Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 250~

She opened her eyes when she heard Armaan mumbling his concern for her.However,she simply remained silent.Just then,a wooden plank situated adjacent to both of them,had fallen on Bharti's back,hitting her spine so hard that she had once again closed her eyes,gritting her teeth in an attempt to endure the pain after realizing that the pain wouldn't go away.
Armaan:(gradually raised her palms to hold Bharti's elbows)Are you ok,Bharti?(Bharti was still quiet)Say sometihng to me,Bharti!!!(Bharti gently arched her back and got up,rremoving the plank which had fallen on her and Bharti offered her hand for Armaan to get up and he had held onto her)Thanks!!(she turned to leave but Armaan held her elbow)Why did you save me,Bharti??(Bharti turned to face him)Why,Bharti??You could have just let me be...
Naina:Mama...Mama!!(Armaan heard Naina's cries and let go of her elbow)Mama!!(rushed to Bharti and hugged her)
Bharti:Heyy princess,aap theekh ho?
Naina:Haan mama,main toh Alisha didi aur Sanjana didi ke saath thi aur hum sab dhoondh rahe the aap ko..
Rohan:Bharti,you're bleeding...
Anjali:What happened??
Bharti:It's nothing..I'm alright..I'm fine!!
Rohan:What...Where???(Anjali showed Rohan the blood stain on her dress,which only kept getting more and more crimson in colour as the blood kept oozing)Oh gosh Bharti...Come with me!!Alisha and Armaan,come with me as well!!
Sanjana:Rohan,par Armaan ki kya zaroorat hain??
Anjali:Sanjee,don't worry,hmm??Just take care of Naina at the moment,hmm??Come,Rohan!!
Naina:Sanjana didi,meri mama ko kya hua hain?
Sanjana:Kuch nahin princess...She'll be back very soon,hhmm??Our princess won't cry,ok?(Alisha wiped Naina's tear away and made Naina smile;as she stood upright,she glanced at Sanjana in confusion)
~After some time~
Rohan:Heyy,how is Bharti now??
Anjali:I just changed her dress and bandaged her mid spine,as instructed by my brother..It surely helps to have a doc within our family,na??She's just so lost with Armaan by her side...
Rohan:This is surely a sign from above that He too wishes to create a sparkle in Bharti's and Armaan's lives...I can't believe that Bharti would have dropped everything just like that to save Armaan..And she can say that she doesn't believe in love...How ironical!!!
Anjali:Hmm,so now that we've become part-time cupids,what do we do next??
Rohan:(placed his arm around Anjali)Look,we both wanted them to confront each other tonight but we just made a success with a few hours ahead!!Now,we'll just leave everything to God,hmm?I'm sure that by our reception tonight,we'll get to see some progress between them..
Bharti got up from her bed in Alisha's beach resort but as Armaan tried to help her,she glared at him and stood on her own.She made it clear to him that she didn't want his help but Armaan couldn't take it any longer.
Armaan:Ok,like seriously what's your prob?Just let me help you out,for God's sake!!There's no one around to..
Bharti:My problem is that you're here,stalking me...You've come here,surely knowing from Payal where i had gone to...She must have told you everything and here you are,with Jiya,to ruin everything!!!(Armaan glared at her in disbelief)I don't know just how many times i've got to make myself clear that my prob is YOU...(pointed her index finger in his direction)It's just you,Mr Armaan Sinha...Why??Does it feel bad already to know tht you'll not be forgiven??(had flashes of KK gesturing to her of Armaan being her soulmate)Why am i even talking to you right now??(placed her right palm on her left shoulder as she tried to alleviate the pain she felt when she walked away from Armaan)
Armaan:Bharti,please...I'm really...
Bharti:What,sorry??Just how many times will you keep being sorry,Armaan?You know something??You're the BIGGEST problem in my life!!If i had never ever met you in my life,i would be so much happier..Ever since i've met you,i've only lost track of my dreams,my ambitions...It's only...(paused)It's only because of you that i'm incurring a major loss!!I lost everything that was meant to be Bharti;she's lost somewhere,all thanks to you!!At least now you can leave me alone,can't you??
Armaan:I'm really sorry,Bharti..I had no clue that i had..
Bharti:Now you do!!And i'd hope that you leave me alone from this second itself for i can't bear to be in the same place as you..If you won't leave,then i would leave from here with Naina...(paused for a long while)Ok,if that's your decision,I'll leave from here!!
