Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Sunday, February 26, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 244~

He was very much lost in his thoughts,so much that he had walked past his car,where he had parked,leaving Sonali,who had been waiting for him by his car,totally clueless.Sonali instantly voiced out to him but he was not aware of Sonali's voice and that was when Sonali rushed to him and pulled his shirt,pulling him away from the oncoming car.Raj couldn't believe his eyes,that he could lose himself in his thoughts to such an extent where he might almost,once again,lose his life.
Sonali:What the hell is wrong with you Raj??Couldn't you hear me shouting your name???(Raj was still in shock of what could have possibly happened but he didn't give much importance to that matter)Rajj!!!I'm talking to you for God's sake yaar..Speak up!!!!
Raj:Sonu,chill,will you???Nothing happened na...
Sonali:But something for sure could have possibly happened!!!
Raj:Stop behaving like my girlfriend or wife,hhm??
Sonali:Eww Raj,i'm so not!!!I'm Pushpak's girlfriend and as far as your wife is concerned,i don't think you'll ever marry in the first place...Trust me on that matter!!!
Raj:You can be a real idiot,Sonu!!
Sonali:Oh hello,i ought to be saying that to you...And ok,maybe i have over-reacted...
Raj:You think??
Sonali:Urgghh anywayzz,i just reacted as such because you had just gone through a real life-threatening situation just days ago,alright??
Raj:That was days ago ok Sonu???
Sonali:Goshhh,ab ghar chale???
Raj:Kiske..Mera ya tumhaari,huh??
Sonali:Badmaash kahi ke..Chup kar!!
Raj:Seriously i don't know what you see in Pushpak...
Sonali:Raj,i'm gonna so strangle you....!!!
Raj:Chal gaadi mein baith..(both of them got inside the car and Raj started to drive off)
~Outside Sonali's place~
Raj:There you go...Your dear Pushpak must be waiting for you...
Sonali:I know you've been using humour to confuse me and deflect me from asking you but i'm not a fool,hhmm???
Raj:Who even thought so,Sonu??I don't think you of such..Well maybe your saas thinks so but she doesn't know what you're made of!!
Sonali:Nice try once again,Raj!!!But what was bothering you so much???
Raj:(sighed deeply)Looks like i've got to tell ya now...Come on ,pass me my suitcase...(Sonali did so and Raj pulled out the photograph which shook him real hard)Look at this and you know what happened to me..
Sonali:What can be so shocking that...(paused,widened her eyes in shock as she saw the intimate dancing between Mahi and Mayank)WHAT THE....
Raj:Ssshhh!!(covered her mouth but withdrew his hand instantly)What's your...
Sonali:What the hell,Raj????Who did this???
Raj:What do you mean by who did this???
Sonali:Then what were you thinking???That Mahi and Mayank are really dancing so closely to each other??Just look at the pic,dude....It's shown how Mayank was gazing into Mahi's eyes and Mahi too is getting lost in his eyes...And on top of that,Mayank is placing his hand on Mahi's waist...IT's just so yuck yuck..
Raj:Sonu,it's not yuck yuck...It's a romantic pic if there was true love between them but apparently there is no such thing at all...Both of them apparently can't stand each other at all and this photograph shows the direct opposite....
Sonali:Arrgghh!!!!Ok,ok...(calmed herself down)But tell me something Raj..Where did you get this photograph from???
Raj:Unbelievably outside the lift lobby....Can you believe that??
Sonali:What??Lift lobby???
Raj:Yeahh,and that too just outside where i was waiting for the lift to appear...Just when i received your call,i was taking out my mobile from my pocket when i realized that i've stepped on a photograph and then i picked it up....
Sonali:This is totally...ridiculous!!
Raj:What's so ridiculous yaar???
Sonali:I was outside the lift lobby as well,waiting for the lift door to open..That's when i actually bumped into a girl..She was really weird,you know;like rushing away,picking some photos which she quickly grabbed and placed inside the envelope...And i thought she picked everything away..
Raj:Really??But i didn't see anyone as i was leaving...
Sonali:I don't know yaar but you know what???The girl seemed so familiar as if i have seen her so many times but i just...OMG!!!!She had a close resemblance to...(paused and widened her eyes in shock)
Meanwhile,none of them were aware of the fact that Pushpak's mum was watching them.Sonali had gotten out of the car and Raj quickly got out as well,wanting to know what she had paused for,rushing to her side.
Sonali:It's Ash!!!!
Sonali:Yeahh,it's Ash!!!I've met her several times in Trends when you know,Mahi used to have confrontations with Mayank,which seemed really hilarious to me and you...
Raj:You bet!!But Ash got suspended,right???
Sonali:Exactly!!!But what would Ash get in return for doing this???
Raj:This pic surely looks as if...It's the Trends Success Bash!!(saw the success bash banner which he recalled seeing at the party)
Sonali:I don't think Ash was even there yaar...And Mahi wasn't even dancing with Mayank..That's never gonna happen but anywayzz what is the whole point yaar???(sighed deeply)Aaj ka din hi bohat kharab hain...Pehle woh Mayank aur Mahi ke beech aur woh rumours..
Raj:OMG Sonu,you're a genius!!!
Raj:Darlin',you've just got it....This is part of spreading the rumour!!!(hugged Sonali for cracking the puzzling question running in their heads,still unaware of Sonali's saas gasping in shock just by watching them)
Raj:No worries,i've talked to all the publications and media whom i know..My contacts are mostly reliable...
Raj:Uffo Sonu,relax!!!Don't worry,i'll make sure that nothing of the sort happens...(held Sonu's face and convinced her)I'm going back to MU after i'm done talking to Mayank,hmm??
Sonali:Pakka???Tum bhoologe toh nahin na??
Raj:Itna bhi barosa nahin hain tumhe mujh par??
Sonali:Raj...Main bas...Mujhe bohat darr lag rahi hain;agar kuch ho gaya toh???
Raj:Kuch nahin hoga...Filhaal tum bas ghar jaao aur Pushpak ke paas baitho...Kisi se bhi iss baarein mein zikr matt karna,hmm??(Sonali nodded and vowed to Raj that she wouldn't tell anyone anything and hugged him back before going inside)
Just as she went inside,she was stunned.She stopped walking any further for she had practically not figured out how to react to the fact that her boyfriend's mother had been awake all night and apparently seen her and Raj talking.Shew continued murmuring to herself as she slowly mustered her courage to go forward.
Gosh,i wonder what the hell she's doing,still awake..I mean,she can't be just standing there with symptoms of imsomnia or something,right??From the looks,she surely saw me and Raj talking and prolly she saw both of us hugging..But why the hell am i afraid of her???Ok Sonu,chill!!!She's your saas and no no one else..In fact,i have nothing to fear about...It's not as if she's going to question me or something...But what if??(reached the verandah;Pushpak's mum just smiled at her and went inside,leaving Sonali totally dumbstruck and numb for her saas normally doesn't smile at her)
~Armaan's place~
Shreya:Aunty,it was Armaan's call..He's just on his way for he had forgotten to get some soft drinks along the way...
