Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, January 9, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 240~

Khushi:Raj,ab kya??
Raj:Mujhe kuch bhi samajh mein nahin aa raha hain yaar...
Khushi:Acha sunn,tum uske mobile par...
Raj:I told her to keep her mobile to silent mode...
Khushi:Just try calling her,hhmm??
Raj:Khushi,i'll call you back but please..Don't panic,hhmm??If you're in any sorta trouble,just message me back!!Please,hhmm??
Khushi:Don't worry Raj..I will!!!Acha chal..Someone's coming!!
Raj:Someone is??
Khushi:Yeah!!Bye!!(hung up and Raj looked around and was shocked to see only Niharika having headed to a room;Raj began to wonder if it was the same room where Khushi is locked and headed towards room 357)
~Armaan's place~
Armaan just reached home only to notice that his mum was up and as he peered on,he noticed that Jiya was lying on his mum's bed.
Armaan:Maa!!Jiya aur yahaa??
Sudha:Woh actually Mahi ne Jiya ko yahaa drop kiya tha..
Sudha:Kya matlab kyun??Mahi ne tumhe kuch nahin bataaya tha kya??
Armaan:Nahin toh...
Sudha:Erm well weren't you aware of the fact that she went out with Bharti to Rheo Pub,hhmm??Bharti brought her out...
Armaan:WHAT???(was unable to digest the fact that Jiya had gone to party with Bharti at Rheo Pub)Bharti took out Jiya and that too to Rheo Pub??
Armaan:Kuch nahin...Maa,good night!!
Sudha:Arre,thehro na...Mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baatein..(But by then,Armaan closed his room door and locked it from inside)
Sudha's words echoed in his ears and he just hit his fist real hard on his desk.He couldn't believe that Bharti would make his dear friend drunk,just like her.
How dare she do this to my best friend??She vents out her frustration on Payal by drinking but what's the deal of intoxicating Jiya,who's never had a drink in her life???And what the heck was i trying to do??I was only thinking about Bharti's friendship,of saving her friendship and all she could think of doing was to get my best friend drunk??To leave her daughter in the middle of the night and jsut party till she's totally drunk??DAMN IT!!!Why do i always care for her so much..Why do i love her so much that i can't think of anything else???If i had not thought of going over,i would have been with Jiya and i wouldn't have let her get drunk in any way...(gritted his teeth in anger)
Just then his mobile rang and it was Raj.
Raj:Hello Armaan..I hope i'm not disturbing you...(Armaan kept his calmness)
Armaan:No,it's ok...
Raj:Armaan dude i am in a big mess..And so is Bharti!!We need your help!!
Armaan:Oh really Raj??She needs my help??
Raj:Armaan,it's an emergency yaar..Please understand!!
Armaan:No,you listen to me!!Just tell her that i'm not freakin' interested in her matters!!And she jolly well care about herself and her daughter...And i'm not going to be part of any schemes or whatsoever to help her out!!
Raj:Bharti's missing,for God's sake,Armaan!!
Armaan:So,what do you want me to do???She had gotten Jiya drunk on purpose and you're telling that i ought to help her??
Raj:Arre!!!Pehle toh sunn...
Armaan:Tum suno...Mujhe ab uski koi parwa nahin hain..Baadh mein jaaye woh!!(hung up and went to take a long shower)
Raj:What the heck is his problem and why the hell was he bringing in Jiya and Naina into this???Damn it!!(headed to Niharika's room and rang the bell)
Niharika was shocked to the core to realize that Raj was outside the room which she had booked.She quickly opened the door and glared at him.
Niharika:Yes Raj??What do you want??
Raj:Ahem,what's up??
Niharika:Nn...nothing is!!
Raj:Really??Your party's over??
Niharika:Nope..Just got here to change!!Do you mind??
Raj:Not at all..In fact,since you got a room for yourself,i need to freshen up a lil so don't mind me either...(shoved Niharika mildly to a side and he went inside)
Niharika:Oh hello,what do you think you're doing???
Raj:Oh come on babez,you surely don't want the rest to see what we're really doing,hhmm??
Niharika:Seriously,that's really a disgusting pick-up line...
Raj:Ahh,i doubt it...
Khushi:(felt relieved to hear Raj's voice and she messaged him)Thank goodness!!
Raj:(received a message and smiled winsomely)Khushi,come out!!
Khushi:OMG Raj!!(opened the door and hugged him tightly;Raj saw the sudden annoyed look on Niharika's face)OMG yaar,i can't believe this!!!You managed to trace me..Phew!!!
Niharika:Can someone really enlighten me on how you got locked here??
Khushi:(withdrew from her hug while Raj smiled to himself,noticing the envy in Niharika's eyes)Woh actually..
Raj:It's nothing Nihar..In fact,she came looking for me and she hid in this room,that's all...No worries!!Shall we go,Khushi??
Niharika:Are you hiding something from me,Raj??
Raj:Excuse me Khushi..(leaned towards and whispered to Nihar)Kyun??Bura lag raha hain??
Niharika:Mujhe kyun buraa lage ga??
