Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 251~

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 251~:A special romantic treat to all ArBianzz who are on the verge of celebrating the third anniversary of Bhaskar Bharti....:))Esp to you Sadaffyy!!!This is for you!!

Gaurav:Are you alright?
Bharti:Yeahh but i could do much better..(thought to herself)Without you lingering here,for sure!!
Gaurav:Actually you must be figuring out how i made it here..
Bharti:Save it!!Alisha told me that you're linked to Anjali..
Gaurav:Yeahh,i'm some sort of a long distant cousin of her's,who isn't exactly so close to her but when i did get to know about her love story,i decided then that i ought to come by for her wedding!!But lil did i know that i would be able to meet the same vivacious girl who had scratched my car deliberately and scrammed off,without any note or message...The very same girl with dual personalities whom i'm beginning to be attracted to...
Bharti:(widened her eyes in shock)I didn't...
Gaurav:I saw you so stop denying,hmm?
Bharti:Look,you've said enough about me..Right now,i don't wish to create a ruckus in front of your relatives so stop talking!!
Armaan:Sanjee,who's that sitting beside Bharti?
Sanjana:(murmured)That's Alisha's supervisor cum mentor,Gaurav..Not only that,he's a distant cousin of Anjali..Why??(Armaan shook his head and simply smiled as Rohan's best mate raised the toast and ended his speech)
Rohan:Excuse me guyzz..(went in front of all the guests and raised his glass)I know it's quite weird of me being here on this night..But i just wanna tell Anji that i'm truly in love with her..(looked at Anji)Call me shameless but this is who i am and who i want to be,with you by my side,through thick and thin..(Anjali smiled and threw a flying kiss at him in return)Thanks to everyone who's made it here...Especially my dear friend,Bharti and her princess,Naina..If not for the two of you,this marriage might not have occured the way it has been!!
Armaan took secret glances at Bharti whose eyes gleamed in excitement and pride for her dear friend.
Rohan'So,come on here and raise a toast for me and Anji..
Bharti:Ok,i'm not going to come up there..I'll raise a toast from this table itself..
Rohan:Sure,get started...
Bharti:First of all,3 cheers for Rohan's and Anjali's celebration of love through their wedding..(Everyone applauded for Rohan and Anji)I'm happy...For both Rohan and Anji,this has not exactly been a fairytale romance for the duo unlike what many of us may have woven dreams of,since at a young age..(Armaan saw Bharti falling lost in her thoughts)Nowadayzz,we don't get to see much of the passionate love..All we tend to see is the bickerings and squabbles over the most trivial of matters,such that i no longer believe in the complex element of love,which has been perceived to make the world go round..So,before i continue further,i ask you both..Rohan aur Anjali,yeh pyaar aakhir mein hain kya??
Anjali:(murmured to Armaan)Hear me out and you'll know what you ought to do..(Armaan was quite confused)
Armaan:Jiya??(murmured)Where the heck were you???Rohan aur Anjali tumhe kab se dhoondh rahe the..
Jiya:Main toh bas yehi thi,ek phone call kar rahi thi...Acha,sshh;Anjali kuch kehne jaa rahi hain...
Anjali:Bharti,pyaar ek aisi mazboot rishtha hain jo har koi kabhi na kabhi toh mehsoos karti hain apni zindagi mein..Woh ek aisa dor hain jo humein sab se baandh kar rak deti hain,khaas kar jisse jo hum chahthe hain..Jisse hum achanak se hi dhoondh thi rehti hain apni zindagi mein,jaise unke bina hum kahin ghum huwe hain..Bharti,it's just so difficult to convey in words what true love really is..Jab maine Rohan se pehli baar mila tha,toh woh mujhe kuch khaas pasand nahin tha..In fact,i still recall the day when i had complained to my brother and how he had warned Rohan..It didn't matter to me then..It was surely not love at first sight for me but when i saw Rohan's nature and his deep interest in me,i loved the way he expressed his love for me!!He didn't care if anyone was around..He expressed it to me and it's all that matters!!He changed his flaw for me without me asking for it,thinking it would benefit us but tonight,i just wish to tell you Ro,that i've accepted you just the way you are..I do not need you to change yourself for me for that depicts the lack of essence in my love for you!!(Armaan realized what Anjali meant;Armaan smiled and nodded as Anjali raised her eyebrows and winked at him)
Rohan:I don't wish to add on anything further for Anjali had spoken what i intended to say..And i'm truly honoured that our families have gathered together to bless both of us..Without their blessings,we wouldn't even have existed and united..So,3 cheers to our family members too!!
Bharti:(applauded together with the rest and stood up)Wow,in that case,i'm extremely thrilled to see that both of you have found the comfort and solace in each other...Much as how exciting love and marriage may sound,i guess i'll just give it a miss,hmm Rohan??Surely i don't think neither love nor marriage is my cup of tea..(Armaan and Gaurav just kept watching Bharti)Nevertheless,it's a great pleasure to see that my dear friend's dream has come true and from the bottom of my heart,i wish that he wakes up every day,seeing that his ddream never fades away...(raises her glass of wine)To Rohan,Anjali and their love!!
