Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Monday, February 13, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 243~

Sonali:Oh gosh,just look at the time...Ek ghanta ho gaya hai aur...(just then her mobile rang)Great!!!Just wonderful!!
Jiya:Kya hua Sonu??
Sonali:Mahi ka phone...(disconnected Mahi's call and switched off her mobile)
Raj:Arre,yeh kya kar rahe ho tum??
Sonali:Woh mujhe baar baar phone karegi...
Raj:Arre par yeh kya tarika hain yaar??Woh tumhaari saas thodi na hain jo tum iss tarha usse bhaag rahe ho...
Sonali:Raj,maine koi tayyaari nahin kee hain aur Mahi ko kuch bhi bata nahin hain...
Jiya:Kiske baarein mein...
Raj:Woh Gulmohar Fashion House ki project hain na jo Mahi kaam kar rahi thi kuch dino se??(Jiya nodded and Sonali told her what happened since morning)
Jiya:Great..Now my mobile's ringing!!(just looked at her mobile)
Jiya:Raj,tum uthaao..
Raj:Kya??It's your call,pick up Jiya...
Jiya:Raj,main keh rahi hoon na..
Raj:What's wrong with you??(took Jiya's mobile and saw that it was none other than Armaan who was apparently trying to make it up to Jiya and sighed deeply as he glared at Jiya while answering the call)
Armaan:Jiya,main jaanta hoon ki tum mujhse bohat naaraaz ho par please hear me out...You can't ditch me like this yaar..I need you..I need you so much right now!!You've always stuck by me my life;you know when i'm in trouble and you know when i wanna be alone and this is definitely not the time...But you gotta understand..I was pretty much devastated to see you in such an intoxicated state and i was real mad at her for..
Raj:Dude,i know..The rest is history!!
Armaan:Raj???What are you doing with Jiya's mobile??
Raj:(thought to himself)God,now i'm gonna finish this lukka chuppi game for good and patch them up!!(resumed his conversation)Ok firstly Armaan,Jiya is ready to give you a chance...(Jiya hit Raj's foot and Raj silently mouthed an Ouch,jumping a lil in pain)but apparently she's not wanting to talk at the moment and FYI,if she had picked up the call,she would have disconnected the call way before and you wouldn't even have gotten a chance to even speak this much...Nevertheless,i am ordering both of you since i don't have much time with me today,that you will not only prove how sorry you are to Jiya about accusing Bharti for no reason whatsoever and at the same time,both of you will work together with Mr Farhan with no sort of hassle!!And mind the two of you,i want no arguments as such in the future for it's not because i care so much about the two of you but i can't be bothered about wasting my time on mending relations,which is usually the job of Ms Jiya Mishra!!(handed Jiya's mobile back to Jiya and Armaan overheard Raj saying to Jiya)Get back to your shoot with Armaan while i sort things for Sonali..Jiya,just keep the rumour to yourself,understood??(went off with Sonali while Jiya hung up)
Armaan:(recalled Raj's words)Raj can be so right!!Jiya surely can't stay mad at me for long..But what was Raj saying about some rumour??
~Mahi's cabin~
Mahi:Come in..Raj??(widened her eyes in shock to see Sonali)Sonu???(looked at her mobile,checking the time)What the heck are you still doing here?You should be on your way by now...What?(saw Sonali looking blankly at her)What???Say something for God's sake,Sonu!!(Sonali got nervous and exchanged glances with Raj)
Raj:Mahi,there's a prob..She needs your assistance!!
Mahi:Didn't i give you 30 mins to prepare,Sonu??And since when did you require Raj's recommendation??
Raj:Yeahh you did Mahi but..I asked for her help in my prob...
Mahi:Your prob,Raj??
Raj:Long story,and now's just not the time,,She hasn't managed to prepare anything at all...So come on both of you,get going..
Mahi:Raj,i've got to meet Amarjeet sir..
Mahi:The trainees which we have recruited..
