Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 247~

Bhaskar:Sonali,what's the matter?What are you two hiding from me??
Raj:Actually Bhaskar,come to think of it,itz not a matter of just one issue..There are in fact,several issues which you do not know...Itz a real long story and perhaps this is not just the right time to discuss...
Bhaskar:I've been away from Mumbai for so long and you're...Spill it,Raj..
Raj:Sonu,just look around and see if Bharti's anywhere nearby while we go and have this conversation started over coffee..(Sonali nodded)
After quite some time,Bhaskar and Raj came back.
Raj:Any hopes,Sonu??(Sonali shook her head in despair)
Bhaskar:I'm still feeling light-headed from whatever you've just uttered to me,Raj..So much has happened and no one has bothered to even inform me about Bharti at all,not even herself??
Raj:Bhaskar,you should know her more than any of us yaar..
Bhaskar:Yeah Raj,that's the problem...Now i doubt it if i truly know her at all or not..Payal,too,didn't inform me about anything at all..(Raj and Sonali glanced at each other,feeling scared that their assumptions might turn out to be true)
Sonali:Bhaskar,does Bharti have any other number which we could gain access to??Actually we had planned a surprise farewell party at her place since the way Bharti left from MU wasn't too pretty!!However,right now,we've got no idea of where she is since her mobile is switched off!!
Raj:Mahi's with Naina at Bharti's place and if she were there,Mahi would have contacted us to inform us promptly..And Payal's..
Bhaskar:Doing her night shift..(paused for quite some time)
Raj:Asking Jiya is totally out of the question for she might prolly be at Armaan's place or with Armaan,trying to console him and i seriously hope that she's knocking sense into him to forget Bharti..
Bhaskar:Raj,you couldn't possibly deny the fact that if these didn't happen,there was still a chance that Armaan could win her heart...
Raj:Bhaskar,i can't believe that you're saying this...Bharti's your friend and it didn't matter to you at all that he had said all of these,hurting her so badly???
Bhaskar:I just don't know how to react right now,Raj....I'm in a mess in my personal life itself..(Sonali was shocked to see Bhaskar coming open but kept mum)Ohh wait,erm have you contacted her uni mates??Alisha and Sanjana??
Sonali:Bhaskar,we don't have their numbers yaar..
Bhaskar:Come,give me your mobile Sonu..(dialled Sanjana's number)Here,talk to Sanjana..
Sonali:Hhmm ok...(waited for Sanjana to take the call)Ermm hi,is this Sanjana??
Sanjana:Yeahh hi,who is this??
Sonali:Hiii,this is Sonali,Bharti's colleague from Men's Universe..
Sanjana:Yeahh hii...How can i help right now??
Sonali:Actually i wanted to know if i could talk to Bharti..Tried her mobile but it's switched off...
Sanjana:Ohhh dear she's not with me,Sonali...In fact if you could have called 2 hours back,i could easily give my mobile to her but she's not here at the moment...She headed out somewhere else...
Sonali:Any idea where she could be right now??
Sanjana:Maybe she's at home or...Or wait...She did mention something along the lines of wanting to meet Alisha..I'll SMS you Alisha's number in a bit,k??
Sonali:Thanks a lot Sanjana..It really means a lot!!
Sanjana:Sure!!Bye...(hung up)
~After some time~
Sonali received a text message from Sanjana.
xxxHeyy,tried Alisha's landline but she isn't picking it up so she's definitely not at home...Try Alisha's mobile--08453499321--xxx
Sonali instantly dialled Alisha's mobile number and Bhaskar and Raj were waiting eagerly,each of them standing beside her right and left shoulder respectively,trying to hear her out.
Sonali:Guyzz,stop it!!She hasn't even picked up the call yet...And you two are squeezing me!!!
Sonali:She's not picking up!!
Raj:Keep trying...For she's our only hope at the moment!!!(Sonali nodded)

Mahi called up Raj to check with him on Bharti's whereabouts.
Mahi:What??She's still not with you guyzz???
Raj:You heard me right Mahi...
Mahi:What now??
Raj:Sonali's trying Alisha's number while Bhaskar's trying Bharti's number simultaneously...Let's just pray that either of them is reachable!!!
Mahi:Damn it!!!It's all because of me...Arrgghh!!
Raj:Mahi,the last thing i want to hear from you is you blaming yourself entirely for this situation!!!Please yaar..Don't worry,we'll find Bharti...Where's Naina??