Armaan:Can i add on??(interrupted Bharti's chain of thoughts;Anjali agreed,asking him to go ahead)Some may never give themselves a chance to explore love..Cuz they're afraid of ripping their hearts open,hence protecting them in a large bubble!!I've fallen in love too..(paused to look at Bharti who had already fixated her eyes on him)So deeply that i didn't care whether my heart is ever going to be sealed ever again if it ever suffers a heatbreak!!I didn't know that love could hurt me so much that i intended to take my life for good,to stop all the sufferings but someone had saved my life...If not for the person,i wouldn't have figured that love takes you by storm and happens to you at the most unexpected of times and that you can't avoid love or run away from it forever!!(Bharti strongly felt that Armaan was gesturing his message to her directly and gazed at him;Armaan looked at Anjali)Thanks for letting me be part of your celebrations,Anjali and Rohan...To the gorgeous couple in love,the newly-weds of the moment,Rohan and Anjali---Congratzz!!!
Jiya:(Armaan sat down)Whoa...What was that all about?
Armaan:Let's just say that i'm gonna turn things around for myself...Wait and watch!!
Jiya:So,what exactly happ...
Armaan:Jiya,just excuse me,hmm?
Jiya:Oh ok..I'll be here,waiting...

Gaurav:Here,i thought of getting you a drink..
Bharti:(sarcasm started doing the talking)Really???You don't seem to get the fact that i'm not interested,hm??
Gaurav:What harm can a drink bring you,Bharti??
Bharti:I prefer getting my own drinks,alright??
Alisha:Bhartii..There you are!!Gaurav,could you help take some photographs??
Gaurav:Sur..(just then,Armaan came into the picture and took Alisha's digi cam)Excuse me??
Armaan:Uff Alisha,chill...You yourself had asked me to take some photos earlier...How could you have forgotten that,hm??Gaurav,right??Hey dude,i'm Armaan...Since you're lazing around,it wouldn't be a bother if you could get the three of us a drink each,would it??
Gaurav:(surely felt awkward)Not at all...I'll be right back!!
Armaan:Sure,take your time...(started clicking some photographs)There you go,Alisha..(handed the cam back to Alisha)
Alisha:Why are you talking to Gaurav like that,Armaan?
Armaan:What?Is there something wrong??
Gaurav:Drinks at your service!!
Armaan saw Gaurav advancing towards Bharti with the glass of martini but just then,Armaan mildly pushed Alisha,who was standing beside him,deliberately such that Alisha's drink spilled on Gaurav's shirt.Armaan got amused by the fact that Alisha was apologizing profusely for something which she didn't do.As he watched both Alisha and Gaurav leave for the washroom,he turned to look at Bharti.His smile got wiped away from his face for he realized that Bharti had figured his antic,red-handed!!
Armaan:(stood beside Bharti and took a sip)What??You ought to thank me!!
Bharti:Whatever for??
Armaan:For driving a nuisance away..(Bharti blinked her eyes in disbelief)I've been watching him for a while..
Bharti:We're not talking,remember??
Armaan:Sure,how can i forget??But you ought to know that i'm not the kinda guy who would simply watch a guy harrass another girl in public..
Bharti:Again,i don't need your help for i can take real good care of myself!!And btw,you ought to be outta this place by now,remember?
Armaan:You know what?Just like you,i've changed my mind..I've come for the wedding and now,i'll only leave from here after the cocktail party for i too received the invite!!(Bharti suppressed her mounting irritation from within,gritting her teeth,wanting to almost strangle him)On a cute note,it just feels as though we're bonding on the sets of Rohan's wedding,yeahh??
Bharti:Why don't you just get the fact that..
Armaan:(smiled subtly) I don't know what you think about me,Bharti...Right now,that's least of my concerns..All i want is for you to know that no matter what,i'm not going to leave you alone,not even iff you want me to leave you..I'm never going to do that!!I'll be here beside you,to protect you from every harm that befalls you!!(Bharti gazed at Armaan,falling lost in his words)

Koi kami si thi jeene mein, jaana yeh humne kahan
Aise mile ho jaise humpe ho meharbaan yeh khuda

Haan main vaari jaawa, main vaari jaawa
Saathon ki ho ya bin kasoor re
Rab di marzi hai, apna yeh milna
Barsa hai hum pe uska noor

Piya o re piya, piya re piya re piya

Bharti:Just come clean,Armaan...Why are you doing this??(Armaan simply smiled subtly at her and looked elsewhere)What's the smile for,hmm??And why are you looking elsewhere when i'm talking to you??
Armaan:Chill,Bharti..Why are you so agitated??Anywayzz,i'll be here till the cocktail party so..
Bharti:Don't you understand??I've got nothing to do with you..And i...I don't need you!!Why don't you or anyone get that??
Armaan:And what if i were to say that i need you??
Armaan:Yeahh..I need you..(paused for a while)To make sure that you stick by your words and stay away from me at least until after the cocktail party..Par tumhe dekh kar aisa bilkul bhi nahin lagta ki tum mujhse door bhi reh paaoge..
Bharti:Excuse me??
Armaan:You can't even bring yourself to stay far from me..And trust me,you can't get rid of me so easily...
Bharti:Whoa,are you challenging me,mister??If that's the case,challenge is accepted and mind you,i've proven to you before that i win challenges!!(Armaan recalled the time how Bharti shaved her head bald to prove her friendship to him)Haarna maine nahin seekha hain,Mr Armaan Sinha!!
Armaan:Dekhthe hain,Ms Bharti Kapoor!!