Raj:I'll inform him about it,no worries..(Mahi and Sonali were about to leave when Raj called Sonali and she turned around)Don't worry..Everything will be sorted out,hmm??(Sonali smiled weakly)Mahi,main hoon na??Chill!!(Mahi got suspicious as she left off with Sonali)
Alisha:Yaar Sanju,what's with you,huh??(watched Sanjana drive)Why were you hurrying me for??
Sanjana:God,Alisha!!Don't you wanna meet Bharti??
Alisha:Of course i do par...Arre,sambhaal kar chalaaoo!!(turned the sterring wheel to the right and glared at Sanjana)Tum toh aise tezi se gaadi chalaa rahe ho jaise Bharti abhi tak hospital mein hain...Hua kya hain??Huh???(Sanjana kept mum;this only irked Alisha even further)Oh come on Sanjana maine tumhe phone kiya tha;tab bhi tum kuch bol nahin rahe the aur ab bhi kuch bol nahin rahe ho..Aisa kya ho gaya tha yaar hospital mein??Itna gussa toh maine tumhe tab dekha tha jab tum mere mom aur dad se naaraaz the..(Sanjana pressed the brake pedal at the junction and looked at Alisha)Yaad hai woh saare pal jab tum mujhse zyaada Rohan aur Anjali ke liye wakaalat kar rahe the??In the end,even you got a lil bruised when Anjali's parents assumed that Rohan was..(Sanjana bursted out laughing as she resumed driving)
Sanjana:That he was frivolous..Gosh,they were pretty appalled just by the thought of Rohan's ex-girlfriend defending his character..But i still wonder who even brought up that assumption in their heads that i'm his ex-girlfriend...(shook her head but slowly tilted her head and upon seeing Alisha's subtle smile,she pinched Alisha at her right wrist)
Alisha:Ouchh!!!(mildly massaged her right wrist)Yeahh ok fine,Bharti and i actually placed a bet then yaar..And we promised Anji that we'll make things work..
Sanjana:Bet aur mera Rohan ki girlfriend banne ka kya connection hain??
Alisha:Actually i had a different plan in mind compared to Bharti's,making you involved in such a role and hence,now Rohan's and Anjali's wedding is taking place...
Alisha:Amazing na??Ab bataado mujhe ki baat kya hai??(Alisha noticed Sanjana's smile having vanished as though it had never been there in the first place)Sanju!!!!
Sanjana:Mujhse aise baar baar sawaal karke tum tang kyun kar rahe ho Alisha??Hospital mein jo kuch bhi hua tha,iss baarein mein mujhe koi interest nahin hain baat karne mein..
Alisha:Par kya hua tha??Koi toh hint do yaar..
Sanjana:Hint chaahiye tumhe??(murmured)Mujhe abhi tak vishwaas nahin ho rahi hain ki Armaan aise bhi kuch keh sakta hain Bharti se..(calmed herself down,breathing deeply)
Alisha:Sanju,Armaan??Usne kya keh diya tha??
Sanjana:(parked her car)Bharti ke ghar pohanch gaye hain hum..Chal!!(got out of the car)
Alisha:Arre par..(got out of the car as well)Baat toh poori karo!!
Sanjana:(headed towards the other side of the car where Alisha stood)Dekho Alisha,yeh baat yehi pe khatam kar do,samjhi??Armaan ke naam tumhaari mu se nikalne nahin chaahiye..Bharti ne kuch bhi nahin sunaa tha aur yeh baat sirf Payal aur hum dono ke beech honi chaahiye..Ab andar chal!!
Alisha:Arre..Haan,theekh hai,main yeh phone call attend karke aati hoon..(answered her call)
~Men's Universe:Vinita's cabin~
Vinita just couldn't believe her eyes and ears on the newly acquired knowledge she possessed just a few hours back.
"Bharti,you had done what you could to Gyaan and me but you'll never give up,will you??You and Raj are just so stubborn,after all...Raichura and i've surely gotten Gyaan out and you better watch out for us for we;at least i won't let you go so easily..And just when i was thinking of a plan,what did i land up on??Your boyfriend having an affair with one of your close colleagues??Hahh..This is such a perfect opportunity that has come knocking on the door and that too at the right time,that too before your farewell!!!Is that fantastic or what???"(dialled a number and eagerly waited for her to pick up Vinita's call)
Vinita:Heyy,it's me..
