Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, March 1, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 245~

Raj:Damn it!!I think i left it at Niharika's room..She snatched my mobile from me when i was dialling the doc's number...Crap!!!(got inside his car and started to drive but just then,he stopped himself)Why am i even going there in the first place??But my phone...(pressed the accelerator pedal in anger and drove away till he reached a junction where he saw a P.C.O booth and parked his car)
Niharika:Hi Sonali..
Sonali:Who is this???
Niharika:Heyy,it's Niharika,Mayank's sister..
Sonali:Oh hi Niharika..I guess i called the wrong number but hey..Wait!!I called Raj..
Niharika:Yup you did...
Sonali:Why are you picking up my call then??What are you doing with Raj's mobile??Are you with Raj or something??Am i disturbing???
Niharika:Sonali..Sonali!!!Hold your breath...Let me speak!!
Sonali:(grinned)Oops!!Yeahh,i'm sorry!!
Niharika:I picked up your call because Raj had come to my place but he forgot about his mobile...And i'm neither with Raj nor are you disturbing me,hhmm??
Sonali:That means Raj is no longer there??
Niharika:That's right...
Sonali:What the...So,has he talked to Mayank??
Niharika:No..Mayank isn't here and hence Raj left from here...
Niharika:Sonali,do you know what he wanted to Mayank about??
Sonali:Yeahh he..Ermm..(paused for a while)Actually Niharika, i can't really talk about it since it's Raj's personal matter..Sorry!!
Niharika:Nah,that's fine..I just asked cuz i could pass the message to Mayank but he just left without saying anything..
Sonali:Niharika,don't mind him but Raj and i are quite in the middle of some official matter,hhmm??Anywayzz thanks for informing me about Raj..Bye!!(hung up before Niharika could say anything,feeling hopeless)Ab main kya karoo??Kaise Raj ko contact karungi??Raj yaar..Why yaar???How could you forget your mobile yaar??Don't you know that i'm expecting your call???(stood up and started walking to and fro,while she waited for Raj's call)Nahin Sonu,he'll definitely call!!
~Outside Mahi's place~
Bharti:There you go...(Mayank was about to get out but Bharti pulled his elbow towards her)Hello,where do you think you're going??
Mayank:Bharti,i believe that for me to meet her,i need to go inside,hhmm??
Bharti:What are you going to say??Just..Erm,rehearse with me..Come on!!
Mayank:Uff Bharti!!!
Bharti:I'm waiting,sweetheart...You ring the doorbell and Mahi opens the door...Get started,come on!!
Mayank:Erm hi Mahi...(Mayank saw the cold stare in Bharti's eyes and smiled)Whoa,you can really do a perfect Mahi,Bharti...Way to go!!
Bharti:What the...Concentrate,Mr Mayank Sharma!!!
Mayank:Mahi,i know i was rude to you this afternoon..I shouldn't have barged inside your cabin just like that..In fact,when i thought about it,i wouldn't have preferred it either if you were to barge into my cabin,which you had done a couple of times during some of my most relevant meetings...
Bharti:(hit his head)What do you think you're doing??You're there to apologize,not to taunt her,alright??
Mayank:Ouchh!!Acha baba,one more time...
Bharti:Hhmm ok...
Mayank:Mahi,i'm sorry for ruining your day today for having barged inside your cabin especially when you were not around in the first place...I hope that you could forgive me...And i just wanted to invite you for dinner over at my place for Niharika wanted to meet you and talk to you..It's her special request so i was just hoping that you could just forget all our differences for a while,at least and come and join me and Niharika for dinner this weekend...Think about it and let me know!!Bye...(saw Bharti motionless and blank and nudged her)
Bharti:(smiled widely)Awesome yaar!!!!See,you can be such a gentleman if you really made the effort to do so...
Mayank:Yeahh,you're right Bharti!!
Bharti:So,get going..Come on!!(Mayank got out of the car)Mayu,all the best!!(Mayank went inside towards the door and rang the doorbell)

~At a P.C.O. somewhere~
Jiya:Raj??(got up from her bed with her tousled hair and messed up bedsheet and blanket)What the hell are you calling me at this hour for???