Sudha:Oh gosh,do you know something Shreya??It's been such a long time since he had taken much interest in welocming my guests...
Sudha:Actually,ever since his marriage with Bharti got nullified,i didn't exactly invite anyone here..It's kinda,you know...Both Armu and i didn't want to face any questions regarding his marriage and his life plans but i guess now i'm prepared for anything that may come and so is Armaan...And for your info,there is quite a surprise for Armaan tonight...
Shreya:Surprise??Really??What is it??
Sudha:Ahem,can i trust you??
Shreya:Of course,you can,Aunty...
Sudha:How can i when you're his close friend apart from Jiya and Raj??
Shreya:Uffo Aunty..Right now,he's not here and even when he reaches here,i assure you that my lips will be tightly sealed!!
Sudha:Alright,let me try by giving you a chance...(squealed in excitement)I don't know if he had mentioned anything to you about me bride-hunting for him...(Shreya's smile instantaneously vanished as Sudha continued)And guess what??I kinda met a girl's family and i'm quite impressed with the girl and her family members...Once i get the chance to talk to Armaan about her,i'll bring him to meet the girl and we'll decide how to proceed if he likes the girl...What's..(ceased as she noticed the sudden change in Shreya's face,one of that clouded by melancholy)What's wrong,Shreya??
Shreya:Nothing,Aunty...I just..realized that i gotta make a call..Excuse me!!!
Sudha:Heyy,you promised you wouldn't tell Armaan about it at all...
Shreya:No Aunty,i need to call someone else from work..(Sudha agreed and Shreya went to the terrace and called Ishaan,confiding in him what Sudha had told her)
Ishaan:Mm hmm...
Shreya:Kya Ishaan tum bhi??Main yahaa tumhaare madat expect kar rahi hoon aur tum ho ke bas mm hmm kar rahe ho??
Ishaan:Toh main aur kya kahoo Shreya??Tumne usse apne dil ki baat toh keh di hain na??
Ishaan:Aur tumhaare hisab se toh Armaan bhi tumse..
Shreya:Yeahh Ishaan..
Ishaan:Are you sure,Shreya??Did he give you any confirmation on this??
Shreya:What do you mean??You mean to say that i don't get it when a guy likes me??
Ishaan:I didn't mean that,Shreya...I'm just asking,that's all..
Shreya:Of course Ishaan,he too loves me or else he would have told me..He never hides anything from me and if he did have feelings for anyone else,he would have told me on the day when i confessed my feelings to him...He had nothing to hide!!
Ishaan:What if...Aghh,never mind!!
Ishaan:Nothing...So,what's your plan of action right now??
Shreya:That's exactly what i called you for,yaar...What should i do??
Ishaan:Hello Shreya..Why are you asking me when you've already gotten your answer??
Ishaan:Let me tell you something clearly,Shreya...Very few are lucky enough in this world to have attained true love and i believe you are one of them..Think and decide..Do you really wanna let go of the love of your life so easily without even fighting for him??What are you afraid of???
Shreya:You're right Ishaan...OMG!!Thank you so much Ish!!!
Ishaan:Shreya,stop with the Ish now,ok??
Shreya:No i won't...You're the best,Ish!!!I love you....Ok,bye!!IT surely must be Armaan at the door!!!(hung up)
Ishaan:(heard the line having gone dead)I...love...you too!!(connected his mobile back to the USB charger and went to have his dinner)
Shreya was totally thrilled and in a zeal of excitement,she grabbed hold of the medium sized Pepsi bottle and shook it up.Unlocking the door,she opened the Pepsi bottle and sprayed all over,thinking it to be Armaan,"Armaan,i'm seriously so thrilled tonight yaar!!".However,she stopped after spraying the entire bottle of Pepsi over Bharti's top.
Just as Mayank reached outside the door and having stood beside Bharti,he noticed Shreya and was amazed to see her at Armaan's place.
Mayank:Shreya??(Shreya's eyes focussed on Mayank this time round and gasped in shock,leaving Mayank more confused than ever)I believe i ought to share the expression you're having on your face...What a surprise to meet you tonight...
Shreya:Mayank sir,aap yahaa??
Mayank:So,you didn't know that Bharti and i are gonna come over here for dinner??
Shreya:Aunty did tell me that she's expecting 2 guests...
Mayank:And they're none other than the two of us,hhmm??Bharti..(tapped on her shoulder and just then,he realized that Bharti was all wet)Heyy,how did you get so...(Bharti shook off the excess Pepsi from her top and her face)Why are you so WET??
Sudha:Shreya,who is it??(peeped over and saw both Bharti and Mayank)Oh hiii..Come on in...What..
Mayank:Hi Aunty,i'm Mayank...
Sudha:Of course you are...We met at Fortis,remember??
Mayank:Yeahh we did...
Shreya:Aunty,i thought it was..My bad that i actually spilled Pepsi all over Bharti...
Bharti:It's really ok Shreya...
Sudha:OMG!!(bursted into laughter)
Bharti:Mom,you're laughing at me!!
Sudha:I'm so sorry Bharti but do you realize something??
Bharti:(pouted her mouth)What??
Sudha:Remember our first meeting when Armaan and i had come over to your place to see you for the first time??You did the same thing,but only to Armaan and now Shreya kinda did it to you...
Bharti:(just realized and recalled how she had practically splashed Pepsi all over Armaan;Mayank noticed the wide smile as Bharti recalled her past and made him wonder how he had missed that smile of Bharti's throughout the journey to Armaan's place)Oh yeahh!!!I used to be such a klutz at that time...
Mayank:You're no different now either,Bharti!!(Bharti widened her eyes and looked at Mayank and elbowed in the direction of Mayank's tummy)
Bharti:Mom,aapke paas mere extra kapde honge??
Sudha:Yeahh just come in..Come,Mayank!!
Shreya:Bharti,i got you this towel...Ermm,i'm...
Bharti:It's really ok Shreya...Let me change,hhmm??(Shreya nodded and went to sit adjacent to Mayank)
Shreya:(murmured to herself)Ok,let me try smiling,sometimes it does work...(She smiled when Mayank looked at her and Mayank too smiled but not for long,discouraging her)Ab kya??(fell lost in her thoughts)
Mayank:Tumhaare mann mein kuch chal rahaa hain kya Shreya??
Shreya:Huh??Nahin toh...Woh Mayank sir...
Mayank:Mayank sir sirf office mein..Yahaa main ek mehmaan hoon,hmm??
Shreya:Aadat se majboor Mayank sir..