Ash:Vini,after such a long time...How did you remember me??
Vinita:Hey,why are you even saying that??
Ash:Why shouldn't I??
Vinita:Anywayzz,how are you??
Ash:How do you think i am,Vini??Err,wait..Did you call me to remind me of the insult and the hell lotta humiliation that i had gone through while being offered a suspension from my post at Trends??
Vinita:Ok,i know i suck at maintaining my relations but i do care about..
Ash:Really,Vini??In any case,let me just tell you that you're not gonna get anything from me this time round...
Vinita:Ash,you just know me too well,don't you??
Ash:We've been working together,be it as arch rivals or even allies in crime,for many years already so i'm pretty much versed with your character traits...
Vinita:Hhmm...Won't you then trust me,even at the expense of you getting your job back??
Ash:What do you mean by that??
Vinita:What do i mean by that??Well,let me see...Right now,your position is temporarily filled by Shreya, who's nothing compared to you..She's taking care of Mayank Sharma's needs and let me tell you honestly,you're very much in demand from the staff of Trends..I'll do my part if you want your job back..
Ash:Why are you so interested in my job anywayzz??As far as I know,you were supposedly eyeing the position of Gyaan's,right??
Vinita:I still am,alright??I need a favour from you!!
Ash:Finally,you admitted why you called...That's really lovely..But i'm in no mood to help!!
Vinita:It'll only benefit you,if you let it benefit you,that is...
Ash:What exactly was that supposed to mean??
Vinita:I need some photographs of the Trends success bash..
Ash:FYI Vini,i was suspended before that so why or how in th world do you think that i would have the photographs,hhm??
Vinita:Ash,i know that you're still very much in touch with Trends and many of your informers still lay around working their asses off...As i promise you,if you get me this job done,you'll gain your job back with much dignity!!
Ash:Dignity??Well,that's a catch,Vini!!FYI and if you remember,i got suspended cuz i had apparently spread the rumour of my boss's mysterious girlfriend..
Vinita:What if i've got a much greater rumour for you to really pass around and that to publications and media instead??
Ash:Give me the catch and i'll think about it..
Vinita:What if i tell you that i've gotten a bigger catch this time round??
Ash:Excuse me??
Vinita:What if your boss is having an affair??
Ash:(got amused)WHAT???I guess you don't even know who Mayank Sharma is,Vini...I mean,he wouldn't even have admitted to having a girlfriend..And now you're saying he's having an affair??
Vinita:That too,with a close colleague of Bharti's...
Ash:Bharti,your rival,huh??Surely sounds like a great catch Vini but...
Vinita:You're suspended,remember??So,no one would even look to point fingers at you..I need some photographs of the Trends success bash of Mayank's,Bharti's and Mahi's...
Ash:Mahi Talwar,huh??(smirked)That is some ultra news,Vini!!No worries,kaam ho jaayegi!!
Vinita:Aaj raat hi,hhmm??
Ash:Aur meri naukri??
Vinita:Woh sab tum mujh par chod do..You can trust me,as always;we've got each other's back,yeah??
Ash:I'll call you back later..(hung up and threw away the pack of cigarettes)It's showtime!!!
~Raj's cabin~
Raj:(answered the call)Khushi,heyy..Is everything ok?How is Niyati doing??
Khushi:Niyati's resting..I just....Raj,i just can't believe that he did this to her....How dare he??!!
Raj:Khushi,have control over your emotions...Right now, you've got to stay strong and be there for her...Help her forget everything that she's been through...I know it's...
Khushi:Raj,it's not so easy...No matter how much you or I try to help,she's...She's been through a lot and she didn't even think of informing any of us..She handed Nidhi to you but....(her eyes got moist)I just don't understand what i ought to do to console her,to convince her to move on...
Raj:(pressed his lips and his eyes were welled up just at the thought of Niyati and Nidhi)Khushi,ugh..I'm gonna have to call ya back in 5 mins' time,k?Just got some emergency stuff to sort out..
