Jab Lurve Hua

Jab Lurve Hua

Saturday, June 16, 2012

~Jab Lurve Hua Part 253~

~Next Day~
~Evening Hours~
Jiya:So,what have you called me here for?
Armaan:Phew,we finished our photoshoot and managed to turn up early,na?Warna toh yeh models toh..
Jiya:Guess that's surprising about some international models..
Armaan:We surely got the best ones,especially Bellez..
Jiya:Seriously,don't you think she had something going on for Farhan,huh?
Armaan:Will you stop it,Jiya?Now what's your plan?
Jiya:Enjoy the cocktail party..Kyun??
Armaan:Tell me about Bhaskar..
Armaan:Yeahh,tell me what's the matter?
Jiya:What matter,Armaan?
Armaan:I saw that there were lots of missed calls on your mobile from Bhaskar..
Jiya:Really?Did you..Did you manage to talk to him?(Armaan folded his hands and looked sternly at her)What???
Armaan:You really had no clue that Bhaskar called you huh??
Jiya:No Armaan...In fact,it was the wedding of Rohan's and Anjali's..I was son egrossed in their celebrationa,hence i wasn't even paying any attention to my mobile!!
Armaan:Well,i tried contacting him but his mobile was switched off!!Go and talk to him,k?Maybe it's something urgent..(Jiya smiled and nodded)
Jiya:And you know,what else ought to be done?
Armaan:What?(Jiya gestured to him to turn around;he saw Bharti climbing up a ladder to spread out the basket of rose petals on the fans which were not switched on)
Jiya:I think instead of focusing on me,someone ought to be helping her out...
Armaan:Really,Jiya??Her friends are there to help her out...I don't have to be there!!
Jiya:She still hasn't forgiven you?
Armaan:Huhh??(turned to face Jiya)She has,but i had challenged her to try staying away from me..
Jiya:What exactly for??
Armaan:To see how far she would go to avoid me..
Jiya:So,how's the outcome shaping up??
Armaan:Do me a favour by watching her..Snd you'll get an answer!!(Jiya sensed an awakening sense of euphoria in his voice,which made her smilr as he walked towards Bharti)
~Raj's plsce~
Raj didn;t sleep all night,all thanks to Nidhi and his stupidly low net connection,which he so depserately needed to gain access to certain documents on his Gmail account.Just then,he received an alert from Jiya,asking him to Tango her.
Raj:(video-called her via Tango)Hey babe..What's up??
Jiya:Nothing..Was missing ya..
Raj:Really,huh??I mean,how could you have missed me when Armaan's around??
Jiya:Ahh,i so miss the sarcasm of your's!!Anywayzz,Armaan's not anywhere around me..
Raj:You got bored and hence you remembered me..
Jiya:But i guess you didn't miss me at all..
Raj:Actually,i bothered not to...
Raj:Hear me out na Jiya..I had to firmly decide on the matters of Khushi and Niyati..
Jiya:Oh dear,i completely forgot about that..What's gonna happen now?
Raj:Kinda crashed with Sonu and Mahi last night who were coincidentally at Mayank's place when i went to meet him for dinner..
Jiya:OMG!!What are you saying??
Raj:Yes,they were there and you wouldn;t believe what i'm about to announce next!!
Raj:Oh hey dude...How's everything??Photo-shoot and Mr Farhan??
Armaan:Everything's settled...
Jiya:Shush it,Armaan..Raj,what is it?
Raj:Oh yes..Be mentally prepared!!
Armaan:For what exactly,Jiya?
Raj:For Niharika's amazing announcement..
Jiya:Stop with your beating-around-the-bush concept,Raj...Come to the point!!
Raj:Niharika's planning for Mahi's and Mayank's engagement..ASAP!!
Raj:I'm sorry guyzz that you've got to hear it this way..But i see a wide smile on Armaan's face and i'm confused!!Aren't you mad at Mahi??Isn't Bharti mad at you too??
Jiya:Old news,Raj..Bharti's forgiven Armaan way back and he's definitely not mad at Mahi at all!!In fact,he's overjoyed!!But how can she say Yes to Mayank??
Raj:Uff Jiya,FYI,she's far more furious to hear Niharika's announcement and she just fled from there with Sonali..But to admit,i'm a lil guilty there..
Armaan:What do you mean??
Raj:Look,i kinda spoke in Nihar's favour,hoping that either Sonali or Mahi could catch the hint and break things off with Mayank for good...But...
Armaan:They took the wrong way..(looked at Jiya)
Jiya:(looked at Armaan)And got mad!!(looked back at Raj)Ab??
Raj:Ab kya?Niyati ke saath saath mujhe Mahi ki probz solve karna hoga..Par iss waqt main Niharika se baat nahin kar sakta..
