Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, March 16, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 246~

Sonali kept knocking on Mahi's cabin door but to no avail.
Sonali:Mahi,please meri baat suno na...Mujhe sach much inn sabke baarein mein koi khabar nahin thi aur agar mujhe khabar hoti,kya main tumse share nahin karti???
Mahi:Sonali,just leave me alone!!!And i mean it..Just GO!!!!
Sonali:Mahi,i'm not leaving you anywhere....Right now,both of us need each other and you very well know it!!!
MahI:(unlocked her cabin door and walked to her desk while Sonali quickly got inside and locked the cabin door)What do you want??
Sonali:(took Mahi's right hand and placed it on her head)Tumhaare kasam Mahi...Maine kuch bhi nahin kiya tha!!Yeh sab...(looked elsewhere)
Mahi:(looked at Sonali through her glistening tears)Yeh sab kya??Sonu,(raised Sonali's chin and turned it towards her)Kya,Sonu???
Sonali:Vinita aur Ash!!
Mahi:Kya??(Sonali nodded)Ash??
Sonali:Usne yeh sab kuch Shreya ke naukri ko khatre mein dhalne ke liye kiya tha aur apne naukri ko waapas lene ke liye kiya tha..Aur Vinita Mayank par vaar karna chahthi thi taaki woh directly Bharti par asar padhe..Yeh sab pata lagaane se pehle yeh sab kuch ho gaya..Maine aur Raj ne poori koshish kiya tha par...Mahi,i'm...
Mahi:Aur yeh photograph???
Sonali:Bataa nahin ki kis manoos ghadi mein mujhe yeh photograph Raj ne dikhaayi thi...Aur upar se usne yeh tasveer mujhse lena bhool gaya tha aur agar yeh sab kaafi nahin tha,toh mere pyaare boyfriend ko apna tiffin bhoolna tha aaj ke din hi aur mere saas...Arrgghh!!!I really don't know what her problem is but i know one thing for sure..She's trying to break me and Pushpak up...(Mahi smiled out of nowhere)Arre,tum hass rahe ho??Thank God,kam se kam mere saas kuch toh kaam aaya!!(Sonali wiped Mahi's tears)Mujhe apne dosti nahin khoni thi...Tumhaare dosti ke bina main kaise..
Mahi:Ab yeh melodrama band karogi??Tumhe waqay mein laga ki humaari dosti par asar ho sakti hain??Don't be an idiot,Sonu!!
Sonali:We're cool then,Mahi??
Mahi:No we are not,Sonu!!!Sirf tumhaare kaaran maine abhi tak Armaan kuch bhi nahin bataaya tha aur ab dekho??Sab kuch khul gayi hain aur ab bata nahin ki kya hona baaki hain...
Sonali:Mahi,trust me yaar...Mujhe sach much iski khabar bilkul nahin thi..In fact,maine Ketki ko bhi warn kiya tha..
Sonali:Actually Mayank aaya tha na tumse baat karne uss din jab humaare presentation hua tha??
Mahi:Go on...
Sonali:Actually rumours phelne lag rahi thi..Maine Ketki ko dhamki di thi ki aisi ulti kahaani shuru nahin karne ke liye warna uss naukri gayi haath se..Aur uske baad aisa kuch nahin hua tha aur mujhe laga ki sab theekh tha jab tak maine Ash ko dekha tha..Aur woh photograph bhi aur maine Raj se kahaa tha thoda sa spy work karne ke liye...Par hum dono ko kuch exact nahin bata tha ki kya hona waala tha...
Mahi:FYI, yeh baatein sirf khabar nahin hain,bhalke humaare website par bhi hain...
Mahi:It's preposterous!!Just look at the edition...
Sonali:Mahi,i'm..(went towards Mahi after taking a look at the website which was opened on Mahi's laptop)I really didn't expect it...
Mahi:I don't know what to make of this,Sonu...Now,all anyone could possibly think of me is that i'm this sick,cheap,conniving colleague of Bharti's who's apparently slept with Bharti's fiance and am so cool with it...
Sonali:Mahi,it's not that bad na...
Mahi:Sonu,what could be so worse than losing one's dignity,trust to a bunch of media bent on making the most out of this kinda scoop???
Sonali:You're worried about your friendship with Bharti...If this is your state,have you thought about Mayank??What he must be going through??
Mahi:Why do you even care,Sonu??In fact,why should i care about him when it's all because of him??If he had told Bharti the truth in the first place that both of us aren't in love,this wouldn't have happened...First,Bharti misunderstood everything and now things got so worse that..That...Arrghhh,how am i even going to face Bharti???And Armaan??I ruined it for him!!!Sonu,i ruined everything..Damn!!!!(unlocked the door and stormed from there,only to be confronted by Armaan and Jiya;Sonali stood behind Mahi,frozen with shock)
Bharti and Raj entered Mayank's cabin,much to Shreya's shock.
Raj:Ermm Bharti,main MU mein intezaar karunga,ok??(Bharti nodded;Raj left from there and bumped into Shreya who followed him to the lift lobby)What do you want,Shreya??
