Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, April 21, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 248~

Sanjana:So tell me Bharti...How did your "girls date" go last night??Alisha told me about it..
Bharti:Alisha did?
Alisha:Yeahh,of course..What's there to hide??
Bharti:It was totally crazy...I mean,i didn't even realize that she had planned a double date!!
Alisha:(murmured)Oh crap!!!
Sanjana:Alisha,what double date??
Bharti:Alisha,i thought you promised me you wouldn't mention it to anyone...(Alisha secretly forwarded the SMS she had sent Raj earlier,to Bharti)
Alisha:Of course,i didn't Bharti...Sanjee's talking about our girls' date..
Sanjana:Bharti just uttered double date,Alisha..Spill it!!
Alisha:Alirght,chill...We were both on a girls' date,had a couple of drinks and...Plus two guyzz were eyeing us from a distance..I had my fun and to cheer herself and me up,Bharti too had a bit of fun with me,hhmm??(Alisha gestured Bharti to play along with her by looking at Bharti who was seated behind via the rear mirror)
Sanjana:Couldn't you have told me earlier??(increased the volume of the jukebox)So,how was the night,Bharti??
Bharti:Gosh Sanjee,you're one crazy girl craving for juicy gossip...Anywayzz,it was nothing which i can recall at the moment..Heyy,turn up the volume..This is Nadaan Parindey from Rockstar,na??(hummed the tune together with Alisha and Sanjana)
Sanjana:I would have joined you guyzz too..So much for not inviting me..
Alisha:It's ok,babe..You were totally drained out from work last night and you did tell me that you didn't want to be disturbed as well and hence,i didn't call..Now,just put the past behind and let's look to the future...It's Rohan's wedding yaar...
Sanjana:Yipzzie!!Actually i still can't believe that he's actually getting married...
Raj had reached Trends a few hours later in the afternoon.He walked hastily towards the receptionist,Maria to enquire about the possibility of meeting Mayank.
Maria:Sir,you were asking...
Raj:Erm,is Mr Mayank Sharma around??
Niharika:Hi Maria..Actually Mayank won't be available today or tomorrow..Gosh,i wonder when he's started work over the weekends as well..(saw Raj and stopped talking)Heyy Raj..(Raj simply nodded and smiled)I said Hi..(tried sounding as cheery as possible)
Maria:Is there any message you will like to pass to Mr Mayank??
Niharika:Raj,you can pass the message to me...
Raj:(pointed his index finger at Niharika but he kept it down)You...(paused and looked at Maria)Maria,thanks!!(left from there)
Niharika:Heyy!!!(followed him to the lift lobby)I just said Hi..Why are you not even talking to me???
Raj:Check with your memory bank..Surely something beneath the heap of mess,you could recall telling me to stay away from you and that's exactly what i'm doing..Now,will you please excuse me?(Just then Khushi got out of the Trends office)
Raj:Khushi,heyy!!You came for work today?
Khushi:Yeah,i thought of talking to Mayank but then he's not here so i'm just heading for home..
Raj:In that case,let's lunch together at Phoenix and i'll drop you home..In fact,i was here to meet Mayank as well..
Khushi:Great minds think alike,eh??Oh hi Niharika..Gotta go,talk to ya later..(Niharika nodded)Chalo Raj!!(Raj saw the disappointed look on Niharika's face as the lift door gradually closed)
~Octave Mall~
Mayank:What's wrong??You seem so quiet..
Niharika:Nothing Mayu..Just thinking!!
Niharika:(diverted the topic)About you and Mahi..I mean,how did she bring this change in you in the first place??
Mayank:FYI,she didn't change me,k?
Niharika:Yeah,yeah whatever..I'm just so glad that she did what i couldn't get to do to you..But then...
Niharika:How did she change in the first place??
Mayank:What do you mean?
Niharika:Actually Mayu,Raj had brought her to my salon at night as a surprise for her once..It was actually the day she got d...di..divorced...How did she actually...(looked at Mayank)What's wrong ,Mayu??
Mayank:You knew about her divorce?
Niharika:I don't know much..But i was so glad that i could bring the beautiful smile on her face that night after her makeover...(Mayank recalled the firt time he met her and how he had come across her card and smiled)Ahemm....(snapped at Mayank)
Niharika:Chale?Mujhe bohat zyaada bhookh lag rahi hain..
~Goa:Alisha's place~
Bharti saw the smile and cheery spirit pervading through Naina as she kept looking at her daughter feeling so lost in the decorations being set up in Alisha's place.Just then.Bharti's eyes were covered by two plams.She felt the palms and instantly recognized it to be none other than Rohan.
Bharti:Rohan??(Rohan took his hands off Bharti's eyes and she turned around)
Rohan:Crap,you caught me as alwayzz!!
Bharti:Met my princess,Naina??
Rohan:Alisha and Sanju showed me the pics of her's and yourself together..Hi Naina...
Bharti:Naina,this is Alisha didi's brother,Rohan..