Jiya:Excuse me dude..Bharti needs my help..Armaan,just keep talking!!
Armaan:Why can't you actually talk to Niharika?You can talk to her easily and tell her about Mahi and Mayank,right??
Raj:Wait a sec,you knew it's a lie all along?
Armaan:Mahi told me everything the night before i had left for Goa..But she made me promsie not to share it with anyone but since you knew..
Raj:Yaar,it's a long yet confusing story..
Armaan:Bolo Raj..
Raj:Sometimes,she wants me to stay distant from her but sometimes she expects me to be near her..It's really confusing and i don't wish to think about her in the whole meshwork or problems but..
Armaan:You're afraid to commit to her,Raj?
Raj:Armaan,i admit i've got commitment issues but what's with her?
Armaan:Dude,remember that Mayank's overprotective of her..Think of her situation at least!!
Raj:Gosh dude,tum toh aise baat kar rahe ho jaise ki main usse abhi bhagaa kar apne saath apne ghar lekar aane waala hoon..(saw Armaan chuckling)Anywayzz,tu yeh bata..Bharti hameshaa tumhe kaise itni jaldi maaf kar deti hain??She definitely has a much softer spot for you than anyone else in her life!!
Armaan:You think so,Raj?
Raj:You're doubting what i just told ya,huh??You know,you seriously ought to be glad that Bharti's got no overprotective parents,siblings to create problems for you..
Armaan:Come to think of it,i know nothing about her!!Nothing indeed,except what she or her close friends let out..
Raj:Hmm so finally it's clear to you that you can;t move on in your life without her by your side,hm??But isn't that gonna be complicated??I mean Bharti doesn't even..
Armaan:Of course she does..In fact,we had a brief moment last night..
Armaan:Oops!!You're not supposed to know!!
Raj:You?You??You.....Realllyyy???You kissed her???(cringed his eyebrows)Nahh,that's impossible!!If you did,Bharti would have..
Armaan:She let me..I mean,i was equally perplexed...It was as thoguh she didn't wanna let go..
Raj:She's in love with you?
Armaan:I don't know!!I've yet to talk to her!!
Raj:Armaaannn!!!!Then what the heck are you doing,talking to me??(shook his head)
Armaan:I'm nervous to talk to her..
Raj:Gosh,you're totally crazy..Heyy,wait...What about Shreya??
Armaan:She called me last night..But i couldn't say anything as she had called me up since she was thrilled to get promoted at Trends..But i do think that i need to talk to Bharti first before i can talk to Shreya about what had happened...
Raj:And you think she's gonna get you,huh?
Armaan:What do you mean?
Raj:She confessed her feelings to you...I mean she assumed your silence to be your consent and now..What...You're gonna tell her that you kissed and fell in love with Bharti all over again..
Armaan:What do you expect me to do,Raj?
Raj:Jo kuch bhi hua hain,bhool jao..
Raj:Uff,ek minute,chillax!!Jab tak main naa kahoo,tab tak Shreya ko kuch matt bataa dena..Tum jaa kar pehle Bharti se baat kar!!Dekhthe hain ki woh kya kehti hain!!Waise,out of curiosity,how did you manage to say it after so long??
Armaan:I didn't say anything..Anjali and Rohan helped a bit in asking a waiter to decorate a gazebo miles away..I just expressed how i felt without saying anything...
Raj:Whoa...You're really in love with her after so long...I mean,months after you nullified your contract marriage,as though you've been married to her all along!!And i used to think that you didn't deserve her because of your temper!!
Armaan:I know,Raj..Especially after the traumatizing event at the hotel,i was totally devastated..I want to share my life with no one else but her!!
Raj:(smiled widely)Dude,you've gotten an extremely rare gem,so you better take great care of her..I promise you i'll help you in whichever way i can!!
Armaan:Thanks dude!!And just keep this between us,ok Jiya's coming!!Waise,just help me find out if there's any tension brewing between Jiya and Bhaskar..She seemed to be hiding something!!(Raj pondered and silently mouthed "No worries" as soon as he saw Jiya)
Jiya:What's going on??You're still not done??
Raj:It's guy talk,Tum nahin samjhoge..
Jiya:Gosh,kuch kuch hota hain Raj??
Raj:All credit to Khushi,a big KJo fan...Acha,send my regards to Bharti,Rohan,Anjali,Alisha,Sanjee and my princess Naina..
Jiya:Haan theekh hain..Bye!!Cya soon..(hung up)
~Grand Hyatt Hotel~
Shreya:Sudha aunty,i'm so sorry..It was a last minute call from Mayank Sir regarding a consignment..
Sudha:It's ok Shreya,i just reached as well..It was quite a hectic day for me too...So,shall we order??What are you fond of??
