Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, January 1, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 239~

Armaan:Isn't it better to be practical Payal??
Payal:Armaan,look at me...(Armaan raised his eyes and looked at Payal who was apparently disheartened to hear Armaan's decision)I know i'm really sentimental and perhaps an emotional fool,that's exactly why i don't believe in such practicalities..You love Bharti,it's so obvious to me and i'm someone who revel in blooming love stories,as far as Peppy Payal is concerned...So i just wanted to give one final shot before...And that's when i get to know that Bharti's..
Armaan:She hates me!!
Payal:No Armaan,she doesn't!!
Armaan:Yes she does,and she admitted it after you left from her cabin!!!And she hates me for coming in between you and her...And i am feeling so awful for that..I rushed here for i didn't want your friendship to get affected in any way because of me!!
Payal:It will never get affected Armaan and that too because of you!!But she's so adamant...She doesn't want to forgive you because..
Armaan:I treated my friendship like dirt,Payal!!It's my fault,i know it...But i guess it's just too late for anything!!If she prefers me to stay away from her life for good,it's better!!In that way,i won't be a trouble maker in her life..
Payal:I can't believe that you're giving up on your love so easily...I know i am sounding repetitive but i just can't help it....You love her so just go and tell her,damn it...!!
Armaan:Payal,she loves Mayank!!
Payal:So??You don't have to care..You just go and tell her,confess your feelings for her and see what she's got to say about that!!
Armaan:Payal,i'm not doing anything like that,alright??
Payal:Of course,you wouldn't..You know why??You can't;you simply are not bold enough and that's why she loves Mayank!!(Armaan gave her an irritated glare)But i'm not like you...Anyways,Bhaskar's gonna be back within 2 days and i have to leave,that's why i'm leaving to set things right before he comes back!!
Armaan:So,there's nothing to worry between you and Bharti,right??
Payal:I wouldn't say Yes..I want her to realize her mistake and i'll make her realize it!!That's what true friends are for!!
Armaan:What are you going to do??
Payal:You don't have to bother about that!!Just think that right now you just got 2 days to confess your feelings for her when she's right before you...Or else you'll never get those opportunities ever again neither is she going to appear before you...
~Rheo Pub~
Meanwhile Bharti and Jiya had been drinking fo some time.Well,only Bharti at the time being for Jiya had never had a drink before in her life,fearing her dad.Even when Raj had brought her out on several occasions,she would secretly pretend that she had drunk in front of Raj by pouring out the drink when Raj diverts his attention towards other sexy girls.However,Bharti had caught her this time round,when she tried to do the same.ld you have
Bharti:Jiya!!I'm paying for the drink and you're trying to...
Jiya:Bharti,i'm...I never drink!!
Bharti:Don't lie to me yaar...I'm not going to buy your silly excuse...How many times would you have gone out with Raj??I'm sure he would have...Wait!!!You did this behind his back??(Jiya admitted to her crime)And he didn't know??
Jiya:I don't think so...
Bharti:Kamaal hai yaar,tu bhi...I don't care..I'm paying for the drinks so you better finish it up..Come on..It's just martini!!
Jiya:Just martini??And if my dad knows about it,i wonder what he'll do to me...
Bharti:Chill yaar Jiya..I brought you here to cheer up..But seriously if you don't wanna drink or accept my challenge,it's totally fine by me...But one day,you'll really wonder...
Bharti:How it is like just to get a drop of that martini you just squandered away...(Jiya rolled her eyes but Bharti kept trying to win her over)How it is like just to forget everything and just be yourself..No worries,just living in the moment..Forgetting every single friggin' idiot who has crossed our paths so far,making our already messed up lives much more complex..Just live in the moment,you know...How will that look like??(Bharti saw a tint of smile on Jiya's smile)Go on,have it...(Jiya still hesitated)Gurl,there's just so much more that we could have tonight..Trust me!!!(Jiya mustered her courage and took a sip)How is it??
Jiya:Mm,it's martini,i guess...It's alright..I don't know;what am i supposed to say??(Bharti got amused,held her forehead and bursted out laughing)What?What's so funny Bharti??
