Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, December 8, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 264~

Meanwhile,Payal wondered what she ought to do,for she can't just sit idle and do nothing.Just then,her mobile rang.She had picked it up without looking who it was.

Payal:Hello Bharti???Kahaaa ho tum yaar...Kabse main tumhe...
Shaz:Payal,Shaz bol rahi hoon...
Payal:Shazzy yaar,tum???Kuch pata chala ki Bhaskar hain kahaa??
Shaz:Yeh tum mujhse pooch rahi ho??
Shaz?Payal,Bhaskar London mein hi hain aur tum ho ke mujhe aisi faltu cheezon ke liye..
Payal:Bhaskar London mein hain???Ek minute...Tum yakeen ke saath keh rahi hona??I mean...
Shaz:Oh God,Payal,why would i lie to you??In fact, main toh MU gayi thi aur wahaa mujhe Jiya mili thi...Usse kuch jhooth bol kar bataa laga liya tha...
Payal:Tabhi toh,Shazzy!!Tabhi toh!!!
Payal:Bharti bohat ajeeb tarha bartaav kar rahi thi...Usne toh mujhe uski training programme ke baarein mein jaanne ke liye yahaa lekar aa gayi thi...Ek bahaana banaa kar par sach toh kuch aur hi hain...Woh khud mujhe aur Bhaskar ko milwaane ki koshish kar rahi thi aur main bhi kitni paagal hoon...Yaar Shazzy,thank you so much!!
Shaz:Toh iska matlab tum Bhaskar ko divorce...
Payal:Unn dono ki dosti ko bachaana hain mujhe..Filhaal main divorce nahin de rahi hoon..Shayad meri kadam hum teeno ki zindagi hamesha ke liye badal sakti hain,jaise Armaan ne kahaa tha..Mujhe Bhaskar se sab sach sach jaanna hain usse divorce dene se pehle...Soch samajh kar kadam uthaana hoga!!Filhaal main Bharti ko university mein milne jaa rahi hoon...Woh toh mujhse aur Bhaskar se roothi huyi hain,aur main usse kho nahin sakti...
Shaz:Theekh hain....Agar kuch bhi chaahiye,toh phone karna,hmm?Chal,rakti hoon...
Payal:Acha,sunn Shazzy...Thank you so much yaar...
Shaz:Bas kar Payal...Ab toh mujhe kya kuch nahin karna hain tumhaare liye,hmm?Phone rakho aur Bharti se jaakar baat karo!!(Payal agreed and both of them hung up;Payal woke Naina up and both of them hailed a cab heading towards the University of Bradford)

She kept dialling Bharti's number but her number seemed busy.Little could she have figured it out that Bharti too,on the other hand,had been trying to contact her best friend.Eventually,both of them gave up contacting each other.Payal kept instructing the cab driver to speed up while Bharti headed towards Ellington Inn,hoping to meet Payal and apologize to her in person.

~Ellington Inn~

Armaan finally managed to get his call through to Payal, after having made the call to Bhaskar 20 minutes back. He almost felt that he would be caught by Bhaskar but he didn't, as a result of his melancholic tone and as he dialled Payal up, he felt more confident.

Armaan:Payal,hi..It's Armaan here..
Payal:Bolo Armaan..Kuch kaam tha kya?
Armaan:I'm afraid so..Just hear me out Payal..
Payal:Armaan,if you're going to say i shouldn't divorce Bhaskar,then don't worry..I won't,at least for now cuz i have yet to clear everything amongst me,Bharti and him...And thanks for informing me about Jiya!!
Armaan:(thought)Oh God,what should I do now?I've already told Bhaskar to go to Elis Hospital and meet Payal...Arggh,let me just get ahead with my plan!!
Payal:In fact,i wish to apologize for treating Jiya with such disregard..I shouldn't hav
 slapped her after having had misunderstood her...
Armaan:Payal,listen to me...Bhaskar's in London,at Elis Hospital in a critical condition...He's been hospitalized!!!Please rush here quickly!!!
Payal:Wh...WHAT???Bhaskar's hospitalized??What...How do you know that he's...
Armaan:I came to London to specifically meet him and knock some sense into him but before i could talk to him and clear his misunderstanding about you and me...
Payal:What?You and me??He thought i was seeking your companionship??(instructed the cab driver to rush to Elis Hospital instead of the university;she agreed to pay him extra if he rushed without giving her the cold stares)He was actually jealous and insecure??(thought to herself))He still loves me for real!!!(just then,she recalled the shocking news of his accident and her smile vanished)OMG Armaan!!!Is he ok????I...I'm scared!!
Armaan:Payal,i'm on my way as well...Don't worry,just pray that everything's alright!!I'll meet you there straight away,k?
Payal:Hm hm ok,bye!!

Bharti kept knocking on her room door but just then a receptionist came and informed her that she just received a message from a lady named Payal about Bhaskar's accident and his hospitalization at Elis Hospital.The lady soon left.

Bharti:(thought to herself)Bhaskar's at Elis Hospital?How is this even possible??(dialled Bhaskar's number)
Bhaskar:Thank God Bharti ki tumne phone kiya yaar....
Bharti:Bhaskar,tum theekh ho?
Bhaskar:Bharti,main bilkul bhi theekh nahin hoon...Main kaise theekh ho sakta hoon jab Payal Elis Hospital mein admitted hain??Tum kahaa ho yaar?
Bharti:Payal ko kya hua hain?
Bhaskar:Bata nahin par uski haalat bohat critical hain...
Bharti:Bhaskar,yeh khabar tumhe kisne diya tha??
Bhaskar:Armaan ne...Kyun???
Bharti:Armaan ne??(thought to herself)Armaan Bhaskar aur Payal dono se jhoot kyun kahega??Yeh double games khelne ki kya zaroorat hain??
Bhaskar:Bharti...Are you there??
Bharti:Haan Bhaskar...I'll be there in a short while,k??
Bhaskar:Bhrti,hold on...I just want you to hear me out...
Bharti:What is it, Bhaskar??
Bhaskar:I didn't mean to choose Armaan or Jiya over you...They're as eequally close to me as you and Payal are...Just like how you and Radhika were,before you met me and Payal at your dad's socialite parties..You're not any less important than Armaan,Bharti...In fact,i wanted both of you to help me out when you had just misunderstood me just now...
Bharti:OMG!!!Bhaskar,it's Armaan...He lied to you about Payal's accident...
Bhaskar:Bharti,have you lost it?Why would he do that??
Bharti:He lied to both of you so that you and Payal could come face-to-face at Elis Hospital...He's doing this to patch you two up...
Bhaskar:OMG Bharti!!!
Bhaskar:I see Payal and Naina right before my eyes...And she's totally fine!!!
Bharti:Oh God...I'm coming!!!(hung up and asked the cab driver to rush)

Armaan looked around and went to the A&E section and the ICU, where he had told both of them to wait. He rushed upstairs and as he turned around from the reception,he saw both Bhaskar and Payal standing face-to-face with Naina by Bhaskar's side. Armaan smiled weakly,praying silently to God to set things right.

Payal:Bhaskar,tum theekh ho??Armaan ne mujhse kahaa tha ki tumhaare accident...
Bhaskar:Jhoot kaha tha usne...Mujhse bhi kahaa tha ki tumhaare accident hua tha,sirf hum dono ko milwaane ke liye..
Payal:Kya???Aur tumhe pehle se hi bata tha?
Bhaskar:Nahin,badus minute pehle,jab mujhe Bharti ki call mila tha...I don't know but she knew it instantly that Armaan was lying...
Payal:I had left her a message about your accident at Ellington Inn...Perhaps that's how...
Bhaskar:I'm so sorry Payal...I didn't mean for us to grow distant in this manner at all!!!I am still in shock at how we grew so distant beause of these misunderstandings...I really want to make it up to you so much,Payal!!!If Bharti hadn't told me, i wouldn't have known at all!!!
Payal:OMG,is that Armaan???
Bhaskar:Oh freak...Bharti's here already??
Payal:Hope she doesn't vent her anger on Armaan...
Bhaskar:Let's rush to her..She won't open her mouth;she'll just be excited that both of us have patched up...
Payal:Okie...Come Naina!!
Bhaskar:Bharti!!!!(rushed and hugged Bharti)I'm so happy yaar...Payal and I are not getting divorced!!!(withdrew his hug)
Payal:(withdrew from her hug with Armaan)Thanks to you and Bharti for opening our eyes...I could have signed those papers long time back but had it not been for both of you,we could have taken the wrong step!!(Bharti looked at Armaan who was smiling at Payal)
Armaan:It's nothing like that,Payal...Now,my heart is at ease for i did a lil to set things right but i'm really sorry for pulling off this prank!!
Bhaskar:Dude,you could have at least informed me about this...But anyways...Bharti???
Bharti:Huh??(snapped out)I'm sorry,i need to make an urgent call...Excuse me!!