Armaan:Bharti,please......Stop it!!!Ok i'll go from here,just as you wish!!I know i don't deserve to be forgiven..(paused and Bharti turned away)I don't deserve to be forgiven,for whatever i've said to you had crossed all boundaries..If you'll be the same Bharti whom you had been before meeting me,i'll stay away from you..Far from you,very far from you that you'll prolly never meet me in your life ever!!Never,ever again!!!(turned to go)
He paused for a while,hoping that she would look at him or give him a cue to stop.He still hoped that things would get better between them but Bharti didn't even bother to look him in the eye at all.He was shattered and Bharti's hatred for his very presence in her vicinity made it extremely worse.Rohan and Anjali,who had approached him from outside,saw a very much disturbed and forlorn Armaan who didn't even notice their presence and continued walking away,all by himself.He was about to leave from there but Naina tugged on to his jeans and stopped him,and he knelt down.Rohan observed Armaan from a distance while Alisha and Anjali attended to Bharti.
Naina:Armaan uncle,aapne meri mama ko dekha hain??Woh kaisi hain ab?
Armaan:(caressed her cheek and looked at her lovingly vis his welled up eyes)Naina,aapki mama toh ek dum theekh hain..She'll be fine very soon,hmm??Just make sure she rests well...Tumhaari mama ki puraani aadat hain ki woh hamesha kaam karti hi rahe..Usse toh koi parwa hain hi nahin apne health ko lekar..Par aap apni mama ki poori tarha se khayaal rakhna,hmm??
Naina:(smiled)Of course Armaan uncle..Mama hamesha kehti hain ki unhe sirf meri fikr hain aur mujhe unki..Aur humaare duniye mein aur kisi ko aane ki koi zaroorat nahin hain..
Rohan:Acha Naina??Aisa kyun??Ab toh tumhaaari duniye mein Armaan uncle bhi toh hain..I mean,aapki naani bhi toh shaamil hain na aapki duniye mein??(Naina nodded in agreement)Toh phir aapke Armaan uncle bhi toh aapke duniya mein included hain na??(Naina smiled widely)
Naina:Right,Rohan uncle..Armaan uncle,aaj se aap,main aur mama ek hi duniya mein jeeyenge!!
Rohan:Yeh huyi na baat!!
Armaan:(wiped his tear away)Excuse me Rohan!!
Anjali:Bharti,i asked him to take care of you till i came back..I mean,couldn't you have waited a lil,at least?
Alisha:Anji,i don't think there's anything wrong in whatever she did!!It's best that he stayed away from her...(Bharti simply folded her hands and keard on)
Anjali:Alisha,Armaan was trying to help her for God's sake!!And Bharti,how could you accuse Armaan just  like that??Alisha,even you had forgotten about that??(Bharti turned to look at Alisha who kept mum)
Bharti:What do you mean,Anji??
Anjali:Well,i mean to say that you've accused Armaan of stalking you when the actual truth is the fact that he had no idea that you would be here...That Rohan's wedding to me was taking place today itself..He had come here with Jiya on an official trip,for an exclusive photo-shoot project..And here you are,blaming him!!
Alisha:What's wrong in that,Anji??It's always Armaan who misunderstands her and vents his frustration on her..If today for the first time,Bharti accused him,what's so wrong about it??In fact,i'll only say that he got a taste of his own medicine!!(Sanjana reached the resort and overheard their conversation)
Anjali:I don't believe this..You are her best friend,Allisha,yet you're saying this??You very well know that Bharti is at fault here too!!Just because Armaan has a record for misunderstanding her,does that make Bharti eligible in accusing him as well?I just don't get the point here at all...
Bharti:Geez,just stop it gurlzz!!Stop fighting for my sake..This is my problem,so let me just handle it!!Alright,Alisha??Anji,,it's your wedding today...You ought to be out there with Rohan,mingling with him...Dancing with him and cherishing with him every moment that's remained of this day...Come on,just go!!I'm alright and everything's in control,hmm??Hug each other,come on...(Alisha and Anji hugged each other before she gestured to them to leave from there)Anji,i'll join you during your reception at night,hmm?(Anji smiled and nodded before leaving with Alisha;Sanjee hid at a corner as they left and went inside to meet Bharti)
Shreya:Aunty,hii..What a pleasant surprise!!
Sudha:Hi Shreya,am i disturbing you?Are you at work??
Shreya:Haan Aunty..(excused herself from her desk)Actually Mayank sir didn't come today but he gave me some extra assignments,which i've been working on...But anywayzz,aap bolo..