Bharti:In fact,abhi se shuru karti hoon..(Armaan smiled and shook his head)Heyy Gaurav..I'm really sorry about being rude earlier,not accepting your drink..Actually,Armaan,standing here,made me realize it..(Armaan's smile faded and he wondered what she was up to)So let me make it up to you!!
Gaurav:With a drink?
Bharti:Why restrict to one?Let's have a few and..(paused for a few seconds,looked at Armaan and smiled before continuing)How about a dance with me,hmm??(extended her hand;Armaan gasped in disbelief but he kept calm,thinking of Anji's words)
Gaurav:I had no clue you'd have a rapid change of mind..I mean,WOW!!(placed his hand on Bharti's palm)Excuse us,Armaan!!(Armaan nodded;Bharti left with Gaurav but she turned around,raised her eyebrows at him and smiled before heading off)
Armaan:(murmured)Just can't believe what else she would do to just prove herself right..Dance??She just hurt her spine..How is she going to...NAH!!She just said so to annoy me but i'm not falling for any of her tricks!!
~Mayank's place~
Mahi had texted Niharika about her arrival 10 minutes back.She remained calm,watching her TV in her pajamas with Mayank working on his latest project.Just then the doorbell rang.Niharika had decided not to stand up and open the door,hence she waited toll Mayank would fret and taunt her before getting up from the dining table,where he was seated,and open the door.Niharika smiled widely and quickly headed to her room to get dressed.
Mahi:Be prepared!!(bit her lip)
Sonali:(shook her head)Paagal!!
Mahi:Sshh!!!(rang the doorbell once more)
Mayank:God,aa raha hoon..Bata nahin ki ab kaun...(froze in shock upon opening the door)

Tumse kehdenge hum saari baatein
Kaise hain apne din kaisi raatein heeyy…
Koi na koi hulchul rehti hai dil mein
Harpal… log hai kehte paaal… humko oohhoo
Here we goo!!!
By the way on the way
Humko jo mili hai zindagi
Gaati hai hasti hai pagli si hai zara
Ruthe bhi maane bhi har lamha nayi
Hai zindaggi.. moody hai ziddi hai
Kya kare kya pata
Rukhte hain kahaan hum rok isse
Chalte hain hawa ke jhoke se apni to
Aisi hai zindagi yahi apni ada hai
Kya karein koi bura jo mane kya karein
Humse to hain khafa ab sabhi
Jaane do chodo bhi

Mayank stood in front of Mahi and Sonali with his eyes fixated on Mahi.He blinked his eyes and alternately widened his eyes in disbelief.His pupild barely made a reflex action neither did they move to either side;he was in a state of denial and as Mahi gradually smiled widely and waved her hand,he simply shook his head and shut the door.
Mayank:Ok Mayank Sharma,that was a dream,a hallucination, and more than anything,a nightmare!!Mahi can;t possibly at my doorstep right now...She said she won't come!!
Mahi:Ughh...(gasped in shock)Can you believe that sadoo??He just slammed the door on me!!How dare he?!!!(kept fidegting under her breath)
Niharika:Mayu,who's at the door?
Mayank:No one...(shook his head but just then he took a closer look at his sis)Why are you all so dressed up??
Niharika:Am i overdressed,Mayu??
Mayank:Apparently,for our casual dinner...(Niharika shook her head;just then the doorbell rang)
Niharika:Mayu,open the door...
Mayank:(murmured)It's gonna be Mahi,nope!!(looked at Nihu)You open the door!!
Niharika:Uffo!!(held his hand and both of them opened the door)Mahiii!!!You made it!!
Mahi:Of course,how could i have not turned up??It's a dinner invite,so how could i have refused it??But i guess Mayank isn't at all pleased to see me and Sonali here earlier or else he would have invited us inside...
Niharika:What?(looked at Mayank and raised her eyebrows,murmuring to him)What the hell,Mayu??(Mayank kept mum)Mahi,i'm..
Mahi:It's ok Nihar...I know Mayank's mad at me for not coming earlier...I kinda shouted at him too but i'm here to make it up to him...I had no clue that he would be so mad at me!!
Niharika:Ohh,he's just faking it,trust me!!He can't stay mad for long...
Mahi:Really??(Mayank caught her sarcasm and skepticism)
Niharika:Come on inside,Sonali...Come..No formalities whatsoever,k??(locked the door)Ermm Sonali,why don't you come and help me set the dining table,hmm??Come!!(Sonu followed Niharika)
Mayank waited for Niharika to get busy getting the dishes garnished,and he promptly turned to face Mahi.
Mayank:What the hell are you doing here??
Mahi:Well,i believe i'm here for dinner,as per Niharika's invite..
Mayank:Wow,how can i even forget what a massive foodie you are??Ever thought of anything else apart from food,hm??
Mahi:Nihar's looking at us,so smile..(placed her thumb and index finger on either side of the edge of his lips)Look here!!I'm not here to eat Nihar's dinner..I very well know that you have not even talked to her about the misunderstanding which she had mistakenly assumed to be true..I'm basically here to end it all!!
Mayank:You mean,you came all the way to help me??
Mahi:Excuse me??What makes you think that i'm going to help you out??You've done so much damage to my reputation already and you think that i'm gonna help you?Fat hope,Mr Mayank Sharma,for i'm here to not even give you a single chance to tarnish my reputation any further!!Agar tumhaare bas mein hota toh tum yeh jhooth ka khulaasa aone behen ke saamne nahin karte,right??Tumhe kya laga,ki main yeh sab kuch dekhthi rahungi,hm??