Bharti pretended to make a phone call,standing at a corner. As she looked at Payal and Bhaskar laughing merrily and Armaan holding onto Naina's fingers,she pondered.She realized that no matter what,Armaan wasn't going to listen to her or respect her decision.Bharti scrolled down the call log and dialled Mayank's number for she found the solution to her problem.

Mayank:Bharti,seriously you've got to let me sleep!!
Bharti:Mayu,trust me...I called you to make sure you lose your sleep!!
Mayank:What the heck happened,Bharti?What did he do now?
Mayank:Armaan aur kaun?
Bharti:Shut up,Mayu!!Listen to me...
Mayank:Haan bol...
Bharti:Payal and Bhaskar have patched up,just 5 minutes back!!
Mayank:OMG;you patched them up?
Bharti:No,he did!!
Mayank:And you're fine with it?
Mayank:Ok,i'll shut up!!!
Bharti:I'm willing to work for Trends,provided you select me according to merit and qualification via interview...
Mayank:Hmm ok...(paused for a while and BHarti patiently waited)What?????You're saying Yes????Wait...OMG!OMG!!!!You're not kidding,right??Ok,why would you kid me...Stupid question!!!(took his mattress and kept aside)
Bharti:Mayank,just schedule the interview and let me know...I'll b back in Mumbai by tomorrow!!
Mayank:Ok,do you want me to pick you up?
Bharti:It's ok yaar..Tum bh na...
Mayank:Bharti,this is your decision,na?
Bharti:Yes it is...Ok,i'm quite tired and i think you ought to rest as well,k?See you soon,k?Bye!!
Mayank:Bye!!(hung up and smiled widely)Finally,she said Yes!!!!Now i'll make sure no one comes in her way or mine...You want an interviw..You'll get it!!And i'll make sure you get the job,Bharti!!(dialled Shreya's number)

~Raj's place~

"Ab bata nahin ki maine woh contract papers kahaa rak diya tha...Agar Jiya hoti toh woh fatafat mujhe madat karti dhoondhne mein...Phone karta hoon usse!!(Just then the doorbell rang)Great,ab iss waqt kaun aa gaya hain???(left his mobile on the dining table)

Gaurav:Raj Mlhotra,right?Hi,i'm Gaurav,your attorney...Jiya must have informed you that i'm coming??
Raj:No,she didn't..
Gaurav:She did not?Okay...Well i'm here for the contract papers??
Gaurav:What happened?
Raj:Why don't you come in and make yourself comfortable??(saw Gaurav scrutinizing his home)Well,it's not exactly tidy for a highly organized fre...I meant..Why don't you sit down??
Gaurv:Sure..Let me guess;you were looking for your contract papers??(held the contract papers and Raj was surprised)
Raj:(smiled widely)OMG!!The contract papers...Thanks dude!!!Would you like a beer?
Gaurav:Not now;let me go through the clauses amd terms listed in the contract..By the way,be prepared for a brief meeting with the client tomorrow...
Raj:Yeah,ok//Just let me know the time!!
Gaurav:Sure,i'll keep the contract papers and will return it to you tomorrow...
Raj:Sure you don't want a beer before leaving?
Gaurav:No,not until we get the case closed in our court!!Cheers to that thought...I'll get going!!(handed Raj his contact info and his card before leaving)

~Mahi's place~

Mahi and Sonali were sleeping in the hall when her mobile rang. It was Pushpak and she quickly picked it up before Sonali woke up. Pushpak couldn't make out from the hushed voice of Mahi who instantly went to her washroom and locked it before raising her voice a lil.

Mahi:Pushpak,do you even realize what the time is,huh?
Pushpak:Mahi,where is Sonu?I need to talk to her now...She isn't picking up her phone!!
Mahi:Look at the time,Pushpak...Talk to her tomorrow!!
Pushpak:Mahi,don't play with me please...ave an inkling that i have already told you about h
Mahi:Why would i do that,Pushpak?IN fact,she doesn't even know that i've told you about her whereabouts and if she did knew,she'd kill me for sure!!
Pushpak:Mahi,my mum's at Fortis Hospital,in the ICU...
Mahi:What?What happened?
Pushpak:She had an onset of acute migraine..And she's under observation now!!I'm feeling really worried yaar...She was literally shaking and she had lost consciousness along the way to the hospital...
Mahi:OMG!!!Wait..Armaan's mum,Sudha aunty works there..Oh no,wait!!She's a psychologist...Pushpak,let me try to wake her up and send her to Fortis,k?
Pushpak:That would be a great favour,Mahi..
Mahi:No guarantees,Pushpak!!
Pushpak:Please try your best,please!!
Mahi:Keep me in the loop,k?(hung up and got out of the washroom)Oh God,please help me convince Sonu!!!

~Armaan's place~

Sudha:Are you serious.Armaan??
Armaan:(at Elis Hospital)Haan Maa...Bohat serious hoon!!!Both of them patched up and they invited me for dinner treat...
Sudha:I'm so proud of you Armaan...
Armaan:Maa,it was a silly old trick of Raj's...I seriously didn't expect it to work but it did!!Unbelievable,i tell you!!And after knowing the truth,Bhaskar and Payal didn't grow mad at all...Even Bharti didn't get mad at me...Just imagine if the plan were to get foiled...
Sudha:Then i'm pretty sure that Raj would be dead meat by now...But i'm not just proud of you for this,Armaan...
Armaan:Maa,main kuch samjha nahin...
Sudha:Uffo,i'm talking about Shreya,Armaan..You've decided to move on from Bharti and you've emerged successful at it..
Armaan:Maa,aap yeh kya baat...Maamaapne Shreya ke saath dinner kiya tha kya?
Sudha:Kyun?Kya main apne hone waali bahu ke saath dinner bhi nahin kar sakti,hmm??Sirf tumhe haqq hain kya???
Armaan:(muttered)Hone waali bahu??Oh God...Maa,yeh aap kya bole jaa rahe ho???
Sudha:Armaan,you know i've got no problems with your choice,right??And after our dinner,i feel that you made a right choice and i just want for you to be happy with her...Alright???
Armaan:Sure Maa but we'll talk when i get back,k??Bhaskar and Payal are calling..Love you Maa..bye!!(hung up)Mujhe Maa ko pehle sab kuch sach sach bataana padega warna bata nahin woh kya kar baithegi...Par kaise????

Sunday, November 11, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 263~

~Mayank's place~

Niharika had come down and Mayank noticed her humming as she flitted down the stairs.He was very much confused as she pinched his cheks and began to warm some milk.

Mayank:Are you ok?
Niharika:Haan Mayu...Had your dinner already?
Mayank:Yeahh,i've decided to give you a day off since you were in a foul mood just now but if i had known that your mood was as malleable as this,i would have waited longer!!
Niharika:Well,meanwhile,there's coffee for both of us..
Mayank:Thanks...But seriously you're fine,na?
Niharika:'ve got hot coffee in my hands,Mayu..Don't make me spill it on your T-shirt!!
Mayank:Now,you're my normal sis all over again..Cheers to that!!
Niharika:Mayu,you never loved Mahi,did you??(Mayank's smile faded)You seem so joyous ever since you've broken up with her..Am I not right in saying so??
Mayank:Niharika,woh main..
Niharika:(took her last sip of coffee)Mayu,i really don't know how to put it before you but i must have compelled you to take a decision,na..I'm sorry!!Really sorry then when i wasn't e there for you and now for having created this mess in your life!!(stood up and washed her mug before heading to her room)

~Room 556~

Armaan was just walking to and fro after his quick shower.He was pondering on how to execute Plan A of Raj's idea.He knew that right now it isn't the perfect time and in order for this plan to work out,he needed to be extra cautious,not only of the timing but also in the extreme urgency to be felt in his tone so that both Bhaskar and Payal would believ instantly.He laid on his bed,thinking but just then Shreya's call interrupted everything.

Armaan:Shreya??What a pleasant surprise yaar...
Shreya:Surprise ko maaro goli...Why didn't you tell me that you were headed to London,huh??
Armaan:Last minute plans,Shreya..And i had come here to solve a personal crisis...
Shreya:Personal crisis,huh?I know everything..You're cheating on me,aren't you??
Shreya:Darn it!!I just wish i was there right now to see your shocked face yaar...Come on,i was just kidding..Don't i know you??That we love each other,hmm??(Armaan recollected how Bharti stormed away from between him and Bhaskar)Armaan,you there??
Armaan:Huh?Haan Shreya...Shreya,darasal main woh...
Shreya:Armaan,i'm having dinner with Sudha aunty tonight..Ok she just arrived;i'll talk to you later..Bye,bye!!
Armaan:Hello,what??Shreya...??(realized she had hung up and he hung up as well)Maa ke saath dinner??