Bharti:You just remind me of the times when i used to party so much with Alisha and Sanju...Kya raatein thi!!!
Jiya:Kyun Bharti??I mean,tum ab bhi party karte ho na??
Bharti:(shook her head)Shaadi se pehle itna party karti thi yaar...Ab toh Naina bhi hain mere saath...Seriously i just..Aur woh dono,Alisha aur Sanju Rohan ki shaadi ki tayyaariyon mein busy hain...Crap yaar..Yeh zindagi bhi na...Tum jaante ho Jiya..(Jiya could sense that Bharti was already quite drunk)I just need someone to vent it out..It may not be Alisha or Sanju,but it could be Bhaskar or even Payal par aaj kal Payal bata nahin mujhse itni naaraaz rehthi hain ke humaare beech hamesha behas hi chalte hi rehte hain...
Jiya:(mumbled)Tumhaare saath toh woh kam se kam baat karti hain...
Jiya:Kuch nahin...
Bharti:Arre wah!!!Tumne toh apni martini khatam kar hi diya...Let's have another round yaar...(Jiya agreed)So where was i??
Bharti:Yeah Payal...She's my bestest friend and we both have such conversations and heated discussions usually but nowadays i just feel that i'm getting more and more distant from her...
Jiya:Tell me about it Bharti..It's just so annoying when your best friend initiates the distance and we get worried about that..Just take a look at Armaan and me for instance...I really wonder what's cooking between him and Shreya!!!He wouldn't even tell me anything no matter how i ask...But i don't wanna sound disapproving of their friendship in any way...But at least put a stop to the distance for God's sake...
Bharti:Arre??You don't know what's going on between him and Shreya??(stood up and took another guy's drink instead of her's and shouted) Your dear friend is in love with his best friend,Shreya..(Jiya was stunned,having her lips part and gasp in shock,coming to terms with the newly acquired revelation)
Bharti shook her head,feeling a lil dizzy but she went to the dance floor and danced to the new song,"Choomantar" which the DJ had begun to play.The bartender served Jiya her drink and that's when it hit her.That Bharti didn't drink her martini.She had drunk someone else's drink and when she asked the bartender,she was taken aback to hear that it was vodka but the bartender assured Jiya that Bharti does drink vodka and it's nothing new for Bharti.Apparently,the bartender's attempts to normalize Jiya wasn't rubbing off on her.As Jiya pondered over Bharti's words,she too drank a bit of the vodka which was remaining in Bharti's glass.Bharti had called out to her and she joined Bharti on the dance floor.
~Bharti's place~
Naina had woken up and she walked out of the room,rubbing her eyes whilst carrying her fuzzy brown bear and crying for her mama.Payal and Armaan halted their conversation in the middle and Payal attended to Naina.
Payal:Aww Naina uth gayi??Lekin subah nahin huyi hain bacha..
Naina:Payal aunty,mujhe meri mama chaahiye..
Payal:Aap toh jaante hona ki aapki mama kitni dher tak kabhi kabhi kaam karti rehti hain na..
Naina:Payal aunty,mujhe meri mama chaahiye abhi..(started crying louder)
Payal:Chup ho jaao,meri princess!!(hugged her)
Armaan:Naina,aap mujhse baat nahin karoge??
Naina:(Payal withdrew her hands from their hug)Armaan uncle...(ran to Armaan and hugged him)
Armaan:Aapne kahin bura sapna toh nahin dekha,hhmm??Aap sad matt ho jaayiye,aapki Payal aunty bas aapki mama ko phone kar rahi hain..Just wait,hhmm?(Naina nodded and rested on Armaan's chest)
Payal tried dialling Bharti's mobile number.However,Bharti and Jiya were enjoying themselves to their hearts' content.Well,that was the case till Jiya started squinting before swaying away all of a sudden.Bharti noticed this change in Jiya instantly and promptly brought her to a corner with the help of a guy who had held her from falling just in the nick of time.
Guy:Heyy,are you ok??
Bharti:Thanks a lot..I think you can go right now..Thanks for helping!!
Guy:(ignored Bharti's words)Are you ok??
