Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, November 28, 2011

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 235~

The doorbell rang.Sudha excitedly opened the door,only to realize it was Jiya.She raised her eyebrows but Sudha simply shook her head.Armaan was still not at home and the guests were getting ready to go off.Sudha apologized to them profusely for having wasted nearly 2 hours of their time but they just left politely,despite feeling humilated.Jiya locked the door and Sudha simply rested her head on the dining table whilst Jiya helped her wash the new set of glasses which Sudha had especially gotten out from the cabinet and served them juices.Sudha heard the tap running and stopped Jiya.

Sudha:Uff Jiya,kya kar rahe ho tum?

Jiya:Aunty,it's nothing..I'm done!!Chaliye...(brought her to the balcony)

Sudha:Now where did he disappear to..after saying that he'll be back soon?

Jiya:Aunty,i've been trying his mobile but it is being said that he's either unreachable or hs network is inaccessible..Agar kuch zaroori kaam hota toh,toh woh mujhe zaroor bataa deta..

Sudha:I get it!!Usse shaq hua hoga ki yeh guests hain kaun..Aur iss liye woh ghar nahin aana chahtha..

Jiya:Aunty,aisi baat toh bilkul bhi nahin hogi..In fact,kya Armaan ne aaj tak aapse koi bhi baat chupaaya hai??

Sudha:Uski contract marriage ka sach..

Jiya:(murmured to herself)Damn it!!

Sudha:Jiya,kya main kuch galat ka rahi hoon,hhmm??Usse aage badhna hi hoga apne zindagi mein..In fact,kuch din pehle toh usne pee kar ghar aagaya tha..Yeh sab nahin chalega!!

Jiya:Aunty,aapke baat bilkul sahi hain lekin shayad Armaan ko thoda waqt ki zaroorat hoga shaayad..

Sudha:Kitna waqt,Jiya??Maa hoon main uska;main kuch nahin kehti par mujhe bohat zyaada bura lagta hai jab meri Armu iss tarha..

Jiya:Aunty,aap please udhaas matt hona..Main aapko iss tarha nahin dekh sakti!!

Sudha:Jiya,why don't you talk to him about this??

Jiya:(was totally taken aback by Sudha's suggestion)Main???

Sudha:He listens to you and he'll surely...

Jiya:Actually Aunty,maine toh usse hamesha Bharti ke baarein mein baat karke..I mean,mujhe ek pal laga tha ki woh Bharti se ab abhi pyaar karta hai par usne mujhse saaf saaf kah tha ki woh uski shaadi ke baarein mein kuch bhi nahin sunnaa chahtha hai..Tab se maine kuch kaha bhi nahin!!

Sudha:Jiya,meri khaatir,please!!Waise bhi,tum toh hamesha haar nahin maan the ho na??Mainbhi baat karungi lekin meri hausla badhaa do,please??

Jiya:Aunty,i'll be more than happy if Armaan gets settled in his life too...(thought to herself)Though i just wish it was with Bharti but sadly she's in love with Mayank,surprisingly!!

Sudha:Main iss liye thodi si pressurize kar rahi hoon kyunki Bharti bhi shayad jald se Mayank se..Aaj hi meri uski mulaakat huyi thi..

Jiya:Acha??Kya keh rahi thi woh??

Sudha:Bas maine usse ghar par nyota diya tha Mayank ke saath aane ke liye...Actually woh shaadi ke baarein mein abhi tak socha nahin hain..

Jiya:Acha acha..Aunty,so aapne Bharti ko kab invite kiya hain??


Jiya:Bas ainvayi..

Sudha:I didn't exactly specify the date..I just told her to come asap,that's all..



Jiya:Kuch nahin..Actually Aunty,Friday Bharti ki aakhri din hai Men's Universe mein..


Jiya:Aap itne excited kyun ho??Hum sab yeh soch kar bohat upset hain..

Sudha:Nahin,at least ab toh usse ek chutti mil sakti hai aur apne studies par zyaada focus kar paayegi warna hamesha idhar se udhar aur udhar na jaane kahaa bhaag thi rehti hain..