~Room 576~

Bharti:Payal,i'm going to take a bath..By the time i get out,i want it signed...
Payal:Bharti,wasn't it you who told me not to sign these papers before?
Bharti:That was then,Payal..Now,i dont even know if he cares about you or not..He's just been MIA,something which he hasn't done to us before!!He seems so distant,so different from the Bhaskar i know..(kept thinking about how Bhaskar chose Armaan over her,adding to her share of hurt and annoyance)
Payal:Bharti,that can't be true..He can't have changed so much in these few days!!
Bharti:You're not at all ready to part from him,right?You're such a coward,Payal!!You're scared of facing your emotions and accepting them..
Payal:Don't talk about emotions in front of me and accepting them..Cuz i can go real far with you running away from your own emotions for Armaan!!
Bharti:My emotiions,Payal??The only emotions i harbour for Armaan are that of regret and annoyance,alright??And i'm talking about you here,not me or Armaan!!
Payal:Why,Bharti?Why should the rule of accepting the truth apply to me alone??
Bharti:You know what?If you don't move on from your feelings for Bhaskar,you're the one at loss...And if you really want to waste your life,then don't bother signing..Just stick to Bhaskar for the rest of your life...Do as your wish..Bhaskar said the same thing as well(shook her head,resting the case)In the end,nothing i say or do matter to you guyzz,so...Do as your heart desires!!!(headed inside the washroom)

~Mahi's place~

Mahi:You know i don't drink..
Sonali:Come on yaar,aaj ke din toh mujhe company do..It's your break-up,for God's sake!!
Mahi:You just need a reason to celebrate,don't you??
Sonali:A reason to be truly happy!!
Mahi:If that's the case,then why aren't you with Pushpak??(Upon hearing his name,Sonali gulped down the tequila shot)
Sonali:He doesn't love me,Mahi..It's that simple!!
Mahi:You too know,that's not true!!He comes to my cabin daily and asks about you,Sonu...He's stuck between you and his mum..I think we should really tell him about your whereabouts yaar..
Sonali:Don't you dare,Mahi!!His mum gets all the importance..I'm nothing to him!!No matter how much she may hurt me,he doesn't care!!He....doesn't....C-A-R-E!!!
Sonali:Mahi,i don't wanna spoil the celebration yaar,please!!(Just then,Mahi's mobile rang)
Mahi:(thought to herself)Ab isse kya chaahye??Sab kuch toh khatam ho chuka hain,toh phir...
Sonali:Arre,phone toh uthaao...Kaun hain?
Mayank:Hi..Main bas eksawaal karna chahtha tha...Tumne Niharika ko poori sach bataayi thi yahaa se jaanne se pehle??
Mahi:Kaisi sach?
Mayank:Yehi ki humaare bech pehle se hi kuch bhi nahin tha..
Mahi:Nahin toh...Nahin Mayank,maine aisa kuch bhi nahin kahaa tha,i promise...Par tum...Wait a sec,tumne iss liye phone kiya tha kyunki tumhe mujh par shaq tha??I don't believe this!!!Aur mujhe laga tha ki tum..
Mahi:Ki tum mujhse maafi maangne ke liye phone tha apne bartaav ke liye...
Mayank:What??Apne galat fehmi zaroor door karna...Main tumse koi maafi maangne ke liye phone nahin kiya tha,ok??Nihu ko kisi tarha pata chal chuki hain ki hum dono ke beech actually kuch bhi...Aur ab woh Bharti ko sab kuch...(hung up)
Mahi:He..Helloo??(hung up as well)Just unbelievable!!(fidgeted under her breath)Break-up hone ke baawajood peecha chodne ka naam nahin le rahaa hain!!

Bharti got out of the washroom and as she combed her hair,Payal stood from the bed and walked to her,Seeing her stand beside her,Bharti kept the comb aside and walked towards the window where her tote bag was kept.Payal tried talking to her.

Payal:Bharti,please ruk jaao...I didn't mean to..
Payal:I'm sorry!!
Bharti:Don't be!!Who am i to you,anywayzz??Do what you want to,Payal,for i'm not going to stop you..I'm going out for some fresh air..If it is possible,do take care of Naina butif you can't,just let me know right away!!
Payal:Bharti,stop beaving like this...Of course,i'll take care of Naina but please listen..(Bharti already left)Payal,Payal...You're such an idiot!!Why did you mentin his name when it's the last name Bharti wanna hearright now?She's barely recovered from all the painful accusaions and you've just got to ruin it!!(thought about her decision to divorce Bhakar)Hold on a sec..She was all so tensed when she got back...And she also said Bhaskar said the same as me...She's mad at both of us??Why would she be mad at Bhaskar??


Bharti had headed to the campus at the University of Bradford,where she's been shortlisted for the training attachment programme and if she had decided,she could graduate from here.However,she's pretty much in a dilemma and hence,she decided to call up Mayank.

Mayank:Ms Bharti,you've finally decided to join Trends,that's good..
Bharti:No,i have not!!
Mayank:What?You mean the talk with Dr Graham turned out to be fruitless??
Bharti:You did what?
Mayank:Nothing...(slapped his forehead as he swithed off the TV and heaed to the terrace upstairs)
Bharti:How dare you Mayank?You..You talked to my supervisor???What were you thinking??There are loadzz of deserving people out there!!People are dying to work with you,for you!!
Mayank:And yet i'm choosing you,Bharti!!
Bharti:Seriously,have you lost it?This is so not done,you hear me??
Mayank:I hear you,loud and clear!!Don't tell me you still haven't decided yet...
Bharti:I'm confused Mayu...Everytihng is going so wrong...Bhaskar's in London and so is Armaan..I shouted at both Payal and Bhaskar because of that Armaan,who's apparently staying in the same hotel as the three of us...Payal has no clue of Bhaskar bing in London or in the same hotel as us...And i had even asked her to sign the divorce papers!!
Mayank:You so did not,Bharti!!
Bharti:Yes,I did!!I was so mad because of Armaan!!
Mayank:Armaan?What did he do now??
Bharti:First,my dear friend,Bhaskar  had to choose Jiya over me in confiding his surprise plan for Payal..Then Armaan has to go and butt in,talk to Payal and intervene in her's and Bhaskar'spersonal probz...After a somewhat long discusion,Bhaskar once again chose Armaan instead of me for help...Can you believe that??No matter how many times i tell him not to interfere,he's just got to butt in!!
Mayank:Why does it matter so much to you that Bhaskar chose Armaan's help?After all,the ulterior motive is to patch both of them up..I still don't understand why you asked Payal to sign the divorce papers!!That is not what you're supposed to do for yuor best friend,yaar...Look i'm not siding Armaan and i won't but what happens to you every time his name is mentioned??
BHarti:Mayu,please don't get started like Payal..I just hate it when she starts about how i'm denying some stupid feelings for him,which i so don't have,alright???I just hate him so much!!!Cuz he's snatching my two best friends from me!!!
Mayank:Bharti,just chill yaar...Just breathe,hmm?Well,that explains your confusion to me about you not wanting to join Trends...
Bharti:Mayu,it's nothing against you or The Trends...It's my selection in the TAP in London ityand i don' know if i'll ever get such a chance again...
Mayank:Oh shut up Bharti!!Just admit it that you want to maintain as much distance as possible and that neither me or my offer mean anything to you!!
Bharti:Mayu,stop with your emotional blackmailing,alright??(Mayu smiled as he knew this trick will surely work out)You mean a lot to me,understand?
Mayank:Then Bharti...Join Trends..Work with me and gain exposure!!!

~Payal's room~

Payal:Ok,this is it!!I can't just sit around..I've got to talk to Bharti now!!We can't stay mad at each other..(dialled Bharti's number)Damn it..Bharti,pick up the phone yaar..Busy!!Yaar,tumhaari phone har emergency par hi itni busy kyun rehti hain...(disconnected her call and thought about Bharti's last conversation)Kya waaqay mein Bhaskar badal gaya hain??Bhale hi mere liye uske dil mein pyaar kam hua ho par dosti kam hone ka kya matlab hua??Woh Bharti ke saath aisa har gheez nahin kar sakta!!I mean,woh aisa kyun karega??Sachaayi jaanne ke liye mujhe Bhaskar ka saamna karna hi hoga par...(dialled Shaz's number)Shaz,sunn...Mujhe tumhaari madat chaahiye yaar....
Shaz:Haan bol,Payal..(paused as she heard Payal)Kya????Arre,mujhe kaise pata chalega yaar...
Payal:MU jaao aur pata lagaao
Shaz:Par tum toh usse divorce...Don't tell me you changed your mind,hm?
Payal:I don't know,Shaz!!I'm confused and it's only because of Bharti's changed perspective..Initially,she told me not to sign but now she's asking me to,for she feels that Bhaskar doesn't care..I don't want the friendship between both of them to get affected because of the divorce..Help me out!!
Shaz:You tried calling him?
Payal:No,i haven't...Can you call?I'll text you his number...
Shaz:You're just unbelievable,do you know that?
Payal:Please,Shazzy...Help me..Bharti's mad at me and had gone out and i don't know when she'll return...
Shaz:Relax,Payal...Text me quick and i'll get back to you as soon as i get some info...