Rohan:May i have the pleasure of carrying you and showing you my place??(Naina looked at Bharti who nodded and smiled;Rohan smiled widely and carried Naina)You two are so cute!!Come Naina...
~Phoenix Restaurant~
Khushi:So,have you dialled Mayank's number??(came from the washroom after washing her hands)
Raj:I'm trying..Ok,it's ringing finally...Here,talk to him..
Khushi:Raj,i don't know what to say..Please help me out na..
Raj:Ok fine,come...(Khushi passed the mobile back to Raj and without even listening,he started talking)Hi Mayank..Listen i know perhaps you might be busy at this point of time but i was hoping that maybe you could consider about Khushi's state and reply me asap..I mean,she can't be waiting forever..I know she had signed a contract with your company but is there anything you could do so that neither her job is affected nor is her best friend's life at risk??
Niharika:Raj,hi..Ermm,Mayank is away and i'll pass your message to him right away..Don't worry,he'll call you right away once he's fr..(realized that Raj had already disconnected the call)Hel...(suppressed her irritation when Mayank joined her for lunch)
Mayank:Kiska phone tha??
Niharika:Raj ka...He called to know your decision about Khushi and her friend...
Mayank:Damn,i totally forgot about that...Remember he came to talk at home the other day??It was about this matter and i forgot to call him back...
Niharika:What are you going to..Oh wait,this is your official matter so sort it out on your own...
Mayank:Uffo Nihu...Order something light for me and order some for yourself while i talk to Raj...Excuse me...
~Nyle Resort~
Jiya:Armaan,you comfy in here??
Armaan:I'm fine,Jiya..Have you contacted Mr Farhan??
Jiya:Yes,done that plus i contacted Sunny and he has informed me of the stay of the international models...Mr Farhan's in charge of them and we can begin our shoot tomorrow,hhmm??Today,basically we can venture out and just relax!!
Armaan:Hhmm ok...
Jiya:I'll just walk around the resort a bit..Wanna join me??
Armaan:No,it's ok...I just need to lie down for a while..
Jiya:Okiezz..I'll come by after some time..(left from there)
Armaan woke up from the soft bed which had its white spreads creased as he got up.He had no idea of the time but as he shifted the curtains away to let the brightness of the daylight enter,he realized it was due for the sun to pave way for the moon,preparing itself,pervading the crimson atmosphere throughout the sky.Nevertheless,the people out there was only beginning to party at the beach.Indeed,Goa was so different from Mumbai--so full of life and vibrancy.Yet,somehow,he felt so detached and lonely.He recollected how Bharti had always said that despite being surrounded by her friends,there always remained a part of her which would feel so detached and left to wander ailmlessly,somewhere far.He didn't know why Bharti had felt so,but right then,he knew that he's lonely and incomplete without Bharti beside him.Raj's words kept echoing in his ears,that BHarti will never love a guy like him.He gradually closed his eyes in pain,letting his tear flow.Just then,he heard the doorbell ring.Thinking it to be Jiya,he took his bath towel and went inside the washroom,turning on the shower to the optimum.He progressively knelt down,letting the warm drops of water run from his head down his spine and legs.Not being able to eradicate Bharti from his mind despite being far away from her,angered him even more as he kept banging his hand on the wall real hard.
~Mayank's place~
Niharika:Mayu,bataao na..
Niharika:Mahi ke favourite dishes..
Mayank:Uffo Nihu,how would i know?
Niharika:Excuse me???What do you mean by that,now??
Mayank:I...I mean..(hesitated)You know her,don't you??She's a great foodie and she always experiments...
Niharika:Carry on,i wanna hear more..
Mayank:What's there to hear,Nihu??That's it!!
Niharika:You're telling me that you don't even know your girlfriend's tastes???Her likes and dislikes???
Mayank:I didn't mean that...I do know...
Niharika:Fine,tell me then...What does she exactly like??
Mayank:(gulped down his breath and grinned)Well,for a start..(thought of the foods which he saw her eating outside at a restaurant opposite Nirvana Hall)She loves pizza,pasta..Look,she loves experimenting with her tastes,be it Italian,Chinese,Indian,oriental or even Turkish dishes too...
Niharika:(looked blankly at Mayank,feeling super pissed at the moment but she tried to suppress her emotions)For God's sake,Mayu,why do your words give me this feeling that you know nutz about her??
Mayank:That's not true,Nihu!!!
Niharika:Ok,then tell me what's my favourite food??
Mayank:Anything i cook with a spicy and tangy flavour to it,especially seafood dishes...And one of your favourites include Mayank-made beef lasagne and you simply love the tangy sauce melting in your mouth...
Niharika:Now,does this not prove something to you,Mayu??
Niharika:Oh God,Mayu!!You know nutz about Mahi..How can you not know anything about your girlfriend??(Just as Mayank was about to answer her,his mobile started to vibrate and he grinned before excusing himself to take the phone call,leaving an extremely frustrated Niharika at the dining table)
~Bhaskar's place~
Bhaskar had no clue that Payal had to work on the weekends as well.while waiting for her,he decided to explore some of the new recipe books and create a fusion dish.He had done so once,hence risking his dinner chances to woo Payal.He then recollected an incident which let himself and Payal in a laughter riot.