Shreya:Raj,is Bharti alright??
Raj:Now,what do you mean by that??
Shreya:You know the whole article,thingy??She must be so shattered after knowing what Mayank sir did behind...
Raj:Just stop,ok??(Shreya looked confused)How can you even think that of your very own boss??Or Mahi in that matter??Shreya,i know you are pretty new and naive in this industry but if you want to stick in this industry and especially in Trends,then you've really got to open your eyes and do something about trusting certain people who may ultimately sabotage you in the long run and may even rip you off your job!!!
Shreya:Raj..What??(The lift door closed just before she could clarify things with Raj)My job's in danger??
~Mayank's cabin~
Bharti:Stop hesitating...I know that it's a really horrible situation to face right now..Mayank,just be calm,ok??
Mayank:You want me to be calm,Bharti???Are you out of your mind or something???Have you even noticed what's been written in the papers and all over the websites???
Bharti:Websites???(Mayank showed her some of the fashion websites,including Men's Universe's and Trends')Ohh crap!!
Mayank:I've put my informer into finding out about the publisher...Once i get hold of whoever who wrote this,i'm really going to tear him apart!!!I swear upon Radhika,Bharti!!!
Bharti:Mayank!!!!!STOP...Get a hold of yourself!!(paused for a while)You're not going to achieve anything by this...Even i got angry half an hour back when i read it but Raj explained to me that we've got to remain calm...
Mayank:This person,whoever he or she is,ruined my reputation in one go,Bharti and you're telling me..
Bharti:Yes,i'm telling you...Let it be!!!What do you think Mayank??That your anger is gonna impact the publisher??No Way!!In fact,they would love to see you in pain,cursing your own fate...Mayank,let's just say that now things are going to be much more easier...
Mayank:Excuse me??How exactly,Bharti??
Bharti:Well,that's because now i don't have to come in between you and Mahi any longer...Yeah,there's another point that now i've got to fake my anger at you for having betrayed my trust since you cheated behind my back...
Mayank:Bharti,i would never,in my wildest dreams,do such a thing to you...
Bharti:Uffo Mayank,i can't be happy for you right now,na??This is all a pretense,that's all...We'll give back what the media gave us...
Bharti:The media expects me to be mad at you..Well let's show it to them...And trust me,you go and find out who did this while i'll make sure that no one ever comes in between you or Mahi...(paused for a while)
Mayank:(thought to himself)Crap!!Ab yeh Mahi ka chapter hamesha ke liye khula hi rahega...Main yahaa khatam karne ki koshish kar raha hoon par woh chapter band hona ka naam hi nahin le raha hain...Ek second,yeh bahaana bhi toh main use kar sakta hoon na??Mahi se door rehne ke liye??
Bharti:Waise Mayank,have you talked to Mahi??Even yesterday,you were supposed to talk to her and invite her over for dinner...
Mayank:Bharti,i've not..And i don't think it's a good idea right now..
Bharti:I don't believe you,Mayank!!!You're such a spoiler,do you know that???Come with me..
Bharti:Just come with me...Right now!!!

While Sonali stood before Pushpak and his mum outside her cabin,her mind actually flitted through the thoughtd of what Mahi and Armaan could be talking about.
Pushpak:Are you even listening to me Sonali??(Sonali didn't respond;she looked to her sides and she stopped as she saw Mayank and Bharti together)
Sonali:Pushpak,i'm done with standing and hearing you go on about how i've so-called insulted your mum's upbringing..Seriously i don't care at the moment..
Pushpak:Now,when did i even bring up anything on upbringing??(saw Sonali walk off without saying anything)
Madhura:Pushpak,don't you realize what i've just said?She doesn't care about you..You are the last person she's worried about right now..
Pushpak:Maa,right now she's tensed about her best friend..Why don't you just go home for the time being,hhmm??
Pushpak:Maa,seriously just leave!!And thanks for the tiffin!!(Madhura left while Pushpak fell in deep thoughts)"Could Maa be right after all?It's only been some time since Sonu and i had come together..No..Maa must probably be having some sort of a misunderstanding.."(saw Sonali in conversation with Bharti and Mayank)
Bharti:Sonu,woh sab chod..Yeh bataao ki Mahi kahaa hai?
Sonali:Kyun?Kuch kaam tha??
Bharti:Sonuu..Mahi kahaa hai??
Jiya:Sonu,thank God ki tum yahaa..(stopped herself as she saw Bharti and Mayank)Ermm hi guyzz..
Bharti:Jiya,where is Mahi??(Sonali held Jiya's palm)Jiya,speak up...
Jiya:Armaan ke cabin mein..(Bharti widened her eyes and looked at Mayank)
Bharti:Mayank..Go and talk to her right now!!
Mayank:What??I can't go and talk to her alone!!