Khushi:Oops,i didn't know that you were bsuy..Yeahh but do call back..Okie,bye!!
Raj:Bye!!(went to the studio;he closed his eyes and he kept banging his fist hard on the table,oblivious to the presence of Jiya and Armaan)Damnn it!!!(as a result,some photographs got hurled across the floor)
Jiya:Rajj!!!What are you doing??(Jiya rushed over to him and Armaan picked up the photographs and followed suit)Is everything ok??(Raj was not at all pleased to see both of them in the studio at that moment when he was on the verge of tears)
Raj:(turned away and coughed,subtly making his tear go away and rubbed his eyes)I'm fine Jiya...(Jiya made him turn around)But what are you two...Hold on,hold on...You two are still not on talking terms???After all the energy and time i've invested in you both,this is what i get???What the hell is this,guyzz???
Armaan:Raj,chill...We are talking,ok??In fact,both of us just came to the studio,just about 5 minutes before you entered...
Raj:Oh ok...(calmed himself down)
Armaan:But is everything ok with you??
Raj:Yeahh,you two need not get worried..Erm,this is the file which Amarjeet sir wanted the two of you to go through before your photoshoot at Goa...He's pinned a great deal of hope on this photoshoot so don't screw it up at any cost,alright???I'm gonna go...
Raj:Kuch jage hain jo aaj raat tak mujhe jaanna hain...Armaan,will you please drop Jiya home later,hhmm??
Jiya:You won't be back by then??
Raj:Jiya,maine kahaa na...
Jiya:Tch Raj,something's surely bothering you..What is it??
Raj:Jiya,maine kahaa na,just let it be!!Alright???(saw Jiya having felt bad,turning away from him)I'm sorry Jiya..I'm not in the best of moods to talk right now,alright??I gotta go,bye!!Armaan,take her home,k??(Armaan agreed to do so and Raj left,heading to the carpark where he called Khushi,turning his bluetooth device on)Haan Khushi...
Khushi:Haan Raj,toh ab?
Raj:Tumhaari naukri ka kuch karna padega warna hum Niyati ko baahar nahin lekar jaa paayenge...
Khushi:Par woh contract??
Raj:You haven't managed to talk to Mayank at the hospital??
Khushi:I just couldn't..It didn't feel right at that point of time,Raj...
Raj:Yeahh,i understand....I tell you what??I'll go and talk to Mayank personally at his place tonight...In that way,if possible,we could bring Niyati out of town by the weekend without any hassle..What do you think??
Khushi:Par Raj...
Raj:Right now,i don't think it's a great idea to let Niyati be here...
Khushi:She's not fully healed,Raj...And Sudha aunty has insisted that she'll come and take a look on Niyati as well...
Raj:Let me talk to Mayank first and then i'll go and personally see Sudha aunty as well,hhmm??
Khushi:Raj,we're such a trouble for you,na??
Raj:Shut up!!
Khushi:She'll be ok,right??
Raj:She will be perfectly alright,Khushi!!Just be by her side at all times...And do send my love to my dear baby Nidhi...
Khushi:Yeahh Raj,i will...Just give me a call once you've met Mayank!!
Raj:Hhmm ok i'm driving..I'll talk to you later...
Khushi:Bye!!(hung up and so did Raj)
~Bharti's place~
Mayank had just arrived to see Bharti.Meanwhile,Payal was making soup for Bharti to drink while Alisha decided to help Payal a lil;Sanjana was catching up with Mayank and Bharti.
Alisha:Ok,so when is Bhaskar coming back??
Payal:(concealed her emotions)Well i guess tomorrow night or Saturday...
Alisha:What do you mean by guess??Didn't he call??
Payal:He don't usually...Alisha,do you mind passing the pink bowl from the upper cabinet??
Alisha:Sure..(as she helped,Alisha began to realize that something is definitely not right but she decided not to meddle in Payal's affairs but advance with her mission on finding out what truly happened at the hospital between Armaan and Bharti)Waise Sanju did tell me what had happened at Fortis Hospital...