Bharti:Excuse me??Didn't you understand what i just said??(made Jiya stand on her feet)
Jiya:T...tha...(abruptly puked onto the guy's jacket and felt relieved)
The guy simply glared at Jiya and Bharti noticed it too.Before the guy could react,Bharti brought Jiya to sit at the corner table where she had been seated earlier before heading back to meeting the guy.
Bharti:Look,i tried to warn you to just mind your own business but you were just....
Guy:I was just trying to help,for God's sake!!
Bharti:Ok,ok..Bharti,chill!!!(took a deep breath and continued talking)I'm sorry on her behalf..It's her first time,ok??
Guy:And guess what??This is my brand new jacket which was customized by my mate and i had worn it tonight for the first time as well,alright??
Bharti:Whoa,alright!!Just come with me....(brought him to a corner while the rest continued partying)We can settle this easily...Since both cases are first-timers,it's even!!
Guy:It's not even,alright??
Bharti:I'm trying to help both of us??What do you expect me to do??I know you're mad at my friend here but you can't blame her...She's never had a single drink in her life and God knows what she had just drunk before joining me on the dance floor...(the bartender who was hearing Bharti,informed her that she drank the vodka which was remaining in Bharti's glass,shocking the hell outta Bharti)Oh crap!!Damn it...
Guy:Fine,but i'm not going to let go of what she has done...
Bharti:What the hell..Now don't tell me you want your jacket just the way it was and wash it for you??(shook her head in irritation)
Guy:Wow,well said...And taken!!!
Bharti:Excuse me??
Guy:When your dear friend's recovered from her intoxicated state,tell her to do exactly what you've suggested!!And mind you,i need it by the day after tomorrow..And you can bring it over at my residency...(handed to Bharti a card and left from there)
Bharti:Oh hello..Damn it!!!
Jiya:(was gradually humming the lyrics of Choomantar)Hmm..ruko zara dekhe toh kya hai yeh majra hmm..sabhi tarah khwaishon se hai yeh dil bhara...
Bharti:Haan haan kyun nahin...Chale Jiya??Par pehle iss jacket ko toh saaf karti hoon...Washroom chalo!!(brought her to the washroom and made Jiya lean against the wall near the basin while Bharti washed the vomit stain off from the jacket)Hmm,isse ghar par jaa kar kuch karna padega..I'm feeling so dizzy too!!(just then she heard her mobile ring)I think it's my mobile...(looked at Jiya and made her sit on the bench as she was about to fall)Phew,that was close...Hello??
Payal:Finally,you decided to pick up??Where the hell are you???(went away from Naina and Armaan to talk)
Bharti:Ohh it's someone..Who's this??(Payal rolled her eyes)Ahh now i remember...Someone who vented her frustration on me just because i wouldn't forgive an idiot!!!
Payal:Bharti,i'm not at all interested in calling you right now but i'm forced to...Do you even realize what the time is???
Bharti:What do you want Payal??
Bharti:What?I'm here in the pub enjoying myself,hhmm??
Payal:Venting your anger through vodka??Are you out of your mind Bharti??
Bharti:Whatever you may want to think,be it...I don't care a damn Payal!!!
Payal:I called because Naina was crying for you,do you get me??(Bharti just stopped and listened to Payal)If you care about her,then you bloody well come home right now!!!(hung up before Bharti could speak up)
Bharti simply lowered her mobile from her ear,disconnecting the call and she leaned against Jiya's shoulder.Bharti couldn't believe that she could have forgotten about Naina and felt immensely ashamed of herself for having gotten herself drunk.Just then,she received another phone call.
Raj:Bharti...Where are you yaar??
Bharti:Rheo Pub with Jiya..Kyun??
Bharti:Tum usse chod kar nikal gaye the na and she was a bit upset too so i just thought of cheering her up...
Raj:I forgot to tell you and right now,i really need you with me...
Bharti:Huh??Par kyun??Aur tum kahaa ghayab ho gaya tha??
Raj:Main Hotel Rhine main hi hoon...
Bharti:Kya??Par...(Raj interrupted her and told her everything and right now he needed her help for he's trying to figure out where exactly Niyati is in Hotel Rhine since the receptionist saw her and informed Khushi,who informed him as well)OMG!!!Oh ok,but i've got to send Jiya home...
