Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, November 28, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 234~

Mayank:When can we meet??I need to talk to you about us by the way...

Bharti:Hhmm alright..

Mayank:What alright,Bharti??Where are you lost??

Bharti:Huh,what?I'm fine,Mayu!!

Mayank:When can we meet??

Bharti:We'll meet tomorrow,hhmm??

Mayank:Ok,take care!!Nitezz!!(just hung up)

Bharti:Armaan's in love with Shreya??

Bharti just turned away and headed to the washroom to freshen up.She noticed that there was no one in the washroom and untied her hair as she had flashes of Armaan kissing Shreya's cheeks and holding her hand a few seconds back.She looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her hair but stopped herself instantly.

What do you think you're doing.Bharti??And why do you even care if Armaan were to be in love with Shreya or not??It's his life and whatever he does with it,why should you even bother??He's just no one..No one at all!!Right..So why am I so disturbed by him?He didn't even bother to tell me about Shreya,that he loves her..Bharti,why are you even expecting such things from him when there's no relation between you and Armaan??The friendship's broken for good and you don't have to care about him..Remember how he had insulted you and Mayank on the night of the success bash..Did he even bother to say sorry??No!!So why bother about what he does in his life??

Bharti,you've got much better things to do than get some guy's thoughts stuck to your head..Exactly!!I've got to just go and gobble up my dinner and make some excuse and leave asap so that i can go and cuddle my dear Naina...(smiled and caressed her cheek,leaving the washroom)

Shreya:Where have you been,Bharti??

Bharti:(smiled)Well,i thought i should leave you alone...(felt uncomfortable as she felt that Armaan's eyes were fixed on her's but she was determined not to look in his direction)I'm really excited for you,Shreya!!


Bharti:Yeahh..(ate in a hurried manner,almost burning her mouth as she was attempting to gobble up the hot plate of seafood)

Shreya:Bharti,are you seriously in a rush??(Bharti nodded)Oh crap,Mayank sir's call..Just hold on!!Excuse me...(went to a corner to talk to Mayank)

Armaan:Bharti..(pretended not to hear him and kept eating hurriedly)Bharti...(noticed that Bharti was feeling slightly uncomfortable but he had no clue of the reason behind her behaviour)Bharti,i need to talk to you..(got irritated as Bharti was not even paying heed to anything)Bharti!!(mellowed his voice a lil)Are you even listening to me???

Shreya:Damn it..Armaan,actually i need to go to Trends asap as Mayank sir needs me right now at this hour for an important errand to be run...

Armaan:At this hour??

Shreya:Yeahh,i'm realy sorry that i gotta go off first...Bharti,i just want to thank you so much for coming for the dinner today..It really means a lot to me!!

Bharti:Anytime,Shreya and i'm ever so happy for you!!(hugged Shreya)

Shreya:(withdrew from the hug)Okiez,i better get going...Bharti,Armaan will drop you home since it must be pretty late for you,na??You will,right Armaan??

Armaan:Yeahh i will...

Shreya:Ok,bye guyzz...(left from there)

Armaan just watched Bharti eat and wondered if he had ever seen her eat so quickly before.Armaan held Bharti's left hand,causing Bharti to stop eating abruptly.Bharti was pretty much irked by Armaan's touch this time round and she closed her eyes,moving his hand away forcefully. Consequently,she took some currency notes and placed it on the tabletop,leaving from there instantly without even uttering anything to him.

Armaan instantly paid the bill to the waiter without even waiting for the receipt or the change.He rushed to see where Bharti was but he just couldn't spot her anywhere.Just then,it began drizzling.He wondered where Bharti was and he assumed that Bharti couldn't have gone far as she surely didn't drive to the restaurant.While he searched for her,the rains gradually got heavier and he decided to head back and get his bike and search for her instead.

Armaan stopped wearing his helmet,thinking about how Bharti must be all by herself waiting for an auto somewhere along the deserted road. He wore his helmet and started his bike.In the middle of the roads,his bike stopped abruptly after he had ridden for a distance of a few metres.He took off his helmet and started to push his bike while getting wet and worrying for Bharti for she was still nowhere to be found.Nevertheless,he kept walking in the heavy rains.

On the other hand,Sudha kept looking at the clock and she tried her optimum to entertain her guests with the excuse of an emergency work that Armaan has had all of a sudden and how he had to rush off to work,but guaranteeing them that he's on his way home.However,she truly had no idea where her son had disappeared to.She excused herself and tried to call Jiya and Raj up.

Jiya:Aunty,Armaan toh yahaa nahin hain..

Sudha:Did he by any chance tell you where he was heading to??

Jiya:Aunty,relax..Woh bas kahin gaya hoa aur waise bhi,it's still early na??

Sudha:Jiya,you don't get it...I've got guests at my place..And he's still not here!!

Jiya:Aunty,Armaan ka wahaa hona zaroori hai kya??I mean...

