Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, June 2, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 252~

~Mayank's place~
Sonali:(murmured as she held Mahi's hand)Yeh yaha kar kya raha hai?
Mayank:Come in Raj..
Raj:Mayank,i'm so sorry but i took the liberty to get the airline tickets for Khushi,Niyati and Nidhi..I..(paused)Mahi???Sonu???Tum dono aur yahaa??
Sonali:(grinned sheepishly)Hehe,what a coincidence na Mahi?Raj bhi yahaa aur hum bhi..
Niharika:Of course..Mahi aur Sonu ko maine dinner ke liye invite kiya tha...But you're absolutely welcome for dinner too!!
Raj:Thanks,but i already had my dinner..(Niharika's smile vanished)
Mahi:(murmurd)Humaara Raj ko kya hua hain?Woh thodi na itni jaldi khaana khaata hain?
Sonali:(murmured back)Precisely!!Kuch toh baat zaroor hain..(turned to Raj)Uffo Raj,join us for company,na..
Mayank:Yeahh join us and you'll get your work done too!!
Mayank:Nihu,ek aur plate lekar aana..
Niharika:Mm hmm..(went inside the kitchen,fidgeting under her breath)What the hell is his prob anywayzz??Agar kuch khaayeha toh kya ho jaayega??(heard Mayu voicing out for her)Aati hoon,ek minute!!(joined them at the dining table;smiled at Raj who simply ignored her)
Raj:Ermm..(stopped Niharika from serving)Rehne do,main khud le lunga..(took the plate from her and served on his plate)
Sonali:(wispered)Did you see that?
Mahi:(whispered back)Niharika ko humaare Raj se..
Sonali:Arre haan...Pyaar ho gayi hain Nihar ko!!
Mahi:But how can we be so sure??
Sonali:Uffo,shuruvat toh aisi hi hoti hain..Just watch,k?
Mahi:What?(Sonali gestured to her to keep mum)
Sonali:Raj,try this..It's Rajma stew!!ONe of your favourite dishes you love na?
Raj:Ohh yeah...(took a bit and tasted;Nihar looked at Raj,hoping that he liked it)
Sonali:Kaisa hai?
Raj:Achi hain..Par..
Mahi:Par kya?
Raj:Actually Niyati sse bhi zyaada achi Rajma banaati hain..Aur meri naani bhi toh hain!! 
Mahi:I see...(murmured to Sonali)What an i exactly supposed to see?
Sonali:(got amused)Niharika's irked b Raj and now she'll divert to some other topic instead!!
Niharika:Mayu,what did i tell you?
Niharika:No official papers of any kind on the dining table,especially during dinner..(Raj noticed the irritation in her tone;Mahi glanced at Sonali who raised her eyebrows repeatedly at her)
Raj:Ok,it's just a signature which will only take a few seconds..
Niharika:Mr Raj Malhotra,please don't interfere between me or Mayank!!
Mayank:Ok Nihu,i've kept the papers aside..
Niharika:Good!!Ab khaana khaao aur meri baat suno..Mayank,aaj main sach much bohat khush hoon ki Mahi humaare ghar par aayi hai..Jaise humaare ghar mein roshni badhgayi ho..(Mahi felt quite blur and looked at Sonu who raised both of her shoulders and shook her head)I'm so proud of you for having fallen for amazing girl like Mahi and tonight,i've gotten to know that she'll keep you happy forever!!
Mahi:(was freaked from within)Forever???(looked at Sonu who gestured to her to keep calm)
Niharika:Life is very short to waste days away,Mayu..I really love Manhi and...Gosh,how should i put it in words??I don't know if i'll be around for long if you keep waiting and wasting your time away..I want both of you to take your relationship to the next level...
Mahi:Uhh what exactly do you mean,Nihar??
Niharika:Mahi,Mayank..Get engaged to each other!!(Mayank almost choked on his food;Raj offered him a glass of water and tried to stifle his grin)
Raj:You've got to be kiddine me about this?!!
Mahi:(whispered)Get me out of this mess or else i..
Sonali:(held Mahi's hand to calm her)Niharika,what's the hurry?Just look at both of them..They've just accepted their relation in public recently...
Mayank:(murmured)Thanks to some idiot who leaked it out to the press..
Niharika:And i'm truly grateful to the person who did that..If not for the individual,both of you wouldn't even acknowledge or respect your relation in the proper sense..Such workaholics,i tell ya Sonali...And by the way,you two love each othe,what are you waiting for??