Mayank:Ok fine,it was a mistake and i'm sorry..
Mahi:No,you're not...In fact,you're oblivious to how much it has impacted me!!
Sonali:Ok wow...Niharika's calling both of you...Come!!(Mahi left;Sonali was about to go but Mayank stopped her for a while)
Mayank:Sonali,why are you two here?
Sonali:Didn't Mahi inform ya?
Mayank:She said she came to end everything..Even i could have done that and i was going to do so when i was about to have dinner with Nihu..Wait,i told Nihu that Mahi isn't coming but how did she know???No wonder she dressed up!!
Sonali:Mahi had called her up in the evening!!(told hime verything of the excuse Mahi had made up)Actually what were you thinking if doing to break up,by the way??Ermm,just out of curiosity,you know...
Mayank:I thought Mahi wouldn't make it..And if Nihu didn't know,i was thinking of playing the "Mahi-stood-us-up" card..
Mayank:Nihu will definitely be hurt and...And i'll...
Sonali:Seriously,Mayank??You really think that by doing so,you'll be successful in your break-up??You're just unbelievable!!((looked at Mahi who gestured to her to get to the dining table)Come,let's have dinner first!!(murmured to herself)Lagta hain ki ab mujhe hi kuch karna padega!!
As Armaan helped himself with another cocktail,he looked towards Bharti who had let down her hair,flaunting the wavy hair,inviting the attention of the relatives surrounded around her.This aggravated Armaan since they had come in the way to obstruct his view of Bharti.He walked prgressively to a corner where he could see Bharti and Gaurav clearly.Both of them took the limelight from the other dancing couples,given the exception to Rohan and Anjali,who were equally surprised as Bharti grooved with Gaurav to a salsa number that was running in the background.Anjali looked around for Armaan and tried waving to him but to no avail,for he was engrossed in Bharti's dance.He was taken abacck when Gaurav lifted her and twisted her,to face him after she gradually pushed herself down his chest. Armaan was surely growing jealous but he suppressed his emotions by turning away.He very well knew that Bharti had initiated the dance deliberately to prove that she would go to any extent to stay away from him.
Just as he looked around,he saw Alisha and remained as calm as he could be.On the other side,Sanjana too waved at him and headed towards him.
Alisha:What the...Alisha's dancing??
Alisha:She suffered an injury and you can calmly watch her,huh??
Sanjana:Heyy,where's Naina?
Alisha:With my mom and dad..I just can't believe Bharti!!Just look at her yaar!!!What did you do,Armaan??
Armaan:Excuse me Alisha?This time round,i did nothing!!(Alisha seemed skeptical)I simply told her to prove to me that she can stop worrying or thinking about me...But you tell me...Who is this Gaurav,who had come from nowhere to impress Bharti,hm??
Alisha:Hah,aren't you just so jealous???
Armaan:I'm actually mortified by him!!Bharti's not completely healed..
Alisha:All thanks to you and your stupid challenge..
Sanjana:Ok,just stop with the blaming game!!(pulled them away,having stood in the centre)Alisha,i know Gaurav's your mentor but i'm pretty sure that he hasn't met Bharti before,so how is he..I mean,how does he know her??Speak up,Alisha!!
Alisha:After what Armaan said to Bharti at Fortis and how things ended at MU after the completion of her internship,i wanted to cheer her up and hence i brought her out for a few drinks..
Armaan:Alisha,Gaurav's still not in the scene yet!!How does he..
Alisha:I had a date that night and i didn't..(hesitated for a second before she revealed)I didn't want her to feel left out..I set her up with Gaurav,since he was available that night...
Armaan:You SET her up???
Alisha:He's a trustworthy guy..And my mentor too!!And...(thought)Also,my date's good friend..
Sanjana:You went on a double date and i knew nothing about it??Gosh,Alisha!!Argghh!!!And now we get to know he's Anji's cousin too...
Armaan:Excuse me!!
Sanjana:Arma..(murmured)Bata nahin ki Armaan kya soch raha hoga...What the hell,Alisha??You lied to me about Bharti being at your place that night,right?(Alisha looked elsewhere but Sanjee forced Alisha to look at her,pulling her chin towards her)Idhar dekh..Bharti tumhaari saath hi thi na??(Alisha shook her head;Sanjana widened her eyes in disbelief and took a step behind and turned away but Alisha stopped her)
Alisha:Ok,she was really drunk and she had left earlier with Gaurav..(stood before Sanjee)I expected Gaurav to send Bharti back home but only the next day did i get to know from Bharti herself that she was...She totally freaked out and then it hit me,Gaurav took her to his place!!
Sanjana:And you can still call him trustworthy??What the heck's wrong with you??
Alisha:Heyy,he is reliable..That night,anyone could have gone berserk..Be reasonable,yaar!!
Sanjana:Sometimes you an be so engrossed in your personal affairs that you forget..Heyy,wait!!Who's this guy you had gone out on a date with??Someone at work?
Alisha:Pss,nah!!Don't i know better,Sanjee??He's someone from work,but not from MWorld...
Sanjana:(cringed her eyebrows)What?
Alisha:He's not from MWorld..He's the assistant editor of Marvel Magazine...
Sanjana:Marvel,huh??It's quite a recently launched mag,right??