Bharti:Tumhe ek baat samajh mein kyun nahin aa raha hain,Mayu??
Mayank:I want you to stop running,Bharti!!It's enough..You're telling me Armaan's in London and you want to come here asap...When i ask you about work,you reject my offer cuz you're worried about Shreya but more than that,you're fearful about bumping into Armaan again and again...Why are you giving him so much footage and importance in your life,Bharti??
Bharti:Importance??How dare you say that,Mayu??
Mayank:Pretty much,Bharti!!Cuz i know you inside out,just like i know Radhika...I know what made you come to Mumbai in the first place,Bharti..I know what's been haunting you ever since her death..Both of us long for her,especially you and i know that very well,Bharti..I know how dependant you were on her in your childhood and early teenage life,way before you met Bhaskar and Payal..
Bharti:Mayank,what are you coming at?
Mayank:Bharti,i just don't want you to be hurt by depending on anyone...Just like how your world shattered before your eyes when Radhika had suffered...
Bharti:Mayank,please....(stopped herself from tearing up and took a deep breath)Stop!!!How in the world is Armaan linked to any of this?
Mayank:Bharti,i'm just warning you!!For God's sake,you're basing your decisions,thinking about the possibility of bumping into Armaan and ruining his life...Can't you see how much you care about him?Stop denying it,Bharti!!At least not in front of me!!!
Bharti:Mayank,there is nothing like that at all...In fact,if i'm caring,it's just because i feel so used to being his secret friend and if anything were to go wrong in his life once more,i wouldn't be able to take it!!!First,it happened with his ex-girlfriend,Preity and now Shreya...Mayu,i'm such a trouble-maker,i tell ya...
Mayank:Uffo,tum kabhi nahin sudhroge na??
Bharti:Hmm bilkul bhi nahin...
Mayank:In that case, meri job offer accept karo...Aur main tumhe Armaan se bohat door rakhuna,theekh hai?
Mayank:Kya hua??
Bharti:Mayank,tumhe Niharika ko baahar lekar chalna chaahiye...I mean,spend some quality time with her...
Mayank:I so knew it...That right now you were going to divert the topic...So typical of you!!!
Bharti:Whatever Mayu,but do it...And if i'm joining Trends,i demand no special treatment from you and you won't do anything to hurt Armaan and Shreya,hmm???Ok,i'll talk to you soon...
Mayank:Fine Bharti but talk to Payal first before things start taking a devastating turn..(Bharti agreed and both of them hung up)I just can't believe how Bharti agreed to join Trends because of him...She can so easily deny and i know that even her feelings for him...I know her so well,Radhika and i know that even you will agree that our Bharti has started falling for him...She simply doesn't want to acknowledge her feelings for him..I know how she must be feeling,for i had also been like her at some point in my life before you changed it forever!!Right now,i want her career to get kickstarted and for that,if i have to drive out all the hurdles,so be it..Even if one of them is Armaan himself!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 262~

~Mayank's place~

Mayank:Sorry Nihu...Late for dinner!!
Mayank:Everything ok??
Niharika:Yeahh sure..Let me see why it is...Yes,that's cuz i didnt prepare you dinner!!
Mayank:Par Nihu,i'm super hungry yaar...
Niharika:Make dinner for yourself..I'm going to bed!!Nitezz!!(went to her room and slammed the door)
Mayank:What had happened to her all of a sudden?(went to take a shower first)

~Niharika's room~

Niharika dropped herself on the bed and looked at her mobile,which apparently showed no text messages,voice mails or even missed calls from Raj.

"Idiot!!Phone tak nahin kar sakta mujhse maafi maangne ke liye..Kya khaaq pyaar karta hain woh mujhse??I'm just so,so stupid!!Yes,that's what i exactly am,for believing in Khushi's words and expecting anything from Raj..After all,she could be wrong too...And perhaps Niharika is just another fling for Raj Malhotra..That's right..Arghhh!!Damn it!(headed to the washroom)

She turned on the tap and splashed water on her face.As she closed her eyes and ran her right palm down her face,ridding excess water,she felt rose petals being showered on her from behind.She opeed her eyes to Raj's reflection in the mirror and instantly turned around.Raj continued showering rose petals on Niharika as he gradually headed towards her.

Raj;This is for real,Nihar..(Niharika widened her eyes in shock,upon seeing Raj right before her)I heard your mutterings,by the way..All i wanna say is you're different,Niharika and this is not a fling.It's hrd to explain,Nihar,but the truth is very simple.Despite wanting to respect your decision of staying far from you,i can't..And that too especially what you did this morning!!You coming over to my place,was si unexpected!!I over-reacted and i'm sorry!!But why did you..

Niharika:I wanted to surprise you..

Raj:You what?

Niharika:I don't know..I just craved for someone to be close to me,to hear me out and to understand me and my emotions...Emotions which is linked to Mayank's breakup,which i can't possibly share with Mayank himself!!

Raj:You have no idea either,do you?

Niharika:About what?

Raj:I had been thinking about you the whole morning too..Ever since i heard about Mahi's breakup,i wondered how you were taking it...Even if you didn't come,i would hve called or come over to meet you but you came to my place,which really took me by surprise..I didn't see that coming!!And it was a truly bad timing cu i have a lot of things running on my mind,Nihar!!

Niharika:I'm sorry,I..

Raj:Nihar,just listen to me..(cupped her face)I...I...I truly care about you!!(gazed deeply into her eyes)I've not felt this way before in my life!!I've had all kinds of relationships;flings,one-night stands and so much that i won't even recognize most of them n my life but you're diferent,Niharika!!I love you,Niharika..I really do!!

Niharika:So whatever Khushi said at the airport...

Raj:She really embarased the crap out of me!!

Niharika:(leaned over to kiss his cheek)Thanks for clarifying..(stood back)The rose petals surely did the magic here,earning you instant apology..And right now,i think you should get going..

Raj:Wait,that's it?

Niharika:What were you expecting??Because of you,i didn't cook dinner for Mayank..

Raj:Really??So i do have an effect on you,huh??(raised his eyebrows)

Niharika:Get going,Raj,just like how you came to my room..(got out of the washroom)Through the balcony via the ladder,hmm??Don't look at me like that!!I've sneaked into my own room like that several times...Now,get going!!

Raj:Ok,so i assume everything's clear about us?

Niharika:Yes Raj...

Raj:And no one will know about us,hmm??

Niharika:Apt plan!!

Raj:And you'll go out with me,as and when,huh?

Niharika:You're pushing it now..

Raj:Ok lastly,you'll marry me,right??


Raj:(bursted out laughing)Gosh,just look at your face!!!I was just kidding..Bye!!!

Niharika:Bye!!(waved to Raj as he looked back at her and smiled)

~Hallway @ Ellington Inn~

Bhaskar:(realized that he can't possibly run since Armaan's standing right before him and Bharti)Hehe...Heyy Armaan,what's up?

Armaan:What the heck,Bhaskar??How come you're here??Hi Bharti...

Bhaskar:Well, I'm here,ermm...For Bharti!!(Bharti looked super confused)

Armaan:Are you sure??Look,if i'm not disturbing you,Bhaskar...I seriously need to discuss with you about Payal..

Bharti:I think i made it pretty clear to you that you need not intervene in Bhaskar's amd Payal's personal life..

Armaan:Bharti,please try to understand!!It's about their marriage..Bhaskar,Payal had misunderstood you and Jiya..

Bhaskar:Yeahh now i know that..If i had known earlier...

Armaan:And now,Payal is thinking of divorcing you!You gotta do something quick!!

Bharti:(muttered)Damn it!!


Bharti:Armaan,will you top it now??

Bhaskar:You mean,she was holding onto the divorce papers just now,when you were talking to her??

Armaan:You saw us??

Bhart:Armaan,i specified things clearly that i want no interference of any sort,either in my life or their lives...Which part of it did you not understand??

Armaan,So now,we're talking?

Bharti:No,we're still not!!

Bhaskar:So,this was the surprise you were talking about earlier,Bharti??

Bharti:You must be so satisfied by your accomplishment na,Armaan??Yes Bhaskar,the divorce was meant to be your surprise!!!

Bhaskar:OMG!!!What am i going to do??I can't lose her now!!

Bharti:What do you mean by now?

Bhaskar:I mean,not at all...I need her and can't visulize living the days of my life alone...She's my life!!

Armaan:Bhaskar,i want to help you in every way possible for it's due to Jiya that things have fallen apart even further.(Bharti was flabbergasted)

Bharti:Don't you dare,Bhaskar...And i mean it,don't you dare take his help!!

Bhaskar:But Bharti,what's the problem?

Armaan:Yes Bharti,what's bothering you??