Mahi:She's with Payal..Payal just came back from her night shift..Naina's sleeping but we've gotta hurry for Payal said that she needs to leave soon..
Raj:Ok ok,let me think of something and i'll call,k??But please relax,hhmm??
Mahi:Ek minute Raj...
Raj:What is it,babe??
Mahi:Whenever Bharti's upset or mad or just down,she's at Rheo Pub,right??
Raj:Holy crap..Yeah!!!
Mahi:Check there..Maybe she's...
Raj:Ohh Mahi,i love you so much...
Raj:Great..I'll check and call ya,k??And if she's there,i owe you BIG!!
Mahi:Yeah yeah,whatever!!Call me soon!!Bye..
Raj:Bye!!(hung up)Guyzz,any hope???
Sonali:Alisha did pick up once but i really couldn't hear her out...I..
Raj:Sonali,you're going to Bharti's place for Mahi might need you there...Bhaskar and i will head to Rheo Pub according to Mahi's suggestion of Bharti being there whenever she's really upset!!!Gosh,how could we have left that option out??
Sonali:Ohh yeahhh!!
Bhaskar:That's right...Ok,erm Sonu i might need a favour...Could you bring my suitcase to Bharti's place too??And just keep it there for the time being while Raj and i get there??
Sonali:Sure thing...
Raj:Let's get going..Come!!!
~1 Hour Later:Rheo Pub~
Bhaskar and Raj reached Rheo Pub,only to realize that it was totally packed with youngsters,destressing themselves with high pumped dance songs and hip-hop and street dance grooves.Both of them resisted the temptations to join these youngsters and headed to the bar to get themselves a drink each,in an attempt to just observe the place before questioning about Bharti.
Bhaskar:Hii,ermm..(showed Bharti's photo from his mobile)Seen her tonight??
Bartender:Yes,of course..She just left 5 minutes ago..
Bhaskar:What a stupid question,Raj??(looked at the bartender)Yeahh,was she with anyone??
Bartender:She was with 2 guyz and a girl..
Raj:2 guyzz??What is she doing with 2 guyzz??
Bhaskar:Main baat kar raha hoon na yaar...
Raj:Carry on...
Bartender:It seemed that your friend's friend was probably on a date..And the other guy mingled with your friend at the dance floor..
Bhaskar:How can you be so sure about that???
Bartender:The other guy was buying her drinks and she kept wanting more..And basically she's...Just totally in the party mood tonight!!Guess she's the most happiest tonight,after all...
Raj:Huh??Ermm,who was this guy after all??
Bartender:Not a regular though...As much as your friend,Bharti...
Raj:Ok so apparently,Alisha was on a date with a guy and Bharti had been mingling with Alisha's date's acquaintance...So she left with her friend,right??
Bhaskar:On her own??
Bartender:With the guy she was mingling with,tonight...Isn't that obvious???
Bartender:You heard me..Now get yourself excused since the queue is getting longer..(Raj and Bhaskar got out of Rheo Pub and into Raj's car;Raj resumed driving)
Raj:She actually left with some unknown guy??
Bhaskar:Alisha invited her on a double date...??
Raj:Well,i don't think so Bhaskar..I mean,Bharti's not interested,right??
Bhaskar:That's what i've known her for all these while but God only knows what's running in her mind these days..It's surely not in the right place tonight!!
Raj:Where do you want me to go now?
Bhaskar:Heyy,just pull over at the left..Sonu's calling??(Bhaskar answered the call)Haan Sonu,bol...What??Sanju called??What did she say??(paused and then looked at Raj)Ok,we're coming over..Bye!!(hung up)
Bhaskar:Sanju had called to inform her that based on Alisha's call,Bharti's with her and there's nothing to worry about..
Raj:Okk,that doesn't even make any sense at all...So what??The bartender was lying??(Bhaskar parted his lips to say something but then shut his mouth as he pondered)
Bhaskar:Raj,Alisha's not lying either..Why would she??
Raj:The only possible way to find out is by going to her place..Bhaskar,i'll go to her place while you head to Bharti's place,k??You must be dead tired..
Bhaskar:Ok,drop me off first while i get this GPS system activated;i'll key in Alisha's address and it'll be easy for ya..
Raj:Just make up an excuse that i had an emergency,k??And i'll be back asap!!(Bhaskar nodded)
~Armaan's place~
Jiya:Armaan,i'm going to leave,k?But remember that we've got to fly to Goa tomorrow morning itself..