Alisha:Actually,about 7 months...But he wasn't present for the launch since he was nto employed then...Vedant joined a month later...
Sanjana:Well,whatever it is,i wanna meet this Vedant guy,hmm??
Armaan bumped into Jiya who was a lil drunk.
Armaan:Heyy,what...What's going on??
Jiya:Sshh,it's a secret...Don't tell my dad that i drank...You know him,na?Oww,my head..
Armaan:Oh dear Jiya...Just come with me!!(brought her with Sanjana to her room in the guesthouse)I'm really sorry,Sanjee!!
Sanjana:Uff,stop it Armaan!!At least you ought to know that this time round too,Bharti didn't force her to drink...
Armaan:I know i'm a real idiot,Sanjee..(looked at Jiya and thought to himself)"What has been bothering Jiya so much today that she was barely seen in the wedding photographs too??"
Sanjana:No worries,Armaan...You can sleep here,hmm?I'll make the necessary arrangements and as for me,i'll sleep with Alisha,Bharti and Naina...(Armaan smiled)Can you do me a favour??
Armaan:Sure Sanjee,bolo..
Sanjana:Gaurav!!Could you keep an eye on him for me??I know Alisha said he's trustworthy but somehow i'm still not convinced...
Armaan:And i thought that i was the only one who felt that way..I'm doing that anywayzz,so anything else??
Sanjana:Did any one tell you how amazing you are??
Armaan:You don't have to butter me up,Sanjee..
Sanjana:(smiled widely)Chale??(Armaan and Sanjana went out)
Bharti ended her dance,taking Gaurav's hands off her wrist gently after everyone applauded for their dance.She simply smiled widely as Rohan and Anjali approached them.
Rohan:Wow,you guyzz were jsut fantastic..
Anjali:Surely,you've snatched the limelight from us...
Bharti:Guilty as charged,Anji but i surely didn't intend to..
Gaurav:You were fantastic!!
Bharti:Tell me something i don't know..Now,excuse me!!Rohan,i hope you don't mind if i bring your dear wifey with me,hmm??
Rohan:Make it quick,k??(Bharti nodded and headed inside the guesthouse)
~Mayank's place~
Niharika:Help yourself,hmm??Waise Mahi...
Niharika:Tell me something..What made you fall for Mayank??(Mahi almost choked on the quesiton;she looked at Mayank who was seated across her and quickly drank the glass of water which Sonali offered)Are you okay?Is the curry too spicy??
Sonaly:No wayzz,Niharika..In fact,Mahi's motto is the spicier,the better..
Niharika:Really??Well,you know...Mayank's not the spicy lover type...Kyun Mayu???
Mayank:Are you ok,Mahi??(Mahi rolled her eyes as he popped the question but soon,she smiled)
Mahi:Of course i am,Mayank..In fact,i truly love Niharika's cooking...
Niharika:Really,Mahi??I'm so happy..I mean,i barely cook and...
Mayank:And whenever she does,itz amazing!!
Niharika:But it is half as good as your's,hmm?Anywayzz,tell me Mahi..How did you fall in love with my dear Mayu,hmm??
Mahu:(murmured and Sonali heard her)What's there in him to fall in love with??(Sonali tried her utmost to suppress her grin and got hit by Mahi's foot)
Sonali:Ouch!!(looked at Mahi;grinned a lil before mumbling a Sorry to her)
Niharika:What's wrong,Sonali?
Sonali:N..Nothing!!In fact,Niharika,come to think of it,aren't we just so happy that both of them are in love??Why is there an urge to dig the tale of their love..
Nihairka:I'm sorry Sonali,but it's quite important for me..Mahi,you might know that Mayu had just lost his love,Radhika...And it took him several years till now to get over it..I mean..
Mayank:Nihu,why are you talking about Radhika right now??
Niharika:Just sshh,Mayu...Mahi,the deepest regret i've had till now is not being there for him when he needed me the most...I was abroad,completing my studies and taking up part-time jobs..But i jsut wasn't there for him...He tells me he needs no one in his life and he can take care of himself..
Mahi:Nihar,i don't know anything much about Radhika..In fact,i don't wish to,not because i'm the insecure girlfriend here but i can clearly understand how it feels to have lost a loved one..Especially when you least expect it coming!!I understand what Mayank could be going through,and i wish to give him his personal space...Nihar,you ought to know something about me..I'm..
Niharika:You're divorced,right??(Mahi stopped eating and took a quick look at Mayank,suspecting him but he shook his head)Mahi,Mayank didn;t tell me anytihng...Do you remember how once,Raj had brought you to my saloon at night??After srewing things up for you on your anniversary,he so badly wanted to make it up to you with a surprise makeover for you..At that moment,he kinda accidentally blurted it out to me..Just the fact that you're divorced..
Mahi:WOW..Now my personal life is very much out in the open,hmm Sonu?
Niharika:Mahi,isn't that good??You wouldn't have to hide anything from your loved ones,right??
Mahi:Well you are right..But some memories are jsut meant to be left unsaid for the pain turns out to be excruciating and unbearable when it's out in the open..
Sonali:Ahem,why are we talking about the pain when we're surrounded by Mayank's and Mahi's love,hmm?Niharika,of you're still worried about Mayank's future,then you no longer need to be!!I'm not saying this as her best friend;she's a rare gem once you get to know her..Whoever have lost her in their lives don't know her or deserve her at all!!