Bhaskar had just reutrned home after purchasing some of his after-shaves.Payal and Bharti were busy chit-chatting while Payal was cutting the ingredients.
Payal:When will you ever learn to cook,Bharti?
Bharti:Heyy!!It's not as if i don't know how to..Usually,Mom would have cooked everything by the time I'm home or when i wake up..
Payal:Yeahh i get it..You just don't get the chance to cook na??So now,the entire fault is Sudha aunty's,hhmm??Phone lagaadoo unhe??
Bharti:Arre yaar..Tum meri chugli kar rahe ho??
Bharti:At least i'm way better than Bhaskar...
Bhaskar:Excuse me ladies...What's up??
Payal:Thank Gid Bhaskar you're here...Now i can prove it to Bharti..
Bhaskar:Prove what,jaan??
Payal:That you're a much better cook as compared to Bharti..
Bhaskar:(almost choked)Tum yeh sab prove kyun karna chahthe ho,jaan??
Payal:Bhaskar!!(Bhaskar noticed the subtle grin on Bharti's face as she looked away while munching on the cashew nuts)
Bhaskar:Bohat hassi aa rahi hain tumhe,hmm?
Bharti:Nahin toh..(suppressed her laughter)
Payal:You'll make dinner right??(pinned her high hopes on Bhaskar)
Bharti:Fat hope,dear...Yeh aur khaana banaayega??Sawaal hi paidha nahin hota..
Bhaskar:Arre Payal,Bharti sahi toh keh rahi hain..Main khaana nahin banaane waala hoon,hmm??(turned around)
Bharti:Haan Payal,Bhaskar ke bas mein yeh sab nahin hain..Bechara tih darr tha hain..
Bhaskar:Whoa...Excuse me???
Bharti:Mujhe galat saabit karke dikhaao Bhaskar,"The Man"...Chal Payal!!(Payal had secretly turned around and gave him a Thumbs Up,wishing him best of luck,accompanied by a flying kiss)
--End Of Flashback--
Bhaskar heard the sound of the microwave oven and kept the apple crumble mix to be baked while while he prepared pasta,just how Payal had once taught him.Pondering over the flashback,he had managed to prove Bharti wrong eventually after multiple failed attempts with the recipe found in Payal's book which she had stealthily passed to him when she had gone to the kitchen to drink water.Till today,Bharti had no clue of what really happened,all thanks to Payal who have had kept her promise to her hubby.
~Pushpak's place~
Sonali had just reached home after finishing her meeting.Pushpak had opened the door and had gone to watch TV,without showing any sense of contentment that she's back home.This had not happened to her before and she pondered what the matter could be,as she entered inside and locked the door.She then noticed the smile on Madhura's face and suspected that something's surely in the air.Nevertheless,she went to her room,leaving her bag on the bed while heading to the washroom for a quick shower.
As soon as she got out,she was surprised to see her bag being ransacked by Madhura who stopped searching as soon as she heard the sound of the washroom door having been opened.Madhura turned around and smiled at Sonali whose fury was on the verge of bursting anytime soon,had it not been for Pushpak coming in.
Pushpak:Maa,tum yahaa ho aur maie aapko kahaa nahin dhoonda...Aapke liye ek call hain..
Madhura:Excuse me..
Sonali:Ek minute,Maa..Aapko yeh nahin lagta ki mere har ek cheez ko waapas mere hi handbag mein rakhni chaahiye??
Pushpak:Sonu,yeh tum kya..
Sonali:No wayzz,Pushpak,tum kuch nahin bologe...Bolna toh Maa ko hain jinhone mere bag ki talaashi li thi jab main shower mein thi..Toh boliye na...Maa....
Pushpak:Maa,aap jaa kar phone attend karo..(Madhura left with a subtle grin)Yeh kaisa tarika hain mere Maa se baat karne ka,huh Sonu???
Sonali:Sawaal agar poochna hi hain Pushpak,toh main bhi tumse pooch sakti hoon..In fact,main Maa se yeh pooch sakthi hoon ki unhe kya zaroorat thi mere bag ki talaashi lene ki...Agar kuch chaahiye thi,toh woh mujhse directly pooch lete,iss tarha choro ki tarha kamre mein guss kar yeh sab nahin karte...
Pushpak:Sonu,tum meri Maa ko chor..Tum..
Sonali:Ok,i'm sorry about that Pushpak..i didn't mean it that way but i will not tolerate anyone invading my personal space...I just won't tolerate it and you,of all people,know that...
Pushpak:I know Sonu..I'm just...Can we please just put this matter to rest??
Sonali:What???You wanna put this matter to rest??Ok fine,then ask Maa to say sorry...