Alisha:I simply can't believe that Bharti would actually slit her wrist on purpose...I mean she's not that kinda gurl..Do you know what i mean??She may have faced tonnes of problems but if she were the kind of girl,she could have resorted to suicide several years back...But she is so strong,bold and carefree...I wonder if Armaan...
Payal:It's just no use talking about what Armaan had said,Alisha..He had simply crossed his limits this time round...Just how could he accuse Bharti when she was resting???(Alisha fell lost in her thoughts,realizing that Bharti surely didn't hear anything which Armaan must have said and from Sanjana's words,she knew that Armaan must have prolly vented his frustration and anger on Bharti as always)How dare he accuse Bharti of getting Jiya drunk on purpose,of being an irresponsible mother to Naina???(further murmured)I just wish that i hadn't coaxed Bharti into the contract marriage with him...In fact,it is Armaan who is the bad omen in Bharti's life instead of her being an inauspicious omen,ruining his life...(Alisha was super shocked)Alisha???
Alisha:Huh??Yeahh how dare he??Just how dare he???Payal,Bharti didn't slit her wrist because of him,na??
Payal:No wayzz Alisha...If this was a few weeks back,i might have thought so too but Bharti has no such feelings whatsoever for Armaan and i truly thank God for that!!!He doesn't deserve Bharti's attention at all!!!I'll be right back...(went to Bharti's room to give her the soup and gestured to Mayank to feed her the soup)
Alisha:(murmured to herself)Armaan ne yeh sab kuch??It's just unbelievable...i mean i do understand when he gets mad but why..How could he have crossed his limits this time round??What had made him so mad???(thought to herself)I've got to talk to Armaan before concluding anything...I just got a mini picture of what had happened but it's only reasonable if i get the real scoop from Armaan himself!!And i won't be able to do so tomorrow or day after since i'm flying off to Goa...Ufff!!!Wait a sec,i can go to MU right away and meet Armaan but what about Sanju??I've got to make sure Sanju doesn't figure anything out,i've gotta be secretive without showing it in my face...(saw Payal's mobile and copied Armaan's number to her own contact list and dialled Armaan's number)Come on,pick up the phone,Armaan....(just as she turned,she saw Sanjana coming towards the kitchen and Alisha quickly disconnected her call and pretended as though she was drinking from the steel jug placed near the basin)
Sanjana:Whatcha doing here all alone??Come join us na..Bharti's asking for you...
Alisha:Just helped Payal a bit and i'm drinking water....
Sanjana:Pass me a glass of water as well..I'm quite thirsty as well...
Just then,Alisha's mobile rang.Alisha had barely gulped down the water which she just took in and before Sanjana could grab the mobile,Alisha snatched it from her hand and disconnected the call instantly.
Sanjana:(got real confused)Now what was that all about??
Sanjana:I don't think so...What??
Sanjana:Are you hiding something from me,Alisha??
Alisha:God,Sanju!!!(shook her head repetitively and after passing the glass of water to Sanjana,she went to meet Bharti)
~Bharti's room~
Bharti:Mayank,main choti bachi hoon kya jo tum mujhe soup pilaa rahe ho??
Mayank:Seriously Bharti,kabhi kabhi tum itni zidd karte ho na ki agar maine tumhe yeh soup nahin pilaaya toh tum isse haath tak bhi nahin lagaayegi...
Payal:Woh toh hain Bharti aur iss liye maine Mayank ko yeh zimmidaari swopi thi,hhmm??
Bharti:Tum dono meri jaan le loge!!Nahin chaahiye yaar,ab bas bhi karo!!
Mayank:Acha theekh hai,bas ek aur spoon uske baad tumhe peene ki koi zaroorat nahin hain,hhmm??
Payal:Gosh,tum toh Naina ke tarha hi ho!!
Bharti:Of course,mama kiski hain,hhmm??
Payal:Garv hone ki koi baat nahin hain,theekh hain??
Mayank:Now that we're done with that Bharti,i need to talk to you..
Bharti:I guess you were doing that till now,Mayu...(smiled and shook her head as she rinsed her mouth before heading back to her room)Jokes apart,what's up??
Mayank:Ermm your Mom met me and Niharika at Fortis today,while you were resting...