Mahi:(murmured as she smiled weakly)Kuch zyaada nahin ho rahaa hain,hmm??
Niharika:Mahi,please..Help yourself!!You're not taking anything...
Mahi:Nihar,where's the washroom??
Niharika:It's towards your right,Mahi but...
Mahi:I'll be right back,hmm??

Anjali:Bharti,how could you even think of dancing in this condition??
Bharti:Uffo Anji..There's no time..Get me the painkillers,asap!!
Anjali:Here you go!!(poured Bharti a glass of water)
Bharti:Thanks a tonne!!
Anjali:Now tell me..What was the dance for?
Bharti:For pure fun...
Anjali:You're in bad shape,for God's sake,Bharti...
Bharti:Uff Anji,it was nothing till Gaurav lifted me up..Then the shooting pin started but guess what??The painkillers are pretty effective!!
Anjali:Anything else?
Bharti:What else??There's nothing else,Anji..Rohan must be waiting na,chal chal!!
Soon,Rohan and Anjali bid farewell to Alisha,Sanjana,Armaan and all of Rohan's relatives' present,as it was tentatively decided that Rohan would stay at Anjali's place for the night.After some time,all the relatives were practically gone.Upon asking,Bharti informed Alisha and Sanjana that she wished to have some time to herself and possibly have a walk along the beach before heading for bed.
Just as she splashed and rinsed her face with water,she realized that one of her earrings was missing.She went back to the stage and tried looking for her earring where she had taken photographs with Rohan and her mates as well as at the buffet table.Just then a waiter passed her a note,startling her.
xxWill be waiting for you at the gazebo,a few miles from the wedding receptionxx
Bharti crushed the note away without looking and headed back inside.
I just can't believe him...First he tells me that i can't stay away from him..And i took up his challenge and moreover,as a result,i hurt my back even further because of the dance with Gaurav..Now,he writes me a note,asking me to meet him??I'm so not going to the gazebo..Let him wait all night if he wants to!!
Meanwhile,Armaan was out barefooted at the beach with Jiya's mobile.He was browsing through Jiya's contact log for the day.As he did so,he realized that for the past hour,there were several missed calls from Bhaskar,which kept him thinking.He instantly dialled Bhaskar's number,only to realize that his mobile's switched off,"Kahin Jiya aur Bhaskar ke beech koi tension toh nahin hain??Aur shayad iss liye Jiya pee rahi thi??"
He turned to head back to the resort but just then,a crushed note caught his attention.Bharti's name caught him by surprise.After he read the note,he went inside and kept Jiya's mobile beside her,before leaving for the gazebo,to confirm if it was really Gaurav whom he had suspected to have written the note.
~After an hour or so~
Bharti had woken up,after getting fed up of tossing around in bed.She wondered if Armaan was really waiting for her at the gazebo.She then thought,"What the heck?Why do I even care??He's bent on defeating me for the challenge..",pausing for a while before she thought once again,"Or maybe he isn't??Maybe i'll go and check and if he's there,i'll just tell him to stop pissing me since he's crossed his limits,hence nullifying the challenge..Hah!!".She headed for the gazebo.
~Mayank's place~
Mahi was in the washroom,crying silently as she recalled the day she was brought into the hospital in an unconscious state,She had no idea,then,that Ved had mixed some medication in the sweets he had ordered for her.However,by the time she had gained consciousness,her baby had been aborted.Later,she met Sonali who had come to visit her,together with her gynaecologist's assistant.
Sonali:(spoke softly)Heyy,sshh...I've brought Dr Navika's assistant with me..She has a confidential message for you..
Mahi:What message?
Sonali:Thanks..(the assistant left from there and she murmured)Mshi,you were unconscious and upon reaching the hospital,the doctors sedated you heavily..And in all of these,Dr Navika was replaced..She wasn't allowed to come near or attend to you...Do you at least realize what a big conspiracy you've been trapped in??
Just then,Mahi snapped out as she heard Sonali's voice.
Sonali:Mahi...Heyy,you ok??
Mahi:(blinked her eyes and shook her head)Yeah...Yeahh!!(unlocked the door)
Sonali:(noticed her best friend in tears;she instantly wiped Mahi's tears)Come on,cheer up...Don't you remember what we're here for,hmm??Triggering uncomfy sensations in Mayank such that he..
Mahi:Shut up,Sonu..Tu bhi na!!
Sonali:Ahh,my best friend's back!!Now,come let's have some dessert..(Mahi nodded)I'll help Niharika and come..(Mahi headed to the dining table)
Mayank:Are you ok??(Mahi was quite shocked by Mayank's concern which only made her even more awkward)I mean,you were gone for quite some time...
Mahi:(lowered her voice)Just mind your own business,Mayank...
Mayank:Heyy,why are you venting on me??You were the one who went in faovur of reassuring Niharika,being the perfect girlfriend material in her eyes...
Mahi:And that's only because you were being silent all the while!!
Mayank:What do you expect me to do when she was talking about Radhika??
Mahi:Yeahhh...How can i ever forget those times when you're bored at parties and you tend to talk to your girlfriend,as though she's standing right beside you??
Mayank:How did you...??
Mahi:That's even none of my business and for a fact,i'm the least interested in your personal affairs...So..Jab tak Niharika aur Sonu nahin aa jaate,tab tak hum chup chaap khaana khaayenge,hmm?
Sonali:Guyzz,more desserts for us to enjoy!!