Jiya:Woh bhi hain...

Sudha:(smiled)In fact,tumhe bata hai,jab bhi main usse dekh thi hoon toh mujhe aisa lagta hai jaise main apne aap ko dekh rahi hoon,shayad bees saal pehle..Usse shayad andaaza tak nahin hain par uss mein ek bohat achi maa banne ki kaabiliyyat toh hain,bhale woh kisi se kuch bhi naa kahein..(Jiya smiled,feeling the truth in Sudha's words)


The lorry driver just stopped driving all of a sudden.Armaan had closed his eyes,feeling pretty much tired.However,Bharti saw the driver and asked him for something to drink for she was feeling extremely thirsty.She was quite glad that the rains had stopped.Armaan opened his eyes and noticed Bharti drinking from a bottle.

Armaan:Bharti,yeh tum kya pee rahe ho??

Bharti:Tumse matlab??

Armaan:Tumhe yeh kaha se mila hai??

Bharti:Mujhe bohat pyaas lag rahi thi aur yeh ache driver ne mujhe yeh bottle di hain..Tumhe koi problem hai??

Armaan:Bharti,bas..Woh bottle wapas kar do!!

Bharti:I'm not done drinking...(gulped down but Armaan went closer towards her and took the bottle from her,passing it instantly to the driver;just then,he noticed Bharti glaring at him)What the hell is your s problem,Armaan??Can't you even let me drink??

Armaan:Uss bottle mein...(saw the lorry driver watching them)Erm bhai saab,aap chalenge,please??(The lorry driver started driving)Uss bottle mein kuch bhi ho sakta hain...Woh zaroori nahin hai ke uss bottle mein bas paani ho..

Bharti:Dekho,maine pehle bhi kaha hai;meri fikr karna chod do!!(felt chilly from the sudden strong winds as the lorry driver accelerated)

Armaan sat beside Bharti but both of them turned away from each other. After some time,he secretly turned to look at Bharti who had actually fallen asleep.He took the liberty and mildly laid her head on his shoulder.Upon seeing her shiver,Armaan shook his head and gently wore his shoulder on her while she fell in a deep sleep.Eventually the driver halted at the main road and Armaan tried to wake Bharti up but she was in such a deep sleep that she had lil clue that Armaan had carried her down the lorry.

The lorry driver had driven off,much in vain.Armaan had spotted an empty bench and let Bharti rest there while he checked out the garage in front of him which was about to be closed.He tried to convince one of the workers to repair his bike as soon as possible while he kept glancing at the bench where Bharti was seated and sleeping.When the worker asked if Armaan was willing to pay extra,he was paying lil attention to the amount the worker was asking.Instead,he instantly agreed and went to Bharti when he saw some guys on a bike looking in her direction.Upon seeing Armaan having seated next to Bharti,the guys rode off.

After a long wait,Armaan's bike was ready and he gradually made Bharti stand and eventually got her seated on his bike.With the help of the worker,he started the bike and paid more than what the worker had expected and Armaan rode off.Bharti unconsciously placed her hands around Armaan' tummy,which only made him smile.Armaan rode off,heading to Bharti's place.Armaan had kicked open the gates mildly and parked his bike inside.

He gradually took Bharti's hands off him before getting off the bike and instantly carried her in his arms.He almost jerked as he saw Payal having opened the door.She stood by the door and watched Armaan who was avoiding her gaze and he had quickly headed to her room to lay Bharti on her bed.As he turned,he stopped himself and turned to face Bharti whose hair had fallen in front of her face.Armaan leand close to her face and gently placed her moist hair strands away from her face behind her ear.He didn't feel like leaving her at all but he heard Payal clearing her throat,closing his eyes in embarassment.He quickly stood up and looked at Payal.

He tried to walk away but Payal stopped him from moving forward and just looked intently into his eyes.

Armaan:(felt irritated by Payal)What??

Payal:(got amused)Ermm,did i come at the wrong time??

Armaan:What do you mean??

Payal:Ohoho,now you're so innocent that you don't even understand what i'm trying to say...I'm perfectly alright if you do wanna romance her a bit more,you see...