Sudha:Shreya,it's great to know that you're very much involved in your work..I admire people who take pride in their work and who are willing to do more than what is expected of them!!Well,i was thinking of catching up with you for dinner tonight..Is that alright??
Shreya:Dinner sounds great,Aunty but i might be late..Liek around 9 pm or so...
Sudha:That's alright,Shreya...I'll make the reserv...Oh,just hold on dear..(covered her mobile and her assistant informed her of an emergency case file about a depressed young adult needing her immediate attention)Ok Shreya hun,can we reschedule dinner to tomorrow instead?An emergency has cropped up!!No worries about the reservations,i'll make it by tomorrow...
Shreya:Sure,tomorrow sounds fine too...Okie Aunty,i'll hang up for now...Good luck with the emergency case!!
--Beach Resort--
Bharti:Hey..(smile faded instantly and a cloud of melancholy surrounded her face)
Sanjana:How are you feeling now?Better?
Bharti:Much much better actually...Anji's bro gave me steroids whose effects are surely kicking in and Anji did say that i would be able to feel no pain by tomorrow actually...Glad he made it to Rohan's wedding btw...(smiled widely)
Sanjana:(noticed how easily and effortlessly Bharti bottles her pain inside)Well that's simply great!!But i'm here for something else,Bharti...What's running in your head??(Bharti was 100% blur and looked to Sanjee for cues)I'm talking about the conversation which i overheard,amongst you,Anji and Alisha...(Bharti simply looked elsewhere)I want to know,Bharti...Trust me Bharti,you'll feel much better talking it out...
Bharti:Sanjee,i've got nothing to talk about here..Everything's in control...
Sanjana:Nothing is in control,Bharti!!You've got no idea what you ought to do..You are simply wanting to lock yourself desperately from the rest of the world,just trying to escape from the reality of confronting your problems..Don't i know you??
Bharti:That's not true at all,Sanjee...
Sanjana:Really??In that case,what have you decided?
Bharti:Sanjee,i've decided that i...(paused for a long while)
Sanjana:Have you lost yourself,Bharti??You had once told me and Alisha that you live a carefree life and you'll always live that way...Without any regrets!!Then why are you letting yourslef get affected by the thoughts and sayings of some stranger like Armaan? agree,he doesn't know anything much about you,hence he had no rights to put such bold accusations about you,especially about your parents...But are you really serious about wanting to not forgive him,and hold grudges against him for a lifetime,hmm??Why are you bent on changing yourself for some stranger,Bharti??
Bharti:I've not changed,Sanjee and mind you,i'll never change myself for a guy!!My attention is only meant primarily for Naina...
Sanjana:Seriously,i don't think so...If that was truly the case,why would you just abruptly stop your search for Naina during the short circuit and go all the way to protect and save Armaan?Now,why exactly would Bharti do that,hmm??
Bharti:Anyone in my shoes would have helped him,Sanjee...
Sanjana:Once again,i don't think so...People normally would think of saving their lives before even bothering to save some stranger's life...You know,they're just meant to mock,jeer or even gossip but they wouldn't bother to act...But surprisingly,you did!!!Do you know why?Because Bharti,you..You've developed romantic feelings for Armaan!!!!(fell lost in her thoughts)You're in love with Armaan!!!YES!!!Or else,why would you drop everything,go and save him and in the process,hurt your spine and shoulders??
Bharti:(fell lost in Sanjee's words;her eyes welled up thinking about saving Armaan and having flashes of KK's words)NO!!!I'm not in love with Armaan or anyone,you get that Sanjee??
Sanjana:You felt so hurt by what he said at Fortis....You couldn't digest the idea that Armaan's seeing someone else..You're in love,Bharti!!!How should i make you understand?
Bharti:Sanjee,for the last time,i'm not in love with him neither am i jealous of Shreya,alright??(Sanjee smiled subtly at Bharti who looked elsewhere before looking back at Sanjee)
Sanjana:Shreya,hmm?(observed Bharti who seemed to hesitate to look in her eyes)It's really ok to confront your emotions!!(Bharti glared at her)What??
Bhartii:I'm not in love,Sanjee!!!
Sanjana:I'm not convinced,Bharti...I'm giving you a chance to prove this to me...That you don't love him!!Go and tell him directly that you've forgiven him...That should be easy for you,right??Since you apparently care a heck about what he thinks of you!!
Bharti:Are you challenging me,Sanjee??