Bharti:Really??What did she say??Gosh,it must have been a hell of a day for her...I need to talk to her!!(took her mobile to dial but Mayank took Bharti's phone from her)Heyy!!
Mayank:Listen to me..I promised her that i'll bring you with me to her place...
Payal:WHAT????(glanced at Alisha who echoed with Payal at that point of time)
Alisha:You gotta be kidding me!!
Mayank:I don't think i am,Alisha..(smiled at both Payal and Alisha)Is there anything wrong??
Payal:Mayank,Bharti is not fully alright and you're talking about...
Mayank:Even i'm busy today but i decided to bring Bharti to Armaan's place since i've been hearing a lot from Bharti about her Mom..Hence i thought,why not going to Armaan's place for a quick dinner....Payal,don't worry!!I'll bring your dear friend safe and sound,hhmm??
Payal:I don't have any problem as long as she's with you,Mayank...
Alisha:Bharti,are you okay with this??Why do you seem so lost???
Bharti:Huh??(shook her head)Nothing,Alisha...I'm just gonna rest for a while,k??
Mayank:Hhmm ok,i'll pick you up in an hour's time..Bye!!(Bharti nodded and Mayank left from there)
Alisha:(thought to herself)I really will have to go to MU and meet Armaan before anything else comes up...Surely Armaan's gonna go home pretty soon...(turned to Payal)Payal,i gotta go;i'm having an emergency meeting..Sanju will be here na and just take care of Bharti,k??Just tell Sanju that i've left;i think she's in the washroom or something...(Payal nodded and Alisha quickly left before Sanjana came out of the washroom)Uff,baal baal bach gayi!!
Sanjana:Payal,Alisha kahaa hain??
Payal:Bata nahin..Kuch zaroori kaam se baahar gayi hain..
Sanjana:Aisi kya zaroori kaam aa gayi hai achanak??(recalled how Alisha behaved so strangely at the kitchen and wondered what's going on)
~Men's Universe~
Armaan and Jiya were about to leave from MU when they bumped into Alisha,who was on the verge of arguing with the newly appointed receptionist for the evening shift.
Armaan:Alisha,tum yahaa??
Alisha:Oh hi..I was wanting to meet you after what i've heard..
Armaan:What did you exactly hear??
Alisha:If you don't mind,can we talk elsewhere??
Armaan:Actually Alisha,i need to...
Alisha:This is more urgent than anything in your life as it is associated with Bharti..Do you get that???
Armaan:Alisha,why do you seem so...So tensed??Is everything ok??
Alisha:For God's sake Armaan,don't you dare...(paused as she felt that she was being watched by the receptionist and softened her tone)don't you dare make it seem as if nothing had happened,alright??
Armaan:Alisha,what are you referr..
Jiya:Guyzz,i really don't think this is the right place to talk...Alisha..
Alisha:You look here Armaan;i don't care...I just don't!!!!You want me to shout at you,i'll surely do that if you are not going to...
Armaan:Alisha,listen...I'm here to listen but i've got to drop Jiya home...
Jiya:Armaan...(widened her eyes in disbelief)Alisha has come all the way to talk and all you can think of is dropping me home??I'm fine alright??I'll go on my own...
Armaan:No Jiya,i promised Raj that i'll drop you home...Alisha,do you have any qualms if i am there when you're talking to Armaan??
Alisha:Why would i??
Jiya:Great,there's a cafe nearby...Why don't we head there??(Alisha nodded and just as Alisha turned to leave,she bumped into Shreya and she noticed Armaan having stopped,wondering what was going on)
Shreya:Hi Armaan...(Armaan was taken aback to see Shreya at this hour but paused,glancing at both Jiya and Alisha,who seemed a lil ticked)
Alisha:You know what??I'm seriously gonna go..I guess my intention of wanting to get a confirmation from you about what had happened at Fortis was such a bad idea after all...(stormed out from there before Armaan could say anything and Jiya followed suit)
Armaan:(looked despondent at the prospect of the sudden exit of Alisha but snapped out when Shreya placed her hand on his shoulder)Hey,Shreya..
Shreya:Are you ok??