Sudha:Jiya,i've told Armaan to come home for dinner and he agreed..In fact, the guests are here to see him...

Jiya:See him?What for??

Sudha:Woh Armaan ko dekhna chahthe hain..unki ladki ke liye..

Jiya:Ladki ke liye??(widened her eyes)Kis liye,Aunty??

Sudha:Tumhe kya lagta hai??


Sudha:Exactly par tumhaari yeh dost..Bata nahin ki woh kahaa pe hain!!

Jiya:Aunty,main bas wohi aa rahi hoon,hhmm??

Sudha:Haan,yeh theekh rahegi..Jaldi aa jaao!!(hung up)

Jiya:(hung up)Armaaann!!You're so screwed up!!(tried dialling Armaan's number but he didn't pick up since he apparently didn't hear it ringing in the midst of the heavy rains)

Armaan just stopped pushing his bike and placed his helmet properly on the seat.Just as he was about to cross the road,he noticed a car just speeding its way,diverting the pool of rainwater on the windscreen entirely on his shirt,drenching him even further.As he looked towards the direction of the car,he shook his head and tried to look closely.He saw a girl and as he crossed the road,he went closer and recognized Bharti from the dress she wore for dinner.Just as he tapped on her shoulder,Bharti turned around and hit him on the head real hard with a log in her hand.

Apparently she had not recognized him instantly for she was pretty much pissed with some goons who had been following her ever since she had stepped out of the restaurant.

"Ek ladki ko akeli kya dekh liya tum log toh uska faayda uthaane chale aathe ho...Kam se kam ab tumhaare akal thikaane pe toh aayega!!(stopped to think)Arre,yeh toh ek banda hai..Baaki dono kahaa chale gaye??Kya baat hai Bharti,yeh dande se log darr bhi jaate hain..(bent down to take a look and widened her eyes in disbelief,dropping the log instantly)Armaan???Oh crap,yeh kahaa se aa gaya??(gulped down her breath in an instant and shook Armaan but he wasn't responding)Oh crap!!Oh crap,yeh maine kya kar diya??Armaaannn!!!!!!Bharti,how stupid can you be??Tum...Arrggghh!!!(stopped talking and looked at Armaan affectionately)Bhale humaare dosti tooth chuke ho Armaan,how can i just stop not worrying,especially after what i've done now??

Armaan lay on the floor and Bharti caressed his wet hair.Her fingers fiddled down to feel Armaan's cheek and she couldn't help but smile.She leaned forward a lil but got startled when she saw Armaan gradually opening his eyes,blinking them repeatedly.Armaan realized Bharti having touched his cheek and as he looked at her palm,Bharti quickly withdrew her hand,feeling really awkward and instantly stood up.Armaan extended his hand,hoping that she would help him and she pulled him up.

Armaan:Thanks!!(Bharti rolled her eyes and took the log before turning to go off but Armaan held her wrist,stopping her)Bharti,i need to talk to you!!

Bharti:(her back was facing him)I don't have anything to talk to you about...Let go of my hand right away!!

Armaan:Look,mujhe bata nahin ki tumhaari problem kya hai..Tumhe itna gussa kyun hai ki tumne mere sarr phodne koshish ki...

Bharti:Oh just shut up!!!(took Armaan's hand away from her's)Look,mujhe nahin bata tha ki tum mera peecha karr rahe the,ok??Kuch gunda pade the mere peeche aur maine socha tha ki woh log the aur issi kaaran maine tumhe dande se marr diya tha..Lekin agar mujhe..(smiled)Agar mujhe pehle se hi bata hoti ki tum the,toh main aur zorr se zaroor maar thi!!

Armaan:(got irritated by her sarcasm)Dekho,main aur bardaasht nahin kar sakta Bharti...Main tumse..

Bharti:Tum dekho!!Mr Armaan Sinha,aapne toh saari dosti hi thod di hain na..So let it be!!(Bharti started to walk off)

Armaan:I can't just let things be,Bharti!!!(Bharti stopped walking)I'm sorry!!

Bharti:Wh..(blinked her eyes)What???(came closer to Armaan)Pardon me..

Armaan:I said i'm sorry!!I shouldn't have put the entire blame on you for ruining the model's dress and moreover,i shouldn't have put you in the tight spot for getting another dress for the fashion show!!

Bharti:You're sorry for that??Right..!!

Armaan:Why are you reacting like that,Bharti??

Bharti:You know what?Just forget it!!Why are you being even sorry when there is just nothing between us??Just forget it!!(turned away)

Armaan:Bharti,stop!!I'm trying to eradicate the distance between us but you're just trying to increase it even further...

Bharti:Why shouldn't I,Armaan??Give me one good reason...

Armaan:Bharti,i said i'm sorry..