Raj:Tumhaari aankhn kuch aur hi keh rahi hain mujhse...Goodnight,gorgeous!!(winked at Niharika before leaving with Khushi,having held her wrist)
Khushi:You know her??
Raj:Yeahh,let's just say she's an acquaintance...
Niharika:Acquaintance??My foot!!!(decided to follow Raj slyly)
Khushi:Your acquaintance is actually following us by the way...
Raj:Not bad Raj...You've hit the right target!!!
Raj:Nothing!!Let's focus on Raichura...
Khushi:God,please protect Bharti...I just hope she's not caught by anyone....
Raj:Don't worry...We'll find both Bharti and Niyati tonight by hook or by crook!!!
~Payal's place~
Payal wondered if she did the right thing by leaving Naina alone.She very much felt like calling up Bharti's landline number to check how Naina was doing but then she decided not to fall weak to her emotions and just pretended as though nothing had happened.Just then,her landline phone rang.Thinking it to be none other than Bhaskar,who had apparently called her several times along her way back to her place hlf an hour back,she picked the phone up and shouted at him.
Payal:Don't you get what i just said Bhaskar??I don't want you to ever call me or irritate me ever again...I wonder how many times i've got to make you understand!!t's over between us,you get that??
Raj:Ermm Payal i'm...apparently not Bhaskar!!(Payal widened her eyes in disbelief,at her stupidity in almost revealing everything about her problem with Bhaskar to Raj)
Payal:(tried to divert the topic before Raj could even ask anything)What do you want??And please..I'm really not in the mood to hear you flirt with me...
Raj:I'm apparently in no mood either but i truly require your help!!Would you help...me out???
Payal:Raj,what kind of help are you even thinking of approaching me for??
Raj:Payal,i don't know how i should say...
Payal:Raj,i know you're partying with Bharti at Rheo Pub alright??And if you're asking me for any help related to Bharti,then i'm not gonna help!!
Raj:What??Payal,who the hell told you that i went to Rheo Pub with Bharti??It's true that Bharti went to Rheo Pub but i didn't land there...
Payal:Try these lies with someone else,Raj..Mahi told me that Bharti's with you when i asked her about Bharti's whereabouts!!
Raj:For God's sake Payal,why would i lie to you when i've been at Hotel Rhine with Khushi all the while trying so hard to locate where Niyati is??Why would i go and indulge myself in booze when all i can think of right now is to find Niyati safe and sound in front of my eyes???
Payal:I'm...i'm sorry,Raj..I didn't know!!But Mahi told me that Bharti's with you!!
Raj:She was with me after Mahi had drove her here to Hotel Rhine..In fact,i had called Bharti who was with Jiya at Rheo Pub and since both of them got really drunk,i called up Mahi to pick them up..Mahi had dropped Jiya at Armaan's place while Mahi dropped her here to meet me and help me out..But...
Payal:Oh gosh,i had misunderstood her all along and shouted at her..Damn it!!!Raj,i vented out my anger on her and told her that i'll never talk to her again until she forgives Armaan...
Raj:What kind of an idiotic condition was that,Payal??
Payal:What do you expect me to do??I didn't want her and Armaan to increase their distance even further...And there was no valid reason for her not forgiving Armaan anywayzz but i..Damn!!!
Raj:It really seems that you may not be able to talk to Bharti now...
Payal:What??Raj,stop it alright??If that was a joke,itz a real bad one!!
Raj:Payal,Bharti's missing!!
Payal:WHAT???What...What do you mean she's missing??
Raj:Look,do you know how to get to Hotel Rhine??
Payal:I'm not exactly sure...
Raj:Oh no,i can't contact Mahi,she's at Bharti's place taking care of Naina...Ok,i'll send Khushi over to your place and both of you meet me here asap,k??
Payal:Raj,what happened to Bharti??
Raj:Khushi'll explain to you along the way..I've got no time to explain!!!Payal,just calm down,ok??We'll find Bharti!!(gestured to Khushi to get going and hung up)
Payal:Hello...Hello??(hung up;her eyes got welled up as she recalled how angrily she had spoken to her best friend and buried her head in her palms,feeling distraught and remorseful)Yeh maine kya kar diya hain??Apni hi sabse kareebi dost ko apne aap se door kar diya aur woh bhi Armaan ke khaatir??Woh sabse pehle meri bestest friend hai aur maine uski decision ki khadar hi nahin ki??Kyun???Why am I such an idiot???Agar usse kuch ho gaya toh....(a tear gradually rolled down her cheek;she paced up and down while focusing her gaze on her wall clock)
~Hotel Rhine~
Raj saw Raichura from a corner,attending to a call but he quickly hid by turning around,only to find Niharika right behind him.Before Niharika could question him,Raj subtly pulled her towards him and covered her mouth,making her lean against the pillar where he was initially hiding,swapping to where Niharika had stood earlier on.Raj gingerly peeped and saw Raichura having gone inside his room and Raj heaved a deep sigh of relief.He diverted his attention to Niharika's eyes which gazed at him but he pretended to not notice any emotion so discernible in her eyes.He withdrew his hand and prepared to go but Niharika held his wrist firmly,pulling him back.