Sonali:She messed this up so it's only right if she clears up this mess...And unless she doesn't ask for forgiveness,i will not put this matter to rest!!!I don't know what you think Pushpak but as far as i am concerned,this is not a petty matter at all,ok??I just don't know what Maa wants from me...But whether you like it or not,i'm warning you that she's trying to create differences between us--that's for sure!!And as a result,you're changing gradually...
Pushpak:Are you crazy,Sonu??Why would she ever do that???Actually,it's you who are changing...Today i really didn't realize the truth in what Maa had said at MU...You no longer have importance for me in your life...All you could ever care about is your friends,Mahi,Raj...
Sonali:Ahh,so finally she had decided to open her mouth...So,what did she say??That she saw Raj dropping me off late at night a day or so back??She saw Raj hugging me and figured that something's cooking between me and Raj???
Pushpak:What???When did he drop you off??
Sonali:What a perfect son indeed,who knows the nature of genuine acting!!!
Pushpak:I really have no clue of this and Maa didn't even talk about this,Sonu...Now,will you tell me when was this??
Sonali:Ok,i was with Raj on the night before Mahi's and Mayank's relationship got publicized on the TOI..We had gone to several publications,requesting on not publishing the rumours which had gone widespread...And as much as we tried,all our attempts had foiled..I just don't know how the info got leaked...
Sonali:You know what,Pushpak?I don't care what others may think of me...Mahi needed me badly and i was there for her..And had you not bothered to ask why Maa tried to create a rift between me and Mahi as well??It's Mahi who knew me so well who didn't believe her or let her trick get in the way of our friendship..Anywayzz,coming back to what has happened here,this is not insignificant matter for me to put behind..Today,it may be the case of my ransacked handbag..Tomorrow,if we were to get married,other grave things may prop up..
Pushpak:Sonu....What are you...
Sonali:Pushpak,i really love you but you've got to face it...Maa hates me and one day,there might reach a point where you may have to choose between your girlfriend,whom you only knew for a few months and your Maa,who raised you up...To avoid such intenseful drama,i've got a solution...Let's just not live in any longer...Let's just take a step back and perhaps take a break for some time...I'm sorry Pushpak!!(Pushpak stood back,watching Sonali pack her stuff;he tried to help but she refused his offer,making him leave from there,teary eyed)
Just as she was done,she saw Madhura once again entering the room.Noticing the subtle grin on her face,Sonali simply rolled her eyes.
Madhura:Beta,aap iss tarha bags pack karke kahaa jaa rahe ho??
Sonali:Ohho,aap mujhse baat kar rahe hain??Par please aaj ke baad aap mujhe beta ya beti kehna bhi matt!!
Madhura:Tum bura kyun maan rahi ho Sonali?Tum mere apne hi toh ho..
Sonali:Main yeh galat fehmi aapke mann se nikalna chahthi hoon ke main aapki apni nahin hoon...Aur agar main bura maanna shuru karungi th aapko andaaza nahin hain ki main kya kar sakti hoon..(hung her handbag on her shoulder and pulled her suitcase along but stopped and turned around)Mujhe zaroor bataa hain ki aap mujhe bilkul bhi pasand nahin karte ho par mera yahaa se jaane ka yeh matlab matt nikaalna ki main Pushpak ki zindagi se hamesha ke liye jaa rahi hoon...
Madhura:Toh kya matlab nikaalu,Sonali?
Sonali:(felt disgusted)You're just unbelievable,you know that?Main aapke iss mukhote se bohat waaqif hoon aur bohat jald,aapki beta bhi ho jaayega...Main aapko tab tak maaf kaungi jab tak aap khud mujhse maafi nahin maang lete,aur woh din zaroor aayegi!!!Jahaa tak mere aur Pushpak ki baat hain,aap yeh hamesha yaad rakhna ki main Pushpak se bohat pyaar karti hoon aur woh bhi mujhse!!Koi humein alag nahin kar paayega..
Madhura:Itna barosa hain apne pyaar par?
Sonali:Khud se zyaada barosa hain Pushpak par..Aur aap toh yeh usool sunaa hi hoga ki dooriyaan pyaar ko aur mazboot banaati hain...Mujhe kis cheez ki darr nahin hain!!Chalti hoon..(Sonali left from there but as she loaded her suitcase into her car,Pushpak headed towards her)I'm done Pushpak...(turned to go but Pushpak held her wrist)
Pushpak:Jaana zaroori hain kya?
Sonali:Pushpak,mujhe kamzor matt karna..Filhaal,tumhe apni Maa ki zyaada zaroorat hain..(Sonali took his hand off her wrist and got inside the car and drove off from there with tears in her eyes)
~Bhaskar's place~
Payal used her keys to unlock the door.Just as she entered,she saw candles lit everywhere around the hall and the dining table in particular.The scented candles simply invigorated her soul,tired from work.In addition to that,she saw the pasta and apple crumble and smiled widely.She couldn't resist taking the spoon laid on the dining table to taste the dishes but just then,she saw Bhaskar and her appetite got flushed down.She kept the spoin back and turned to go to her room but Bhaskar rushed towards her and appeared before her.Payal tried moving to her left and to her right but Bhaskar cornered her,preventing her from progressing forward.Eventually,Payal stopped trying and looked him in the eye.