Raj:Jiya,heyy..Are you s..Sleeping???
Jiya:Ermm....(paused)Noo...It's just 12..
Raj:Did you watch a horror movie or something that you're sleeping so early??
Jiya:Raj,maine kahaa na i'm not sleeping...Par..Wait!!Yeh naahin tumhaare ghar ka number hain aur naahi tumhaara mobile number...
Raj:Yeahh..Waise Jiya,tumhaare dad ghar par hain kya??
Raj:Nahin yaar,main soch raha tha ki kuch dher tumhaare ghar...
Jiya:Oh hello...Nahin haan,Raj...Dad ghar par nahin hain par tum yahaa nahin aaoge,ok??
Raj:Kyun??Koi aur hain kya tumhaare saath??
Raj:Yeahh right,main bhi kisse pooch raha hoon...Tumhaare saath kaun ho sakta hain??(Jiya's mouth was wide open upon hearing the insulting remark from Raj;she closed her mouth and calmed herself)
Jiya:Raj,just shut up ok??Kya chaahiye tumhe??
Raj:Jiya,could you do me a big favour??Call up Sonu and tell her that i won't be able to call her since my battery's flat...Haan..Ek aur baat hain...Tell her that i'll be in MU doing the work and tell her to go and sleep without worrying about anything...
Jiya:Raj,what work??
Raj:Jiya,good night!!
Jiya:Raj,don't you dare hang up on me!!
Raj:Jiya,sweet dreamzz of your dream date,hhmm??Actually i don't think there's even anyone,na??Sweet dreamzz babe!!(hung up)
Jiya:Hel..Hel...Hello??(hung up,sighing deeply)Raj,how do you figure everything about me??Damn!!!!(Raj was seen driving to MU and sneaking inside,making sure that he wasn't seen by anyone)
~On the way home~
Bharti:Where could Mahi have gone to??
Mayank:How would i know??I rang the doorbell at least 5 times...She didn't open...Maybe she's sleeping...
Mayank:Now,i've done what you've said and so you'll think about what i've said earlier on,hhmm??
Bharti:What did you say,Mayu???
Bharti:Hold on,i've got a call...(attended her call)Heyy Paayu..I'm just about to reach...10 minutes,k??Mayank made the delays,kya karoo??
Mayank:Jhoothi kahi ki!!
Bharti:(shoved Mayank's hand aside and hit him mildly)Acha chal bye...Naina so gayi na??Ohh ok thanks babe..Bas pohanch hi rahi hoon..Bye!!(hung up)Aur tum keh rahe the ki main badal gayi hoon??
Mayank:(rolled his eyes)Bharti,tum badal chuke ho aur mere observation bilkul bhi galat nahin hain...Think about it!!!
Bharti:Thanks for the amazing ride back home....(kissed his cheek before bidding goodbye)Heyy,meet me at MU tomorrow,k??Tomorrow is my my last day there..
Mayank:Sure,just call me up tomorrow and we'll meet...(Bharti nodded and went inside after Mayank drove off from there)
~Men's Universe~
Raj went over gingerly,looking around as he took each step upstairs to Vinita's cabin.He realized that Sonali was right for he leaned on the wall adjacent to Vinita's cabin and overheard her conversation.
Vinita:Ash,these are amazing...You know something??Tomorrow may just be the perfect day for both of us!!You are such a genius...These pics are just fantastic!!Uff,i just can't stop praising you enough yaar...
Ash:And what about my job??
Vinita:Your job at Trends is my promise and my gift to you!!
Ash:But Vini...
Vinita:Are you worried about Mayank??Even after seeing these pics??
Ash:(smiled)Actually,i don't think so!!
Vinita:That's my dear friend Ash!!These piczz are just enough to ruin Mayank Sharma...I'm not going to let go of this opportunity so easily...
Ash:What's with you and Mayank??
Vinita:Well,what should i say??He's firstly a close friend of Bharti's...
Ash:And you're doing this to ruin Bharti??Your rival??