Sanjana:Kuch aisa hi samajh lo,Bharti and FYI,you don't have much time left for Rohan's and Anjali's wedding reception..
Bharti:Fine!!I'll prove it to you right away...
Sanjana saw Bharti leaving from there and just wondered why it had to be Armaan of all guyz whom her best friend had to fall in love with.
~Mayank's place~
Mayank:Gosh,how should i break this news to Nihu that Mahi is not going to come?Now obviously,nothing is possible..Oh wait!!If i tell Nihu that Mahi stood us up,she'll surely feel hurt and i'll break it off quick..That should be as easy as it sounds!!(got out of his room to meet Niharika but remained stunned)
Niharika:Oh hii Mayu,come na..Help me set the table!!
Mayank:But Nihu,i don't know why you're actually so excited for...It's just a casual dinner,na??
Niharika:It may sound casual but it's more exciting for me!!I just can't wait for Mahi to come...We'll all have a blast tonight Mayu...
Mayank:That's it!!Nihu...(feeling frustrated,he held her shoulders)I'm sorry!!I should have told you earlier but Mahi is not going to come..
Niharika:What do you mean she isn't going to come?
Mayank:She's simply not!!She had some last minute...Ermm emergency work to handle..She just informed me and hence i couldn't inform you earlier..
Niharika:But,but...Why didn't she tell me?At least she ought to have the courtesy to inform me..I'm the one who's been preparing the menu and cooking the meals for the first time for her..Wait;did she call you up?
Mayank:Ye..Nope!!She didn't but...
Niharika:So how did you know that she's not going to turn up?
Mayank:Oh come on Nihu...I told her to come at least 2 hours earlier;what's with you?
Niharika:You mean to say she stood us up?
Mayank:I can't believe she's planning to do so..
Niharika:I'll go and shower then..We'll eat together,just you and me,hmm??
Mayank:You ok?
Niharika:Yeah apparently..Will be back in a jiffy!!(rushed to her room and locked the door)I can't believe he bought it!!
Mayank:Phew!!That was easy...
Niharika:I've set the stage..Now all i'm waiting for is Mahi to appear and see Mayank's face!!
--Beach:Buffet Table--
Bharti:(murmured as she looked around for Armaan)I'm sure i can do this...This is such an easy challenge from Sanjee..(Bharti looked to her sides and turned around,almost bumping into Armaan)
Armaan:(recollected Bharti's words as he gazed longingly at her)I'm sorry..(was about to elave but Bharti stopped him)
Bharti:I wanted to talk to you..(Armaan turned around instantly)I'm sorry for sounding real harsh!!I didn't mean to hurt you in any way but...I just wanted to let you know that i've forgiven you..
Armaan:You WHAT???
Bharti:I've forgiven you..(sounded more robotic)I..I don't....(inhaled deeply before continuing)That's all..
Armaan:(stops Bharti from leaving)So does this mean that we're cool?
Bharti:(turned around instantly)Whoa,just hold on..Just before you carry on with your misunderstanding once again,let me make things clear to you that friendship is a very long,long,long WAY to go!!!I care a HECK about you,your emotions or your thoughts about me whatsoever..Alright???(smiled forcefully)Yeahh,i'm pretty much done with you!!Bye..(walked away from there)
Sanjana:(shook her head in irritation)How could she just..End everything like that??(her eyes suddenly sparkled as an idea struck her chord and went inside the resort)
Bharti:Damn it...Where did Sanjee go now??Surely she must have felt defeated after seeing me accomplish her challenge so easily...
Armaan was literally confused by the impulsive change he had seen in Bharti.He's totally surprised that he didn't realize how unpredictable she can get  and look,she had just tossed her decision to forgive him in a spin of rapid,abrupt seconds.The only question which baffled him right now was how Bharti managed to change her staunch decision of not wanting to forgive him so easily.Armaan took a sip of the cocktail that was being served near the small table,away from the buffet table where a batender was preparing the drinks for the reception.
Bartender(KK):Hey,stop staring at the glass and drink it up!!
Armaan:Are girls often so unpredictable,as much as Bharti?
KK:Surely they are...In fact,it's true for guyzz like yourself as well...
Armaan:Excuse me?
KK:According to you,Bharti is extremely confusing because of how easily she changed her mind...According to her,you are an amazing guy whom she wishes to stay distant from..Cuz she's scared!!!
Armaan:Scared of what?Me???