Raj:What??Let go...
Niharika:What's exactly going on?
Raj:No time to explain...
Niharika:In that case,i'm following you..
Raj:No,you're not!!!
Niharika:Yes i am!!
Raj:(stopped and turned to look deeply in her eyes)Soch lo Nihar...Once you told me nver to ever get close with you and to stay away from you but here you're coming even closer to me..I'm going somewhere,someplace which is dangerous and unpredictable..And i don't want you anywhere near me..
Niharika:Really??That's why you're letting the girl accompany you??
Raj:Girl??Ahh,you mean Khushi??Nihar,just go and enjoy your party..Or get back home;Mayank must be waiting for you!!
Niharika:I'm not going home Raj..(Raj stoppeed and turned around;he headed towards her and held her elbow)
Raj:Don't you get what i'm trying to tell you??I'm not prepared myself and you're insisting on..
Niharika:The worst possible outcome of any danger is only that i would get hurt,hhmm??
Niharika:So,shall we??(got ahead while Raj was flabbergasted,but he soon caught up with her as both of them approached the housekeepers who were heading their way towards Raichura's room)
~Payal's place~
Eventually Khushi reached Payal's place.Payal instantly grabbed her home keys and her wallet just in time and scampered from there.
Khushi:I know,not the time to introduce myself but i'm Khushi,Niyati's close friend who's come from London to meet her..
Payal:Ok,what is seriously going on??Khushi told her everything and what has been going on for the past two to three weeks)
Khushi:Heyy,are you ok??Were you crying??
Payal:I chose the wrong time to vent out my anger on Bharti and now she's missing!!!I'm just feeling really terrible from within...How i wish i could take back those words!!
Khushi:Don't worry Payal...Bharti's a strong and brave girl!!And as far as i've known her,she's amazing!!!I guess she really works well under pressure,eh??
Payal:(smiled a lil)Yeahh she does but she really drives me up the wall a lotta times...She is clumpsy and falls into loadzz of troubles but ultimately she triumphs too...No matter what,she's my bestest mate for life;she's always got my back!!
Khushi:See??Don't worry...Who are you calling??
Payal:Armaan,he must be worrying about her..
Khushi:You mean the photographer??I'll say don't bother for Raj had apparently called him before he called ya..He was really pissed off after the call...(Payal disconnected the call she was thinking of making after hearing from Khushi)
Payal:So you're just here to meet Niyati,that's it?
Khushi:Actually i haven't heard from her long enough and when i came here,i was really shocked to know from Raj and hence..I just want her safe,that's all!!I just can't believe that Gyaan would kidnap her and torture her and that too with the help of some NRI contract killer!!I just...
Payal:So what's your plan??
Khushi:I've got a plan but firstly i've got to bring Niyati elsewhere such that no one would reach her or her baby...After that,i'm gonna screw Gyaan's *** for sure!!!
~Hotel Rhine:Room 367~
Raj:Ok,we are all set..You enter the room first cuz Raichura'll surely recognize me first...Look,he is the worst of the worst!!Cue is simply 3 minutes...Just try and find any cles whatsoever,hhmm??If you can't,it's fine,hhmm??After 3 minutes,i'll surely come inside no matter what!!
Niharika:Chill!!(went inside with the trolley laden with food and extra towels)What the???(pushed the trolley aside and opened the door,pulling Raj inside)
Raj:(closed the door)What the???No one's in the room??How is that even possible??
Niharika:Did he see you anywhere around here??
Raj:Not that i could possibly think of,Nihar...Damn it!!Ok,let's just search this place..In a rush,he must have prolly forgotten something at least...(Niharika nodded and both of them started searching for clues)
After some time.....
Niharika:Raj,look at these ropes...
Raj:Stained with blood??And look,traces of blood on the floor leading to the washroom...Check the washroom Nihar!!
Niharika:(opened the washroom door)No further stains Raj...Someone must have washed off those stains...Damn!!(looked at Raj who was really tensed)Raj,don't worry..We'll find them soon....Do you have her pic or something??(Raj showed her the photograph from his wallet)Don't worry Raj...
Raj:Keep finding!!
Niharika:Look at this...(showed the card of some Mr Raghav)
Raj:Who is this??Could it be the contract killer which Khushi had mentioned??
Niharika:Come Raj,we've got to check other rooms if needed as well...
Raj:Hold on Nihar..I see something underneath the bed..Hold on!!!( knelt down and pulled the blankets away to see clearly and he came across Bharti's wallet and mobile)This is Bharti's!!!!
Niharika:Oh no!!!That means Bharti's with them too??
Raj:Damn it!!!Bharti yaar...Please tell me you left something for me so that i can find you...Please!!!(Raj checked her mobile while Niharika checked her wallet)She tried to call me..Arrgghh i had to keep my mobile to silent mode..(kept searching)
Niharika:Check her messages or drafts or anything...Might find something if you're lucky...