Vinita:Precisely!!If Mayank's reputation is tarnished,ultimately the impact will reach Bharti and if aimed at the exact spot,we can both kiss goodbye to her career...And Mayank won't even have a doubt that you had helped me in this for apparently you're suspended,na??I can easily shift this blame to Shreya,who had caused your suspension..
Ash:Perfect!!Ok,we've done our bit..Let's get going...
Vinita:Ash,i just can't wait for tomorrow to see a crushed Bharti and Mayank!!!(Raj saw both Ash and Vinita and he quickly hid away from their sight;after Vinita and Ash left from there,he went to his cabin and locked himself up in his cabin,walking to and fro,apparently not knowing what to do for the damage had already been done)
Raj:God,sab kuch khatam ho chuka hain...Ab Mahi aur Mayank ka rishtha bhi official ho jaayega..Damn,damn!!!I promised Sonu that i'll take care of it but what the heck!!!Vini,how could you do this??What question was that,Raj??Of course,she's the conniving colleague of your's apart from Gyaan..Why would she leave any opportunities unseized???Arrgghhh!!!!!Aur upar se,mere phone...Mere saare ke saare contacts sab uss phone mein hi hain...No Raj,you're not going back at any cost!!(brushed his fingers through his hair and just let go of his hair in frustration)Agar mujhe Mahi ko bachaana padega toh mujhe jaana hi hoga...Aur waise bhi,mujhe Mayank se bhi toh baat karna tha...Woh ab tak toh aa chuka hoga...Right!!Main chala jaata hoon...Koshish toh jaari rakhna hoga na..!!(left from there and headed to Mayank's place)
Raj parked his car outside Mayank's place and much as his legs seemed heavy as though bound by chains,he simply dragged them towards the door and rang the doorbell,constantly hoping that it be Mayank who would open the door.Raj heaved a deep sigh of relief upon seeing Mayank.
Mayank:Raj??What are you doing here??
Raj:Heyy,i hope you weren't sleeping or something..I had come earlier but you weren't around...
Mayank:You came earlier on??(thought to himself)How come Nihu didn't say anything??
Raj:Yeahh i did,an hour or so back...I needed to talk to you urgently!!
Mayank:Come on inside...
~Bharti's place~
Payal:Heyy,Sanju called..
Bharti:She called??When did she leave?
Payal:Just a few hours back with Alisha..Both of them played with Naina and tucked her in bed before leaving....
Bharti:Hhmm i'll call her after a quick shower..Waise,did Bhaskar call??(Payal kept mum)Payal!!!
Bharti:You're still mad at him,Payal??
Payal:Can we not talk about him or Jiya,please??
Bharti:Butt why not??I can't bear to see you like this,Payal!!
Payal:How was dinner at Armaan's place??
Bharti:(glared at her and Payal could sense the elevated irritation in Bharti's eyes but she didn't care)You're really gonna try me,Payal??Well,you know what?Mayank had a great deal of fun meeting Mom and getting to know of Shreya's love for her best friend..(Payal blinked in disbelief)Happy??(Payal was lost for words as Bharti closed her room door and headed to shower)
Payal:So,it's really official that Shreya and Armaan...Are in love???(shook her head in disbelief)

Mayank:What's the urgent matte,Raj?
Raj:Actually Mayank,it's about Khushi and her job..I really need you to sanction a few weeks' leave for her..
Mayank:What?But why??
Raj:This is regarding Niyati's safety..She's barely recovering and as far as i know,Gyaan will be freed from jail anytime soon and he could harm both Nidhi and Niyati..In fact,Khushi had only flown down here for her and my dear friend,Niyati..I don't even want to give another chance for Gyaan to inflict pain on Niyati!!Hence,both Khushi and i were discussing about possible options and we came to a conclusion that..(paused as he saw Niharika voicing out to Mayank)
Niharika:Mayu,kaun hain itni raat ko jo...(saw Raj who looked away instantly)Raj??
Mayank:Nihu,do cup coffee lekar aao na,please..
Raj:Nahin Mayank,it's ok..
Mayank:Just join me for company..(gestured Niharika to get the coffee)So,what have you two come up with?
