Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Friday, May 4, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 249~

Jiya:See, what did i tell you??I did see Alisha and Sanjana and thanks to your photographs,now it's true..
Armaan:But how is Naina here all alone?
Jiya:She's not alone,Armaan..She's with her mama's uni mates,Alisha and Sanju..Wait a sec;maybe her mama is here too,hmm??(Armaan closed his eyes in pain as his heart took him down the lane of his farewell experience with Bharti at MU and the harsh reality conveyed by Raj)Armaan,main tumse baat kar rahi hoon yaar...
Armaan:Jiya,just stop it,k?Bas bhi karo!!Tumne khud suni thi na ke Raj kya keh raha tha??
Jiya:Arre,woh toh kuch bhi...
Armaan:Nahin Jiya..Ab mujhe finally aage badhna hi hoga..Main Bharti ki laayak nahin hoon..In fact,Bharti to kya,main toh kisi ladki ki bhi laayak nahin hoon...
Jiya:Juz cut the crap,k?Maar khaane ka iraada hain kya jo tum iss tarha ke baatein kar rahe ho??Bharti ne toh aisa kuch bhi nahin kahaa hain na,toh phir tum aisa kyun soch rahe ho?
Armaan:Main aur intezaar nahin karpaaonga,Jiya...Maine ek baar Payal se kahaa tha ki main Bharti ke liye apni poori zindagi intezaar karunga par uss waqt mujhe yeh ehsaas nahin hua tha ki intezaar mein bhi dard chupaa hota hain...Ki main jee bhi naa paaoo!!Aur dukh ki baat toh yeh hain ki main Maa se kuch bhi nahin keh paa raha hoon...Dooriyaan paidha ho raha hain mere aur Maa ke beech...Jiya,yeh baat yehi karo aur kal humaare shoot ke baad,hum foran Mumbai ke liye niklenge,hmm??Ab chale??
Jiya:Ok,fine...Par thode dher ke liye hum walk par chale??Juz wanna enjoy the breeze out here...(Armaan nodded and both of them walked barefooted on the sands while the tides rushed,one lap after another)
Bharti was still thinking about KK's words.KK had never given her false predictions before,and had always informed her of the chapters that are awaiting to be revealed in her life.This time round, his words shook her up as he talked of her soulmate being Armaan,whom she had broken all ties with.
Bharti:After all,he's always venting his anger on me,God knows,for whatever reasons...
Anjali:Well,not everyone is outrightly rude,Bharti...
Bharti:Huh??Oh hi Anji..
Anjali:Khud se baatein kar rahi ho,hmm?
Bharti:Nahin,woh main bas kuch soch rahi thi..
Anjali:Hmm...Tum jaante ho,aaj main bohat khush hoon...
Bharti:Of course Anji..I mean,kal tumhaari shaadi hain aur woh bhi tumhaari humsafar ke saath..(paused at the thought of the word which just got blurted out from her--humsafar--)
Anjali:Sach kaha tumne,Bharti...Rohan sach much mere humsafar nikla...I mean,kuch saal pehle,woh ek number ka khadoos tha..
Bharti:Khadoos??(got amused)
Anjali:Mujhe sach much nahin bata tha ki inn saalon mein ,pyaar ke kaaran,Rohan ka gussa shaanth ho sakta tha...I mean,you know how aggressive he can be,na...Par ab aisa kuch bhi nahin hain...He changed his attitude for me,without me asking for it...I had never expected him to change his flaw,to eradicate his flaw for i've fully accepted him for who he is,but he did it for me out of immense love...Just imagine,if i had given up in love and more importantly,given up on him,thinking that he could never be the one for me because of his temper,nothing could have come this far,despite the pranks played by you guyzz...Sometimes,if a guy shows his temper,his sign of weakess,it's not that he's rude in venting his temper...He's voluntarily showing you his inner self,his vulnerable face and merely wants to garner your attention...
Bharti:Attention??My attention??(murmured)Why would he want my attention,of all people?
Anjali:Did i just hear a 'He', Bharti?
Bharti:N...Nooo!!!!I mean,nope!!
Bharti:Yeah,of course..In fact,here comes Sanjee...Heyy,where's Naina?
Sanjana:You wouldn't believe it...She had her dinner with Alisha and Rohan and went on a walk with them...(smiled)So,whatz up??
Bharti:Just excuse me for a while,k??Be right back!!(left from there)
Sanjana:Anji,what are you smiling for??
Anjali:Tell me something...Is there any guy in Bharti's life??
Sanjana:WHAT??NOO!!!(felt awkward by her question)But why are you asking???
Anjali:Seriously,no one at all??
Sanjana:NO!!You haven't answered me...
Anjali:Well,i surely think there is some guy whom she has been thinking about,who's been preoccupying her thoughts ever since she's reached there...She's not her usual self,that's for sure!!She was half-heartedly listening to me talk about Rohan but her mind was pretty much wandering elsewhere..