Bhaskar:Payal,taste the foods na..I had made them especially for ya..
Payal:Mujhe bhookh nahin hain..Excuse me!!
Bhaskar:Payal,tum hamesha kehte ho na ki humein apna gussa khaane par uthaarna nahin chaahiye,right?Please....Ok,mai tumhe khilaatha hoon..(took a plate ad placed some pasta and a few slices of the apple crumble)Mu kholo..(Payal glared at him)
Payal:Tum ek kaam kyun nahin karlete??Jiya ko khaane pe yahaa bulaao aur ek doosre ko khaana khilaao,hhmm?
Bhaskar:Payal,main Jiya ko yahaa kyun bulaaonga??
Payal:Dikhaava karna koi tumse seekhe,Bhaskar!!Tumhe kya lagta hain,ki mujhe kuch bhi pata nahin hain ab tak??Ki tumhaare aur Jiya ke beech kya chal rahi hain??
Bhaskar:Payal,kya bol rahi ho tum?Mere aur Jiya ke beech kya ho sakta hain??
Payal:Bhaskar,zyaada bano matt!!Mujhe sab kuch bata chal chuki hain..Kyunki maine tumhe aur Jiya ko baat karte huwe sunn liya tha..Tumhaare ek phone call aur woh bhi London se..Argghh!!(bangedher fist on the wall extremely hard)
Bhaskar:Payal!!Hosh mein toh ho??Kya kar rahi ho tum??
Payal:Don't you dare touch me,Bhaskar...(wiped her tears)Hamesha se maine yehi Bharti ko samjhaane ki koshish ki hain ke sacha pyaar ab bhi barkaraar hain iss duniya mein..Par woh hamesha se yeh zidd par athal thi ki aisa kuch nahin hain aur aaj pehli baar mujhe aisa lagne lagi hain ki waaqay mein sacha pyaar iss duniya mein hain hi nahin...Kyunki jis pyaar par mujhe kar din garv mehsoos hoti thi,aaj woh bhram too chuki hain,ab jo tumhe kisi aur se pyaar ho gaya hain..Jiya Mishra se!!
Bhaskar:Payal,ba bhi karo!!Tum jaante bhi ho ki tum kya keh rahi h??Jiya ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi matt bolo,please!!
Payal:Bohat dard ho raha hain tumhe,hhmm??Toh theekh hain,jo jee mein aaye wohi karo!!(headed to the washroom,venting out her anger in streaming tears)
Bhaskar was totally devastated by his wife's accusation.Howver,much more than himself,he just couldn't imagine the depth of the wound which he had possibly given Payal this time round,such that she's not being fully open with him.He still can't fathom how his phone call could have led to Payal's suspicion of him cheating on her.He could never cheat on her for he knew that ever since he had fallen in love with Payal,he wanted to share his life with only her,not anyone else.But hearing it from Payal herself made it even more formidable to think clearly.He laid his head on the sofa while having seated himself on the carpet on the floor adjacent to the sofa and soon,he fell asleep.
Meanwhile,Armaan got out of the washroom,only to realize that Jiya had come with lots of tickets for some carnival and she practically seemed like a child who's up to decorating her room with balloons.Seeing her just made him smile and Jiya noticed him having changed and it made her gleeful,thinking that she had made him smile.
Armaan:What's up with you and the balloons??
Jiya:Nn..nothing..You know,it's just so long since i had a vacation of my own...
Armaan:Ahem,we are not here on a vacation and as far as i can recall,i think you actually went to London recently as well...
Jiya:Arre yaar,woh toh business trip tha aur woh bhi Bhaskar ke saath..Par yeh toh tumhaare saath hain...Aur tum toh waise bhi jaante ho na ki main tumhaare saath apne aap reh sakti hoon...I mean,i can just be myself with you and Raj...
Armaan:Acha??Aur Bhaskar??
Armaan:Tum apne aap kyun nahin reh sakti Bhaskar ke saamne??
Jiya:It's not like how i can be with the two of you na...You two know me so well,much more than how Bhaskar knows me...

Jiya:Uff Armaan,anywayzz...I've got some carnival tickets...There's some carnival going on plus i guess there is some sorta Indian couple's wedding preps going on...Though i wish i could get inside to find out,the whole stage was kinda covered up and there were lots of people...
Armaan:Jiya,aren't we here for the shoot??Have you even contacted Mr Farhan in the first place???
Jiya:Arre yaar,woh sab karlenge..Pehle,kuch khaate hain...Aur uske baad tum mere saath chal rahe ho beach par...(Armaan was about to stop her but she interrupted his thoughts)Nothing will change our planz Armaan...You're coming with me,that's it!!So get ready....(winked at him)
~Mahi's place~
Mahi was just about to switch off the blaring tubelights before heading to her sofa to catch some TV time with the dim lights on,when she heard her doorbell ring.She looked at the time and wondered who it could be and looked at the peep-hole of her door.She was shocked to see Sonali and quickly opened the door.She grew far more shocked to see her best friend with a large VIP suitcase accompanying her.Mahi locked her home door after Sonali entered.