Raj:You're drunk??
Bharti:I'm fine Raj....
Raj:You're not...I can't take any risks with you...!!
Raj:Oh God,who can i contact at the moment??
Bharti:Chill na Raj...
Raj:Mahi!!!I'll call her..
Bharti:Arre,khaama khaa usse..
Raj:Shut up Bharti,i can't take any risks at the moment...Please,just chill...I'll call you back!!
~Bharti's place~
Payal:Damn her!!(hurled her bag on the floor in her room;just then Armaan tapped her on her shoulder)Armaan,where's Naina?
Armaan:She's sleeping...Have you talked to Bharti??
Payal:Don't even mention her name..I'm super pissed with her at the moment!!
Armaan:Payal,what's wrong??
Payal:She's drunk!!!That's the problem...
Payal:She drank cuz she's mad at me!!You know how i exactly feel Armaan??I just feel like leaving this place instantly but i'm not Bharti..I can't leave for who else will take care of Naina??
Armaan:Payal,look at me...Is everything ok in your life??
Payal:(looked at Armaan)Why are you asking me that??
Armaan:Cuz Bharti's been drunk several times yet you've not been so mad at her like this before...
Payal:(looked away and elsewhere)Armaan,i'm fine...It's just that Naina is so dependant on Bharti and she's not here tonight!!
Armaan:She'll come soon Payal..You know her,don't you???
~Outside Rheo Pub~
Bharti:Thanks Mahi...But i'm so sorry for having bothered you at night....
Mahi:Is Jiya ok???(started to drive after letting Jiya sleep on the backseat)
Bharti:She puked..She had her first drink!!!And you wouldn't believe what had happened...
Mahi:What?(Bharti told her everything,amazing Mahi)Oh God...Who's that guy anywayzz??
Bharti:God knows!!Anywayzz where is this Hotel Rhine??
Mahi:I know the place..I've been there twice for a seminar with Jiya and Sonali...
Bharti:You just drop me there and please could you do me a BIG favour,Mahi??
Mahi:Just shoot,Bharti!!
Bharti:I think Jiya's dad might be mad at her so do you think you could drop her at her best friend's place??
Mahi:Armaan's place??
Bharti:Yeahh,since Mom will be there to take care of her...And could you please mak sure that Naina is alright at home too??I know i'm asking too much from you...
Mahi:You're not,ok??I'm so glad that i could be of help!!There you go..We've reached!!!Try contacting Raj or Khushi...Waise how are things between you and Armaan??
Bharti:Sweetie,i don't want to make my head urst at the moment,thinking of him,hhmm??But thanks for helping me out hunn..You always got my back,remember that,k??(got out of the car)Raj,i'm outside Hotel Rhine...Where are you??
~Armaan's place~
Mahi rang the doorbell and met Sudha.Sudha helped bring Jiya to lie down in her room.
Sudha:Mahi,where did you get Jiya??I just can't believe she's drunk...
Mahi:Actually Bharti brought her to Rheo Pub as they both exited from MU together tonight...Bharti was quite upset and so was Jiya...Seeing that neither Armaan nor Raj were there.Bharti just wanted to cheer her up but Jiya accidentally drank...(paused and Sudha waited for her to complete)Vodka...It's her first time and she puked!!
Sudha:I see...And how did you get to know??Bharti told you??
Mahi:Actually yeahh and i was glad that Bharti didn't think of driving in that kinda state...
Sudha:Bharti's upset as well??
Mahi:(thought to herself)Zaroor Sudha aunty Bharti aur Armaan ke beech dooriyaan mithaa sakti hain..I'll confide in her everything!!
Sudha:Where is Bharti right now??
Mahi:Woh Aunty,Raj se milne gayi thi kaam ke silsile mein...Aunty,Bharti aur Armaan ek doosre se baat nahin kar rahe hain!!!
Mahi:Bharti's not talking to Armaan..
Sudha:Par kyun??Kya baat hai??(Mahi told her everything,excluding about the truth of Bharti's and Mayank's relation)
Mahi:Please Aunty,you're my last hope...I just want both of them to talk to each other before Bharti bids farewell from MU forever...And that is in 2 days' time!!!