KK:Not at all...She's scared that she might...Fall in love!!(Armaan almost choked on his drink)
Armaan:Gosh!!I better get going..(stood up and turned around and away)
KK:Aren't you just like her??You're not at all ready to stay away from her..Ask yourself Armaan,if Shreya is truly the girl whom you wish to spend the rest of your life with her..Ask yourself,whether you'll seize this opportunity tonight at the reception to show Bharti how much you love her and melt her heart even further..For you're everything she'll ever need in her life!!Or whether you'd rather lose her forever and compromise with your life and your happiness..(vanished,as always)
Armaan:(turned around)Hello..Arre??Where did the bartender go??He was here a few seconds back..How did he know my name by the way??How could he have known about me,Bharti or even Shreya???
Meanwhile Sanjana was about to go inside Alisha's resort to implenet her idea.Just then,Alisha came in the way and introduced her to Gaurav.
Sanjana:Hi Gaurav..Nice meeting you but do excuse me..(Gaurav smiled and nodded but Alisha stood in front of her)What?
Alisha:Where's Bharti,Sanjee?
Sanjana:She's prolly resting,i guess...Do you mind,Alisha?
Alisha:Yes i do...Ermm Gaurav,excuse us for a while..(held Sanjee's elbow and moved to a corner)
Sanjana:What do you want,Alisha?I'm in the middle of implementing my idea,hmm?
Alisha:What idea exactly?Is it meant for Anji and Rohan?
Sanjana:Well,that's your section na?
Alisha:What are you hiding from me then,Sanjee..
Sanjana:Uff Alisha...I'm triyng to open Bharti's eyes to L-O-V-E..
Sanjana:See??Even you didn't realize it in the hustle and bustle pf the wedding...
Alisha:I still don't get it..You're talking about our Bharti,who's never had a proper relationsjip with anyone to begin with..You're saying that she's in love??
Sanjana:Yes, and i want you to be mentally prepared...She's in love with Armaan!!
Alisha:WHAT???(blinked her eyes in disbelief and bit her tongue;as she recalled how Armaan was on his knee with the ring)No wayzz,Sanjee...That's utter crap!!She hates that guy!!
Sanjana:It's not true,alright?
Alisha:How can you even support this,Alisha??FYI,Armaan's in love with Shreya,not with Bharti any longer...
Sanjana:I know...
Alisha:So why are you complicating matters?
Sanjana:I'm not!!I'm trying to help our best friend out here...For if she didn't realize her feelings now,she would prolly never realize it or act upon it...We may not like Armaan because of what has happened with her but if she can forgive Armaan,we ought to forgive him as well and give him a second chance..
Alisha:Bharti forgave him?So easily???(Sanjee nodded while concealing the knowledge of her challenge from Alisha)How can she do that??I mean,how can she forgive Armaan everytime and that too so easily??
Sanjana:She's in love but she's so adamant upon not acting upon it..She's just being adamant on the fact that she needs no one in her life!!
Alisha:Ok she's in love but why Armaan??He's alwayzz...
Sanjana:I know...Even i resent the idea but if we both can transform Bharti by supporting what her heart truly craves for,isn't it the best way to win Bharti's friendship,hmm?
Alisha:You knew??
Sanjana:Of course i knew!!If not,i ought to be ashamed of myself and our friendship over the years,yaar..And by the way,love comes unexpected and unannounced,right?We can surely bring Bharti out of the dark..We surely don't know what it is or why she don't trust guyzz as far as relationships are concerned..And why she doesn't commit herself in relationships,for long..But if we can change that in Bharti via Armaan then..What's the harm na,Alisha??
Alisha:But Sanjee...Armaan's in love with Shreya!!
Sanjana:No,he's not!!
Alisha:Excuse me??How do you know he's not?
Sanjana:He can't possibly forget his first love..I mean...Maybe he's just faking it!!
Alisha:What??Why on earth would he do that and that too with one of his best friends??
Sanjana:Uff Alisha,i'm..Don't ruin my hopes,will you??
Alisha:I'm not!!In fact,i think i made a valid point here...He's in love with Shreya..He's moved on!!There's harm and only harm if we approach Armaan now...Seriously,you're absolutely sure of the love??
Sanjana:Gosh Alisha..If you don't trust me,then ask yourself..Why did Bharti,in her search for Naina,stop and save Armaan during the short circuit,hmm??She calls him a stranger yet she saved him..She got so hurt yet she keeps a smile on her face...She keeps Armaan away from her..She forgives him so easily,almost all the time,which doesn;t apply for the rest of us...We're not as important as Armaan in her life!!