Bharti:Oh really??You expect me to believe that??After whatever you've done behind my back,you're feigning innocence??(Mayank was literally shocked to hear Bharti's words but as he looked intently at Bharti's eyes,he realized that she was actually gesturing him to play along with her and act)
Sonali:(murmured to Jiya)Jiya, one doubt..Why is Bharti actually mad at Mayank??I mean,she surely already knows from Mayank's stupidity at Nirvana Hall,that he and Mahi are in love..I mean,isn't it a bit too late in reacting now??
Jiya:(murmured back)Actually,i was thinking that she's mad at Mayank for betraying her trust but you just made your point and it is driving me nutzz too but not as much as what's happening in Armaan's cabin for he's really pissed with Mahi..
Sonali:What????(Jiya looked at Sonali who practically shouted at her,bringing the attention of several eyes around them and Sonali tried to manage the situation)Mayank,i'll bring you to Mahi..Come...
Jiya:Yeahh..Come with us,Mayank...(Mayank went with Jiya and Sonali while Bharti heaved a sigh of relief from within)
Bharti was about to go to her cabin when she was stopped by Ketki and Sunny.Raj,who had just reached MU went towards Bharti.
Bharti:Yes Ketki??
Ketki:Ermm i don't know how to say it to you...But we all feel really bad for you Bharti...Such a shocking news and that too on your farewell day...It's really...
Sunny:Shocking and disgusting,i tell you...Par kya kare??Kismat agar kharab ho toh hum laakh chaahe badalne ki..Badalte hi nahin hain na??
Raj:Ho gaya tum dono ka,huh??(Sunny and Ketki almost jerked)
Bharti:Raj,ek minute...Ermm Ketki aur Sunny,iss waqt mujhe tum dono ki jhooti hamdardi bilkul bhi nahin chaahiye,ok??(left from there to her cabin and Raj too followed her)
~A Few Hours Later~
Bharti rinsed her face with the chilly waters running from the tap in the washroom.However,despite repeated attempts,she couldn't stop herself from thinking of what she had spat out in anger at someone who had been a special friend,ever since she got to know him.Pondering over the allegations that he had blindly put before her,she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled,knowing that she did nothing wrong after all.
She walked out of the washroom and headed to her cabin where she began to empty her shelf comprising of her books.It didn't matter how messed up her hair seemed;she just wanted to leave the office for good.
~Armaan's cabin~
Mayank was super pissed after hearing Bharti and the allegations that she had listed.Mayank clenched his fist in staunch anger and was about to advance towards Armaan but Mahi held his wrist firmly.
Mayank:What do you think you're doing??
Mahi:Mayank,right now there is no point in getting angry...No one here had any clue of this...And it's better that you go to Bharti for she needs you right now!!(Mayank's anger mellowed down a lil as he realized the point in Mahi's words;he looked down at his wrist and Mahi let go of his hand)I'm...
Mayank:(looked at Armaan)You better stay away from Bharti for good or else i'll personally handle you!!Let this be my first and final warning to you!!!(stormed out from there)
Raj:Dude,what the hell were you thinking???
Jiya:Mahi,Sonu and Raj,is it ok if i ask you guyzz to just leave him for a while??
Raj:Unbelievable,Jiya..After all these,you're..Whatever!!!(left from there,and Mahi and Sonu rushed to follow Raj to the member's lounge)
Jiya:You ok??
Armaan was not responding to her at all.All Jiya could see was tears streaming down from his eyes.She knew that he might probably ask her to leave him alone but she knew that right now,he needs her the most and she sat beside him on the floor,leaning her head against his shoulder and mildly whispering to him,"Armu,i'm here for you,don't worry!!".
~Member's Lounge~
Raj:She heard it all along and she didn't even give a clue of it??
Sonali:Seriously that's a HUGE surprise to me...
Mahi:Shocking,to be exact...In fact,if i were in her place,i would have practically defended myself or even shouted at him that moment itself...I mean,Armaan seriously shouldn't have said all those...I know he gets mad at Bharti,really mad but heyy,is that something to accuse her???
Sonali:Jiya got really drunk and she's a super close friend of Armaan's,so...
Raj:Really??So,if i were to say something like that of Mahi,you wouldn't have a problem huh,Sonu??
Raj:Your reaction just explained everything...You know something,Sonu??No one's got the right to get this mad at someone that he makes it even more formidable to even get the allegations out of her head...She was in a brittle condition and all he cared about was to shout it out from his chest??So what if Jiya got drunk??Jiya got drunk only because Jiya wanted to get drunk...We can't compel anyone to get drunk,and what does he even know about Bharti??(sipped his coffee)Bharti had the right to shout back at him and she just did that...I totally support her in this matter!!!
Mahi:We all do,Raj but does that solve everything???Armaan..You know how he is??
Sonali:Mahi,Raj is absolutely right..Armaan can't react this way every time he gets mad!!I mean he gets mad at us too but he has never reacted this way with us...Why is it that he gets so aggressive wherever Bharti is concerned???
Mahi:Sonu,he loves her for God's sake!!Don't you get it??I mean...