Mahi:Ermm,what exactly is your suitcase doing here??And why are you even here in the first place??Ok,don't give me that look...I mean,you're alwayzz welcome here yaar but what happened all of a sudden??That you left home??Wait a sec,does Pushpak know that you're here???(Sonali ignored her questions and headed to the kitchen,opening the refrigerator and gulped down the bottle of chilled water)Heyy,i'm talking!!
Sonali:Yeahh,i have ears which are fully intact,Mahi...
Mahi:So??Answer them!!
Sonali:Mood nahin hain...
Mahi:Arre!!!Aise kaise mood nahin hain??Theekh hain,tu aisi nahin maanegi na...Main Pushpak phone karti hoon...(Sonali choked on the water;she kept the bottle aside and instantly rushed to Mahi and snatched the phone away from her and hung up)
Sonali:Pagal ho gayi hain kya?
Mahi:Toh iska matlab yeh hain ki Pushpak ko nahin bata ki tum yahaa aaye ho??
Mahi:Shayad??Oye!!Look into my eyes...Tell me what's going on...
Sonali:Look into your eyes??Gosh Mahi...I'm not your...
Mahi:Shut up and just answer me...What is going on??Did Pushpak say anything??(paused and then it hit her)What did Pushpak's mum do??
Sonali:How did you...
Mahi:Answer me!!
~Anjali's Sangeet~
Several relatives were arriving with the mehendi for Anjali,who, both Alisha and Sanjana were dressing up while Naina watched them in sheer admiration at the make-up kits and heavily-embroidered sarees.
Anjali:Naina,do i look pretty??
Naina:(smiled widely)Hmm Anji aunty...
Alisha:Lollz iski kismat toh dekho..Shaadi se phle aunty ho gayi...
Anjali:Ahem...Tum dono bhi toh..
Sanjana:Na nah Anji...Naina toh humein did bulaatein hain...
Naina:Nahin...Mama ne to mujhse kahi thi ki jab mann chaahein main aapko bhi aunty bulaa sakti hoon..
Alisha:Ab yeh kya baa ho gayi huh Naina??Waise tumhaari mama hain kahaa??
Bharti was having a glass of cool sherbet after having welcomed the guests with the trays of sherbet before Rohan's mum took over and asked her to rest.
Bharti:Gosh,Rohan must be dying to meet his bride...(smiled)He's just so much in love...
KK:And so are you!!
Bharti:(almost choked on her sherbet and saw KK having seated beside her)Tum???(turned around and wondered if anyone was watching them and she quickly held his hand and brought him out and away from the stage tent to the beach)Tum yahaa pe kya kar rahe ho??
KK:Mujhe aisa laga tha ki tumhe meri zaroorat hain...
Bharti:Yeah right!!!The last person whom i would be dying to talk to you would be you,Mr KK!!!
KK:Tum abhi tak kisi aur se naaraaz ho aur tum mujh par apna gussa nikaal rahe ho.Ms Bharti??
Bharti:Kya??Kya bak rahe ho tum??
KK:Main kuch bak nahin raha hoon..Sachaayi tumhaare saamne rak rahi hoon...Kuch dino se tum itna parishaan ho aur gussa bhi...Khaas kar ek shaks par...Kya main galat hoon???
Bharti:Tum kiske baarein mein baat..Main kisi se naaraaz nahin hoon....
Just then,Jiya and Armaan managed to take a sneak peak at the tent.Armaan shook his head,looking at Jiya's excitement.
Armaan:What the hell are you so excited about??It's someone's wedding preps,i get it...So??
Jiya:Dude,don't you see what i see??
Jiya:Uffo,don't you see Alisha and Sanjana??
Jiya:Arre,they were there a second ago...Crap,the relatives are blocking my view....
Armaan:It is just your illusion and don't think that i will give into your plea, this time round,hhmm??And...I need some fresh air so i'm heading to the beach...Join me asap without getting yourself in any sort of trouble,got it??

KK:Acha??Toh ab tak usse maaf kyun nahin kiya??
Bharti:Kis usse???
KK:Arre,usse jisse tumne apna saara ristha thod diya tha...(Bharti pretended as though she didn't know what he was talking about)Par mujhe bata hain ki uska koi kusoor nahin hain...(Bharti glared at KK)
Bharti:Oh hello..Tum kya jaante ho,huh??Main toh bhool hi gayi thi ki tumhe to sab kuch bata hota hain na??Toh phir aaj kya hua???Tum Armaan ki taraf daari kyun kar rahe ho??Usne na jaane kya kuch nahin keh diya..Mujh par ilzam lagaate chala gaya aur tum yeh keh rahe ho ki woh galat nahin hain???How could he even say that i'm inauspicious or even that i'm incapable of being a mom??