Raj:Bringing Niyati and Nidhi elsewhere,where Gyaan can't find them..Khushi was thinking of going to London,since she's got a home there..But currently she's worried about her job as well...
Mayank:Don't mind me asking you Raj..(Niharika placed the tray with 2 mugs of coffee on the table)
Niharika:Ermm Raj,your mobile dropped on the carpet..(Raj looked down and noticed his mobile,realizing that Niharika must have subtly dropped it for him)
Raj:Thanks..Mayank,you were asking...
Mayank:Nihu,thanks..Thode official baatein ho rahe hain,so..
Niharika:Fine,i'm leaving...(looked at Raj and left,feeling disappointed as Raj didn't bother to look her in the eye)Nitezz,Mayu!!
Mayank:What does Khushi mean to you,Raj??
Raj:She's a dear friend..Actually,more than that!!Mayank,it's just indescribable,but all i'll say is that she's real close to me...
Mayank:Raj,i'm confused and i might need time to think..
Raj:Mayank,time is what i don't have..If i did,i wouldn't have disturbed you in the middle of the night..
Mayank:London is not an option,Raj and...And i can't afford to lose Khushi right now for she's becoming a part of Trends and i need her...(took a few sips from his coffee mug)Let me see...How about Vancouver??
Mayank:I'm expanding my office there and she can help me there!!
Raj:I don't know..I'll have to ask her first,Mayank!!
Mayank:In that case,let me do the talking with her directly!!
Raj:Thanks for understanding,Mayank!!(stood up)Alright,i need to get going!!(Mayank nodded;Raj turned to go but stopped himself)
Mayank:Is there anything else,Raj??(saw Raj playing with his fingers,fidgeting and mumbling)Raj,you seem tensed!!
Raj:Ok,ermm i don't know how to put this before you..It's strictly confidential and i...
Raj:I'm not...(paused and inhaled deeply before continuing)Ok,the news isn't confirmed but there are chances of something ugly propping up in your's and Bharti's lives either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..
Raj:(thought to himself)Oh holy crap,what the heck am i doing??I shouldn't have said anything in the first place!!(looked at Mayank)Look,i'm not sure but i'm just asking you to be mentally prepared..Ok,good night!!(rushed from there instantly)
Mayank:News??Ugly???What's going to happen to me and Bharti???Either he shouldn't have said anything or blurt it all out at once but he just left,leaving things in mid-air and wishing me good night??What the..........!!!!
~Bharti's place~
Bharti tried dialling Sanjana's number but she wasn't picking up.Bharti tossed her mobile on her desk and went out of her room,heading towards the kitchen to get herself something to drink.As she opened the refrigerator,Payal just popped up,startling Bhsrti who had gotten herself a bottle of Pepsi.
Bharti:What the hell,Payal!!You just..
Payal:Hah,scared you,didn't I??
Bharti:Whateva!!(sat on the sofa,bending her left leg,bringing her knee upwards while she rested her right leg on the sofa and Payal accompanied her)I thought you must have already slept by now..
Payal:Obvious i haven't,Bharti...(paused for a while before continuing)So,what happened during dinner?
Payal:If nothing had happened,why were you back in a salwaar??
Bharti:My red top got wet because of Shreya and thank God that one of my salwaars was in Mom's wardrobe..Hence i wore that!!
Payal:And where's your red top??
Bharti:Shuckzz!!I left it there in a rush..
Payal:What exactly did Shreya do??
Bharti:She spilled Pepsi all over me,thinking it to be her love who appeared at the door but to her misfortune,it was me and Mayank..And only i had to get soaked in Pepsi,not Mayank who only appeared at the door after having parked his car..Payal..Just laugh if you want to!!
Payal:(got amused as she wondered to herself)Gosh,she's not even mentioning Armaan's name at all...(took the remote control and switched off the TV)
Bharti:Arre Payal,thodi dher ke liye dekhne toh do na yaar!!
Payal:Ab bas bhi karo na Bharti...Just forgive him..
Bharti:(looked at Payal before taking the remote from Payal,switching on the TV)Forgive whom??