Mayank:What is it Shreya??
Shreya:Aap aur Bharti date par..(paused as she saw the cold glare in his eyes)I shouldn't have asked...
Mayank:Shreya,Bharti abhi abhi Fortis Hospital se nikli hain...I mean,in the morning...You expect me to take her out on a date??It was because of Sudha aunty and the vow i've made to her that i brought Bharti with me here tonight or else i would be making sure that she gets ample rest...(Shreya then realized how Bharti's hand had the bandage wound around her wrist)
Shreya:I'm so sorry sir,i really didn't know!!
Armaan:Maa,i'm home....(locked the door which was left ajar when he entered and as he turned,he was shocked to see Mayank)Mayank??
Mayank:Hey Armaan..Guess you're just coming back from work??
Armaan:Yeahh,sort of...Maa,i'm just gonna go and change..(looked at Mayank)Excuse me!!(instantly took his towel and headed to shower)What the hell is Mayank...Mayank's the guest for the night???(thought to himself as he undressed and got into the shower)Maa ne toh kahaa tha ki do guests aa rahe hain aaj raat ke dinner ke liye...Toh agar ek guest Mayank hain toh..Toh doosra kaun ho sakta hai??..(still can't digest the fact that Mayank is at his place for dinner)Woh yahaa pe???(cringed his nose and closed his eyes in exasperation as the drops of warm water ran down his bare body)Bataa nahin ki aaj ke dinner par kya hoga..(sighed deeply)
Bharti took a shower from Sudha's washroom and changed into a salwaar.However,she couldn't see if she had tied the dori properly as she didn't see the mirror which was normally there.Hence,Bharti got out of the washroom and went to Armaan's room,having stood in front of the mirror adjacent to Armaan's wardrobe,with no clue that Armaan was having his shower.
"Oh no..This stupid dori always takes the hell outta me...I just can't tie it properly!!Damn...(untied her dori and faced down while she tried tying her dori)If i don't tie this,the salwaar won't look good and i'll feel uncomfy..So Bharti,hurry up!!"
A few minutes later,Armaan got out of the shower.He had not seen Bharti either as he was brushing his hair,running his fingers through and shaking off the excess water from his head.After switching off the lights of the washroom,he turned around and realized that the girl of his dreams,whom he had shouted at in the morning,was standing right before his eyes,attempting to tie the dori of her salwaar.
Armaan:(thought to himself)OMG...Mayank had come with Bharti???How the heavenzz am i going to...
Bharti:Hah..Finally the dori is tied!!Eureka!!!(the wide smile on Bharti's face disappeared as she saw Armaan's reflection in the mirror,watching her from behind)
For a moment,she felt that she was dreaming too.However then she realized that she can't be possibly dreaming for right now,she was standing in his room.She was about to smile but when she recalled the allegations that he had yelled out at her while she was trying hard to sleep,she stared coldly at Armaan,not having noticed her fallen hair band and turned to go,despite Armaan's attempt at getting hold of Bharti's wrist.In fact,Bharti's eyes grew moist when he had held her wrist.Seeing her eyes filled with hatred only made his grip loosened and she left from his room.
After Bharti left the room,he locked his room door,with a deep realization of the emptiness in his heart.Bharti's unknown hatred for him brought tears to his very eyes,filling his heart with deep remorse,wanting himself to desperately just take back and gulp down the extreme words he used to lash at his love.As he progressively wore his brown shirt over him and started combing his hair,he stopped himself and let his tears drop for Bharti's welled up eyes were fixed right in front of him.The realization that he was the root cause for her tears made him cry and he instantly turned away from the mirror.He couldn't believe that he could hurt Bharti so much that he couldn't even meet his reflection in the mirror.
Just then,his chain of thoughts were interrupted by a sudden knock on his room door.It was Shreya,voicing out to him that his mum is waiting for him.
Armaan:Haan,Shreya...Main bas change karke aata hoon....(wiped his tears away)Maa ko bilkul bhi bata chalna nahin chaahiye ki main ro raha tha...Come on dude!!Just chill...No tension at all,sab theekh hain!!(breathed in and out,calming himself down before unlocking his room door)
Bharti:Mayank,help me out na...I thought i got this dori tied properly but i think it's kinda...Shreya's busy helping Mom and i wanna go and help her so make it quick...
Mayank:Uffo Bharti,ek minute..Take your hands away...Let me tie for it properly...Gosh,how did you even tie this thing???(tried untying the dori and as he did so,he noticed Armaan watching him in the process of untying Bharti's salwaar dori and he didn't know why but he actually got amused,seeing Armaan jealous)
Mayank:Haan,haan...Ho gaya!!
Bharti:Thanks yaar....(turned to go but Mayank held her wrist and Bharti turned to look at him)Mayu??
Mayank:(seemed to be enjoying the look of Armaan's but looked at Bharti instantly)Waise Bharti,do you think Armaan has a problem with me??
Bharti:Why are you asking me about him??Anywayzz,i don't care if he does or does not have a prob with you,alright??You've got nothing to worry about for you can't always please everyone at the same time...And why do you care??
Mayank:You're right...Why should we care,right??
Bharti:Exactly...If we're here tonight,it's only for Mom!!That's all...Anywayzz,excuse me for i'm just gonna go and help...Oh hi Shreya...
Shreya:Ahem,i really hope i wasn't disturbing the two of you...
Bharti:Not at all,Shreya...So,is there anything i can do to help??Mom will not even let me close to the kitchen...
Shreya:She's just full of praises for you,Bharti!!Actually,i've got a big surprise for Armaan and Sudha aunty tonight!!!
Shreya:Uffo Bharti..The surprise will only be revealed at the dining table,when we're having dinner,so just wait a few more minutes!!Don't mind me asking..
Bharti:Go on..
Shreya:What did you actually see in my boss that you felt that he's the one for you??
Bharti:(choked a lil and glanced at Mayank before continuing)Ahem,well...You do know that Mayank's such a workaholic and i simply saw Mayank as a big challenge,hence i had this ardent desire to break this image of his...
Shreya:My boss is still pretty much a workaholic as of now...
Bharti:Let me tell ya a lil secret...(leaned closer and whispered in Shreya's ears)I've not given up!!(winked at Shreya who got amused)
Sudha:Okie everyone come join me and Armaan...Let's have dinner!!!(everyone sat down;Shreya sat beside Armaan while Mayank sat beside Bharti who sat diagonally across Armaan)Mayank,how do you like our place??
Mayank:Well,i must really say the interiors are just beautiful..It has this...(paused as he looked at Bharti)
Sudha:No worries,i'm open to criticism..
Mayank:(laughed)No criticism in any way,Aunty..Erm,i just don't know how to put it in words but you've just made me feel as though i've been living with you for ages...It has a warm,welcoming feel which just want you to stay here and not leave anytime soon...