Raj:No,he doesn't!!He doesn't,Mahi and if he does,he can bloody well forget it!!!I'm not at all going to let this happen...Pehle Jiya aur ab tum...What the hell's wrong with you girls??
Mahi:What do you mean??You mean to say we are at fault??IT is clearly so evident that Armaan still has feelings for Bharti which he is not being able to express it to her...
Raj:I don't care but i'm not going to let him express it and ruin everything...
Mahi:Raj,stop it!!Are you out of your mind???(shook her head)This is getting more and more ridiculous!!We are sitting here trying to mend and eradicate the gap between Armaan and Bharti and here you are furthering and furthering the distance between them...
Raj:Don't you think that it's the best thing to do especially when your dear friend can't even understand when to say what exactly...Just imagine if anything were to happen to her then,what would he do??
Raj:You listen to me,Sonu..I'm seriously sick and tired of explaining this over and over again to Jiya..God knows what she's talking to him about,right now...But things don't work like in the movies,alright??This is life--real life,which we are talking about!!!Just move on,get it??Carrying the emotional baggage with you is not going to help you at all in any way!!!
Sonali:(huffed)Ok,fine!!Ok,just relax..Mahi,you too!!
Mahi:Damn it!!If only the misunderstanding of Bharti's had been cleared earlier about me and Mayank,this wouldn't have happened...
Sonali:Now,how the hell would i know that this would get leaked out??And that too,like this??I had warned Ketki and it did work but how are we supposed to know that Vi...Ok,keep it down...Vinita's coming!!(the three of them sipped their coffee and just looked around)Waise Raj,what do you think we ought to do with Mahi,now that her secret's out??(Mahi had not thought that Sonali would even start a conversation with her "love affair" in the first place and Sonali raised her eyebrow)
Raj:Yeahh,i mean we are your best mates..At least you should have given us a hint about it...All we could ever think of between you and Mayank is enmity and lots of hatred for each other...But Sonu,you do know now for sure that opposites do attract!!
Sonali:Fatal attraction,i must say!!(Vinita left from there,feeling quite confused)Damn her!!
Mahi:Arrgghh..Sonu,i would have closed the chapter of Mayank today by confiding in Armaan but you had to come right in with Mayank at that point of time,didn't ya??
Sonali:I'm no fortune teller or astrologist to know when something's about to happen..You should have informed me that you were gonna tell Armaan...Stop blaming me,will you??
Raj:Just shut it guyzz..The blaming game can go on and on without a stop but right now,we've got to think of something...This is surely not the way to let Bharti go...It's her farewell for God's sake...
Mahi:I don't think i can ever face her ever..Just look at what I've done...
Sonali:We can make it up to her!!Surprise party at her place??
Raj:Right..A surprise party for her,to tell her how much we love her and how much we're gonna miss her...And Mahi,you'll come and make it up to her..And sort everything out with her,tonight itself,hhmm??Come here and give me a hug!!(Mahi hugged Raj who rubbed his palm on her midline,assuring her that everything will be alright)
Mahi:Ok,i need to go and see Amarjeet sir..Meet you later...(left from there)
Sonali:Raj,we can get all the arrangements done and for that,we might need Payal's and Naina's help...
Raj:Yeahh and i'll invite Khushi and Niyati as well...
Sonali:Waise,were you joking about not letting Armaan express his love for Bharti??
Raj:Goshh,Sonu am i even smiling???
Sonali:Ok,i know itz a stupid question from my part but heyy,i was just being hopeful..
Raj:Seriously,for what Sonu??I just wish they both stay distant from each other..
Sonali:Raj!!!Ok,i agree that he went way overboard this time round but why are you throwing out such pessimistic wishes into the universe??
Raj:Just being hopefulSonu...That my wish gets accepted!!!
Sonali:(closed her eyes,shook the thought away before looking at Raj and explaining to him)Raj,he loves her!!He's quite possessive of her,i guess..
Raj:Sonu,Bharti deserves much more in life!!!Anywayzz,why are we even talking about this???
Sonali:Raj,you're only saying this cuz you aren't in love..
Raj:And according to you,this is love??
Sonali:Yeahh...In fact,from my perspective,Armaan's expressing himself openly,be it through his anger..And after having contemplated so much about his anger towards us and that towards Bharti,you can really feel his love for Bharti in his anger..It's special,Raj..It is different!!!Initially,it didn't make sense to me either but as i think of several incidents in their lives,I only see one thing which remains constant...
Raj:What?His anger???
Sonali:(shook her head)NO!!!His love for Bharti!!(Raj rolled his eyes)What do you know?You've never fallen in love,so how can i even expect you to feel anything??(Raj looked intently at Sonali)You simply satisfy your needs by flirting and sleeping with girls and what do you do after that??You dump them...
Raj:If you call Armaan's craziness and anger as love,then i'm so freakin' glad that i'm so far away from love..I'm not interested in converting my life into some convoluted piece of complicated crap!!What i'm doing is more of a social service--i satisfy my own needs and at the same time,girls enjoy the attention from me..It works in both ways,Sonu!!