Bharti:I don't believe this!!I had come all the way from Mumbai to patch things up between you two without even giving her a clue but no..Oce again,you had to make the same mistake again..You've got to choose him over me to help you!!You've got no value for my friendship--Fine!!You know what?You can just go to hell,Bhaskar!!(went to her room)


Bhaskar:I wanted you two to help me out in this but she didn't bother to listen...Crap!!!Armaan,you've really got to help me!!

Armaan:(thought to himself)Maine toh keh diya hain ki main madat karunga lekin kaise???Upar se,Bharti bhi chali gayi hain mujhse naaraaz ho kar!!Kuch toh sochna padega!!!(just then,his mobile rang)Bhaskar,i'll take care of everything..Don't worry..We'll think of something by tomorrow;i'll call you,k??(both headed to their rooms)

~Armaan's room:556~

Armaan:You've called at the right time..Need your brains badly!!

Raj:Huh,what??(Armaan narrated the entire situation)Payal is so mad that she signed the divorce papers already?OMG!!!

Armaan:Gosh Raj,have you been listening or not?Bharti's mad at me for having intervened in Bhaskar's and Payal's personal matter but i've got to cuz...Cuz it was truly alarming to see the divorcing papers and just imagine the drastic efect it could have on the three of them!!!

Raj:Aha!!!I'm so proud of you yaar...


Raj:You went agianst her and interfered...That's quite a miracle,as far as i'm concerned but you can still do better!!

Armaan:Tumhe mazak sooj rahi hain,Raj?Yahaa meri haalat kharab ho raha hain aur tum ho ke...Dude,i need ideas!!!

Raj:Hhmm..Ideas toh bohat hain yaar lekin mujhe ek vaada chaahiye tumse...

Armaan:Kaisa vaada?

Raj:Mere rules ko follow karoge??

Armaan:Bharti ke dil jeetne ke liye?Seriously Raj,muje tumhaare...

Raj:Ideas chaahye ke nahin?

Armaan:God,yeh main kahaa atak gaya hon...

Raj:Inn choti choti baaton ke liye um God ko kyun parisaan kar rahe ho,Armaan??

Armaan:Theekh hain Raj,bolo...

Raj:Pehla idea toh yeh hain ke tum Payal aur Bhaskar ko phone karo..Payal ko yeh bataana ki Bhaskar ki acciden ho gaya hain aur Bhaskar ko Payal ki accident ki khabar dena...Dono ko ek hi jagah par milwa kar baat karwaa dena aur sari galat fehmi door karna,simple!!

Armaan:Yeh main bhi toh soch sakta hoon..Kitna puraana idea hain!!

Raj:Puraana hain lekin effective hain,samjhe?

Armaan:Ok,ok...Par yeh Plan A hain..Back-up plan ki zaroorat padh sakta hain,Raj..Plan B!!

Raj:Hhmm true..Sochta hoon..

Armaan:Haan socho socho...

Raj:Arre,tu bhi toh soch...

Armaan:Hmm,waise tumne Maa ko mere message diya ke nahin??

Raj:Kaunsa message??Tumne mujhe koi message dene ke liye nahin kahaa tha...

Armaan:Arre haan,maine Mahi ko message diya tha..Sorry!!

Raj:Mm..Mil gaya idea!!(his eyes widened)Tum ek kaam karo,tum Baskar ke surprise ke baarein mein bata lagao...Aur Payal ko ek clue de do uske baarein mein aur pyaar se samjhaao....

Armaan:Yeh tumhaara back-up plan hain?Dimaag toh thekh hain?Pyaar se hi toh samjhaa raha tha Payal ko itni dher se...Par woh kuch maanne ke liye tayyaar nahin hain!!!Aur iss waqt par Bharti ko mujhse problem honi thi...I could seriously use her help!!

Raj:Bechara!!!God,please iska madat karde!!!Dude,you gotta stop thinking about her...Patch Bhaskar and Payal up by yourself and you'll win half the battle...You'll win her heart already by that cuz now she's underestimating your ability in patching them up but after emerging victorious,she'll respect you much more and take back her decision of not wanting to extend "the secret friendship" you guyzz share...Trust me,dude!!It's gona work just fine...

Armaan:I don't know..I mean..She's really adamant,Raj and..

Raj:Uff,stop doubting yourself...It must have been an exhausting trip,so go and get yourself some rest!!

Armaan:Raj,waise is everything fine there??

Raj:Be specific,dude..If you're asking about Jiya...

Armaan:I'm so not...She created this stupidmess!!Once i get back,i'm really going to give her a piece of my mind!!

Raj:No,you're so not!!All you would do is chide her and then hug her for being loyal to Bhaskar..Come on,you can't deny the fact that she's such a great friend,someone whom you can rely on to guard your secrets...

Armaan:Really,Raj?How come i don't hear you complimenting her or letting her in on your secrets,when she's around??

Raj:Who told you so?Don't you see how i flirt with her,huh?And even now she's getting me an attorney for my case,since i breached the laws of the contract..

Armaan:Damn it,i totaly forgot..Is it very serious??

Raj:Well it depends on whether Mr Gaurav reaches an agreement with the client's attorney or not...Or else i could be sued and charges could be filed against me...Not a big deal!!

Armaan:Sarcasm at this moment?Seriously,Raj???Wait a sec...Wht's the lawyer's name again?

Raj:Gaurav something...Couldn't exactly recall his last name..But what's wrong?

Armaan:Nothing..I know of a Gaurav from Goa,whom i'm not exactly..Anyways,he must be a different guy...

Raj:I've not seen you awkward at social parties,Armaan..Who's this Gaurav?

Armaan:Ermm,as far as i know,he's Alisha's mentor and a distant relative of Anjali,Alisha's sister-in-law...

Raj:Hmm,i've no idea yaar..But anyways i've yet to find my contract papers and for that,i would be turningmy house upside down..Ok,i've just reached home;you've got any messages for anyone else??

Armaan:No Raj,just keep me in the loop about your case,k?

Raj:Hm ok...But i got a message for you..Just keep practicing on ignoring Bharti;it'll get better witheach try!!Take care,bye!!

Armaan:Bye!!(hung up)

~Mahi' place~

Sonali:What's cooking,Mahi?

Mahi:Nothing..Just noodles!!

Sonali:Uffo,that's so boring..

Mahi:Indeed it is,cuz i'm really hungry..

Sonali:And i thought we could e celebrating tonight since it's the day of your breakup...(Mahi glared)Ok,i just realized how that sounded but i'm just so thriled...I've ordered Pizza from Dominoes by the way...


Sonali:Uffo,now don't tell me you don't wanna celebrate yaar..Come on!!

Mahi:Ok,let's celebrate...(Sonali jumped and hugged Mahi tightly)

Sonali:Ok,i'll just refresh myself and come,k??(Mahi nodded)

~Room 576~

Bharti rang the doorbell several times.

Payal:Uffo Bharti,kya kar rahe ho?Naina so rahi hain yaar..(saw Bharti's annoyed looks)Heyy,kya hua hain tujhe?

Bharti:(drank aglass of water)Payal,main fresh ho kar ati hoom..

Payal:Arre,par..Ek minute!!Tum itni tension mein kyun ho?

Bharti:Tum sahi ho,Payal!!Yeh BHaskar kisi kaam ka laayak nahin hain!!Aur tumhe pata hain,uss Armaan ki waje se...

Payal:(widened her eyes in dibelief and kept thinking)Oh God,please don't tell me that Bharti bumped into him!!

BHarti:He's staying in this hotel..Of all the hotels,he had to be here!!And what was he talking to you about,huh?

Payal:Nothing,Bharti...I was just quizzing him on whee you are..I mean,we saw each other and got talking..

BHarti:I just can't believe you would lie to me,Paayu...You had your divorce papers with you,for God's sake!!You know what?I'm not going to stop you;do as you wish...Go ahead and sign those papers..On one hand,Bhaskar trusts Jiya more than you or me and on the other hand,I'm damn sure that Armaan must have come here to defend his friend more than anything snf influenced you even further..Well,what the hell yaar...Why should you care,Payal,when Bhaskar doesn't care??Go ahead and divorce him!!

Payal:Bharti,yo'r getting it all wrong...

Bharti:Paayu,apne faisle se mukhar rahi ho tum,huh?Darr lag rahi hain???