Armaan:(fidgeted and thought within himself)Yeah right...And i just wish that you'll just leave right away...
Sudha:Aww that's really lovely of you...Surprisingly,i did very lil for the interiors..In fact,Armaan did most of the work right from the choice of colours, the decors and after his marriage,Bharti too helped out a bit with my room...
Mayank:I noticed it but i wasn't sure...It had a bit of Bharti's tastes too such as the wardrobes and the large landscape depicting a couple having held their hands while watching the crimson sun setting..She always feel at ease when she's at the beaches;she has this gut feeling that all her tensions and worries get detoxified from her body by the waves...
Armaan:Maa,can we get started,hhmm??
Sudha:(glared at Armaan but Armaan simply looked away)Sure Armu,let's all get started...
Bharti:(murmured to Mayank)Tumhe nahin lagta ki kuch zyaada ho raha hain??Dekho,humein yahaa se jaldi nikalna hain aur ek baat ka dhyaan rakhna..Ki Mom ko humaare sach ke baarein mein kuch bhi pata nahin hain,hhmm??
Mayank:You've got my word Bharti,chill...
Sudha:Is everything ok Bharti??
Bharti:Yeahh Mom sab theekh hain...Actually Mayank bas yeh keh raha tha ki usse Trends mein kuch zaroori meeting hain aur shayad thode jaldi nikalna padega...
Sudha:Uff,aur main soch rahi thi ki tum dono thode dher ke liye yahaa ruk sakthe ho...
Mayank:Some other time,Aunty...Guess it's not the right time now..Aur waise bhi Aunty,agar main yahaa ruk bhi jaata hoon,toh shayad kisi ko kuch zyaada pasand bhi naa ho...(looked at Armaan who instantly realized that Mayank was referring to him)
Sudha:Tum aisa kyun soch rahe ho Mayank??(glanced at Armaan and she too felt the tension mounting between Armaan and Mayank)Aur mujhe Mom kehke pukaaro,mujhe acha lagega...
Mayank:Nahin,Aunty hi kaafi hain..Kya pata,iss kaaran baat kuch aur bigadh jaaye toh??Kyun Armaan??
Sudha:Kya matlab,Mayank??
Mayank:Aunty,main toh bas yeh keh raha hoon ki Armaan ko shayad bohat bura lagega...I mean,pehle toh maine Bharti ko chura liya hain aur ab agar main aapko Mom kehke pukaarunga toh usse kahin zyaada bura lag sakta hain,kyunki aapko toh apne pyaar baatna padega na...
Shreya:Mayank sir..Aap Armaan ke baarein mein aise kaise soch sakte hain??(circled her hand around Armaan's and Bharti,who noticed it,pretended not to be irked by it in any manner)In fact,aapke baaton mein se yeh lagta hain ki aapko Armaan se koi problem hain...
Bharti:Chill Shreya..You don't have to sound so defensive...Mayank is just fooling around,that's all...It was just a joke,so chill!(Bharti continued to eat and Mayank glanced at her occasionally,wondering if there was any inch of truth in what Mahi and Jiya told him at Nirvana Hall)
Sudha:Mayank,why aren't you taking anything??
Bharti:Mom,Mayank is a total health freak..Trust me,i don't usually eat dinner with him at his place...I usually bring him and Niharika out and only after ordering non veg dishes,then he'll eat with me and Nihi or else he's a pure vegan!!(shook his head)
Sudha:Stop pulling his leg,Bharti...(Bharti smiled and shook her head while Armaan shook his head in much irritation)Ok,i've really got to ask...Where did you two first meet??
Bharti:Ohh actually Mom,i think it was years back at one of Radhika's parties...She wanted me to meet him so badly and i had left from my dad's some boring,social elite parties instantly...And when both of us first met,i had no idea that he was this geeky student whom Radhika had met during one of her semesters where she had to go to Vancouver as part of a foreign exchange course..If not for Radhika,we would not have met and hit it off instantly...
Bharti:Mayank..(held Mayank's palm and interlocked her fingers in his)He misses her more than me...
Sudha:Awww i'm so glad for the two of you..And Mayank,for my happiness,you've got to eat the cheesecake which Bharti had taught me how to make when she used to stay with me and Armaan,hhmm??Come on...(Sudha excused herself)
Bharti:You ok??(Mayank nodded and Bharti leaned a lil closer and murmured)I'm going to give you a call from my mobile and you're going to talk as if it's a call from Trends,demanding you to get back asap,understood???
Mayank:Itni jaldi??
Bharti:Just do as i say...
Mayank:Hmm ok!!
Shreya:Armaan..Bharti and Mayank sir look so good together,na??(Armaan just smiled when he noticed Shreya looking at him but from within,he just wanted to lock himself in his room at the moment)Armaan..
Shreya:I actually got a surprise for you...
Armaan:Surprise for me??What??
Shreya:Uffo...Let Aunty come first,hhmm??
Armaan:But what's the...
Sudha:This is especially for both of you for coming her on my request,hhmm???
Bharti:OMG Mom,you're just the best,i tell you!!!Mocha cheesecake is the best,i tell ya...Mayu,come..(fed the cheesecake to Mayank and wiped the remaining from the edge near Mayank's lip)
Shreya:Aunty,i've got a surprise and i wish to share with everyone here...
Sudha:Shreya??(doubted if Shreya was going to share the surprise she was planning for her son)What surprise??
Shreya:Aunty,this is something i've been wanting to tell you since a few days but if i don't share it right now,i may never get the chance ever again...And in that way,it might be just too late to say anything!!
Bharti:Shreya,come on..Just say it!!
Shreya:Aunty,i just don't know how you'll take it...(Bharti nodded in excitement,anticipating the surprise with a wide smile)I don't think Armaan's prepared for marriage at this moment...I mean to say there's another girl in his life!!
Sudha:Another girl??
Shreya:(inhaled deeply and opened her eyes,having mustered the courage)Both of us are in love with each other...I just love him as much as he does,too and perhaps it's not a good idea to...(Mayank noticed Bharti's smile having faded instantly upon the shocking surprise which Shreya had exploded at the dining table)
Bharti looked away instantly and dialled Mayank's number.Mayank was startled by the call and he acted,according to their plan.The call had in fact interrupted the chain of thoughts of everyone,especially Sudha,who had turned numb with shock.She couldn't believe that her son could hide such a huge matter from her while Bharti felt her stomach churn from within,having lost much of her appetite.