Sudha:He barely tells me anything nowadays..This is surely news to me!!And you don't worry Mahi,Jiya will be alright by tomorrow...And i'll try my best to make them talk since i was already thinking of inviting both Bharti and Mayank for dinner tomorrow night or so..Shall i get you something??
Mahi:No Aunty,i'm leaving...Actually i just wanted to go and check up on Naina since Bharti's not at home...And perhaps i might just stay overnight...
Sudha:Hhmm you take care and drive cautiously,k??(Mahi nodded and headed to Bharti's place)
~Hotel Rhine~
Bharti headed to the party hall where she bumped into Niharika and Raj.
Bharti:Nihi??Tum yahaa???
Niharika:It's my friend's party and i was super surprised to see Raj here as well...
Bharti:I see..Just excuse us,hhmm??(pulled Raj to a corner)Yeh sab kya hain??You told me that you're trying to figure out where Niyati is and here you're flirting and partying with Nihi???
Raj:Uffo Bharti,i thought Niyati might be around here and i just came here a few seconds before you when i heard about the ongoing party....You had vodka??
Bharti:How did you...
Raj:Remember you're talking to me,hhmm??(Bharti rolled her eyes)
Bharti:When you called,you made it sound so bloody urgent...And i told Mahi to stay at my place till i come...(felt a lil dizzy)
Raj:That's because even if it takes the whole night,i'm going to find her for the receptionist is super sure about Niyati...She actually seemed weak and she had covered herself with a thick shawl as well but she was brought by some bodyguards to a room but stupidly the receptionist was called by her manager and she had to rush off elsewhere..
Raj:I was thinking that it has been some time and hence perhaps Niyati might have escaped and come into this party or something...But she isn't here and just as i was about to leave,i bumped into Nihar..You ok??
Bharti:Let's go and find Niyati...But where's Khushi??
Raj:Exactly..Where is she??(pressed each digit of Khushi's number as he talked)I asked her to meet me at the party hall but she is not here...Come!!!(held Bharti's hand and went from there to search for Niyati in different rooms and Niharika wondered what was going on)I can't reach her Bharti...I hope she isn't in any trouble!!!Stay within my reach,k??
Bharti:Oh crap!!!(pulled Raj and both of them stood behind a pillar)What the hell!!!!
Raj:Raichura??Nah..he must be here for some other reason!!
Bharti:How can you be so sure??(whispered)In fact,i think he's together with Gyaan and some NRI dude...Gosh!!
Raj:Maybe since Gyaan is surely an ally of Raichura...
Bharti:I got a plan...I'm thinking of following this Raichura..Surely he can give us some clue..
Raj:I'm not going to let you go alone...
Bharti:Uffo Raj,stop it yaar...Aur agar hum iss tarha behas karte rahenge toh woh humaare haath se nikal jaayenge...
Raj:We'll go together,come!!!Keep your mobile to silent mode!!!(slyly followed Raichura from a distance such that Raichura wouldn't even be able to figure them out)
~Bharti's place~
Armaan:Payal,i think Bharti's here..I hear a car being parked...(just then both Armaan and Payal heard the doorbell ring and Payal was ever ready to burst out at Bharti but when she opened the door,it was Mahi)
Mahi:What??Ermm hi guyzz...Anything wrong??
Payal:(kept searching if Bharti was lagging behind or not)Where's..Where's Bharti??
Mahi:With Raj...Actually i came here personally to check on Naina and if she's ok...And Bharti might be out the entire night..
Payal:I just don't believe her!!!Partying the whole night and that too with Raj..Just fab!!!
Mahi:No Payal,you're getting it all wr...Armaan??What are you doing here??Came to see Bharti?
Armaan:No,just came to see Payal and Naina...
Mahi:Naina,oh yes..Where is she?
Payal:You know what?I'm leaving and that too right now!!
Armaan:Arre Payal,ek minute..Suno!!
Payal:No Armaan,this is it!!And Mahi,do tell her that Payal's not gonna help her out ever again!!(Payal stormed out from there and drove off)
Mahi:What the...What's wrong with her Armaan?