Just then,Rohan's mum called her and Anjali excused herself,leaving Sanjana in suspicion.
Meanwhile,Rohan and Alisha were practically kicking sand at each other.Just then,Naina noticed Armaan called out to him.Alisha and Rohan quickly rushed over,following her.
Naina:Hii Armaan uncle...How are you??
Armaan:I'm great...(hugged Naina and withdrew from their hug)How are you??(Naina smiled widely)
Rohan:Ohh hey dude..You're in Goa??Gosh,i had no clue of that..
Jiya:Actually,both of us just came to Goa today itself..Don't mind me but what was going on??
Rohan:Well,it's my would-be wife's sangeet ceremony today..
Jiya:Get out!!Are you serious??So when's the wedding??(Alisha just glanced at Armaan who was silent)
Alisha:Naina,Rohan...Shall we go??We're kinda getting late actually...
Rohan:Sshh Alisha...It's tomorrow!!I can't believe that i'm inviting you guyzz on the eve of my wedding...You two have got to come or else my wedding will be incomplete!!
Armaan:(Jiya was about to answer out of excitement but Armaan,having seen the discontented look on Alisha,held Jiya's hand firmly)Ermm,tat'll be really difficult Rohan...As we're both here on official work!!After our hectic photo shoot,we'll be heading back promptly...
Rohan:No Armaan..I'm not going to hear a word!!It's only fate that both of us met you guyzz tonight itself...You've got to come and i'm not hearing a No,hmm??
Jiya:Surely Rohan,we'll definitely be there to be part of your happiness...And i promise you that i'll bring him along as well...
Alisha:Ok,see ya tomorrow then...(Naina planted a kiss on Armaan's cheek before leaving while Alisha grew anxious,thinking if she ought to tell Sanjana and Bharti about Armaan and Jiya or not)
~Next Day~
Raj was browsing through the contact list in his BlackBerry and finally pressed the Dial button.He knew that this could be the right thing to do at the moment,to secure Niyati's safety.
Raj:Hi,may i know whom i'm talking to??Ok,hi Ms Fresca..Could you let me know when i can have an appointment with Mr Siddharth??This is regarding a personal contract..Just let him know that it's Raj Malhotra from Men's Universe...(paused for a while)Ok,thanks..I'll meet him at 2:30 pm..Thanks once again!!(hung up)
Raj:Ohh Aunty,aapko yeh breakfast prepare karne ki kya zaroorat hain??
Sudha:Waise bhi main apne aap ke liye banaa rahi thi toh socha kyun nahin tumhaare saath naashtha karloo...
Raj:For a record,i don't think we've had breakfast together,na??
Sudha:You're right!!This is our very first breakfast date,hmm??
Raj:In that case,this will truly be an amazing and cherishable one indeed!!
Sudha:Let's get started!!
Raj:So Aunty,how's work nowadays??
Sudha:Great,as alwayzz...I mean,i truly enjoy my work so there's no space for saying that i despise my work hours and vagera vagera...Par...
Raj:Kya Aunty??
Sudha:It just makes me want to tear myself up at times,knowing how youngsters can drown themselves in depression just for trivial matters...You know,how disturbing it is,indeed and one day,i just worry about Armaan...
Raj:Aunty,don't you know we guyzz are not the types..
Sudha:Just shut your mouth,ok???Most of the cases i come across is due to the matter pertaining to the heart,giving the exception to mental and physical trauma,experienced during the childhood years..Most of them are heartbreaks!!
Raj:Ahhh,in that case,i must have gone through millions of heartbreaks..
Sudha:Actually,the girls must have gone through that instead of you,hhmm??
Raj:Ahem,Ms Sudha,you're insulting your date,hhmm??
Sudha:Yeah right!!!!(smiled)
Raj:You're worried about Armaan??What for,Aunty??
Sudha:He's not in love with Shreya,i'm confident of that...
Raj:How can you be so sure,Aunty??
Sudha:I've known him throughout his years,Raj...Look at the time when he had said Yes to Priyanka???What was that all about???He badly wants to prove me wrong and wants to move on desperately but he's living the pain from inside,bottling it all inside...I can't bear to see him like that!!!He thinks i know nothing but i'm afterall,his Maa..Won't i know him??I've clearly made it known to him that i don't wish to talk to him at the moment...Now,i don't even know how he's doing in Goa...
Raj:Aunty,i think if you would encourage him to move on and support him,he will move on...He's fallen in love for the first time with Bharti,who doesn't even believe in it in the first place...I've explained it thoroughly to Jiya and even Armaan had overheard me...It must have hit him real hard but Aunty,just forgive him for what he may have said to Bharti at the hospital...He needs time to recover,to heal his wound and at the same time,i'm sure you wouldn't want him to lose faith in love...Think about Shreya too,Aunty...She has fallen for Armaan;consider her feelings as well...Perhaps,if we could give her feelings a chance,maybe Armaan too might move on and be happy in his life...Jiya had told me everything and in fact,i'm only glad she did...