KK:Acha,toh tum Armaan ke baarein mein ab tak soch rahi ho,hhmm??Usne toh ek aur ilzam lagaaya tha na??Ki tumne apne mom aur dad ki divorce karwaayi thi...Nazar kyun churaa rahe ho Bharti??Kam se kam yeh ek ilzam toh shayad..
Bharti:Just shut up!!!Main unn dono ke baarein mein kuch bhi sunnaa nahin chahthi!!(wiped her tears away)He's got no right to say anything about me for he knows nothing about me or my past!!!He doesn't know what i had gone through in my adolescent years..
KK:Tum ab tak Armaan ke baarein mein kyun soch rahi ho Bharti jab ke woh ek ajnabee ho gaya hain na tumhaare liye??Ya phir tumhe bohat dard mehsoos ho rahi hain ki woh tumse hamesha hamesha ke liye door jaa raha hain??Kya yeh pyaar toh nahin hain,Bharti??
KK:Dekh hi toh raha hoon...Tum yeh baat maano ya na maano,tumhe pyaar ho chuka hain...Uh-uh,mujhe thokna matt,hamesha ke tarha...Iss baar main tumhe raaha dikhaaonga tumhaare humsafar ke taraf..
Bharti:What crap!!I'm not even listening to you,do you hear me???(just then someone tapped on her shoulder and Bharti turned around)Dekho KK,tum...
Sanjana:KK??Yaar,main Sanjana hoon...Who's KK??(Bharti had looked around but KK had already vanished)
Bharti:Koi nahin...Bas apne aap se baatein kar rahi thi...
Sanjana:Hhmm..Anywayzz,chal aa jaa....Anji's calling ya...
Alisha:Come Bharti...Dance with us!!
Bharti:Mood nahin hain yaar...
Alisha:Uff..(pulled her inside and made her dance and soon,Naina too danced along with Anjali)
~Mahi's place~
Mahi:Whoa...She's got some nerve indeed!!But Pushpak didn't say anything??
Sonali:I didn't expect him to,for i didn't want to put him in a tight spot...
Mahi:Then why did you come from there??If that's what you wanted in the first place,why did you have to pack??
Sonali:Mahi,if i stayed on,he will think that it's no big deal..And it can be truly devastating if i were to stay and let him believe that this has not affected me at all..You know what i mean??
Mahi:(nodded)Hmm i know...Are you ok??You know,you don't have to hold it so strongly in front of me...You can cry in front of me....
Sonali:I know that...I know you're alwayzz here for me...
Mahi:(smiled weakly before her eyes welled up)Come here...(Sonali and Mahi hugged each other tightly,rubbing each other's shoulders in assurance before withdrawing from their hug)Come,i'll get you something to spice your mind up...
Sonali:Great..I'll get changed and come...(Mahi nodded)
~A few minutes later~
Mahi heard her mobile ringing.She saw Sadoo on her mobile.
Mahi:Crap!!Why is he calling me??(disconnected the call)
Sonali:Here i am...You know Mahi,for a sec..It seems as though we're having a slumber party or something...(talked a it dramatically,making Mahi laugh)You have become my long lost sibling..Actually no..Ok,i know i can't take the position of Khanak, your younger sis but i can sure be competition for her...Lollzz...
Mahi:Talking about her,she hasn't called me in a week..Wonder what's up with her...
Sonali:You actually look forward to her calls??
Mahi:Mind you,i know she can be annoying..But she's my dear sibling!!
Sonali:Yeah yeah,ok...(Mahi's mobile rang again but this time round,Sonali grabbed Mahi's mobile before Mahi could disconnect)Sadoo??(widened her eyes in disbelief)Wait...What???Sadoo??W..Why is he calling you now???
Mahi:Ok,look...Niharika invited me for dinner at his place..
Mahi:What are you so excited for???
Sonali:Sorry..Ermm,so what did you say???
Mahi:You remember the time when he had barged into my cabin and you were surprised to see him at my cabin??I didn't let him talk to me about this then but then you can't blame me as well...He was....(paused and resumed)And i had already told him that i am not going to his place in any case and he ought to sort this out himself...This is all his doing!!!
Sonali:Mahi,how can you blame him alone???
Mahi:Whyever not???Because of his mixed up cues and signals,Bharti misunderstood that he and i are together...And thanks to your suggestion i had kept this hidden from both Armaan and Bharti...To make things worse,then comes the hot gossip of Mr Sadoo's official girlfriend...(pointed all her fingers towards herself)Ms Mahi Talwar!!Ever since then,i've not even talked to Armaan...I barely can face him!!
Sonali:Ok,i think we ought to pick up his call...Let's see what he wants from you...Maybe he could be giving us great news!!I'll put the call on loudspeaker mode...
Mayank:Mahi??Mayank here...
Mahi:Erm,i know that...What's this call for??(Sonali hit her and gestured to her to sound a bit more polite)
Mayank:Look,it's hard,i know...And today,i've tried using all opportunities to the utmost to talk to Nihu but h baly heard me out...
Mahi:You couldn't even talk to your sis about your fabricated relationship???
Mayank:Heyy,it's not that easy,alright??