Sonali:Well,that's easy enough for you to say..Now that i think of it,you're right in terming love as complicated crap..
Raj:Ok,what the heck is wrong with you now??You were full of praises for love,promoting it like the official guardian of love fluttering to and fro till a few seconds back..And look at you now,as though you're about to mourn over the loss of a loved one..
Sonali:Yaar Raj,Pushpak's mum had come here..
Raj:Ohhhh so that lady's Pushpak's mum??I caught a glimpse of her just now..Anywayzz,carry on..
Sonali:Yaar,i didn't manage to sleep well last night..God only knew how i had slept on the couch in the verandah and i had woken up late,only to realize that Pushpak was about to leave for MU,,Then i had not only snatched the entertainment segment of TOI but also locked myself in my room to read it..Pushpak's mum wanted to personally come over to MU to hand the tiffin to her dear son and i just wanted to rush here to meet you and Mahi..I tell you Raj,she's surely bent on breaking me and Pushpak up..
Raj:Gosh,i bet you watch way too many idiotic saas-bahu crappy soaps on your tube when you reach home..
Sonali:No,i don't!!!n fact,i'm sue she's dying to let her son know about how she had seen the two of us together last night...
Raj:She did??
Sonali:I expected a confrontation last night itself but she simply smiled subtly and went to sleep without saying anything..
Raj:Then it's just your illusion,Sonu!!Uffo Pushpak loves you and that's the only thing that ought to matter!!
Sonali:I don't know!!I didn't even talk to him properly just now..
Raj:No worries,i'm here as a back up for you if Pushpak were to leave you,k?(Sonali's mouth fell open in shock)
Sonali:You idiot!!!(almost poured the coffee onto Raj's shirt but Raj moved away and the coffee ultimately spilled on Pushpak's shirt)Oops!!!I'm so sorry Pushpak!!
Raj:(bursted out laughing)She surely is..(whispered to Sonali)You just wished it was his mum instead na??(Sonali his his elbow and gestured him to leave;Raj left,turning around and gesturing to her that he'll call her later and she nodded)
Sonali:Pushpak,i'm really sorry..(Pushpak just looked at her)I was annoyed with Raj!!Heyy,you should be glad that the coffee wasn't hot..Erm,hot cappuchino,hhmm??(tried to bring a smile on Pushpak's face but he just turned around and walked away)Arre!!(followed suit but just then,she saw Mayank having approached Mahi near the foyer)
Mayank:Hey..Just spare me a minute,will you?
Mahi:Erm,come with me...(went to her cabin and she locked the door after Mayank entered)How is Bharti??
Mayank:I don't know..She didn't say a word to me since she was busy packing her stuff..Just hold on a sec..(answered his call)Yeah??
Shreya:Sir,aapki meeting hai abhi aur kuch investors aaye huwe hain...
Mayank:Investors??Shreya,i'm in the middle of something right now...Please get Maria to reschedule all my meetings,you get me??I don't think i'll be back anytime soon...And no more calls!!(hung up)
Mahi:Mayank,i think you should..
Mayank:I think it all started with my mistake..I should have told Bharti everything instantly but it's not as if i didn't try..Now she's not talking to me and i don't know what i ought to do...Mahi,she has never hidden anything so huge from me..She kept all of this within herself and she didn't even let me know anything..I mean,i took her with me to Armaan's place last night for dinner..How could she even agree to it in the first place if all of these had happened???Why is she even letting Armaan shout at her in the first place??
Mahi:Mayank,ermm neither did i or anyone else had any clue of what had happened at the hospital..We had no idea of what exactly happened but Armaan grew mad for his close friend got drunk for the first time;she was in such an inebriated state...
Mayank:I don't care about that,Mahi...How dare he say anything about Bharti's upbringing or her parents' divorce??What does he know about her that makes him eligible to judge Bharti's character???if i had known this earlier,i wouldn't have even brought her to his place for dinner!!!If you hadn't stopped me then,i would have...
Mahi:Mayank,please...He...I apologize on his behalf but please just bury this whole incident away and forget it!!
Mayank:Really??You think it's that easy for me to do that??Or Bharti in this matter???What did he say??That Bharti's the root cause for her parents to get divorced???Who can ever tolerate such an accusation,Mahi??And who would shout at a patient who was in a delicate condition??FYI,there is just so much that no one really knows about Bharti,not even her colleagues here...I can't believe that i couldn't do anything to ease her pain,that i couldn't have known her pain earlier and take her away...From everything which brings her pain!!
Mahi:(placed her hand on Mayank's palm)Mayank...I'm..
Mayank:(took a step forward away from Mahi)I'm sorry..I shouldn't have said anything in the first place...Ermm,this is a letter..If you got the time,read it and let me know your answer...
Mahi:What is..(before she could complete what she intended to ask,Mayank had already unlocked the door and left from there)
Mahi unfolded the letter and began to read it.