Armaan:Payal,jaisa tu soch rahi hain,waisa kuch bhi nahin hain,ok??I wasn't...

Payal:Toh phir kaisa hain,Armaan??Do enlighten me..(Armaan arched his eyebrow and Payal simply smiled winsomely)

Armaan:I wasn't romancing Bharti in any way..I was just placing her hair strands behind so that she sleeps comfortably,hhmm??

Payal:Oh really??Trust me,she's a deep sleeper and when she sleeps in that state,she doesn't really care if her hair falls before her..Cuz she's not aware of it,hhmm??(Armaan looked at Bharti and Payal couldn't stop noticing the love in his eyes for Bharti)Tere pyaar mein aise jeeya hum..(Armaan looked at Payal instantly upon hearing her sing)Bas ek pal,Armaan..

Armaan:Mujhe bhi pata hai ki yeh gaana bas ek pal hain,hhmm??Ab yeh gaana gaane ki kya zaroorat hai??

Payal:(sighed deeply)Main kuch bhi kahi bhi aur kabhi bhi gaa sakti hoon...Uff Armaan,ab bas bhi karo na!!!Apna pyaar ka izhaar tum kab karoge yaar??

Armaan:Dekho,main Bharti se pyaar...(Payal was nodding her head and expecting Armaan to complete his sentence but he just paused)

Payal:Bol do Armaan ki tumhe Bharti se pyaar...

Armaan:Nahin hain,theekh hai??

Payal:Arre!!(Armaan walked out of the room and Payal rushed to him,stopping him)Ok,ok...Pehle tum mujhe yeh bataao ki tum Bharti se kahaa par mila tha aur aaj raat kya hua tha??Full details over a mug of coffee??

Armaan:Payal,i'm seriously late aur Maa mujhe maar daalegi!!

Payal:Chill Armaan!!Itna late toh tum ho hi chuke ho toh thoda aur hi sahi..Come on!!

Armaan:Payal,you're just impossible!!

Payal:So toh hoon..You've gotta ait since i'm already boiling the water...


Payal:Actually you can get started..I'm waiting!!

Armaan:Woh main aur Shreya dinner ke liye mil rahe the aaj raat Oasis Restaurant mein..Mujhe sach much nahin pata tha ki Shreya ne Bharti ko bhi bulaaya tha..Phir zoro se baarish ho raha tha aur mujhe laga ki Bharti ko kahaa auto mil sakti hain iss waqt aur main usse dhoondh the nikla tha..Shreya pehle hi gayi thi kyunki usse Mayank ka call aa gayi thi kuch zaroori kaam ke liye..(narrated the rest of the incidents which followed,leaving out Shreya's confession while he sipped the coffee made by Payal)

Payal:Aaj raat ki coffee kuch zyaada hi tasty hain na??(Armaan didn't respond)Acha,actually tum mujhe phone kar sakte the na??I mean,you didn't have to take so much of effort to bring Bharti back,you know??Par tumne Bharti ka maar bhi khaaya,uske baad woh lorry driver ke ghatiya niyyat se bachaaye..Phir woh ladke jo bike par the..You know seriously,you needn't but you did!!(raised her eyebrows)Kyun??

Armaan:Payal,yeh sab maine insaaniyat ke naate..

Payal:(murmured)Pyaar ko insaaniyat ka naam de raha hai...

Armaan:Kuch kahaa tumne??

Payal:Haan,kaha tha...Armaan,it's so clear that you still love her deeply,why don't you admit it dude??Look,you can't just give up on your love like that,ok??

Armaan:Payal,why are you doing this??Why are you bent on making me think twice about my decision??

Payal:Because your decision is wrong,Armaan!!

Armaan:Thanks for rubbing salt to my wounds...Waise bhi Bharti bhi yehi keh thi hain..Usne abhi tak mujhe maaf bhi nahin kiya..

Payal:Armaan,in this case,i'll only side with her for i see her every single day going through her life..She practically runs!!When one chore's done,she proceeds to the next and then the next..Her studies,internship,social life,Naina and not forgetting the list of troubles that somehow accompany her wherever she goes...She's got no choice but she simply moves speedily so how can you expect her to remember what she possibly did the day before or even the week before??