Sudha:So she asked you to come and talk to me??
Raj:Well,yeah but i wanted to talk to you personally as well...Aunty,Armaan is in a vulnerable state and more than anything,he needs you by his side to guide him...You've always been there for him whenever he needed you and right now,the last thing he needs now is the increased distance from his life mentor!!
Sudha:Raj,i know that!!It's just that i was so shocked..I was totally blank when all the truth finally came out...Bharti didn't tell me anything at all...
Raj:Aunty,she didn't tell any of us,including her bestest friends too...What could we expect???
Sudha:How is she??
Raj:She's out of town,actually..I guess,since her internship's over,she'll be away on a short vacation with Naina...
Sudha:Now,i'm more than ever proud of her for having adopted Naina...She'll be there with her mum and take care of her...
Raj:So,promise me that you'll talk to Armaan and sort everything out as well as think about Shreya as well??
Sudha:I'll think about it,that i can promise...
Sudha:So,what's over in your world??
Raj:Nothing..Just trying to help Niyati and Nidhi to get somewhere safe ASAP,which is in progress...
Sudha:And this Siddharth is going to help you?
Raj:I just hope so...I'll need to get the baby modelling contract nullified at any cost so that there won't be any complications thereafter...Then Khushi can leave for London with Niyati and Nidhi...
Sudha:Khushi's working at Trends,right?
Raj:Yeahh,i'm also in talks with Mayank...He agreed to let her be in London,where he will definitely need help in the new office he'll be setting up in London...
Sudha:Hmm ok...Anywayzz,just relax,hmm??You look so tired and drained out of energy...
Raj:That,i truly am...
Sudha:Waise,i shouldn't be asking...
Raj:Oh come on Ms Sudha..Ask anything you want...
Sudha:Really??Ok...How's your love life catching up??Is there anyone??
Raj:(grinned sheepishly)You're here for me..Who else do i need,right now??(stood up and went to the kitchen with his plate and started to wash the plates)
Sudha:What a sly being you are...Trying to divert the topic and all...Come on,tell me...You know,i won't tell a soul anout anything...
Raj:Can i trust you??
Sudha:Uff,i really ought to be killing you for asking me that question...Come on,spill it!!
Raj:Aunty...(shook his had)Aap toh peecha hi nahin chodenge na..
Sudha:Lo,main tumhaara peecha kyun chodoongi??Don't worry,main...
Raj:Kisi se kuch nahin kahungi,vagera vagera,hhmm??Alright..Actually,ek ladki hain jisse main..(paused)
Sudha:(filled in her assumption)Pyaar???(Raj turned off the tap and looked at her after wiping his hand)
Raj:Jee nahin..Some sort of an attraction...
Sudha:Hmm,attraction huh?Aaj kal ke generation kya yeh naam diya hain pyaar ko??(Raj smiled at her)Ok,aage bolo...
Raj:Ok anywayzz,ek ladki hain jisse main attracted hoon...Gor kariye,attracted hoon..(Sudha smiled subtly at him)Par woh hain ki kabhi kabhi mujhse ishaara karti hain ki usse meri zaroorat nahin hain aur kabhi kabhi...Jab main accidentally,pure chance ke thor par usse madat karta hoon,tab woh ishaara kati hain ki woh apne aap hi theekh hain,you know the self-sufficient types...Itni confused ladki hain ki kya bataaoo aapko...
Sudha:Aakhir mein yeh ladki hain kaun?
Raj:Rehne do na Aunty...Let her be a mystery!! 
Sudha:Arre kam se kam naam toh bataado mujhe!!
Raj:Uffo Aunty,naam mein kya rakha hain???
Sudha:Itna sab kuch bataa hi diya hain toh naam hi sahi...
Raj:(showed her his ringing mobile)The call isn't urgent but i'm taking it..And i'll see you soon,Ms Sudha...Bye!!!(waved at Sudha before shutting the door)
Sudha:Paagal kahi ka!!Armaan se baat bhi karna hai aur Shreya ko ek mauka dena hain...Pehle kya karoo??
Alisha was beside Rohan,getting his tuxedo ready and wearing it for him.Soon,his best friend aka his best man,came over and helped her and her dad out to take some candid photographs before heading over to the beach,where Anjali must be waiting.
Rohan:Jaldi karo na Alisha...Dad,usse kaho ki photographs le lena..Anjali intezaar kar rahi hogi...
Alisha:Uff,Dad dekho na...Kitna utaavla ho raha hain..(Alisha's dad smiled and the three of them were photographed by Rohan's best man cum his close friend)
Rohan:Acha,ab toh chalo...