Armaan:Yeahh,i'm cool..I thought you are working late tonight..
Shreya:No,my work's done actually..I thought maybe you and i could go home together or something..But from what i just saw,i think i came at the wrong time...I'm so sorry,Armaan!!
Armaan:No Shreya,why are you sorry??
Shreya:What was Alisha saying??What happened Armaan??
Armaan:It's nothing Shreya,no worries...(looked at the clock,widening his eyes in shock;he instantly grabbed Shreya's elbow and hurried her)
Armaan:Crap,i totally forgot!!
Armaan:I told Maa that i would reach home early and help her out for dinner since she's having 2 guests over....And i had also thought of getting some Chinese dishes ordered as well,so that there will be enough and Maa won't have to spend a lot of time in the dinner preparations...
Shreya:Is it late already???
Armaan:No,we can make it in time...Do you wanna come??
Shreya:Sure....It's been a long while since i've come over to your place,na??Chalo!!!
~Bharti's place~
Sanjana couldn't say anything as Payal made her silent under her oath,as Bharti got ready to go with Mayank.
Payal:Sanju,i know it's hard for you but Bharti knows nothing about what Armaan had said...We've just got to make sure that she's ok and if she doesn't mind going to Armaan's place with Mayank,then there's nothing we should do to hinder them...
Sanjana:I guess so but i just don't want him to...
Payal:Sanju,Bharti's going there with Mayank and as far as Sudha aunty knows,both Bharti and Mayank are in love..
Sanjana:What??What do you mean by that??
Payal:(covered up for her blip)Nn..Nothing,Sanju!!Mayank's in love with Bharti,hmm??
Sanjana:Yeahh i know that..Anywayzz i guess you're right in this matter...Right now,all i want is for Bharti to be at ease..
Payal:She definitely is,so no worries!!
Bharti:Gurlzz,how do i look??
Sanjana:OMG!!Is that the black studded jeans which Alisha and i got for you??Finally i see you wear it when i'm around..And the brown top is amazing!!!
Bharti:Mayank chose for me..(got amused)Payal,i've been really hard on you on asking you to take care of Naina repeatedly...
Payal:I'll really punch you if you say that ever again...I always enjoy taking care of her and here you are feeling guilty for no reason whatsoever...
Bharti:Alright...I'm leaving,k??I'll be back asap,hhmm??
Payal:Enjoy yourself,hhmmm??Send my regards to Sudha aunty!!(waved to Bharti and Mayank before they left)
~Men's Universe~
Raj drove back to Men's Universe after having a hard time appeasing the endless publications of any fake parcels or posts regarding any affairs.He had not exactly went outright with the details of the rumours but he surely did tell them to let him know about any such late deliveries,if there were to be any.As he parked his car,he truly wondered if anyone would even leak anything to the news but he crossed his fingers for he knew that anything could happen in the fashion and media industry,who are hell bent on inflating any trivial news to a mountain's depth and height.
Raj went to his cabin and just after some time,he noticed Sonali entering MU.He voiced out to her and Mahi and she came inside,locking the door.
Raj:Heyy,everything cool??How did the presentation go??
Mahi:Gosh,Raj...I didn't even understand why i had to go when she had known pretty much...She had presented it pretty well and Gulmohar Fashion House is pretty pleased with our presentation..
Raj:Heyy,that's great!!!Well Mahi,it's better to be prepared na...??
Mahi:Oh well,that's true...Waise you're still working??
Raj:Yeahh today's gonna be a long night for me...You guyzz are done,right??
Mahi:Yeahh we are but heyy...Have you talked to Amarjeet sir??
Raj:Ohhh crap!!!I forgot...
Raj:Sorrrryy!!Yaar,it just slipped from my mind....I had so many things going on and right now,i might have to go and meet Mayank...
Raj:(noticed the appalled look on Sonali's face and glared at her,shaking his head but he wondered if Sonali understood his gesture)Yeahh Mahi...(looked at Mahi)
Mahi:What's wrong with the two of you??