Armaan:Payal,yehi meri galti hai...I just thought of me and i didn't bother to see it from her perspective!!Main toh bas usse yeh ehsaas dilaana chahtha tha ki mujhe kitna takleef hua tha jab Bharti ne mujhe neglect kiya tha..

Payal:Kyun hua tha tumhe takleef Armaan??Bharti ke kitne saare dost hai aur tumhaara bhi hoga shayad...Tumhe bura kyun laga Armaan??Just think about it!!Yeh zaroori nahin hain ki Bharti tumhe har cheez mein shaamil kare..(paused for a while)Yaa phir tum yeh chahthe ho ki..

Armaan:Payal,mere zyaada dost nahin hain,theekh hai??Aur jinhe main jaan tha hoon,Bharti uss mein se sab se khaas hain...

Payal:Toh tum Bharti ko zyaada ehmiyat dete ho??Par tum yeh kyun chahthe ho ki woh bhi tumhe...

Armaan:Kyunki main...

Payal:Armaan,you love her and you hate to see that she doesn't reciprocate or harbour the emotion of love in her heart..

Armaan:Payal please!!Main..I'm confused!!

Payal:Par kyun Armaan??

Armaan:Yeh tum mujhse pooch rahe ho??Jab tumhe khud yeh bata hogi ki Bharti aur Mayank ek doosre mein interested hain aur iss liye Mayank ne Bharti ko propose bhi kiya hai...

Payal:(kept mum as she thought to herself)Damn you,Bharti!!!If you hadn't made me promise,i could have easily told Armaan that there is nothing going on between you and Mayank!!Argghh!!

Armaan:Kya hua Payal?Chup kyun ho??I'm confused..Maa mere liye doosri shaadi ke liye pressure de rahi hain aur main aage badhna chahtha hoon par nahin kar paa rahaa hoon..I just don't know!!Mujhe sochne ke liye waqt chaahiye aur mujhe khud bata nahin hain ke Bharti ke internship ke baad,kya main usse mil paaonga ya bhi nahin...

Payal:Cheer up,dude!!Waise,a girl can't stay mad for long at someone who makes her laugh...She'll come around,soon!!

Armaan:Mujhe chalna chaahiye Payal..Bohat raat ho chuka hain!!

Payal:Tum yahaa kyun nahin ruk jaate??I mean it's pretty late..

Armaan:Mujhe marwaane ka iraada hai kya??Aur upar se,agar Bharti ne mujhe subah dekh liya toh bata nahin ki maafi ka chance hoga bhi ya nahin...(Payal got amused)Iss liye,jaa raha hoon..

Payal:Arre,ek minute..I need to give you something,which i intended to talk to you about since our meeting at the mandir..Just hold on!!

Armaan:Yeah,sure..(Payal went to her room and came back after some time)Yeh kya hai??

Payal:Apne kamre mein jaa kar aaraam se kholna...Good night!!

Armaan:(smiled)Nitezz!!(turned to go but he turned around to Payal)Woh Bharti ki kapde badal dena Payal warna woh bhimaar padh sakti hai...(Payal just watched him)What??

Payal:Seriously Armaan??(Armaan knew where Payal was steering the conversation to)

Armaan:Nitezz Payal!!(waved to her and rode off on his bike)

Armaan eventually reached home and noticed Jiya's sandals and wondered if the guest his mum invited was Jiya after all. He placed the keys in the keyhole and turned it in the clockwise direction,unlocking the door and noticed Sudha and Jiya chattering away.

Armaan:Maa,i'm home..(both Sudha and Jiya stopped talking)Maa,you could have easily told me that Jiya was supposedly our guest for the night for dinner..I would have come much more later..(Jiya glared at him)

Sudha:Where the hell have you been,Armu??

Jiya:(murmured to Sudha)Maine kaha tha na Aunty ki Armaan ko sach much aapke mehmaan ke baarein mein kuch bhi bata nahin hain..