"First of all,i ought to have said Sorry for barging into your cabin earlier..As i thought about it,i too felt it was wrong of me to do so,at least i wouldn't have expected you or anyone else in that matter to barge into my cabin like that but i simply wanted to put Nihu's request before you and leave asap!!In fact,i had rang your home doorbell with the hope of sorting everything out last night itself but i guess you were sleeping..Raj had come to my place to warn me of something dreadful that was about to happen to me and Bharti but who wouuld have thought that this would happen??I'm again not justifying for any of my actions now....
Coming to the point,Nihu actually would like you to come over for dinner over the weekends and this was what i had come,to talk to you about,the other day but you were just not ready to listen!!!But you know what??You don't have to come;i'll manage somehow and i'll try to break us up in front of Nihu!!
Mayank Sharma"
Mahi:If he could take care of everything,why did he bother telling me anything in the first place??(folded the letter and kept it in the small compartment of her bag and headed to meet Sonali at the carpark)
~Radio Station~
Payal:But is she ok??I've got to call her...
Mahi:No Payal,don't do that..She's busied herself in packing her stuff and even when Mayank went to talk to her,she didn't respond to him..And now i've got no idea how i'm ever going to face her!!
Payal:She hid it from me as well???Why????
Sonali:Payal,maybe she was really disturbed then,that's why she didn't prolly confide in anyone..Actually both of us are here,thinking of giving Bharti a special farewell surprise at he rplace tonight since MU is not a feasible venue at the moment...Just a small party,you think you can help us and Raj out??We don't want her to leave us and MU in a harsh and bitter way!!
Payal:That is really sweet of you guyzz...I would do anything to get her smile back!!Let me see if i can get the rest of the day off,from my boss...Just stay here,i'll be right back...
~After some time~
Sonali:What happened,Payal??
Payal:Sorry guyzz,i can't take the day off since Shaz had already taken the leave and i'm taking over her shifts for the day but i assure you i'll be by her place by 7 pm...So we can still make it...
Mahi:Wait a sec,have you guyzz thought about Bharti??How are we going to make it a surprise if Bharti's gonna be home??
Sonali:Raj can help us out here...He can keep her busy...(called up Raj and told him of the plan)
Raj:Hhmm,i'm still out...I'm not sure if Bharti has left or not..I can surely bring her out for a couple of drinks...To just make her feel better??
Sonali:Ok,but whatever it may be,you've gotta bring her to her place by 8:30 or the most,9 pm,k??
Raj:Ok,deal!!Chal,bye..(hung up)
Sonali:Ok,the deal's set...Payal,thanks for helping us out...Ermm,is it ok if we pick Naina up along the way too to help us??
Payal:She'll really love that..She'll be done in an hour's time..LEt me get you the address..
Mahi:Payal,i know her playschool..Remember,i had picked her up a few times???
Payal:Oh yes...Ok then!!See ya later..
Sonali:Bye!!(Payal's quite glad that Bharti had actually worked with such caring people and just hoped that everything would turn alright for the rest of the day)
~Evening Hours~
Raj had actually reached MU only around 3:30 pm but by then Bharti had already left from there and regardless of the number of times he tried her mobile,he could only feel his inner voice that he was trying a lil too late,as Bharti had her mobile switched off.
Raj:Great!!Fab,amazing!!!Now what??(called up Sonali)Ok,not a word but listen to me...Bharti's already left from MU and you've got no idea what actually happened!!!
Sonali:Raj,it's 4:30pm and i'm actually in the middle of a meeting with Ms D'Costa,here..Will you please..
Raj:Don't even think of hanging up on me...
Sonali:(held her receiver and addressed her client)I'm sorry but could you just excuse me for a few minutes,please??It's an urgent call...(excused herself to a corner and talked to Raj)This better be crucial,Raj...What happened at MU??
~Flashback:1 hour back~
Raj:Heyy Jiya..Any idea where Bharti is???(Jiya looked really gloomy and her eyes were welled up)What?What's wrong??
Jiya:Bharti...She's left!!!
Raj:What???But she wasn't supposed to leave till 5 pm,at least..
Jiya:She left with Mayank...She's..
Jiya:She packed all her stuff and Mayank and one of his staff came to assist him in bringing her stuff away...Armaan came in between and..
Raj:Will you stop with the cliffhangers already??Just continue..
Jiya:(gulped down her breath)He tried to apologize to her for whatever accusations he had placed on her..He didn't stop trying in stopping her but every hope has been flushed down the drain for she remained as stoic as ever,even after i had intervened on Armaan's behalf..
Raj:What did you exactly do??
Jiya:I asked her to forgive Armaan..Since i had no qualms or any complaints whatsoever,i requested her to not have any either against Armaan..But...Her questions left me speechless!!She had way too many questions and i..I had nothing to offer but a chance for my best friend to prove himself..
Raj:What did she say,Jiya??
Jiya:She was right in asking me if i was forced to get drunk..I cleared the matter instantly,for it was of my own will that i wanted to know and feel how freedom and a carefree life would taste like,at least for one night...But i had nothing in me when she asked me how would i feel if i were to be questioned on my upbringing of a child..She was right in saying that Armaan had no right in judging her upbringing for it is no child's play to raise a child..It needs courage to fulfill the responsibilities as a single mother to raise a child and much more..But she had asked me something which really shook me!!What if i was accused of being the reason of crushing my parents' worlds and tearing them apart??Of the divorce which took place??What should i do??