Armaan:Jiya,i don't think i can..
Jiya:Armaan,you can't ditch me at the last moment yaar..I've stuck by you till now and i'll always be there for you...
Armaan:Thanks Jiya..Hhmm ok,i'll try to make it...(Jiya decided not to compel him any further at the moment for he could possibly change his mind any moment)
Jiya:Good night,Armu...Don't worry about Aunty,k??Just give her some time,she'll be fine!!Hhmm??(Armaan nodded and locked the door after Jiya left from there towards her place)I wonder how Raj is;we didn't exactly leave things on a pretty note..But he had the right to be mad at me after all,since i've been increasing Armu's hopes via false promises...Darn it!!!!!Hate it when he's right!!(dialled Raj's number)
~Alisha's place~
Alisha had brought her date,Vedant,to her place.She had poured him and herself a glass of wine each and she had just sat on the sofa comfortably,creating the perfect ambience.It was after a long time that she dated someone who was worth her attention and she gazed at Vedant,who was sipping his drink.Just as she decided to sit a lil closer to him,the doorbell rang.
Alisha:(gritted her teeth in frustration and then opened her eyes to look at Vedant)I'm sorry..Just excuse me!!
Vedant:It's ok..Are you expecting anyone??
Alisha:None right now but it's just gonna take a minute,k?
Vedant:Sure..Just make it quick..
Alisha:Mm hhmm...(murmured rapidly out of frustration)I was about to make my move and there it had to go..Whoever it is,i am so gonna strangle him or her for almost ruining my date and my perfect moment!!(opened the door)Yes??(Raj turned around and smiled subtly)Raj,right??From Men's Universe???
Raj:You sure got that right,Alisha...You look stunning!!(Just then,Vedant voiced out to Alisha,asking for her washroom)
Alisha:(turned her face away from Raj)It's in my room,the first room you see from the dining table..Just turn right from there!!
Vedant:Got it...Thanks!!
Raj:Ooo...So you've brought your date to your place??
Alisha:What do you want,Raj??
Raj:Uff,chill Alisha..I'm not here to spoil your date in any way!!Just call Bharti out,i need to talk to her!!
Alisha:Raj,couldn't you have dialled her mobile number or checked her place instead??You needn't have come here...
Raj:FYI Alisha,i guess i had been doing that for the past few hours but her mobile's switched off!!!And you had called Sanjana to tell her she's with you...So,where is she??
Alisha:She's sleeping in my guest room..She's totally blanked out,hhmm??
Raj:I had gone to Rheo Pub just now and the bartender told me that she had left with your date's friend..So stop lying and tell me what's going on!!
Alisha:Ok fine...Bharti had left with Gaurav,Vedant's good friend and my mentor at work...He's a trustworthy person,Raj!!Actually Gaurav introduced me to Vedant and that's how things started...Knowing how atrociously awful day it had been for Bharti,i decided to let her have a blast when she came over to my place at around 6:30 pm..I brought her to Rheo Pub and introduced her to Gaurav and Vedant...I kinda made it a double date without Bharti's approval and since Gaurav has a liking for Bharti,i...I mean he....You do know what i mean,right???
Raj:WOW...So...Where is this Gaurav??
Alisha:I don't know...They left earlier than us...
Raj:Call him right now and ask where he is,right now and where Bharti is...Right Now!!!
Alisha:My mobile's inside...
Raj:How could you even let your best friend go off with some unknown guy??You may know him from work but does that mean you know him or his intentions personally??You let yourself get carried away in your date with who..Some Vedant and...God,what is so wrong with everyone today??You were my last hope,Alisha and now when i reach you,you tell me this??And may i know something...Why did you lie to Sanjana about Bharti??
Alisha:(gulped down her breath)Raj,Sanjana knows nothing about my date nor does she know anything about me bringing Bharti for a double date..If she got to know,i'd be totally screwed up!!Look,i had been so stressed out at work lately and i just wanted to go for a date and have some fun..When i told Gaurav about this,he introduced me to Vedant and i was really excited..I just wanted to make this a perfect night for me with no thoughts of whether it's going to be for a long term or not...It's been months since i actually went and had great fun on my date!!!Bharti was a lil mad initially but then she played along and agreed with me to have some fun just for the night,not thinking of anything at all...
Raj:I don't care Alisha...I can't believe that you would ditch your friend like that!!!