Sudha:Sshh Jiya!!Armaan,answer me!!

Armaan:Actually main humaare dinner plans ke baarein mein bhool gaya tha Bharti ko chodne ki chakkar mein..

Jiya:Did you just say Bharti?

Sudha:Bharti inn sab mein kahaa se beech mein aa gayi,Armaan?

Armaan:Woh actually Maa,main Shreya se milne Oasis Restaurant gaya tha aur tabhi maine Bharti ko bhi wahaa dekh liya tha..Shreya jaldi nikal gayi thi aur maine socha ki main hi Bharti ko ghar drop kardunga..

Sudha:Oh really?Par mujhe toh yeh laga tha ki tumhe Bharti ki ab koi fikr nahin hain phir tum yeh..

Armaan:Maa,woh aapki beti hain na aur raat bhi bohat ho chuka tha..Insaaniyat ke naate maine uski madat ki hai,that's all..

Sudha:Bharti beech mein aa gayi aur issi liye main tumhe maaf kar rahi hoon warna tumhe toh main..

Jiya:Aunty,jaane deejiye na..

Sudha:Theekh hai Jiya,tumhe agar kuch chaahiye bas le lena..Main apne study mein hoon,hhmm??

Jiya:Okiezz Aunty..(saw Sudha closing her room door)Tu chal mere saath Armaan!!Now what's going on between you and Shreya,hhmm??Uss Trends ki success bash mein bhi dekha tha maine..Chal kya rahaa hai tum dono ke beech mein?

Armaan:Kuch zyaada khaas nahin hain,Jiya..

Jiya:Kahin yeh pyaar vyaar toh nahin hain na?

Armaan:Maine kuch socha nahin hain ab tak..Filhaal tum ghar jaao,mujhe zorro ki neend aa raha hain..

Jiya:What the.....hell,Armaan?

Armaan:Good night Jiya..(shut his room door and Jiya said Bye to Sudha before leaving)

Jiya:(while driving back home)Kuch toh zaroor hai aur tumhaare kareebi dost hone ki naate main woh jaan kar hi rahungi,Armaan!!!

Raj was getting all comfortable lying down on his sofa,watching some classics while rocking Nidhi to sleep when he heard his doorbell ring.He stopped rocking and opened the door with a half-hearted smile,welcoming Jiya but she was just in her own world,coming from Armaan's place.

Raj:Ahem,excuse me..(sat beside Jiya on his sofa as she rocked Nidhi)Tum ek bachelor ke ghar mein iss waqt kya karne aaye ho?

Jiya:Main kuch bhi karoo,tumhe kya?

Raj:Great!!!Yeh ghar mera hai,hhmm?Agar mujhe problem nahin hoga toh aur kisse hoga??Aur woh bhi iss time par,akeli??Tum toh koi bhi mauka nahin chodoge na Uncle ke saamne mere naak katwaane ki??

Jiya:(wasn't even listening to his taunts)Ab kaise pata lagaaongi ke aakhir Armaan aur Shreya ke beech mein chal kya rahi hai??

Raj:(glared at Jiya upon hearing Armaan's name and murmured to himself)I don't believe this!!Yeh mere ghar mein Armaan ke shikaayat lekar aayi hai..Ab poori raat mujhe uske amazing kissa sunna padega..Yeh raat toh gaya haath se..(shook his head as he went to the kitchen to get some refreshments and chips for himself and Jiya)

Armaan unwrapped the envelope and saw a beautifully folded letter written by Payal.He smiled and unfolded the letter instantly to read it.Just then,he received a call from Mahi.

Armaan:Hey Mahi,you're still awake??

Mahi:(yawned)Sorry yaar,itni raat gaye tumhe disturb kar rahi hoon..I hope i didn't wake you up..

Armaan:You didn't Mahi..

Mahi:You sound....Happy,Armaan!!

Armaan:I do??

Mahi:Yeahh..which has been quite some time,actually...Everything's great with you??(Armaan recalled how he had cleared the air between him and Bharti and his bike ride to Bharti's place tonight)Hello??You there???