Sonali:But isn't it way too fast??They're only beginning to understand each other..It takes time na,Niharika...
Niharika:(murmured)Gosh,time is exactly what i don't have!!
Raj:Why do you not have the time??(looked at Niharika who glared at him)Bolo..
Niharika:Sonali,come on..I'm just putting a simple request,which will only remind both of them of their responsibilities towards each other apart from work,which is their top priority nowadays...
Mayank:Nihu,meri baat sunn..Hum dono ne abhi tak iss baarein mein socha tak nahin..
Niharika:Nahin socha hain toh ab soch..Mayu,tum toh kabhi iss maamle mein nahin sochte ho..Iss liye maine yeh baat abhi rak diya hain..Hameshaa main hi tumhaare kal ke baarein mein sochthi aayi hoon...Tum kabhi bhi mujhe aone aansoon nahin dikhaaoge par main jaanti hoon ki tumhaare liye kitne mushkil ho rahaa hoga har ek din kaatne ke liye...Aur agar kal main naa rahungi toh tum...Kya tum poori zindagi aise hi akele bitaaoge,huh??
Raj:(pondered deeply)Nihar achanak itni serious kyun ho gayi??Pehle mujhe maahul thoda sa halka karna hoga..(looked at Niharika)Mujhe bolna nahin chaahiye par Niharika ek dum sahi keh rahi hain..Kab tak tum dono aise hi jeeyoge,hmm??(Sonali and Mahi grew shocked at Raj and glanced at each other)
Sonali:I don't know but we're screwed up for sure!!
Mahi:Ok,that's it!!(got up from her chair)Niharika,thanks for the lovely dinner..Amazing food,btw!!And as far as the engagement is concerned,i'm not ready at all for any big changes in my life right now..I've been the face of Page 3 for a few days for now and i'd rather take things slow..I'm really sorry but this is just who and how i am!!Once again,I'm sorry if appeared rude!!Chal,Sonu!!
Mayank:(stopped her at his door;Sonali and Mahi were already standing outside when he voiced out to Mahi)I tried..But you jus shouldn't have come in the first place!!(Mahi was taken aback back by his indirect manner of taunting her but then she wasn't surprised by his nature)
Sonali:Chal yahaa se,Mahi..Jo tumhaari kadar karna nahin jaanta ho,usse baat karne se kya faayda?Chal!!!
Mayank sw Mahi leave with Sonali but just then Raj came out and stopped them,asking Sonali to drop him at his place.Before leaving from there,Raj thanked Mayank for his documents.
Raj:Thanks dude!!
Mayank:No probz..
Raj:Well Mayank,you don't know Mahi so well so please don't make the mistake of taunting her in any way,hmm??She came to make sure that because of you,there wouldn't be any further complications in her life..But  i guess destiny has some other plans for her..I just intervened just now,hoping that either of you woul actually break the news to Niharika that this is all a fabrication!!I gotta go...Bye!!(Mayank nodded and looked intently at Mahi who was lost in her thoughts;Sonali drove off quickly)
~After some time @ Goa Guesthouse~
Bharti rushed to the washroom after having checked on Naina.Her clothes got wet in the cool showers,letting the memories of her first kiss with Armaan linger and enshroud her from all directions.As she closed her eyes,she imagined Armaan to be standing behind her,spreading his fingers down her wet arms and kissing the nape of her neck as he did an hour bck.She turned around but Armaan had disappeared by then.Bharti grew furious and frustrated at the same time and as she progressively broke down,leaning against the walls and knelt down with her legs bent and raised,she cried endlessly,thinking of Shreya who had called Armaan before she had run all the way from the gazebo to the guesthouse.She closed her yet once again and found Armaan raising her chin and she gazed at him as he whispered,"Bharti,i'm all your's".
Meri aankhon ki siaahi, piya deti hai gawahi
Meri aankhon ki siaahi, piya deti hai gawahi