Alisha:I didn't ditch her,alright???In fact,i'm only thankful to Gaurav that he's attempting to mend my dear friend's world which was shattered,all thanks to your friend,Armaan!!!
Vedant:Alisha...What's...(tapped on Alisha's shoulder)Ermm...
Alisha:Vedant,actually this is my friend,Bharti's colleague..He was questioning about her...
Vedant:Alisha,i'm really sorry about tonight but i have an emergency..I've got to rush back to work for there's an important consignment that needs to sent instantly..Gotta get it delivered to an important client by tomorrow morning itself...
Alisha:Oh ok..(Vedant kissed her cheek)Nitezz..
Vedant:(whispered)I'll call you..(waved to her before looking at Raj,knowing that he had seen him somewhere but he just couldn't recall)
Raj:This is your date???
Alisha:Raj..Yeahh!!Thanks to you that my date got ruined...!!
Raj:You're totally welcome for that and now you're coming with me to find Bharti!!
Alisha:Let me get my mobile at least..
Raj:I'll be waiting for you in my car..Hurry up!!

~After Several Hours~
Raj:This is crazy!!!(stopped his car in the middle of a deserted road and got out,not knowing where he ought to go or what he ought to do)
Alisha:I'm...I'm sorry,Raj...
Raj:Why are you apologizing to me for??
Alisha:Cuz i created this mess!!!It was no need for me to go on a date tonight itself...I should have postponed it!!My friend needed me more than anything but i...
Raj:It's ok Alisha...I screw up most of the time..Mistakes happen,let it be...You wanted a night to yourself,without thinking about anything or letting anything come in the way..I get it and you acted on it and Bharti happily played along and perhaps even if i were in your shoes,i would have been happy for her,feeling so free and burdenless after whatever she had released from her heart at MU...She just needed a pair of wings to fly elsewhere,leaving everything behind...I know her and i can relate to her feeling but i would be more than happy if i got to know that she is in safe hands but right now i'm just so tensed...I'm having so much of missed calls but i can't answer any for i don't know where Bharti is...
Alisha:If it makes you any better..I'm...(pulled her ears and stood before Raj,gesturing him to forgive her)I'm truly sorry!!!She's my best friend,besides Sanjana and Rohan...And i shouldn't have done this at all!!It's all my fault..I should never have..(Raj hugged her and tried to console her)
Raj:It's ok Alisha...We'll figure something out...Come,let's keep searching!!!
~Next Morning~
The morning rays of the sun was directly hitting Bharti's eyes from the glass windows.She adjusted herself,having held the mattress with her and shifted to her right.She closed her eyes,vaguely feeling someone else's presence sleeping next to her.Just then,she opened her eyes instantly and shook her head,wondering if she was dreaming for a split second.She opened her eyes once again and saw someone.A Guy!!!!She abruptly got up despite the blinding sunlight and blinked her eyes in disbelief.By now,she was definitely confident that she wasn't dreaming.This was rather a nightmare!!!
"Gosh,i really shouldn't drink too much that i blank out completely,only to lie next to someone whom i don't even know...Damn it!!!I had spent the night with this guy??Whoever he is,i'm so screwed up!!!What the hell was i thinking last night??Drinking merrily in Alisha's happiness over finding a great date for her...Crap!!I should be sleeping next to my Naina and where do i find myself??God only knows!!!(took off the mattress away from her)Thank God i've got my dress on me..I'm sure nothing must have happened then...Well,i just hope so!!!Before he wakes up,i better grab my heels and leave...(scrammed from there and went outside,looking for an auto)
Just as she turned around,she saw a car.It probably belonged to the guy who brought her to his place.She was practically fuming with anger,just at the thought of the guy who brought her here.She felt as though the car was filled with unwanted,disgusting memories which were mocking at her right now.She instantly took a rock which was by her foot and aimed at the windscreen,crashing it into a million pieces before her very eyes.She looked around and dashed from there before getting caught.She ran further and thankfully,got into an auto,dialling Alisha's number.
Alisha was sleeping on her sofa when she heard her mobile ring.She was awakened by her mobile ringtone but as she stretched her arm,trying to locate her mobile with her eyes shut on the table next to the sofa,she fell off the sofa,hitting her head by the edge of the table.
Raj:You ok??
Alisha:Yeahh i'm...(opened her eyes instantly as she heard Raj)Raj,you didn't go off last night??