Just like how every mother initially gets shocked upon such news,Sudha literally turned dumbstruck and numb.However,she had not seen Shreya's surprise coming,not the slightest inch of it and that too tonight for she had planned a surprise for her son but thanks to Shreya's confession,now she wouldn't have to face a certain amount of disgrace in front of a family whom she was beginning to like.Meanwhile,Mayank watched Bharti having seated quietly,watching Armaan.He was quite amazed himself,for not being able to recognize that his dear friend had fallen prey to her insecurities,just like how he had felt when he first fell for Radhika.He couldn't let go of his first love who taught him the essence of love and being in love.However,he just couldn't believe that he missed these very signs in Bharti.Mayank ended his phone call,breaking the silence which had prolonged for quite some time for now.
Mayank:Aunty,you aren't eating anything...
Bharti:(snapped out)Yeahh Mom..Come on!!
Mayank:Aapko mere haath se khaana hi hoga,please??(Sudha smiled weakly and ate the cheesecake off reluctantly from Mayank)
Shreya:(murmured to Armaan)Did i say anything wrong Armaan??
Bharti:Oh crap..In the middle of all these,i totally forgot..Shreya,congratzz babe!!I mean,this was truly an amazing surprise for all of us,especially Mom!!We totally didn't see this coming at all!!Right,Mayank??
Mayank:(wondered in surprise)What the hell is wrong with Bharti??She's congratulating Shreya??She's happy about all these??Was i dreaming just now that she was falling for Armaan??(looked at Shreya)Yeahh,one day or another,Sudha aunty had to know about the love you two have for each other,right Armaan??(Armaan was unresponsive,apparently still in shock)
Bharti:Mom,in fact,this dinner has got to be the most memorable one in all our lives as all your worries are now officially over!!(Both Armaan and Mayank were equally shocked at Bharti's happiness,as she went over to hug Sudha)I'm so happy for you Mom!!Ab toh aapko bhi mere haath se khaani padegi!!(fed the cheesecake to Sudha and excused herself to wash her hands in the washroom in Sudha's room)
She went to the washroom and locked herself inside.She placed both of her palms,holding either side of the basin and closed her eyes,thinking of what had just happened.She had been aware of the love in Shreya's and Armaan's hearts for each other earlier but she too,like her Mom, hadn't expected Shreya to confess her love just like that.Despite all of that,she didn't know why she was affected by Shreya's outright display of affections so much.She ought to be thrilled for Armaan for she had been right all along while protesting against Payal who often bored her with the Armaan's-in-love-with-Bharti mantra but she wasn't exactly thrilled.As she opened her eyes,she felt a tear having trickled down her cheek.She blinked her eyes in disbelief and instantly turned on the tap,rinsing her face repeatedly with chilled water,to conceal any traces of tears on her face,attempting to remain stoic as ever.
Just as she got out,she was shocked to see Armaan in front of her,offering her a face towel to wipe her face.She took it from him and walked a few steps in front,away from him.
Armaan:Bharti,mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain..(paused while Bharti placed the towel on the clothestand and was about to go but Armaan held her wrist)Please rukho Bharti...(Bharti turned around instantly and glared at his hand having held her wrist)Mujhe kuch kehna hain tumse...(Bharti looked at him and having assumed that he was not going to let go of her wrist which had been bandaged,she pulled her wrist away from his grip by force)Bharti,sambhaal ke..Tumhaari haath..
Bharti:Tumhe meri fikr karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai,is that clear??
Armaan:Bharti,i'm sorry...(Bharti looked skeptically at him and Armaan sensed her disbelief as she raised her left eyebrow)For everything...
Bharti:(nodded her head gradually as she looked to her side and looked into his eyes)Really??You're sorry??Kis liye??What...What the hell are you sorry for??
Bharti:What are you sorry for,Mr Armaan Sinha??For giving me a hard time coming after you to seek your forgiveness and you didn't forgive me then??(shook her head for even bothering to waste her time,listening to him)Anywayzz,i don't even care about whatever that happens to you,alright??
Armaan:Bharti,how can you even say that??We are friends,for God's sake!!
Bharti:We were,but not any longer...
Bharti:Look,if you're dead worried about whether i'm gonna forgive you,let me tell you..I've forgiven you for the sake of Payal but that doesn't mean that i'm gonna forget whatever you've said...!!I just don't get why you're even apologizing in the first place,especially after what you've vented out from your mouth...
Armaan:Bharti,mujhe sach much samajh mein nahin aa raha hain ki tum kya kehna chahthe ho...
Bharti:Great!!Let me lay everything as elaborate as possible..We've never met before,hhmm??That's how things are going to be from now on...And since i'm such a trouble for you in your life,as it must have prolly been for the past 6 months and more,you stay out of my life and i'll do the same...We're strangers from now on!!!
Armaan:Bharti,yeh tum kaisi baatein kar rahi ho??
Bharti:(was about to say something but she saw her Mom and stopped)In fact,i'm so glad that you're embarking on a new journey in life,Armaan...Oh hi Mom...I was just congratulating him for the new journey that he's gonna start with Shreya...I'm just so ecstatic,aren't you Mom??
Sudha:Of course Bharti,why shouldn't i be happy??After all,my dearest son has chosen to live his life and his Maa didn't even have the slightest clue of it all these while...
Bharti:(glanced at Armaan before looking back at Sudha)Uffo Mom,i'm pretty sure that he was going to tell you too but perhaps Shreya had said it sooner...But you're really lucky to have a great bahu entering your home for she's someone whom Armaan truly deserves,someone who understands him totally!!!
Sudha:Are you happy with this,Bharti???(Bharti stood still,shocked to be asked the question but she managed to smile)
Bharti:How can i not be happy,Mom??I'm really thrilled for you and Shreya...You wanted this day to arrive much sooner,na??Now you too can talk about your bahu to your dear colleagues,tell them about your perfect bahu...Oops,i just remembered that Mayank told me that we oughta rush since he's got an important meeting at Trends!!
Sudha:Uff,itni jaldi bhi kya hain,Bharti??
Bharti:You know him,don't you Maa??
Sudha:Acha theekh hai par 5 minute do mujhe..I'll pack the desserts for you and Naina...
Bharti:Ok Maa,main aapke saath aa rahi hoon..I'll help you as well!!Come...(left from there to the kitchen and in the midst of that,Mayank went to talk to Armaan)
~Mayank's place~
Raj parked his car outside Mayank's place.Niharika had just finished her bath and was shaking excess water off her hair with her soft towel when she heard the doorbell ring.She placed her towel in her room and strutted,hopping freely while humming mellifluously.As she opened the door,she was pleasantly surprised to see Raj at this hour,and that too outside her home.She ceased humming and realized that his face was moist from the water droplets that trickled from her hair,as she had pushed her hair to the back.
Niharika:I'm sorry about that...
Raj:(pulled a straight face)It's ok..I..Is Mayank around??
Niharika:You came to see him??
Raj:Yeahh i did...So??
Niharika:(paused,trying to digest what he just said)Ermm he's out to dinner with Bharti...