Alisha:Argghh!!You're just giving me more reasons to loathe him now..But if he's the key to winning my friendship back,then i guess i could give him a chance...Ahem,so what exactly was your idea??(Sanjee took out a letter)What is this??
Sanjana:Suicide note!!(raised her eyebrows)From Armaan for Bharti!!Let's see how things turn out!!
Alisha:Are you kidding me?(Sanjana shook her head and brought her inside)
Both Alisha and Sanjana saw Bharti reading a letter.Bharti seemed extremely tensed and worried for she had let go of the letter,which landed on the floor,having floated light-headedly for a while.Bharti eventually snapped out of the state of trance she slipped into for a few seconds,and went outside without answering either of her friends.
Alisha:What the heavens is wrong with her?
Sanjana:I wonder what she read..(picked up the letter)"Dear Bharti..." OMG!!!
Sanjana:How is this even possible??A suicide note???
Alisha:Give it to me..."Dear Bharti,i know i have not been the best person you could have wanted to come across in your life,having always misunderstood you and never ever being fair with you...You're right in saying that i'm the biggest problem in your life!!I'm truly a huge problem and if this makes you much happier,i'll go far away from your world,Bharti...So far that there wouldn't be a trace of me,wherever you may go in life...But before i leave,i just want you to know that because of me,your friendship with Alisha should not be broken!!I'm only glad that i could have attended her brother's wedding...They're such lovely people..The lively,happy atmosphere should not be spoilt by my presence!!I don't know if i'll ever see you again in my life,Bharti...I don't deserve to be forgiven for what i've done to you...You may have forgiven me but i just can't bring myself to..If by ending my life and going very far from you brings you peace,i'm willing to do that for you!!Bye...Love,Armaan!!"...What the hell,Sanjee??
Sanjana:Armaan actually wrote this?I mean,he's willing to die for Bharti??
Alisha:Well.that should raise your hope in transforming Bharti's life since he's apparently faking it to Shreya..He didn't even think about Shreya or even Sudha aunty...
Sanjana:He's deeply in love with our Bharti,yaar...Bharti means everything to him!!!
Alisha:OMG!!How could i have doubted his love for Bharti,yaar??Ok,ok...Let's see where Bharti is..
Sanjana:Hmm chal!!
Bharti was frantically searching for Armaan everywhere.When Rohan had stopped her,Bharti asked him about Armaan but she fell gloomy when he told her that he had barely taken time off to talk to her.Bharti saw a glimpse of someone walking ahead of the waters and rushed over,shocking Rohan and Anjali who had joined them.
Anjali:Kya hua?Bharti bohat parishaan dikh rahi thi...
Rohan:Woh mujhse Armaan ke baarein mein pooch rahi thi,par bata nahin kyun..
Sanjana:Hum bataa sakte hain!!(showed Rohan the suicide note of Armaan's and Alisha had told them both of Sanjee's foiled plan)
Anjali:This isn't your note na,Sanjee??(Sanjee shook her head)
Rohan:But where is Bharti now??(looked around but just then some relatives crowded around them;Alisha saw Gaurav waving at her and excused herself)
Bharti stopped and held Armaan's wrist,shocking him to the core.He looked to his right and then to his left before closely looking at Bharti,attempting to figure out what Bharti was standing in front of him for.She had already given much to put him in a dilemma and the least he was expecting was more confusion.He raised his shoulders and simultaneously shook his head slowly.
Armaan:What??(Bharti kept watching his eyes)Bharti...Kya??
Bharti:What were you thinking,huh?
Armaan:Excuse me??
Bharti:Do you even realize where you've reached by walking??(Just as Armaan turned around,he realized he may have walked a lil deep into the waters and quite far from the wedding reception venue)And what's your letter supposed to mean??(Armaan wondered what letter Bharti was referring to)How can you even think of suicide??
Armaan:Su...(looked around)Su..(glared at Bharti)SUICIDE???
Bharti:Really,Armaan??I thought i said i had forgiven you,so what's the prob now?
Bharti:I can't believe that you...You would take such dramatic measures???OH yes,how can i interrupt you now??You've vented everything out on me and now are you trying to repent by your suicide pact??
Armaan:Bharti,will you let me explain?
Bharti:No,i won't...There are two special people who are part of your life and who care deeply about you...You can dare ignore their worth and go ahead and commit suicide??What the heck were you thinking?
Armaan:Why do you care about what i think,Bharti??Remember,you said that you care a heck about my emotions,my thoughts and feelings about you,hmm??So,why do you care if i stay alive or commit suicide??