Shreya:Aunty,i tend to have light dinners..But i don't mind anything today..Actually,i totally didn't expect for us to have dinner at such a lavish hotel..
Sudha:Whyever not,Shreya??In fact,Armaan keeps fretting that i don't give him ample time to go out and eat with him..It was during the time when Bharti was married to him that...(paused)I meant his contract marriage..
Shreya:Yeahh he did tell me about Bharti's contract marriage to him,and the fact thatt he nullified the marriage for neither was he in love with her nor was he attempting to be a burden on Bharti's studies...
Sudha:Really??(fell lost in her thoughts)Why didn't Armaan tell her the entire truth??Why did he hide,if he truly loved Shreya??
Shreya:(snapped at Sudha)Aunty,kya hua?(Sudha shook her head and smiled)
Sudha:Order kare??
~Penthouse@Goa Guesthouse~
Anjali excused herself to meet Armaan who had just hung up,looking for Bharti.
Anjali:Booh!!(Armaan closed his eyes and opened them,but smiled at her)
Armaan:I'll forgive you since you're a day-old bride...
Anjali:Haha,gee thanks!!So,was everything set last night??
Armaan:You did everything and you didn't let me know a thing,despite your wedding,huh??I just...
Anjali:You're welcome by the way..So i hope your love story is set...Bharti did show up,right?
Armaan:Pff,of course she did...She had to come..But..
Anjali:Armaan,i'm not seeming to like the word,"But" here...
Armaan:Actually Anjali,ever since last night,i've not exactly talked to Bharti,so...
Anjali:Ok,did something...Go...wrong last night???
Armaan:Anjali,nothing wrong happened..It's just that we s[ent some time together but she ran away from there,just like that and i haven't talked to her since...So,i would need to talk to her in order to find out if everything's ok but i just don't seem to spot her...
Anjali:Oh wait...Naina,aapki mama kahaa hai??
Naina:Anjali didi,mama kapde change kar rahi hain..Aur uske baad,main mama ke saath naachungi..
Anjali:Arre wah,kyun nahin??Par filhaal aap Armaan dada..Yeahh Armaan dada ke saath rahiye..(Naina smiled and nodded)
Rohan:Babe,kahaa gayi thi mujhe akela chod kar,hm??
Anjali:Well,don't you know me?
Rohan:And don't you know me either??
Anjali:(adjusted Rohan's coat)So,my hubby wanna have a tiff with me right now?
Rohan:I can't!!
Rohan:I didn't decide to spend the rest of my life to quarrel with you..I love you and i want to never fight with you,at least not from my side..
Anjali:Uff,yeh draamebaazi bandh kar,hmm??It's jsut one night,for God's sake...
Rohan:Talking about which,is everything set between Armaan and Bharti?
Anjali:I don't know Rohan..(looked at Armaan bonding well with Naina,tickling her and having fun)My gut instinct tells me something's definitely not well...Even Armaan has got no clue since he hasn't talked to Bharti yet!!
Rohan:Yeh Alisha aur Sanjee bhi kahaa chali gayi hain...
~Rheo Pub~
Khushi:So,tell me what's bugging you and why is it that you wanted to meet me here after leaving Niyati adn Nidhi with your granny??
Raj:Heyy,you made it..
Khushi:Ye..ahhh!!And you're quite drunk btw!!
Raj:Feeling so crappy..Annoyed and ashamed at the same time...(Khushi looked at him)What??
Khushi:You're just so weird tonight!!
Raj:Not only tonight,this is Raj Malhotra,just the way he is...Annoyed at a girl and ashamed of not being supportive of his friend when he ought to have supported his friend's love..
Khushi:Enough with the drinks!!(paid the bartender and drove Raj's car)What gives,Raj?
Raj:Classified,can't share with ya...
Khushi:I see...Now i get to know that nothing's bothering you at all and in fact,i just came to ensure that you didn't drink too much and to get you out from the pub...(shook her head;just then his mobile rang)Raj...(looked at his mobile when she reached the junction)It's Niharika...
Raj:To heck with her..(disconnected her call)
Khushi:Heyy,what's the prob?
Raj:Exactly...What is the prob with you girls??Sometimes you ask us guyzz to leave you alone and sometimes...You simply hold onto us,as though you can't bear to part from us and become clingy...You girls are masters at leading us on...
Khushi:So,this is what it's all about,huh?You're mad at Niharika...But what is it about being ashamed??(parked the car and brought Raj home,letting him sit on the sofa)
Raj:Tell me something...Why does a girl,clearly in love,tries to suppress or keep her emotions at bay from the guy?
Khushi:Obvious reasons...Commitment issues like you,Raj..
Raj:Heyyy!!!Ok,i admit that i've got commitment issues but this is not about me...It's about someone else i know...She loves my friend now..
Khushi:What do you mean by now??