Bharti:Armaan,i can hardly trust you anymore...In one moment,you just blame me entirely for almost ruining your fashion show and then,the next day when i try to speak up in front of Amarjeet sir,i just don't fathom what went into you that you accepted the entire blame on yourself!!What the hell is going on??You simply are not just making things hard for yourself,but for me as well!!!Sometimes,you just vent all your frustration and anger on me and the next day,you just come up to me to apologize???

Armaan:I'm really very sorry!!And i'm..

Bharti:Why am i even talking to you??


Bharti:Armaan,i just don't want to hear anything at all..Let me be!!


Bharti:Ok,then tell me what did I do that you just broke off our friendship??What had happened this time round??At least, this time i approached our problem in a different way,expressing my thoughts on our friendship..I had dedicated the song,from the bottom of my heart for you but...But i still get no response on what wrong I had done that i deserved to be deserted..I apologized despite not knowing what i had done..You know what Armaan??If you can't answer this,i really wouldn't want to waste my time talking to you in this rains!!

Armaan:You still can't remember a thing,Bharti??How you kept neglecting me??

Bharti:WHAT??(shook her head)Now when did I neglect you Armaan??

Armaan:Wow,talk about your memory...Don't you remember how you had asked Mayank to fetch Naina when i was sitting right in front of you??

Bharti:(shook her head,not being able to believe what Armaan had just said)Look,i seriously can't even recall when that happened and even if it did,so??Armaan,i can't believe that you can be so petty about this...You might have been busy or else i would have asked...Mayank was free and he offered to help!!This is such a trivial matter and you just broke our friendship just like that??

Armaan:You call this a trivial matter,Bharti??This is never a trivial matter Bharti for it really made me feel as if i'm no longer part of your life anymore...It made me feel that you have chucked me out of your life and i felt that if that was the case,so be it..You've moved on and right now it's my time to move on as well..

Bharti:You could have told me, Armaan...You could have openly talked to me about this..Why didn't you??

Armaan:Not everything needs to be told,Bharti!!!I had expected you to respect my emotions but you've just...

Bharti:You can't blame me for this,Armaan..Do you even realize how i live my life??It's not at all easy for me for i've got to ensure that all the work in MU as an intern is done and in between i ought to take out time for my university projects as well..Now that my internship is ending,i am on the lookout for other jobs so as to support myself and Naina..All in all,more and more troubles just keep propping up from nowhere and i've got to take care of everything on my own..I don't whine about my troubles to everyone but that doesn't mean that my life is a complete bed of roses either!!!So how do you expect me to remember what has happened for the day or the week before??(paused for a while before continuing)You know what?Just let it be...I'm sorry for hitting your head with this log...(threw the log away) and if i had known that you were supposed to be here with Shreya for dinner,i wouldn't have appeared in the first place!!She called me and that was why i was here...(shook her head)Bye!!

Armaan just couldn't believe what he had done.He felt awful for taking wrong decisions in a rash manner and that too for matters pertaining to him and Bharti.He watched Bharti walking on her own while rubbing her hands repetitively.He instantly took off his jacket and crossed the road,resuming to push his bike while catching up with Bharti to walk beside her.

Bharti:What do you want??

Armaan:Bharti,you can take my jacket..You're feeling cold,aren't you??

Bharti:(turned to face him and Armaan stopped pushing his bike)What the hell is wrong with every single guy??Just because i'm rubbing my palms,that doesn't mean that i'm seeking your attention to give me your jacket..Alright??

Armaan:Ok,fine..Relax!!I can drop you home if you want!!

Bharti:I'm fine,alright??Just let me be!!

Armaan:Look,i really don't think any auto is about to come this way and it's quite late already...

Bharti:You know what??I don't care if i'm going to walk all the way back home but i'm not coming with you!!

Armaan:Bharti,i said i'm sorry yaar..What will it take for my apology to be accepted??

Bharti:Just stop following me..Just let me be!!

Armaan:Bh...Bharti!!!(Bharti walked faster in the rains)

Much to her luck,she noticed a lorry passing by and upon seeing her in the middle of the road,the lorry driver stopped and accepted her plea to drop her by the main roads.Armaan too pleaded before the driver to drop him by the main roads as well since his bike had been stalled.The driver was reluctant to do so but after some thinking,he agreed to let Armaan join them.

Armaan offered to help Bharti to get onto the back of the lorry but she refused his help and got onto it after a few attempts.The lorry driver started to drive;Armaan and Bharti were seated diagonally across each other. Bharti was feeling extremely cold and Armaan just couldn't understand the extent of her adamant nature. He didn't mind getting drenched but he felt worried that she might fall sick.Bharti realized that Armaan was watching her and she turned away from him.He wished he could do something to set things right.Just then,he realized about the dinner plan and his mum's guests arriving home for dinner,slapping his forhead for having forgotten about it and simultaneously feeling the astounding pain in his head,where he got hit by Bharti's log.

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