Bharti:Divorce papers kahaa hain?Abhi sain kar mere saamne se..(told hold of the divorce papers and saw Payal's signature only on the first page)Payal,sign kar!!!(Payal's fingers trembled and she looked to Bharti who had her eyes fixed on the divorce papers)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 261~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 261~

Bharti:Ok fine,don't tell me about the surprise!!But what the heck went wrong with you??How could you just disappear like that,without even contacting me!?You had problems with Payal but what did I do to you??You just wales away...I mean,what we're you thinking Bhaskar??(finished the grilled chicken)
Bhaskar:Whoa Bharti,that's a lot of questions yaar..
Bharti:(slammed her plate on the tray,shaking the utensils as she glared at Bhaskar before standing up and walking away from the sofa)Damn you,Bhaskar!!Your life is like a game for you,right?Where you just play with people's emotions,yeahh??Did you at least think about me?How I almost went in a state of frenzy searching for you??Ok,forget about me but what about Payal,your love??Any idea of what she's going through??Do you even know what she's thinking about you??I can't bear to see her in this state and it's all thanks to you and your conversation with Jiya which made her think that she's losing you to Jiya!!!
Bhaskar:WHAT???NO!!That's not possible...(stood up and looked at Bharti who turned to face him)Oh God..Why didn't she talk to me openly about this??Bharti,she too left me the night just like that..How am I supposed to know what's running in her mind if she don't confide in me??
Bharti:And then you left Mumbai..Did you even know what had been happening??Payal's problem had started since your London trip with Jiya but I thought I had handled her well then..I wanted to bring with me to Goa...If I hadn't left her alone,the gravemistake wouldn't have accrued im Goa in the first place..(paused)I meant,both of you wouldn't have distanced each other so much!!Payal wouldn't have vented her frustration  and temper by slapping Jiya nor would I have to hear so much taunt from Armaan who totally believes that Jiya isn't at fault at all!!
Bhaskar:She isn't,Bharti...
Bharti:Now I know that,Bhaskar!!But why for God's sake,did you keep her in confidence??I kept asking her several times for your whereabouts but her lips had to be tightly sealed..Seriously Bhaskar,was I dead to you??
Bhaskar:Whoa,you're mad at me!!
Bharti:(gritted her teeth and gave him a cold stare)You think??I can't believe that I as out of this all along yet I came all the way here to save your marriage..I can't bear to see you two falling apart but no!!You are not at all serious about this,are you??You know what?You can go to hell,for the heck I care!!(turned to go)

~Outside Room 576~

Payal went outside and tried calling Bharti but somehow she wasn't getting through.Just then,she saw Armaan almost checking into his room but she voiced out to him.Payal waved to him and he waved back while advancing towards her.

Armaan:Payal,tum yahaa?
Payal:Haan,par tum?
Armaan:This is where I usually stay whenever I come to London..This is so unexpected!!You're alone??
Payal:No,Armaan..Naina's asleep and I don't know where the hell Bharti had gone to..I've been trying to call her some time for now..
Armaan:(thought to herself)What a coincidence indeed!!But first I need to talk things out with Payal...
Payal:You carry on,Armaan..You must be tired!!(turned to go inside)
Armaan:Payal!!I'm really sorry!!
Payal:What for??
Armaan:The whole mess which Jiya created..I had no idea that her friendship with Bhaskar would have to bear the cost of your marriage..I now realize it's her fault..I mean...(saw Payal's signature on the divorce papers which he instantly recognized)
Payal:Till yesterday,you were defending her,Armaan..I just don't..(Armaan pointed to the divorce papers)You don't have to interfere,Armaan..
Armaan:I've got to,Payal!!Do you know how much remorse I feel when I see the divorce papers??Of all people,Payal,you know Bhaskar and how deep his love is for you..How can you overlook that,Payal??
Payal:(smiled)Armaan,that's very sweet of you to say but often, people change into what they promised not to be..Perhaps Bhaskar has changed or his love for me did!!And the divorce will just make things easier!!Sorry Armaan..I know you care as a friend,but I've made my decision!!
Armaan:But can't you see what this could do to your friendship with him and Bharti????(Payal kept mum)

Just as Bharti got out of Bhaskar's room,she stopped in shock upon seeing Armaan and Payal together, talking outside the hotel room quickly hid at an adjacent pillar and Bhaskar too,followed suit.

Bharti:What the freakin' hell is he doing here?First,the airport..Then,the aeroplane and now here??
Bhaskar:Ahh,your boyfriend's here??
Bharti:Just shut up,Bhaskar!!He's not my boyfriend!!
Bhaskar:Ok fine!!So..(continued looking at Armaan and Payal)So you're still mad at him for the accusations?
Bharti:I'm not mad at him..I've forgiven him in Goa but I'm not talking to him,thatz all..
Bhaskar:What??But why?
Bharti:Nothing which I would wanna speak of,at the moment..
Bhaskar:What the heck is he doing with my wife,holding her hands??
Bharti:Bhaskar,why are you grabbing my hands now??Chodo!!

Armaan:Payal,this would shatter everything...The special bond of friendship that has been intact for so many years,will just be broken with this divorce!!(shook her)Say something,Payal!!
Payal:(started crying)It's not my hands anymore,Armaan!!I can't live without him but he may have fallen out of love with me..Why should I keep him tied down in this marriage if he isn't happy with me??

Bhaskar:What's that in her hands??
Bharti:(smiled)Thatz het surprise for you..You'll get to see it pretty soon..
Bhaskar:What surprise??

Payal:,Armaan,I need to get changed..,Bye!!(rushed inside the room;Armaan wanted to knock but he couldn't bring himself to do so)
Armaan:Sab iss Jiya ke waje se ho raha hain...Agar inn dono ki divorce sach much ho gaya toh main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahin karpaaonga!!

Bhaskar:You better tell me whatz the surprise Bharti...
Bharti:Why should I when you can't even disclose your surprise??
Bharti:Oh freak!!(turned around and away and so did Bhaskar)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 260~

Mahi muttered as she entered her cabin,
"Iss duniya mein sirf ek Vedant Raiz toh nahin hoga na??I jaan..Par at least maine teeno baar ittefaq se hi sahi par Ved se almost takraaya tha..Aur.."

Sonali:There you are..(hugged Mahi and withdrew from their hug)Uss sadoo ne kuch kiya toh nahin na??
Sonali:Heyy,kya hua??Tum bohat parishaan lag rahe ho..Usne kuch kiya toh nahin na??
Mahi:Nahin,nahin..Aisa kuch bhi nahin hain,Sonu...Tu bewaja parishaan ho rahi ho..Woh sirf meri aur uske break-up karwaana chahtha tha.Aur plan ke mutaabik sab kuch ho gaya hain..
Sonali:Tab toh tumhe khush hona chaahiye..Now everything's sorted out and Mayank is outta your life!!(Mahi sunk down,settling in her chair)Kis soch mein dhoobi ho??
Mahi:Niharika bohat upset thi aur woh Radhika ke baarein mein bhi kuch bataane waali thi ki tab Mayank aa gaya aur woh ruk gayi..Woh alone baarein mein bhi koshish kar rahi thi lekin mujhe kuch samajh mein nahin aa rahi thi...Yeh sab kuch meri waje se ho rahi hain..Agar maine zorr nahin di hoti,toh..
Sonali:Tog woh Mayank apne manmaani karta rahega..Iss mein tumhaari koi galti nahin,samjhi??
Mahi:Baat itni bhi clear cut nahin hain,Sonu...Na jaane kyun aise lagne lagi hain jaise woh itna bhi sadoo nahin hain..Tum samajh rahi ho ki main kya kehna chahthi hoon??Uske zindagi uske ateet,Radhika,se juda hain aur mera bhi!!
Sonali:Tumhaari koi ateet nahin hain,samjhi tum??Khabardaar agar tumne ek aur lafz nikaal diya toh!!Uss kaminey ne tumhaari zindagi tabah kar diya hain aur aaj bhi tum uske baarein mein soch rahi ho??(Mahi recollected the painting at Mayank's place)Woh tumhaare liye marchuka hain,samjhi??
Mahi:(thought to herself)Yeh meri vehem nahin ho sakti ke Ved issi shehar mein hain...Woh painting zaroor ek sign hain!!
Sonali:Main kaam se baahar jaa rahi hoon..Tum alma dhyaan rakna aur main tumhe shaam ko milti hoon..(Mahi nodded;Sonali caught the lift with Raj and Jiya)Hi guyzz,where are you two off to??
Raj:I'm heading back home and she's covering for me after quite some time...
Sonali:But why??
Jiya:Cuz of the emergency I didn't tell you about..
Sonali:What,wait..There's more??
Jiya:Remmber the 12-month contract that he signed??Well,he kinda apparently broke the laws in the manner by personally arranging for the accommodation of Nidhi with Niyati and Khushi..
Sonali:But that's for Nidhi's safety,na??
Jiya:I'm just hoping that the client and their attorney and our attorney will come to a conclusion,in our favour..(the trio got out of the lift)
Sonali:Okie guyzz,I'll see you around..And Raj,if you do need my help in any way,do let me know..(Raj nodded)
Jiya:The first help you cam actually do is telling is what's going on between you and Pushpak..
Raj:Hehe,just ignore her,Sonu..Jiyaa,you offered to drop me home,remember??Chalo...(grabbed her elbow)Bye Sonu...
Sonali:Lo,ab yeh baaki reh gayi thi..Ab Jiya ko bhi shaq ho gayi hain aur woh sach jaankar hi rahegi..Sonu,be prepared to get beheaded by Jiya!!(left for her meeting)

~Few Hours Later~

Armaan,meanwhile,tucked the magazine in its pocket as the air stewardess brought food along the way.From a distance,he could hear Bharti talking to Naina.Much as he felt tempted to turn around and look at both of them and Payal,he recalled his conversation with the love guru,provided the experience he's got with the increasing number of flings.