Raj:No hope!!Hey wait..there is a message in her outbox...For me!!Ok,it goes..Raj,Raichura and Gyaan found me..So stpid,i know but you can't blame me;i'm drunk..anw Niyati's with them and so is some unknown guy..Pls help,they're bringing me and Niyati to some room at level 1,somewhere near Nihi's party...So that they can sneak off easily,as what i've overheard from their conversation...Niyati's fine..Just come and get us dude!!
Niharika:A scribbled note in her wallet..."I'm writing this just in case you didn't get my msg,Raj...in a rush so try and figure out my handwriting...Niyati's tied up and she's suffering badly and i can't move either because of the guns that they possess..So please be careful Raj...So sorry for underestimating these peepz and creating a mess for ya!!Writing all these when those guys went to eat/loo,whatever...Hope to see you soon!!"
Raj:Where was the party held?
Niharika:Level 1....
Raj:Take off these and wear your party clothes and check the rooms easily..While i check level 2,hhmm??
Niharika:Ok done...come!!
Raj:(before they parted)Nihar..
Raj:Be careful,k??Don't want you to get hurt!!
Niharika:You too...Chill!!(and they parted,first being Niharika and after which Raj went off)
Raj was about to knock on a room door but just then he received Niharika's message.Niharika found Gyaan and Vinita dancing in the party and was asking,via SMS, of his next step.Raj called her up.
Raj:Do you see anyone else around??Oh God,you don't know Raichura or that contract killer na??
Niharika:No Raj,i don't...
Raj:Ok,do me a favour..Just make sure that you don't lose focus on Gyaan and Vinita...If possible,get them drunk!!
Raj:Come on,there is no harm at all in getting them drunk...
Niharika:Raj,they are pretty much drunk...I've got another idea!!And this will be easy with Shaz's help...(voiced out to Shaz)Shazz!!!No worries...Once i get the truth out of Gyaan,i'll call you up!!(hung up)
Raj:Hell..(hung up and continued searching)
Payal and Khushi finally reached Hotel Rhine.
Khushi:Finally we've reached..Chalo but wait..Let me just call Raj and find out where he is...
Raj:Khushi,are you guyzz here??
Khushi:Yeah,am here with Payal...Where are you??
Raj:Just listen to me...(told her to activate her call on loudspeaker mode and Payal and Khushi heard about Bharti's note and how he and Niharika had parted ways to find out and their progress so far)Khushi,you go and meet up with Niharika;she's at the party at Level 1..Payal,you meet me at Level 2..We still gotta find Raichura...Come fast!!
Khushi met up with Niharika who was about to serve Gyaan a drink.
Khushi:Oh hi Gyaan hunni....You're here???(Niharika was shocked to notice such closeness between Gyaan and Niharika)
Gyaan:Khushi..You look sexy..Way too sexy!!
Khushi:I'm flattered Gyaan..(hugged Gyaan and gestured to Niharika to take care of Vinita and to take her away after taking the drink from Niharika,making it more intoxicating with the addition of some addictive drug power)
Gyaan:It feels so good...(drank the entire glass of wine)Let's get out na..
Khushi:Why out??You got a room in this hotel??
Gyaan:You're pretty fast by the way...Yeahh i do remembe having booked a room...(walked away from all the noise)
Khushi:Really??Were you supposed to be having a guest with you tonight??
Gyaan:You didn't mind,did you??
Khushi:Why would i,Gyaan??
Gyaan:You wouldn't believe it that it's none other than my ex-girlfriend who had been giving me a hard time...
Khushi:You told me about her Gyaan...
Gyaan:I did??
Khushi:Yeahh,isn't she the one with the small baby??Niyati,right??
Gyaan:Ohh yeahh i must have told you...Come on,i'll show what a bombshell you are compared to her..
Khushi:Really??Aww,that's so tempting...Come baby,bring it on!!!(won Gyaan into confidence so easily and dialled Raj's number promptly and switched on her mobile to loudspeaker mode)Where are you bringing me hunni??
Gyaan:The room which i booked..Room 419..Come on,let's get in the lift!!!
Raj:Payal,room 419..Quick!!!Niyati must be in there!!!Hurry....(took the staircase and ran as fast as they could)
~Room 419~
Raj:(SMS-ed Niharika about the room number)Hope she reads it in time!!
Raj and Payal adorned the room service attendants' outfit this time round and knocked on the door.
Bharti,who was pretty much fatigued and drained out of energy opened her eyes to notice that Raghav had put Niyati at gunpoint and just as he and his men heard the doorbell,he asked his men to check who it was. His men told him that it was the room service attendants.Just when Bharti thought it could be the right opportunity to distract them,Raghav told his men to voice out that no room service is required.
Bharti:Arre ek minute Raghav ji...Aap agar aise kahenge toh bechaare ko paisa tak nahin milega...
Raghav:Chup chaap baithi raho!!
Bharti:Main toh bas aise hi keh rahi thi...Agar kisi ko bhi shak ho gaya ki aap kaun hai toh...
Raghav:Kya matlab?
Bharti:Bas yehi ki unka kya dosh hai jo bas rozi roti kamaa chahtha hai,aapke tarha??Aapko bhi toh supaari milaa tha na kisi se??Bas aisa hi samajh leejiye...(his loyal men too agreed and coaxed Raghav while Bharti thought to herself)Thank God ki yeh kamina maan gaya!!Bas ab kisi bhi tarha distract karna padega!!
