing what a super workaholic Mayank can be)Sir,could i call you back in 10 minutes' time??Haan,haan ok..(hung up)It's your fiance;i can say that,can't I??

Bharti:No Shreya, you can't for whatever that happened on the success bash was just a gift from Mayank,that's it!!You're taking it the wrong way,as though your Mayank sir and i are engaged..

Shreya:Hhmm,but suely it will soon happen,na??

Bharti:(thought to herself)Ek din main apna hi khoon kardoongi..Yeh ladki toh shaadi ke peeche hi padhi hain!!

Shreya:(snapped at Bharti)Hey Bharti,kahaa khoyi ho??I'm sure Mayank sir ki khayaalon mein na??(Bharti couldn't stop smiling with an inch of sarcasm added to it)

Bharti:Unbelievable Shreya..How did you figure??(Shreya didn't even recognize the sarcasm in Bharti's tone)Acha woh sab chod..Come to your matter!!

Shreya:Bharti,tonight i'm about to confess my feelings for someone...

Bharti:You're in love..WoW!!!!(felt ecstatic for Shreya but at the same time tried not to express what she usually felt about lovers,that she tend to discourage the extent of their love)Who's the lucky guy??

Shreya:I really thought about it and ever since the Trends bash,i've made up my mind!!

Bharti:Whoa!!He was at the Trends bash too??

Shreya:In fact,he's coming to meet me for dinner right now..

Bharti:WHAT??So what am i doing here??

Shreya:I just wanted you to be here when i'm..

Bharti:No Shreya..This is your personal matter..In fact,you should say it to him first!!

Shreya:I'm saying it to him Bharti..It's just that i want you to be there for whenever i had been in a dilemma or a problem,you had helped me and supported me...That's why i wanted you to be here!!

Bharti:If i had known this earlier,i wouldn't be here Shreya..

Shreya:Please Bharti??

Bharti:Alright,so is your guy on his way??Cuz i need to rush back home..

Shreya:Yeahh he's on his way!!Great,the food's here too!!

Bharti:Alright,let me just go and wash my hands and my face as well,hhmm??(Shreya nodded)

Shreya:I'll check where he is as well too...

Bharti:Cool,will be right back!!

Bharti had left to the washroom.Meanwhile,Armaan had parked his bike at Oasis Restaurant and entered. Shreya was about to call him but she saw him and waved to him.


Shreya:What took you so long??

Armaan:Erm traffic jam??

Shreya:Yeah right..Shut up Armaan!!(mildly hit him)Ok..(took a deep breath)About what happened at the Trends bash,you were drunk and you kinda kissed my cheeks..

Armaan:I'm so sorry..I couldn't recall anything much,you see..

Shreya:I didn't mind it at all Armaan..In fact,it just cleared everything for me!!I had no idea that you would really adore me..

Armaan:Of course i do,Shreya...(didn't bother to read between the lines and interpret Shreya's true meaning)

Shreya:That i wanted to tell you something since some time...I was mildly confused if i should tell you but someone did tell me that i ought to confide my feelings..


Shreya:Yeahh..(Bharti headed out of the washroom and just then,she felt as if she noticed Armaan but she received a call from Mayank)

Bharti:Yes Mayank..

Mayank:Kahaa ho tum??Mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat...

Bharti:Just call me a bit later,hhmm??(walked towards the table where Shreya was seated to confirm her doubt)

Shreya:I love you Armaan...(Armaan didn't listen to any of her words as he noticed Bharti standing behind Shreya)



Bharti:(noticed Shreya having held Armaan's hand,interlocking her fingers in his)I..I think i'll come back in a while;sorry for disturbing!!

Shreya:No,just come and sit,Bharti!!Armaan just arrived..

Armaan:Shreya,what were you saying??(tried to avoid looking at Bharti)

Shreya:Armaan,i..(smiled)I love you!!(Bharti dialled Mayank's number)

Bharti:Excuse me Shreya..Haan Mayank,bol!!(as she went away and talked to Mayank,she gradually turned around and took a distant glance at Armaan who held Shreya's hand in return and smiled,looking in her eyes,after he realized that Bharti was looking at him from a distance)

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