Alisha:(murmured)Shukr manaao ki woh Christian hain aur yeh ek beach wedding hain...
Rohan:Yeahh i know..Isn't it romantic?(Alisha smiled widely and nodded and hugged her brother before heading out)
Bharti:Alright here we are...You ok??
Anjali:Yeahh,just the exception that i feel i may not be able to breathe..
Bharti:Oh ok,let me adjust the pins then...
Anjali:You don't understand,Bharti...I am just feeling light-headed becuase my fairytale is taking a beautiful turn..It's coming true!!You know what i mean,right??
Bharti:Actually,i don't..
Anjali:You don't??You've been married,right??You...I mean...
Bharti:It was a contract marriage,Anji...In fact,there was not much rituals or wedding held in extreme grandeur...It was pretty fast and the pact was broken,liek in 6 months...
Anjali:Pact,huh??Don't you have any desires or aspirations about your wedding,Bharti??(Bharti shook her head)Not even any particular attributes which you would want in your ideal guy??(Bharti was lost but she still shook her head)
Bharti:Anji,i don't have any such aspirationd ot desires...Or any hopes to find the ideal guy!!!!Cuz i don't believe in love at all!!But you tell me.what did you find in Rohan that you decided to love him or better still,marry him??
Anjali:Bharti,Rohan is very special to me,especially ever since he had defended me and even became bold enough to accept the thrashings from my family after having confessed his love for me...Initially,i had misunderstood him but when i saw him bow down to willingly get beaten up,he won my heart!!!Ok,i know i sound real filmy but then as i got to know him further from you,Alisha and Sanjee,i just fell madly in love with him...But Bharti,you helped Rohan so much in his confession..Why don't you believe in love???(Bharti covered Anjali with her veil on her head.as Sanjee and Naina,together with Alisha came with flowers)
Alisha:OMG!!!Bharti and Sanjee,Anji looks just outta this world...Amazing!!!Rohan will practically faint today...
Sanjana:That's the exact intention...Ok ok,come let's go...Let's not keep Rohan waiting any longer...
Soon,Alisha,Sanjee and Naina left and as Anjali started walking down on the sands gently,she looked at her bridesmaids,Alisha and Sanjee.Naina was walking behind Anjali,as instructed by Sanjee,but Anjali started slowing down as she kept looking around for Bharti.Anjali gestured to Alisha and Sanjee,who couldn't exacly make out what Anjali was trying to mouth.As Alisha watched Anjali's lip movements closely,Alisha understood and nudged Sanjee.
Alisha:Bharti...Where the heck is Bharti by the way??
Sanjana:She was inside the dressing area...Where we were a few minutes back..We gotta find her,quick...
Alisha:Ok,but how do we move from here?Rohan will surely kill us if we were to screw up his special day..(waved to her mum and dad to come over)Ok Mum,Dad...Just be in our spots;we'll be back in a jiffy!!(Alisha and Sanjee left and headed to the dressing room and heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Bharti)
Sanjana:Gosh Bharti,hurry up...Anji's practically stopped her procession because of you...Hurry up!!!
Bharti:Sorry yaar...Actually,i was the last to change..And i just took a tad bit time to get my hair done as well...
Alisha:Right time to do that!!!Now hurry or else Rohan will not spare us alive...(Bharti and Alisha rushed and Alisha thanked her parents;Bharti waved to Anji whose smile faded once again and both Bharti and Alisha stood adjacent to Anjali)
Anjali:Now,where is Sanjee??
Bharti:She's coming..No worries!!Just focus on your wedding now!!(whispered to Alisha)Where is she??
Alisha:Gosh,should we go and check?
Bharti:Sshh...If we were to go again,Anji will be more worried than ever..(searched in her purse)Ohhh crap!!!
Alisha:What now??
Bharti:My mobile...I had left it to charge but i forgot to bring it with me from the dressing room...
Sanjana:No worries..I got it for ya!!
Bharti:Gee thanks,Sanjee..Where the hell were you?
Sanjana:Got a call to attend..Sorry about that!!
Alisha:Ok,important issue now..Who's got the ring?
Sanjana:Not with me...
Alisha:Not with me either...(both Sanjee and Alisha looked at Bharti)
Bharti:Gurlzz,stop freakin' me out..Let me check my purse!!Crap,where is it??
Naina:Mama,kya hua?
Sanjana:Naina,aap jaa kar wahaa pe baith jaayiye...
Alisha:Don't panic..We'll find it...
Bharti:Ring mere paas nahin hain...Woh box..
Naina:Mama,aap kya dhoondh rahi ho??
Bharti:Kuch nahin princess...Woh ek choti si red box hain aur bata nahin ki mama woh kahaa par...
Naina:Mama,aapne mujhe diya tha na...