Dhoonde na ab koyi
Main khoya tu khoyi
Bheegi si bhaagi si
Meri baazuon mein samayi
Jogi si jaagi si
Koi prem dhun woh sunaye
Bheegi si bhaagi si
Meri baazuon mein samayi
Jogi si jaagi si
Koi raam dhun woh sunaye

She closed her eyes and covered her ears with her hands and after some time,the only sound she had heard when she woke up was the sound of the trickling water on the bathroom tiles.
On the other hand,Armaan was smiling to himself,thinking of the boldness he had hidden within himself all along.
"Anjali was so right.I just had to express my love to Bharti and shetwould..The rains was surely an icing on the cake,which brought life and depth to love...Bharti's in love with me and she didn't even give me a slight clue of her feelings for me!!This is indeed the best moment of my life..(couldn't stop smiling)I LOVE YOU BHARTI!!!!!I should call Anjali right...NO!!!!It's her special night with her hubby and i shouldn't be disturbing the lovebirds..I'll tell her tomorrow myself..(looked at Bharti's photograph that both of them captured together when Bharti got him his first lenses)I can't believe that..That my love story has become complete!!Can't wait to talk to her tomorrow!!
~Outside Raj's place~
Raj:Thanks for the lift,Sonu..
Mahi:(got out of the car)Hold right there..What do you think you were trying to do with all the intervention and advice??
Raj:Ok,i was just trying to help..
Sonali:Oh really Raj?
Raj:Ok look...I said such,hoping that either you or Mayank would pick up the hint to break things off with each other..But sadly,the idea got foiled,all thanks to..
Mahi:I can't break her heart like that..And i'm no psychic to read between the lines of your last-minute ideas..
Raj:See Mahi??You're not even ready!!
Mahi:What??Can't you see just how much i'm hating all these deception and lies??
Raj:In that case,break this out to Niharika..She's the closest and she ought to know!!And if you wanna be free,you gotta be strong-minded here,not worrying of how Niharika will take it..
Sonali:He's got a point,Mahi!!You've just got to..
Mahi:Let's go,Sonu..Bye Raj,see you on Monday!!
Raj:Think about it Mahi...You know i'm always here to help,right??(Mahi nodded)
Mahi:(stopped and turned to face Raj)Ok,you know what?Let's break this once and for all..Why don't you help me break this news to Niharika,hm?
Raj:Me??Why me?You'e kidding,right??Why do you want me to be involved??
Mahi:Look at who's talking,Sonu..You always wanted to be involved in my probz,right??And how can i not ask you,after what you revealed to Niharika about my personal life,hm?
Raj:(shook his head liek a slow pendulum bob)Wh...What did i..
Sonali:Her divorce..You told her,didn't you??(Raj recalled it just then and mumbled, "Oops" to Mahi)
Raj:Heyy,in my defense,that was an accident..I didn't mean to,i swaer..But right now,i don't think me talking to her would...
Sonali:Seriously,what the heck's going on between you two and why are you in a state of demur?
Raj:I'm not,ok?t's just that i've got really urgent matters running in my mind at the moment and i don't think i can help!!I'm sorry Mahi!!
Mahi:Iss liye kehti hoon ke kuch bhi kehne se pehle zara soch liya karo!!Bata nahin ki ab yeh sab kahaa pe khatam hogi!!(slammed the car door and Sonali drove off)
Raj:Damnit!!!!Ab mujhe Khushi aur Niyati ke documents ke saath saath Mahi ki problem par bhi nazar rakhna hoga!!!!

The episode zooms on Bharti's tears,Armaan's smiles as he laid on his bed,Mahi anticipating more troble to come her way,Raj worried for his dear friends and Mayank who felt torn between Mahi and Niharika.

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