Raj:Sonu's right,Mahi...In fact,i need to talk to Mayank about Khushi's job...Both Khushi and i were thinking of shifting Niyati somewhere safe elsewhere,where no one would think of harming her...And since Khushi's working at Trends,i'll definitely need to talk to Mayank about her job and hence...(looked at Sonali,who finally managed to bring a weak smile on her face and Raj looked back at Mahi)Hence,i'm going there Mahi...
Mahi:Ohh icic...
Raj:Why???Do you want me to convey any message to him??
Mahi:Oh hello!!Why would i even want to keep any sort of contact with him??
Raj:Hold on a sec;what was he saying today afternoon in your cabin??After i had left??
Mahi:You mean,after you ran away,thinking that i would blabber about your love for Nihi,hmm??
Raj:You would have if i had made it too late to not realize that you were not comprehending my gestures!!
Mahi:Whatever!!You men are all the same...Even you had to put the entire blame on me,right??
Raj:Excuse me???
Sonali:Wait..what do you mean by even Raj??Who else put the blame on you??
Mahi:Who else could it be??Mr Arrogant,Mr Perfectionist,Mr Mayank Sharma!!!
Raj:What??What did he say???(Mahi told her everything that had happened between her and Mayank in her cabin,shocking both Raj and Sonali)
Mahi:What?What's wrong with you two??Apne apne mu band rakho!!
Sonali:Yeh kya Mahi,usse bolne dete na ki woh kya kehne aaya tha...
Mahi:Kyun??Kyun sunoo main uske baat??Jis tarha usse kahin saara meetings hain jo zyaada zaroori hain,mujhe bhi bohat saara kaam hain jo mujhe khatam karni thi uss waqt,alright??
Raj:Acha acha,woh sab chodo...Tum ghar jaa rahe ho na??
Raj:Don't worry Mahi,main Amarjeet sir se kal foren baat karunga,hhmm??
Mahi:Haan,theekh hain...Sonu,tu aa rahi hain??
Raj:Actually Mahi,mujhe Sonu se kuch kaam hain..
Raj:Haan,ok we'll see you tomorrow then Mahi??
Mahi:Yeahh ok,par meri koi zaroorat hain toh phone kar dena,hhmm??
Raj:Yeahh sure...Bye!!
Mahi:Bye!!Sonu,apni saas ke baarien mein zyaada matt soch,hmm??We'll figure some things out!!(waved to her before leaving)
Sonali:Kaunsi zaroori baat hai,Raj??
Raj:Main saare publications ko khabar di hain ki agar unke paas aise koi rumours ki khabar aaye toh, woh na chapvaaye...
Sonali:Ok,thank God...Seriously jab tum Mayank ke naam le rahe the na,ek pal ke liye toh main waaqay mein darr gayi thi..
Raj:Woh toh apne shakal mein saaf saaf dikhaayi de raha tha mujhe...Par just chill,hmm??Koi tension nahin hain,ok??(Sonali nodded)Acha tum mere intezaar kar car park mein..Main tumhe ghar drop kardunga,hhmm??(Sonali nodded)
Sonali left from Raj's cabin.Along the way,she had bumped into a girl and dropped her envelope.Sonali knelt down and helped her out but the girl was in a rush and grabbed the envelope instantly.Sonali was quite confused and found her behaviour to be quite strange.Nevertheless,she got into the lift whose doors opened instantly,not noticing a photograph which had been left disowned on the floor outside the lift lobby.As Sonali thought about the girl,she felt that she did knew the girl somehow but she couldn't recall exactly.
Raj packed his stuff and locked his cabin,placing the keys on the keyhole with his name attached next to it,on the board of all staff of  MU. He waited for the lift door to open.Just as he was about to take his mobile out of his pant pocket,he noticed that he had stepped on a photograph.He smiled,thinking that Armaan or Jiya must have dropped one of their photographs but as he took a close look at the photograph,he was extremely shocked at it.
"Mahi and Mayank...dancing together???How is this even possible????Nooo!!!This can't be...(heard his mobile ringing and it was Sonali calling him)"
He instantly picked up the photograph and went inside the lift.He kept it in his suitcase and a deep bout of anxiety clouded his thoughts.

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