Payal:Tumhe kya lagta hai Raj??Kuch hoga kya??
Raj:Agar Bharti iss mein hi hain,toh woh zaroor kuch karegi..Let's just hope so!!Just keep walking slowly and keep our hopes alive!!
Payal:Ok,what do we do when we get in?
Raj:Ok,apparently it's room servicing so we'll ask all to get out but if they don't,it's ok..This big trolley is enough for us to do our work...We'll drop Bharti's mobile and give it to her so that she can somehow distract Raghav with this message we have typed,which she'll see once she unlocks her keypad...
Payal:Surely Raghav will try to hide Bharti and Niyati...
Raj:That's another point...Why are they not calling us???(just then both of them heard two men calling out for room service)
Payal:Raj,we're in for luck!!!Yay!!!
Raj:No excitement,sweetie....Calm down!!!
Raj:Chale???(turned around and went to Room 419 and whispered to Payal)Just be as subtle as possible!!
Payal took a look all over the room but she saw no one except Raghav and his men.Niyati was locked in the balcony with duct tape on her mouth and her hands and feet were tied.Bharti was locked inside the washroom.
Payal looked at Raj who was equally confused for he didn't know where his friends were.As part of the room servicing routine,Raj took off the bedsheets and checked the wardrobes,pretending to find new mattresses.Just then,he stumbled upon a gun in the drawer.He took the gun and hid it in between two towels.While the men went to meet Raghav and discuss something personal,Raj hid the gun in his jean pocket.
Raj:Sir,why is the bathroom locked?Is there anyone inside??We would love to change the towels..
One of Raghav's men lied that there was no one inside and Raghav stared at him.
Raj:Do you mind opening the washoom door please??
Payal:Excuse me..I'll change the towels,Raj!!!(went inside)
Just as she changed the towels and turned around,she saw someone.As she gently moved the bathtub curtains away,she saw her best friend drowned in blood.
Payal:Bharti...Look at her drowned in blood!!!!
Raj:What did you do to her,Raghav???(Raj got out and just then,Khushi and Gyaan came as well)
Raghav:Who are you???
Gyaan:Raghav,this is my special friend...
Raghav:You got drunk Gyaan??
Khushi:(pushed Gyaan to the bed who soon laid unconscious)Wow,that's indeed quite a relief tha you recognize Gyaan!!!
Raghav:Who are all of you???
Raj:Where is Niyati,Raghav???
Raghav:She's not here...
Raj:Really??Tell me the truth or else...
Raghav:Or else what??(pointed his gun at Khushi and pulled her towards him,pointing the gun at her forehead)
Khushi:What are you even trying to do Raghav??
Raghav:Put the gun down,whoever you are or else i'll shoot your friend here...
Raghav:So,you don't fancy your friend huh??
Just then,Niharika stepped in with two police officers.Raj and Khushi had planned this earlier with Niharika when Khushi had made a conference call to both Raj and Niharika.She did the necessary when she saw some police officers patrolling the area outside and requested them for help.
Niharika noticed Raghav having pointed his gun towards Raj and just as she noticed him pulling the trigger,she ran and stood before Raj.Within split seconds,the bullet went in high motion and hit her stomach.Both Khushi and Raj were appalled.Raj held on to Niharika who gradually fell in Raj's arms and he gently laid her on his thighs.He was frozen with shock and nothing is running or passing in his head.It just seemed to him that the world had ended for him and time simply stood still.
Khushi saw him in much shock for the first time.Meanwhile she turned around and saw one of the police officer taking away Raghav and his men,handcuffing them and the other police officer untying Niyati and Khushi gave Niyati some water to drink.Niyati got conscious and upon seeing Khushi,her eyes welled up and both of them hugged each other.
Khushi:Are you ok???(Niyati nodded)
Niyati:Where's Bharti???She's in the washroom...
Khushi:OMG!!!Where is Payal???(ran inside the washroom)OMG!!!!Payal,what happened???
Payal:I don't know....There's so much of blood..I...
Khushi:Hurry up...Carry her and we'll quickly arrange for the ambulance....Come!!!Niharika's shot too...We've got to bring her as well!!!!(the police officers helped carry both Bharti and Niharika to their jeep and they drove to the nearby hospital,Fortis Hospital)
Along the way,Khushi tried to pacify both Payal and Raj that everything will be alright.Both Payal and Raj were on the verge of losing hope for both of their special friends were fighting in between life and death and God forbid,if anything were to happen to any of them,they would never be able to live in serenity.
~Armaan's place~
Sudha was feeling uneasy trying to sleep,something which she had been trying to do for at least two hours.Hence,she decided to stay up and read the Men's Universe magazine that was lying on the sofa in the hall with a cup of coffee.
"Gosh,yeh aaj kal ke magazines mein bhi na..Zyaada photos aur kam content...!!Chalo,issi bahaana Armu ka talent bhi dekhne ko milti hain..."
Just then,her mobile rang.She completed her yawn and picked up the call.