Raj:What??Damn it..
Niharika:Is anything bothering you,Raj??
Raj:Actually could you tell me by when wold he be back??
Niharika:Ermm i've really got no clue but i can give him a call...Why don't you come inside??
Raj:It's ok Nihar..I mean,Niharika..I'll just wait outside...
Niharika:Raj,just come inside..
Raj:I'm fine here,Niharika...
Niharika:What is wrong with you??Are you mad at me or something that you just don't want to come inside??
Raj:Nihar..Niharika it's nothing of the sort..(Niharika interrupted him)
Niharika:Ok,fine suit yourself...I'll call him and let you know!!(slammed the door at him,making him jerk a lil)
Raj:Ok what the hell??I was just trying to respect her decision and look what i get for trying to be nice to her...(shook her head)Mayank's out with Bharti..Hhmm,i just wish i could somehow get this done asap and head back quick to MU and the publishers to re-confirm my sources..God,everything is in your hands so you better not let my dear friends down!!!(kept waiting outside and finally decided to look at his watch)What the..I've been waiting here for the past 10 minutes and she's not done with the phone call??That's it!!!Enough of respecting her decision..I'm going straight in!!(went inside and voiced out for Niharika but she wasn't responding,hence he checked each room one by one until.....)
~Armaan's place~
Armaan:Oh hi..(pretended that he was quite keen in conversing with Mayank,faking his smile)
Mayank:Thanks for inviting me and Bharti...She's always so full of praises of your mum and today i get to know the lovely human being she is...
Armaan:I didn't invite yo..I mean,i didn't invite anyone;i had no idea that Bharti was coming...I mean both of you..
Mayank:It doesn't matter who invited,Armaan..It's the thought that truly counts so the entire credit must belong to Sudha aunty,after all...
Armaan:Is that what you've come to talk to me for??
Mayank:Yes,and also congratzz!!
Armaan:What for??
Mayank:(paused in shock,not knowing how to react;he was apparently amused by Armaan's reaction and murmured to himself)God,has he lost it??(shook his head)Armaan,congratzz for your love...The love shared between you and Shreya...(Armaan widened his left eye,raising his eyebrow in skepticism)Initially i thought it was only a mere rumour going on in Trends but after tonight,I'm certain since it was coming from Shreya..But you don't seem so happy!!Why??
Armaan:What's your problem Mayank???What makes you think that i'm not happy??
Mayank:Ermm i guess it's quite apparent in your tone of speech..Or perhaps that's just how you are??You know what i mean...
Armaan:Yeahh,i can pretty much figure that out,Mayank Sharma...
Mayank:Whoaa..ok!!!I can apparently sense your blood starting to boil...Cool it Armaan!!What did i say that made you so angry???Ohh,how can i forget that you tend to get mad so easily??That you'd simply lash it out just like how you normally do with Bharti??
Armaan:Why are you bringing Bharti in between us??
Mayank:(smiled subtly as he saw how Armaan became a lil calm,hearing Bharti's name;he didn't seem quite agitated as compared to a few minutes back)Cuz it's all about her,isn't it Armaan??Your life revolves around her..
Armaan:What rubbish are you blabbering about??She's your girlfriend,isn't she??And didn't you hear what Shreya said??The announcement,about which you came to congratulate me for??
Mayank:That's not the answer to any of my questions..
Armaan:I don't have to answer you..Just like you've got a personal life,so do I...
Mayank:Excellent point,Armaan...Well,in my defense,i've got to say that we're living in a world with the freedom of speech given to each individual...Hence,you can't stop me either!!(Armaan rolled his eyes)Why do i feel that you're in love with another girl and not Shreya??(Armaan held his breath and listened intently)You're in love with Bharti,aren't you??(Armaan looked away)I don't know what the hell's going on with you two but the fact remains...It totally seemed as though you were feeling totally insecure tonight!!As though you were gonna lose her forever..(Armaan widened his eyes in disbelief)And as if your friendship hasn't already been affected enough,tomorrow is her farewell day at Men's Universe,after which she'll be gone from your life for good...She's going to break all ties with you,making your love an incomplete,unrequited one,buried way too deep for anyone to uncover!!Seriously,i really had no clue whatsover that you..(smirked)would love anyone like Bharti,who's way out of your league...Do you know why???Your lives are totally apart from each other!!Look at her..The diva,who's perfectly happy in her own world and look at you,an introverted guy who can barely make her happy..Who would rather vent out his frustration on her because of misunderstandings and only misunderstandings!!Ever since i've gotten to know you through several sources,only one time keeps cropping up and that is your anger..If that is what you think love is,you're so wrong,Armaan!!
Armaan:Just shut up,Mayank!!Who the hell do you think you are to judge me??You don't even know me so just back off,alright??
Mayank:(closed Armaan's room door)See my point??I've not even started to say anything as of yet and you've already lost your cool...Bharti will never,ever fall in love with you Armaan!!You get that??And as for you,you are in a relationship with Shreya and i'm pretty sure that you are a loyal and faithful son..Your mum's surely happy for you tonight and trust me, you'll be happy sacrificing your love for the sake of your mum..
Armaan:What makes you think so,Mayank??What if I..
Mayank:What??(got amused)What if you were to confess your feelings to Bharti??Until now,you weren't even capable of doing so...What makes you think that you'll confess now??You had so many opportunities lying before you but you didn't take them and in the long run,you wouldn't,either...Cuz you've got no GUTZZ at all!!You are afraid of losing her friendship and losing her for good..You're afraid,Armaan!!!And love is not meant for the cowards like yourself,hhmm??(looked at the watch)I'm running late..Gotta go!!(turned to go but ceased and looked at Armaan)Armaan,one last thing...If you ever come near to Bharti to hurt her in any way,remember that you've got to face me before anyone else!!!Just forget her for good and you'll be happy for life,since she's a big trouble for you,na??(Armaan wondered what was wrong with both of them and why they had been repeating the same phrase)Bye!!
Just as Mayank was about to leave from Armaan's room,he bumped into Sudha and almost jerked.
Sudha:What's wrong Mayank???
Mayank:Nothing Aunty...Woh bas main Armaan se baat kar raha tha...
Sudha:Tell me the truth..Tumhe koi important meeting nahin hain na??
Mayank:Aunty,woh main..
Sudha:Kya hua??Main toh bas aise hi mazak kar rahi thi Mayank...Tum toh yaha Armaan ke saath gabbe maarne lage the iss liye maine poocha tha aur kuch nahin....
Mayank:Nahin Aunty,woh main sirf Armaan ko yeh keh raha tha ki usne apne zindagi mein aage badhne ki faisla ki hain,jis tarha Bharti ne bhi kadam badhaaya hain aur main aaj sach much bohat khush hoon...Aur aap bhi toh khush ho...