Payal:The guy whose place you had dinner tonight and the same guy whose name you're refusing to take..(Bharti was browsing through the various channels)Arre,tum meri baat sun rahe ho ke nahin???(took the remote from Bharti and switched off the TV for good)What's your problem yaar??Maaf kyun nahin kar rahe ho Armaan ko??
Bharti:You really wanna know the reason,Payal??Just look at today and you'll know why!!(placed the empty bottle of Pepsi on the table and turned to go)Saara mood kharaab karke rakha hai sab ke sab!!
Payal:MIL GAYIIII!!!!(Bharti stopped and Payal rushed over to her)You're jealous....
Payal:Tum jealous ho...Tum Shreya se jal rahe ho yaar...
Bharti:Kya..Bak..bakwaas kar rahe ho tum??
Payal:Dekho,Armaan ne tumse kuch nahin kahaa uske aur Shreya ke baarein mein aur naturally tumhe bohat gussa aa rahi hain..(Bharti shook her head in disgust as Payal continued to work on her theory behind Bharti's anger)Aur ab tum Armaan ko maaf hi nahin karna chahthe ho..
Bharti:Ho gaya??Aur bhi kuch hai kehne ke liye,huh???
Payal:Naahi tum Armaan se gussa ho,bhal ke tum apna gussa Shreya par bhi...
Bharti:Just shut it,Payal...Do you even realize that you're not even making an inch of sense here??First you decide which of your theories is right,hhmm??I've got no time to waste on such petty issues and mind you,mujhe farqh nahin padtha ki Armaan ki zindagi mein kya hota hain and all,alright??(closed her room door and went to sleep)
Payal:Arre!!!Kam se kam apne mu se Armaan ka naam toh nikla!!Well done,Payal!!Par seriously,yeh doosri theory bohati bakwaas lag rahi thi...(shook her head)So officially Armaan and Shreya are in love..What the hell!!Par ek baat abhi tak samajh mein nahin aayi ki Bharti abhi tak Armaan se itni naaraaz kyun hai???
~Next Day~
Sonali was woken up by Pushpak and little did she realize that she had actually fallen asleep on the couch outside situated in the verandah.As she tried to wake up,she realized that she had sprained her neck in the process.
Pushpak:Sonu!!!Tum yahaa so gayi thi puri raat??
Sonali:Mujhe bhi bata nahin chala ki main kab yahaa so gayi thi...
Pushpak:Tum apna bilkul bhi dhyaan nahin dete ho,Sonu!!
Pushpak:Chinta matt karo..Actually aaj Maa ne nashtha bana diya hain..Main bas nikal hi raha hoon..Tum bhi jaldi MU pohanch jaao,theekh hai??(Sonali nodded and Pushpak kissed her forehead before leaving)
Sonali:Love you!!(Pushpak threw a flying kiss before leaving from there)
For a few moments,Sonali massaged her neck.She constantly pressed down her neck with her thumb and index finger before she noticed her mother-in-law grabbing hold of the Times Of India.Sonali instantly sprang up,forgetting all about her pain and snatching the paper from her.
Sonali:(grinned sheepishly,having realized her mistake)Sorry Maa,i just needed the Entertainment section..So sorry to have bothered you this way!!
Before her mother-in-law could say anything,she quickly rushed to her room and locked her room door.She rummaged through the papers,scrutinizing every headline and subheadline found in the papers.Just then she realized that she had practically snatched the papers from her mother-in-law and messed the page numbers.She slapped her forehead and quickly arranged the papers in ascending order and took deep breaths before taking a good look at each section of the entertainment segment.Just as she had feared,she saw the very same photograph of Mahi and Mayank in the second page and that enlarged,having taken at least a quarter of the page.Sonali was shocked to read the gross details written in the papers about her best friend.She got the photograph out from her bag and found the exact resemblance to the photograph published in the papers.She read the article,mumbling to herself.

Love or Betrayal??