Bharti:(turned away,feleing so lost,pondering to herself)Yeahh,why do i care??I don't..I...(turned back to face Armaan)Listen,i'm talking on behalf of Mom..I can't stand if anyone were to hurt or upset her in any way,even if it were to be you...You get that??(turned to go but Armaan firmly held her wrist,making her jerk a lil)
Armaan:I truly am sorry for what i've said,Bharti...In fact,today you've proved my accusation wrong..You've saved my life once and now you've come to save me again!!Thanks...But why do i feel that you still care so much for me,despite us becoming strangers,hmm??Answer me,Bharti!!Am i really a stranger for you???
Bharti:I've got nothing to say..
Armaan:But i do..And i'll say it right now.,Bharti!!You're never a stranger for me and you'll never be!!You're more than my secret friend for I....
Bharti instantly turned around and waited for him to complete.However,just then,Bharti heard her name being called and kept looking around.Armaan let go of her hand and gestured to her of Sanjana and Anjali's waving hand.Bharti gazed at him and Armaan simply turned away from her.
Bharti:Wada karo ki tum suicide nahin karoge..
Armaan:Tumne meri jaan do baar bachaayi hain..Agar tumhe mere rehne ya na rehne se itna farqh padhtha hain,toh main yeh suicide pact,humaare contract shaadi ki tarha,nullify kar deta hoon,hmm?
Bharti:Toh phir chalo mere saath..Agar tum yahaa khade rahoge,toh Rohan ko acha nahin lagega...(Armaan realized that Bhrti will never accept the fact that she was affected by the thought of his suicide)
Armaan:Hmm chalo..
Sanjana:Armaan,are you ok?
Armaan:Yeahh,i'm perfectly alright..In fact,never better...(gazed at Bharti)When you get to know that someone will truly miss your presence if you're gone,the thoughts of wanting to inflict pain to yourself disappears automatically...(Bharti instantaneously turned to her left to see Armaan's eyes filled with an unknown sense of peace and content)
Sanjana:You're so right!!(provokes Bharti further)In fact,Bharti was so worried for you,i tell ya..(Bharti turned to look at Sanjee,widening her eyes in disbelief)
Armaan:Really,Bharti??(smiled subtly,knowing that Bharti was apparently trying to conceal her feelings)
Alisha:Heyy Bharti,where the heck were you?
Sanjana:Alisha,Bharti just stopped Armaan and saved his life once again from suicide..
Alisha:Erm,heyy...(acknowledged Armaan)Bharti,come with me...Someone's here to meet you!!
Alisha:Arre,chal na..
Sanjana:Armaan,join us..The reception's about to start..(Armaan nodded and smiled)
Armaan excused himself to go and get changed from his drenched attire.He rushed to go but Sanjana stopped him and brought him inside the guesthouse.
Armaan:Ok Sanjana,i'm seriously drenched!!
Sanjana:Yeahh,i can pretty much figure..Instead of going back to the hotel,you could change into my bro's attire..If it doesn't fit,i can surely bring Rohan's...
Armaan:Ok,just hold on..What's up wih you,hmm?
Sanjana:(tried not to smile,presisng her lips together before releasing them)You love Bharti till now that you were willing to give up your life for her??
Armaan:(wondered and thought to himself)Seriously who's this generous,big-hearted soul who's patched up everything for me??Who's made me realize that Bharti still cares so much for me...Whoever he or she is,he or she is a guardian angel for me!!(recalled the bartender's words bur Sanjana snapped at him)Huh??
Sanjana:Armaan,you haven't answered me!!
Armaan:Let's just say that coming to Goa coincidentally for Rohans wedding helped me put my life back in perspective!!And i'll take your bro's clothes then..(smiled and Sanjana directed him to the washroom)Before that i just wanted to apologize..
Sanjana:What for??
Armaan:For hurting your best friend...
Sanjana:Will you just go and change,hmm??And stop being so apologetic..(Sanjana pushed him inside the washroom and closed the door)Paagal hain ek number ka!!Yeh Alisha kahaa margayi??(went to look for Alisha)
~Outside Mayank's place~
Mahi:Finally here we are,Sonu..
Sonali:You seem extremely excited and elated,Mahi..The last time i prolly saw you this excited and dreamy was perhaps during your wedd...(paused;bit her tongue as she involuntarily looked at Mahi)Sorry,Mahi!!
Mahi:Did you have to,Sonu??