Raj:Sorry about that...You were totally berserk and i was way too tired to drive back home..So i just slept here,hope that didn't cause trouble for ya..(Alisha was rummaging through her handbag on the table and finally she found it)
Alisha:Oh,that's fine...Oh holy crap,Raj!!It's Bharti...Ok,sshh..I'll put her on loudspeaker mode..No noise,k??(Raj nodded)Bharti???
Bharti:Yes Alisha,it's me...Look,i'm coming over to your place...But before that,just go and pick Naina up for me while i'll change from your place...So,please leave your spare key around so that i can get inside...
Alisha:Ok,but where are you??I'll..
Bharti:Rehne do..Kal raat ke waje se main waise bhi bohat parishaan hoon...Gosh,i shouldn't have drunk in the first place and now i don't even know where i am,right now..I'm just thankful that i got an auto quick,right after i smashed the windscreen of his car...
Alisha:Whose car??(widened her eyes in shock as she realized that Bharti must prolly have freaked out and she looked at Raj who was glaring at her)Ermm Bharti,do you recall anything??
Bharti:Yes,of course...That my dear friend had a date last night and she must have had a super blast and she just can't wait to feed me the details but i'm so not interested at the point of time,alright Alisha???I can't believe i got drunk in your pursuit of happiness but little clue did i have that i would practically lose my own happiness in the process...
Alisha:So,you were with Gaurav last night,hhmm??
Bharti:Ahhh,your date's friend,am i right??
Bharti:Just shut up!!
Alisha:Arre,how am i supposed to know things would turn out this way??I expected him to be a gentleman enough to drop you home safe and sound...
Bharti:Ohh he very well did..Only that he was too much of a gentleman that he considered much safer for me to sleep next to him on his bed in his place...Arggghhh!!!
Alisha:Bharti,i'm really sorry yaar...You should have stopped me na???I mean..I just wish i could reverse this whole situation around...
Bharti:Ohh wow,that will be super terrific..If only you had a time travelling machine right now,Alisha...
Alisha:Ouchh,my head!!!It's already hurting Bharti..You don't have to rub salt to my head with the endless taunts....
Bharti:Anywayzz i'll be reaching your home soon...So please help me out and get my stuff as well from home...Just tell Payal that i had been at your place all along,k??And whatever that happened last night...It is only between you and me,alright??(Raj winked at Alisha and smiled)
Alisha:Yeahh,i'm gonna have to call you back,k??Bye!!(hung up)What's the smile for,Raj??
Raj:Nothing...Just at the thought of your promise to your friend about how last night's just between you and her!!
Alisha:You're not going to spill any of these to anyone,are you??To your close colleagues and all??
Raj:Ahh,what a lovely thought that must be but seriously,how can you even think so lowly of me,Alisha??
Alisha:Arghh,it's my head..(Raj smiled and patted her head)
Raj:I promise you..
Alisha:What?That you'll tell??
Raj:Shut up Alisha..I promise i won't tell a soul about any of this,not even to Bhaskar or Jiya...Hhmm??(Alisha smiled and gazed at Raj who looked at her as well;just then,both of them realized that Alisha should hurry)
Alisha:I better get going,excuse me...(headed to the washroom)
Raj:(just then,he heard his mobile ring)Think of the dear devil and here she's calling me...(picked up)Heyy Jiya,what's up??
Jiya:Shouldn't i be asking you that since you had not picked up any of my calls since last night???I was dead worried for you but i got even more frustrated when you were not picking up...What the hell's your prob??
Raj:Uff actually i..(bit his tongue as he was about to blabber about Bharti's absence)I was busy...And i just didn't want anyone to call me while i was busy...
Jiya:Not even me??
Raj:Yeahh,not even you...
Jiya:Raj,i just called because....Ok,it's just that i'm getting what you're trying to say or have been trying to convince me ever since Bharti and Armaan got married....
Jiya:You're...You're right,ok??
Raj:I'm right??
Jiya:Yeahh,there i've said it!!
Raj:Why do i feel as though you don't feel it??
Jiya:Damn you Raj...Isn't it enough that i've admitted that you're right??Now you want me to feed your ego??
Raj:Heyy,it wasn't meant to feed my ego..I just want you to mean what you say...
Jiya:I mean it,ok??I won't coax Armaan into thinking about Bharti...I would want him to move on in his life now,alright??
Raj:That's much much better Jiya!!I'm really relieved to hear that from you...