Bharti:Kya??Maine tumhe??
Naina:Haan mama...Aap bhool gayi??(Alisha and Sanjee simply glared at Bharti who simply grinned sheepishly and mumbled a Sorry to them both before looking around in search of a small red box,which seemed almost impossible)
Bharti:Alisha,Sanjee,you guyz keep an eye on the box around here...Let me just check the dressing area once again...(headed to the dressing area)
Around the same time,Jiya had seen Bharti heading towards the dressing area.She asked Armaan to get his hair checked since she had deliberately messed it up just then and directed him to the dressing area.Jiya stood near Rohan,waving to him who had noticed her and silently waved back,bringing it to the attention of Sanjana.
Sanjana:(held Alisha's wrist)What the hell is Jiya doing??Here???
Alisha:Crap!!What is she doing here?I thought Armaan must have noticed my discontented look last night...
Sanjana:Last night?Armaan???Where did these 2 come from??
Alisha:From Mumbai,for an exclusive project with some international models..Look,i couldn't say much for it's Rohan's wedding and if i had said anything directly,he would have figured everything out!!
Sanjana:So you should have just let him figure everything,na??
Alisha:Sanju,now it's definitely not the time to let out your irritation...Remember,we've promised Bharti that we'll respect her every decision..And right now,the last thing she would ever want is for Rohan's wedding to get interrupted because of her or her problems...
Sanjana:Crap!!Anji's looking at us..Just keep smiling!!As natural as possible,Alisha...(Both of them smiled at Anji)We've gotta find the box!!Where's Bharti??What's taking her so long??
Alisha:I'll go and check on her..You keep an eye on the box as well as on Naina and Anji...
Bharti was about to take the red box which was almost on the verge of toppling over but just then Alisha voiced out for her and as she turned around and smiled at Alisha,the box fell on the floor.
Alisha:Arre,kya huah hain tujhe?
Bharti:Uff,tumne toh mujhe darraa hi diya tha aur ab tum mujhse pooch rahi ho ki mujhe kya hua hain,hmm?
Alisha:Ring mil gayi ki nahin?
Bharti:Abhi tak toh yehi thi..(looked at Alisha)What's wrong with you??(saw Alisha's mouth wide open;seeing her eyes wanting to gorge out,Bharti instantly turned around)
For a gew seconds,anyone could sense an exact replica of best friends in the making,just by taking even a distant look at Bharti.For even she was extremely shocked to see the sight of Armaan.It wasn't just the fact that Bharti's illusion was true to the core,but she and Alisha glanced at each other before turning to face Armaan who was holding the opened red box,showing the ring in the direction of Bharti and that too on HIS KNEE!!!
Bharti:WHAT THE...(paused as she thought to herself)That was not my illusion,at all??Was KK right about Armaan being my...Crapp!!!!
Alisha:Armaan,tum?I thought i had already made it clear to you last night...
Bharti:(snapped out)Last night??(grabbed Alisha's elbbow,bringing her ears closer as she whispered to Alisha)You met him last night??You??!!
Alisha:Bharti,i...I didn't meet him,and will you..(looked at Armaan)Will you just get up??(snatched the red box from Armaan before he stood up)Bhaarti,it's not like what you...
Bharti:Right,it's not at all liek how i'm imagining...My best friend dares hiding such a BIG matter from me,despite having promised me that she'll respect my every decision...You wanna hide matters from me?Go ahead..But don't...Don't expect me to be your mate any longer...
Alisha:Bharti,listen..I'm sorry that i did this matter slip because of the hectic atmosphere here...
Bharti:You know what??It's too late!!!(left from there)
Alisha:You must be freakin' excited to see my friendship go down the drain...Isn't that why you're here,hmm?I just can't believe that you would actually come today!!Damn you,Armaan!!!(hurried from there to give Anjali the ring)
Rohan and Anjali exchanged their rings.Sanjana noticed Alisha having diverted her eyes towards Bharti,who was actually ignoring Alisha.Nevertheless,Sanjana continued applauding and eagerly waiting for Rohan to kiss his bride.Sanjana heard Alisha murmuring about Armaan and Sanjana wondered if Bharti had seen Armaan already and if that's the reason for Alisha's anxiety.
Rohan placed the veil above Anji's forehead and kissed her.As he broke off from the kiss,he saw the glowing smile on her face and huggedd her instantly.
Rohan:Gosh...We're so married,Anji!!
Anjali:I know...I just...I just can't believe this!!!I love you Rohan...
Rohan:Lurve you too Anjali..(withdrew from his hug;caressed her cheeks with his palms and brought her forehead to meet his as they both smiled widely)
Sanjana:Ahem...Photograph time!!(Rohan's and Anjali's smile faded and Rohan looked at Sanjana who stood in the middle,between them)What?Come on...