Armaan:Erm yeahh Mahi,everything's great!!What have you called for,by the way??

Mahi:I heard you're going to Goa this Thursday or something?

Armaan:I'm definitely going to Goa but not on Thursday..I'm going with Jiya on Saturday instead..

Mahi:Serious??That's amazing yaar Armaan!!

Armaan:Now you sound happy..And do tell me what's so wonderful about it??Jiya and I practically went nutzz when Amarjeet sir kept delaying our final date to Goa for the exclusive shoot for the upcoming newsletter issue...

Mahi:Hhhmm i heard from Jiya too..Don't worry about it,sab theekh hogi..Waise,ermm..(paused for a while)

Armaan:Mahi,agar tum kuch poochna chahthe ho,toh pooch lo..

Mahi:Mujhe poochna nahin chaahiye par phir bhi..Please,tum yeh matt samajh na ki main tumhaare personal matters mein intervene kar rahi hoon..

Armaan:Mahi,just shoot!!

Mahi:Bharti ne humaare doosri fashion show mein ghadbadh ki aur phir bhi tumne saari responsibility apne sarr par le liya..Kyun??

Armaan:Mahi,yeh kaisa sawaal hain yaar??Bharti humaari colleague hai aur agar tum mere jagah par hoti,toh tumbhi yehi karti na??Kyun??

Mahi:(shook her head and thought)Yeh Armaan toh mujhse hi assurance maang raha hain..Yeh aisa nahin maanega!!(smiled and continued conversing)Of course!!Main bhi yehi karti par tum toh usse baat nahin karte ho na,phir bhi tumne madat ki?Yaa phir tum dono ke beech sabkuch theekh ho chuka hai?

Armaan:Aisa kuch bhi nahin hai Mi..We're not on talking terms but i've decided to isolate my personal life from my professional life..

Mahi:Ohh..(shook her head in frustration)

Armaan:Mahi,main tumhe kal milta hoon,hhmm??Nitezz..

Mahi:Yeah sure,nitezz to you too..(both of them hung up)He's just simply impossible..If he's totally adamant,Sonu and i might have to work at Bharti instead..Par woh kya kam ziddi hai Armaan se??

Payal,meanwhile got a night gown for Bharti and somehow managed to get Bharti undressed gradually.Eventually,she switched off the lights in Bharti's room and just then,she heard the telephone ring and wondered if it could be Armaan,after having had read her letter.

Payal:Hi Armaan..Tum itni jaldi chitthi bhi padh li?

Bhaskar:Payal,Bhaskar bol raha hoon,kaunsi chitti ke baarein mein baat kar rahe the tum??(Payal's excitement subsided instantly)I didn't expect you to pick up,since you've been ignoring my calls lately..(Payal's irritation just started elevating)What's wrong jaan??Is everything ok??At least say something Payal..

Payal:Try asking the question to yourself!!(hung up)I just can't believe him!!How can he act so coolly with me after what he's been doing with Jiya??What---Does he even think that he can simply slip it out and just feign ignorance??As though nothing had happened??Damn him!!!Why should i spoil my mood,thinking about him----Payal,let's think about Bharti and Armaan!!

Armaan had switched his mobile to silent mode,"Now there will be no disturbance as i read Payal's letter". He unfolded Payal's letter and began reading.

" Hey Armaan,

I hope you didn't find it hard to unfold the letter..In fact,Bharti and I used to think of several different ways of folding our handwritten letters before sticking to this style..Shocked to hear that Bharti loves writing letters??Don't be for this initiated during our childhood days and mind you,we still do write letters to this date and that was how Bhaskar got to know about my feelings...How i wish that didn't happen though...Anywayzz,just be assured that i've modified this letter 5 minutes back for some parts of the letter..

I know you must have gone mad at me the other day for trying to coax you to come at the mandir to make you and Bharti come face to face but obviously she grew even madder..And now there's just 5 more days to her internship to be completed.Just think about it Armaan,do you really want things to grow distant between you two,just as how it's going?You may be right to say that you might prolly not meet her again..But seriously, don't you want to or long to meet her??You say that you're not in love with her any longer but how do you expect me to believe you when all i could see right now is your heart brimming with love and an outpour of passion from your eyes?Think about what you've been doing for her,saving her job and her reputation,which means a lot to you...You're giving this the title of humanity??Are you fooling me or yourself,Armaan??