Raj:Actually i 'm uncertain if she realized it now and is pretending not to act upon it or whatsoever..But apparently she's in love with him but somehow she's running away from him..I just can't figure out why..
Khushi:Any family involved??
Raj:Oh come on,Bharti's parents are divorced and Armaan's mum surely doesn't mind...Oopss!!!!
Khushi:(grinned widely)Bechara Raj!!!Classified info,huh???(riased her eyebrows)So Bharti's running away from Armaan,despite being in love with him...That's strange!!
Raj:That's why i'm asking you and since you're a girl too..
Raj:You should understand her POV na??
Khushi:Ok,let me think...
Raj:Yeahh,think..You've got all the tim..e....(dozed off to sleep)
~Dressing Room~
Bharti changed into a maxi dress and was wearing her earring which fell on the floor as she heard a knock on the door.
Bharti:It's open..Come in Sanjee..Ok,before you say anything..(was wearing her earring without facing the mirror and she didn't realize who she was talking to)Bas aaj raat ke liye tum Armaan ko busy rakho..Do whatever it may take..Talk,eat,dance,whatever alright??Cuz i don't wish to...Face him tonight!!After last night,i...
Armaan:Bharti???(Bharti widened her eyes in disbelief and was totally taken aback)You don't want to face me tonight??
Bharti:(instantly turned around)Ermmm,heyyy Armaan...(adjusted and caressed her hair repetitively)
Armaan:What were you saying,Bharti?Complete what you intended to say to Sanjee...(just then,Sanjee appeared at the doorstep but stopped and hid at a corner)
Bharti:Nothing at all,Armaan..Your mind's just playing games with you..Excuse me!!
Armaan:(held her wrist)Bharti,you're not leaving till you answer me..Are you ignoring me?
Bharti:(turned to him and smiled)Of course not,Armaan..I didn't realize that it was you at the door..And i was telling Sanjee to give you company cuz i won't be around at the party for long since i gotta call Bhaskar and sort some things out with him..And as far as ignoring you is supposed to be concerned,i guess that's not an issue any longer,cuz your challenge was officially nullified last night,right??We've forgiven each other and now we're cool...So,why would i ignore you??
Armaan:Trying to pull off an excuse,Bharti,huh??(took a step forward)Why do you care about me getting good company?Rohan and Anjali invited me and Jiya here so why would i be alone??What were you thinking,Bharti??Why do you care if i'm treated well or not??
Bharti:Cuz you're my friend..My secret friend and i care about you..Something which i truly missed for days..Weeks..
Armaan:Then why did you take so long to forgive me,Bharti??(Bharti looked away)I admit i was at fault..
Bharti:Will you stop it already??I've let it all pass through and leave me last night,hmm??Guess we're getting late,aren't we??
Armaan:I actually wanted to talk to you about last night...
Bharti:What about it?
Armaan:(wondered how he ought to approach it)Ermm,the some sorta dance..It was....
Bharti:Pretty romantic,by the way;Shreya ought to have seen it...She would have gone crazy over your way of expressing your love for her..
Armaan:(his smile vanished entirely as Bharti mentioned Shreya's name)Bharti,where did Shreya come in between us?
Bharti:Oh come on,whatever that happened last night,it was for her..
Armaan:If it was for her,why would i come close to you??Kiss you,Bharti??
Bharti:Relax,Armaan..Just forget everything,k?And Shreya doesn't have to know anything about it either...In fact,this would be liek a perfect farewell from you since we didn't manage to bid farewell to each other from MU..Hmm,let's not keep Anjali and Rohan waiting..(turned to go)
Armaan:You make a mockery of my deepest emotions for you,which i had kept hidden for so long,and all you can say is farewell??To forget everything as though it didn't exist in the first place,huh??
Bharti:Armaan,it's not liek what you think..
Armaan:You led me on thinking that you too..How could i be so blind??What made me think that you cared deeply and passionately for me that this time round,you wouldn't run away from me and rather hold on closely to me and trust me??(Bharti saw a tear gradually forming in Armaan's eye)
Bharti:Ok,hold it right there...I can't possibly have led you on,alright??You were never,and will never be my type of guy,ok??(shook her head)I can't believe that you were cheating on Shreya!!You know what?I'll like to forget the fact that i've ever come across a guy like you in my life...When i felt something good is showing up in my life,opposite forces have got to appear from nowhere and destroy my hopes for good!!Thank you so much,Mr Armaan Sinha!!(barged out from there without noticing Sanjee's presence)
Armaan's tear fell on Sanjee's finger and only then did he realize Sanjana standing before him.Bharti paused as she recollected what she had spoken harshly,out of frustration,to Armaan,in an attempt to suppress her emotions.She rushed to a quieter corner and took a napkin and began writing.

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