Jiya:Have you heard anything from her as of yet??I mean,she wasn't really in the..You know,she wasn't supposed to leave MU like that...I just felt so pissed with myself in a way,actually...
Raj:Becuase you got drunk and you feel that you gave Armaan a chance to vent his anger on Bharti??
Jiya:Yeahh,isn't it so??
Raj:Not exactly,Jiya for if it weren't for you,it would be through some other reason that Armaan would vent out his frustration on Bharti...And by the way,aren't you supposed to be well-versed with his anger??
Jiya:Shut up Raj...
Raj:(smiled)Chill Jiya...!!And you don't worry about Bharti...She's going on a vacation with Alisha and Sanjana and as long as they are there for her,nothing's gonna break her down...It's a perfect time for her to take a break and have a good vacation!!
Jiya:That's real sweet of her uni mates...I just hope things get sorted out for her real soon....By the way,i'm also heading to Goa with Armaan..He almost ditched me at the last moment...
Raj:Where are you two going???
Jiya:Uff Raj,don't you remember??We were supposed to head to Goa for the exclusive photo shoot with the international models???With Mr Farhan assisting us??
Raj:Oh crap,i totally forgot about it...In the midst of all the tension,i had forgotten about it but i'm glad that Armaan's also having a break..Actually,it's not really a break,is it??
Jiya:Well,not really but it's definitely better than him staying locked up in his room...He was so gloomy and shattered ever since he got to know that Bharti had heard whatever he had shouted at her at the hospital...Who wouldn't???
Raj:What time's the flight??
Jiya:One more hour before the scheduled time for the plane to fly...
Raj:And you're giving me the details now??
Jiya:It's ok Raj...You don't have to head to the airport...I just need a small favour from you!!
Raj:Aha,and that will be...
Jiya:Could you check on Sudha aunty??She hasn't talked to Armaan ever since she got to know about the whole incident...
Raj:And i bet Armaan hasn't managed to talk to his mum out of guilt as well??
Raj:Don't worry,it'll be taken care of,by the time he gets back home from Goa!!!
Jiya:Pakka??Pakka ki tum bhool nahin jaaoge??
Raj:Pakka promise Jiya..Lo tumhaari tasalli ke liye,maine reminder bhi rakh diya hain,k??
Jiya:Ok,it's time to go...Send my love to Khushi and Niyati and our dear babe,Nidhi,hhmm??
Raj:(smiled)Sure,now don't miss the flight because of me...Go!!Take care...
Jiya:You too..Bye!!(hung up)
~Bharti's place~
Alisha:Good morning Payal...(entered as Payal stood by there,opening the door)Sorry,i should have called..You must have been sleeping na??
Payal:No ALisha,i was barely sleeping..I thought you'd bring Bharti along with you...
Alisha:She's getting ready..I'm actually here to pack some of her's and Naina's clothes for the weekends..
Payal:Weekend??But where are you suddenly whisking them off to,huh??
Alisha:Payal,you forgot??Uff!!!Rohan's wedding is this weekend,hunn..Does that ring any bells???
Payal:Oh crap,i totally forgot about it Alisha!!I'm so sorry...In fact,i had been so paranodi about Bharti these past few days that i...
AlishaForget it..Anywayzz,i'll start packing,k?
Payal:I'll make you breakfast...You haven't eaten,have you??
Alisha:Nope,but that is surely no compensation!!
Payal:There's more along the way,so no worries!!(Alisha smiled and as she turned around,she was extremely shocked)
Alisha:Bhaskar??OMG,is that you??(pinched him)
Bhaskar:Ouchh!!Thanks but i'm already awake,Alisha!!
Alisha:Oops,i'm sorry about that..I'm just in shock!!When did you come back??
Payal:Last night,11 plus from London..
Alisha:(thought to herself)Exactly around when Raj made me change and follow him search for Bharti..What a night it was!!
Payal:What are you thinking??
Alisha:Oh gurl,i'll be super late..Bharti must be waiting!!Let me pack her stuff!!Let me gues,you aren't coming either??
Bhaskar:(embraced Payal from behind)I'm really sorry Alisha..In fact,if i had returned earlier,i would have come and attended the cocktail parties,wedding and the reception but right now,my wifey needs me!!But if she's free,i'll bring her with me to Goa,hhmm??
Alisha:Ohho love birds..Alright,which means i can still be a lil hopeful,right??
Alisha:If i keep talking,i'll forget why i had even come here in the first place..(headed to Bharti's room and closed the door)
Just at that instant,Payal let her anger and staunch irritation get the better of her,shoving Bhaskar away from her.