Niharika:I'll be right back,guyzz..(headed upstairs to her room)
Sonali:Ok,why are you two so quiet?Thodi rootna manaana toh banti hain na,kyun??(Mahi and Mayank glared at each other)Aakhir tum dono pyaar mein jo ho!!(Mahi pinched Sonali real hard)Uff Mahi,stop it!!Yahaan main tum dono ki madat..
Mahi:Kya khaaqh madat kar rahi ho tum??Mujhe toh aisa lag rahi hain ki iss galat fehmi ke kaaraan,main aur phas thi jaaongi!!
Sonali:Ab boliye Mr Mayank Sharma,aapke paas koi solution hain??Mere  dimaag toh jaise kaam karna hibandh kar diya hain..Kaise bhi kahin se koi solution mil jaaye,bas!!
Just then the door bell rang.
Armaan was shocked to see no one for he had expected Gaurav to be there,waiting eagerly for his sexy dance partner,as he had boasted about,after their dance to several relatives.He caught a note hanging on a bouquet of tulips and lilies and read it.
"Armaan,i know you'd reach here sooner..I'm going to make it short since i'm in a rush..I've asked the waiter to manage the gazebo,decorate it for you and well,do you really want me to spell out her name for you?I'm crossing my fingers,hoping that she would come to witness you express your love to her..Oh yes!!You're gonna express it to her tonight itself..This is the chance dude,so step up!!There's some romantic jazz and instrumentals as well..I hope she says Yes to you!!Gotta go..."
Armaan:Gosh,did Anjali prepare all these?She had been helping me all the while??The suicide note too...She must have written it and that's how Bharti came to save me..She gestured to me during her speech for Rohan and Bharti too!!(smiled widely)
Armaan:(thought to himself)"Crap!!Why is she here so soon?Warna toh hamesha late hi pohanch thi hain.."(took a deep breath and turned around)Bharti,tum?Tum yahaa kya kar rahe ho??
Bharti:Arre wah!!Tum khud note likh dete ho aur ab aise pooch rahe ho jaise ki tumhe koi khabar tak nahin hain..
Armaan:(pondered)Anjali did all these to bring me and Bharti closer...Seriously how ignorant can i be??(smiled and shook his head)I should use this to my advantage!!
Bharti:And yet tonight again,i see the famous classic smile of your's..But let me clear something for you,hmm??I'm not here because i can't stop thinking about you..(Armaan raised his eyebrow and got amused)What is so funny,huh??
Armaan:Nothing...Nothing at all!!You know,i just seem to be enjoying where all these is leading to...
Bharti:Ok,you know what?I'm going from here...(turned to go)
Armaan:(held her elbow and stopped her,bringing her closer to him;Bharti turned around and looked at him)Acha,acha i'm sorry..Tum kuch..(paused)Keh rahi thi,hmm??
Bharti:Main woh..Bas yeh...(fell lost as she gazed at him)Yehi ki...(looked below,averting her gaze)
Bharti:Tumhaari challenge nullify ho chuki hain...Cuz you've crossed your limit by pissing me off with this trick of your's..(Armaan let go of her hand)
Armaan:Really,Bharti?You really think that i play tricks to garner your attention?I'm...
Bharti:Oh please..Don't tell me that you didn't write this??(Armaan was unusually silent)You didn't??
Armaan:Who cares when i actually got to know that you came all the way just to meet me at the gazebo...If i hadn't seen the crushed note on the sands,i wouldn't have figued what you thought of me...(Armaan turned away but Bharti held his elbow)You know what?Even i don't need you in my life..I don't need anyone thinking of me as manipulative and selfish,around me...Bharti,you don't know me as well...Just like how you felt mad at me,i'm..
Bharti:I'm sorry Armaan...(let go of his elbow and cupped his face with her palms)I'm really sorry...Don't you know me?I'm a total klutz,i make tonnes of mistakes..
Armaan:Even i'm a human who errs a lot..I shouted at you,when i shouldn't have..I'm not perfect either..It's just that i wanted your attention,Bharti..
Bharti:My attention?Whatever for???
Armaan:Kya tum nahin jaante ki mujhe tumhaari attention kis liye chaahiye??(Bharti recalled what Anjali had told her earlier and what Payal had reiterated to her;she realized and instantly withdew her palms from Armaan's face and took a step behind)
Armaan noticed the sudden change in Bharti,as if she feared something.He tried to read her eyes but she turned away.That's when he knew he had to do it.
Armaan:(held her wrist)Would you still have come searching for me,if there was no note??(Bharti pondered deeply,silently asking her heart for an answer)Would you,Bharti??
Bharti:I don't know..(paused and turned to look at him)Actually,if there was no note,why should i even come looking for you??Don't i have..
Armaan:Ok,ok ek pal ke liye yeh maan lete hain ki maine hi woh note likha tha,toh tum mujhe dhoondhoge??Tumne yeh bhi socha tha ki main suicide karne waala tha jab ki maine koi bhi suicide note nahin likha tha...(Bharti's eyes widened in disbelief)Tumhe toh koi farqh nahin padhtha,hain na??
Bharti:Farqh padhtha hain,damnit!!Tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahin bataaya ki tumne woh suicide note nahin likha tha??Tumhe pata bhi hain ki main kitni darr gayi thi??