"Armaan:Main plane mein baith chuka hoon aur tum mujhe ab bata rahe ho??
Raj:Dude,mujhe bhi abhi abhi bata chala hain..
Armaan:Maine...(paused)Maine bohat kuch bol diya tha Bharti se,uske ghar mein...I just don't get it!!!
Armaan:Hamesha aisa kyun hota hain Raj ki jab bhi main apne mann ki baat Bharti ke saamne rak tha hoon toh usse aur museebaton ka saamna karna padhthi hain???Maine apne aankhen bandh karke Jiya par vishwaas kiya tha par woh toh yaar waqt Bhaskar ke saath contact rak rahi thi yaar...
Raj:Dude,Jiya galat nahin hain..Tum sirf apne aur Bharti ke baarein mein soch rahe ho..Jiya ko yeh ehsaas ho gayi hain ke Bhaskar Payal ke liye kuch khaas plan kar raha tha aur shayad iss liye usne khushi khushi apne gaalon mein thappad bhi khaa li...
Armaan:Tumhe woh nazar aa raha hain...Lekin mujhe yeh nazar aa raha hain ke Jiya ke kaaran,Payal ki divorce ho sakta hain aur saath saath unn teeno ki dosti par bhi asar ho sakta hain...Jo main kabhi bardaasht nahin karpaaonga!!
Raj:Yaar,tumhaare har ek lafz se zaahir hain ke tum Shreya se nahin,Bharti se pyaar karte ho...I mean,how could I have not seen this coming??That you can barely move on...
Raj:No dude,you listen to me..Mere tarike ko agar tum aazmaaloge toh tumhe 100% success guaranteed hain..
Armaan:Oh hello,shut up..Mujhe koi tarika nahin chaahiye!!
Raj:Soch lo warna kya pata zindagi bhar paschthaana na pade..
Armaan:Is this an indirect curse??
Raj:Indirect blessing...Come on yaar,I can be love guru..After all,itna experience toh hain mujh mein..
Armaan:I can't believe we're even having this conversation!!
Raj:Pehla usool toh free.of charge hain...Sunn lo,implement karna chahthe ho ya nahin,tumhaari marzi...Ladkiyon ke peeche matt bhaagho,for example,jaise tum Bharti ke peeche bhaag rahe ho,hmm??
Armaan:Main bhaag raha hoon??Main??Ulta toh woh mujhse door bhaag rahi hain..
Raj:Wohi toh problem hain dude..Tum usse zaroorat se.zyaada attention seek rahi ho,jo usse bilkul bhi pasand nahin hain,aur parishaan ho jaati hain,tumhaare kaaran..Usse ignore karna seekho!!Jab tum usse ignore karoge,toh woh yeh zaroor sochegi ki tumhe achanak ho kya gaya hain..
Armaan:Don't give me the overdose of Kal Ho Na Ho,hmm Raj??
Raj:Kal Ho Na Ho??Oh hello,this is proven,alrite??Aur the toh mere saath bohat baar ho chuka hain..
Armaan:Bharti inn sabse alag hain,got it??
Raj:Acha???Bharti ladki nahin hain??
Armaan:Raj,juz shut up!!Main phone rake raha hoon..Bye!!"(pondered if he ought to implement Raj's first rule)

~Raj's place~

Raj:Thank you so much for waking me up so early to go to MU..Now,just leave,k?(glanced at his home and felt as though something wasn't right)Thanks for the ride aur ab tum niklo..
Jiya:Oh hello,mujhe toh andar aana hi hoga na??
Raj:Ki...Kis liye???
Jiya:Baby-modelling contract and other associated documents,hmm??
Raj:Woh main tumhe baad mein doonga..
Jiya:Raj,why are you rushing me??And don't both of us know how long legal stuff takes??I'll come with you inside and...
Raj:No!!I mean...Look,I haven't figured where exactly I've kept them..
Jiya:Ok,then we'll search together..
Raj:Uffo Jiya,tum kitni badi deeth ho!!
Raj:I mean..Suno,main MU aakar tumhe doonga,pakka..Ab tum jaao!!
Jiya:Ek minute...Andar koi hain kya??Nahin,nahin..(shook her head)Subah toh koi bhi nahin tha..Toh ab Kahn ho sakta hain??
Raj:Tumhe nahin lagta ki tum kuch zyaada hi mere zindagi mein dhakal andaazi kar rahe ho??
Jiya:Excuse me??Mujhe haqq  hain,alrite??
Raj:Kaunsa haqq,huh??
Jiya:I'm your best friend aur iss haqq se..
Raj;Issi haqq se ab filhaal mujhe thode dher ke liye aaraam karne do..Bye!!(shut his home door,hitting Jiya's nose mildly)Phew!!(dropped his coat on the dining table without seeing and dropped dead on the sofa)

Just then,he smelt something burning.He got up and freaked to see Niharika before his eyes with his burnt coat.He stood speechless,wondering what she was doing un his two-storey home,having his eyes fixated on her bouncy curls.He blinked his eyes in disbelief as she came closer to him.Just as he was thinking it was all a dream,he jerked backwards when the burnt area of his coat transmitted the heat to his arm.

Raj:Oh crap!!(grabbed his.coat and looked at Niharika through the hole)This is my new.coat,for God's sake..(threw it on the sofa)What are you doing here and how did you get in??And how did you get my coat in such a state??
Niharika:Woe,I so didn't expect that accusation from you after having cleaned your home and kept some.scented candles on the dining table..
Raj:Candles..They did this!!!What are you trying to achieve by doing all these??I'm keeping a distance from you and respecting your decision,Nihar...So what else do you want??You know what....I just can't get you!!!
Niharika:I've got nothing to explain,Raj..I'm leaving!!(left from there)
Raj:What the...Whatz her freakin' problem??If she wanted to leave,why bother coming??Itz not as if I asked her to come..What crap,Raj!!!

~Few Hours Later~
@London Airport(outside the loo)

Armaan:Oops..Heyy!!(Bharti hesitated to respond and left)Damn it!!How should I even start talking to her??(Just then,he noticed her talking to someone on her mobile)
Bharti:Sure I can catch Bhaskar at Ellington Inn??Alright,thanks!!(hung up)Bhaskar,ab tum mujhse zyaada door nahin chup sakte!!(Bharti paused as she was pulled to a corner by Armaan)
Armaan:Jo kuch bhi maine kahaa tha tumhaare ghar par,I mean..I'm sorry!!(Armaan realized Bharti was looking at his hand having grabbed her elbow;he promptly let go without her saying anything)
Bharti:Kyun?Tumhe apne dost ki parva tha aur mujhe apne dost ki..Toh sorry kis baat ki?Excuse me...
Armaan:Ab main tumhe kaise samjhaao??Jiya ko sab kuch pata tha Bhaskar ke ata pata ke baarein mein..Actually,baat yeh hain ki Bhaskar ne Jiya ko apne surprise plan ke baarein mein bataaya tha aur woh tabse chup thi...Mujhe yeh baat Raj ne bataaya tha aur woh bhi plane mein baithne ke kuch ghante baad..Par Jiya ko Payal ke divorce ke soch ne majboor kiya tha tumhaare ghar aane ke liye..Aur thappad bhi khaa liya Bhaskar ke liye..Taaki woh surprise aur uski vachan qaayam rahein...(Bharti closed her eyes in rage and opened them instantly)
Bharti:Iss Bhaskar ko toh main chodoongi nahin...Bata nahin kab sudhrega!!6 saal pehle bhi,jab tumhaare...(hesitated before resuming)Jab tumhaare  ragging hua tha Excel College mein,mujhe daseek kar le kar gaya tha gaadi mein,yeh keh kar ki Payal hospital mein hain aur woh bhi critical condition mein...In fact,he picked up Payal along the way and brought us to Goa for vacation!!Can you believe him???(Armaan couldn't stop smiling)Do teen hafton ke liye!!(saw him smiling)Kya??Kya main joke sunaa rahi hoon jo tum hass rahe ho,huh??(Armaan shook his head)Ab bata nahin kaunsa surprise plan kiya hain usne par itna zaroor bata hain mujhe ki usse zorr ka jhatka lagne waala hain Payal ke divorce papers ke saath..
Armaan:Bharti,aise hi muskuraati rehna...I miss your smile!!(Bharti stopped smiling)
Bharti:Woh Payal aur Naina meri intezaar kar rahi hongi..(turned to leave)
Armaan:(hit his head)Duffer kahi ke!!Compliment Dena zaroori tha kya??An woh chali gayi hain..Par Bhaskar ka pata kaise chalega??Main bhi na!!!(got out of the airport and hailed a can,instructing the cabbie to take him to Ellington Inn,where he had stayed before on various occasions when he came to London)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 259~