Sonali:I'm sorry yaar..You know how i am,right??Stupidly blabbering away without even thinking..
Mahi:We're pretty much alike,na??Just that you're way too full of mischief!!
Sonali:And there comes the phone call..Is it from Niharika??Tell her we're outside already...(was about to open the car door)
Mahi:It's Mayank!!He's calling me??(Sonali instantly shut the car door and gestured Mahi to pick up)
Mahi:H..He..Hello??(Sonali got irked by Mahi's hesitation and hit her,gesturing her to be more confident)Yes?
Mayank:Hi,it's me Mayank..Just wanted to let you know that i'll clear everything with Niharika and you won't have to worry about anything at all,hm?
Mahi:Really??And how exactly do you think you're going to do that??Why should i even believe any crap you're uttering right now when you couldn't even tell her to cancel the dinner plans,hmm??
Mayank:What??Ok wait,how do you know that the dinner is yet to be cancelled??
Mahi:(bit her tongue but instantly answered him)See what i mean?I just took a wild guess and here i am this close to knowing your character..(shook her head)You know something??It is so useless to even hope something from you,so please don't go around giving false guarantees or promises...(hung up and looked at Sonali)Gosh,that was really close...
Sonali:Don't you think that you're being a lil too harsh with him??
Mahi:Not at all!!He truly deserves this for creating the misunderstanding amongst me,Bharti and Armaan..
Sonali:Well,at least Armaan ought to be happy for now Mayank's not after Bharti!!Hahaha..
Mahi:Chale??We're already quite late and we've gotta get out from here asap as well..(both of them got out of Mahi's car)
Sonali:Gosh,i still don't get why you're dragging me into this with you...
Mahi:Dosti ki hain na?
Mahi:Toh nibhaao!!(started walking)
Sonali:Damnn!!!(followed suit)
Bharti too had called for Anjali to help and change the dressing of her wound around her back.Soon after doing so,Bharti got changed into a long beautiful crimson red,,sleeveless dress.Anjali left earlier to meet Rohan and reserved some seats for herself and her friends.Bharti tied her hair up and quickly adorned herself with a pink bracelet and dangling earrings which she had bought with Alisha and Sanjana along her way to Goa.
Armaan had already sat beside Rohan,Anjali and Sanjana when Bharti had come out of the guesthouse.Bharti was about to advance to Anjali's table but just then,Alisha startled with Gaurav by her side.Bharti recalled having done deliberate damage to Gaurav's car before running away from there.
Gaurav:Hii Bharti..
Bharti:Mm hmm..(seemed the least interested)Alisha,can i have a minute with you?
Gaurav:I'll wait for you both at our table..
Bharti:(raised her eyebrow in shock and promptly looked at Alisha)Our table?OUR TABLE,ALISHA???
Alisha:(covered Bharti's mouth)Excuse me,Gaurav..(brought her to a corner)What are you being so hyper for??
Bharti:You're asking me WHY??Please don't tell me that this is just like how you met Armaan...
Alisha:No,no,no Bharti!!I just met Gaurav at the reception,moments back...Nothing's hidden fron you!!
Bharti:What is he doing here???
Alisha:He's linked to Anjali's family..Some distant relations,you know...Ok,i don't want to get into the details...Plus,the fact that you're here,sparked his interest in staying for the reception till late..Look,i seriously had no clue of this till i heard him asking for some preparations to be done!!
Bharti:What kinda preps??
Alisha:I don't know..But i just think you've gotta wait...
Bharti:Unbelievable!!Look at the mess my life is in,Alisha...First,i'm ditched by my best friend who turns out to be in true love..Then you try setting me up on a double date and if damaging his car deliberately wasn't good enough,he's openly challenging me now...He's surely creating some sorta trap for me and i can't even do anything..Cuz he's Anji's family relation!!Anywayzz,why bother now?Let's just sit!!You're coming with me to that table!!
Alisha:Me??What for???
Bharti:You set me up with him?Why shouldn't you get at least 75% of the credit??Chup chaap chalo mere saath aur aa kar baith jaao!!
Alisha:Damn it!!(followed Bharti to their table where Gaurav was seated)
Gaurav:Hi Bharti...Alisha,why don't you join Anjali and Rohan instead??
Alisha:That sounds like a terrific plan,Gaurav!!(murmured to Bharti)Sorry hunn...Mom's calling me as well!!(rushed form there)
Bharti:Nooo!!!Alisha,stop..(just turned and watched her leave)Damn it!!

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