Rohan:Did anyone tell you that you're such an idiot??
Sanjana:Actually yeahh,i heard it from you and Alisha quite a lotta times but who cares??(Rohan waved to Alisha and gestured to her but she just smiled)
Rohan:Ok what's wrong with my dear sis??
Sanjana:She's disturbed and so is Bharti..But i seem to figure out that it has got to do with your darling sibling and your last minuye invitation..If i had known about it,i would have stopped you from inviting Jiya and Armaan right away!!
Anjali:But what's wrong in inviting them,Sanjee??I mean,Armaan was worried about Bharti;he helped her out..
Sanjana:Anji,don't even get me started on Armaan,hmm??
Bharti:Heyy,even i want to be in the piczz,Sanjee...Your time's up!!
Rohan:Come,join in...Have some candid poses!!
~Octave Mall~
Sonali:I still don't get it...Why are we here again?
Mahi:I've figured out what Mayank Sharma's up to and i'm so not going to let him win at any cost!!
Sonali:Win what exactly?
Mahi:He thinks that i'll not go to his place and if i did that,he's only to tarnish my reputation even further in front of Nihar..I'm not going to let him succeed this time round...
Sonali:Mahi,you're actually thinking of going over to his place for dinner??Are you...are you even serious???
Mahi:Yes Sonu,and it'll be a total shocker for him,trust me!!Isse badaa zor ka jhatka usse mil hi nahin sakta,by God!!
Sonali:Aur agar yeh press mein kisi ne...
Mahi:You seriously think that some publishers are still bent on publishing rubbish about me and Mayank,hmm?
Sonali:Yeahh,for as far as i've gotten to know them,they are bent on doing so...And you simply aren't worried an inch about that at all??All you're thinking of,right now,is...
Mahi:Yes Sonu,all i can think of right now is triumphing over that egoistic,arrogant,perfectionist who had already done much damage to my reputation...I can't let him touch me ever,even if it may take more risks than ever..Decision's made!!Now,help me pick a great salwaar...

Armaan:What exactly did you plan in that tiny head of your's,hmm?
Jiya:What are you talking about,Armaan??
Armaan:Don't you dare talk to me,with your back facing me..(Jiya turned around with a plate of desserts)
Jiya:You want a plate,Armaan??The desserts are simply amazing!!
Armaan:You just think that my life's a BIG joke to play around with,right??
Jiya:Armaan,what happened yaar?Did you meet Bharti?Did she say anything??(Armaan saw Alisha stopping Bharti and pushed Jiya's hand away and stood at a corner,overhearing their conversation)
Alisha:Ok,your anger is justified,Bharti,but you've gotta give me a chance to explain!!
Bharti:Fine!!This is your first and final chance...Shoot!!
Alisha:Ok,remember how i had left with Rohan and Naina after dinner for a walk on the beach last night??We stumbled upon Jiya and Armaan by chance...I was freakingly shocked,alright?On one end,Naina and Rohan were thrilled but on the other,i was totally numb...I had no idea whatsoever how to react when Rohan had invited both Jiya and Armaan for the wedding..I had indirectly gestured to Armaan that i don't want to see him at the wedding..It's true that he too realized my gesture and tried to wriggle out from the invite but i guess Jiya was overly excited!!!And i couldn't say anything to Rohan either...It's his special day,who am i to ruin it??It's my mistake that i didn't tell you or Sanjee about this earlier but i should have...I'm really sorry yaar...Please...Forgive me,hmm??(Bharti just left from there without saying anything)Bharti!!!Damn it!!Why did he have to come and ruin everything??He dares to call my best friend a bad omen in his life??And what is he,in Bharti's life??(Jiya placed her palm on Armaan's wrist but he got irritated and took her palm off and walked away to a corner)
Rohan:Finally,here you are..Come with me!!
Armaan:Where to,Rohan??
Rohan:To introduce you to my bride,the love of my life!!(Armaan simply smiled)
Anjali:(broke off from her hug with Bharti)Ok,one last photograph before we can indulge in the desserts..
Just then,Bharti saw Armaan being introduced to Anjali by Rohan.Her eyes welled up instantly as she kept having flashes of Armaan's accusations which kept ringing in her ears.Armaan's eyes were also instantly welled up too,feeling the agony which he had put her through.He smiled at Anjali and congratulated her but as he saw a tear having flowed down from her right eye,his heart almost skipped a few beats.Bharti had gradually taken a step backward in a subtle manner so that neither Rohan nor Anjali would notice her absence.However,she had not noticed the step behind her and she almost fell on her back,letting out a sharp,abrupt cry but Armaan had instantly held onto her palm.He gradually pulled her up and as she progressively stood upright,both of them fell lost in each other's eyes.It was as though they had actually met each other for the first time in their lives.However,Bharti had let go of Armaan's palm,disheartening him even further.He raised his right thumb to wipe away Bharti's tear but she,having assumed what Armaan was about to do,instantly turned away and excused herself from the stage where Rohan and Anjali had witnessed everything.