Sudha:Hi..Yes Tara?What is the matter??Your night shift started already??
Tara:I'm sorry Dr Sudha..Two important cases just turned up just a few minutes ago and the people accompanying the emergency cases know..One Mr Raj Malhotra,Mrs Payal Bhaskar and Ms Khushi Dixit..
Sudha:What????Have the doctors started treating??
Tara:Please hurry...The doctors available are in the OT..It'll be really helpful if you could come...
Sudha:I'm on my way..Give me 10 minutes!!!(hung up)
Sudha quickly rushed to her room.Having taken her coat and her bag,she knocked on Armaan's door repeatedly but to no avail.Armaan was sleeping soundly and so was Jiya.Sudha simply left a note addressing to Jiya and Armaan that she's off to Fortis Hospital for emergency cases and rushed off from there.She didn't indicate who she was attending to,for she herself didn't know any details.
~Fortis Hospital~
Khushi kept ensuring Niyati that she was alright.The nurses kept her on glucose drip for the night and took care in dressing her wounds.Sudha had parked her car and rushed to the registration department where she received the call from Tara,who directed her to Payal,Raj and Khushi,who had come out for a while.
Sudha was shocked to see Payal and Raj so devastated.
Sudha:What,Payal??Who is it??
Sudha:WHAT??Bharti???(gasped in shock and tried to suppress her tears)Kaise???Wasn't she with you,Raj???RAJ!!!!!I'm talking to you....What happened???Tell me everything right now!!!!!!!
Khushi saw the devastated look on Sudha's face as she told her what had happened throughout the night.
Sudha:Look at me Raj!!(raised his chin)I want no tears or lost hope from you or any of you!!!!I'm going in and i'm going to come with only good news!!!You hear me???Contact Mayank to be right here....
Khushi:I contacted him already and he's on his way....
Payal rubbed Raj's shoulder and told him to keep remaining hopeful for he's got to be courageous so that Mayank doesn't fall weak either.Raj agreed and hugged Payal for being there for him.He simply wished that Jiya too was there by his side.Throughout his trials,she was there and he felt a lil weird though that Jiya wasn't there but somehow he didn't feel it right to mention Jiya's name right then in front of Payal.He simply waited till he saw the doctor coming out of the I.C.U ward where Niharika was admitted.Raj went to meet the doctor while Payal waited for the news from Sudha and the other doctor who was operating on Bharti.
Raj smiled at Payal and nodded in the affirmative,gesturing to Payal that Niharika was miraculously saved after taking the bullet out of her body and much of it was credited to them for bringing in her at the right time.Raj was advised to meet Niharika later as she told him that she could meet his girlfriend later since she's been given injection to rest.Before Raj could correct the lady doctor,she left from there to look at Niyati.
Sudha came out and Payal instantly stood up.Sudha told her that Bharti had slit her wrist,be it accidentally or deliberately, and hence she had lost lots of blood.Mayank just came in time to hear what Sudha had said.
Mayank:Hi,i'm Mayank..
Sudha:Mayank?Hii..I've never met you before but i've heard a lot about you...
Mayank:Me too...Bharti's mom,right??
Sudha:(nodded)Yeahh,and Armaan's too...
Mayank:Actually my blood group and Bharti's blood group is the same so if blood is required,i..
Sudha:Perfect..Just come with me!!Payal,just relax,hhmm??(Payal nodded in agreement)
~After A Few Hours~
Mayank sat beside Niharika,waiting for her to open her eyes.Payal waited outside with Sudha while Raj and Khushi were by Niyati's side.
Sudha:Payal,did she deliberately??
Payal:It's all my fault,Sudha aunty...I just got mad at her for not forgiving Armaan and the fact that she was partying without paying heed to my words...And Naina too was alone at home..Just imagine if i wasn't there and neither was Armaan...
Sudha:Armaan was at your place?
Payal:Yeahh..He overheard Bharti talking to herself that he was getting in between Bharti's and my friendship and he came over to mend it...Sudha aunty,it was an entire night of misunderstandings..I got extremely mad at Bharti and i just left to my place for good,to teach her a lesson but just look at what i did to my friendship!!I don't know if she slit her wrist deliberately but from what i heard from Raj,she was feeling so awful for having gotten drunk tonight for she didn't think about Naina...Bharti sometimes have this sudden bouts of depression which,now,i feel,just got intensified because of me..Because of my anger!!!
Sudha:Payal,if you do not know,i'm trying to find alliances for Armaan so that he can move on in life...But if you keep clinging to this fact that love could be possible between him and Bharti,i don't think so sweetie...You can't force love between them,you get it??Bharti doesn't love Armaan..I'm in fact,so excited for Bharti..Do you know why??She found a handsome young man in the form of Mayank who understands her well and who's able to take care of her in such trying times too!!
Payal:I made a terrible mistake,which i never intend to repeat,Sudha aunty...I'm so sorry for hurting your daughter...Please forgive me!!
Sudha:She's your bestest friend,right??So make amendments and set things right!!Be much more closer than you guyzz ever were,hhmm??(hugged Payal)She's highly stressed out and please take extreme care of her..Promise me that you will never let her take any drastic measures in her life!!