Jiya:I couldn't help Armaan,Raj...I just intervened for i wanted to see him happy..
Raj:Aren't you being a lil too selfish,here??You're just thinking of Armaan,your best friend but what about Bharti,who had heard all of these in a such a brittle condition??Your best friend didn't think of her condition when he spoke all of these and you're defending him??You think that's the right thing to do??
Jiya:Raj,i know..I'm being mean and selfish but that's only because i don't want him to lose hope in his love..He's totally shattered by the fact that Bharti had heard everything and had not mentioned any of it till today..
Raj:And just imagine how shattered Bharti is because of him??What about her,Jiya??You're merely looking at one side of the coin...Trying to give justice to one and injustice to another,Jiya??What the heck are you doing??
Jiya:Raj,don't you know what had happened with Armaan when Priyanka had broke it off with him??Do i have to reiterate??
Raj:Jiya,just because of the time then,where he almost fell prey to depression,that doesn't mean that you're going to protect him this time round too??This is definitely not the right thing to do,mind you!!
Jiya:Then what the hell should i do,Raj??Give in to him and tell him not to believe in love ever again???That he shouldn't give himself another chance??
Raj:No;in fact,i'm trying to correct you here...You're giving him false hopes that Bharti will love him one day or another and that's exactly where you're going wrong....He should fall in love and you should assure him of that but just not with Bharti!!!Bharti's never going to fall in love with Armaan...Ever!!!!
Raj:Yes Jiya and drill this into your head...Bharti is never ever going to fall in love with Armaan..Ever!!!(paused as he saw Armaan having stood behind Jiya and having heard everything especially the last few words he wished he hadn't said then)Hi Armaan...(Jiya's mouth was wide ajar in shock and gritted her teeth in annoyance as she glared at Raj,who was apparently confused on how to react)
~End Of Flashback~
Sonali:You said it and that too before Armaan??
Raj:Arre yaar,mujhe kahaa bata tha ki woh sab kuch sunn raha tha??Woh toh maine sab bol kar hi dekha tha ki Armaan wahaa khada hain...
Sonali:Great!!Aur..Uske baad kya hua??
Raj:Hona kya tha??Jiya gusse mein thi..Armaan toh bohat pale dikh raha tha aur Jiya ne usse ghar chod diya tha..
Sonali:Bas??I mean Bharti ne kuch bhi nahin kahaa??
Raj:Nothing to Armaan..Jiya tried to stop her but she wished Jiya well and left promptly with Mayank!!
Sonali:Damn it...What about our surprise farewell party for her at her place??I was expecting you to bring her out and then drop her home when i give you a call,informing that we're ready with the preparations...
Raj:Obviously she's not with me,hhmm??Maybe she's with Mayank
Sonali:I don't think so...Because i see Mayank in front of me with someone,perhaps one of his staff and he's looking for someone else..Ahh,he's here for a meeting!!!
Raj:If Bharti's not with him,where is she???
Sonali:Ok,don't panic...
Raj:I am not panicking,Sonu...You are!!!
Sonali:Don't panic,don't panic....Ermmm...(bit her fingernails)
Raj:Ok,call Payal and i'll call Mahi...Call me back once you're done!!
Sonali:Meeting's about to end..I'll call Payal after that and then i'll call you!!
Raj:Deal!!(hung up)
~After some time~
Sonali:Payal's at the radio station,Raj..With the night shift and i had to cut off my call real quick...
Raj:Mahi's with Naina at Bharti's place..Bharti isn't there and Bharti's mobile is still switched off!!
Sonali:Now what???
Raj:Ok,Plan B...Surprise party is still on,ok??Mahi and Naina are busy working on the decors..Let's see who she could prolly be with,at the moment...
Sonali:Erm Bhaskar's not here at the moment...
Raj:Wait a sec..Yaar,how could i have forgotten??Bhaskar's gonna be back tonight!!!Crap,we should see if Bharti's actually headed there or not...
Sonali:Raj,she could possibly have gone elsewhere too right??
Raj:Oh come on yaar...Itz her best buddy coming back from London...How could she miss this??And what even made you think so??
Sonali:Raj,Payal is his wife..She's apparently working on the night shift today...So,it doesn't really make any sense to me...(paused for a while before continuing)Unless...
Raj:Bhaskar's flight is delayed??
Sonali:Raj,that's not what i meant to say...
Raj:I know..I was just wishing her flight was really delayed but it surely seems..But ok,you're coming with me,right??
Sonali:It's much better than going back home now and coming face to face with someone whom i'd rather not meet at the moment..Before you even ask,i was supposed to go and get changed from home and reach Bharti's place...So,i'll meet you directly at the airport,k??
Raj:Make it fast for i've got no idea what time Bhaskar's flight is...