Mahi:Whyever not??
Mayank:I've been trying but whenever i tried asking,she just diverted the topic,asking me about you...She kept asking me about you,do you get it???
Mahi:Do you even realize the damage you've caused to my friendships??First,you send this mixed up cues to Bharti and you didn't bother to clear things up...Then this freakin' unwanted publicity and defamity published in the papers...Of course for you,any publicity is good publicity,right???You can never think of what is possibly going through the other person's mindset,can you???I feel utterly embarassed to even face Bharti and Armaan,the two most amazing colleagues i've worked with,so far,in my life and you just gotta ruin it...You're only capable of it...!!!
Mayank:Will you let me speak??What's your problem,Mahi??Here,i'm trying my best but you just won't appreciate any of these efforts,right??Initially,you and your troop told me to break up with Bharti...When i had no intention of doing so,you had a problem...And now that it's done,you have an even bigger problem...Look,i don't want you to come to my place in the first place,ok??If i am even talking to you,i'm doing so only for the sake of Nihu for she wants to see you badly for dinner but you know what??I can handle this on my own...I don't need your help whatsoever,alright???Initially i thought you would just help me out but you are just impossible...And it is my fault that i even thought that you would help!!I don't need your help nor will i ever need it in my life!!!I promise you i wouldn't ever ask you for help at all!!I'll manage everything on my own...!!(hung up instantly,feeling extremely hurt by Mahi,who was equally hurt by his words too)
Mahi:Just look at him,Sonu...
Sonali:Whoa...Tonight,i didn't know that i woul have gotten the chance to witness a fully fledged heated conversation..You two can't even stand each other!!So,what are you going to do about it??
Mahi:Sonu,i don't know...
Sonali:Come to think of it Mahi,if he didn't want you to make it for dinner,why did he tell you in the first place??
Mahi:The exact question has been running in my head for quite some time but i've got no answer...
Sonali:Ok,we know the situation now...The dinner's tomorrow!!And...we can think about it then,hmm??
Mahi:What's there to think??I'm not going..That's it!!!Come,let's catch up!!
Sonali:Be right back,k??
Jiya was still trying her best to get a view after having gotten inside,behind the stage.She was stunned to see Bharti dancing.Just then,she stopped Armaan and asked him to just stay with her for a while.She gave him her digital camera to handle before sneaking away to get some drinks.
Bharti was dancing away,with Alisha and Sanjana,while Armaan was viewing the intricate details of the stage and the atmosphere,trying to capture it on Jiya's digital camera.Bharti slowed her pace of dance as she saw KK having stood at least 3 feet away from her,gesturing to her to watch him.As she observed him moving away,she was super shocked to see Armaan.KK's words kept echoing in her ears like an alarm which was way too adamant to be turned off despite her pressing on the snooze button.Armaan was right in front of her and just then,KK stood to his original position and smiled subtly at her before vanishing from there.
Bharti turned around and saw Anjali.She smiled and complimented on her gorgeous mehendi and bright yellow saree,which Bharti,together with Alisha and Sanjana,had gifted her.Anjali joined them in their dance andas Bharti involuntarily looked back,she no longer saw Armaan.She kept looking everywhere but Armaan was no longer there.
She kept wondering as she excused herself from the dance...
"Did I really see Armaan??Come on,if he were here,he just can't disappear like that...KK,if this was a joke to get it into my head,i'll really kill you...Armaan aur mere humsafar??Aise kaise ho sakta hain??Main bhi kya soch rahi hoon aur kiske baaton ko ehmiyat de rahi hoon....Woh KK toh hamesha aise si kuch na kuch bakh tha rehta hain...Woh mere well-wisher kam,aur evil wisher zyaada lagta hain...Armaan..He's in love with Shreya and so is she!!Why would he become my humsafar in any way??Nah..KK,you're so wrong this time round and remember,i'm still mad at him!!!He knows nothing about my past and if he ever gets to know about it,he'll never even think of coming near me!!Never...Mind you KK,your predictions are gonna drown you this time round!!"
~10 minutes later~
Jiya:Arre yaar..Let's see what you had taken....
Armaan:Gosh Jiya,tu bhi na...(passed her digital cam to her while he watched the tides)
Armaan:Arre yaar,main yahaan hi toh hoon...Kyun chillaa rahe ho???
Jiya:Wow,anjaane mein hi sahi...Main tumse kahaa tha na ki wahaa pe Alisha aur Sanjana the???Ab dekho ki yeh kaun hain...
Armaan:Kaun hai??(looked at the digital camera and widened his eyes in disbelief)Naina??Aur yahaa pe??(took the digital camera from Jiya and browsed through the photographs he took as he murmured)Kahin...Bharti toh yahaa...
Jiya:(thought to herself)He's looking for Bharti,i'm so sure..Armaan,i'll try my utmost to make this trip as memorable for you as possible..(thought about the promise she made to Raj though)Raj,i know you'll understand...I'm gonna bend the promise a lil after this last attempt!!Sorry Raj!!!

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