Payal:I promise you Aunty...I would not be able to live if anything were to happen to her..I'm so glad that you're here by our side..
Sudha:I'll be here till morning,hhmm??With you..Come,let's check on her!!!
Raj:Khushi,it will never have worked out without your help...
Khushi:I ought to say that Raj...(Niyati smiled and held Raj's hand,thanking him)
Niyati:Raj,i..I just..
Raj:Trust me babe,you don't have to give me all the credit or else your best friend will stab me with a knife...
Raj:Just kidding,Khushi...
Niyati:Don't mind him,Khushi..He's always like that;he can just crack jokes at the worst of times as well...
Khushi:Niyati,if Bharti wasn't there too,we wouldn't have managed as well...
Raj:Yeahh,she's been by my side whenever i needed her help...But i just can't believe her!!Why would she slit her own wrist??
Niyati:Raj,she wanted to help me before i got shoved to the balcony...She wanted to cut the ropes to which her hands and feet were tied but i guess she accidentally slit her wrist..
Raj:I can never thank her enough..Anywayzz Khushi,what's your next move??
Khushi:Raj,i want to bring Niyati back with me to London...She'll be totally safe there with me!!
Raj:But you're working in Trends!!How can you go to London as of now???
Khushi:That's the thing...I might have to talk to Mayank about this!!
Raj:No,wait...I don't think he'll let you go as of now..I mean,you just joined!!
Khushi:Why don't she stay with me here??
Raj:You don't understand Khushi..You're not staying here permanently and hence you're not well aware of the dirty politics here..Raichura and Vinita can easily get Gyaan out of jail and i'm pretty sure the threesome won't even think twice before planning another vicious kidnap or torturous scheme on Niyati or even Nidhi...
Khushi:Raj,i think i'll...
Niyati:Khushi,i'll stay in our apartment we used to share in London...I'm fine Khushi!!!I'll stay with Nidhi and don't worry...
Khushi:That sounds...
Raj:Perfect for the time being...You're taking Nidhi along with you??
Niyati:Yes Raj..I can't let you bear the burden of Nidhi any more...
Raj:Just shut up Niyati...She was never a burden on me,alright??In fact,i always wanted to convince you to not let Nidhi go...And i'm ever so proud of you today...But i'm just going to miss her after taking care of her for the past 8 to 9 months...I'm just..No worries,hhmm??
Khushi:Oh gosh,i had no idea that you've gotten yourself emotionally attached to Nidhi already??
Niyati:Stop pulling his leg,Khushi...
Khushi:I wouldn't dare to,Niyati for he's...
Raj:Excuse me gurlzz,let me check on Bharti and come,hhmm??
Niyati:(nodded)Yeahh and let her know that i'm fine as well...(Raj nodded and left)
Khushi:Niyati,he's a lot more quieter than always..
Niyati:Yeahh i noticed that too..
Khushi:It's only because of a girl..Niharika!!
Khushi:The girl who stood before Raj when the contract killer aimed to shoot Raj..I was just frozen with shock at the way the girl just came before Raj...She just took it so bravely and i've really got to say that Raj was crying from inside...
Niyati:Oh goodness...
Niyati:Raj has talked to me about her once or twice about her...He kinda likes her..
Khushi:Really????Ok,from what i saw tonight,it's not just kinda...The emotion is way too strong!!!Sshh,he's coming!!Ok,it's someone else who just passed by....
Niyati:He must have been so stressed up lately,Khushi..And i just feel so guilty for making his life so messed up..
Khushi:Hmm,Niyati i'll talk to Mayank and take a look at Niharika as well...Just rest,hhmm??Don't think of anything and let go of every bad thought!!Hhmm??(Niyati gave her an assuring nod and Khushi went to meet Niharika)
Mayank heard a knock on the door and as he turned around,he saw Khushi and silently mouthed 'Come in ' and Khushi entered.
Khushi:(whispered)Heyy...(realized that Mayank didn't hear her and spoke softly)Is Niharika sleeping??
Mayank:Not really...
Niharika:Heyy,Khushi right??
Khushi:Hey,chill..Just lay down and rest,hhmm??Just came to check on you and see how you're doing..(smiled and looked at Mayank)Are you ok,Mayank?
Mayank:Yeah,i'm ok...Given the exception that she almost made my heart stop beating...
Khushi:I'm extremely sorry for dragging her into this mess..In fact,Raj and i had never thought that she would come in between Raj and the killer..I mean,we were so shocked..So numb when we saw her come just when..
Niharika:How could i let the contract killer shoot Raj,Khushi??(saw Khushi looking intently at her and realized what she just said and quickly made up an excuse)I mean,how could i just watch pulling the trigger at someone i know,hhmm??
Khushi:No Niharika,i can't thank you enough for saving my dearest friend's life...She means a lot to me and Mayank,i'm sorry for risking your sister's life in this..Niyati had been missing for weeks and i just..
Mayank:How is she now??