Sudha:(glanced at Armaan who was taking a sneak peek at Sudha and Mayank)Hmm,main khush hoon..
Mayank:Aunty,Shreya bohat hon haar ladki hain...Aur toh aur,Armaan ki sabse achi doston mein se ek hain jo usse bohat achi tarha se samajh thi bhi hain..Aap Shreya ke baarein mein zaroor sochiye,hhmm??
Sudha:Tum toh kaafi ache ho Mayank..
Mayank:Kya matlab hain aapka,Aunty??
Sudha:(got amused)Kuch nahin,main bas tumhaari taang keech rahi thi aur kuch nahin...Actually mujhe toh yeh lagta tha ki tum kaafi chup chaap se rehte ho..
Mayank:Aunty,aap mujhse kuch bhi keh sakte ho...Seedhe seedhe kahiye ki Bharti ne aapse yeh kaha tha ki main bohat zyaada boring hoon...
Sudha:Haha,nahin...Woh aisa kuch bhi nahin kahegi aur waise bhi,agar aisa kuch hota,toh kya woh tumse pyaar karti??
Mayank:Aunty,main nikal tha hoon..Dher ho rahi hain mujhe,hhmm??(Sudha nodded and gave Mayank the packed desserts for him and Bharti in 2 separate boxes;Mayank left immediately from there with Bharti)
~Mayank's place~
Raj was horrified to see Niharika lying on the floor,on her stomach.He mustered his courage to walk towards her for the flash of Niharika coming in front of her just when she got shot.He held his breath and knelt down to turn Niharika over and heaved a sigh of relief to know that she wasn't unconscious.However,she was gasping for breath and upon asking repeatedly,Raj went to the open the drawer in her wardrobe and get her medications.
Raj:(couldn't help but ask Nihar who was taking her pills)What the hell's wrong with you??Couldn't you have called me??
Niharika:I thought you would have entered...
Raj:Ok whatever...Now are you okay??
Niharika:I'm fine...
Raj:I don't think so..I'm calling the doctor..
Niharika:NO!!(held his wrist instantly and snatched his phone from him,hurling it across the floor)You're not doing anything of the sort,is that understood??
Raj:What the hell is your prob,Niharika??At first,you tell me to stay away from you and now...You should really thank God that i was here...Or else..
Niharika:I'm fine,Raj...I don't need a doctor at the moment...I tried calling Mayank but he's not picking up..
Raj:Stop diverting the topic!!!What just happened,Niharika??
Niharika:Look,it's nothing...I just felt a lil faintish and suffocation,that's all....
Raj:Then what are all these medications for??I'm pretty sure that you're hiding something from me...
Niharika:I'm not,Raj...And i think since your work is done here,you can leave!!
Raj:(held her elbow and turned her to face him,glaring at her)Tum samajh thi kya ho apne aap ko??Jab jee chaaha tum mujhe apne kareeb aane doge aur jab chaahe tum mujhe door kar doge??You know what??You're just not worth it,Niharika!!Not worth an inch of my attention..I'm sorry to say that for a moment,i really thought that you were special..That.....You were different but...I'm really sorry!!!!(left from there,forgetting his mobile)
~Along the way home~
Bharti:What took you so long??
Mayank:Was talking to Armaan...
Bharti:So,how do you find Mom???
Mayank:She's amazing..I just wished i had met her earlier...And it's all your fault by the way!!
Bharti:You idiot,when did you take out time out of work that you're putting all the blame on me,huh??
Mayank:Alright,i was just...Hey,you ok??
Mayank:I seriously couldn't believe my ears when i actually heard Shreya tonight..
Bharti:Yeah me neither Mayank...I was quite shocked but...
Mayank:But???(anticipated the reply he was expecting from her,that she is probably jealous of Shreya's love for Armaan)
Bharti:I'm just worried for Mom...She didn't look so happy...You know she always wanted her son to be happy in life,to be settled in his life but she didn;t seem happy at all...She was forcing herself to smile...I've at least gotten to know her for the past 6 months and more...And i surely trust my instincts in this matter!!
Mayank:Actually i sensed it too...(felt let down by Bharti's response and just then he realized that Mahi could be right about Armaan after all)
Bharti:Ohho ab tum kahaa khoye huye ho???Kahin Mahi ke khayaalon mein toh nahin??
Mayank:Stop it...!!You think i've got nothing else to think about??
Bharti:Oh god!!!If you haven't started thinking about her,you better do or else i'm literally gonna whack you!!
Mayank:I'm not and i won't..
Bharti:Why???Please tell me you two didn't get into a tiff again??(Mayank kept mum)Mayu!!!!(pinched him)
Mayank:Ouchhh!!Bharti,haath chodo yaar,drive toh karne do....
Bharti:(took her hand away)Ab kya hua hain???Jaldi bol...
Mayank:Haan,bol raha hoon na...Woh actually Nihu ko Mahi se milna hain...
Bharti:Huh??Par woh toh pehle se..
Mayank:Waisa nahin...In fact,she handed me the responsibility of inviting Mahi for dinner at my place over the weekends...
Bharti:Ooohhhhhh!!!Toh phir invite kiya ke nahin??
Mayank:Woh mere baat tak nahin sunn rahi hain...In fact,aaj maine uski cabin mein intezaar kar raha tha..Woh meri baat tak nahin sunna chahthi...Main usse bolne hi waala tha ki Nihu ka phone aa gaya...Aur woh Mahi se baat karna chahthi thi aur maine apna phone de diya Mahi ko baat karne ke liye...Baad mein mujhe bata chal raha hain ki Nihu ne invite hi nahin kiya tha...Can you believe her??
Bharti:Aur iss liye tum dono ke beech behes ho gayi??
Mayank:Sach kahoo Bharti...(looked at Bharti and then in front)
Bharti:Uffo,tum saamne dekh kar gaadi chalaao yaar..
Mayank:Haan haan theekh hain...Aaj subah ki harkat ke waje se mujhe gussa hona chaahiye par sirf tumhaare liye main chup reh gaya tha..Aur ab dekho,usse iss baat ko lekar gussa chad gayi hain ki maine uske cabin ke andar guss gaya tha uske ijaazat ke bina...Can you believe that??
Bharti:Well,she's got a point yaar...Just imagine,all of a sudden she just comes and sits on your chair in your cabin..How would you feel??Aur upar se tum dono do ek doosre ke rival jo ho,as far as profession is concerned....
Mayank:Bharti,tum mere dost ho ya phir uske??
Bharti:Main tum dono ke dost hoon,alright??Par tum badal rahe ho Mayu...