Rohan:Anji,something's definitely wrong..Why didn't Bharti or Alisha tell me anything?
Anjali:Perhaps,she didn't want to ruin our special day...
Rohan:No wonder Alisha was acting so weird when i had invited Armaan and Jiya for the wedding last night...
Alisha:Hi guyzz..Some captures with your dear sis,Rohan,hmm??
Rohan:Only after you answer me...
Rohan:Promise Anji that you'll let us both know the entire truth...The entire truth!!!
Alisha:Huh??Par...(raised her eyebrow but shook her head)Yeah ok whatever...What's the Q??
Rohan:Armaan...I mean,why were you acting so weirdly last night when we met him??(Alisha widened her eyes in disbelief and looked away)Alisha!!!
Alisha:Not the right time to talk about this...And i promised Bharti!!
Rohan:And you just promised us too so why don't you just go ahead,hmm??
Alisha:Damn it!!!
Anjali:You can talk while our piczz get captured,hmm>
Alisha:Alright,but keep this just to yourself!!
Rohan:(echoed with Anjali)Agreed!!!
~Lunch Time @ Pizza Hut~
Sonali:So.aren't you liek going to call Mayank to inform him about your arrival,hmm??
Mahi:Are you nutzz,Sonu?
Sonali:What?Why are you saying so??
Mahi:If i were going to call him now,he'll surely think that i'm trying to help him..
Sonali:Technically speaking,aren't you??
Mahi:Stop confusing me,Sonu..I'm not helping that sadoo at all!!In fact,i am dying to see the first expression on his face when he sees me at his doorstep!!
Sonali:Heyy,whatcha doing??
Mahi:Sshh,calling Nihar..(paused for a while)Hi Nihar..Ok,is Mayank anywhere near you?
Niharika:No,he's in his room...You're coming tonight,right??
Mahi:(smiled subtly)Actually,Mayank and i...We had quite a tiff last night,and i think it's all my fault..I was so busy,you know...Caught up with work,ever since Bharti's internship had been over...In the midst of that tension,i might have...(smiled at Sonali and raised her eyebrow)Vented my temper on Mayank and told him no matter what,i wouldn't come for the dinner...But i wish to make it up to him...I don't wanna lose him,Nihar...(Sonali almost choked on what Mahi had just said and looked blankly at her;Mahi splashed water on Sonu's face and continued)In fact,i want to surprise Mayank for dinner!!
Niharika:Really Sush??This is such amazing news!!
Niharika:Haah,why do you think Mayank would be interested in coming over to our saloon for any of our latest makeover sessions??Kyun Mayu???
Mahi:Mayank's near you??
Niharika:Apparently  Sush...You wanna talk to him??
Mahi:Not now...Woll be definitely there on time..See ya!!(hung up)What's the look for??
Sonali:Why did you splash water on me for??
Sonali:What were you thinking??You could have almost foiled my plan by coughing...
Sonali:Uff,but hatzz off to you by the way..Superb performance!!
Mahi:Credit goes to you,Raj and Bharti for having ruined me so much...
Sonali:You're welcome by the way!!(smiled widely at Mahi)

Rohan:I had been discussing my wedding plans with you for the past week especially and what do we get?Hidden info about Bharti,hmm?
Alisha:Uffo Rohan,samjhaa kar..I didn't want to ruin your special day..
Rohan:You didn't,but we're still hurt for having been kept in the dark...
Alisha:I was helpless,dude..Sanjee and i were worried sick about her,you had no idea...Ermm guyzz,Mom and Dad's calling me...
Rohan:Yeahh,go and attend to the guests...Go!!Anji,if i had known earlier,i...
Anjali:It's not your fault,Ro!!Why are you feeling bad??In fact,i feel that from what i've seen,noth of them ought to talk their hearts out and just be with themselves,you know...
Rohan:I seriously don't think it's gonna work this time round;Bharti's extremely pissed with Armaan..I mean it!!!She's just super pissed that she prolly wouldn't even want to face Armaan...
Anjali:That's not going to work at all!!I mean,she's got to confront her emotions...She just can't keep running away from her feelings forever...
Rohan:But that's how she is,Anji..It's not as if we can change or compel her to turn over a new leaf overnight...
Anjali:But we can at least try,Ro!!Btw,i still can't believe that he has yet to confess his feelings for her..Unrequited love can be a heck of a torture!!Hmm,look over there...Armaan's all by himself!!Let's help him and Bharti out na??Let's talk to them separately and maybr bring them to face each other tonight or something,hmm??
Rohan:Sounds like an amazing plan and i'll surely support my wifey...