Look Armaan,i know her since forever..Very adamant,vivacious girl indeed and whether she says it out loud or not,she is alone in her life despite the numerous friends she's surrounded by..She thinks she needs no one in her life,dedicating her life to Naina at the moment,which only makes her proud..Somehow she's been running away from commitment,change and even marriage,resisting them for years but no matter how many times i've asked her,she doesn't bother answering..Instead,she seeks interest in divulging in another topic,engrossing me into it as well..That's how she is..(Armaan smiled and shook his head)

When it comes to you,she's different..She feels that you are a very special friend of her's since the day both of you got bound into a contract marriage..She had least expected you to say Yes to the contract marriage but more than that,she's ever grateful to you for sharing your mum with her..Bharti's all praises for Sudha aunty,Armaan and she remembers her much often these days..That's also a small minor reason why i would love to see you both together but more importantly,she doesn't realize that you're in love with her..Do something real bold that will make her catch her breath and sweep her off her feet,Armaan..Ohh right,why would you do that??

To tell you frankly,if you're thinking of the right moment,it will never come in your life!!Yeah yeah you can start with the self-denial,hhmm?Armaan,it's pretty apparent that you;re crazy about her,so why don't you just admit it?At least in front of me??I still recall your promise to me that you'll wait for her your entire life..Now you're reaking your promise,dude!!

Fine,i'm not going to pakaao your brains any longer but i'm just going to leave you with some questions..Close your eyes(no cheating) and think of someone apart from Sudha aunty who makes you ecstatic and charged with energy?Who makes you forget all yur worries with a smile?Someone whom you love to fight with and then apologize to make it up to??

That's all from Peppy Payal..Ciao!!"

Armaan closed his eyes anhis blank mind began painting pictures of his time spent with Bharti.His trip to Goa,the bike rides,his fights with Bharti,how he sought help from both Raj and Jiya to make it up to her,the days working in Men's Universe and eventually Mayank's proposal and the Trends success bash.He instantly opened his eyes and folded the letter,neatly folding it and keeping it in his wardrobe,before lying down to sleep.

Jiya:Do you really think something's going on between Armaan and Shreya?

Raj:Mujhe kaise pata hoga Jiya??Jaake usse poochna..

Jiya:He's not answering..In fact,he just told me that he's extremely sleepy and he's going to doze off,asking me to leave..(Raj almost choked,suppressing his laughter)He just avoided the topic and asked me to leave..(Raj bursted out laughing)Rajj!!!!

Raj:Haha..Jiya,tumhaare pyaare dost ne bhi tumhe..Ghar se nikaal diya??Dekha,woh bhi ab tumhe jhel nahin paa raha han..(Jiya hit his elbow)

Jiya:Very funny,Raj..Tum mujh par hass rahe ho??

Raj:Aur nahin toh kya??Gosh,this is just amazing,Jiya!!

Jiya:You know what?Main jaa rahi hoon..Bye!!Tumse baat karna toh ek dum bekhaar hai..(stood up from the sofa and turned to go)

Raj:(stopped Jiya after she had opened the door and having stood by the doorstep)Uff Jiya,apne doosre dost se bhi gussa ho kar jaa rahe ho,hhmm??

Jiya:Haan!!Aur waise bhi,tumhe kya farqh padhtha hai?

Raj:Acha??Haan,waise you're right!!Mujhe zara sa...itna sa bhi farqh nahin padhtha..Sirf Armaan ko hi farqh padhtha hai!!Khush??(just then his mobile rang)Ab seedhi tarha andar aa rahi ho ke nahin?

Jiya:Only if you help me figure!!So??

Raj:Argghh,madat karungga..Ab theekh hai,meri maa??Ab andar chal..(shook his head while Jiya locked the door and jumped in excitement)Haan hello...