Armaan:Kyun??Kyun darr gayi thi??(Just then,it began raining thunderously)
Bharti:W..Woh...(gradually looked to her right)
Armaan:Woh kya,Bharti??(looked intently into her eyes and leaned closer,making her even more uncomfy)Tum yahaa khade ho kar socho,hmm??Yeh sochthi raho ki tumhe kyun farqh padhtha hain,hm??Main tumhaara jawaab ka intezar kar raha hoon...
Armaan gradually yet dramatically turned away from her and went out,spreading his arms to feel every tingling sensation brought upon by the fresh raindrops.He closed his eyes and raised his head upwards,feeling so alive,as if he's attained a new lease of life,one promising him of everlasting optimism.He couldn't stop smiling as he gradually rotate,thinking of Bharti's emotions wanting to erupt out of her lips.
Bharti was totally clueless of what happened between her and Armaan,She had only one intention of coming to the gazebo--To tell Armaan to stay away from her,to nullify the crappy challenge but the outcome had tuned out to be bizarre.
"Let him think what he wants to..I don't care,na??I'm leaving from here...(smiled)"
Just as she got ou from the gazebo,she realized that she had forgotten her mobile.As she went to get her mobile from the small table,she saw  Armaan happily getting drenched in the rains.She couldn't stop smiling at him and at that point of time,Armaan opened hi eyes and looked at her.Bharti instantly stopped smiling and turned to go.However,her attempt was foiled by Armaan who rushed in,and stood before her.
Armaan:Acha?Toh tum mere sawaal ka jawab dene se pehle bhaagna chahthi thi,hmm??
Bharti:Kaunsa sawaal??Hatto!!
Armaan:Itni jaldi bhool gayi,hm??Theekh hain,bas ye akhri sawaal ka jawab deti jaao...
Bharti:Jaldi se poocho..Mere paas waqt nahin hain..
Armaan:(leaned closer to her ears)Tum meri itni fikr kyun karti ho??Main tumhaare liye kya hoon??(smiled subtly at Bharti as he observed how her eyes blinked more frequently than ever,in anxiety)Jaldi karo na,tumhaare paas toh waqt bhi toh nahin hain na,hm??
Bharti:Main woh...(pushed Armaan a lil away from her with her lift index finger)Main kal tumhe jawab doongi,hmm??Bye!!(got out of the gazebo,getting wet in the rains)
Armaan:(held her red dupatta which sh had pinned to her long dress)Not so fast,Bharti!!(pulled her and as a result,she turned around,facing Armaan with her hair slightly covering her eyes)
Armaan jut couldn't resist himself.He could sense his heartbeat rising rapidly but for the first time,as he placed her wet hair behind her ear,he felt her heartbeat rising too,for her bosom was in direct contact with his chest and he knew that he only has this on final opportune moment to express his love.He cupped Bharti's face and gently whispered to her,"Bharti,main kal tak intezaar nahin kar paaonga".
Bharti froze,not sure of how to reat as Armaan gradully cupped her face and brough her close to him.Both of them were very much oblivious to the heavy rains entering the gazebo from all angles as both of them had sunk deeply into each other's eyes.Armaan closed his eyes and gradually leaned towards hr face,Bharti gazed longingly at Armaan but she soon realized how close he was to her lips and she jerked a lil,startling Armaan,who instantly opened his eyes.Bharti instantly turned away but Armaan had been quick in grabbing her fore arms,which gave Bharti a spurt of shock which kept elevating when he pulled her towards him.He ran his fingers down her arms and pushed her hair strands away from him and in front of her shoulder.
She was about to move but just then she felt Armaan movig closer by towards and kissing the nape of her neck.She closed her eyes as she felt a sudden chill running down her spine.She involutarily pulled her tummy inwards and raised her left shoulder which touched her ear lobe and turned to hug Armaan tightly,holding on to his wet shirt.Only afer a while did she realize what had happened.She opened her eyes and gradually let go of her grip,placing both of her palms on either sides of his arm.For every step she took backwards,she felt him coming even closer to her.She instantly turned away to go but Armaan looked down and held on to her dupatta.
Bharti raised her chin gradually,whereby confusion was pretty much pasted on her face.She tried to move but she sensed Armaan's firm grip which stopped her from moving.Armaan pulled her towards hm,making her turn and come close to him.He felt her hair brushing against his face as her back faced him and gently placed his hands around her tummy.She instantly placed her palms on his hands and  made her turn towards hisdirection,facing him.He raised her chin and as he gazed at her lips,Bharti closed her eyes.Armaan caressed her cheek,feeling the raindrops touch her face and went extremely close to her,merging his lips with her;s,sharing his first passionate kiss wit Bharti,with her will.He wished he didn't have to part from thkiss but as he did so,he looked intently at Bharti,whose lips parted gently,not wanting to let go of their kiss.
Armaan took a step behind as Bhartu opened her eyes.She placed her fringe aside.Just as Armaan was about to ask her,she received a phone call.
Bharti:Bohat dher ho chuki hain aur yeh phone call attend karna bohat zaroori hain..(just then,Armaan's mobile rang as well)
Armaan:Sure..I'll...I'll see you tomorrow!!(answered his call)Hi Shreya..(looked at Bharti who simply smiled and waved a lil before running from the gazebo)Haan,haan main yehi hoon..Erm Goa mein!!Sorry i couldn't inform you earlier..Sorry,hmm??(looked on as Bharti left from there in a rush)


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