Sonali:Kk,in my car right now...Will call you once i reach there...Chal,bye!!
~Bharti's place~
Meanwhile,Mahi and Naina were helping each other out.Naina apparently was trying too hard to blow the balloons but she couldn't blow it to the size of Mahi's balloons.As Mahi tapped on her shoulder and gestured to her that she could help,Naina refused and continued with her endless attempts to blow at least one balloon.
Mahi thought of Mayank's letter as she picked up the red and purple ribbons to stick on the balloons which were already stuck on the walls.She just felt that something wasn't right and kept thinking but Naina tugged on her salwaar and Mahi smiled widely,quickly dashing to her handbag to get her digital cam to take a photograph of Naina's first blown up balloon,to show it to Bharti.Mahi and Naina decorated their balloons by gently drawing lots of funny faces.
Sonali and Raj reached almost at the same time.They both met up at the arrival gates and looked for the timings of the flight from London to Mumbai.
Sonali:Can you actually believe this??We're actually early??
Raj:Yeah,surprisingly...We are usually too late or perhaps in the nick of time but we're early..Anyways,do you spot Bharti anywhere around??
Sonali:God knows..We'll prolly have to look around but if we're expecting her here,then we should just wait for Bhaskar to appear..In that case,i'm pretty sure that we can meet her and bring her at the right time...
Raj:Let's just cross our fingers...
Sonali:Can we do that while grabbing a cuppa coffee at the same time??
Raj:Chal,cuppaholic!!(Sonali smiled widely)
~Armaan's place~
Sudha had just returned from work and was surprised to see Jiya at her place while Armaan had actually went to shower.
Sudha:Jiya,good evening dear...
Jiya:(stood up)Hi Aunty...
Sudha:Baitho na..Khadee kyun ho??
Jiya:Bas aise hi Aunty...Woh...
Sudha:I've got loadzz to say Jiya..You should have been here last night...Bharti and Mayank were here last night for dinner!!
Jiya:Aunty,didn't you catch hold of today's papers??
Sudha:I did but i knew it all...
Jiya:What??What exactly did you know,Aunty??
Sudha:That my daughter was actually faking it all the while...But more importantly,i knew it as Mayank had come to Fortis Hospital today in the evening to meet me to explain everything...(Armaan came out of his room then)That there was never really anything ever between him or my daughter,Bharti...In fact,Bharti had been the one to discover the love that he and Mahi had and she had revealed it to his sister,Niharika but she couldn't say anything since he put her under his oath..But due to some rumours being passed,his secret got leaked out in today's papers!!
Jiya:(looked at Armaan, who grew even more remorseful and brought himself to smile weakly,and back at Sudha)Aunty,Bharti left MU today...
Sudha:Oh yes,itz her farewell today,right??How did it go??I'm sure you guyzz must have bid her farewell in the best possible manner,showering her with lotzz of gifts and flowers,hhmm??(Sudha noticed the skeptical look of Jiya who kept looking at Armaan)Why are you looking at Armaan repeatedly Jiya??Is there anything wrong???
Jiya:Aunty,i don't wish to lie or hide anything from you..
Jiya:Bharti didn't leave in the best of ways...No showers of love in any way..(Sudha was completely blank)She..(tears began trickling down Jiya's face,instantly landing on her arms as Sudha shook her,in an attempt to know what had gone wrong)She left in tears and agony!!She was mad with me and Armaan..(elucidated on the accusations which Armaan had left on Bharti in the hospital and how Bharti had kept it bottled within her till today afternoon)
Sudha:Wow,i just had no idea that my son could inflict so much pain to Bharti..Wow!!(Jiya tried to calm Sudha down but Sudha took Jiya's hand off her)Don't!!Jiya,leave me alone!!(shook her head and went to her room,slamming her door shut and locked)
Sonali:Oooo there he is....(waved swiftly at Bhaskar who,after a while,saw both Raj and Sonali and waved back,heading his way outside at the arrival gate)
Raj:Heyy dude....(hugged Bhaskar)How are you??
Bhaskar:Great,as ever!!
Sonali:Wow,you seem to have more stuff than when you went to London...
Bhaskar:Well,it's nothing really...Actually,no one else came with you guyzz??
Raj:Were you expecting someone???
Sonali:Uff Raj,he's apparently expecting his wife na??
Raj:Ohhhh...Sorry dude but she's got her night shift tonight...
Bhaskar:Night shift??How is that possible??I thought i personally checked with Shaz and she told me that she had put Payal off the night shift for at least 2 weeks for me...(Raj pretended that he didn't hear Bhaskar's murmurs and he held Sonali's palm,gesturing to her to not react)
Raj:Relax..Perhaps there might be some emergency or else Payal would have been here way before me or Sonu...But just to ask,were you actually expecting Bharti??
Bhaskar:Frankly,yes but where is she??I'm dying to meet her..
Raj:That's exactly what we need to figure too..
Sonali and Raj glanced at each other in doubt while Bhaskar waited for an explanation.

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