Anjali:Excuse me...(smiled as Rohan wished her best of luck)Heyy...
Armaan:Hey Anjali..What are you doing here??
Anjali:Well,the new bride is sure as hungry as ever...Could you help me get a plate of desserts??
Armaan:Sure thing...Here you go!!!
Anjali:Oh my...Cheesecakes???It must be the choice of Bharti and Rohan,especially Bharti...(Armaan smiled weakly)Waise,Rohan was telling me about you and Bharti!!Can i say something,if you didn't mind??
Armaan:What...To move on with my life,completely forgetting Bharti??It's easy for everyone to say but...
Anjali:Hold on,Armaan...That's not really what i wanted to say!!(Armaan looked intently at Anjali)
Armaan:Why are you smiling at me for??
Anjali:You simply reminded me of Rohan a few years back..Just so aggressive and possessive of me..
Armaan:Rohan?And aggressive????Are you serious?
Anjali:Yepzz,hard to believe na??(Armaan smiled and nodded)He mellowed down so much,for his love towards me..He had really found it so difficult to express his feelings to me then..Actually,he would try to gesture to me indirectly but i just couldn't realize the language of his love then...He tried being possessive,trying means to garner my attention by showing his temper...But alas!!
Armaan:So when did you actually figure about his love for you??
Anjali:A lot from Bharti and the gurlzz but most importantly when he had not let his anger take the better of him..When my family members got involved and beat him up,he let them do so voluntarily...At that moment,he was beginning to shower his love through patience and silence as well..But i guess,as i got to learn more about him,i fell madly in love with him...
Armaan:What should i do,Anjali?It's always that i misunderstand her,instantly venting my frustration on her and after realizing my mistakr,that too at a much later time,i apologize to her..It's just that this time round,i've just,said so much...I know that i can't take my words back nor do i deserve to be forgiven but it just kills me from inside,Anjali..I am fighting with myself for i'm desperately trying to move on in my life..
Anjali:Why are you trying so hard,Armaan??You're deeply in love with her..Just tell her!!
Armaan:Tell her and what,Anjali?Lose her forever??
Anjali:You'll get nowhere if you keep thinking like this,Armaan..Step up to her and tell her how much she means to you!!You've met her coincidentally for my wedding..Make the most out of this for you never know whether you may get such a chance again!!Make it up to her..If you just sit here,she'll probably never even think of forgiving you..She might only think of the pain you've inflicted on her..Show her what she's losing out on,being angry with you...But always remeber to get started on mellowing your temper..You can do it,Armaan!!
Armaan:You think so?
Rohan:Of course,Armaan...(embraced Anjali from behind)We believe so!!(Armaan felt a lil confident)Waise,she's busy serving drinks for our guests..Go,help her out!!
As Bharti served the final drink on the tray and kept it on the buffet table,she turned around and was startled to see Armaan in front of her.She gazed deeply into his eyes which seemed apologetic to her but her streaming tear had evidently placed her emotion on a high ride,not wanting to forget what Armaan thought about her.She wiped her tear instantly and walked away from there.However,she realized that Armaan was following her,leaving a lil distance between her and himself.
Meanwhile,Sanjana and Alisha were plugging in the wires for the DJ to play the dance numbers.They had been facing some difficulty with the plug.In fact,Alisha's dad realized that they ought to use another plug but he had apparently run out of them.Much to their excitement,they hadn't noticed the quality of wires used as well.
After what seemed like an hour later,both Rohan and Anjali,together with other couples and relatives who had been dancing,stopped abruptly for the electricity supply got cut.Some of the relatives helped Alisha's dad meanwhile.Too much voltage,it is said,caused the short circuit.Bharti frantically searched for Naina but she stopped as she saw Armaan having fallen on the floor.He was unable to move to the sides and she ran over to his side and laid on top of him with a lil gap between herself and Armaan,having placed her palms next to either side of his shoulders.
He was speechless and was stunned at the same timr for the last thing he had expected right now was Bharti to protect him from being trampled upon.He couldn't help but gaze at her in awe and wonder as to why she was doing sodespite having cut him off from her life and labelling him as a stranger.Bharti saw Armaan looking intently at her and she tried looking elsewhere.Just when she thought no one was near Armaan,some people stepped on her fingers with their heels on,causing her fingers to bleed.Armaan saw her jerk backwards a lil,closing her eyes and turning her head away in pain.

I can see the love like shining deep inside your eyes
Tell me why, just tell me why you wanna hide
I can see a million fires go and need to burn
Tell me why, just tell me why you wanna hide

Aey mere dil, yeh bata
Kis intezaar mein tu beqaraar hai
Khuda ke liye, pardah nahi karna
Khuda ke liye, ab naah nahi karna
Khuda ke liye, mujh se yahi kehna
Ke tujhe pyaar hogaya, khuda ke liye

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