Bharti:I mean,yeh ek baat hai ki tum Nihi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte ho aur apna gussa chod kar tumne Mahi ko invite karne ke baarein mein socha tha...Doosri baat yeh hain ke tum Mahi ko surprise karna chahtha tha na??Uske cabin mein intezaar karke,hhmm??Agar Payal ke language mein kahoo toh,tumhaare pyaar ki daastaan shuru ho chuka hain...(Mayank widened his eyes in disbelief)
Mayank:What rubbish,Bharti...
Bharti:Seriously i find that crap but why do you??You're in love!!!Ohh now i get it!!
Bharti:You don't want me to feel left out and that's why you're behaving like me,na??Frankly speaking,i'm fine whether you fall in love or whatever..Hhmm??
Mayank:(thought)Goshhh!!Bharti,i'm not in love with Mahi at all but i just don't understand why you think i'm in love..How should i make you understand yaar??(recollected how she behaved at the dining table when Shreya confessed her feelings)Waise Bharti,what about you??
Bharti:What..what about me??
Mayank:You know...Love..
Bharti:Ohh shut up Mayu!!Do you think that i would break the pact like you??
Mayank:Heyy,our pact wasn't about love...It was about marriage yaar...
Bharti:Well,ultimately you've gotta fall in love with someone so that you'll make a commitment towards the special love of your life by marrying her,hhmm??
Mayank:Well,in that case,you broke it first since you married Armaan,remember??
Bharti:Heyy,it was under some stupid circumstance alright??And it was a contract marriage...It's not even supposed to be counted for it barely lasted 6 months..Come on!!
Mayank:I don't care Bharti...A marriage is a marriage and you broke it first..!!
Bharti:Ugghhhh!!Fine..Can we just get over the whole stupid,nonsensical contract marriage??
Mayank:Bharti,can i genuinely ask you something??(Bharti waited for Mayank to ask)Did you feel so pressurized by your parents that you had to give in to contract marriage??
Bharti:(nodded)I got fed up Mayank...For the past 23 years at least,i was practically learning how to live my life..I had done all sorts of odd jobs and sometimes i just hung out more,all by myself or with Bhaskar and Payal...Or even with Alisha and Sanju..They were not there at all,Mayank!!!Initially before even becoming a teenager,i craved their attention but as i grew into a teenager and into a young adult,i just knew one thing..I'm not going to get their attention or love at all so why should i even care??Why should i even linger at home??After which,you should know since Radhika must have told you that it was only at her request that i come home after midnight,when they're asleep and leave much earlier than them,to sleep at Radhika's place instead..
Mayank:Yeahh she did tell me everything but Bharti,you could have easily not get married..I mean,just run away from home or something,which was so you actually...
Bharti:Haha funny...I thought so but then i had no idea..Nothing was running in my mind Mayu..And in life,there are tonnes of mistakes that everyone makes and this is one of them...A big mistake of my life,which i only realized today...But i'm fine,ok??
Mayank:The hell you are...Bharti,won't you ever,you know...Move on??
Bharti:Excuse me??
Mayank:Come on..Go out,party,have fun..Hook up..
Bharti:Mayank Sharma!!Aise shabd tumhe bilkul bhi shobha nahin deta yaar..
Mayank:Bharti,that's what you are...You know something??You just changed yourself entirely after marriage...I want my old Bharti back yaar...
Bharti:I've not changed,Mayank!!
Mayank:Are you kidding me??If Radhika was..She'll tell you as well how much you've changed...Come on yaar,life isn't over!!Have fun and like how you used to say,you are the diva who possess the power to make guyz dance to your tunes..
Bharti:I don't say that Mayu!!
Mayank:Ok fine i exaggerated the end part a lil but come on..You are one carefree soul but where is she now??She's just lost somewhere,in the piles of responsibilities....You've got to bring her back yaar!!!
Bharti:I'm still the same Bharti,Mayu!!!Ok,maybe i changed for Naina...
Mayank:If you're worried about Naina,i'm here na??So is Nihu,Payal and Bhaskar..
Bharti:And Mahi!!
Mayank:Yeah,she is there as well...
Bharti:Hhmm,i'll consider what you've said but only if you were to go to Mahi's place right now...
Bharti:Come on,just go to her place and apologize for going to her cabin when she wasn't around..And at the same time,invite her for dinner over the weekends too...
Mayank:Bharti,you're just so impossible,i tell ya!!
Bharti:I know!!
Mayank:And that's what i exactly mean by making guyzz dance to your tunes,just like right now!!(Bharti bursted out laughing and Mayank smiled,feeling so relieved to have brought back her smile as he turned around,heading towards Mahi's place)
Raj just abruptly parked his car by the left side of the deserted expressway and got out of the car,slamming his car door forcefully,in anger.He wrapped his fingers around the rails built along the pavement.He simply couldn't believe what he had just done.
Damn it!!Why did i even say such things to her??As if she meant anything to me..I was just trying to be NICE but Raj,what the hell yaar??She's not at all worth your attention..Not at all!!!Ugghh,i need to talk to someone right now..Bharti!!Yes,she'll be the right one to talk to, at the moment..(searched for his mobile)Crap,where's my mobile???
Sonali just woke up from a short power nap.Apparently,she hadn't realized that she had fallen asleep.Pushpak had come and sat beside her.
Pushpak:(placed his arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to him)Sonuu..Tum theekh ho??
Sonali:Huh??Tum soyi nahin ab tak??Tumhaari mom dekhegi toh mujhe hi daategi...Jaa kar so jaao!!
Pushpak:Sonuu..Shut up!!Batao,baat kya hai??
Sonali:Kuch nahin Pushpak..Bas kaam ke thakhaan hai aur kuch nahin..
Pushpak:Pakka aur kuch nahin??
Sonali:Hain par woh main tumse baad mein share karungi,hhmm??
Pushpak:Ok,par tum jaldi jaa kar so jaao,theekh hai?Kal mujhe thode jaldi jaana padega..Woh Amarjeet sir mujhe,Deepak aur Ketki ko jaldi aane ke liye keh raha tha..(Sonali nodded and agreed to wake him up earlier)Good night!!
Sonali:(Pushpak kissed her forehead)Nitezz!!(Pushpak left from there and right then,Sonali dialled Raj's number)Raj,pick up the phone..Bata nahin ki Raj MU mein pohancha ki nahin...
Niharika who was leaning her head against her room door,wiped her tear as she heard a ringtone.She knew it wasn't her mobile.As she stood up and looked around her room,she stumbled across a mobile and realized that it was Raj's mobile,which she had snatched from him when he tried to call for a doctor.It was Sonali calling Raj.She disconnected the call and placed the mobile on her desk.
Just as she was about to go to the washroom,she heard Raj's mobile ring again.She froze,not knowing what to do.

PRE-CAP:Everyone's reading the PAGE 3 News with the rumour of Mahi and Mayank's love affair behind Bharti's back..Mahi's totally shocked and is in tears!!

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