Who would have thought that a girl's best colleague cheat on her behind her back,sleeping with the love of her life??Truly,indeed,a girl can be her best friend's WORST ENEMY!!This is evident from the intimacy and love blooming between the creative director of the Men's Universe newsletter team,Ms Mahi Talwar and the CEO of Trends,Mr Mayank Sharma who's apparently meant to be in a relationship with Bharti Kapoor,an intern who has been working closely together with Mahi.Both Mr Mayank and Ms Bharti have only admitted to their relationship just recently at the grand success bash of Trends,having celebrated seven years of readership and emerged as the top fashion magazine in several cities,especially Mumbai. TOI questioned several close sources who revealed that there was much tension brewing between Mayank and Mahi for the past few days,who were very much in love way before Bharti had come into the picture.
The truth is yet to be revealed on how Bharti's going to react to this explosive news,which may shatter her dreams forever but one thing is for sure,that love has indeed come in between a deep friendship and working together may not be possible ever again!!(A small photograph of Bharti and Mahi rejoicing and laughing merrily while sipping their cocktails was shown)

Is this the end of Bharti's laughter??Well,all we can say is wait and watch!!

Sonali:Crap!!I'm so screwed up..Gotta rush to MU asap and meet Raj!!(headed to the washroom)
~After some time~
Sonali quickly fixed herself up,getting her essentials,mobile and car keys in her handbag.Just as she opened the door,Madhura called her.She closed her eyes and shook her head,for right now,she barely had the energy to talk to or confront her mother-in-law about anything.She gradually turned to face Madhura.
Madhura:Sonali,Pushpak ne apna tiffin toh yahaa bhool gaya hain..
Sonali:(murmured)Jaan booj kar yahaa bhool gaya hoga taaki..
Madhura:Kuch kahaa tumne??
Sonali:Nahin Maa,kuch nahin..Mujhe de deejiye,main Pushpak ko office mein de dungi..
Madhura:Nahin..(Sonali was quite confused)Mere kehna ka matlab hain ki aaj main bhi tumhaare saath chalungi..
Sonali:Par Maa,main khud dedungi..
Madhura:Kyun?Koi problem hain Sonali??(smiled subtly)
Sonali:(wondered what Madhura was thinking and thought to herself)Mujhe sach much kuch ghadbad lag rahi hain par filhaal mujhe MU jaldi pohanch ni hain aur yeh sab baatein aur confrontation bhi baad mein ho sakti hain..(Sonali smiled and nodded)Chaliye,Maa!!(drove to MU)
Mayank was infuriated by the article published in the entertainment segment of the papers.He called for Shreya,who just arrived and Ishaan quickly rushed her to meet Mayank.
Shreya:May i come in Sir?
Mayank:Hhmm,lock the door..
Shreya:Sir,are you ok?You seem very tensed!!
Mayank:Shreya,what time did you leave office yesterday??
Shreya:Sir,about 5:30 pm..Yeahh,i went off with Armaan..Why do you ask,Sir??
Mayank:Nothing..Just dial the TOI number,i need to find out who published the disgusting article..
Shreya:Which article,Sir??(Mayank pointed the article to Shreya,who was flabbergasted and speechless,thinking to herself)So,this is the juicy gossip which everyone's talking about from outside...But Mayank sir loves Bharti,na...(Mayank disrupted her chain of thoughts by shouting at her)
Mayank:(snatched the paper from her)Hurry up!!
Shreya:(gulped down her breath in fear and mustered a lil courage to ask)Sir,don't mind me asking you..(Maank glared at her and tried his best to suppress his anger)Sir,aren't you in love with Bharti??I mean,how could you do this to her??Behind her back with Mahi???
Mayank:JUST..SHUT....UP!!!Neither do you possess the right to ask or interfere in my personal affairs nor do i need to answer any of your ridiculous questions!!Now,go and contact the TOI and divert the call to my cabin!!
Shreya:Yes Sir!!(left from there towards her desk)I wonder what Bharti's going through right now!!
~Bharti's place~
Bharti was helping Naina pack her art materials in her bag.She tied Naina's hair into a ponytail before both of them joined Payal for breakfast.
Payal:Gurlzz,you are late...
Bharti:Here we are..Come on Naina,eat this cereal prepared for you by your Payal aunty while i...I shall eat this..
Payal:Heyy,that's my plate,Bharti..