Khushi:Much better...I've told her to rest!!She's quite pale and fatigued but i've assured her that i'll be there for her...Niyati had asked me to pass her message of gratitude to you Niharika..For making her realize the essence and importance of her life..In fact,she intended to let Raj take care of her baby but right now Raj and i have coaxed her that Nidhi needs her attention the most and she shouldn't abandon her baby in any way...
Niharika:Really???That's wonderful news!!!
Mayank:Nihu,you knew??
Niharika:Haan Mayu,actually Raj..I mean Raj had probably mentioned about Nidhi once or twice when i met him...(Khushi smiled from within upon watching Niharika trying her utmost to conceal her extent of happiness)
Mayank:Oh ok...Khushi,i know it's been a hectic night for you..Have you thought about Niyati's safety??I got to know everything from Bharti actually...Oh hi Raj,come in...(Khushi saw Niharika running her finger to her fringe,quickly pushing it behind her ear and pretended as though she saw nothing)
Raj:Am i disturbing??
Khushi:Not at all Raj..You ok??
Raj:(nodded)Yep..Just came to see how Nihar..Niharika's doing..What,Khushi??
Khushi:Nothing!!Erm Mayank,i needed to talk to you in private,if that's ok??Raj will be here with Niharika,no worries...(Mayank nodded and went outside with Khushi while Raj went to sit next to Niharika's bed)Mayank,can i get you a cup of coffee??
Mayank:It's ok Khushi..
Khushi:Please,i had a rough night tonight...I'll really appreciate it!!

Raj could barely speak as he kept hearing the sound of the trigger of the gun being pulled and Niharika running towards him to get shot before he was to get shot.He closed his eyes in pain,pressing his lips together.Niharika gradually moved her fingers and held onto his palm,interlocking her fingers in his.Feeling her touch,Raj loosened his muscles and opened his eyes,watching her eyes gaze at him.
Raj:(spoke to her softly)How could you Nihar??I told you that it's highly dangerous...It could be unpredictable and anything could possibly happen but you wouldn't..
Niharika:And i had told you that the most which could possibly happen is the danger of getting hurt...
Raj:And what if anything worse had happened to you??
Niharika:Like what?Death??
Raj:Stop it,will you Nihar???Did you even realize how much i trembled to have you fall in my arms??I was literally numb..If anything had happened to you,i wouldn't even be able to face myself in the eye...You had told me to stay away from me,didn't you??So why did you come after me tonight???
Niharika:Raj,what's wrong with you??
Raj:What??What did you think about me,Nihar?That i was fooling around,flirting with you for no reason???If that's what you've been thinking,then you're very much wrong!!!
Niharika:Raj,you're getting me wrong...
Raj:I'm not!!Just when i thought that you'll understand but you girls are pretty much the same too just like how girls think all guys are the same..Especially flirts like me...But guess what??(took a deep breath)I've not been the same guy,the guy who flirts with every single girl to maintain my image..I've become different and that's because of you!!That's all i've got to say..
Niharika:Your eyes...
Niharika:They're welled up...!!
Raj:No they aren't..and they will not be for you!!Never,alright??(stood up and turned to go but Niharika held his wrist)
Niharika:I didn't mean to offend you Raj but if i had come in between tonight,it's only because i wanted to find out something..(Raj turned around)
Raj:What was so important that you had to come in between and risk your life,hhmm??
Niharika:I wanted to know how you might react if i had taken the shot..That's all!!!
Raj:You...!!!Ok,so what did you find out about me,hhmm??
Niharika:Well,ermm...I..uh...(just then Mayank and Khushi came inside,breaking the chain of thoughts of Niharika)Mayu,where were you??
Khushi:Sorry to bring your brother away...
Raj:Mayank,i'm about to leave..Khushi,i'll be with Niyati for the rest of the night..No worries!!
Khushi:No wayzz,i'm going to be with Niyati and Payal will be with Bharti..You will go home and rest!!Uh-uh,no excuses!!!Just look at you,so drained out of energy!!I'll drop you home,how about that??Don't worry,i've told Sudha aunty and Mayank to just keep a check on Niyati before i get back here again...
Raj:Ok fine,i need to check on Nidhi as well..Chal!!(Raj took a secret glance at Niharika before bidding goodbye to Mayank and leaving from there)
Niharika:Mayu,you look so tired...Just lie down on the sofa na...
Mayank:I'm fine,Nihu!!!
Niharika:Ok fine!!Have you seen Bharti and Payal??
Mayank:Bharti's sleeping but Payal was still in tears..She managed to introduce me to Sudha aunty,Armaan's mum..She is a psychologist working in this hospital but since her colleague was the one who operated on Bharti,she came here to assist in the procedures as well...
Niharika:Talking of which,is Armaan here??(Mayank kept mum)Mayu,i'm asking you something...Isn't he here??
Mayank:How am i supposed to know??
Niharika:Armaan's not here??How is that even possible??
Mayank:Why should he be here Nihu??
Niharika:Come on,Bharti is like his close friend..
Mayank:Bharti's not on talking terms with Armaan,remember??
Niharika:Are you serious???They've still not patched up???Oh God Mayu...Didn't i tell you??
Niharika:Arrgghh,this is all your fault!!That they're not talking!!!

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