Khushi:Raj..(whispered)Main Khushi,Hotel Rhine se bol rahi hoon..

Raj:Khushi??(gestured to Jiya to mute the TV)Haan par tum Hotel Rhine mein kya kar rahe ho??

Khushi:Main thodi thaak jhaak kar rahi thi..Gyaan ssi hotel mein aaya tha aaj raat kisi se milne ke liye..

Raj:Gosh Khushi,you should have called me or Bharti up at least...

Khushi:I tried Bharti's number but the network was inaccessible..But guess what?He came to meet someone who was disguised in a black cloak..God knows why but since i had placed a micro chip in Gyaan's shirt,i could hear the fact that Gyaan had apparently asked this dude to keep Niyati at his place but this dude is flying overseas tonight itself..


Khushi:I couldn't get his name but i did try to investigate about Gyaan...You wouldn't believe it but when i showed Gyaan's and Vinita's pic,the one which you gave me..The receptionist told me that he did come here several times with Vinita and another guy as well as with Niyati...

Raj:That other guy has undoubtedly got to be Raichura and no one else!!(Jiya was shocked to hear Raichura's name and switched off the TV)Gyaan must have prolly come with Niyati way before he got arrested..

Khushi:I've asked the receptionist to keep it between me and her and to inform me if she saw any of them coming to Hotel Rhine and i'm staying here for the night..

Raj:This is indeed a start,Khushi..We both can't let Gyaan escape this time round!!

Khushi:Ok Raj,i'll talk to you later..My mobile charge is almost gone,hhmm??

Raj:Thanks a lot yaar..Take care,bye!!(hung up)

Jiya:Ok,i'm waiting to know of the deal amongst you,Gyaan,Raichura and Khushi...Spill it!!

Raj:Kyun??Tumhe apne dost ke problem ke baarein mein baat nahin kari hai?

Jiya:Woh toh iske baad bh ho sakti hain na..

Raj:Tu kabhi nahin sudhregi na?

Jiya:Main kyun sudhroo jab tum khud ek number ke chichore ho??Bolo bolo..

Raj:Fine!!(told her of the advancements in Khushi's invstigations at Hotel Rhine)

Jiya:Yeh wohi ladki hain na jo Trends mein kaam karti hai?

Raj:(nodded)In fact,she kinda helped us a great deal for our second fashion show which almost turned into a scandal..

Jiya:Iss Khushi ne??(Raj looked elsewhere,avoiding Jiya's gaze and she hit him real hard)Yaar,tum aise kaie kar sakte ho yaar?

Raj:Nothing to worry,Jiya for i've warned the designer that if he's gonna expose us,we'll expose his involvement in certain scandals too and that could tarnish his work reputation..The situation's stable at the moment..

Jiya:Not for long,Raj..So this was what Mahi and Sonu were referring to!!Anywayzz,so what are you going to do about Gyaan?

Raj:You're keepig this to yourself,get it??(Jiya nodded repeatedly)Pakka?

Jiya:You can trust me for ure,yaar..

Raj:Gyaan aur Vinita par khaas nazar rakhna padega...Khaas kar Vini par!!I've got some inside info about Trends offering a temporary editorial assistant position and Gyaan's already applied for it..

Jiya:Are you serious??

Raj:Khushi told me about it and the chances of him getting it is high due to his trusted informers and friends of Vini's who's expecting him to get it..

Jiya:I don't think so Raj..He's got a criminal record so why would Mayank think of hiring him?

Raj:I don't know but their plan is that if Gyaan works there,Vini could get Gyaan's chief associate editorial position in MU..

Jiya:Ohh i see..Such long-term planning?Raj,what if we ruin his possibility of getting hired by Trends or staying in MU?

Raj:That's a solid plan,Jiya!!Currently,all i can think of is Niyati's whereabouts and i want her safe and sound..Khushi's only here to find out about Niyati and once she knows her whereabouts,she would fly back with Niyati and...(paused a while)..Nidhi!!

Jiya:(rubbed his left palm)Niyati will be fine,Raj!!

Raj:I just hope so...(both Raj and Jiya automatically inclined their heads towards each other)

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