Bharti:Uff chill yaar Paayu...You can have my plate,hhmm??I'll have this fresh fruit yoghurt for breakfast..And the brownie!!Thanks Payal,you want a bite??
Payal:Never mind..(shook her head)Ok,i'm gonna head off,k?(went to her room to get ger bag)
Bharti:Oh well,in that case Naina,mama shall drop you off at school,hhmm??(Naina smiled and nodded)Jaldi khaao!!
Payal:Ok..(got out of her room)Do you need the newspaper,Bharti??Haven't read it today..
Bharti:No yaar,no time right now..So just take it with ya!!
Payal:Okiezz,my darlin' Naina,i'll come and pick you up later,hmm??(Naina nodded and Payal turned to leave after kissing Naina's cheek)
Naina:Payal aunty,you look..
Payal:Is there anything wrong,Naina??On my face??
Naina:You look sexy!!(giggled)
Payal:(was totally shocked and surprised at the same time to hear such a compliment from Naina)Naina!!!Who taught you this??(diverted her attention to look at Bharti who had instantly looked elsewhere)Naina,thank you so much!!Just tell your mama that i've caught her!!
Bharti:(looked back at Payal and grinned sheepishly)Guilty as charged!!See you later..
Payal:(smiled)Byw!!(left off)
Bharti:Okie sweetie..Let's rush!!(waited outside her home for an auto)Gosh,i really do need to get a car or something,especially at this hour..There's just no auto wanting to stop!!
Just then,a car stopped in front of Bharti and Naina.
Raj:Heyy...Can i drop you two gorgeous ladies somewhere??Hop in...
Bharti:Come,Naina..(Naina sat on Bharti's lap and Raj resumed driving)It's a surprise..What brings you here so early in the morning??
Raj:Have you read the papers today??
Bharti?Nope..In fact,all three of us woke up late today and Payal took the paper with her today to her radio station...Why??
Raj:Nothing..(Bharti directed Raj to Naina's school and upon reaching her school,Naina waved to Bharti and Raj before walking with her friend to her classroom)Waise Bharti..(continued driving)How was dinner??
Bharti:Just as how any normal dinner would be..
Raj:I meant,at Armaan's place..
Bharti:How did you figure??
Raj:I went to Mayank's place last night and that's how i got to know..
Bharti:Ok..But what's wrong with Raj Malhotra today??He's up so early,huh??Nothing less of a miracle by the way..
Raj:(smiled weakly)Bharti,i'm...I just don't know how to break this to you..I had given a hint to Mayank last night too but i didn't expect it to come out in the open so soon!!
Bharti:Raj,stop beating around the bush and come to the point!!
Raj:Look at this page..(passed the TOI paper to Bharti)

Bharti held onto the paper firmly and her eyes widened in shock,being unable to grasp the obscene words used to judge two dear friends of her's.Her eyes were welled up and all of a sudden,she demanded Raj to stop the car.Raj was initially shocked but he did obey her,parking his car by the roadside.
Raj:Bharti,i know it's really difficult to take in but...
Bharti:You think???
Raj:Bharti,please calm down..
Bharti:If whoever who published this preposterous article comes before me,i;ll surely tear his life apart,break his limbs and strangle him to death...Just how dare he??
Raj:Heyyy,relax Bharti..You are freaking me out now!!Ok,ermm let's just think of it this way..Now,you won't have to put up with being Mayank's girlfriend,hhmm??
Bharti:RAJJ!!!(got really exasperated and got out of the car)Argghh!!!(Raj instantly got out of the car and rushed to Bharti who had crushed the newspaper in anger;he held her face and Bharti hugged him whi;e her tears streamed down)
Raj:Bharti,i'm sorry...I didn't mean it that way..
Bharti:(withdrew from the hug and mildly hit him)It's not you,Raj...Just think of the humiliation that Mayank and Mahi are going to suffer through this false news..Wait...Raj,you said that you gave a hint about this to Mayank last night,right??(Raj looked elsewhere,feeling awfully screwed up and almost wishing that he wasn't anywhere near Bharti right now)What do you know about this,Raj??
Raj:Bharti,aren't we like getting late for MU??
Bharti:We aren't going anywhere until i get everything out of you...