Armaan:This was exactly why i was here...I had come in between Bharti's and Payal's friendship and i was trying to bridge the gap..
Mahi:How exactly so??
Armaan:Payal's in favour of me being forgiven but Bharti isn't..Payal told her that she won't talk to Bharti until she forgives me,for which Bharti's loathing me right now..(Mahi arches her eyebrows and looked at Armaan)What?
Mahi:Why am i finding it so difficult to believe you?Look Armaan,disagreements are common amongst friendships,take me and Sonu for example..There must be some other strong reason for such a dispute between them!!
Armaan:Look,i don't know,alright?
Mahi:Anyways,Sudha aunty's waiting for you na..Get going!!I'll be here overnight,hhmm?So no worries!!(waved to Armaan before she locked the door)I hope Bharti and Raj are doing alright...God,please take care of them!!
~Hotel Rhine~
Bharti:Arre what the hell yaar..Woh toh room 367 mein chala gaya hain...
Raj:Kahin Niyati room 367 mein toh nahin hain??
Bharti:Mujhe kahaa se bataa hogi??Ek kaam kar..Niyati ko phone karne ki koshish kar...
Raj:Yaar,woh phone toh kabse bandh padha huwa hain...Har din wohi number ghumaata hoon par koi response nahin aata...
Bharti:Damn it yaar...Par yeh Khushi kahaa hai??
Raj:Wohi toh!!
Bharti:Main phone lagaa thi hoon..
Raj:Mujhe darr lag raha hain ki kahin kisi ne usse dekh toh nahin liya...Maine usse 3rd floor ke saare kamre check karne ke liye to kaha tha...
Bharti:Aur yeh third floor hi hain!!!Phone lagaa thi hoon..
Raj:Ek minute..If she seems to be hesitating in any way,just pretend to be her relative or someone..In that way...
Bharti:Alright,the ring's going...She's not picking up..
Raj:Code for trouble!!
Bharti:(cleared her throat and Raj gestured her to hold her nose;Bharti almost hit him but someone picked up and she heard some guy's coarse voice)Hello??(sounded like a guy)
Bharti:Khushi,meri jaan..Kaha ho tum??Will you keep me waiting for you??Come on babe we've got a date..Do you remember that or not??
Bharti:Khushi??You're not in any danger,are you??
Khushi:Why did you talk as if i'm your girlfriend,hhmm??
Bharti:(hit Raj so hard)Arre,since you weren't picking up my call,i thought you were in some danger and i didn't want any trouble for you and hence Raj gave up this stupid idea to hold my nose and talk like an idiotic guy...
Khushi:Hehe..cute!!!Anyways,what are you calling me for??
Bharti:Khushi jaan,i'm at Hotel Rhine with Raj...Which room are you in??
Khushi:Oh crap!!!I didn't check when i was trying to escape from Raichura...
Bharti:What???He saw you??
Raj:(snatched Bharti's mobile from her and gestured her to keep a watch on Raichura and room 367 and Bharti agreed)Ok Khushi,this is Raj..Tell me everything from the start...You checked the rooms in the third floor???
Khushi:I did,Raj....I did and just as i was about to go to room 367,i saw Raichura come out of that room and i quickly went to hide in one of the rooms that were open then..As that room had its housekeeping duties then..In that rush,i didn't see which room it was...
Raj:Ok,you were in front of Raichura or did you see him from the back??
Khushi:I was in front and that's why i was so sure,na...
Raj:Ok,that basically means that you didn't reach 367...Tell me were you close to room 367 or quite distant??
Khushi:I would say in the middle..Not too far,not too close...And in that rush,the ladies who were in charge of the housekeeping left and then you won't believe it...
Khushi:Someone else had come in then..A girl and i quickly hid myself in the washroom!!And she took the keys and left me inside here so i'm practically locked inside...You gotta help me!!!
Raj:Ok relax!!!(turned around to look at Bharti)Bharti!!!Oh crap!!
Khushi:Kya hua Raj??
Raj:Damn!!Now where did she go??Oh God!!!
Raj:Bharti's missing now!!!(Khushi's shocked and speechless)

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