Bhaskar:Payal,what's wrong jaan??You've been avoiding my calls when i was in London and even last night,i left a message for you to pick me up at the airport but you didn't even turn up at all!!Just do me a favour by telling me what's wrong...
Payal:Let go of my hand,Bhaskar...I don't want anyone to know what's going on between us...And right now,i need to make breakfast..(Bhaskar let go of her wrist)
Bhaskar:From last night,i got to know how naturally you could act in front of so many people...But just so you know,you'll definitely have to talk to me openly about everything!!(headed to bathe)
After having had breakfast with Payal and Bhaskar,Alisha and Naina went to her place via Alisha's car after picking up Sanjana.Naina was very excited to go out with her mama,which she normally don't get to do these days as Bharti's extremely busy with work and studies.Therefore,whenver Bharti brings her out,she makes the most out of the trip and this time round,she was extremely elated and ecstatic.
~Mayank's place~
Niharika:Mornin' Mayu..Wake up!!(Mayank took another pillow,adjacent to him,and covered his face)Idiot Mayu!!
Mayank:(barely woke up)I'm not an idiot,Nihu...
Niharika:(took the pillow away from his face)Yes,you are and if you aren't,then wake up!!(pulled Mayu's hand and made him sit upright)
Mayank:You're such a pain, i tell ya..It's the weekend for God's sake!!Let me sleep na??
Niharika:No,you're not..You promised me you would accompany me to the mall to shop..
Mayank:Niharika,why are you bent on torturing me and my weekend??
Niharika:I'm so not,alright??In fact,i'm stocking up on ingredients for our dinner with Mahi..You've invited her for tomorrow,right??(Mayank blinked his eyes in disbelief and rubbed them)So,eat your breakfast and get ready,k??(left from there)
Mayank:Shux!!I thought i told Nihu about cancelling the dinner plans..(thought for a while)Ohhh right,i only suggested that it's not the right time to let Mahi come over for dinner but Nihu just ourightly turned down my suggestion..Today,i've got to somehow tell her that Mahi won't be coming!!(headed to the washroom)
~Alisha's place~
Sanjana was utterly shocked to hear from Raj that he had spent the night at Alisha's place and confronted her in her kitchen while Raj was talking to Bharti and Naina.
Sanjana:What do you mean by Raj sleeping here??
Alisha:Sanjee,it's just what you've heard..That's the exact meaning!!Bharti and i had a couple of drinks last night and we came back to my place..That's how we saw Raj waiting outside my place and since you had apparently Sonali that Bharti's here,she must have called Raj and informed him,hhmm??Plus he wanted to talk to Bharti too...
Sanjana:That still doesn't explain why he was sleeping here..Wait a sec,is there something going on between you two??
Alisha:(widened her eyes in shock)Geez!!No Sanjee!!!I had a date last night,alright??
Sanjana:What????(Alisha turned away instantly,feeling like such an idiot for blabbering)You had a date and what was Bharti..(Alisha interrupted Sanjana promptly with a thunderbolt excuse)
Alisha:Bharti's my date,hhm??
Alisha:Now,why are you looking at me as if you don't believe me??Come on,it was a long while since we've been on girl dates...
Bharti:Uffo,what's worng with you two??We're running late..Chalo!!(brought Sanjee with her)
Alisha:Phew!!Baal baal bach gayi!!
Raj:So..(startled Alisha)How many lies has it been??
Raj:Ass that to your list of lies!!
Alisha:I'm leaving..Bye!!Actually hold on,i'll SMS you the tale which i just told Sanjee,just in case she were to contact you,so please keep the story straight!!Can i trust you to do that??
Raj:Sure thing...I'll get going as well..Bye!!
Raj:(went outside to meet Bharti and Naina who's already made themselves comfy in the Lexus car which was an open-type sports car)By the way,where is Rohan's wedidng??
Bharti:Goa..We're headed there for the weekend..Care to join us??
Raj:I'd lurve to Bharti,but right now i've got some personal stuff to sort out..Heyy,wait!!(Alisha was about to drive off)Where did you say you were going??
Alisha:(turned up the jukebox)Letz go..Bye Raj!!!(Off they went and it just hit Raj then)Oh crap!!Jiya and Armaan are headed to Goa as well..And they'll be there for the weekendzz too..(slapped his forehead and shrugged)askar

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