Jiya:Chal bata baat kya hai?
Raj:Tu phir se shuru ho gayi?
Jiya:Excuse me??
Raj:Armaan aur Bharti par give up karke ab seedha Pushpak aur Sonali par chance maar rahi ho??
Jiya:Idiot!!Pushpak,forget that i even asked you anything..Bye!!(left from there)
Pushpak:Raj,tumhe aisa kehna nahin chaahiye tha yaar...
Raj:Dude,just chillax..Yeh toh humaare beech aksar hota hain..Tension matt lo!!
Pushpak:Acha,theekh hain..Mujhe ek personal favour chaahiye tha tumse..
Raj:Mujhse??Look dude,i can't guarantee you anything here unless it is something within my capabilities..
Pushpak:Can you...can you...
Raj:Are you intending to doubt my potential??Cut the crap and come to the point,dude...
Pushpak:Can you find out where Sonali's staying??
Raj:WHAT??(Pushpak flapped his palms up and down repeptitvely)What do you mean?Aren't you two living together??(Pushpak kept mum)Dude,how long has this been going on??What happened between you two?
Raj:Actually nahin,i want the truth!!(Pushpak told him what happened and how Sonali's not even talking to him now)So you guyzz are on a break huh??I don't believe this crap!!You mean to say it's Sonali's fault,huh??
Pushpak:Yaar,maine aisa kab kaha??
Raj:Ok,toh yeh Aunty ka fault hain?
Pushpak:Heyy,tum Maa ko beech mein kyun laa rahe ho?
Raj:(got frustrated)Oh God,Pushpak!!It is either Sonali's or your mum's fault cuz apparently you were standing in the middle,in a neutral position,just doing nothing about it at all..Sonu chose the easiest way out and you let her do so and FYI,i'm not your private investigator,get it?
Pushpak:That's it Raj..I can hire a PI,can't i??
Raj:Are you nutzz or something??
Pushpak:Then what do you propose?
Raj:I'm not proposing anything...I can't believe that things change after you guyzz went on with the live-in status...Marriage is a big No-No for you guyzz..
Pushpak:Raj,just forget that i even asked...(left,disappointed)
Raj:Damn it!!(shook his head)What the hell...I should have helped him!!Pushpak,you caught me in the wrong mood yaar...All i'm thinking about right now is the effect of Mahi's and Mayank's break-up on Niharika..Gosh,i'm still thinking about her!!(recalled about how Khushi  had screamed on top of her lungs,confessing his love for Niharika on his behalf)I care about her,damnnn!!!
~Mayank's place~
Niharika:Mayank,jaldi karo na...(Mahi noticed a beautiful portrait of two lovers at sunset,on the wall)Mahi,chale??(Mahi didn't respond and Niharika went to her)Mahi??(tapped on her shoulders)
Niharika:Kya hua??Tum yeh painting dekh kar aise..Tum itni khoyi khoyi si kyun ho?
Mahi:Kisi ki yaad aa gayi thi..Yeh painting??
Niharika:Actually,yeh painting ermm..(paused to think)Yeh Riteish ka dost..Mujhe naam toh yaad nahin hain par Riteish ke sagaayi ke waqt,usne yeh painting humaare ghar par bheja tha..Par koi naam nahin likha tha,sirf ek annonymous chitthi tha..Jab Riteish aur Avni ko congratulate karne gayi thi,tab mujhe Riteish ne usse introduce kiya tha...Mayannkkk!!!
Mayank:Sorry...Woh kuch zaroori documents compile kar raha tha..
Niharika:Kitni baar kahaa hain maine tumse ki office ka kaam mere saamne matt laaya karo..
Mayank:Ab chale??Chale Mahi??
Niharika:Waise Mayank,tumhe yaad hain ki yeh painting humein kisne gift kiya tha??Woh Riteish ke engagement par bhi mila tha,Riteish ka dost...
Mayank:Woh...V...Ve..Vedant..Vedant Raiz,kuch aisa naam hain shayad..(Mahi was totally shocked)
Niharika:Mahi..Heyy..(Mahi breathed deeply,calming herself from within)Tum theekh ho??
Mahi:Yeahh,bohat dher ho gayi hain na...Chale??(Niharika nodded and she locked her home before heading off in Mayank's car;Mayank dropped her off at the saloon after which he drove to MU)
Mayank:(thought to himself)Bata nahin ki uss painting mein aisa kya khaasiyat thi jo Mahi disturbed ho gayi thi aur tab jab maine Vedant Raiz ka naam liya tha..Par main kyun yeh sab soch raha hoon??
Mahi:(pondered)Niharika ki perception kuch zyaada hi sahi hain..Maine aaj tak apne ateet ko nahin bhulaa paayi hoon toh Mayank kaise Radhika ko bhoolega??Aaj phir se meri ateet mere aas paas bhadak rahi hain..Avni ki engagement party par aur mall mein bhi maine Ved ko hi dekha tha...Woh iss shehar mein hi hain!!
~Men's Universe~
Raj:Sorry yaar Pushpak...I was quite in a different mood..
Pushpak:Raj,it's ok..
Raj:Tum Sonali se pyaar karte ho?
Pushpak:Woh kehte hain na,zindagi ki mushkilein pyaar ke sang aasaan hone lagte hain??
Raj:Aur yeh kis idiot ne kahaa hain??Zyaada sa zyaada complications badh jaata hain pyaar ke waje se..
Pushpak:Tum yeh sab iss liye keh rahe ho kyunki tumne abhi tak sacha pyaar nahin kiya hain..
Raj:Acha??Agar tum itna hi chahthe ho Sonu ko,toh phir usse jaane kyun diya??
Pushpak:Tumne doosra kahaavat nahin suna hain?
Pushpak:Letting go of your love and if your love is true,she'll return,etc,etc...
Raj:Ahhh...Doosra Armaan banne ki koshish kar rahe ho?
Pushpak:Armaan?Kya matlab hain tumhaara?
Raj:Ermm,woh..Kab tak break lena ka iraada hain,huh?
Pushpak:Mujhse kyun pooch rahe ho??Jaakar ussi se poocho na..
Raj:Kyun?Tumne hi toh jaane diya tha na...Arre,agar pyaar kiya hain,toh mard bann!!Uske dil waapas jeeto..Apne pyaar ke liye lado!!!Lekin nahin...Tum toh mummly ka laadla ho na..Jo unki baat kabhi nahin thaaloge,chahhe sahi ho ya buri aur inn sab mein bhugh thega kaun??Mere dost,Sonu,huh???Kitna kamzor hain tumhaara yeh pyaar....
Pushpak:Mera pyaar kamzor nahin hain,alright Raj??
Raj:Acha???Saabit karke dikhaado tak jaakar maanunga...
Pushpak:Deal!!(left from there)
Raj:Chalo,iska kaam toh ho gaya...Ab bas yehi dua hain ke Armaan bhi wohi karein jo maine usse kahhaa tha karne ke liye..Bharti ke dil mein jagah paane ke liye yeh pehla shuruvaat hoga!!Ek nayi shuruvaat!!!
~Basement of MU Building~
Mahi realized that she has reached the basement and she saw Mayank glaring at her.
Mayank:What exactly are you waiting for?
Mahi:I'm sorry...Woh...Don't mind me asking..(paused for a while)Niharika had talked a lil about Radhika..I..(hesitantly resumed)Could i see her photograph?
Mayank:What makes you think that i carry her photograph everywhere with me?
Mahi:I just thought that since you have the habit of talking to her when you're alone,i assumed that you'd carry her photograph with you..
Mayank:I do,for a fact,but i don't intend to show it to you for it's none of your business...So now,if you may..
Mahi:I'm sorry;i didn't mean to intervene but before i leave,this is my card..If you ever needed someone to talk to,you could contact me...
Mayank:Why would i contact you,when i have Niharika and Bharti by my side??And even if they are not,i'll sort my worries and probz on my own...Why would i bother you,after all these meshwork of misconceptions and ugly publicity??Take back your card...
Mahi:I'm just trying to help..
Mayank:I don't need anyone's help,especially your's!!No offence intended...
Mahi:Fine!!!Just to let you know,i'm trying to extend my gesture of friendship to you but i guess some people are just meant to die alone!!Whatever yo just said has surely hurt me and i'll never forget it!!(got out of his car and walked away)Sadoo kahi ka!!Main itni achi banne ki koshish kar rahi hoon aur woh hain ke..Hum dono ke ateet bohat gehre hain aur main sirf dosti ka haath badhaana chahthi thi par nahin..Usse toh sirf apne gham mein dhoobna hain..Par uske saath aisa kya hua hoga jo woh chupaana chahtha hain aur dhabaa kar rakhna chahtha hain apne dil mein??Main bhi kaisi kaisi baaton mein khoyi hoon..Mujhe uss sadoo se kya lena dena??(recollected the painting and the mention of Vedant Raiz's name as she entered her cabin)