Raj:(closed his eyes and gritted his teeth)Damn it!!(turned to face Bharti)I wasn't exactly sure of what was going to happen but i overheard their conversation...And i tried to stop whoever i could but...
Bharti:Whose conversation,exactly??
Raj:Vinita and...Ashley!!
Bharti:Ash??(gasped)But..But..How is she involved in this??(Raj revealed every detail of his and Sonali's night at MU)I'm not going to spare them both..(turned to go but Raj stood in front of her,stopping her)
Raj:Where do you think you're going,Bharti??You can't achieve anything in anger for a great deal of damage has already occurred!!Just get in the car and we'll both think of something with a calm mind,along the way..Come!!
~Men's Universe~
Meanwhile in MU,everyone kept busying themselves in getting the latest updates on Mahi and Mayank and the news just simply continued spreading just like a spark having spread it's deep outrage into a wildfire.Initially Amarjeet had been proud of his employees for showing such keen interest in work.However,Jiya and Sonali had cleared his misunderstanding by showing the article published.Sonali excused herself as she saw Mahi.
Sonali:Mahi...Mujhe tumse..
Mahi:(tried her best to smile but couldn't think of the mocking eyes staring at her)Leave me alone,alright??I don't need to hear anything...
Madhura:Hi..Sonali,tum mujhe introduce nahin karwaaoge??
Sonali:Maa,please yeh waqt nahin hain..
Mahi:Namaste Aunty..(wiped her tear which she felt,forming on her eyelid)Aunty,please excuse me...
Madhura:Ek minute..Mahi hain na tumhaari naam??Woh akhbaar mein dekh liya tha..(Sonali glared at Madhura)
Sonali:Maa,aapko nahin lagta ki aapko abhi jaana chaahiye??
Madhura:Haan,zaroor...Par main toh bas yeh tasveer tumhe lautaane aayi thi...Jo tumhaare bag se ghir gayi thi,Sonali...
Mahi:Kaisi tasveer,Aunty??
Sonali:Aap yaha Pushpak ke khaana lekar aayi thi na??
Mahi:Sonali,let me see the photograph..
Sonali:Mahi,yeh kuch nahin hain...(Mahi snatched the photograph from her and realized the exact resemblance when compared to the photograph published in the article)
Mahi:Tumne yeh sab kiya tha Sonu???
Sonali:Mahi???Main aisa kyun karungi??I....
Mahi:Kyun nahin Sonu???Tumne hi mujhse yeh sab karwaaya tha aur tum hi mujhse pooch rahi ho??(wiped her tears)Mujhe nahin bata tha ki mere apne hi dost mere peet peeche khanjar lekar khadee rahegi aur mujhe...(left from there to her cabin)
Sonali:Mahi...Mahi!!!!!(thought to herself)Yeh kya ho gaya??Nahin nahin,Mahi yeh sab vishwaas nahin karegi..Woh bas apni gussa nikaal rahi thi aur kuch nahin...(glanced at Madhura who smiled at her and went towards her)
Madhura:I'm so sorry Sonali...Tum toh dosti ki bhi kaabil nahin ho,toh phir tum mere beta ka kya khaaq khayaal rak paayegi...!!
Sonali:Aapne yeh acha nahin kiya hain,Maa..
Madhura:Really??Aur tumhaare boyfriend ka kya??Agar ek baar main Pushpak ko khabar kardoo ki tumhaare aur kisi aur ladke ke beech kuch chal raha hain toh??
Sonali:Mujhe aapke yeh bakwaas sunne ke liye waqt bilkul bhi nahin hain kyunki iss waqt mere dost ko meri sabse zyaada zaroorat hain...Haan,aap agar Pushpak ko khabar karna chahthi hain,toh kariye...Mujhe koi farqh nahin padhtha!!
Madhura:Itna barosa hain apne pyaar par??
Sonali:Poora barosa hain apne aur Pushpak ke pyaar par...Aapko jo ukhaadna hain,ukhaad li jeeye...Cuz i don't care!!!(headed towards Mahi's cabin)
Pushpak:Maa??Aap aur yahaa???

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